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8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

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Al Ain Times News:

Culture of Tolerance UAE people are ready to encounter challenges

Al Ain Times News / Wam:

Nowadays, people in our Arab and Islamic communities meet with people of a variety of nationalities from various continents, colors, customs and religions, and we must highlight the bright face of Islam through tolerance dealing with them and giving them security, safety and peace of mind and satisfaction, while working in an Arab Islamic environment which is supposed to give them all these. And reflecting the real Arab Islamic image of life in which they are living and enjoying all that human beings need, laws, traditions and Islamic customs which attract their attention and also attract them to good morals and compensate them from their suffering and feeling of alienation and this reflects tolerance and hospitality of Muslims and the respect Muslims show to other people, which makes them embrace Islam

because it is the natural religion which Allah has created man to follow. They are surprised when they see other religions' holy places where they are allowed to worship God and do their rituals and being respected by Muslims. And they are amused when they see and hear in the Arab Ancient cities how mosques and churches are beside each other as if they are embracing each other. This proves to the world that this cultural heritage of the area with all its symbols wasn't to continue and develop if Muslims don't really have a humanitarian and a tolerant message to convey which is not rigid or compelling and they inspire this from their holy Qur'an and the tradition of their prophet peace and blessings be upon him.

(From "Tolerance" a book published by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment, UAE)

The economic situation in the UAE is improving significantly and things are returning back to normal, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, VicePresident and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, affirmed. `'The UAE people are diligent and capable of facing challenges whatever tremendous they are, he said. `'A thousand challenging step forward is far better than one backward. We

are forging ahead with our steps to get things for the best, Sheikh Mohammed told reporters after a tour of Cityscape Global 2010, the flagship event of the world's largest businessto-business real estate investment and development brands. `'The UAE under the leadership of President H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is well and its people are happy and satisfied with its leadership and achievements of its State in all walks of life,'' Sheikh Mohammed added.

Executive Committee gives approval for solar energy initiatives

Al Ain Times News / Wam:

The Executive Committee met today under the chairmanship Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Chairman Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and approved the budget for the strategic operational initiatives of the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development. These initiatives include

the study of the real estate sector and identify issues and challenges facing the economy, in addition to developing policies and practices of nationalisation in the private sector as well as the constraints and future challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Committee also gave approval for a project submitted by the

see page 3

Department of Municipal Affairs on the allocation of two sites in Sweihan region to Masdar company to conduct studies related to solar

energy. The Committee also discussed other topics on the agenda and took appropriate decisions.

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8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

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During a press conference held in Abu Dhabi it was announced that a number of prominent faculty members from renowned international universities will be teaching and supervising students, especially in the thesis writing phase of the program. In attendance was H.E. Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri, Chairman of the xecutive Board, Dr. E Nabil Ibrahim, ADU's Chancellor, a number of college deans, faculty members and various researchers who wish to join the program. Bin Harmal pointed out the importance of this initiative for ADU as it represents a great leap in the progress that the university has

Al Ain Times:



Abu Dhabi University Initiates DBA Program in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Campuses

made in strengthening the ranking of the university as a leading academic institution that keeps up with the most modern scientific and technological advancements in specialized programs, particularly in the field of business administration which is one of the most important developmental sectors in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Abu Dhabi University in Al Ain also held an informational session at Al Ain Rotana for the launch of its fullyaccredited Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program to be initially offered at Abu Dhabi campus. The event was held on Wednesday, September 29, 2010, and attended by 50 prospective students holding key positions in various sectors of the economy. DBA is a versatile degree that prepares executives for leadership positions within the private and public sector. DBA program is also of particular benefit to experienced executives, consultants, and particularly those that have interest in pursing teaching at the university level. Dr. Ali Aburahma, the Postgraduate Program Director introduced the program to the audience and highlighted the ADU - DBA program as the most advanced, flexible part-time, and ideal for those who wish to combine their studies with a full-time occupation. Dr. Aburahma added the DBA is an executive doctoral degree intended to enhance executives' knowledge-base and improve professional practice. In response to an inquiry related to faculty credentials teaching in the DBA, Dr. Ali Azad, Director of Al Ain Campus commented that the DBA courses are taught by high caliber, senior faculty members experienced in teaching doctoral courses and directing doctoral research. In addition, the program is designed to enable students to have high level of interaction with internal and external professors serving on the dissertation committees of students.

