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April 7 - April 21 , 2007 . Vol.1 Issue 20. 2 Dhs

Proudly published by Alpha Beta Publishers ,Al Ain


In Focus


Tawam Hospital honours donors in blood campaign

- Lucky Mae F. Quilao

ALDAR unveils Noor Al Ain

What`s New

COLOURFUL ART EXHIBITION CAPTURES LIFE IN THE MIDDLE EAST Al Ain Theater Society MxN launches Digital Audio Channel p.4

About 200 participated in the `Drop of Blood = Life' campaign organised by Tawam Hospital in and John Hopkins Medicine. They were in turn revered during the honouring cert t emony at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel, March 28. "...One blood donation can help as many as three people...donation is crucial to healthcare provision in the UAE," said Michael Heindel, CEO of Tawam Hospital. Interested blood donors can still contribute to the Central Blood Bank in the Eastern Region. Governt t mental organizations can then continue to organise daily campaigns.

Education & Culture Ask the Vet


300-room business hotel, department stores, cinemas, family entertainment facilities, luxury offices, terraced gardens, fine and family dining, a health and fitness club, waterpark, an indoor beach ....all right here in Al Ain. Read more on page 3

Local News

Al Ain Hash House Harriers celebrate 1200th run p.6 Homes r Us Megastore in Al Ain Genetics & Biotechnology Center at UAEU p.7

Companies seek UAE nationals for jobs

First Tracheal Reconstruction in U.A.E a Success at Tawam Hospital

Tawam Hospital in affiliation with John Hopkins Medicine has announced the successful operat t t tion of a tracheal ret construction by Dr Jack Borders, Head of ENT Surgery Department at John Hopkins. The patient was an Emirati boy of ten years of age who had long suffered breathing trouble. The condition was finally diagnosed as constriction of the trachea. Five days after the operation, the young boy could breathe on his own without difficulty and was well on his way to a complete recovery.

Life Style

Mom's Kitchen :

Chicken Biryani

6th Training & Employment Week organised by UAE University and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce a success. Story cont'd p.6

Jojoba as Green Cover Al Sanawbar Mother's Day History Group Photo Contest p.8


Al Ain Sportplex Cricket Academy Inaugurated Cricket: 12th Nehru Cup Match Report

Demolition of one of the Oldest Mosques in Al Ain

Al Dar Properties, in cooperation with Det t partment of Awqaf Shat t reea Islamic Affairs has just started the demolit t tion of Sheikha Salama mosque in Al Ain. The mosque was constructed in 1981 in memory of the late Sheikha Salama. It is one of the oldest in the city. Under the direct supert t vision of the Departt t ment, a modern mosque

of two floors with the latest comfort facilities, a separate prayer room for ladies and enough parking space to act t commodate over one thousand cars is to be constructed in its place. The chandelier alone took months of careful activity to remove due to its massive size and weight. It was made in Egypt over 25 years ago and cost over 1,200,000 AED at the time of purchase.




Upcoming Films! Photo of The Week p.10

Where & When

Al Ain Agenda Al Ain Cinema


April 7 - April 1, 007



April 7 - April 1 , 007

In Focus


of water resources in the UAE and Gulf Cooperation Count t cil (GCC) countries. The problem of water shortage in the region has already reached an alarming level and proper actions should be implemented to sust t tain and preserve the limited available water resources in the count t try", says Dr. James Fletcher, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. According to Dr. Fletcher, water is regarded as the limiting t factor for sustainable developt ment in the UAE. "As is the case in the other GCC count t tries, surface water resources in UAE are limited, scarce and infrequent and can, therefore, not support the water demands in the various sectors". The sources of water in the GCC countries are limited to the three main sources, including groundwater, desalination water and treated wastewater. These sources, however, encounter various restrictions. "The limt t ited availability of groundwater, the high cost for construction and maintenance of desalination plants and the low quality of treated wastewater are the three biggest obstacles we're facing", explains Dr. Fletcher. His Excellency Mohamed Sager AltSalam, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment and Water, unt t derlined the importance of the proper management of water resources in the UAE in order to contribute to water conservat t tion, the enhancement of the quality of water and the restorat t tion of depleted groundwater. "The Ministry of Environment and Water has taken major actions to promote the sustaint t t ability of the precious groundt water resources", AltSalam says. "Enhanced groundwater recharge through dams rept t resents a feasible solution to avoid the depletion of aquifers in the UAE". He elaborated «Dams also play a vital role in the protection of properties and population from hazardous impacts of flash floods that are commonly encountered in arid environments». According to Dr. Mohsen Sherif of the College of Engineering of the UAE University, serious thought also needs to be given to the amount of water used for agriculture in the country. "84 t % of the available water is cont sumed by agriculture despite the fact that only a small pert t centage (3.6 %) of the country's net income is derived from this sector. The majority of our agricultural produce is imported as local production cannot comt t pete with the exceptional qualt t ity that is available from other countries located in regions with high and more frequent rainfall occurrence. Instead we need to focus on crops that need a small amount of water and that can accommodate the high salinity of water and high extet t rior temperatures". Palm trees represent a good example of a successful cultivation in UAE. Another alarming statistic quoted by Dr. Sherif is that the per capita water consumption of freshwater in Abu Dhabi emirate is among the highest consumption rates worldwide. "About 70 % of the water consumption in the GCC takes place in Saudi Arabia", says Dr. Sherif, highlighting the need for an awareness of water consert t vation to be developed among local farmers, the reporting of consumption levels to consumt t ers on a monthly basis and the prevention of leakage and water wastage.

