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Company Name Cross Reference


A & A Discovery, Inc. (Now A & A Production) A & A Oil Tool Co. See: A & A Oil Tool and Service Co A & A Tubular Inspection, A Varco Company See: A & A Tubular Inspection, A National Oilwell Varco Co. AAA Answering Service See: All Pro Answering Service AAA Technology & Specialties Co. See: AAA Technology & Specialty AAA Technology & Specialty See: Piping Solutions, Inc. Aalborg Marine Boilers & Eng. A/S See: Aalborg Ciserv International A/S Aanderaa Instruments A/S See: Aanderaa Data Instruments A/S Aanderaa Instruments, Inc. See: Aanderaa Instruments A/S AAPG See: American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) A&B Geoscience Corp. See: ABG Exploration AB Shipping A/S See: Inter System Transport A/S ABASCO See: American Boat & Skimmer Co. (ABASCO) ABASCO, Division of Boots & Coots, Inc. (Now AMX Abasco) ABASCO/Its Environmental Services See: ABASCO a Division of Boots & Coots, Inc. ABB AS, Automation Technologies Division See: AC Marine AS ABB Control A.S. See: ABB A.S., Ultimation Technology Products Division ABB Distribusjon A.S. See: ABB Control A.S. ABB Environmental See: ABB Miljo AS ABB Environmental Norsk Viftefabrikk AS See: ABB Environmental Marine ABB Flakt Marine Ltd. See: ABB Flakt Marine Oil & Gas Division ABB Industri AS See: ABB AS, Division of Process Industri ABB Industrial Systems Ltd. See: ABB Automation Ltd. ABB Lummus Global Inc. See: ABB Lummus Global Inc. - Floating Production Systems Division ABB Lummus Global Inc.-Deepwater Systems Division See: ABB Lummus Global Inc. -Floating Production Systems Division ABB Lummus Global Inc. Floating Production Systems Division See: ABB Automation Technology Oil and Gas ABB Lummus Global - Oil & Gas Americas See: ABB Lummus Global Inc. Deepwater Systems Division ABB Miljo AS See: ABB AS, Industries Division ABB Offshore Systems Canada Inc. See: Drilling Controls Canada Limited. ABB Offshore Systems Inc. Now Vetco Gray Inc. ABB Offshore Technology AS See: ABB Offshore Systems ABB Process Automation See: ABB Industrial Systems Ltd. ABB Seatec Canada Inc. See: ABB Offshore Systems Canada, Inc. ABB Seatec Inc., Koomey Division See: ABB Offshore Systems Inc. ABB Vetco Gray Canada Inc. See: Vetco Gray Canada Inc. ABB Vetco Gray Inc. See: Vetco Gray Inc. ABBCO See: American Boom & Barrier Corp. (ABBCO) ABC See: Anglo Belgian Corporation N.V. (ABC) ABCO Energy Corporation See: Tejas Oil and Gas Company Abegg & Reinhold Co. See: Varco International Inc. Abel Converting, Inc. See: Disposable Products Corp. LLC (DPC) Abercrombie, A. L., Inc. See: Abercrombie Energy, LLC Abercrombie Controls See: Abercrombie SCR Controls Abercrombie SCR Controls (Now National Oilwell) Aberdeen American Petroleum Company PLC See: Aberdeen Petroleum PLC Aberdeen Corrosion Engineers Ltd. (ACEL) See: ACEL-NECE Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Ltd. See: ADC (Petroleum Services) Limited Aberdeen Petroleum Ltd. See: Esprit Resources Ltd. Aberdeen Valve & Fitting Co. Ltd. See: Aberdeen Fluid Systems Technology Limited Aberlan Mud Related Services See: Aberlan Environmental Services Ltd. ABG Exploration See: Commonwealth Oil & Gas Company Limited ABI Oil Tools, Div. of E/Tronics Corp. See: Walker McDonald (2002) Inc. Able Communications Co., Inc. See: Able Infosat Co., Inc. ABS IV See: ABS Industrial Verification, Inc. (ABS IV) ABS Group, Inc. See: ABS Consulting ABS Industrial Verification, Inc. See: ABS Services, inc. ABS Integrated Services, Inc. See: ABS Group Inc. ABS Services, Inc. See: ABS Integrated Services, Inc. ABS Worldwide Technical Services Inc. (ABSTECH) See: ABS Industrial Verification, Inc., (ABS IV) Absorberingsteknikk AS See: ABTEK (Absorberingsteknikk AS) ABSTECH See: ABS Worldwide Technical Services Inc. (ABSTECH) A.B.T. See: Ateliers De Braine-Le-Comte Et Thiriau Reunis (A.B.T.) Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) See: A.D.N.O.C. Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Limited See: Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations A C Co. Inc., The See: A C Co. of South La. Acadian Petroleum Services See: Well Plan, Inc. Acadiana Divers & Salvage Inc. See: Aquatica, Inc. Accent Oil Tools & Equipment See: Rig Tool Products, Inc. Accufit Pipe Threading Co. See: Worldwide Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. Accuraline Surveyors Engineers & Construction Company See: SESCO Ace Rathole Services See: Express Energy Ace Rental Tools, Inc. See: Concentric Pipe ACEL See: Aberdeen Corrosion Engineers Ltd. (ACEL) Acel-Nece See: Nece ACI Energy Inc. See: American Cascade Energy Inc. ACI Plastic Coatings Limited See: Plastic Coatings Limited Acid Engineering, Inc. See: Nowsco Well Service, Inc. Acid Services LLC See: JetStar Energy Services, Inc. ACIPCO See: American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO) Acipco Steel Products Division See: American Ductile Iron Pipe Div. (ADIP) Ackerly Service Co. Inc. See: Sierra Well Service Inc. Ackerman Bit Service See: Ackerman International Acklands-Grainger Inc., Engineered Prod Div See: Acklands-Grainger Inc. Acme Pollution Control Co. See: Acme Products Co. Acme Resin Corporation See: Borden Oilfield Products Acme Tool See: NL Acme/NL Industries, Inc. ACR Naylor, Ltd. See: Naylor, Inc. Acre Oil PLC See: British Gas ACS See: American Corrosion Services (ACS) ACSI See: Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (ACSI) ACT See: American Compliance Technologies Inc. (ACT) ACT Operators Group See: Cact Operators Group ACZ Marine Contractors B.V. See: Van Oord ACZ B.V. Ada Exco See: Ada Oil Exploration Corporation (ADA EXCO) Ada Oil Exploration Corporation See: Adams Resources Exploration Corporation Ada Resources, Inc. See: Adams Resources & Energy Inc. Adair Equipment, Inc. See: Essex Fire & Safety Co. Adair, Red, Company, Inc. See: Adair, Red,-Cudd Well Control, LLC Adair, Red, - Cudd Well Control L.L.C. See: Cudd Well Control Adair, Red, Service & Marine Company See: Adair, Red, Company, Inc. ADAMS See: Algosaibi Diving & Marine Services (ADAMS) Adams Adeco Energy, Inc. See: Adeco Energy, Inc. Adams Aerial Surveys Inc. See: Adams, Bill, Aerials Adams Coiled Tubing See: Advanced Coiled Tubing, Inc. Adams, Don, Oilfield Service, Inc. See: Independent Sandblasting & Coating Adams Engineering, Inc. See: Advanced Engineering Adams, Neal, Firefighters, Inc. See: Advanced Coiled Tubing Inc. Adams Pearson Associates Inc. See: APA Petroleum Engineering, Inc. Adams & Rountree Technology, Inc. See: Adams Engineering, Inc. ADB Systems International Inc. See: Northcare Technology ADC See: American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADC) ADCI See: American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCI) ADCO See: Abu Dhabi Co. For Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) ADCO See: Atlantic Drilling Co. Ltd. Adcor Drilling Company See: Adcor-Nicklos Drilling Company Adcor-Nicklos Drilling Company See: Nabors Industries, Inc. ADDCAP See: Abu Dhabi Drilling Chemicals & Products Ltd. (ADDCAP)

492 Company Name Cross Reference

Addsco Industries, Inc. See: Alabama Shipyard, Inc. ADIP See: American Ductile Iron Pipe Div. (ADIP) Adit Petroleum Inc. See: Dundee Resources Inc. Adkins Oil Tools Inc. See: Adkins Services ADMA-OPCO See: Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) ADNOC See: Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC) Adobe Resources Corp. See: Santa Fe Energy ADOC See: Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd.(ADOC) ADOS See: Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services Est (ADOS) ADPS Drilling & Production Services See: ADPS Austrian Drilling & Production Services ADS See: Artesia Data Systems, Inc. (ADS) Ad-Tech, Inc. See: Safari Systems Advance Geophysical Corporation See: Advance Products Group Advance Products Group See: Landmark Graphics Corporation Advanced Coatings Inc. See: Crown Metro Aerospace Coatings Inc. Advanced Coiled Tubing, Inc. (Bought out by Parchman Oil Field Services & merged into Procoil) Advanced Data Processing Inc. See: Data Entry & Computer Service, Inc. Advanced Engineering (Bought out by Parchman Oil Field Services & merged into Procoil) Advanced Environmental Technical Services See: Onyx Environmental Services Advanced Environmental Technology Corp. (AETC) See: Advanced Environmental Technical Services Advanced Operating Co. See: Kent Engineering Inc. Advanced Production Service Inc. See: California Production Service, Inc. Advantage Energy Services Ltd. (Now Argo Energy Ltd.) Advantage Energy Services Ltd. (Consultants) (Acquired by Argo Energy Ltd.) Advantage Engineering Inc. See: Advantage Energy Design Group Adviesbureau Peutz & Associes B.V. See: Peutz bv ADWOC See: Arab Drilling and Workover Company (ADWOC) AEA International SOS Assistance See: International SOS (Phils.), Inc. AEA Technology See: AEA Technology, PLC AEA Technology-Hyprotech See: Hyprotech Ltd. AEA Technology plc See: ESR Technology AEC Oil and Gas, A Division of Alberta Energy Company Ltd. See: Alberta Energy Company Ltd. AEG Aktiengesellschaft See: DMT Marinetechnik GmbH Aegis Novatec Corp. (Acquired by K B Technologies) Aegis Union Technology, Div. of Aegis Novatec Corp. (Acquired by K B Technologies) AEG-Telefunken, Marine and Offshore Systems Division See: AEG Aktiengesellschaft, Marine and Offshore Systems Subsidiary A E R Service Center See: Western Fabrication & Equipment Company Aerial Mapping & Photography Ltd. See: Geomatic Technologies Inc. Aero Jet, Inc. (Million Air Houston) See: Thunderbird Airways, Inc. Aero Jet International, Inc. (Million Air Houston) See: Aero Jet, Inc. (Million Air Houston) Aerocote Corporation (Bought out by Nalco) Aerodat Limited See: Geonex Aerodat, Inc. Aero-Jet Industrial See: Aero-Jet Environmental Aerolift B.V. See: Aerolift Industrials Aeromapas Seravenca, C.A. See: Cartografica Mercator Aeroquip Corporation See: Eaton Aeroquip Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation See: American Eurocopter Corporation Aerotech International Inc. See: Aerotech Herman Nelson, Inc. AES See: American Energy Services (AES) AETC See: Advanced Environmental Technology Corporation (AETC) AF Marine See: Atkins Franlab Marine Ltd. AF Marine See: Atkins Research & Development AFL See: Airoil Flaregas (AFL) Afos International Limited See: SPS-Afos International Ltd. A-G Safety Sales, Inc. See: Tyco Valves and Controls AGC See: American Gilsonite Company (AGC) AGECO See: Arabian Gulf Exploration Company Aggieland Salt Water Disposal Inc. See: Aggieland S.W.D. Inc. Aggieland S.W.D. Inc. See: Hughes, J. D. Aggregate Plant Products Co. See: Besser Appco AGIP Petroleum Co. Inc. See: Eni Petroleum Co. Inc. AGIP S.P.A. See: ENI S.p.A., AGIP Divisione Explorazione e Produzione AGIP (U.K.) Limited See: ENI UK Ltd. AGL See: Santos Petroleum (Seram) Limited AGL Petroleum Limited See: Santos Petroleum Management Pty. Ltd. AGP See: Andrade Gutierrez Perfuracao (AGP) AG&P See: Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila, Inc. (AG&P) AGRA Monenco Atlantic, Inc. (Now under AGRA Monenco Inc.) Agra Monenco Inc. See: Amec E & C Services Limited Aguilera, Roberto, & Associates/ Servipetrol Ltd. See: Servipetrol Ltd. Agustawestland Inc. See: Agustawestland North America AIC See: Analytical Instruments Corporation (AIC) AID See: American Inland Divers (AID) Aim Safe-Air Products See: IST-Aim Safe-Air Products Aim Safety USA, Inc. See: Aim Safe-Air Products AIMEXCO See: Barrett Resources Corporation AIP See: Australian Institute of Petroleum Ltd. (AIP) Air Drilling Services, Inc. (Bought out by Weatherford) Air Drilling Services (Intl.) Ltd. See: Canadian Air Drilling Services Ltd. Air Fin, Inc./Controltronics, Inc. See: Energy Industries, Inc. Air Logistics See: Bristow Group Inc. Air Logistics of Alaska, Inc. See: Heli-Lift, Inc. Air Power Service Co. (Bought by Airdyne) Air Tech Environmental Systems See: Linc Services Air UK Ltd. See: KLM UK Ltd. Airborne Oil Spill Response See: Roberts Oil Co. Airco Gases, Bulk Gases Div. See: BOC Gases, Bulk Gases Div. Airco Industrial Gases CO2 Division See: Airco Gases, Bulk Gases Division Airdex Corporation See: Environment Control Systems Corp. Air-Dreco See: Sunsource Airgas Safety Services See: Total Safety Airoil Flaregas (AFL) See: Hamworthy Combustion Engineering, Inc. Airpac Oilfield Services See: Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services Airways Compressor Inc. See: Brittania Compressor Sales A.I.W. Inc. See: Applied Field Data Systems A & J Oil Company See: Nelson R. Thomas AK Steel Corporation (Bought out by Wheatland Tube) Aker Drilling A/S See: Transocean Drilling Aker Engineering AS See: Aker Kvaerner Engineering AS Aker Engineering, Inc. See: CSO Aker Engineering, Inc. Aker Engineering PLC See: Aker Oil and Gas Technology UK PLC Aker Gulf Marine See: Gulf Marine Fabricators Aker International Resource Limited See: Ellayess Limited Aker Kvaerner COPI See: Aker Kvaerner, Inc. Aker Kvaerner Engineering AS See: Aker Kvaerner Engineering & Technology AS Aker Kvaerner Oilfield Products See: Aker Kvaerner Aker Marine Contractors, Inc. See: CSO Aker Marine Contractors, Inc. Aker Marine Inc. See: Aker Yards Marine Inc. Aker Maritime ASA (Now under Aker Kvaerner AS) Aker Maritime, Inc. See: CSO Aker Maritime, Inc. Aker Oil Company (Now A K G Oil Company) Aker Oil & Gas Technology See: Aker Maritime ASA Aker Oil and Gas Technology UK PLC See: Aker International Resource Ltd. Aker Omega, Inc. See: Aker Engineering Inc. Akusta-IFE See: Federal Signal Limited Akzo Dreeland Inc. See: Akzo Nobel Dreeland Inc. Akzo Nobel Chemicals BV See: Akzo Nobel (Functional) Chemicals BV Akzo Nobel (Functional) Chemicals BV See: Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry BV Akzo Nobel Dreeland Inc. See: Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals LLC/Dreeland Akzo Nobel International BV See: Akzo Nobel Chemicals BV Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry BV See: Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals bv Akzo Salt and Basic Chemicals See: Akzo Nobel International BV Al George, Inc. See: AGI Industries Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co. See: ADDSCO Industries, Inc. Alabama Shipyard, Inc. See: Atlantic Marine, Inc. Alamo Petroleum Co. (Acquired by AMAX Petroleum Corp.) Alamo Pipe Inc. See: Alamo Tubular Supply, LLC Alaska Exploration Corp. See: Gerald Ganpole Alaska International Air See: MarkAir, Inc. Alba International Ltd. (Now Briggs Marine Environmental Services Ltd.) Albany International Precision Components Division See: Syncom International Albany Pipe and Supply Inc. See: L & H Pipe and Supply Inc.

