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Alaska: The Land of Men and Money

by Joanne Hawkins Who would believe that a city girl from the Midwest could find herself starting a new life in the wilds of pre-pipeline Alaska? Some towns had ratios of 20 bachelors for each single woman. Playing sing-along polka music made her the life of the party and being a skilled pool player allowed her to relieve many an unattached man of his money. Her tales of the people she met along the way will leave you laughing out loud.

Softcover, 9 x 6 inches, 176 pages. ISBN 978-0-983480-29-0 $19.95


by Mark Stadsklev For more than seven years, "Alaska's photo pilot," Mark Stadsklev, has been taking Alaska visitors on air excursions over some of the most exciting scenery in Alaska. His stunning collection of images from both the air and the ground appeals to anyone who has flown or wants to fly over Alaska and aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

12.25 x 12.25 inches, 128 pages. Deluxe clothbound hardcover. Published by Alaska Photo Pilot. ISBN 978-0-983480-80-8 $49.95

Denali After 50 Years

by Ron and Nancy Sanford International wildlife photographers Ron and Nancy Sanford have been visiting and photographing Denali National Park for 50 years. "D50" offers a welcome prelude to celebrating the park's 100th anniversary in 2017 and features 143 of their favorite photographs, all of which were taken along the park road to Kantishna. Text includes their favorite techniques for navigating the park transportation system and tips for improving your photography in the park.

Softcover, 11 x 8.5 inches, 80 pages. ISBN (contact us) $19.95


Prince William Sound

Map and Guide

Beautiful shaded relief map features Alaska ferry routes, commercial tour routes, wildlife viewing areas, US Forest Service cabins, points of interest scenic attractions and historic sites. The perfect souvenir and trip planner.

suggested retail $5

Alaska Totem Poles

A Postcard Portfolio

Alaska Birthday Calendar

Never goes out of date!

The perfect way to keep track of those all important birthdays, anniversaries and other reoccurring family events. After you cycle through a year, flip the cover and start again. Stop recopying dates year after year--do it once and have a permanent record. Alaska wildlife photos emphasize wildlife families.

3.75 x 13.75 inches, 12 pages, spiral bound. With 13 photos and illustrations. Revised 2009. ISBN 978-0-936425-97-9 $9.95

Each book contains functional postcards bound as a handy souvenir keepsake. Each miniature photo is a work of art, specially designed so that it can be framed. Reverse sides feature cultural history information.

ISBN 978-0-980131-36-9 $7.95



NEW RELEASE April 20, 2013

Portrait Alaska

Clark James Mishler

· deluxe hardcover · 9 x 12 inches · 128 pages ISBN 978-0-965228-28-2 $29.95 suggested retail Published by Yes Alaska Press Distributed by:

Portrait Alaska features a cross-section of Alaska's people and their geographic, social, economic, and cultural diversity. It also demonstrates the independence and character of Alaskans while emphasizing the ties that connect residents across a large geographic area. Edited from thousands of professional and personal images, Portrait Alaska is printed with the highest quality four-color reproduction possible. Containing 128 pages of Mr. Mishler's unique portraits, it also features an essay by Alaska anthropologist, Dr. Stephen Haycox.

Award winning photographer Clark James Mishler has documented Alaska's people for more than 25 years. His portraits have been included in dozens of books, magazines articles, and permanent installations at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center and the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. His most recent book, Anchorage, Life at the Edge of the Frontier, earned a Gold Award from the Independent Publisher's Association and sold more than 10,000 copies. Mr. Mishler's blog has, since January 2010, posted a portrait each day and is among the longest running portrait-a-day projects in the world.

Greatland Graphics

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Portrait Alaska is a companion to the Portrait Alaska Exhibition beginning April 20, 2013 at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center.