By Monique Holtzhausen


he earth's most precious ret t source came under the spott t light during a Water Summit hosted by the UAE University's College of Graduate Studies at the Mercure Grand Hotel, Jebel Hafeet, last week. Discussions focused on the theme "Chalt t lenges for Water Sustainability" and included presentations on water in arid lands, the rechargt t ing of groundwater through dams, recent developments in geophysical methods, cloud seeding in the UAE, water cont t servation and water resources data management. "A great deal of scientific and applied research is needed if sound management policies are to be implemented in order to address the problems relatt t ing to the quantity and quality

ALDAR unveils Noor Al Ain

entertainment space. t "ALDAR has cont sulted with worldt leading architects to ensure a tasteful development which t enhances its surt rounds, adding value t without compromist ing the essence of Al Ain. The creation of this retail and leisure complex will form a new town centre and will add great benefit for Al Ain residents to shop, rest and play, whilst also ensuring the t region>s spet cial character and charm are retained," said Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman of ALDAR. To be completed in 2009, Noor Al Ain was designed by Benoy, the award winner from the United Kingdom. Sales of residential and retail leasing t opportunities are now availt able. "Noor Al Ain will be more of t a destination than a mall, offert ing a retail mix and facilities for all budgets designed for the family," said Ron Barrott, CEO of ALDAR.

- Lucky Mae F. Quilao


ery soon, residents of Al Ain can stay in a $544.8 million mixedtuse complex, and shop till they drop in multitfunction shopping areas t designed like the Darling Hart bour at Sydney and the South t Bank at Brisbane without stept ping foot outside the city. And how? Well, ALDAR Properties has just launched the construction of Noor Al Ain, a 1.8 million square feet development situated between Bin Hamdan and Mubarak

Streets (beside Al Jimi Mall). It will feature a 300troom business hotel, department stores, cinemas, family ent t tertainment facilities, luxury offices, terraced gardens, fine and family dining, a health and fitness club, waterpark and an indoor beach. It will also include seven towers (six of them residential towers with about 1300 apartments, the remaining one a hotel), 8000 cartparking spaces and 160,000 square metres of retail

ALDAR Properties PJSC is a property development company based in Abu Dhabi. Among of its other projects are the Al Raha Beach, Al Yas Island and Central Market in Abu Dhabi. The company previously won the International Shopping Mall Council award for its Al Jimi Mall makeover, and a recognition for its Central Market design at MAPIC 2006 (The Estates Gazette Retail and Future Projects Award, BCSC International trends).

April 7 - April 1, 007


What's New


- By Monique Holtzhausen

Al Ain Theater Society

irella Conca is an artist who draws inspiration from the cot t lours, life and beauty of the Arabian way of life she experiences around her. Born and raised in Vienna, Mirella and her husband spent several years in Saudi Arabia before moving to Al Ain three years ago. "Living here has allowed me to develop my talent and ability to capture various elements of living in the Middle East. Everyt t thing is so completely different from my life in


Europe and moves me to try and capture it with my art", Mirella says. Her "Al Noor" collect t tion of paintings depicts typical landscapes, buildings, camels, cacti and personalities, "My work is strongly influenced by European painters such as Franz Marc, August Macke, Paul Klee and Egon Schiele", Mirella says. Her bold approach to the use of colour in acrylt t ics and pastels makes each painting a treasured souvenir of the Middle

Eastern culture. Says Mirella: "My work can be found all over the world today ­ bought by people who wanted to take home something of what they have experit t enced in the Gulf". Mirella's work can be viewed and purchased at Villa Nr. 7, Compound 12, 1st Street in Khabisi from 7th April 2007, 10:00 ­ 14:00 or by apt t pointment.

For further details, look to advertisement below


he Al Ain Theater Society is comprised of individuals from many different parts of the world who have an avid interest in theater. Some members have acted professionally and many have not. The Al Ain Theater Society always welcomes new members, whether they are experienced or not. In fact, AATS hopes to encourage more novices to partake in theater by offering introductory drama workshops in

the fall. At the Al Ain Theater Society's Annual t General Meeting, memt bers decided to concent t trate on short dramatic works and get more people involved in the society, especially those who would like to try performing or working behind the scenes, but are a little too shy to try. Al Ain Theater Society is a welcoming group, and would like to invite t members of the commut nity to get involved with the society.

Join Us

For more information, please contact: Dale Taylor at [email protected] or Jeff Weiss at [email protected] AATS next production is An Inspector Calls. It is a good old fashioned Whodunit myst t tery written by J.B. Priestly. This play takes place May 3 and 4 at 7PM at the Multaqa Auditorium. There will also be a matinee at 2 PM on May 4. Tickets are 30 AED for adults and 15 AED for children.

