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6th Edition Updates to late 2012

PLEASE NOTE that updates for the 5th edition are no longer posted. The following updates refer only to the 6th edition, which was released November 2010.

In the interest of simplicity, the following corrections relate to the relevant charts in the book by page numbers. Navigationally, there are very few changes, most being extra buoys and beacons along existing channels. Text-only corrections are noted as such.

General Remarks. * `NSW Maritime' has changed its name to `Roads and Maritime Services'. * Life jackets must be worn aboard all vessels when crossing a bar and in tenders when further than 400 metres. For details see latest free `Roads and Maritime Services' booklet. * Licences for planing craft need proof of experience. * Courtesy Moorings have been removed from the entire north coast area. * Police Moorings have multiplied in the Sydney region. They may be used in an emergency only. * Lake Macquarie is a port of Australian Registry. Other ports are Sydney, Jervis Bay, Port Kembla, Newcastle and Yamba. Trailer sailer warning. When launching upstream of fixed bridges please note that in a number of rivers single fibre optic cables have been strung beneath existing power cables with no new signage as to their height. The author brought this fact to Telstra's notice, but little, if any, notice has been taken.

PORTS AND ANCHORAGES. Page 205. Please note that a submarine pipe crosses the Hunter River in the vicinity of the word `Ramp', 8 cables south of the Stockton Bridge. Pages 206 and 207. These two charts should be numbered HR2 and HR3. Page 259. As of June 2011, there remained only the front lead on the Port Macquarie Bar Page 269. The very wet year of 2010 produced shallower depths on the Macleay River bar. Shown as 1.7m LWS, this depth decreased to 1.3m LWS, however, the flood of June 2011 may have flushed it deeper. Page 271. The first green buoy west of Kemps Corner was missing April 2011. Page 273. This chart should be numbered M2. Page 288. The northerly anchorage off the south end of Freeburn Island has shoaled in places and the holding is poor. Pages 291. There is a lit green buoy northeast of the intersection of the Goodwood Island Reach Leads and the Goodwood Island leads. Page 295. See page 291 above. Page 297. Three conspicuous piles have been driven on the north bank of the river close to the word `HARWOOD'. Downstream, near the word `RAMP', there is a 25-metre long public pontoon with the fixed jetty still in place nearby. Page 295 ­ With major road works on the southern approach to Harwood Bridge and, later, a second bridge to be constructed across the river, openings may be limited to early morning and late afternoons only. It is almost certain that the new bridge will be a fixed arch span, height unknown. Page 298. The visitor's pontoon at Maclean has been restored and has a 24-hour limit. Similar pontoons with the same limits are now at Harwood and at Ulmarra. Do not anchor in the deep water along the eastern shore, it having a rocky bottom. Page 303. Extended from the Public Jetty is a 25-metre long visitor pontoon to which water is not piped.


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