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Compasses & Clinometers


NEXUS, a division of the Brunton Company, is the new name for compasses manufactured in Sweden by the world's largest manufacturer of compasses. They are the result of 60 years of innovation, constant product refinement, rigorous testing and leading edge technological advances. NEXUS compasses offer the highest quality demanded by earth scientists.


The Brunton Eclipse 8099 sets a new standard for sighting compasses. Its unique, cool design is incredibly easy to use and has made it the winner of the Sports Afield Editor's Choice Award.



It features: Revolutionary Body Design 1 Degree Azimuth Graduation Magnetic Declination Adjustment Three Inclinometer Systems Powerful NdFeb Magnetic Disk Patented Eclipse Orienting System Field Reference Cards The Eclipse 8099 incorporates many more features than any "Ranger" type compass, including 1 deg. azimuth graduations and three different inclinometers. Instead of reading your azimuth from a magnetic needle, the Eclipse 8099 employs a patent-pending disk magnet. Azimuth is determined by aligning two colored circles and reading bearing from the magnified azimuth ring. Inclination of a surface or vertical angle to a sighted object can be determined using Eclipse's gravity inclinometer (two methods) or angular graduated case hinge.


The new PRO version of the Eclipse 8099 compass features a bubble level, for precise azimuth measurement, and attached professional field reference cards. Reference cards contain compass use, UTM GPS coordinate finder, and height measurement information. Designed for geologists, foresters and professional surveying, the PRO Eclipse offers magnified 1 degree resolution, front and back mirrored sighted bearings, three inclinometers (slope & vertical height measurements), declination adjustment and quick reference cards in a cool, revolutionary design.




BR-F15TDCL RANGER COMPASS, 0-360 deg. graduation BR-F15TDCLQ RANGER COMPASS, quadrant graduation

World's most popular and trusted mirrored compass. Easy to grip robust compass housing. Enlarged dial marked in 2 degree increments. Luminous points for night navigation. Inclinometer for slope angle measurements. Clearly marked Red/Black north-south lines. Accuracy within 1.0 degree from true course. Protective lid with large sighting mirror. Base plate features rubber "feet" for traction grip on maps. Built-in adjustment for magnetic declination. Lanyard with lock and declination adjustment tool. Size: 2 1/2" x 4", closed. Weight: 3 oz. Scales: mm, inch and romer scales 1:25,000 and 1:50,000.

Brunton 7DNL Compass

Small and clear, our 7DNL is a great baseplate map compass for any adventure. It includes a declination scale and inch and millimeter scales on the baseplate. This compass comes with an lanyard for exterior backpack attachment.



Features: 3"x1.94"x.44" .91 oz. 2° Graduation Declination Scale Inch & mm Lanyard


Available in 12-Compass or 24-Compass Kits

9020G Classic Compass

7DNL Nexus Compass

Kits Include: Map & Compass Curriculum CD "ABC's of Compass & Map" video Instructor study guide Reproducible student workbook Educational wall poster 6" x 9" 9020G overhead instructor compass Hard case with foam insert "Classic" Kit includes Brunton 9020G Classic Compasses "Nexus" Kit includes Nexus 7DNL Star Compasses




Aluminum-cased sighting compasses made with the highest quality in precision, sensitivity, durability and friction free sapphire jewel bearing with short settling time. Sighting is made through high quality glass lens with diopter sight. Internal aluminum compass card has precision scale showing true bearing and back bearing. Compass can also be read from the top with lubber line for map reading use. Accuracy: +/- 0.5 deg. (sighting). Available with 0-360 or 90 deg. quadrant graduations and illuminated models.

BR-16-FSM360LA SIGHT MASTER 360 LA, 0-360 BR-16-FSM360LALU SIGHT MASTER 360 LA, 0-360, illuminated BR-16-FSM360QLA SIGHT MASTER 360, quads BR-16-FSM360QLALU SIGHT MASTER 360, quads, illuminated BR-3015 LEATHER CASE


Aluminum-cased sighting clinometers made with the highest quality in precision, sensitivity and durability. Sighting is made through a precision glass lens with diopter sight. Internal aluminum clinometer card has sapphire jewel bearing and precision scale showing angle or height. Clinometer scale is also shown externally for direct reading. Available with degree scale (0-90 deg.) and 0-150% slope, or secant and 0-150% slope, and illuminated models.

