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Diesel Generator


t comprises of diesel generating sets, diesel motors, alternators, control and power panels and chassis. In addition, cabins can be manufactured by providing them with sound insulation or special sound insulation apart from our capability of manufacturing them with protective cabins.

lternators which have been manufactured according to the latest technological advances and have an output of up to 2,000 kVA, non-brushless, self warning type and with single or dual bearings and electronic voltage regulator, are the designs of Turkish engineers and are hand-made products of Turkish workers.


ALTERNATOR SPECIFICATIONS: Output : 30-2000 kVA Revolutions : 1500/1800 rpm Frequency : 50/60 Hz. Type : Brushless, single or dual bearing production. In case of standard manufacturing, it has IP 23 ( DIN 40050) protection against touch by fingers and rain coming down at an angle of up to 60 degrees vertically.


Generator Output Power Frequency RPM Voltage Engine Alternator 60 Hz 1800

220V/380V/3Phase IVECO Italy 8031 I 06 ISBIR SGB 430/4T ESN: 41993, 59354 ASN: 31756,31659 Turkey

34 kVA

46 kVA 60 Hz 1800


70 kVA 60 Hz 1800


115 kVA 60 Hz 1800


IVECO Italy 8041 I 06 IVECO Italy 8061 I 06 IVECO Italy 8061 SI 07 ISBIR SGB 432/4-T ESN: 12778,8925 ASN: 31636,31794 Turkey ISBIR SGB 433/4-T ESN: 39236, 39301 ASN: 31776, 31773 Turkey ISBIR SGB 437/4-T ESN: 36830 ASN: 31842 Turkey


Isbir Generators ( KVA Models )

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Isbir Generators ( KVA Models )