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GlyStar Gold


GlyStar® Gold is the uniquely formulated glyphosate herbicide designed

specifically for use on Roundup Ready® and Flex Cotton.

Labeled Use Sites

· · · · · · · · · Wheat Barley Oats Flax Permanent Pastures Rangeland Grasses grown for seed CRP Fallow

Mixing Instructions for adding Guar based adjuvants

GlyStar® Gold fits your farming practices better than more common glyphosate formulations.

· GlyStar ® Gold's proprietary polymeric amine surfactant affects spray properties of glyphosate that adjuvants cannot do alone. · The pre-balanced formula complements and may enhance polymeric tank mix adjuvants. · GlyStar ® Gold is not a substitute for adjuvants but is compatible with most water conditioners, adjuvants and deposition additives. · Compatible with 2,4-D amine, dicamba, and many other hard to mix products. · GlyStar ® Gold is rainfast quicker than other glyphosate formulas. · Improves weed control in combination with adjuvants by reducing droplet bounce. · Improved deposition in combination with adjuvants by reducing high shear viscosity. · GlyStar ® Gold's pre-balanced formula is ideal for hot or dry climates. · GlyStar ® Gold is safe when used near streams and fish farms.

IMPORTANT ­ Always add the Guar based products to the spray tank first before any other tank mix product, unless the product (s) directs otherwise. ·Fill tank to ½ full of water and begin agitation. ·Slowly add the required amount of the product and allow the product to completely dissolve. ·Continue agitation and complete the filling of the spray tank with water and add the tank mix components as directed on the pesticide label (s).

Active Ingredients

Glyphosate Other Inert Ingredients Total 41.0% 59.9% 100%

Always read and follow label directions. Roundup Ready is a register trademark of Monsanto.

Albaugh Inc. ·

product registration status.

1525 NE 36th Street, Ankeny, Iowa 50021


GlyStar® Gold is not registered for use in every state. Please check with Albaugh, Inc. or your local state agency for

EPA Reg. No. 42750-61



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