This arrangement enables students to work with a large network of experts with impressive

academic credentials from prestigious universities from around the world.

Emaratis Drop Out of School after second year of University Education

Al Ain Times News:

With as much as 21 to 25 per cent of Emirati students in the UAE dropping out of public schools after their second year, regulatory bodies

and education ministries are attempting to come up with quick solutions to put a stop to this. While there are no quick

solutions, Dr. Fatma Al Merri, Member of the Board of Directors, CEO of the Dubai School Agency, Knowledge and Human Development

Authority (KHDA), affirmed that the UAE Ministry of Education (MoE) has already designed a draft law regarding the importance of mandatory education. The proposal will be submitted to the council of ministers for approval soon. According to Dr. Fatma, the high student dropout rates are connected to both social and financial issues. "Continuous absences, correctional discipline and lack of supervision in certain schools are some of the reasons why students drop out. Social responsibilities Other students have social responsibilities towards their family members and rush to find jobs before finishing their secondary education," said Dr Fatma, who added that employers should help encourage student dropouts to continue their education in line with their work, what she called "their social responsibility". Dr Natasha Ridge, Acting Director of Research, Dubai School of Government, spoke about three key components needed to be introduced in school curriculums in order to create a knowledgebased economy in the

UAE, namely, flexibility, creativity and risk taking. Little flexibility "The UAE has a highly centralized national curriculum with little flexibility for teachers to interpret a curriculum that best suits their students. For that reason, teachers should be granted freedom to interpret standards suitable for their classrooms, that will meet the needs of their particular students," Dr Ridge said. Many private schools after Grade 9 do not teach subjects such as drama or creative music, she added. "We need to help teachers be creative in what they include in their subjects and to allow educators from all levels to experiment what they see as best teaching methods for their students," Dr Ridge said. "The current

education system in the UAE discourages risk, which is part of the reason why there are very few Emirati students studying in private schools." During his speech on quality standards in teacher education, Professor Ian R. Haslam, Dean of Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain, called for an education reform that has fewer regulations and rules. Bilingual teachers "With teachers arriving from all over the world to teach in schools across the UAE, and many teachers coming from the region, it will definitely pose a challenge for any regulatory body. We need to mobilize the school system and recruit bilingual teachers," Professor Haslam said.

8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

[email protected], T: 037557506 F: 037557508 M: 0506142004

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Ayla Hotel to open soon in Al Ain


Ayla Hotel will be the new face of affordable luxury in Al Ain. The five storey hotel offers magnificent views of the city and the famous Jebel Hafeet. The hotel is tastefully furnished to delight & comfort both business and leisure travelers alike. The hotel is a part of the stylish Ayla Business Complex that will appeal to residents and visitors for their accommodation as well as business needs. "We are very excited with the fast development of the soonto-open Ayla Hotel in Al Ain. Ayla Hotel will debut as the new emerging star in Al Ain & will be the answer to travelers visiting the city for business as well as leisure purposes. Ayla Hotel will not only add value to Al Ain's tourism but will also kick-start & boost a healthy competitiveness among the existing players! We aim to be your choice of destination for all your needs, be it a weekend trip with the family, a business meeting or hosting your important events like weddings & graduation ceremonies," said Mohamed Soussan, General Manager for Ayla Hotels & Resort Management Company. He added, "Ayla Hotel has been elaborately designed keeping in mind the guests' comforts at all levels which includes a state-of-the-art gym with a personal trainer & certified physiotherapist, temperaturecontrolled, covered roof-top swimming pool, covered car park, an all-day dining restaurant, a contemporary café and a spacious ballroom that can accommodate up to 700 people!" The Hotel due to open in early November will stir quite a storm with many exciting and innovative marketing activities in the coming year. Ayla Hotels & Resorts Management Company has appointed Mohamed Soussan as General Manager to lead and develop the company's new Hospitality Division. Soussan will assume a leadership and guidance role to ensure a key focus on quality standards, superior guest experience, and high operational efficiencies, while upholding the new Ayla Hotel brand's core culture. Ayla Hotels & Resorts chain has two additional projects in the pipeline in Al Ain city. Reservations or information on Ayla Hotel can be obtained by visiting: or email: [email protected]