The 2014 Alaska Wildlife and Wilderness Calendar (Northern Light)

Our premier publication. Outstanding Alaska landscape and wildlife photos by Alaska's top photographers. The 2014 edition includes northern lights, moose, grizzly bear, glaciers, grebe, wildflowers, Mount McKinley, and more. Added features include more than 300 dates in Alaska history and names of the months in Alaska Native languages (with translations). Wildlife illustrations by Shannon Cartwright on each month complement the photos. All this plus a poster with the first half of the year 2015. A four-time national award winner now in its 29th year. Printed on heavy stock paper, each photo is designed so it can be framed after use.

13.5 x 10 inches in horizontal grid. 29th edition. ISBN 978-0-936425-30-6 $11.95

Alaska TimeTM

2014 Weekly Calendar

Our 19th edition features outstanding photos from all corners of the state by our multi-talented statewide photo team. A mixture of horizontal, vertical and even panorama photos with quotations from noted philosophers, conservationists and naturalists. Superb quality is absolutely sure to please the most discriminating buyer. Three time national award winner.

Spiral bound, 112 pages, 6.5 x 8 inches ISBN 978-0-936425-23-8 $12.95

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park is one of the most visited places in Alaska for a reason-- wildlife! Experience Denali all year long in this wildlife and wilderness calendar. Features 12 outstanding photos--moose, grizzly bear, caribou, Dall sheep, lynx, ptarmigan, flowers, northern lights and more. Each month our Denali Nature Notes explain what is happening with the park plants and animals. Grid pages include 12 bonus photos. 21st edition.

13.5 x 10 inches in horizontal grid, 21st edition ISBN 978-0-936425-36-8 $11.95

2014 Denali Wildlife & Wilderness Calendar

Engagement Calendar

2014 Alaska Pocket Checkbook Calendar

An Alaska calendar for your pocket, checkbook or purse. Panoramic wildlife and wilderness photos. Monthly grids large enough to write in, extra pages for notes and full year calendar grid. Comes packaged in a convenient clear duplicate checkbook cover.

6 x 3 inches in horizontal grid, 32 pages $5.95

Alaska 2014

The original Alaska Engagement Calendar now in its 22nd edition. Outstanding photo selection of wildlife, scenery, plants and places from all parts of Alaska by our multi-talented statewide photo team. Traditional trim design gets everyone's attention. Extra pages for notes, names and addresses. Typically sells out year after year! This year there are two different covers to choose from.

Spiral bound, 112 pages, 6 x 9 inches ISBN 978-0-936425-22-1 $12.95



Outstanding Alaska northern lights photos by Alaska's top photographers. This 2014 calendar includes northern lights with Mt. McKinley, forests, mountains, and the trans-Alaska pipeline, plus a final poster with the first half of the year 2015.

8th edition 13.5 x 10 inches in horizontal grid. ISBN 978-0-936425-24-5 $11.95


Finding Alaska:

Chugach State Park

ALASKAS BACKYARD WILDERNESS Photography by Carl Battreall · Text by Bill Sherwonit

Award-winning photographer Carl Battreall spent 13 months exploring the backcountry of the third largest state park in America. The result is a stunning collection of images that will surprise and amaze all who explore the pages of this gift book. Often overlooked by the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Alaska each year, Chugach State Park is much beloved by the local community and is considered a "crown Jewel" of the Alaska State Park system. The heartfelt text written by well-known Alaska nature writer Bill Sherwonit discusses the many moods of the park throughout the seasons. Accompanied by supplemental text by park advocate Rep. Sharon Cissna and Toby Smith from the Alaska Center for the Environment, Chugach State Park is destined to remain the definative book on the park for years to come.

11.75 x 9 inches, 96 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-0-936425-21-4 $19.95

The Life and Art of Shannon Cartwright

National Winner: Independent Publisher's Book Award-

Shannon Cartwright came to Alaska in 1972 and has been living "off the grid" for decades without plumbing far from any road. One of the most popular Alaskan illustrators of all time, her art career includes over 1.5 million children's books in print. Finding Alaska brings us this unique story along with her comments on her 23 books as well as previously unpublished artwork. If you have collected Cartwright artwork through the years or have yet to discover this talented Alaskan, Finding Alaska is a "must read" you don't want to miss.