BR-FCM360LA CLINO MASTER, deg. & %slope BR-FCM360LALU CLINO MASTER, deg. & %slope, illuminated BR-FCMSECALA CLINO MASTER, secant & %slope BR-FCMSECALALU CLINO MASTER, secant & %slope, illuminated BR-3015 LEATHER CASE


Combination Compass & Clinometer

Features of all SurveyMasters include: 6"x1.25"x1.63" 8 oz. Dual instrument including direct sighting compass (+/- 0.5 deg.) and direct sighting clinometer Lubber line for direct azimuth/bearing reading from the side Sapphire jewel bearing inside a liquid dampened vial Aluminum inclinometer card with precise scales for increased accuracy Aluminum body Sine scales (0-45°) Tangent scales (0-45°) Inch & mm scales (0-5.25" & 0-125mm)

SUM360LA SURVEY MASTER 360, deg. & %slope SUM360LALU SURVEY MASTER 360, deg. & %slope, illuminated BR-3017 LEATHER CASE FOR SURVEY MASTERS

Suunto KB-14 Compass

High precision compasses that are very easy to use in the field -- simply sight your target using the through-compass lens and read the displayed bearing to the nearest 1/2 degree (estimate to 1/4 degree). The KB-14 has a brushed aluminum case and is supplied with a neck lanyard and Nylon belt case. Dimensions are 3" x 2" x 9/16".

KB14/360R-OP Suunto KB-14, 0-360 Degrees w/Optical Adj KB14/360Q-OP Suunto KB-14, 0-90 Quads KB14/360RD Suunto KB-14, 0-360 Degrees w/declination adj KB-37011 Leather Belt Case for KB-14

Available in the following configurations: 360R-OP; 0-360 degrees in 1/2 degree units, with a small reciprocal scale and optical adjustment to focus compass disk 360R; Same, without optical adjustment 360Q; 0-90 degree quadrants in 1 degree units, no optical adjustment 360RD; 0-360 degrees with declination adjustment (approx. +/- 13 deg. adjustment) and optical adjustment

Suunto KB-20 Vista Compass

KB20/360R-Y Suunto KB-20 Vista in Yellow KB20/360R-G Suunto KB-20 Vista in Gray

The new high-tech sighting compass from Suunto. It features durable, floating, ergonomically designed plastic housing, 0-360 deg. scale with 1 deg. graduation and small reciprocal scale, jeweled bearing, liquid-filled damping, aiming V-sight, and adjustable sighting optics. Available in Gray or high-visibility Yellow. Supplied with neck lanyard.

Suunto Clinometers

Precision, hand-held sighting clinometers, made in Finland, for measuring vertical angles, slopes, bedding dips and heights of distant objects. Case is machined out of solid aluminum. Scale rides on a sapphire jeweled bearing and is liquid damped. Scales are graduated in degrees from 0 to +90 and from 0% to +150% slope. Values can be read directly to one degree or one percent and estimated to 10 min. of arc or one-fifth of one percent with readings near zero level. Absolute accuracy is about one third of a degree. Available with scale combinations Degrees plus Percent, Degrees plus Secant, and Percent plus Secant. Comes with lanyard and Nylon belt case.

SPUME-5/360PC SPUME-5/360S SPUME-5/SPEC KB-37011 Suunto Clinometer, Degrees & Percent Suunto Clinometer, Degrees & Secant Suunto Clinometer, Percent & Secant Leather Belt Case for Clinometer

Suunto Tandem

Combination Compass/Clinometer


The Tandem is a rugged, compact instrument that will allow you to take both slope/height measurements and compass bearings. Its aluminum housing is corrosion and water resistant. The clinometer scale is in percent and degree (0-90 deg., 0-150%) while the compass scale is 0360 deg. The clinometer and compass are graduated in 1/2 deg./1% increments and each is individually calibrated for an accuracy of +/- 0.25 deg. Also includes an inch scale on the side, cotangent and cosine tables on the back, 1/4"-20 threaded mount for camera tripod, carrying case and neck lanyard.