MxN launches Digital Audio Channel

a perfect platform for use as a Digital Audio Channel with the goal of improving the ambient environment in public places," said Raad Raad, Managing Director of MxN. The Al Jimi Mall Aut t dio Network has three different and distinct selections of music in both English and Arabic; an automated call to prayer; and the ability to input advert t tising content into its playlist, which can be placed within minutes. Owned and operated by ALDAR Properties PJSC, Al Jimi Mall would certainly bent t efit from this solution, as it is a part of their extensive program to improve the markett t ing and communicat t tions strategy within the Mall. "Prior to our launching of the Digital Audio channel our staff were manually changt t ing CD`s, stopping music during prayer time and restarting it later. The MxN system allows us a greater det t gree of control and flexi t ibility over the Digital Audio experience in the Mall," said Konrad Kolankiewicz, Retail Marketing Manager for Aldar Properties PJSC. Make this Easter Sunday truly special International Buffet

12:30pm ­ 3:30pm

Photographs by Amer Abu Kuhail

technology, cont t sultant and content service provider pret t sented its latest innovat t tion that could incorpot t rate advertisements into its playlist of music at Al Jimi Mall."The indoor media industry in the Middle East is growing at a very fast rate. The signage sector is constantly looking for innovative cost effective solutions that will produce great ret t sults. The use of audio is the next advancement in improving the indoor experience. We provide


Bring your bunch Easter Egg Hunt, Easter for Bunny, Special Kids' Corner



120 Dhs for Adults 60 Dhs for Children under 12

Tel : 03 - 7545111


April 7 - April 1 , 007

Education & Culture

Ask The Vet

Five Thousand Attend Opera `Aida' at EPH

- Al Ain Times Report

done to determine how advanced the problem is.

The "giant breed " dogs tend to get more than their fair share of hip t dysplasia (genetic cont dition associated with shallow hip joints) and Dear Dr A... this commonly leads to arthritis in the later I have an 8-year-old t years. The vet's examit Rhodesian Ridgeback nation would also be called Zulu who seems to be having trouble with used to rule out other his back legs, especially problems such as lower when he gets up in the back, cruciate ligament morning, or when he rests rupture or the presence for any length of time. of an old injury. Could he be suffering from arthritis and what can we do about it? Brian Dear Brian, Ridgebacks, fall into a group of dogs loosely known are as "giant breeds" with males oft t ten weighing in excess of 60 kg. They are an active dog for their size and as such put a lot of sustained wear and tear on their joints. Over time this wear and tear can lead to erosion and thinning of cartilage as well as bony growths, "exostoses" around the t joints with the associt t ated pain and inflami mation that is arthritis. Initially it would be imt t portant to try to find out whether the problem is localised in one or a number of joints. With his age and breed the hips will be the most likely problem area and an XtRay could be Antiiinflammatory drugs such as Metacam and Previcox can be given to alleviate the pain. Newer "nutriceut t ticals" containing either purified shark cartilage, polyaminoglycans, glucosamine and/or chondroitin sulphate will slow down the t process and offer post sibilities to repair some of the damage when used long term. They can be administered as an injection (Pentosan) or orally (Cosequin for dogs, Sacha's Blend) or both. While there are some surgical options with different types of arthritis, generally a conservative approach is best. You could discuss these various options with your vet once a more accurate diagnosis was determined


Photograph by Ani Rudh

esidents in the UAE were thrilled at the promised presentation of the world famous Opera `Aida', written by Giuseppe Verdi, held in the Emirates Palace Hotel on the 31st of March 2007. Sold out days before, over 5,000 people were present at the show to witness a breathtaking comt t bination of graceful acting and spectacular music. Like many others, it was my first experience at the opera. Not being familiar with the story beforehand, I had all the pleasures of suspense and surprise. The show took place outside in the gardens of Emirates Palace on an almost barren stage, with people seated row upon row along hundreds of meters, much in the style of a Greek amphitheatre. The

wind made us shiver as we sat and blew mercilessly at the performers on the stage. The story is about Aida, an Ethiot t pian princess who is captured and enslaved by the Pharaohs of Egypt. She captures the heart of the Egyptian army general Rat t dames who is loved by and later affianced to the daughter of the Pharaoh, Amneris, and so does the web get tangled. In a traumatic struggle between duty and love and honour, Aida is constantly pulled between love of Radames and her sense of duty to her father and country while Rat t dames loves her and yet must ret t main faithful to his king. Amneris suffers in her unrequited love and, in spite, throws obstacles in their way.

With forbidden love, duty and jealous rivalry all taking part, `Aida' rises to a crescendo of suspense. Under pressure from her father, Aida tricks Radames into betraying the plan of the Egyptian army and they are discovered by Amneris. The trio of voices together in harmonious argument brought to a climax the intensity of the words. To use a cliché t it was the beginning of the end. I remained on the edge of my seat with one hand to my mouth and the other at my heart until the endt t ing came, inevitable, and ultimatet t ly tragic. Amneris cannot save Radames and he is buried alive, only to find that Aida had come into the tomb to die with him, and there, as in the customary irony of tragic drama, they are only joined in love when doomed from life.