Hardcover. 11.5 x 8.5 inches, 80 pages. ISBN 978-0-982189-61-0 $19.95

Denali Wild

A Nature Portfolio

Denali National Park

Guide to Hiking, Photography and Camping

by Ike Waits The complete park "insider's guide" to dayhiking, backpacking, photography and camping in Alaska's top tourist destination. Ike Waits has worked or hiked in Denali since 1967. "Get off the bus!" is the author's best advice for your visit to Denali National Park. Detailed descriptions, hiking maps, photo tips, contact info and bibliography for trips ranging from 30 minutes to a week. Also includes 3 hikes in Denali State Park.

Softcover, 6 x 9 inches, 256 pages, perfect bound, more than 200 photos, maps. Expanded, updated & revised in 2010. Published by Wild Rose Guidebooks. ISBN 978-0-967732-72-5 $21.95

Denali ­ The Great One ­ has inspired artists, adventurers and photographers for almost a hundred years. This stunning collection of images from Alaska's top photographers captures the rhythm of the seasons in Alaska's most popular travel destination. All the park's major wildlife species are represented along with birds, wildflowers and landscapes. Presented gallery style, images are selected to showcase Denali as you have never seen it before.

Perfect bound, softcover. 10 x 9.25 inches, 80 pages. ISBN 978-0-980131-35-2 $17.95

The Native People of Alaska

by Steve J. Langdon The only book in its price range that tells how all of Alaska's Native people survived in one of the most challenging environments on earth for more than 200 generations, long before modern technology. Topics include traditional housing, dress, food, social systems, beliefs and more. Named as one of the top Alaska history books or all time on the Alaska 67 list! Traditional best seller, in print continuously for more than 23 years ­ an Alaska classic.

Softcover, 6 x 9 inches, perfect bound with 128 pages, 55 photos, 7 maps, 26 illustrations, bibliography. Includes a guide to museums, cultural centers and websites. Fourth Edition. ISBN 978-0-936425-81-8 $9.95

A Native Lad

Benny Benson Tells Alaska's Story

by Sarah Hurst and nine top Alaska artists Alaska's history as you've never seen it before...illustrated by nine accomplished Alaskan artists in "graphic novel" style. Benny Benson, the designer of Alaska's flag, travels in time to meet a modern day high school student, explains the Alaska Purchase, statehood, the discovery of oil on the north slope, and a whole lot more. For grades 7 to adult. Forty pages of supplemental notes explain each scene and provide questions for research or group discussion.

9 x 11.5 inches, 148 pages, with more than 100 full page black-and-white illustrations, softcover. ISBN 978-0-982189-69-6 $19.95


by Kim Heacox Alaska author Kim Heacox takes a statewide look at Alaska's wildlife and special places. More than a hundred of his best photos from all parts of the state including a stunning cover photo of a field of fireweed blooming near a glacier.

Ideas and images from a northern land

Coupled with five thought-provoking essays and 28 extended story-captions, this is an excellent gift for Alaskans and visitors and has become an Alaska classic.

Softcover, 10 x 9.5 inches, 112 pages, with 107 full-color photos by the author. From Companion Press. ISBN 978-0-944197-55-4 $22.95

Familiar Plants of Coastal Alaska

by Stephen MacLean This full color plant guide features the most common and familiar plants of Alaska's coastal environments as well as the ferns, mosses, lichens and trees. Introductory material explains how the temperate rainforest "works" with detailed descriptions of the climate and major habitats such as the forest, forest edge, coastal meadows, and muskeg bog. Designed for both the beginner and advanced learner, this book features large oversize photos to aid identification and handy tables that let you quickly find your plant by looking at habitat, color, counting the number of petals and other shortcuts. Author Stephen MacLean is a retired professor from the University of Alaska and works as a naturalist on board cruise ships in the Inside Passage during the summer.