Al Ain Times News:

Nael & Bin Harmal Investments have taken a new leap with their latest business enterprise, Ayla Hotels & Resorts Management Company, a hospitality division of their expansive portfolio. Ayla Hotel is the first of the three hotels that will be run under the management of Ayla Hotels & Resorts Management Company in Al Ain. Scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2010, the brand new 4 stars hotel comprises of 153 luxurious rooms & suites. The hotel is located in the heart of Al Ain city's Civic centre & claims a strategic position of being close to the UAE University, major hospitals, shopping malls & the Al Ain International Airport. The hotel is also a mere 90 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

General Manager Mohamed Soussan and Mohamed El Sahaby Director of Finance & Administration NBHI & Hotel Staff

Al Ain Times /Wam.

Sheikha Salama Foundation Launches the Second Children's Art Competition

-Art and health- to Sheikha Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan, wife of General HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the UAE Armed Forces. With the UAE suffering from the second highest rate of diabetes in the world, this year's art competition encourages young people to consider and interpret healthy living through art. Students from more than 300 schools across the Emirate can submit their artwork to their teacher before October 17, with their name, grade and school name clearly marked on their creation. The winning art works will be displayed on Abu Dhabi's Department of Transport buses travelling in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Gharbia starting 1 November, 2010. For more information on the Children's Art Competition, teachers, students and parents can call 02-4991928 This Children's Art Competition announcement follows last week's Abu Dhabi Pubic Art Strategy workshop also held under the auspices of the Sheikha Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation. The three-day seminar brought together world-class experts in the field of public art policy to collaborate with local representatives from government and semigovernment agencies to develop a draft holistic strategy for the promotion, development and implementation of a public art program, in keeping with the Emirate's goal to be a cultural gateway. Earlier in the year, the Foundation partnered with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre to introduce the Healthy Schools Program - a holistic approach to health, nutrition, education and physical activity. Currently rolling out in primary schools in Abu Dhabi, the Healthy Schools Program reinforces the positive message of wholesome eating and active lifestyle.

The Sheikha Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation launched its second annual Children's Art Competition, inviting Abu Dhabi primary school students in Years One to Three to submit an art creation that best illustrates this year's theme: "Healthy Schools, Healthy Lifestyles". This community-focused mobile art exhibit links two areas of particular interest

Conversation Courses Arabic, English & French Available

8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

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Al Ain Times News / Mehak Alam:



Abayah... Cultural or a Profiting Business

The abayah is a long black fabric draped from the shoulders in shape of a long caftan. The abayah covers the whole body except the face. It can be worn with the niqb, a face veil covering the whole face except the eyes open. Some women prefer wearing long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well. With the large number of Muslim population residing in the Emirates, the demand for abayat (plural in Arabic) is also big. Thus, transforming this cultural trend into a business, that is running successfully all over. We often get to see an Abayah Shop, no matter we are passing by the town centre or else hanging out at a mall; expensive or cheap, what we get are embellished abayahs. We got into many shops found especially in the town centre of Al-ain just to have a look at this cultural business that businessmen are tremendously being benefited from. What grabbed our attention were Abayahs ranging to prices like AED3000 which shows that culture is not easily available now-a-days! When asked by Mariam Al Naimi, a customer who was ordering an abayah there, regarding the high prices; she said, "We are in the 21st Century now, we can't expect to get things at low prices anywhere around. Abayah is a fashion statement now-adays, and every girl and woman wants to have her own style, thus we have to pay more for the latest designs that comes into the market. Though prices are high, but one is left with no options when it comes to quality and necessity." So quality and necessity are provoking women to buy expensive abayahs or is there some other reason as well we were just pondering on this when we met Sahel Ali, a sales person. We spoke to him as he works in one of the renowned abayah shops here in Al-ain, about the statement of necessity and quality, this is what he said, "It's not merely about necessity it's also about competition among women. We attend many