Company Name Cross Reference 493

Albert Equipment Co., Inc. See: Darr Equipment Company Alberta Basic Industries Ltd. See: ABI Oil Tools, Division of E/Tronics Corp. Alberta Energy Company Ltd. See: EnCana Corporation Alberta Mobile Air Compression Services (1984) Ltd. See: Airgen Corporation (Alberta Mobil Air) Alberta Tractor Ltd. See: Equipment Company of Canada Ltd. Alberta Wire Cloth Inc. See: Wenzel Solids Control Alberts, B. J., Co. Inc. See: Munger Company. Inc. Alcapel Vacuum Technology U.K. Ltd. See: Alcatel Vacuum Technology U.K.Ltd Alcatel STK A/S See: Alcatel Kabel Norge AS Alcatel Vacuum Technology See: Alcatel Vacuum Technology (UK) Ltd. Alchem Inc. See: Nalco Canada Inc. Alco Chemical Corporation See: Alco Chemical, a Division of National Starch and Chemical Company Alco Power Inc. See: GE-Alco Power Alcoa Coastal Chemical See: Coastal Products & Chemicals Alcorn International Inc. See: Vaalco Energy, Inc. Alcorn Well Service Inc. See: Dawson, L. C., Welltech Alegre Energy, Inc. See: Alegre Energy Operating, LP Alegre Energy Operating, LP See: Alegre Energy, Inc. Alexander Energy Corporation (Now National Energy Group) Alexander Industries, Inc. See: Sevin, Inc. Alexander, Louis See: Challenger Engineering, Inc. Alfa Laval Desalt A/S (Alfa Laval Separation ApS) See: Alfa Laval Water Technologies A/S Alfa Laval Separation A/S, Desalt Division See: Alfa Laval Desalt ApS (Alfa Laval Separation) Alfa Laval Separation, Inc. See: Alfa Laval Alfa Laval Water Technologies A/S See: Alfa Laval Oil & Gas Technology Alfa/Laval Desalt A/S See: Alfa Laval Separation A/S, Desalt Division Alfa-Laval, Inc. See: Alfa-Laval Separation, Inc. ALGECO See: Alliance and Gestion Commerciale (ALGECO) Algoma Seamless Tubulars, Inc. See: Algoma Tubes Algoma Steel Inc. See: Algoma Seamless Tubulars, Inc Algoma Tubes Inc. See: Tenaris Algoma Tubes Inc. Ali-Bron Ltd. See: Ali-Bron, Inc. Alimak Elevator Company See: Intervect USA, Inc. (Alimak-Hek). Alkco Services, Inc. (Sold to Temco) Alkemade, P. J. C. See: Independent Project Consultancy Holland (IPC) All Sites Environmental Assessment Group See: Perkins Environmental Assessment Group Allegheny & Western Energy Corp. See: Eastern American Energy Allegro Petroleum, Inc. (Merged with Northstar Resources Ltd.) Allegro Technology, Corp See: Allegro Development Corp. Allen Drilling Company Sold out to Pioneer Drilling Allen, R. C., Lease Service See: WT Construction, Inc. Allen Services See: Pump-TEQ, A Baker Hughes Co. Allen Spooling Co. See: Allen Services Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. See: Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Allheart Resources Inc. See: Stampeder Exploration Ltd. Alliance Oil Development Australia N. L. See: Santos Limited Alliance Resources Corp. See: Alliance Research Alliance Resources (U.S.A.) Inc. See: Alliance Resources POC Allied American Companies Inc. See: Allied Packaging Systems Inc. Allied Applicators Inc. See: Allied Powder Coatings Allied Colloids Inc. See: Ciba Specialty Chemicals Allied Colloids Ltd. See: Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Water Treatments Limited Allied Materials Corporation See: Barbour Energy Corporation Allied Signal Tensor Products See: Honeywell International Tensor Operations Allied Supply Company See: Allied Supply Company, A Faimilian Company Allied Supply Company See: Ferguson Enterprises, Allied Supply Division Allied Systems Co. See: Ferguson Allied Systems Co. Allied Western Res. Inc. See: BUM Corporation Allison Engine Company, Inc. See: Rolls Royce Allison, Inc. Allison Gas Turbine Div., General Motors Corp. See: Allison Engine Company, Inc. Allison, J. A., Estate See: Allison Operating Co., L.C. Alloy Machine Works - Well Screen See: Alloy Screen Works - Well Screen Alloys International (MTI) See: Lineage Alloys Inc. Allscape Clearing and Maintenance, Inc. See: Allscape Land Clearing, Inc. Allstack B.O.P. Sales & Svce. Ltd. See: Shafco Blowout Prevention Ltd. All-Star Petroleum Equipment Ltd. See: Unity Rig & Equipment Ltd. All-Union Drilling Tech. Inst. (VNIIBT) See: Russia Drilling Tech. Inst. (VNIIBT) All-Union Research Design and Exploration Institute for Oil and Gas Offshore Facilities See: UNIPISHELF - All-Union Research Design and Exploration Institute for Oil and Gas Offshore Facilities Allvac See: ATI Allvac Allwaste Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Philip Services/Louisiana Inc. Alminex Limited See: Canadian Superior Oil Ltd. Alpha Chemical Company See: Enclean Specialty Chemicals Alpha Environmental Midcontinent Inc. See: Biodynamics Corporation Alpha Thames Engineering Ltd. See: Alpha Thames Limited Alpine Electric Inc. See: Alpine Electric Supply Inc. Alpine Energy Corp. See: Alpine Resources Alpine Energy, Inc. See: Alpine Exploration Companies, Inc. Alpine Resources, Inc. See: Alpine Production, LLC Al's Hot Oil Service Inc. See: Leed Tool Corporation (dba) Al's Hot Oil Services Inc. & Jody's Welding and Backhoe Alsthom International Ltd. See: Alcapel Vacuum Technology U.K. Ltd. Alstom Automation Ltd. See: Alstec Limited Alstom Drives & Controls Ltd. See: Alstom Power Conversion Ltd. Alstom Engines Ltd., Ruston Division (Now Man V&W Diesel Ltd., Ruston) Alstom Gas Turbines Ltd. See: Alstom Power Ltd. Alstom Power Conversion Ltd. See: Alstom Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Ltd., Power Conversion Business UK Alstom Power Conversion Ltd. See: Converteam Ltd. Alstom Power UK Ltd. See: Siemens Alstom Transmission & Distribution (T&D) See: Alstom Power Conversion Ltd. Alta Energy Corporation See: Devon Energy Corporation Altana Exploration Company See: Altana Exploration Ltd. Alta-West Cathodic Services Ltd. See: Alta-West Cathoric Protection Alternate View Corp. See: C. & H. Associates Alternative Systems, Inc. See: LFR Technologies Inc. Altex Distributing Inc. See: Great Western Chemical Company Altex Industries, Inc. See: Altex Oil Corporation Altex Oil Corp. See: Altex Industries, Inc. Altura Energy Ltd. See: Occidental Permian Ltd. Aluminum Company of America See: Yamac Production Co. & Neumin Production Co. Alvin Oilfield Supply Co. Ltd. See: Digger Bits and Oilfield Supply Co. Ltd. A & M Tubular Maintenance See: Tesco Services A-MAPE See: Anglo Marine and Petroleum Equipment Amarco Resources Corporation See: United Well Service Corp. Amarillo Oil Company See: Pioneer Production Corp. Amax Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Inc. (Sold to UPRCON) Ambar Oil Mop, Inc. See: Oil Mop, Inc. AMC See: American Marine Construction (AMC) AMCA International Limited See: Dominion Bridge, A Unit of United Dominion Industries Limited Amcana Oil Corporation See: I. C. Gas Amcana, Inc. Amclyde Engineered Products Inc. (Now National Oilwell Supply) Amclyde Unit Crane (Now National Oilwell Supply) Amec E & C Services Limited See: Amec Americas Limited Amerac Energy Corporation (Merged into Southern Mineral Corp.) Amerace Corp See: Amerace Electronic Components Amerada Hess Corporation See: Hess Corporation Amerada Petroleum Corporation of The UK Ltd. See: Amerada Hess (U.K.) Ltd. Amercoat Corp. See: Ameron Corrosion Control Div. American Boat & Skimmer Co. (ABASCO) See: ABASCO/ITS Environmental Services American Cased Hole Specialists, Inc. See: Weatherford American Cased Hole Specialists American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO) See: American Steel Pipe Division American Coastal Energy Offshore, Inc. See: American Coastal Energy, Inc. American Coldset Corporation See: ACC (American Coldset Corp.) American Colloids Co., Wastewater Treatment Co. See: Colloid Environmental Technologies Co., Wastewater Treatment Division American Corrosion Services (ACS) See: Corrtherm, Inc. American Cynamid Company See: CYTEC Industries American Ductile Iron Pipe Div (Now American Steel Pipe Div) American Eagle Petroleums Ltd. See: CS Resources Ltd. American Ecology See: U S Ecology American Ecology Services Corporation (Sold to Clean Harbors) American Energy Development Inc. See: AED Development Inc. American Energy Services (AES) See: Key Energy Pressure Pumping Services American Exploration Company (Merged into Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas) American Exploration & Mining Co. See: Placer Amex Inc. American Explorer, Inc. See: PetroQuest Energy, Inc. American Frontier Exploration, Inc. See: AFEX, Inc.