Health Education Week at UAE

The United Arab Emirt t ates University hosted, for the third time, a nutrition education week which was held between the 25th and the 29th of March. t This exhibition was orgat nized by the Nutrition and Health department at the UAE University to spread nutritional awareness. Various public and private organizations supported this event, such as Tealand, Nestle, Dole and Al Ain Dates Factory. A medical clinic run by three nurses from primary health care in Al Ain measured people's height, weight and body fat and were screening for high blood pressure and high blood sugar. This year's theme to this was `Healthy Child, Healthy Future'. It largely concentrated on differt t ent games and activities designed and made by students from the Food and Agriculture Faculty that can help children increase their nutritional knowledge. A main attraction was the `Food Balloon' aimed to aid children to see the "food rainbow", as opposed to the "food pyramid".

- By Ola Salem Although swarming at times, the event was able to deliver its message clearly that with healthy children, a healthy future can be reached.


A month of cultural act t tivities and appreciation ended on a high note with the House of Arts hosting their open air "Music across Borders" concert recently with the support of Hilton Al Ain. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the European Union, residents and classical music enthusiasts of Al Ain were treated to flawless performances t by Elizabeth Printy (Sot t prano), Gabriele Malt zahn (Mezzosoprano), Stephen Aston (Piano)

and Conny Cornelia Mulawarma of Indonesia (Piano). A wide variety of classical works by European composers of the 17th ­ 20th Century t was performed, includt ing Brahms, Mozart, Schubert, Chausson, Tosti and Massenet, intermingled with poetry readings from Italy and Germany. It is clear that the House of Arts is filling a much t needed gap in the comt munity. Since opening its doors for the first time in November 2006,

the House of Arts has grown to 70 students with plans underway to build a new three storey building next month. Says Gabby Malzahn of the House of Arts: "What we have achieved up to now is just a start and we are planning to expand our classes into art, ballet, music and even a musical nursery. We have so much talent in our city and we would like to make this the t heartbeat of talented mut sicians and artists who live in Al Ain".

Music Across Borders took place in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and Hilton Al Ain. Embassies and consulates of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden as well as the Alliance Francaise in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Goethe Institut Liaison Office Gulf Region and the German Academic Exchange Service Information Centre Gulf Region also contributed to the event.

April 7 - April 1, 007


Local News

Companies seek UAE nationals for jobs


- Lucky Mae F. Quilao

n line with the Dubai Strat t tegic Plan 2015, some 40 organizations participated in the 6th Training & Employment t Week (TEW) held at the Wedt ding Hall in Al Khabisi, March 26t28. The jobs week was organized by the UAE University and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry under t the patronage of His Hight ness Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak AltNahyan, Minister of Higher t Education and Scientific Rei search, and Chancellor of UAE t University and the Higher Colt leges of Technology. They also hosted a series of seminars and t workshops alongside the exhit t bitions so that the participatt ing institutions can talk about their respective businesses and projects that will be launched in the UAE. TheNational Human Resource Development and Employment Authority (Tanmia) also lent its t hand in the event by presentt ing the details and statistics on the UAE labour market and t interacting with the participatt ing companies so that they find

out the employment opportunit t ties available for the job seekers listed in their database. The Training & Employment Week in Al Ain is another platform for Tanmia to further its Emiratisation drive as the event attracts a large number of companies from the private sect t tor who are keen on increasing the UAE National headcount in their workforce. Companies have realised that Nationals do not lack in ability or effort and t they can perform beyond ext pectations if they are given an opportunity. We hope to play a crucial role at the Employment t Week which will prove benefii cial to both the job seekers and the prospective employers, and t we are confident that this edii tion of the event will also turn out to be highly successful," said Saif Al Noaimi, Director of Center for Career Guidance and Planning (CCGP) of Tanmia. Among of the companies that t joined was the DP World, a mat rine terminal operator with 42 t terminals in 22 countries prot viding logistics, infrastructure development and consultancy

services. Early on, the company participated at the Careers UAE t 2007 held in Dubai and ret ceived about 5,000 visitors and 3,200 applications. t «As a leading nationally headt quartered company, we are keen to increase the number of UAE nationals participating in our successful growth. This is in t line with Dubai`s 2015 stratet gic plan, which emphasises the integration of nationals into t Dubai`s economic developt ment," said Mohammed Al t Muallem, Senior Vice Presit dent and Managing Director of DP World UAE who expects to have 2,000 applicants this t time around. The other comt panies that took part in TEW are the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Abu Dhabi National Bank (ADNB), Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, Abu t Dhabi Food Control Authort ity, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Transmission & Dispatch Company, Abu Dhabi Ports Company, Air Force & Air Defence, Abu Dhabi Police,

Advanced Integrated Systems, Abu Dhabi Emiratisation Council, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Dubai Commercial Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), Dubai Municipality, Department of Municipalities t and AgriculturetAl Ain Municit pality, Dubai Electric & Water Authority (DEWA), du, British t Council, Construction Technolt t ogy, Contracting FZC, Chamt ber Training Institute (CTI), Department of ImmigrationtAl Ain, Etisalat, Emirates Post, Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research, Etihad Airways, Emirates Foundation, Emirates Institute for Banking

& Financial Studies, Federal National Council, HSBC Bank Middle East Ltd., Institute of Applied Technology, Jumeirah Group, Mashreq Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Microsoft MEA, National Bank of Dubai, RAK Free Trade Zone Authority, Schlumberger, Study Smart Center, Standard Chartered Bank, Securities & Commodit t ties Authority, UAE University, t Union National Bank, UniAdt mission F2 LLC, US Embassy, t Vocational Education Developt ment Center, and Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd.