Softcover, 6 x 9 inches, 224 pages. ISBN 978-0-9821896-7-2 $19.95


A Rhyme from A to Zzzz's

Illustrated by Shannon Cartwright Text by Joy Martin Follow the adventures of a mother grizzly and her two mischievous cubs as they awaken from their winter den. They explore their surroundings, learning how to catch fish, what berries to eat and generally try to stay out of trouble. Summer passes quickly and a chill fills the air - it's time to return to their den for another winter's sleep with mom. The story is told in 26 rhyming verses, presented in alphabetical order. Each letter of the alphabet is shown in school print to teach proper spelling as well as a script version to teach older children proper penmanship. Perfect for children learning to read or older children learning to write. Ideal for home schooling.

Softcover. 10.75 x 8.5 inches, 32 pages. ISBN 978-0-936425-70-2 $9.95

Bear Story

Chosen for the Alaska Battle of the Books 2012-2013 school year.



GR 25 - Grizzly Gaze

GR 17 - Sibling Rivalry

GR 27 - NEW Bearly Awake

MM 10 Moose Mom

MM 8 Fireweed Moose

GR 26 - Lean on Me

GR 18 Grizzly Greeting

OT 3 - Sea Otter Secrets

MM 2 - Moose Smooch

MM11 - Moose Snuggle

GR 5 - Bear Stare

GR 23 Bedtime Bear

NA 703 Tufted Puffin

PF 5 Horned Puffins

PF 3 - Tufted Puffins

PB 3 - Polar Play

Statewide Scenic

WL 8 Ravenous Raven

NA701 Tidewater Iceberg

AK 15 - Glacier and Wildflowers NEW

AK 13 Forget-me-not

WL 10 - NEW Willow Ptarmigan

Open retail. Suggested $1.75. 5 x 7 inches. Blank inside. Fit standard card racks. Printed in Alaska. Rather not sell cards individually? Sell our 12-card grab bag sets for extra income.

AK 3 Glacier and Fireweed AK 10 Totem Forest AK 12 - Dragonfly and Fireweed

AK 14 - NEW Born to Run

· fine art notecards · blank inside · natural history on back · by the dozen for racks ·DITION 17: E printed in Alaska


Northern Lights


NL 5 - Northern Lights and Mt. McKinley

MK 24 Denali Pastel

MK 29 NEW Denali Reflection

MK 6 Denali Autumn

MK 28 NEW Denali Wildflowers

NL 10 - Northern Lights and Musher

NA 702 Denali

MK 26 Denali Caribou

MK 27 Denali Bears

MK 25 Denali Summer


NL 16 - NEW Thunderbird Aurora GR 13 Day Care Bear WL 9 Walrus - "Not Tonight" BE 8 Dog Gone! HW 5 - Having a whale of a time in Denali


NL 15 - Northern Lights and River

NL 14 - Denali Display

Greatland Greeting cards are available double-matted to 8"x10". Most come with custom mat cut-outs of animal tracks, paw prints, feathers, starfish or the outline of the state of Alaska. Protected in crystal clear packaging, these have proven to be very popular gift items. They look great in a basket for buyers to flip through. Basket provided for first orders of two dozen or more, any variety (upon request).

Suggested retail $13.95

NL 13 - Northern Wonder


Sometimes SOARING with EAGLES is NOT all it's cracked up TO BE.

Soaring with Eagles


Dog gone! Sometimes soaring with eagles is not all it's cracked up to be! In the 1990s, an eagle picked up a tourist's little dog in Valdez and flew off. This hilarious spoof was made in the computer-- no canine was consumed in this creation! 16 x 20 standard size.

Supplied in mailing tube (also available loose, flat if requested) suggested retail $12

Do Bears?


Photographic proof answering the age-old question! A tasteful, humorous gift suitable for cabins, bathrooms, summer homes or rec rooms anywhere. 16 x 20 standard size.

Supplied in mailing tube (also available loose, flat if requested) suggested retail $12

Last Train to Nowhere


These three steam engines have been slowly rusting away on the northwest coast of Alaska for more than 100 years. Sure to please railroad hobbiests everywhere. 18 x 24.

Supplied in mailing tube (also available loose, flat if requested) suggested retail $15

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