494 Company Name Cross Reference

American Independent Oil Co. See: Aminoil International American Inland Divers, Inc. See: Ceanic Corporation-General Contracting Division American International Petroleum Corp. See: Ameripex International, Inc. American Marine Construction, Inc. See: Ceanic Corporation American Marine, Inc. See: Elastec/American Marine, Inc. American Metal Product Div., U.S. Enertek Inc. See: XYTEC, The Automation Group of Enertek Inc. American Mfg. Co. of Texas See: American International Mfg. Corp. (AIMCO) American National Petroleum Company (Bought by Patrick Petroleum) American Natural Gas Production Co. See: Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Co. American Oilfield Divers Inc. See: Ceanic Corporation American Oilfield Products, Inc. See: AOP Industries, Inc. American Overseas Petroleum (Spain) Ltd. (AMOSPAIN) See: Chevron Oil Company of Spain American Pacific International, Inc. See: Worldwide Pacific Corporation American Pacific Marine, Inc. See: Ceanic Corporation American Petrofina Company of Texas See: Fina Oil and Chemical Co. American Pipe Inspection See: XXtreme Pipe Storage American Pipe & Tubing (APT) See: APT - American Pipe & Tubing American Prospectors, Inc. See: American Prospectors Management Corporation American Pump Div, Osmonics, Inc. See: Osmonics, Inc. American Quasar Petroleum Co. (DBA: Wolverine Exploration Company) American Shuttle Tankers L.L.C. See: Teekay Navion Shuttle Tankers American Sigma See: GeoGuard, Inc. American Sigma-Geoguard See: American Sigma American SMACO See: Salzgitter Machinery, Inc American Supply Company, Inc. See: Falk Supply Company American Supply Corp. See: Unico Supply Company, Inc. American Technology Corporation See: Citicorp American Technology Corporation American Trading & Production Corporation See: Tema Oil and Gas Company American Ultramar Limited See: Ultramar Company Ltd. Amerigas Carbon Dioxide Div See: Airco Industrial Gases-CO2 Division Ameripex International, Inc. (Now Hallwood Petroleum) Ameron B.V. See: Ameron PCD (Europe) Ameon Coatings - Performance Coatings & Finishes See: PPG Protective and Marine Coatings Ameron Fiberglass Pipe Group See: Ameron International Fiberglass Pipe Group Ameron International - Performance Coatings & Finishes See: Ameron Coatings - Performance Coatings & Finishes Ameron Protective Coatings See: Ameron Int'l - Performance Coatings & Finishes Amertech See: TBI Oilfield Supply Company, Inc. Ametek Aerospace Products Inc. See: Ametek Power & Industrial Ametek Filters Ltd. See: AFL (Culligan International) Ametek Microfoam, Inc., Ametek Microfoam Division See: Astro-Valour, Inc. Ametek Patriot Sensors See: Ametak Automation and Process Technologies Amey Vectra Limited See: Vectra Group Limited AMF Far East Pte Limited (Tuboscope Div., Tube-Kote Div.) See: Far East Pte Limited (Tuboscope Div., Tube-Kote Div.) AMF Scientific Drilling See: Scientific Drilling International AMF Tuboscope, Inc. See: Tuboscope, Inc. AMG See: Ateliers Mecaniques De St Gaudens (AMG) AMH Pipe & Tool Rentals See: Delta Gulf Rental Tool Co. AMH Resource Management Ltd. See: AMH Group Ltd. Aminoil Inc. (Merged into Phillips Petroleum Co.) Amity Oil Limited See: Antares Energy Limited Amoco Argentina Oil Company See: Pan American Energy LLC Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd. See: Amoco Production Company AMOCO Canada Petroleum Company Ltd. See: BP Canada Energy Company AMOCO Europe Gas Limited See: AMOCO North Sea Limited Amoco Exploration & Production See: BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd. AMOCO Production Company See: AMOCO Corporation Amoco Production Co. (International) See: Amoco Production Company Amoco (UK) Exploration Company (Subsidiary of Amoco Production Company) (Now under BP Amoco Exploration) AMOCO Western Europe Gas Limited See: AMOCO Europe Gas Limited Amorphous Technologies International, Armacor Division See: Liquid Metal Technologies, Liquid Metal Coatings Div. AMOSC See: Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre Pty. Ltd. (AMOSC) AMOSCO See: Atlantic Mediterranean Oilfield Services Co. Ltd. (AMOSCO) Amot Controls Corp. See: Amot USA Ampco Metal Safety Tool Division See: Ampco-Eckart Safety Tools Amphibious Equipment Sales Corp. See: Wilco Marsh Buggies & Draglines, Inc. Amplidan Limited See: Lyngso-Valmet Marine AMPOL See: American Pollution Control (AMPOL) Ampol Exploration Limited See: AMPOLEX Limited Ampol Exploration (U.S.A.) Inc. See: AMPOLEX (USA), Inc. Ampolex (Texas) Inc. See: Ampol Exploration (U.S.A.) Inc. Amrel Systems LLC See: Amrel/American Reliance, Inc. AMS See: American Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) AN Industry Consult A/S See: AN Group A/S AN Instrument Consult A.S. See: AN Industry Consult AS Anadarko Exco, Inc. See: Joc Oil Exploration Co. Inc. Anadarko Mud Service, Inc. See: Dowell Fluid Services Anadarko Production Company See: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Anadrill See: Anadrill Schlumberger Anadrill Schlumberger (Now Schlumberger Oilfield Services Drilling & Measurement Segment) Anadrill/Schlumberger See: Anadrill Analog of Houston, Inc. See: Analog Inc. Analysts Group of Companies, The See: Anadrill Group of Companies, The Analytical Laboratories, Inc. See: Anson Analytical Laboratories, Inc. Analytical Logging, Inc. See: Analytical Logging of Oklahoma, Inc. Anatesco Oil, Inc. See: Anatesco Inc. Anchor Drilling Fluids See: Norcem Anchor A/S Anchor Drilling Fluids Inc., a Division of Anchor Drilling Fluids A/S (Merged with: M-I Drilling Fluids Canada, Inc.) Anderman International Corporation See: Anderman Oil Companies Anderman Oil Companies See: Heritage Energy Resources, Inc. Anderman/Smith Operating Co. See: St. Mary Operating Co. Anders Wilhelmsen & Co. AS See: Awilco ASA Andersen, Arthur & Co. See: Andersen Consulting Andersen Consulting See: Accenture Andersen, Graseby See: Graseby Andersen Instruments Inc. See: Thermo Andersen Andersen Instruments Incorporated See: Andersen, Graseby Anderson Associates, L.C. See: Anderson Biosystems L.L.C. Anderson, Bruce See: Anderson Oil Ltd. Anderson Exploration Ltd. (Now Devon Energy Corp.) Anderson Greenwood & Company See: Anderson-Greenwood USA, Inc. Anderson, Greenwood & Company See: Tyco Flow Control Tyco Valves & Controls N.A. Anderson Greenwood/Crosby See: Tyco Valves & Controls, U.S. Andex Oil Co. Ltd. See: Enron Oil Canada Ltd. Andover Oil Company See: Santa Fe-Andover Company Andrau Petroleum Corp. See: Andrau Enterprises, Inc. Andrews Group International, The, A Core Laboratories Company See: Scott Pickford Group Ltd., (Data Processing Services and Software) Anglo Compression, Inc. See: ACI Services, Inc. Anglo Dutch Offshore Concrete See: ANDOC Anglo Marine and Petroleum Equipment See: A-MAPE Anglo-Dutch Petroleum International, Inc. See: Anglo-Dutch Energy L.L.C. ANGOL-Sociedade Portuguesa De Exploracao de Petroleos See: Sociedade Nacional de Combustiveis de Angola (SONANGOL) Anglo-Suisse Inc. See: Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners LLC Angus Electronics (Div of Westronics) See: Westronics, Inc. Annsco Pipe, Valves & Fittings Corp., A Division of Power Lone Star, Inc. See: Tyco Adhesives CPG (Corrosion Protection Group) ANPC See: Afghan National Petroleum Company (ANPC) ANR (Now Coastal Oil & Gas Corp.) ANR Pipe Line Company See: Coastal Gas Services Company ANR Pipeline Company See: Coastal Field Services Company ANR Production Company See: Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation Anschutz Corporation, The See: Anschutz Exploration Corporation Anschutz Overseas Corporation See: Anschutz Overseas Corporation, The An-Son Corporation See: An Son Gas Corporation An-Son Drilling Corporation See: An-Son Transportation Co. Anson Energy Corporation See: Anson Partners LLC Anson Energy Corporation See: MB Oilfield Services Corporation Anson Gas Corporation See: Anson Energy Corporation Anson, Ltd./Harvey Specialty and Supply See: Harvey Specialty & Supply, Inc. Ansul Fire Protection See: Ansul Incorporated Antara Resources, Inc. See: Wapiti Energy, LLC Antelope Production Co. See: Antelope Energy Co. Anthem Energy Company See: American Oil & Gas Corporation Anti Rust 1 See: Anti Wear-1 Anvil Petroleum Corp., Subsidiary of Berkeley Exploration and Production p.l.c. See: Berkeley Petroleum Corp., Subsidiary of Berkeley Exploration and Production p.l.c.

Company Name Cross Reference 495

Anvil Petroleum p.l.c. (Merged into Berkeley Exploration and Production p.l.c.) Anvil Products, Inc. See: Grinnell Corporation AOC International Ltd. See: Brown & Root Inc. AODC - International Association of Underwater Engineering Contractors, The See: IMCA - International Marine Contractors Association (AODC) AOG See: Amax Oil & Gas Inc. (AOG) A-1 Bit & Tool Company See: Weatherford International, Inc. A-1 Custom Coating Co. Inc. See: Moe's Custom Powder Coating Co., Inc. A.O.S. See: Allwaste Oilfield Services (A.O.S.) AOS See: Australian Offshore Services (A Division of P&O Maritime Services Pty. Ltd.) (AOS) AOSC See: Association of Oilwell Servicing Contractors (AOSC) AP Oil Studies Ltd. See: Logan Geological Services Limited (Log Library) APA Petroleum Engineering Inc. Now part of RPS Energy Apache Exploration Corp. See: Apexco, Inc. Apache Industries See: Apache Pipeline Products Apache Petroleum Co. See: Key Production Company, Inc. under Apache Corporation APECO See: Al-Bassam Petroleum Equipment Co. (APECO) APEX See: American Petrofina Exploration Company (APEX) Apex Drill Well See: DrillLogic, LLC Apex Energy Company See: Morse Resources, Inc. Apex Engineering Inc. See: Closs, Juntunen & Company Apex (Bengara-II) Ltd. (Now under Continental Energy Corp.) Apex Oil & Gas Ltd. /Apex Group of Companies, Apex (Enim) Ltd., Apex (Bengara) Ltd. See: Apex (Bengara-II) Ltd./Alex (Yapen) Ltd Apex Wood Wireline Services, Inc. See: Wood Group Logging Services Apexco, Inc. See: Natomas Company Aplex Industries Inc. (Now Pump & Valve International) Apollo Drilling, Inc. See: Kenting Apollo Drilling Inc. Apollo Gibbs Ellison, Inc. See: Apollo Hicks, Inc. Apollo Piping Supply Inc. See: Thrall Distribution Apollo Services, a Division of Baker Hughes Inteq See: Baker Hughes Inteq Drilling Fluids Environmental Services Apollo Services UK Ltd. See: Apollo Services Apollo-Cole Inc. See: Apollo Surveying Kingwood Appalachian Drilling Company See: Texas International Petroleum Corp. (TIPCO), Drilling Division Appalachian Pipe & Supply Co. See: McJunkin Appalachian Oil Field Supply Company APPCO See: Abrasive Peening Polishing Co. (APPCO) Applegate, James K., & Associates, Inc. See: Applegate Exploration, LLC Applied Automation, Inc. See: Totalflow, Measurement & Control Systems Applied Chemicals Pty. Ltd. See: Baker Petrolite Australia, under Baker Petrolite Listing Applied Corrosion Management See: Corrosion Detection Systems Applied Hydraulic Systems, Inc. See: Oil States Applied Hydraulic Systems Applied Terravision, Artesia Systems Group See: Cognicase, Inc. Applied Terravision Systems Inc. (Now COGNICASE) APRCO See: Australian Petroleum Resources Consultants (APRCO) APSC See: Arab Petroleum Services Company (APSC) APSCO See: Australian Petroleum Services Company (APSCO) APT See: APT - American Pipe & Tubing APTECH See: Applied Offshore Technology (APTECH) Aqua Chem Inc. See: Cleaver-Brooks Aqua Chem Ltd. See: CALPI. Inc. Aqua Flo Co. Inc. See: Aqua-Clear Inc. Aquadril Company, The See: Maersk Drilling (Far East) Ltd. ApS Aquamaster-Rauma Ltd. See: Kamewa Finland Ltd. Aquamatic, Inc. See: Osmonics, Inc. Aquamatics Inc. See: Osmonics Aquamatic Aquaness Chemical Company See: Arjay/Aquaness Chemical Co. Aquatica, Inc., A Division of Cal Dive International See: Cal Dive International (CDI) Aquatics Unlimited See: Aquatics Unlimited International Equipment Corporation Aquila Favco Cranes, Ltd. See: Favco Cranes, Ltd. Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd. See: Canterra Energy Ltd. Aquitaine Oil Corporation See: Elf-Aquitaine Oil and Gas Aquitaine Oil (UK) Ltd. See: Elf Oil Exploration & Production (UK) Ltd. Arab Middle East Supply Company See: Bahman and Adlouni Trd. & Cont. Co. W. L. L. Arabex Petroleum Exploration Consultants See: Coplex Resources N.L. Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) See: Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (SAUDI ARAMCO) Arabian Shield Development Co. See: Arabian American Development Co. Araflex B.V. See: Lelis Ltd. Arakan Oil Development Co. Ltd. See: Arabian American Oil Co. (ARAMCO) Aran Energy Corp. See: Statoil Exploration (U.S.) Aran Energy PLC See: Statoil Exploration (Ireland) Ltd. Arapaho Petroleum, Incorporated See: Intoil, Inc. ARC Now ARC Pressure Data Inc. ARC Pressure Data, Inc. See: ARC Arcadis Geraghty & Miller, Inc. See: Arcadis G&M, Inc. Arch Petroleum Inc. (Merged with Pogo Producing Company) Archean Energy Ltd. See: Grizzly Resources ltd. Arco British Limited See: ARCO International Oil & Gas Co. ARCO International Oil and Gas Company See: ARCO Arco Oil and Gas Company See: Arco Permain, Arco Western Energy, & Vastar Resources, Inc. Arco Permian (Now under BP Amoco P.L.C.) Arcon International Resources P.l.c. See: Providence Resources P.l.c. Arcorchem Inc. See: Arcor Chemical Co. Inc. Arctec Offshore Corporation See: Offshore Model Basin Arctic Industries/Clampco, Inc. See: Arctic Industries/J. C. Brush/Abrasive Co. Arctic Transportation Ltd. See: Red Sky Enterprises Inc. Ardco Industries See: Ardco/Traverse Lift L.L.C. Ardco/Traverse Lift L.L.C. See: Ardco/Pettibone-Traverse Lift LLC Arden Oil Corp. See: Grover-McKinney Oil Co. Arethusa/Zapata Off-Shore Company See: Arethusa Off-Shore Company Argent Energy, Inc. See: Woods Research and Development Corp. Argo Oilfield Rentals Ltd. See: Argo Sales Ltd. Argus Drilling See: TARO Industries Ltd. Aries Resources, LLC See: Aries Operating LP Aries Technology, Inc. See: MacNeal-Schwenvler Corporation Arjay/Aquaness Chemical Company See: Aquaness Chemical Company Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company See: Arkla Exploration Co. Arkansas Service Company Inc. See: Todd's Arkansas Service Co. Inc. Arkansas Western Gas Company See: SEECO, Inc. Arkla Exploration Company See: Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. Arkla Exploration Company See: Seagull Energy Ark-La-Tex Oil Scout See: Oil Scout Arlington Exploration Co. See: Arlington Storage Corporation Armco Fluid Packed Pump See: National Production Systems, National Supply Co., Div of Armco Armco Inc., Sawhill Tubular Division See: AK Steel Corporation, Sawhill Tubular Division Armco Stainless & Alloy Products (Now Republic Engineered Steels) Armco Steel Corp., National Supply Co. Div. See: National Supply Company Armco Tubular Division See: National Supply Tubular Division Armco Union Wire Rope See: Union Wire Rope Armour Resources Holdings, Ltd. See: Shanghai Energy Corporation ARMS See: Automation Meter & Repair Services Inc. (ARMS) Armstrong Monitoring Corporation, The See: Sequence Controls Inc. Armtec Industries See: Armtec/Ragen, Inc. Armtec/Ragen, Inc. See: Meggitt Avionics, Inc. Arnold & Clarke Chemical Co. See: Arwell Oilfield Chemicals Co. AROC, Inc. See: Southern Bay Energy Arrow Completion Systems (Now under Weatherford Inc.) Arrow Engineering Inc. See: PSC/Arrow Engineering Arrow Oil Tools See: Arrow Completion Systems, a Subsidiary of Weatherford Enterra Inc. Arrow Oilfield Service Company, Subsidiary of Belden & Blake Corporation See: Arvilla Oilfield Service Company L.L.C., a Subsidiary of Belden & Blake Corporation Arrow Specialty Company See: Arrow Engine Company Arrowhead Drilling See: Brelco Drilling Ltd. Arrowhead Exploration Company See: Arrowhead Energy Exploration, LLC Arrowood Corp. See: Global Energy Products, Inc. ARTCCO See: Alreziza Trading & Contracting Co. (ARTCCO) Artesia Data Systems, Inc. See: Applied Terravision, Artesia Systems Group Arthur Oil Corp. See: Brodie Exploration Corp. Arthur Technology See: Respirometry Plus, LLC Arthur-Smith Corp. See: Tauber Exploration & Production Company Artisan Electronics, Dosimeter Division See: Artisan Technologies (Dosimeter Products) Artisan Electronics, Pressure Sensors Division See: Artisan Technologies, Inc., Pressure Sensors Division A/S Geoteam See: Geoteam A/S