Freiberger Geological Stratum Compass w/Mirror

F-409 Freiberger Stratum Compass

All-metal, German-made geological compass, based on the design by Dr. Clar, University of Vienna, for measuring azimuths and dip angles. Hinged cover has a graduated vertical operation. Dip angle graduation is 5 degrees over a range of 225 degrees, with reliable estimation to 1 degree. Mirror mounted on the inside of the cover in combination with notch and bead sights on the face of the compass enable accurate sightings to distant objects. Compass graduations are 2 degrees with reliable estimation to 0.5 degrees. Compass needle is unlocked with a push button. Compass dimensions (closed) are 93 x 76 x 22 mm and weight is 320 g.

Digital Compasses & Clinometers

Brunton Nomad V2

NOMADV2 BRUNTON Digital Compass

Our newest digital compass offers easy navigation with the push of a button. Find your way with the help of this forward and reverse bearing compass. Not only does it navigate it informs. Get current temperature readings, time and date and daily alarms. The backlit display makes nighttime usage possible. Features 3.5"x2.3"x0.7"; 3.6 oz Backlit digital display Declination adjustable Forward bearing Bubble level for +/- 2° accuracy 1° resolution Temperature in °C or °F Time / date display One CR2032 3V lithium battery included Wrist/neck lanyard One year warranty

Brunton Nomad V2PRO

NOMADV2PRO BRUNTON Digital Compass/Altimeter/Barometer

Features: 3.5"x2.3"x0.7"; 3.7 oz Backlit digital display Declination adjustable Forward bearing Bubble level for +/- 2° accuracy

1° resolution Temperature in °C or °F Dual time / date display Two daily alarms Barometer with 0.02 inHg (1 mbar/hpa) resolution Altimeter display with 1 ft/m resolution 20 Altimeter memories Accumulated and max altitude One CR2032 3V lithium battery included Wrist/neck lanyard One year warranty

Our new Nomad Pro is the ultimate digital navigator/weather center. This digital dynamo offers compass bearings, direction readings and is even declination adjustable. Add weather information like altitude and barometric pressure to the mix and you've got a powerful tool no larger than a traditional compass. You'll get up to the minute temperature readings, a time and date display and two daily alarms.

KVH Datascope

Compass - Rangefinder ­ Monocular

DF-B189-12 KVH Datascope DF-B189-CA Nylon Carrying Case

The KVH Datascope is a very useful and rugged instrument combining a digital compass, optical/electronic rangefinder, 5 x 30 monocular and chronograph. Bearing, range and time information are superimposed into the monocular field of view by the touch of a button. The fluxgate compass provides 0.5 degree accuracy and can store up to nine bearings in memory. The rangefinder estimates distances based on the image size of viewed objects that are of known height. The monocular is waterproof, fog proof and shock resistant. The unit weighs only 12 oz. and is powered by three 3V lithium batteries.

SmartTool Digital Clinometer

SMA-001 SmartTool

The SmartTool digital level is a durable field tool that can be used as a level, plumb and clinometer. It digitally displays angles in degrees, percent slope and pitch (inches of rise or fall per linear foot) to an accuracy of 1/10 degree. This unit is designed to sit on a surface and measure the slope of that surface. It is not designed to sight on a distant object and measure the slope to that object. Controls include: ON/OFF - automatic shut-off if left idle for 6 minutes HOLD - freeze or unfreeze display readings LISTEN & LEVEL AUDIO - beeper will sound at level and plumb CALIBRATE - simple two-step calibration procedure (recommended once per day) Deg.,%,IN/FT - select display units UP/DOWN ARROWS - show direction of tilt to reach level or plumb LOW BATTERY - low 9V battery indicator Dimensions are 6" x 1 1/2" x 2". Weight 7 1/2 oz. Housed in environmentally sealed polycarbonate housing. 9 volt battery provides up to 120 hours of continuous use.


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