Everyone is modernizing in this culture oriented part of the Arab world. As we know that culture and traditions are the essential elements of the society here, so, every single activity is somehow or the other seen from the perspective of its connection with the historical customs and traditions. Abayah is a long overgarment essentially a robe-like dress, worn by most of the women in the Islamic countries. However, it has been considered as an Arabic cultural dress that has originated from hijab or an Islamic dress and is even regarded as the national dress in countries like United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

customers on daily basis, who might possess all kinds of Abayahs in their wardrobe, but are here to make a statement of fashion uniqueness among their peers and stand out." "University going students, working women and house wives all these women have one sole reason left and that is to grab whatever is latest in the fashion town of the abayah alley. We are asked to design abayahs in such a way that no one else might have

done ever. Designers are having a hard time as doing something unique requires innovative accessories , thus the rise in price of the simple clothing material is a sure necessity." he said. Being critical or not, one wonders why is there a need of such expenditure. But then as we know there are no free lunches in this world, so is the case with purchasing abayahs. Good quality surely requires spending good money.

Abu Dhabi spreads voice of Arab Publishing World in Frankfurt

Al Ain Times / Wam:

Continuing with its firm commitment to enhancing and building a confident regional publishing industry, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage and KITAB, the organisers of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair will showcase Arab book industry at the world famous Frankfurt Book Fair this week. KITAB will be co-hosting three important sessions focusing on the Business in the Arab World. With the first session Educational publishers will be introduced to the `Business Opportunities for Educational Publishers in the Arab World' - a session that

will highlight the impact and potential the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has as a platform for meeting potential partners from the various GCC Ministries of education, as well as schools, universities and libraries. The session will offer the attendees an insight in to the education sector in UAE and the GCC as well as the opportunities it offers the educational publishers to meet and do business with future partners. The second session builds on the momentum KITAB has established in enabling and facilitating dialogue between the region's

local publishers and the wider international publishing industry. Business Breakfast Arab World' will provide fair delegates with an overview of the Arab book market. Executives of major Arab publishing companies and book store chains will introduce various ways in which to approach the Arab market. KITAB will also be circulating an exclusive supplement entitled . Background on the Arab Book Industry' - a bespoke publication focusing on knowledge of the local and regional book industry and offering market insight to exhibitors. The publication aims to enhance the

opportunities available to the international publishing professionals to network and do business with the Arab publishing sector. Also being organised for the exhibitors is an ber interesting session entitled . Everything you always wanted to know about the Gulf'. Led by Ali Alsaloom, a social and cultural adviser from UAE, the session will offer the audience a lively debate about social and cultural etiquettes visitors should be familiar with to deal effectively with the professionals from the Arab World. Jumaa Al Qubaisi, Director of the National

Library and the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, said: Building a knowledgebased economy relies on enabling people to access books and reading which in turn must be supported by a confident regional publishing industry. Abu Dhabi and KITAB are proud to be leading the way in promoting the region's publishing industry at such an important international book fair." Monika Krauss, General Manager of KITAB said: "We are excited to be at the Frankfurt

Book Fair; where we are participating with such a wide range of sessions focusing on Business in the Arab World. Our attendance allows us to give a voice to the Arab book industry. KITAB is committed to making sure that the Arab world publishing industry is heard at the international level. We are pleased to share regional knowledge with the international publishing professionals through our sessions and one-on-one meetings'.

8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

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The 50th death anniversary of Albert Camus

Dr. Zahida Chebchoub:

Arts & Culture



The year 2010 is a special year in the world of French literature. It is the commemoration of the 50th death anniversary of Albert Camus. Those who are familiar with the life and work of Albert Camus will not, in this short article, learn much about this French-Algerian journalist, playwright, essayist, novelist, great thinker, philosopher and Nobel laureate. But for those who have never heard of him, I hope that this contribution to the AlAin Times will help them discover a FrenchAlgerian icon in the field of literature and philosophy.