496 Company Name Cross Reference

A/S Hydralift See: Hydralift ASA A/S Hydraulik Brattvaag See: Ulstein Brattvaag A/S A & S Land Surveyors See: Precise Land Surveyors A.S. Nordisk Gummibaadsfabrik See: Viking - A.S. Nordisk Gummibaadsfabrik A.S. Pusnes Marine and Offshore Services See: Pusnes A S Asamera Inc. See: Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. Ascent Energy, Inc. Now Ascent Oil & Gas, Inc. Ascent Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Ascent Energy Inc. ASCO See: Aberdeen Service Company (North Sea) Ltd. (ASCO) Asco Environmental Services Sold to Clean Harbors ASCo Group Ltd. See: ASCo Plc Asco PLC See: Asco Group Limited ASCoSMIT Company Ltd. See: Smit International (Scotland) Ltd. Asea Per Kure A/S See: EB Industry and Offshore Ashford Oil & Gas Co. See: Benchmark Oil & Gas Co. Ashland Exploration, Inc. See: Blazer Energy Corp. Ashland Oil Canada Ltd. See: Kaiser Oil Ltd. Ashland Oil Inc. See: Ashland Inc. Ashtech, Inc. See: Magelian Corporation Ashton Jenkins Mann See: AJM Petroleum Consultants ASI See: American Surveys Inc. (ASI) Asirobicon Ltd. See: Siemens Automation Drive A.S.K. Envirotech, Inc. See: Envirotech, Inc. A.S.L. See: Attard Services Limited (A.S.L.) Aspect Resources LLC See: Aspect Energy LLC Aspen Group Resources Corp. See: Aspen Endeavour Resources Inc. Aspen Technology, Inc., Manufacturing Systems Div. See: AspenTech ASPENTECH See: Aspen Technology, Inc. (ASPENTECH) ASPRO See: Prospektering A/S (ASPRO) ASRY See: Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Co. (ASRY) Associated Australian Oilfields N.L. See: Mines Administration Pty. Ltd. Associated Australian Resources N. L. See: AAR Ltd. Associated Natural Gas Corporation See: PanEnergy Field Services, Inc. Associated Oiltools Inc. See: Pool Company, International Association of Oilwell Servicing Contractors (AOSC) See: Association of Energy Service Companies AST Environmental Inc. See: ASTE, LLC Astilleros y Talleres Del Noroeste S.A. See: Izar Fene Shipyard Astro Exploration, Inc. See: Jaffe Energy, Inc. Astro Geophysical, Inc. See: Aero-Geo Energy, Inc. Astro-Valcour, Inc. See: Tenneco Packaging - AVI ASW Well Service, Inc. See: Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. Atasca Resources, Inc. (Now Tri-Union Development Corp.) Atco Drilling, Div. of Atco Enterprises Ltd. See: Akita Drilling Ltd. Atco Well Servicing See: Drive Well Servicing ATG See: Adams Tubular Goods, Inc. (ATG) ATI See: Amorphous Technologies International (ATI) Atiwa Laser Express Now Atiwa Computing Inc. Atkins Oil & Gas Engineering See: WS Atkins Oil & Gas Atkins Process See: Atkins Oil & Gas Atkins Research & Development See: WS Atkins Engineering Sciences Atkinson Petroleums (1972) Ltd. See: APL Oil & Gas Ltd. Atlanta Testing & Engineering See: Qore Atlantek, Inc. See: Zebra Atlantek, Inc. Atlantia Offshore Limited See: SBM Atlantia, Inc. Atlantic Airways See: Provincial Airlines Limited Atlantic Airways Ltd. See: Atlantic Airways (a division of Provincial Airlines Limited) Atlantic Drilling Company See: Thomson E.G. (Bulk Carriers) Ltd. Atlantic Dry Dock Corp. See: Atlantic Marine Florida LLC Atlantic Group, Inc. See: AGI Specialty Valves Atlantic Resources PLC See: Conroy Petroleum PLC Atlantic Richfield Co., Int'l. Div. See: ARCO Int'l. Oil & Gas Co. Atlantic Richfield Co., North American Producing Division See: ARCO Oil & Gas Co. Atlas America, Inc. See: Atlas Energy Resoures, LLC Atlas Bradford See: NL Atlas Bradford Atlas Copco Compressors, Inc. See: Atlas Copco Comptec, Inc. Atlas Energy Group, Inc. See: Atlas Resources, Inc. Atlas Division-Dresser Industries See: Dresser Atlas Division, Dresser Industries, Inc. Atlas Operating Co. See: Premier Operating Co. Atlas Resources, Inc. See: Atlas America, Inc. Atlas Tubular Inc. See: Atlas Tubular L.P. Atlas Wireline Services See: Western Atlas Logging Service Atlas Wireline Services, Downhole Seismic Services See: Western Atlas Logging Services Atlas Yellowknife Resources Limited See: PanAtlas Energy Inc. Atlas-Bradford See: Grant TFW, Inc. Atlas-Danmark Desalination Systems See: Alfa-Laval Desalt A/S Atochem Industrial Chemicals B.V. See: Elf Atochem Rotterdam B.V. Atofina Rotterdam B.V. See: Arkema Rotterdam B.V. ATS See: Applied Terravision Systems Inc. (ATS) AT&T Maritime Services See: AT&T Mobile Satellite Services AT&T Submarine Systems, Inc. See: Tyco Submarine Systems, Inc. Attock Oil Co. Ltd., The See: Pakistan Oilfields Ltd. Attock Petroleum Limited See: Anvil Petroleum Limited Atwood Exploration Company See: ATX Energy, Inc. Atwood Oil Co. See: ATX Energy, Inc. ATX Energy, Inc. See: London Manhattan Energy Inc. Auburn International See: Auburn Systems LLC Auger Air Drilling & Mfg. Inc. See: ACE Rathole Services Auris Limited See: European Environmental Management Institute Aurora Energy, Ltd. See: Aurora Oil & Gas Corporation Ausanka Oil Operations See: Pryor Petroleum Corporation Austex Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Altair Resources Ltd. AustexTechflow, A Division of Ramset Fasteners (Aust) Pty. Ltd. See: ITW Techflow - A Division of ITW Australia Ltd. Austin Marine, Inc. See: Austin Bridge Company Australasian Petroleum Co. Pty. Ltd. See: BP Petroleum Development Australia Pty. Ltd. Australian Aquitaine Petroleum Pty. Ltd. See: Aquitaine Exploration Australia Pty. Ltd. Australian Aquitaine Petroleum Pty. Ltd. See: Aquitaine (Australia & New Zealand) Ltd. Australian Department of Primary Industries and Energy See: Department of Primary Industries and Energy Australian Inland Exploration Co. Inc. See: Texasgulf Australia, Ltd. Australian Offshore Services See: P&O Maritime Services Pty. Ltd. Australian Supply Line See: The Supply Line Autair Ltd. See: Autair Helicopters Ltd. Automated Valve Products See: Wilson Valve Specialties Automation Meter & Repair Services, Inc. (ARMS) See: ARMS Inc. AV Communications See: AV Digital Productions Ltd. Ava International See: Guiberson Ava Avanti International Services, Inc. See: Avanti Consulting Inc. Aviva America, Inc. See: Aviva Petroleum Avondale Industries, Inc. See: Litton Avondale Industries Avondale Shipyards, Inc. See: Avondale Industries, Inc. AW Company See: AW-Lake Company Awilco ASA See: Awilco Offshore ASA Axel Akerman A/S See: AXA, Axel Akerman A/S Axelson, Inc. See: Dresser Oil Tools, Axelson Products Axem Resources Incorporated (Sold to Westport Oil & Gas Co.) Axsia Howmar Limited (Now under Natco Group Inc.) Axsia Serck Baker Inc., wholly owned by TGE Group Ltd. See: Natco Group A-Z International Tool Company See: A-Z-Grant-Drillex Aztec Gas Systems, Inc. See: Gamco Inc. Aztec Mfg. Co. See: Aztec Tubular Products Aztec Manufacturing Partnership Ltd. See: AZZ Incorporated Aztec Manufacturing-Tubing See: Aztec Mfg. Co. Aztec Pipe Sales, Inc. See: Aztec Pipe Inc. Aztec Pipe & Supply, A Div. of The Aztec Corp., A Newpark Co. See: Newpark Pipe & Supply, Inc. Aztec Pipe & Supply Inc. See: Aztec Pipe Sales, Inc. Aztec Resources Ltd. (Merged with Pursuit Resources Inc.) Aztec Wellheads, A Div. of the Aztec Corp., A Newpark Co. See: Newpark Wellhead Services


Baash-Ross Div., Cooper Industries Inc. See: Martin Decker, Baash-Ross Div., Cooper Industries Inc. Babco Electric & Engineering Limited See: Babco Electric Group Inc. Babcock Energy Services Limited See: Mitsui Babcock Energy Services Limited Babcock Technicare Ltd. See: Babcock King-Wilkinson Ltd. Babcock & Wilcox, Tubular Products Div. See: Alliance Tubular Products Babcock-Woodall-Duckham Ltd. See: Babcock Contractors Limited Baber Well Servicing Co. See: Baber-Gibson Well Service Co. Baber-Gibson Well Service Co. See: Gibson, J. W., Well Service Co. Babet Engineering, Inc. See: BEI Engineers BAC See: Bergsoe Anti Corrosion (BAC)