Al Ain Hash House Harriers celebrate 1200th run

- Lucky Mae F. Quilao

"The idea of the hash is to exercise but have fun doing it, and to meet up with friends and make new friends! We meet Monday nights about an hour before the sunset and run through the various sites around Al Ain. We follow a trail in white flour or straws, which consists of true trails and false trails with a series of checkpoints set by the Leila Melia is the youngest `Hares' prior to the evenings member of Al Ain Hash run. It really does not matter if you are a walker, jogger or eet Judith Howlett, the runner ­ the trail is suitable Assistant Scientist and for everyone. Following the Senior Veterinary Nurse of Nat run we hold a `Circle' and say t tional Avian Research Center thanks to the Hares for setting t of the Abu Dhabi Environt t the run, discuss any forthcomt ment Agency. Meet George ing social events and the next t Robehmed, the Managing Partt run. Once a fortnight we have ner of AltHeeli Golden Marble a BBQ night, sometimes they Co. Meet Brian Burgess, a would bring food to cook and former military man, engineer, sit around chatting," explained saturation diver, sailor and Howlett, who is also currently adventurer. What do they have the Hashmistress of Al Ain in common? They all have run Hash House Harriers. 1200 times within Al Ain.

A2H3 is open to all ages and nationalities. Parents who wish to join can bring their children along. "The Hash is indeed a great way to meet people away t from your work or home ent vironment. We have a mixture of all ages [and] nationalities" Howlett added. On April 13, Al Ain House Hash Harriers, in cooperation with Al Ain Rotana Hotel, will dine and dance under the stars of Al Ain. Tickets for the Desert Dinner 2007 will be Dh225 for a 4-course dinner and an introductory drink. Attendees are encouraged to wear formal attire.

For further inquiries, contact Judith Howlett at 050 6187 244; Suzanne Bluff at 050 5434 380; or George Robehmed at 050 6230 411.

H3 History

Hashing started before the Second World War at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by a small group of British colonial officials and expatriates, led by British accountant A.S Gispert who were living a the Selangers Chambers. It was originally a running club, but after some months, A.S. Gispert named it Hash House Harriers, after the place they lived in, locally known as the Hash House, because of its monotonous food. Their runs were patterned after the traditional British game paper chase. Hashing died during the Japanese invasion of Malaysia, but started shortly after the war. It became popular after Ian Cumming founded the second chapter in Singapore in 1962. From then on, hashing spread through the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. By the end of the 1990s, there were thousands of Hash House Harrier clubs in all parts of the

world, with newsletters, directories, and even regional and world hashing conventions.

The People Involved

Basically, all the members in the event are called the hashers. It has a pack of hounds (or the harriers) chasing down a trail set by a hare (or the other runners). The trail could be anywhere ­ offroad areas, residential areas, forests, swamps, back alleyways, streets, etc.) At the end of the run, they gather together for a bit of social activity that is usually furnished with refreshments, humorous camaraderie, and sometimes a feast. All the activities will always include singing. Last year, an Interhash was conducted in Chiang Mai, Thailand where almost 6,000 participants from over 260 countries joined. Howlett, Robehmed and Mike Ainsworth, Contract Administrator at UAE University PPP Project, attended the event. In 2008, the Interhash will be at Perth.



April 7 - April 1 , 007


Homes r Us finds new home, another mega store in Al Ain

fully equipped with the latest and top quality t furniture and furnisht ings." He added that the t created cozy and ambit ent temperature within the showroom is not only appealing to visit t tors, but also brings a true feeling of a desired home. He said that the facility has a wide range of furniture selection. "We carry over 10,000 furniture products in the store to choose from." Ramalwala further noted that Homes r Us has been present in the Middle East market for many years. According to him, the company is still committed to its primary principle of keeping its customers happy all the time. The innovative technique used in product selection gives an appeal to the company's products in t the UAE, GCC and otht er Middle East markets and enhances a fresher and practical way to enjoy home furniture. The novelty brought by this facility is that the company has gathered top quality home furnit t ture assortments from Middle East, Europe and America; together with an unquestioned cust t tomer care management under one roof. Ms.Geeta Jadhav, the Group Marketing Manager, added that the introduction of Homes r Us showroom in Dubai will result in a great savt t ing on the administrat t t tion and general overt head cost, which will be translated into lower t prices to the final coni sumers. "Moreover, our elaborate and proficient customer relationship management added to the cost efficiencies that inherently exist within our vertically integrated system will no doubt provide us with an unparalleled advantage. We are now offering free home delivery to all purchases of over AED500/=" she noted.

