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Aaron Kline

Senior Software Developer Robotics UI Engineer Linux/UNIX Systems Administrator

[email protected] (408) 209-1488

SKILLS Operating Systems Extensive: Linux (RedHat/Debian/Mandrake/Slackware), Solaris 8/7/2.6, Windows XP/2000/NT/98, MacOS X Some: FreeBSD, MacOS 9/8, IRIX, HP-UX, Digital Unix/Tru64/OSF1, VMS, VxWorks Intel/AMD-based x86, Sun Sparc V8/9, Mac/Motorola/PowerPC, SGI MIPS, HP PARISC, DEC Alpha Extensive: C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Bourne(sh)/bash/ksh/(t)csh shell scripting, Makefiles, Tcl/Tk, flex/bison, lex/yacc, TCP/UDP/IP Sockets API Some: LISP/Scheme, Pascal, BASIC, Assembly (RISC) Sun Jave One, NetBeans, Microsoft Developer Studio (Visual C/C++), GNU Emacs, CVS/RCS (Unix and Windows), Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Extensive: Java Servlets/JSP/Beans (J2SE/J2EE), STRUTS, XML, UML, PHP, Phrame (PHP MVC framework), ASP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, CGI, Unicode, general Internationalization/Localization (i18n/l10n) Some: Visual Basic, VB Script, VRML Server: Tomcat (Jakarta), Jrun, WebLogic, Resin, Apache, mod_ssl, mod_rewrite, OpenSSL, IIS, Netscape, Shoutcast Streaming Server Programming/General: TeamSite, Flash 5 (scripting), HomeSite, Dreamweaver, FrontPage Vendors: Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, db (Berkeley/Sleepycat) Programming: SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Java/JDBC, Perl/DBI, Python/DB-API, ASP/ADO, ODBC, CLIs, stored procedures/triggers, db design/modeling/normalization SysAdmin: compilation, installation, configuration, user administration, hot and cold backup, remote db sync, db creation, table layout, indexing Apache (HTTP/HTTPS), OpenSSL, Tomcat, Samba (CIFS), NFS, sshd (tunneling, keygen), cupsd/lpd (IPP), ntpd (NTP), DNS (BIND and Microsoft), sendmail (SMTP), init scripts,


Programming Languages

Programming/IDE/General Applications Web Languages and Standards

Web Applications

Database Applications

Systems Administration

UI/Graphics Programming Applications

Robotic Engineering Applications Office/Document Applications

iptables, (x)inetd tcp_wrappers, UNIX user administration, Legato Networker, package and patch management (Linux RPM, Debian (dpkg, apt, etc.), Solaris pkgadd), 802.11 wireless network administration (incl. WEP, relaying), SonicWall Firewall, Cisco PIX Firewall (PixOS), slight Cisco IOS. 3D UI/Repr.: Open Inventor (SGI and Linux), World Tool Kit (SGI & Win32), VEVI, GL, misc VRML apps Modeling: 3D Studio GUI: Numerous user interfaces developed using Python-Tk and Tcl/Tk, some: Java Swing, Xt, Motif Network/Messaging: TCA, NDDS, FPC, TCP/IP Hardware Control: wrote numerous serial & parallel device drivers Visio (with UML extensions), Magic Draw UML, Microsoft Office, Lotus,, KOffice, Frame Maker, Acrobat

EXPERIENCE VOTERPUNCH (nonprofit) Senior Software Developer/Systems Administrator

Oakland, CA August 2004 - Present

Congress Member Donation Information Integration: Created initial project definition and design for integration of well-known campaign finance information organization with VoterPunch voting information. Determined scope, timeline and dependencies for project, interacted with finance information organization POC's, evaluated hosting needs for project, created estimates and specifications for project, prepared initial project design. Implementation currently awaiting funding. Representative Agreement Reports: Modified and enhanced system to analyze, rank and report levels of voting agreement between Congress representatives using Java/JSP and interacting with existing vote processing functionality. Congress Member Blog Plugin: Designed and implemented prototype blog plugin system for export of Congress member information, in coordination with multiple blog functionality developers. Developed server-side infrastructure to export ProgressivePunch Congress member information to be included in blog entries upon request. Coordinated with CivicSpace and Scoop blog developers to develop blog plugin client-side functionality. IndyVoter Personalized Site: Quickly developed method to supply multiple client personalization (rebranding) for existing ProgressivePunch site content ( Ramped up on existing company infrastructure and site content and functionality, and rapidly produced stable results (still in production) on very tight 4 week timeline. Other project experience: Adjusted and added functionality to existing site, including adjustments to core automated Congress tracking functionality, addition of mailing list and donation capability, and content export (syndication) infrastructure. Small office network administration, including Windows XP desktop administration and wireless network configuration and support. Interaction with current hosting service, evaluation of improved hosting services options. Provided services for multiple companies in nonprofit/for-profit situation, and so dealt with website and programming