Company Name Cross Reference 497

BAC See: Bergsoe Anti Corrosion International AB (BAC) BAC Global Limited See; BAC Corrosion Control Limited Baca Landata, Inc. See: Landata Information Services, Inc. Badger Drilling Ltd. See: Derrick Drilling Ltd. Badgwell & Haas See: Badgwell & Associates, Inc. Badgwell & Haas See: Haas Petroleum Engineering Services Inc. Bafco International Co. See: BICO Drilling Tools, Inc. Bagnall & Barber Inc. See: Bagnall Engineering Bagwell Brothers, Inc. See: Shaw Bagwell, Inc. Bahrain National Oil Co., The (BANOCO) See: BAPCO (The Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Closed) Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Closed), The See: BAPCO (The Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Closed) Bailey Norge a.s. See: ABB Industri AS, Bergen Division Bailey Petrovest a.s. See: Bailey Norge a.s. Bailiff Enterprises Inc. See: Bailiff Enterprises Baker Atlas Geoscience (Now under Baker Atlas) Baker Atlas U.S. Land Operations See: Baker Atlas Baker Automation Systems (BASIC) See: KOBE Systems Baker CAC See: CAC Inc. Baker Chemicals, Inc. See: BCI Baker Drilling Mud Products See: DuBar Drilling Fluids, L.L.C. Baker Energy Resources Corp. (BERCO) See: Berco Services, Inc. Baker Hughes Drilling Systems See: Eastman Christensen Baker Hughes inteq Drilling Fluids Environmental Services See: Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids Evironmental Services Baker Hughes Inteq Indonesia Region (Now under Baker Hughes Inteq) Baker Hughes Process Systems See: Baker Process Baker Hughes Pumps, A div. of BGA International, An ENVIROTECH Company See: Envirotech Pump System Baker Hughes Tubular Services, Inc. See: ICO, Inc. Baker Hughes Vetco Services, Vetco Japan Ltd. See: Tuboscope Vetco Japan Ltd. Baker Jardine and Associates Ltd. (BJA) See: Baker Jardine-SEPS-Schlumberger Evaluations and Production Services Baker Jardine-Seps-Schlumberger Evaluation and Production Services (Sold to Schlumberger) Baker (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. See: Baker Oil Tools (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Baker Marine Corp. See: Baker Marine Technology, Inc. Baker Oil See: Total Tool, Inc. Baker Oil Tools Asia Pacific (Now under Baker Oil Tools) Baker Oil Tools (Australia) (Now under Baker Oil Tools) Baker Oil Tools Canada (Now under Baker Oil Tools) Baker Oil Tools (Far East) See: Baker Oil Tools - Asia Pacific Baker Oil Tools, Divisione della Baker Hughes S.r.l. (Now under Baker Oil Tools) Baker Oil Tools Inc. See: Baker Hughes Oil Tools Co. Baker Oil Tools (Italia) S.P.L. See: Baker Oil Tools, A Division of Baker Hughes SpA Baker Oil Tools (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Now under Baker Oil Tools) Baker Oil Tools (U.K.) Limited See: Baker Hughes Baker & Papahronis, Ltd. See: Baker, W. E., Inc. Baker Process See: Petreco International Inc. Baker Service Tools, A Division of Baker Oil Tools, Inc. See: Baker Oil Tools Baker SPD See: Forum SPD Baker Supply Products, Baker American See: Baker SPD Baker Supply Products, Reed American See: Baker Supply Products, Baker American Baker Torqmaster See: Baker CAC Inc. Baker-Jardine and Associates Ltd. (BJA) See: Baker Jardine and Associates Ltd. (BJA) Baker/MO Services, Inc. (Now Baker Energy) Bakersfield Energy Resources Inc. See: Seneca Resources Corporation Bakersfield Valve & Supply, Div of U.S. Valve See: Bakersfield Valve & Supply, an HLT Company Bakersfield Valve & Supply, an HLT Company See: HLT, Inc. B.A.L. Limited (Incorporating Thomas Boorn & Co. Ltd.) See: Polypoc BAL Ltd. Bal Seal Engineering Co. See: Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. Balcones Production Company See: Texas American Resources Company Balcron Oil, A Div of Equitable Resources Energy Company See: Equitable Resources Energy Company, Balcron Oil Division Balder Offshore Canada Inc. See: Reliance Offshore Canada Inc. Ball, J. D., & Associates See: Ball, Joe, Petroleum Consultants, Inc Ballast Ham Dredging bv (Merged with Van Oord ACZ) Ballast Nedam Dredging See: Ballast Ham Dredging Ballast Nedam N.V. See: Ballast Nedam Dredging Ballco Inc. See: Ball Pipe & Supply Balmoral Group Ltd. See: Balmoral Offshore Engineering Balston, Filter Systems, Division of Whatman See: Balston/Whatman Balston/Whatman See: Parker Hannifin Corp., Filtration Separation Div. Baltimore Specialty Steel Corp. See: Armco Stainless & Alloy Products Bam Steel Structures See: HSM Steel Structures Banff Oil Ltd. See: Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd, Banister Foundation Inc. See: BFC Construction Corporation BANOCO See Bahrain National Oil Co., The (BANOCO) Bantam Well Testing, Inc. See: Production Well Testers, Inc. BAPETCO See: Badr Petroleum Company (BAPETCO) Barber Industries, A Wood Group Co. See: Wood Group Pressure Control Canada Inc. Barber Oil, Incorporated See: Southeast Royalties, Inc. Barium Supply Company, Div. of the Milwhite Co. See: Milwhite Inc. Barker Drilling Mud Products See: DuBar Drilling Fluids, L.L.C. Barker Drilling Mud Services See: Barker Wholesale Mud Products Barnard & Burk Group, Inc. See: Amec Engineering, Inc. Barnco International Inc. See: Global Power Systems, LLC Barneby Sutcliffe Corporation Now Calgon Carbon Barnes Bros. Well Service Co., Inc. (Bought out by Mercer Well Service) Barnes Drilling Co. Inc. See: Barnes & Sons Drilling Co. Barnes Exploration Co. See: BEX, Inc. Barnes Petroleum Corp. See: LB Industries Barnes & Sons Drilling Co. See: Barnico Drilling Co., Inc. Barnwell Engineering Company See: Brammer Engineering Co. Baroid See: NL Baroid Baroid Corporation (Now Baroid Drilling Fluids) Baroid Drilling Fluids, A Halliburton Company See: Halliburton Energy Services Baroid Logging Systems See: NL Drilling Services Baroid Petroleum Services Division, NL Industries, Inc. See: NL Baroid Baroid Testing Equipment See: Fann Instrument Company Baron-Guernsey Pipe Corporation See: Guernsey Petroleum Corporation Barrack Energy Limited See: Arrow Petroleum Ltd. Barracuda Technologies, Inc. See: Divinycell International Inc Barrett Resources Corporation (Acquired by Williams Energy). Barrington Petroleum Ltd. (Taken over by Sunoma Energy Corp.) Barrington Petroleum Ltd. (Sold to Petrobank Energy and Resources) Barton Industries, Inc. See: Barton Wood Valve Co. (BWVC) Barton Instrument Systems, Ltd. See: NuFlo Measurements Systems Barton Valve Company See: Barton Industries, Inc. Barton Wood Valve Company (BWVC) See: ERC Barton Wood Baseline/DGSI See: Baseline Resolution, Inc. BASIC See: Baker Automation Systems Basic Consolidated, Inc. See: Basic Petroleum Corporation Basic Petroleum and Minerals, Inc. (BPMI) See: Basic Consolidated, Inc. Basic Resources International S. A. See: Recursos del Norte, Ltda. Basin Exploration, Inc. (Denver) (Now Stone Energy Corporation) Basin Packer Co./Depck Oil Tools See: Depck Oil Tools/Basin Packer Co. Basin Petroleum Corp. See: Reserve Oil, Inc. Bass, Perry R., Inc. See: Bass Enterprises Production Co. Basset Oil Ltd. (Liquidated into Oakwood Petroleums, Ltd.) Bataafse Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij N.V. See: Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij N. V. Batch-Air, Inc. See: Greenwich Air Services Bates Oil Corporation See: LASMO Energy Corp. Battle Creek Developments Ltd. See: Strike Energy, Inc. Bausch Engineering, Inc. See: WRC Bawden Drilling, Inc. See: Noble Drilling Corporation Bawden, Peter, Drilling Ltd. See: Noble Drilling (Canada) Ltd. Baxter, Murphy H. See: Wing Corporation Bay City Minerals, Inc. (Taken over by Middle Bay Oil Co.) Bay Drilling Corporation See: Mallard Workover & Drilling Inc. Bay Hills Petroleum See: Vanguard Energy LLC Bayer UK Ltd. - Compur Monitors See: Casella London Ltd. Bayer/Wolff Walsrode See: Bayer Chemicals/Wolff Cellulogics Baylor Company (Now National Oilwell) Baylor Company See: SEDCO Inc. Bayou Pipe Bending Co., A division of Bayou Management Services See: Bayou Companies, LLC, The Bayou Pump Rental, Inc. See: Gulfstream Services, Inc. Bayou Rental Tools Inc. See: Tarpon Rentals, Inc. Bays Oilfield Supply Company See: Bays Exploration Baystar Energy Corp. See: Western Star Energy Corp. Baytron, Inc. See: Brandt Instrumentation B & B Drilling Company (Oil) See: Target Drilling, Inc.

498 Company Name Cross Reference

B & B Oilware See: Landpro Corp. B & B Pipe Supply Co., Inc. See: C. W.'s Pipe & Salvage Inc. BC Offshore See: Ahlsell Offshore BCM Engineers, Inc. See: Smith Environmental Technologies Corporation BD-AS See: Brundrett Diving & Salvage Co. (BD-AS) BDT See: Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc. (BDT) Beacon Gage Co. (Sold to Hickok) Beaird Industries, Inc. See: Beaird Company, Ltd. Beal Equipment, Inc. See: Hatfield & Company Beall Trailers of Montana See: Beall Transport Equip.Co, Bear Tools, Div. of Westcan Resource Equipment Ltd. See: Bear Wireline Services, Div. of Computalog/Gearhart Ltd. Bear Wireline Services, Div. of Computalog/Gearhart Ltd. See: Strata Wireline Services, Div. of Computalog/Gearhart Ltd. Beard Drilling Co., Inc. See: Beard Oilwell Services, Inc. Beard, Francis L., Drilling Contractor See: Beard Oilwell Service, Inc. Beard Oilwell Service, Inc. See: Beard, F. L., Service Corp. Bearing Service & Supply Co. See: Toolpushers Supply Co., Inc. Beattie Tauro Flex, Corp. See: Phoenix Beattie Corp. Beaudril Limited See: Beaudril (1987) Limited Partnership Beaver Equipment Inc. See: American Water Systems Beaver Tool & Machine Company See: Beaver Tool Sales CC Inc. Beazer National Construction Ltd. See: Kier Group Ltd. Beazley, William G., & Associates See: Knowledge Base International Beb Gewerkschaften Brigitta Und Elwerath Betriebsfuhrungsgesellschaft mbH See: Beb Erdgas Und Erdol GesellschaftmbH Becfield Drilling Services (Acquired by Phoenix Drilling Services, Inc.) Bechtel Corporation See: Bechtel Petroleum, Chemical & Industrial Co. Bechtel Energy Resources Corporation See: Fremont Energy Corporation Bechtel Investments Inc. See: Bechtel Energy Resources Corp. Bechtel Petroleum & Chemical See: Bechtel Corporation Bechtel Petroleum Chemical & Industrial Co. See: Bechtel Petroleum & Chemicals Bechtel Petroleum, Inc. See: Bechtel, Inc. Beck Pump & Supply, Inc. See: Beck Oilfield Supply, Inc. Becker, Clyde M. See: Becker Oil Corp. Beckman Industrial Corp. See: Rosemount Analytical Beckman Industrial Division Beckman Instruments See: Beckman Coulter, Inc. Beeche Systems Corp. See: Thyssen Krupp Safway, Inc. Behm, L. E., Inc Now Behm Energy BEICIP (Bureau d'Etudes Industrielles et de Cooperation de l'Institut Francais du Petrole) See: Bureau d'Etudes Industrielles et de Cooperation de l'Institut Francais du Petrole (BEICIP) Belco Oil & Gas Corp., Northern Div See: Belco Energy Corp., Midcontinent Div under Belco Oil & Gas Corp. Belcon Petroleum Development Ltd. LLC See: Carlton Energy Group, LLC Beldam Burgmann Distribution See: Burgmann (UK) Ltd. Baldam Crossley Ltd. See: Beldam Burgmenn Distribution Belden & Blake Corporation, EnerVest Management Partners, Ltd. See: EnerVest, Ltd. Belden CDT Electronics Division See: Belden Belden Electronics Division See: Belden CDT Electronics Division Belden Electronic Wire & Cable See: Belden Wire and Cable Belden Wire and Cable See: Cooper Industries/Belden Division Belden Wire & Cable Company See: Belden Electronics Division Bell Electronics PLC See: Ferranti Ore Limited Bell, Kelly See: Kelly Bell, Inc. Bell Petroleum Surveys (Wireline) See: Black Warrior Wireline Corp. Bell & Stephens Laboratories See: Bell Evaluation Laboratories Bell Supply Company See: Bell Supply 1, LP Belleco Oilfield Services Ltd. See: Wedeco Oilfield Services Ltd. Belleli Energy SpA See: Belleli Energy CPE (Critical Process Equipment) S.p.A. Bellwether Exploration Company See: Mission Resources Belnorth Petroleum Corporation See: Enron Oil & Gas Co. Belzona Molecular Inc. See: Belzona America Inc. Benchmark Oil & Gas Company See: Benchmark Oil & Gas, AB Bender Corrosion Associates See: Elk Engineering Associates, Inc. Benelli Ravenna SPA See: Benelli Ravenna, Division of Sadelmi SpA Bengal Producing Company See: Jones, Everett R., Jr. Bengal Solids Control, Inc. See: Bengal Chemical & Research Corp. Bennett & Gibbs See: Gibbs Construction Co. Bennett Pollution Controls See: Versatile Environmental Products Co. Bennett & Westerman Inc. See: Bennett, Paul M., & Associates Bennex Transmark Norge AS See: Bennex AS Benson Petroleum Ltd (BPL) See: Southward Energy Bent Tree Petroleum, Inc. See: Willow Bend Operating Company, Inc. Benthos, Inc. See: Teledyne Benthos, Inc. Bentley & Laing Oil Producers See: Armor Petroleum Inc. Bently Nevada See: GE Energy Exploration & Production Bently Nevada GmbH See: GE Energy Germany GmbH, Division Bently Nevada Benton Oil and Gas Company See: Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. Beranik Resources Ltd. See: Pri Link Resources Ltd. Berca Indonesia PT See: P T Berca Hardayaperkasa BERCO See: Baker Energy Resources Corp. (BERCO) Berendsen Fluid Power Ltd. See: Berendsen PMC Ltd. Berendsen PMC B.V. See: Doedijns BV Berendsen PMC Ltd. See: Primary Fluid Power Ltd. Bergen Diesel A.S. See: Ulstein Bergen AS Bergeson, Jerry R., & Associates See: ECL-Bergeson Petroleum Technologies Inc. Bergsoe Anti Corrosion (BAC) See: BAC Corrosion Control A/S Bergsoe Anti Corrosion International AB (BAC) See: BAC Bergsoe Anti Corrosion AB Berry Petroleum Co., Coastal Operations (Now under Berry Petroleum Company) Bertel O. Steen A/S See: B. O. Steen Molorteknikk A/S Bertman Gas & Oil Corp. See: Bertman Drilling & Producing Corp. Bertner Bros. Oil & Gas Exploration See: Petroleum Pipe Co. Berwanger, Inc. See: Berwanger, A Siemens Company Berwanger, A Siemans Company See: Siemens Oil, Gas & Marine BESSCO See: Brigham Equipment Supply & Service Co. (BESSCO) Best Energy LP See: Best, Homer, Jr. Best Exploration Inc. See: Best Energy LP Best Hughes See: Best Hydraulic Workover, Inc. B.E.S.T., Inc See: Barfield Environmental Sampling & Testing (B.E.S.T., Inc.) Best Industries, Inc. See: VARCO/Best Flow Products Best Sand Corporation See: Fairount Minerals, Chardon Facilities Best Swivel Joints and Flow Line Equipment See: Best Swivel Joints BesTest Company See: Dawson Production Services, Inc. Bestin Petroleum Corp. See: Vermillion Resources Inc. Bestobell Canada Limited See: BEP Bestobell Ltd. Beta B.V., Beta Pressure & Temperature Switches See: KWW Beta B.V. Beta Corporation See: Applied Corrosion Management Beta Division, Brown Oil Tool See: B. J. Hughes Production Services Beta Oil & Gas Inc. See: Petrohawk Energy Corporation Beta Well Service See: Bonus Recource Services Corp. Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Pipe) See: Pennsylvania Steel Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned Subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel Corporation (Pipe) Bettis Actuators & Controls See: Emerson Process Management, Valve Automation Division Bettis Corporation See: Bettis/Emerson Process Measurement Bettis Corporation See: GH-Bettis Bettis Rubber Company See: Bettis Rubber Products, Hydril Bettis Rubber Products, Hydril See: Hydril Company, Hydril Technology Center (HTC) Bews Wireline Services Ltd. See: Tri-Alta Bews Services Ltd. B & F Well Service, Inc. See: Basic Energy BFG Construction Group Inc., Wholly owned Sub of Armbro Enterprises, Inc. See: AECON Group Inc. BFGW Manley Oil Co., Inc. See: Manley Oil Co., Inc. BFL Consultants Limited See: Agra Monenco Atlantic, Inc. BG Tecnomarine Systems Ltd. See: PII B G Tool Co. Inc. (Now Tesco Corporation) BGA Intl. Galigher Pumps See: Baker Hughes Pumps, a div. of BGA International, A Baker Hughes Company BGMB (USA) See: Sabine Heavy Industries, Inc BHP Petroleum See: BHP Billiton Petroleum BHP Petroleum (Americas) Inc. See: BHP Billiton. BHP Petroleum Pty. Ltd. (Now BHP Petroleum (Americas) Inc.) BHPUK See: Bow Valley Petroleum UK Ltd. (BHPUK) BHR Solutions Consultancy and R&D See: BHR Group Limited Bib-Incon Quality Services BV See: AIB-Vincotte Nederland B.V. BICC Cables Ltd., PCI (Energy Cables Div.) See: BICC General Cables BICC Plc See: BICC Cables Ltd., Construction & Wireline Division Bicron See: Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors (Bicron Brand Detectors) Biffi Actuators & Controls, Inc. See: Tyco Valves & Controls, Inc. Big B Oilwell Serv Inc. See: Igo Oilfield Serv Inc.