Regional Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology at the UAE University

Home r Us General Manager, Mr Viraf Raimalwala


omes r Us, Middle t East home furt niture and furnishings giant, has widened its t reach to Al Ain by opent ing up a multi million furniture and furnishing showroom. According t to Homes r Us Gent eral Manager, Mr Viraf Raimalwala, the new t facility will help to cont solidate the company's share in Al Ain and UAE home furniture market. Situated along Al Ain ­ Abu Dhabi road, the stunning facility is already in full operation. Viraf Raimalwala told Al Ain Times that, "the entire store has been

The ad hoc committee entrusted with preparations for the establishment of a Regional Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnolt t ogy in the UAE held its first meeting on the 14th January 2007, at the premises of the UAE University in AltAin. As a continuation of the first meeting, a signing ceremot t ny of the project sponsors, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development, and UAE University, was held in Abu Dhabi on Thursday the 29th March 2007. The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Hadef Bin Jouan AltDhahiri, Vice Chancellor of the United

Arab Emirates University, representing UAE Univert t sity, HE Dr. Abdulkarim AltAmry, representative of the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development, HE Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulkhat t leg, representative of the Ministry of Presidential Aft t fairs, Prof. Dr. Abdelouaht t hab Zaid, Chief Technical Adviser and Director of the Date and Palm Research Unit of the UAE Univert t sity, and Dr. Helal H. Saeed AltKaabi, National Project Director of the Unit.The program was concluded with a discussion and decit t sions on further steps to be taken for the implementat t tion of the RCGEB.

Eighth Annual Research Conference United Arab Emirates University


· Community Partaking in R & D

Al Ain Rotana Hotel , 23 - 25 April - 2007 http://

Abu Dhabi Emirate Al Ain Municipality

April 7 - April 1, 007



Mom's Kitchen

by Amal Tatanaki

Al Sanawbar Celebration of Mother's Day

The Kindergarten departt t ment at Al Sanawbar School celebrated Mother's Day on Thursday 22nd March, 2007. Songs and dances were presented by the KG1 and KG2 children on stage in front of motht t ers and invited guests. Throughout the week teacht t ers discussed the role of mothers in the family and community. This celebrat t tion instils love, respect and above all appreciation for their mothers.

Jojoba as an Economic Green Cover


Prof. Mohammed A. M. Aly & Dr. Mohammed A. Salem from seedling to flowering and fruiting, which in the case of jojoba takes 4t5 years. The mass production of jojoba shrubs would be highly required in the United Arab Emirates as its cult t tivation requirements suit the arid environment of the UAE. With desert rept t resenting almost 90% of the total area, jojoba prot t vides a good candidate to diversify the agricultural resources while producing high value crop t it needs minimal water supply and agricultural practices. The UAEU farm already has a wealth of 200 jojoba shrubs which may serve as a source of cuttings and other studies.

Chicken Biryani:

1 chicken 4 onions 3 cloves garlic 1 Tb fresh ginger 4 fresh tomatoes 2 Tb yoghurt Half bundle fresh mint Half bundle fresh coriander 3 cups basmati rice Cinnamon stick Cardamom Cloves Nutmeg Star Fresh ground peppercorn Garnish: Roasted nuts Boiled eggs Fresh coriander

here is an ongot t ing research in the department of Arid Land Agriculture, College of Food and Agriculture, United Arab University to Produce artificial seeds from jojoba and utilize them in large scale prot t duction of liquid waxes for industrial and met t dicinal use, to determine the genetic fingerprint of the currently available cultivars to examine the true to type nature of the artificial seeds as well as the field grown plants, and to determine the juvenile t plant`s sex to avoid unt necessary cultivation of undesirable numbers of male plants. t Jojoba [Simmondsia chit nensis (Link) Schneider] is a desert shrub which tolerates saline and alkyl soils and is of low water requirements. Jojoba is unusual and perhaps

unique amongst higher plants in that its seed stort t age lipids are liquid waxes rather than triglycerides. The liquid wax is of economic importance in industry (machine lubrit t cant) and medicine (e.g. cosmetics and anticancer compounds). Moreover, jojoba oil can be utilized as Biofuel. The annual yield is 0.2t2.2 kg./plant, with an average of 2600 kg. seeds per acre. Plant regeneration via tissue culture is an imt t portant tool in large scale propagation of true to type plants, mutant selection and genetic transformat t tion. Moreover, this technology drastically shortens the plant prot t duction time. Employing tissue culture techniques can provides towards the production of artificial seeds. This would help circumvent the time laps

Emirates Natural History Group Photography Competition

- By Ola Salem


t Grind the spices (cinnamon stick, 4 cardamom, 1 nutmeg, 6 peppercorn, 3 cloves, 1 star) t Put the onions and garlic and ginger in a pan and onto the stove in a little oil and add the spices. Heat for a few seconds. t Add chicken to the pan and stir until coated. t Add mint, coriander, chili peppers, tomatoes and add salt to taste t Cook for15 to 20 minutes then add 2 Tb yoghurt. t Remove from stove when chicken is done. t Boil the rice until it is half cooked and drain. t Place half of the rice at the bottom of a large pot. t Place chicken and sauce on the rice and cover with the rest of the rice. t Cover the pot tightly with foil and put it on the stove at medium low heat for approximately 15 minutes.