Albert Camus was born on November 7, 1913 in Dréan (Mondovi), a small village in the Eastern part of Algeria. A year later, his father died in the Battle of the Marne, during the First World War. Albert Camus then moved with his mother and older brother to Belcourt, a neighborhood in downtown Algiers where they all lived in a small apartment. Why is Albert Camus still read and acclaimed today? The answer is: Camus' writings continue to be the main source of his fame not just because they are outstanding but also because he truly

lived his philosophy. He constantly showed in both his personal life and in his writings the values of tolerance, justice, openmindedness, respect for humanity, condemnation of violence, and resistance to tyranny. For the committed (`engagé') contemporary intellectual, these values are still sought after and respected. Camus has always expressed his solidarity and sense of belonging to the poorer and deprived sections of society. In L'envers et l'endroit, he even acknowledges the positive effect that his illiterate and poor family had upon his wisdom:

"With its silence, its natural and simple pride, this family who could not even read, has given me my most important lessons, lessons that still continue." Camus had a very distinctive literary style. Although he composed in prose exclusively, his style was poetic and lyrical particularly in his early essays such as L'envers et l'endroit and Noces. Internationally, Camus is renowned for his novel L'étranger (The Outsider). This novel has been translated into 40 languages. But the style of the Outsider is

specifically Algerian. In fact, some literary critics such as Chaulet-Achour describes the style used by Camus in the Outsider as a style typical of the spoken Algerian linguistic varieties. She asserts that the Outsider's style is not "dry" but rather rough and expressed in an unpretentiously way. Jean-Paul Sartre compares the style of the Outsider to a threnody, a chant of an Arab. However, other critics compare the style of the Outsider to Melville's or Faulkner's styles. Camus' other writings abound with images of stylistics and poetics accentuating intra-factorial

and inter-factorial transfers based on personifications, metaphors, correspondences and alliterations. Camus is a poet who never wrote any poems. But his poetry is present in all his work. Albert Camus met his death on a cold January day; the 4th of January 1960, in an automobile accident in Villeblevin in France on his way to Paris. In his pocket, lay an unused train ticket...

EPA discusses preparations for Sharjah's international book fair 2010

Al Ain Times / Wam:

Board members of the Chaired by Sheikha Emirates Publishers Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairperson of Association (EPA) have held a meeting to the association's board, discuss issues related to the meeting covered a publishing and publishers' set of important topics affairs, the association's and issues that concern activities, as well as other publishers, with board 15470 - HP 26X17 cm taking the topics of importance on members the agenda. appropriate decisions

and recommendations regarding these. The attendants also approved the minutes of the board's previous meeting, and reviewed the association's financial report.

During the meeting, the board discussed the current preparations for the association's participation in the Sharjah International Book Fair, which will take place from 26 October to 6 November 2010 at the Expo Centre Sharjah.

Following the meeting, Sheikha Bodour said: "The UAE's cultural arena is witnessing a wide dynamic movement coupled with major progress that comes in harmony with its influential role at all levels.

"The meeting touched on a host of key issues, the most important of which was our participation in the Sharjah International Book Fair this year, which is undoubtedly a major cultural event," She explained.

Life is all about the special moments you share with your family and friends. Refresh these moments with the goodness of Al Ain pure water. Go on, make it your thirst choice.

8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

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Unauthorized signs cannot stay longer

Dr Salem Al Ka'abi, Head of the Public Health Department, said the Al Ain municipality had been working hard to maintain the city's clean image in accordance with international standards." Thus the civic body in AlAin has launched a campaign against unauthorized posters, banners and signboards on

Al Ain Times /Wam.

streets, saying that these distract drivers and tarnish the city's appearance in accordance to the international standards. Officials from the Public Health Department of Al Ain Municipality have been inspecting various parts of the city and have already removed more than 480 signs.

There has been a spate of unauthorized posters, boards and signs - sometimes directing guests to weddings in the city - in recent months. The department issued a warning in the beginning of the year instructing people to remove them. He said the civic body would be happy to help people to set up private signs as long

as they were in accordance with the rules. "The municipality has a system in place and people must contact them for guidance. "Residents can use wedding cards to guide visitors to weddings or by advertising in places that are suggested by the municipality to avoid problems," he said.

UAE's expat population to rise nearly 85pct by 2030

In the next couple of decades, the Emirates' demographics will continue to lean towards a growing number of expatriates that is expected to account for about 85 per cent of the country's entire population, Euromonitor International mentioned in its latest survey. The marketing research firm's report, which was released this month, said the UAE will see a 39.3 per cent hike in total population from about 4.7 million in 2010 to 6.6 million in 2030. Out of these figures, expatriates will account for majority of the population ­ rising from 79.7 per cent this year to 84.5 per cent in the next 20 years ­ as the country remains as an attractive destination for foreign workforce.