Company Name Cross Reference 499

Big D Lining Systems Company See: Big D Environmental Services Big D Rentals See: Precision Rentals Big Four Petroleum Company See: Oilfield Operating Co. Big Inch Marine Systems, Inc. (Taken over by Oilstates Hydrotech Div.) Big J Production Co. See: Big J. Geological Consultants Big Piney Oil & Gas Company See: National Energy Group, Inc. Big 10 Fishing Tool, Division of Pool Well Service See: Nabors Well Servicing Big Three Lease & Well Service Inc. Now B&N Oilfield Bigfork Exploration Ltd. See: Petrostar Petroleum Inc. Bighole Drillers, Inc. See: Transworld Drilling Co. Big-O Drilling, Inc. See: Trident Drilling Inc. BIH See: British International Helicopters (BIH) Biles & Associates See: Simulation Sciences Inc. Bill Smith's Pumping Unit Services Inc. (Sold to WTG West-Tex Gear) Bill's Casing, Inc./Team Casing, Inc. See: Team Casing, Inc./Bill's Casing Tong Service Bill's Oil Field Service See: T-3 Bill's Oil Field Service Bill's Well Servicing See: Capitol Well Servicing Biltong Corporation See: Biltong Biltong Power Tongs See: Biltong Oil Tools BIMS See: Big Inch Marine Systems, Inc (BIMS) Bingham International Inc. See: Sulzer Bingham Pumps, Inc. Bingham-Williamette Company See: Bingham International Inc. Bintliff, David C., Interests See: Bintliff Properties Ltd. Partnership B. I. P. M. See: Shell International Mij. B. V. Bird Creek, L.L.C. See: BRG Petroleum Corporation Bird Environmental Gulf Coast, Inc. See: DuraThem, Inc. Birnie Oil Tool Works See: C V C Machine & Tool Works Birns Company See: Birns Inc. Birthright Exploration Ltd. See: Birthright Petroleum Corp. Birwelco Ltd. See: Agra Birwelco Ltd. Bison Drilling, LLC (Acquired by Chaparral Energy) Bison Energy Corporation (Taken over by Middle Bay Oil Co.) Bison Production Company See: Middle Bay Production Company Bitumastic plc See: Wailes Dove Coatings plc BIW Cable Systems, Inc. See: Draka USA, Marine Oil & Gas Business BJ Comtec/Leak Detection Nitrogen Services See: BJ Process & Pipeline Services Ltd. BJ Service B. V. See: BJ-Hughes B. V. BJ and UCP See: BW/IP International, Inc. (BJ and UCP) BJ Unichem Chemical Services See: BJ Chemical Services BJA See: Baker-Jardine and Associates Ltd. (BJA) BJ-Hughes Machinery Division See: Hughes Drilling Equipment BJ-Hughes Services See: BJ Titan Services BJS Oilfield Technology Limited See: BJ Service Company (UK) Ltd. BK-W See: Babcock King-Wilkinson Ltd. (BK-W) BKW-Eagleton, Inc. See: Eagleton Engineering Co. Black Gold Acidizing/Fracturing Service, Inc. See: Mathews Energy Services, Inc. Black Gold Oil & Gas Ltd. (Sold to Intensity Resources Ltd.) Black Gold Petroleum Co. See: Intertech Oil Co. Black Gold Valve Ltd. See: Tyco-Black Gold Valve Black Gold Valve Specialists Ltd. See: Black Gold Valve Ltd. Black Max Downhole Tools Inc. See: NQL Energy Services, Inc. - Black Max Division Black Mesa Energy, Inc. See: Goode, O. N., Jr. Black, Sivalls & Bryson, Inc. See: BS&B Engineering Company, Inc. Black Stone Energy Company See: Black Stone Minerals Company L.P. Black Stone Oil Company See: Black Stone Energy Company Black Warrior Wireline Corp. See: Warrior Energy Services Corp. Blackbird Company See: Axem Resources Inc. Blackfriars Oil & Gas Limited (Taken over by Ultramar Exploration Ltd.) Blackstone Exploration Co., Inc. (Now under Paramount Petroleum Co., Inc.) Blackwood Hodge Equipment Ltd. See: Sheridan Equipment Blackwood & Nichols Co., a Limited Partnership (Expl & Prod) See: Devon Energy Corporation Blain Engineering Associates Ltd. See: Shaw McLure Petroleum Engineering Ltd. Blair Exploration Inc. See: Blair, Jack N. Blair Oil Co. See: Gannon Bros. Ltd. Blake Chapman Ltd., Stothert & Pitt See: Stothert & Pitt Ltd Blanford Drilling UK See: Dolphin Drilling Ltd. UK Blankenship Oil & Development See: Eureka Resources Corp. BLC Systems, L.C., Lost Circulation Div. See: Energy World Trade Blizzard Communications See: Global Link Data Solutions Ltd. Blocker Drilling Company See: Ensco Drilling Company Blocker Energy Corp. See: Energy Service Company, Inc. (ENSCO) Blodgett Drilling & Contracting Inc. See: Blodgett, Roger L., Inc. Blom Inc., Bloms Surveying See: Blom ASA Bloomer, Laird & Associates See: Laird, M. L., & Associates Blue Iron Supply Co. Pty. Ltd. See: ARMCO National Supply Co. (Aust) Pty. Ltd. Blue Marlin Specialty Tools, Inc. See: Rental & Fishing Tools, Inc. Blue Valley Petroleum See: Gibraltar Energy Company Bluebonnet Exploration See: RGR Production Bluesky Oil & Gas Inc. See: Mark Resources Inc. Bluesky Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Mark Resources Inc. Bluewater Terminal Systems NV See: Bluewater Offshore Production Systems Ltd. Bluewater Terminals SA See: Bluewater Terminal Systems N.V. B & M Operating Company, Inc. See: McKenzie Petroleum BMES See: Briggs Marine Environmental Services (BMES) BMG Inc. See: Benson Mineral Group Inc. BMH Eagleton, Inc. See: Babcock Eagleton Inc. BMP Energy Systems Ltd. See: Critical Control Energy Services Inc. BMP Quart Service Ltd. See: BMP Energy Systems Ltd. BMPEL See: Bredero Price Middle East Limited (BMPEL) BMWCI See: Burns & McDonnell Waste Consultants, Inc. (BMWCI) BNOC See: British National Oil Corp., The B. N. O. C. (Exploration) Ltd. See: British National Oil Corp., The Bo Gray Casing I, Limited See: Tesco Services, Inc. DBA Bo Gray Casing I, Limited Bobby Burns Petroleum (1977) Ltd. See: Vicana Ridge Resources Inc. B. O. C. of Australia, Ltd. See: Bocal Pty. Ltd. BOC Nowsco See: Nowsco Well Service (S.E. Asia) Pte. Ltd. Bocal Pty. Ltd. See: Woodside Petroleum Dev. Pty. Ltd. BOCO See: Bulgarian Oil Company - Libya Bocor Producing See: Bocor Holdings, LLC Bodard & Hale Drilling Co., Inc. See: Bison Drilling, LLC BODL Limited See: British National Oil Corp. (BNOC) Boelwerf S.A. See: Boelwerf Vlaanderen N.V. BOGMC See: Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation (BOGMC) Bohler Bros. of America, Inc. See: Schoeller-Bleckmann Sales Company Bois D'Arc Offshore, Inc. See: Bois D'Arc Energy Bois D'Arc Resources See: Bois D'Arc Offshore, Ltd. Bolt Engineering Corp. & Bolt Manufacturing See: Bolt Oil Tools Bomac Drilling See: Grace Bomac Drilling Bomac Exploration Co. See: Bomac Drilling Bomag Menck GmbH See: Menck GmbH Bombardier Inc. See: Bombardier Services/Utility Vehicles Bombardier Recreational Products/ Utility Vehicles See: BRP Industrial Bombardier Services/Utility Vehicles See: Bombardier Recreational Products/Utility Vehicles Bomega Metals Ltd. See: Bomega Manufacturing Bon Accord Tool & Supply Co. (North Sea) Ltd. See: Drilltech Services (North Sea) Limited Bonanza Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Poco Petroleums Ltd. Bonanza Resources Ltd. See: Bonanza Oil & Gas Ltd. Bond Corporation Holdings Limited See: Bond Corporation Pty Ltd, Energy Resources Division Bond Corporation Pty. Ltd. See: Bond Corporation Holdings Limited Boney & Zetzman (Sold to Superior Management Corp.) Bonner & Moore Computing Company (Now Lason Systems, Inc.) Bonner Sales Co. Inc. See: Tumbleweed Specialties Inc. Bonray Energy Corporation See: EOG (Oklahoma) Inc. Bonray Oil Company & Bonray Drilling Co. See: Bonray Energy Corporation Bonus Petroleum Corp. See: Bonus Resource Services Corp. Bonus Resource Services Corp. See: Nabors Canada Boots & Coots / IWC Inc. See: Boots & Coots Group B.O.P. Products Inc. See: B.O.P. 2002 Inc. Boral Energy Resources Ltd. See: Origin Energy Resources Limited Boral Johns Perry Ltd. See: Perry Engineering, A Division of Boral Johns Perry Industries Pty. Ltd. Borden Oilfield Products See: Borden Chemical, Inc. Border Exploration Company (Merged into Coastal Oil & Gas Corp.) Borg-Warner Corp. (Centrilift Div) See: Centrilift, Inc. (A Subsidiary of Borg-Warner Corp.) Borneo Shipping Ptd. Ltd. See: Inchcape Shipping Services (S) Pte. Ltd. Borregaard Lignotech See: Borregaard LignoTech USA, Inc. Borsig Hartmann Valve (1988) Inc. See: Borsig Valve NR Inc.