functionality effects of legal issues between companies (intellectual property issues, licensing issues, etc.).

Cameron Park, CA Senior Software Developer/Systems Administrator August 2005--Present DELUTTI, INC. Web Application Framework Establishment: Established PHP MVC (ModelView-Controller) based web application framework for e-commerce site using phrame. Evaluated available PHP MVC frameworks (morpheus, phrame, etc.), established and adjusted phrame framework for future web development. Contact Request Management: Developed web application to manage multiple contact request types for e-commerce site, using PHP with MVC architecture. Discount Display Application: Created functionality to capture customer discount requests and display product discount information, using PHP and MVC framework. Other project experience: Supported Miva Merchant process changes using Apache mod_rewrite. Windows XP Small Business Server administration, including reboot process troubleshooting and remote login capability adjustments.

ODEN, INC. Senior Software Developer/Systems Administrator

Memphis, TN Oct. 2005--Present

FedEx LAC FIO Registration Re-establishment: Reinitiated and adjusted web application for online invoice account registration after development and hosting company change. Quickly evaluated new staging environment and application status, rapidly re-established and upgraded functionality. Other project experience: Apache administration, including virtual host adjustments and SSI setup adjustments. Staging server administration, including web content group development setup adjustments and Perl CPAN module installation.

TWOFOURSEVEN, INC. Senior Software Developer

San Leandro, CA June 2005--Oct. 2005

Dynamic Menus and Scrolling Content: Developed DHTML dropdown menus and scrolling content section with cross-browser support.

ONLINEFOCUS, INC. Senior Software Engineer/Systems Administrator

Cupertino, CA July 1999 ­Oct. 2005

Sun SATT Program Request: Integrated new Sun educational programs registration request process into pre-existing program tracking system. Supported 3-step registration flow, including user and administrative use cases, using Perl and SQL Server solution. Installed and configured Perl DBD Sybase module and sqsh command line client for SQL Server interaction. FedEx Tariff Rates Server: Created secure production web server

on shared Solaris web hosting server using virtual IP addresses. Developed CGI-based Fedex Tariff Rates download application. Sun EDU Registration Server: Established secure production web server. Solaris systems administration. Compiled and installed OpenSSL, Apache, mod_ssl. Generated server key and CSR for signing by Verisign. Installed, verified, and later renewed signed certificate. Developed CGI-based registration interface. Genentech Sales Reporting Web Site (CRM): Designed and developed 3-tier extranet application for customers to enter sales reporting data, using UML, J2EE (WebLogic), STRUTS, and Oracle back end. Comprehensive client discovery and interaction with technical teams, site integration into client network. Slight WebLogic configuration/troubleshooting in client environment. Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 8i for Windows for development environment. LSI Logic Public and Intranet Web Sites: Coordinated with multiple client departments to spec web site strategies and architect network infrastructure. Developed CGI-based applications. Consulted with client regarding transition of site content into TeamSite. Managed and updated content via TeamSite, including templates. Genentech Customer Service Web Site: Technical lead for comprehensive client requirements discovery process. Involved client interviews, strategy discussions, and coordination with internal end-user, management, and technical teams. Requirements scope included evaluation/integration of legacy customer order entry system and integration of site into existing client network and site architecture. Developed fully detailed requirements and site architecture/integration document. Playtex Web Site: Inherited existing corporate presence site implemented in Java Servlets/JSP (Jrun) and Oracle. Extensive frontend bug fixes and rewrites. Redesigned and normalized backend database. Coordinated with client DBA to implement remote db sync. Hot and cold Oracle backups. Configured and troubleshot Jrun. Fedex Regions: Designed and implemented internationalized content management and delivery system to support approx. 250 Fedex countries/locales and 15 languages, including Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew languages. Designed to support Fedex content component structure and scale to approx. 100,000 pages of content. Used Java Servlets/JSP (Tomcat), Perl, XML backend. Part of redesign that won FedEx a 2000 WebAward for Best Transportation Site. System still in production use 4 years after initial deployment. Midway/Atari Customer Community Site: Managed and mentored junior developers in site development with ASP/ADO and SQL Server backend. Netscape iPlanet Sales Demonstration: Designed and implemented scripted navigation in Flash 5 sales demo of iPlanet web server for Netscape. Akamba Web Site: Developed corporate presence site using Java Servlets/JSP (Tomcat) and XML. Interviewed client to create Technical and Functional Spec. Installed and configured FreeBSD server, Apache, Tomcat, Java and Perl XML parsers. Implemented and deployed entire site to spec. Fedex Branding: Developed extranet site using ASP for customers to log in and retrieve brand and logo materials. Other project experience: Ongoing Solaris systems administration