Al Ain Times:

New set of rules to monitor sale of drinks

Al Ain Times:

Euromonitor International's current estimate has been lower compared with the figure announced in January by the UAE's National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority (Tanmia), which projected the country's population to reach over 7.5 million by end-2010. UAE nationals' population growth rate, meanwhile, will remain minimal at just about 6 per cent from 958,000 in 2010 to a little over 1 million two decades later. Euromonitor mentioned that the high cost of marriage, estimated to be around $80,000 (Dh293,600), has been one of the factors contributing to the postponement of marriage, and eventually childbirth, among UAE

nationals. "To encourage locals to marry sooner, the government established a Marriage Fund which provides grants of about $19,000 per couple. Also, Emirati men are increasingly opting to marry foreign women contributing to the gradual fall in the average age of childbirth," the report said.

THE Ministry of Economy (MoE) met several wholesale suppliers of energy drinks in the country on Wednesday to begin implementing the first phase of its plan to monitor the sale of such drinks.

The mechanism that will be introduced include committing suppliers to place warning advertisements on the The firm also forecasts that packaging of the drinks. the country's demographics Additionally, consumers will be dominated by will be educated through people over 40 years of distribution of brochures age, which will likely surge and posters on the risk of by a whopping 150 per cent these beverages for those to reach over 1.6 million less than 16 years of age, between 2010 and 2030. pregnant women, people "Meanwhile, the number of those [aged] 29-39 years will be declining. In 2030, this group will make up 22.7 per cent of the total, down from 35.9 per cent in 2010," the report noted.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, the director of consumer protection at the MoE, said that after the meeting the ministry has notified all local departments concerned with handling the sale of energy drinks so that can prepare for applying the new specifications by Oct. 29. The ministry will meet again next week with outlets to ensure their commitment to allocate a special place for the sale of energy drinks and to develop specific guidelines in Arabic and another language that will clarify details about the drinks. He explained that the Higher Committee for Consumer Protection recommended in a meeting in March the need to identify specific criteria for the sale and consumption

of energy drinks in the markets in the state after the ministry received reports from the Ministry of Health. The reports pointed to the death of a number of people in a few countries in the world due to such drinks, he added. According to Al Nuaimi, the ministry will soon begin inspection campaigns to monitor the sale of the drinks and check to see if any outlets are violating the new standards. The violating outlets, will be fined. In the case of repeated offence, the outlet will be closed down for a week and after that the case will be transferred to the courts, in accordance with law 24 of 2006 concerning consumer protection.

with caffeine allergies, athletes and those suffering from heart disease. The outlets that violate the terms of sale that has been set out will be punished.

Pakistan ... We shall rise again....

"...we shall rise again..." Almost every affectee from the flood affected area must be wishing this not to happen again. They too want to live normal lives like they have been doing for long before the disastrous floods hit them and made them homeless and vulnerable to various dangerous diseases. There have been a losses of human lives and along

Al Ain Times News:

with that the agricultural sector of the country has been badly affected and it seems really difficult for it to develop in the future. It is the post-flood period where we have to work hand in hand to build up the nation again. International aid is being provided to the flood affected areas of Pakistan on regular basis and we shall soon witness progress

on the rehabilitation and re-construction front as well. Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that, "Government will engage international institutions to make damage assessment in wake of recent devastating floods so as to make it more accurate and transparent." He added that, "it

would greatly help the Government to cope with the challenges of reconstruction and rehabilitation in the affected areas." He also added that International aids have helped Pakistan floodvictims on a larger scale and he is really thankful. The UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA) began a project worth US$7.8

million (Dh28.6m), co-financed by the RCA and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The

project emphasizes on seven-person tents in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, which was hit hard by the floods.