500 Company Name Cross Reference

B.O.S. See: Bertel O. Steen A/S (B.O.S.) BOS See: Bouygues Offshore (BOS) BOSCA See: British Oil Spill Control Association (BOSCA) BOSS See: Blend Oil Services & Supply (BOSS) Boston Putford Offshore Safety Ltd. (Now Seacor Marine (International) Ltd. under Seacor Smit Inc.) BOT See: Brown Oil Tools, Inc. Bounty Group, Inc. See: Norse Exploration, Inc. Bouygues Offshore See: Saipem SA Bow Island Drilling, Division of ATCO Drilling Ltd. See: ATCO Drilling Ltd., Bow Island Division Bow Valley Energy, Inc. See: Talisman Energy, Inc. Bow Valley Industries Ltd. See: Bow Valley Industries (Oil) Ltd. Bow Valley Petroleum UK Ltd. (BVPUK) See: Talisman Energy UK Ltd. Bow Valley Resource Services Ltd. See: Bovar Inc. Bowen Tools Division, IRI International Corp. See: IRI International Corporation, Downhole Products Group Bowen Tools Ltd. (Bought out by National Oilwell) Bowridge Resource Group Inc. See: ESI Energy Services Inc. Bowtex Energy (Canada) Corporation See: Luscar Oil & Gas Ltd. Box Energy Corporation See: Remington Oil and Gas Corporation Boyd, C. E., & Son Inc. See: Tierce Supply Boyd, Durst & Kuenstler, Inc. See: B. D. K. Drilling Co., Inc. Boyd, John Pat See: Boyd Engineering Boyd Rosene & Associates See: Energy Strategies, Inc. Boyd's Bit Services, Inc. See: Boyd's Bit Service & Rental Tools Boyles Brothers Drilling Co., Division of Christensen Boyles Corporation See: Layne Christensen Boysenblue International Inc. See: Boysenblue/Celtec International, Inc. BP Amoco Exploration See: BP Amoco p.l.c. BP Amoco Norge See: BP Amoco Exploration BP Amoco p.l.c. See: BP p.l.c. BP Australia Limited See: BP Developments Australia Ltd. BP Canada Energy Company See: BP p.l.c. BP Canada Inc. See: Talisman Energy Inc. BP Chemicals, Division of BP Belgium N.V. See: Inspec Belgium N.V. BP Exploratie B.V. See: Clyde Petroleum Exploratie B.V. BP Exploration (Now BP Amoco Exploration) BP Exploration Canada Limited See: British Petroleum Co. Ltd., The BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd. (Now BP Amoco Exploration) BP International Limited See: The British Petroleum Company p.l.c. BP Norge See: BP Amoco Norge BP North America Inc. See: British Petroleum Co. Ltd, The BP Norway Ltd. See: BP Norge Ltd. BP Oil & Gas Operations Ltd. See: BP Canada Limited BP Oil New Zealand Limited (Now under BP p.l.c.) BP Petroleum Development Aust. Pty. Ltd. See: British Petroleum Co. Ltd., The BP Petroleum Development Australia Pty, Limited See: BP Australia Limited BP Petroleum Development Ltd. See: British Petroleum Co. Ltd., The BP Petroleum Development Limited, Egypt Branch See: BP Exploration Operating Company - Egypt Branch BP Petroleum Development Ltd. (Norway) See: British Petroleum Co. Ltd., The BP Petroleum Development (Norway) Ltd. See: BP Norway Limited BPB Instruments Ltd. See: BPB Wireline Services BPB Wireline Services See: Reeves Wireline Services BPCL See: British Pipe Coaters Limited (BPCL) BPE See: Bullen Pump & Equipment Inc.(BPE) BPI See: Bullen Pump Inc. (BPI) BPL See: Benson Petroleum Ltd. (BPL) BPMEL See: Bredero Price Middle East Limited (BPMEL) BPMI See: Basic Petroleum & Minerals, Inc. (BPMI) BPMMP See: Baoji Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Plant (BPMMP) BPS American Corp. See: Bob's Parts & Services American Corp. dba BPS American BPS Offshore Services Ltd. See: Deborah Services Ltd., Offshore Division B. R. Controls, Inc. See: Tri-Tech Systems Inc. B & R Inspection & Equipment Co. See: B & R Pipe & Equipment Co. B&R Oilfield Services, Inc. (California) See: GCI General Energy Contractors Brabant Petroleum Limited See: EDC (Europe) Limited Bracell Petroleums Ltd. (Merged into Murphy Oil Co. Ltd.) Bracken Energy Company See: Bracken Operating L.L.C. Bradco Oil & Gas Company See: Nicklos Oil & Gas Company Braden Winch Co., Div of PACCAR Inc. See: Braden Cargo Gearmatic, Div PACCAR Bradford Pipe & Supply Company See: Bradford Pipe Inc. Brady USA, Inc., Signmark Division See: Brady Worldwide Inc., Signmark Division Brady Worldwide, Inc., Signmark Division See: Brady Corp. Braeside Oilfield & Industrial Specialties Ltd See: Braeside Fabricators Inc. Braidnor Construction, Inc. See: Flint Construction Services Ltd. Brambles Heavy Contracting, L.P. See: Ale Heavylift, LP Branath Oil Field Services (Taken over by SWACO Div. of MI Drilling Fluids LLC) Branchland Pipe and Supply Co. See: Bradford-Branchland Pipe & Supply Branco Fishing & Rental Tools See: Branco Tools LLC Brandly Oil Management See: Brandly Oilman Consultants, Inc. Brandt, A Tuboscope Company See: Brandt, A Varco Company Brandt Company, The., A Division of Drexel Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Brandt, A Tuboscope Company Brandt Rigtech See: Brandt, Solids Control Division of Varco Ltd. Brandt Solids Control Div., TRW Inc. See: Brandt Company, The Brandt/Drexel, A Div. of Drexel Oilfield Services (S) Pte. Ltd. See: Brandt, A Tuboscope Company Brandt/EPI, A Division of Drexel Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Brandt, A Tuboscope Company Brandt/Wadeco, a Tuboscope Company See: Brandt, a Varco Company under Varco Canada Limited Branham Industries See: Soilmec S.p.a., Drilling Equip Div Branset Technologies See: Advanced Urethane Products, Inc. Brantner & Associates, Inc. See: Sea Con Branter & Associates, Inc. Branton Oil Tools Inc. See: Branton Tools LLC Brascan Resources Ltd. See: Westmin Resources Limited BRASPETRO See: Petrobras Internacional S.A. (BRASPETRO) BRASPETRO See: Petrobras S.A. (BRASPETRO) Braun, C. F., & Co. See: Santa Fe Braun Inc. Brazos Exploration Company See: Brazos Production Company Brea Canyon Oil Company See: Brea Canon Oil Company, Inc. Breckenridge Tank Trucks (Merged into Texas Tank Trucks) Breda Energia S.P.A. See: Breda Energia Sesto Industria S.P.A. Bredero Price Coatings (Pty) Limited See: Bredero Shaw Australia Pty. Ltd. Bredero Price Company See: ShawCor Pipe Protection LLC Bredero Price (M.E.) Ltd. See: Bredero Price Services Ltd. Bredero Price Services Ltd. See: Bredero-Shaw Group, a Dresser Shaw JV Company Breg Oil Sponge International Inc. See: Breg International Brehm Basin Exploration Co., A Partnership See: Basin Exploration, Inc. Brelco Drilling Ltd. See: Precision Drilling Corp. Breslube, Division of Safety-Kleen Canada Inc. See: Oil Recovery Division of SafetyKleen Canada Inc. BRG Petroleum Corporation See: BRG Energy Inc. BRG Production Company See: BRG Petroleum Corporation Bridge Oil Limited See: Parker & Parsley Aust. Ltd. Bridge Oil (U.S.A.) Inc. See: Parker & Parsley Petroleum Co. Bridger Petroleum Corp. Ltd. See: Home Petroleum Corporation Bridon See: Bridon International Bridon International See: Bridon Ropes Bridon International Southwest Sling, Inc. See: Certex - Houston Bridon Ropes See: Bridon International Ltd. Brigade Enterprises Limited See: United Rayore Gas Ltd. Briggs Marine Environmental Services Ltd. See: Briggs Environmental Services, Ltd. Briggs Oil Inc. See: Corsair Energy, LC Brigham Oil & Gas, L.P. See: Brigham Exploration Company Brigitta-Elwerath Oil/Gas See: BEB Erdgas Und Erdoel GmbH Brinadd Company & Brinadd International & Brinadd Co. Ltd. See: TBC-Brinadd Brinkerhoff Drilling Canada Limited See: Challenger Drilling Brinkerhoff-Turner Co., Ltd. See: Western Gulf Exploration Co., Inc. Brinkman Evaluations See: Brinkman International Brinkman International See: Brinkman Consulting Brisard Sud Marine See: Sud Marine Brisco Sales Limited See: Compression & Power Services (1988) Ltd. Bristol Oil & Gas Corporation See: Atnipp, H. L. Bristol Oil & Minerals PLC See: BOM Holdings PLC Bristow Helicopters Limited See: Bristow Helicopters Group Limited Brit Bit Ltd. (Trading as BBL) See: BBL (A Weatherford Company) Britannia Alloys and Chemicals Ltd. See: Trident Alloys Ltd. British Airways Helicopters See: British International Helicopters British Department of Energy See: United Kingdom Department of Energy British Gas E&P See: BG Plc British Gas Exploration & Production Inc. See: British Gas Services, Inc. British Gas plc See: B G PLC, Exploration & Production British Hovercraft Corp. See: Westland Aerospace Ltd.

Company Name Cross Reference 501

British International/Brintel See: Scotia Helicopter Services British National Oil Corp., The (BNOC) See: Britoil plc British Petroleum Co. Ltd., The See: BP Exploration Co. Ltd. British Petroleum Company PLC, The See: BP Amoco P.l.c. British Petroleum Exploratie Maatschappij Nederland B.V. See: BP Exploratie B.V. British-Borneo Exploration (Now AGIP Petroleum Company Inc.) British-Borneo Petroleum Syndicate, P.L.C. See: British-Borneo Oil & Gas plc Britoil Ventures, Inc. See: Ninian Oil Company Brittania Compression, Div. of CEF Technologies See: Brittania Industries, Inc. Broad Street Oil & Gas Co. See: Broad Street/Energyone Broadbent Incorporated See: Broadbent, Thomas, & Sons Ltd. Broadfoot, Frank & Associates See: Search, Inc. Broadview Resources Inc. See: Prime Petroleum Corporation Broadwater Cathodic Inc. See: Broadwater Enterprises Inc. Brock Exploration Corp. (Now Key Production Company, Inc.) Brock Oil & Gas Corp., Subsidiary of Key Production Company, Inc. See: Key Production Company, Inc. Brock Resources, Inc., Subsidiary of Brock Expl. Corp. See: Brock Oil and Gas Corporation, Subsidiary of Brock Expl. Co. Broden Energy Resources See: Broden, Inc., Energy Resources Group Brogan, J. William See: Brogan, J., & Associates, Ltd. Broken Hill Pty. Ltd. See: Hematite Petroleum Pty. Ltd. Bromsgrove Marine & Offshore Ltd. See: Forth Tool & Valve Ltd. Bron & Associates Industrial Research & Development Co. Ltd. See: Isotopes Canada Ltd. Brooklyn Union Exploration Company See: Houston Exploration Company, The Brooks, Dick, & Associates, Inc. See: Brooks Production Equipment, Inc. Brooks Instrument Division, Emerson Electric Co. See: Fisher - Rosemount Petroleum, Emerson Electric Co. Brooks Well Servicing See: Key Energy Services, Inc., Gulf Coast Division Brooner, Frank I., Jr., & Barry A. Brooner See: Brooner Exploration Brower Exploration Inc. See: Hewitt Oil (Alberta) Ltd. Brown Atwood Corrosion Services See: Brown Corrosion Services, Inc. Brown Brothers & Co., Ltd. See: Rolls-Royce Power Engineering Brown Bros. Drilling Company See: Red Cloud Drilling Co., Inc. Brown Equipment & Service Tools, Inc (BEST) See: Best/Hughes Brown, George R., Oil & Gas Division See: Highland Resources, Inc. Brown, H. L., Jr. See: H. L. Brown Operating, L.L.C. Brown, John, E&C, Inc. See: Kvaerner John Brown Brown, John, Engineering Ltd. See: Kvaerner Energy Limited, John Brown Engineering Works Brown, John, Engineers & Constructors Ltd. See: John Brown Engineers & Constructors Ltd. Brown, Maurice L., Company, The See: Petroleum Production Management, Inc. Brown & McKenzie Inc. See: B & M Operating Co., Inc. Brown and McKenzie, Inc. See: McKenzie Petroleum Company Brown Measurement and Equip. Co. Inc. See: Linco Electromatic Measurement Inc. Brown Measurement Fmt. Div See: Brown Measurement and Equipment Co., Inc. Brown Offshore Limited See: Brown Offshore 1997 Inc. Brown Oil Production See: Brown Oil Foundation Brown Oil Tools See: Brown-Hughes Brown, R. J. Deepwater Inc. (Now listed under Technip) Brown & Root See: Brown & Root Energy Services Brown & Root Braun, Division of Brown & Root, Inc. See: Brown & Root Petroleum and Chemicals Business Unit, Brown & Root, Inc. Brown & Root Energy Services See: KBR, A Halliburton Company Brown & Root Petroleum and Chemical Business Unit, Brown & Root, Inc. See: Brown & Root Brown & Tawse Ltd. (Bought out by Pipeline Center) Brown, Tom, Inc. See: TMBR Drilling, Inc. (Subsidiary of Tom Brown, Inc.) Brown, T. S., Exploration Co. See: TSB Exco, Inc. Brownlie, Wallace, Armstrong & Bander See: BWAB, Inc. Broyles, Harvey See: Broyles Oil & Gas, Inc. Broyles, Wayne, Cathodic Services (Now Corrpro Companies Inc.) BRP Industrial See: Camoplast BRPM See: Bureau De Recherches Et De Participations Minieres (BRPM) Bruce Well Service Co., Inc. See: Eagle Well Service Co. Inc. Bruen, F., Underwater Security Limited See: Underwater Security Consultants Ltd. (USCL) Bruiser Pipe Company See: Sublett, C. C. Bruker Instruments Inc.. See: Bruker Biospin Corp. Brunswick Composites See: Lincoln Composites Brustan Petroleum Corporation See: Roadrunner Energy, Inc. Bryant & Carr, Inc. See: Carr Resources, Inc. BS & B Engineering Company, Inc. See: BS & B Process Systems, Inc. BSF See: Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn Bhd (BSF) BSI See: Baker Sales, Inc. (BSI) BSI See: Brown Services, Inc. (BSI) BSP See: Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) BSP See: Burlington Resources (Energy Services) Inc. (BSP) BSW Limited See: Ballgrab (BSW Limited) B-T Oil Field Supply Inc. See: Quinn Pumps BTB Energy Ltd. See: Burns Energy Ltd. Buchanan, Wayman W. See: Hydrocarbon Management, Inc. Buckner Rental Service See: Neff Rental, Inc. dba Buckner Rental Service Buena Engineers, Inc. See: Earth Systems Consultants Bullen Pump & Equipment Inc. (BPE) See: Bullen Pump Inc. (BPI) Bullock Oil Co. See: Bullock Operating, Inc. Bullock, Van, Oil Properties See: Bullock Oil Properties, Inc. Bundesministerium Fuer Wirtschaft See: Federal Ministry of Econ & Tech. Bunker Supply Inc. See: Bunker Steel Corp. Burd, R. J., Enterprises Ltd. See: Rig Service, Fishing Division Bureau D'Etudes Industrielles Et De Cooperation De L'Institut Francais Du Petrole (BEICIP) See: BEICIP-FRANLAB Bureau of Energy Development See: Office of Energy Affairs Bureau Veritas Clayton Group Services See: Bureau Veritas Services Burgess & Associates Mfg., Inc. See: Burgess Manufacturing Inc. Burgess Manufacturing Inc. See: Burgess Manufacturing Ltd. Burgmann Dichtungswerke GmbH See: Burgmann Industries GmbH Burgmann (UK) ltd. See: EagleBurgmann Industries UK LP Burk Well Service Inc. See: Westex Production Service Inc. Burkhart Petroleum Corporation See: ZG Energy Burlington Northern Inc., Oil & Gas Div. See: Milestone Petroleum Inc. Burmah Oil Development, Inc. See: Burmah Oil & Gas Co. Burmah Oil Development Ltd. See: BODL Limited Burmah Oil & Gas Company See: Aminoil USA, Inc. Burns Energy See: BTB Energy Ltd. Burns, L. D., Drilling Co. See: Harken Resource Management Corp Burns & McDonnell Waste Consultants, Inc. (BMWCI) See: Burns & McDonnell Engineering. Burns, R. L., Corp. See: Pyro Energy Corp. Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia See: Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia/BKE Drilling Company Burrard Yarrows Corporation See: Versatile Pacific Shipyard Inc. Burt Construction Co. See: Burt Oilfield Services, Inc. Burton Cordlin See: Howden BC Compressors Burton Electrical Engr See: Burton Electrical Engineering Burton Sutton Oil Co. See: Rayville Resources, Inc. Busak & Shamban Americas See: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Busak & Shamban, Inc. See: TI Group Specialty Polymer Products North America Busak & Shamban Marketing Americas/ Trelleborg Sealing Solutions See: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas Bush Oil Company See: Berry Pet Co., Coastal Opers Bushman & Niemtschik Engineering Inc. See: Niemtschik, Gustavy E. Butech Pressure Systems See: CTC Pressure Products, Inc. Butler/Drillers, Inc. See: Drillers, Inc., Butler/Drillers Div Butler, Johnson, Incorporated See: Butler/Drillers, Inc. Butterworth Inc. See: Butterworth Setting Systems Inc. Butterworth Jetting Systems Inc., Division Of Gardner Denver See: Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems Inc. Buttes Gas & Oil Company See: Buttes Resources Co. Buttes Resources Canada, Ltd. See: Tri-Union Development Corporation Buttes Resources Company See: Reunion Energy Company Buttonwood Petroleum, Inc. (Merged into Gothic Energy Corporation) BV Materiaal Metingen WWI NDT & Inspection Services See: Materiaal Metingen NDT & Inspection Services BV BV Tool Co. See: Allied Western Res. Inc. BVPUK See: Bow Valley Petroleum UK Ltd. B/W Controls See: Patriot Sensors & Controls Corp. BW Mud Limited See: BW Group plc BW Technologies See: BW Technologies by Honeywell BW/IP International, Inc. - Pump Division See: Flowserve Corporation, Rotating Equipment Division BWVC See: Barton Wood Valve Company (BWVC) BXE See: Bowtex Energy (Canada) Corporation (BXE) BYCO See: Bywater Coatings, Bywater Sales & Service Co., Inc. (BYCO)