The ENHG's next big event is the annual photography competition. This will be held at the InterContit t nental Al Ain Resort hotel in May. The annual photography competition is open to all members of the Al Ain chapter of the ENHG. Entries are normally divided into eight categot t ries plus a special theme category. Judges appointed by the ENHG select the winners in each category. At the photographs presentation,

members vote for their favourite photograph, selecting the "Peoples' Choice" recipient for that year. To join please send an email to Brien Holmes ([email protected] com). You can also attend one of the meetings (held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the Intert t Continental Al Ain Resort hotel). Annual membership fees are Dhs100 for families and Dhs60 for individut t als. Nontmember guests need pay a

nominal fee of Dhs10 per meeting. After registering, you are granted permission to enter photographs in the competition (and vote for best in show). The registration fee also covt t ers all tours and covers the cost of the Friday evening dinner and other expenses incurred by the Al Ain chapter. Members will be responsible for the purchase of their own lunches on Friday and Saturday. For more details visit


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To Serve

Garnish with roasted onion, roasted nuts and boiled eggs.

quick service

Private Teacher Indian Classical Dance Call Geeta 050 ­ 3331578

Good Service Every Time We are always the




Abela Supermarket - Al Maqam

Tel : 03 - 7672929 Tel : 03 - 7627151

Al Jimi Area


April 7 - April 1 , 007


Al Ain Sportplex Cricket Academy Inaugurated

will be in reach of t all and the playt ers can book the pitches for pract t tice. that he will try his best to bring interest of UAE local boys in this game he is also planning to tour his academy to Qatar, Bahrain, India, Pakistan, and UK

Mr.Mohammed Al Darmaki Inaugrating Al Ain Cricket Club


l Ain sportplex Cricket academy was inaugurated on 29.3.07 by Mr. Mohd. Khalifa Al Darmaki General Manager of Alain sportplex located at Khatam Al Shaklah street near Alain Mineral Water factory. Attended by Alain Cricket fraternity,Mr. Darmaki assured cricket lovers that no efforts will be spared to make this academy to International

standard. He told the cheering crowd that this project has full support of H.H Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the work is progressing fast for cricket ground and turf wicket. t Mr.Imran Hussain Crickt et Activity Manager of Alain Sportlex briefed the guest about his plans to promote academy. He assured all the cricket players that the academy

He has planned more participation of Academy team Dr.Badal Bhargav in tournaments in thanked the guest which t included business Abu Dhabi ,Shart jah and Dubai for people, school represent t which he has got tative and representat t assurances from Abu tive from many leading Dhabi cricket council companies and requested and Emirates cricket their support for the board by talking to one upliftment of cricket in of the TV Arab channel Alain. he said that our goal is to - Pics By: Asif Zaidi t estabt lish a full cricket stadium very soon and he Mr. Mohammed Al Darmaki also with Cricket Players said

Sports day is a bitant t t nual event at Al Sanawt bar School. Students from different grades participate in the event under the supervision of their class teachers and physical educat t tion teachers. Students gather on the green field for this event and participate in fun races, games and a gymnastics show. The students are taught to be physically t active, respond readt ily to instructions, play fairly and demonstrate good sporting behaviour as individuals, partners

and team members and above all be mindful of other's safety. These are pictures of grades 1t4 students at Al Sanawbar School during their second sports day on Thursday 29 March 2007



xplosive centuries by young Azeem Ansari (158) and Sajjad Hussain (130), sharing a record 2nd wicket stand, helped WED CC beat Al Faraa Blues by massive 164 runs to qualify for the semi-finals in the ongoing 12th Nehru Cup final round match played over the weekend in Al Ain. Opting to bat, WED CC needed to score at 14 runs/ over to secure a place in the semiifinals on a better overall runtrate. Despite the early loss, 16tyear old opener Azeem Ansari together with Sajjad Hussain took up the challenge and went for the kill, both blasting matcht winning centuries. Al Faraa t Blues' bowlers looked helpt less as Azeem Ansari cracked a 66tball thrilling158 (6 sixes, 21 fours), his maiden first ton, and Sajjad Hussain, a seasoned campaigner, hit a 53tball unbeaten 130 (6 sixes, 17 fours), sharing a record 315trun second wicket partnership in just19 overs. WED CC finished at 350/4 in 22 overs as Al Faraa skipper Oliver grabbed three wickets

in the last over at a cost of 54 runs. Al Faraa Blues' batsmen Chetan and Irfan started bravely for the run chase scoring heavily in first 07

claimed 4/43. In the other round matches, Baloch CC's Niyaz scored an marvelous century against Al Faraa Greens guiding his team to a seven wicket win but the effort came too late as his team failed to earn a place in the semiifinals due to early pool matches losses.