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8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

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Published by Alpha Beta Publishers & Media Consultants

Al Ain Times News:

Bawadi Mall hosts Tawam Hospital's Mobile Mammography van for breast cancer screening

Hospital and supported by Seha, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Khalid Shraim, Marketing Manager, Bawadi Mall said: "We hosted this campaign because we believe that we can nip a disease in the bud if we diagnose it early. We want to contribute in enhancing the quality of life of people in Al Ain and we firmly believe that combating lifestyle diseases is part of raising the bar of their quality of living. We anticipate great success to this campaign by highlighting the sensitivity of breast cancer and need for regular checkups". Tawam Hospital's `Early Detection is the Best Protection' campaign comprises of daily and weekly awareness activities focused on educating women, men and families on the importance of early detection of breast cancer and the importance of regular screenings. Shraim added: "This campaign is part of the CSR of Bawadi Mall to combat cancer which is now more spread amongst women in the Gulf. We hail the role of Tawam Hospital in combating this disease through early detection". Breast cancer is one of the most widespread cancers amongst women and




Bawadi Mall hosted Tawam Hospital's Mobile Mammography van for breast cancer screening from September 30 to October 3. This was one of the most extensive awareness campaigns ever seen in the region organized by Tawam Hospital. Tawam Hospital provided screening for women above the age of 40 living in the emirate of Al Ain. The annual campaign was organized by Tawam

diagnosing it late would make it hard to treat. There is 97 percent chance of full cure if it is detected early. It is worth mentioning that 80 percent of tumors are not cancerous. A detailed

clinical examination is required to know if it is malignant. Cancer is number two cause of death amongst women, with 28 percent fatality rate in the UAE.

Dubai Healthcare City to support Arabian Public Health Forum 2010 in Abu Dhabi

Al Ain Times News /Wam:

UAE field hospital provides health care to four thousand children in Pakistan

Al Ain Times News /Wam:

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), a member of TECOM Investments, today announced it is one of the supporting partners of the Arabian Public Health Forum, the only event of its kind in the region that seeks to engage key stakeholders to reduce the health, social and economic

impacts of chronic diseases. To be held from 11-12 October at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Arabian Public Health Forum 2010 will bring together key stakeholders to explore strategic approaches for combating Non Communicable Diseases

(NCD) among GCC countries and to understand what public health initiatives can be implemented for Arab countries in both the short and long term. Dr. Ayesha Abdullah, Executive Director of Dubai Healthcare City, said: "In the UAE, the high rate of chronic

diseases, such as heart and respiratory diseases, stroke, cancer and diabetes, have been widely reported and there is great effort by both the public and private sector to engage the community in making lifestyle choices that will help reduce the incidence of such diseases."

UAE field hospital for Child Care has provided therapeutic, surgical and preventive services around four thousand children in Sindh province in Pakistan as part of the "Giving campaign for the treatment of 1

million children". The move is launched under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of General Women's Union and Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood

and Childhood, and in line with the initiative of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Representative of the Ruler in Western Region and Chairman of the Red Crescent Authority.


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8th Oct., 2010 Vol. 4 Issue 103

[email protected], T: 037557506 F: 037557508 M: 0506142004

Published by Alpha Beta Publishers & Media Consultants

Al Ain Times News:

SPORTS First Faisal Javed (TIPU) Memorial Cricket Tournament.

Faisal Javed Memorial Cricket Tournament, named after Faisal Javed, a former cricket player and regular member of Al Ain Sportplex Cricket Academy who passed last year in a road accident. The Tournament is being held in accordance to Faisal Javed, as he was a disciplined and a talented member who shall be in everyone's good books. A good disciplined player and an out-standing person himself, Faisal Javed shall be remembered by one and all," said Imaran Hussain, the organizer of the tournament. The first Match is to be played between Rasco Eleven and Al Ain Sportplex Cricket Academy Team B on the 7th October in Al Ain Sportplex.



Boot Camp starts 2nd session

Al Ain Times News:


Al Ain Sportplex Cricket Academy is organizing a cricket tournament in memory of Late. Faisal Javed (also known as Tipu). The tournament is scheduled to commence on 7th October, 2010 where a number of UAE based teams are participating to compete with each other. The tournament is named

The 1st outdoor fitness Boot Camp in Al Ain has announced that the 2nd session of Boot Camp started last week with 18 sports enthusiasts after the success of its

1st session that includes only 15 individuals. It is planned that the 3rd session STARTING will starts on 31st SEPTEMBER October after the For bookings & more information please contact: success of the +971509976225 [email protected] previouse two HURRY AS SPACES ARE LIMITED!!! sessions.