in support of web development and deployment. Continuous perl/CGI development. Compilation and installation of perl and CPAN modules. Apache configuration for virtual name-based hosting. Microsoft DNS administration.

NASA AMES RESEARCH CENTER, MOFFETT FIELD Moffett Field, CA Intelligent Mechanisms Group (IMG) now merged into: Project Technical Lead, Virtual Environment/User June 1991 - May 1999 Interface Engineer Mars 98 Mission: Developed VIZ, a tool for 3D VR data representation and user interface for data from Mars rover potentially landing in December, 1999, using Open Inventor, C++, Python, Tk. One of three primary developers, created 3D vehicle interaction modes and developed user interface to overall environment. Ported from SGI to Linux, tested laptop control of environment and rover. Marsokhod Planetary Rover Field Test/ASRO rover-astronaut field test: 3D UI representation and database integration for rover field tests at Ames and Silver Lake (Mojave Desert). Developed and supported rover virtual environment/user interface and data processing tools. Interacted heavily with science team regarding user experience feedback and provided rapid revision turnaround. NREC Ford Project: 3D UI representation of experimental robotic automotive parts plant, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, funded by Ford. Project developed using VEVI and C++ on Windows platform (Developer Studio). Developed robotic virtual environment/user interface, and integrated with multiple robotic forklifts, parts database, and path planner. Collaborated with team at CMU, integrated project with test environment onsite. Internal 3D Representation Software Revision: Ported Tcl/Tk 3D representation software to Python-Tk. Integrated Python-Tk UI with NDDS messaging system. Pathfinder/Sojourner Mars Rover: Data interpretation and support. Virtual Environment Vehicle Interface (VEVI): Part of original design and development team (one of three primary programmers). Port from SGI to Windows. Wrote device drivers for Virtual Reality helmets, Pan and Tilt platforms, Color Stereo Cameras, and 3D positioning systems. Wrote network VEVI control via sockets and shared memory. Published VEVI design paper. Designed and implemented visual stabilization feedback control mechanism.


OnlineFocus "Plays Well With Others" Award (twice) OnlineFocus "QA Quality Excellence" Award NASA Ames Research Center Group Award: Pathfinder Support NASA Ames Research Center Group Award: Robotics Demonstration for Ames . Open House

PUBLICATIONS Cabrol, N. A., J. J. Kosmo, R. C. Trevino,, D. Eppler, C. R. Stoker, H. J. Thomas, M. G. Bualat, J. A. Schreiner, M. H. Sims, E. Zbinden, L. Nguyen, A. Kline, T. Blackmon, L. Kobayashi, A. Wright, C. Mina, K. Baker, Eric Huber, E. A. Grin, V. C. Gulick, and G. K. Hovde, and C. S. Cockell 1999b. The ASRO Project: Science Results of the First Astronaut-Rover Field Experiment, Silver Lake (Mojave Desert), California. Submitted to the Journal of Geophysical ResearchPlanets. (Plus several other team-published 1999 Marsokhod field test-related publications.)

B. Hine, P. Hontalas, T. Fong, L. Piguet, E. Nygren, and A. Kline (1995). VEVI: A Virtual Environment Teleoperations Interface for Planetary Exploration. In SAE 25th International Conference on Environmental Systems, San Diego, CA July 1995. .


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY, Berkeley, CA Computer Science, School of Engineering.



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