Imran Akram 2/16) Man of the match: Azeem Ansari of WED CC Al Jabri CC beat Al Ain Sportsplex by 53 runs. Al Jabri CC 206 in 24 overs (Ashfaq 109, Ghalib 29, Saud 20, Rinku 4/43, Nilesh 3/19) Al Ain Sportsplex 153/7 (Nilesh 24, Ravi 26, Shamas Ali 32, Abhishek 20, Saif t 2/26) Man of the match: Asht faq of Al Jabri CC Al Faraa Greens lost to Baloch CC by seven wickets.

CC Mughal CC beat Al Faraa Greens by 15 runs. Mughal CC 157/9 in 20 overs (Amanat 43, Imran 42, Raju 3/23, Zawar 3/37, Ram Singh 2/21) Al Faraa Greens142/8 ( Kulweer 22, Allah Ditta 52 n.o., Zubeen 30, Amanat 3/13, Tariq 2/20, Azeem 2/27) Man of the match: Amanat of Mughal CC SEMI-FINAL FIXTURES FOR FRIDAY: ACA Ground No:1 WED CC vs Mughal CC (Umpires: Khalid Elahi & Mushtaq) ACA Ground No:3 Pakhtoon Khaw CC vs Ghantoot CC t (Umpires: Nasir Butt & Khat lid Sheikh)

Match report compiled by Dr. Ahmad Tariq Ansari for Al Ain Cricket Association Tel: 050-6231590 055-6231590 Email: [email protected] ae [email protected]

overs to reach 100 but the task proved too difficult as once they departed Al Faraa Blues were knocked out for 186, losing by a huge 164 run margin. Earlier, in the other same t pool match, Al Ain Sportt splex again succumbed to pressure as they lost to Al t Jabri CC by 53 runs, chast ing 206 in 24 overs set by Al Jabri CC. Al Jabri CC's contributions came from an outstanding 109 by opener Ashfaq (2 sixes, 12 fours) as Al Ain Sportsplex's Rinku

Azeem Ansari t Chancet t less158 for WED CC Niyaz t Unbeaten 108 for Baloch CC

Al Faraa Greens 171/9 in 24 overs (Faqir Hussain 43, Sukhi 67 n.o., Khalid 3/22, Muzamil 2/31) Baloch CC 174/3 (Niyaz 108 n.o.) Man t of the match: Niyaz of Bat loch CC Pakhtoon Khaw CC beat Bin Saqr CC by 32 runs. Pakhtoon Khaw CC 149/5 in 15 overs (Tuasheet 59 n.o., Awad 47, Ghalib 2/6) Bin Saqr CC 117/8 (Idrees 49, Attaullah 33, Mushtaq 3/9, Pervaiz 2/8, Nabeeb 2/14) Man of the match: Mushtaq Ahmad of Pakhtoon Khaw

Summarized Scores:

WED CC beat Al Faraa Blues by 164 runs. WED CC 350/4 in 22 overs (Azeem Ansari 158, Sajjad Hussain 130 n.o., Oliver 3/ 54) Al Faraa Blues 186 all out ( Chetan 65, Irfan 50,


April 7 - April 1, 007



A Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid which has been subdivided into 9 smaller grids. The aim of the game is that each column, row anbox must contain each of the numbers; one to nine. Meaning you cannot use the same number twice in any column, row or box!


Upcoming Films!

Reviewed by Ola Salem

The Namesake ­ Rating

Lahiri (who appears in the film as Aunt Jhumi t pa). The plot is about the Ganguli family who migrates from India to USA. This trip makes many changes in their life as they struggle to mould into their new world without forgetting the old. A very touching, stuffed journey but nevt t ertheless a nice one that will keep you engaged

all the way. It really manages to capture the immigration experience; which many films in the past have tried to do but failed miserably in the process. Contains sexuality/nut t dity, a scene of drug use, some disturbing images and brief language


his film is based on the novel `The Namesake' by Jhumpa


Because I Said So

her up with some guy she finds through placi t ing an ad online, only to discover later that her actions are actually due to her personal issues. May contain sexual content, including dialogue, some mature thematic material and partial nudity.

his is a truly fantastic comedy that only gets crazier. t It's about a classit cal overprotective single mum who tries as much as she can to control her three daughterstno surprise there. However things go terribly wrong as she `tries' to help her youngest by setting

Photo of The Week


Happily Never After

new spin to the classical fairy tales we all love and adore. The quest t tion is; is it trying too hard? Or maybe even too little... Contains some mild act t tion and rude humour

very cute, innocent t film about Cinderi ella's wicked step mum who tries to take over the Fairy Tale world as the wizard in charge conveniently goes on holiday. Happily N'Ever After manages to give a fresh

Photographed by Sophie studios

Hannibal films i you either love them or hate them! Here you see Dr. Hannibal Lecture; the famous serial killers story from when he was still an innocent child. But innocence gradually

Hannibal Rising

changes to gruesomet t ness. Contains strong, grisly, violent content and some language/sexual references.

Robots battle with men during the camel race in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi

Our compliments to Sophie Studios on this great pic. It took real guts to take this shot !!!!

Al Ain Times

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