The Race for an Emirati F1 star has begun AARKC Championship 2010-2011

Al Ain Times News:

Al Ain Sportplex Cricket Academy Team A ADAS Discount C.C. Rasco Eleven Mazrouei Eleven Emistate Butcher Eleven

Al Ain Sportplex Cricket Academy Team B Pal C.C. Sun Engineering C Phonis Lulu Exchange Company Abu Dhabi Al Ain C.C. Chinnar C.C.

Al Ain Raceway hosted the first round of the 2010/2011 UAE National Karting Series on Friday and, with grid numbers bigger than last year, the proof of Motorsport fever is clear. The UAE is vying to provide the Formula 1 world stage with a driver of its own and at Al Ain Raceway the future candidates made their cases. In the DD2 class, reigning Champion Mohammed Al Dhaheri continued his excellent form from last season by taking victory in both the Pre-final and Grand final. His victory however was hard earned as his two nearest rivals Sheikh Khalid Al Nahyan and Ali Al Darmaki were right on his tail. With the karts capable of reaching speeds of 140 kph the crowd watched nervously as the competitors snaked around the world class circuit. After the race, a very modest Mohammed appeared very grateful for his victory "I had to push harder than ever before today" he said. "Khalid and Ali were right behind me in all of

the races and they were not prepared to let me have an easy ride! I feel fortunate that I held on to win, as any one of the three of us could have been triumphant today". In the Senior Max class, Maurits Knopjes found himself under attack by Senior new-comer Sanad Al Rawahi. Sanad raced in the Junior class last year and, in a grid of 20 drivers, found himself leading the assault on the incumbent Champion. Sanad, racing for the Oman Karting Team, acquitted himself like a true professional and raced Maurits hard and fair to the line. For his first time out in the biggest field in which he has ever competed at this level he was more than thrilled with his second place finish. "I pushed Maurits hard today as I want him to know I am here and mean business! We were neck-to-neck across the finish line, I think only 0.4 seconds, so my confidence is really high for this year". Paul Woodfield was the leading MAX Master

(32yrs+) finishing 4th overall with a fine battling display. The Junior Max class also provided the crowds with a fine display of kart control and competitive racing. Abdullah Al Rawahi and Ameer Hassan lead 1-2 for the most part and, after an intense 12 lap final, it was Oman Karting Team's Abdullah who claimed the all-important victory. Abdullah was overjoyed by his result, "It is great to get my Championship underway with a win. I drove a hard race today against Ameer and Piers [Pakenham-Walsh]. It was very close but I feel I deserved it." This was the first of a 12 round Championship that runs across the UAE from its Al Ain Raceway Headquarters, and as the season progresses and more drivers enter, the picture of who is likely to be the Middle East's first Motor-racing superstar will become a lot clearer. To check out the action for yourself, visit www.alainraceway. com or call 03-768-6662 to join in this one-of-akind series.

BAX Consulting Dragons attempt victory again by using the means they have

Al Ain Times News:

Al Ain 6th October, 2010: BAX Consulting Dragons are coming from the Al Ain desert to take part in Abu Dhabi's International Dragon Boat Festival on the 8th/9th October at Shangri La beach in Abu Dhabi. The team delivered a great performance earlier in April at the Dubai International Dragon Boat festival and is practicing again in an untraditional way of training: practising paddling in Al Ain's rugby stadium's bleachers and at pool side with brooms and mops.

"Fortune favors bravery! The team has decided that even with a small number of paddlers and a lack of water and paddles to train with, we are going to give it another shot. The paddle session today is essentially `dry', but we are doing the best we can with the means that we have. The synchronization of goals and motivation are going to bring us success at the races this weekend." says Managing Partner of BAX Consulting, Jennifer Baxavanis. BAX Consulting Dragons are the true "desert" team of

this weekend's Festival. Team captain, Walter Cramerstetter, resides in Al Ain. BAX Consulting FZ LLE is established in Dubai. BAX Consulting FZ LLE provides consultative services in training, coaching and development allowing companies to become more profitable and training employees to be more productive. The main services on offer are sales training, customer service training, and market development consultancy.

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