502 Company Name Cross Reference

BYCO-MCS Marine & Industrial Coatings See: Bywater Coatings, Bywater Sales & Service Co., Inc. (BYCO) Byrd Drilling Company (Sold to Verna Drilling Company) Byron Jackson Inc. See: BJ-Hughes Inc. Byron Jackson Pumps See: BW/IP International, Inc. (BJ and UCP) Cal-Maria Engines & Equipment Inc. See: Cen-Cal Industrial CALPUMP Inc. See: WNGCO International, Inc. Caltec See: BHR Solutions Consultancy and R&D Caltex, P. T., Pacific Indonesia See: American Overseas Petroleum Ltd. Calto Operating Company See: Calto Operating Company & Peak Natural Gas Co., LLC Calvert Drilling Co. See: Calvert Co., The Calvert Exploration Company (Merged into Sun Oil Co.) Calvert Funds, Inc. & Calvert Exploration Co. (Merged into Sun Oil Co.) Camargo Corporation See: Pradera del Norte, Inc. Camarina Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Total Petroleum-North America, Ltd. Cambrian Companies, The See: Cambrian International Corp. Cambrian Intl. Corp. See: Cambrian Companies, The Camco Coiled Tubing Services, A Camco Products & Services Company (Absorbed by Schlumberger, Dowell Div.) Camco International Inc. See: Schlumberger Reservoir Development Camco Products & Services Company See: Schlumberger, Well Completions & Productivity Cameron Australasia Pty. Ltd. See: Cameron, a division of Cooper Cameron Corporation Cameron Development Co. See: Sturlese-Dupre Exploration Co. Cameron Equipment Co. Inc. See: Cameron Equipment 1987 Inc. Cameron Iron Works Pty. Ltd. See: Cooper Oil Tool Australia Pty. Ltd. Cameron-Measurement Systems Division See: NuFlo Cam-Lok, Inc. See: Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok Products Campbell Company, The See: Oklahoma Pipe Co. Campbell Industries Ltd. See: Rodec Tubing Rotators Campbell Wells Corporation See: US Liquids of LA Campen, Frederick J. See: Campen Engineering Campen, Inc. See: Campen, Frederick J. Camrex Resources Ltd. See: Crispin Energy Inc. Canaan Energy Corporation (Taken over by Chesapeake Energy Corp.) Canada Northwest Energy Limited (Now Sherritt International Corp.) Canada Northwest Land Ltd. See: Canada Northwest Energy Ltd. Canadian Air Drilling Services, Dailey Canada Limited See: Weatherford Drilling & Intervention Services, Underbalanced Services Canadian Air Drilling Services, Dailey Canada Limited See: Weatherford International, Inc. Canadian Air Drilling Services Ltd. See: Dailey Canada Limited, a Dailey International Inc. Company Canadian Automatic Corrosion Control Systems Inc. See: NOMOCO Corporation Canadian Blower/Canada Pumps Limited See: Howden Fan Co., The Canadian B.O.P. Inc. See: B.O.P. Products Inc. Canadian Brown Steel Tank Co. (1960) Ltd. See: Canadian Steel Tank Ltd. Canadian Conquest Exploration Inc. (Acquired by Cypress Energy, Inc.) Canadian Delhi Oil Ltd. See: CanDel Oil Ltd. Canadian Export Gas & Oil Ltd. See: Placer CEGO Petroleum Ltd. Canadian Fina Oil Ltd. See: Petrofina Canada Ltd. Canadian Formation Testers Ltd. See: Z. I. Probes Inc. Canadian Fracmaster Ltd. See: Fracmaster Ltd. Canadian Helicopters See: CHC Helicopter Corporation Canadian Hydraulic Workover/CHW/ Centurion Snubbing & Equipment & Services See: Drive Well Servicing, A Div. of EnServ Corp. Canadian Industrial Gas & Oil Ltd. See: Norcen Energy Resources Ltd. Canadian Ingersoll-Rand Co. Ltd. See: Ingersoll-Rand Canada, Inc. Canadian Liquid Air Ltd. See: Air Liquide Canada Inc. Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd. See: CANMAR Canadian Merrill Ltd. See: Francana Oil & Gas Ltd. Canadian Meter Company Inc. See: Elster Canadian Meter Canadian Newscope Resources Ltd. See: Newscope Resources Ltd. Canadian Northcor Energy Inc. See: Purcell Energy Ltd. Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd. (Oil) See: Nexen Inc. Canadian Perforators Ltd. (Taken over by Western Atlas) Canadian Pioneer Energy, Inc. See: Cimarron Petroleum Ltd. Canadian Rig Ltd. See: Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. Canadian Swabmaster Products Ltd. See: Canadian Swabmaster Products Ltd., Div Imperial Rubber & Urethanes Corp. Canadian Swabmaster Products Ltd., Div. of Imperial Rubber & Urethanes Corp. See: Imperial Rubber & Urethanes Corp. Canadian Takahashi Limited See: Cantak Corporation Canadian Treating Chemicals Ltd. See: Sprinkle, J. A., Engineering Ltd. Canadian Worldwide Energy Limited See: Triton Canada Resources Ltd. Canamara United Supply Ltd. See: Canamara United Supply, a division of Di Corp. CanDel Oil Ltd. (Amalgamated with Sulpetro Ltd.) Candelero Oil & Gas Company See: Republic Oil & Gas Company Candy Fleet, The See: Candy Fleet Corporation Canmar Contracting Services See: Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd. Canning, Wm., Ltd., Marston Bentley Div. See: MacDermid Canning plc, Bentley Div. Cannon, Jim See: Cannon Services, Inc. Cannon Services, Inc. See: Cannon Services, Ltd. CanOcean See: CanOcean Engineering, Div. of Novacorp International Consulting Canon Safety Inc. See: Canon Safety Services Ltd. Canron Ltd., Mechanics Div. See: Railway & Power Engineering Corp. Ltd. Cansco Oil & Gas Inc. See: United Cansco Cantech Corporation See: Tyco Valves & Controls Canterra - Drill Systems See: Foremost Drills Canterra Energy Ltd. (Bought out by Husky Oil) Canus Industries Inc. See: Canus International Sales Canyon Energy, Inc. See: Wagner & Brown Ltd. Cap Rock Communications See: CapRock Services Corp. (Comms) C.A.P.E. See: Computer-Aided Petroleum Engineering (C.A.P.E) C.A.P.E. International Inc. See: Computer-Aided Petroleum Engineering (C.A.P.E.) C.A.P.E. International Inc. See: Epoch Wellsite Services, Inc. Capitan Drilling Company, Inc. See: Kenai Drilling Ltd. Capitol Well Servicing (Sold to Welltech) Caprock Services Corp. See: Caprock Communications CAPSA See: Shell Cia. Argentina de Petroleo SA (CAPSA)


C. Itoh & Co., Ltd. Energy Group See: ITOCHU Corporation, Energy Div. Cabeen, Wm. Ross, & Assoc. See: Cabeen Exploration Corp. Cabett Services Inc. See: Parker Cabett CABGOC See: Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CABGOC) Cable Drilling, Temperature & Well Servicing Co. See: Cable, Inc. Cable Repair Inc. See: Cable Repair & Cable Service Co., Inc. Cable Repair Inc. & Cable Service Co. See: Cable Service Co. Cable X Products, Div. of Digicon See: Digicon Marine Systems Support Cabot Corporation, Machinery Div. See: Ingersoll-Rand Oilfield Products Company Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation See: Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation of WV Cabot Wrought Products Division, Cabot Corporation See: Haynes International Inc. Cabval See: Haynes International, Inc. Cachuma Drilling Corp. See: Circle L Drilling Corp. Cactus Drilling Co See: Cactus Rig Equipment Co. Cactus Drilling Company, Inc. See: McGee Drilling Corporation Cactus Pipe & Supply See: Pyramid Tubular Products Inc. Cad Oilfield Specialties Inc. See: Cad Control System Cadcentre Group Plc See: Aveva Group Plc Cadcentre Limited See: Cadcentre Group PLC CADCI See: American Digital Cartography, Inc. (CADCI) CADIPSA See: Compania Argentina para el Desarrollo de la Industria del Petroleo y Minerales S.A. (CADIPSA) Cahaba Basin Oil & Gas Co., Inc. See: Land & Natural Resource Development, Inc. Cajon Company, A Swagelok Company (Consolidating under the Swagelok Companies) Cajun Oilfield Services, Inc. (Sold to Newpark Resources) Cajun Tubular Services, Inc. (Purchased by BJ Tubular Services) Cal Dive International, Inc. See: Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. Caldwell Oil & Gas Co. See: Magnetic Energy Corp. Caledon Energy Corporation See: Berman, Mark J. Caledonian Offshore PLC See: Cairn Energy PLC Calgary Controls Ltd. See: MCK Telecommunications, Inc. Calgon Carbon Advanced Oxidation Tech. See: Calgon Carbon Corporation Calgon Carbon Oxidation Technologies See: Calgon Carbon Advanced Oxidation Technologies Calgon Corporation, Wholly owned subsidiary of English China Clays, plc (Absorbed by NALCO) Calhoun Engineering Inc. See: Calhoun, Blair & Associates Calibron Systems, Inc. See: Enraf Calibron Systems, Inc. California Energy Company, Inc. See: CalEnergy Company, Inc. California Production Service, Inc. See: Pool California Energy Services, Inc. California Tong Company See: West Coast Casing Services

Company Name Cross Reference 503

Carbon & Alloy Metals, Inc. See: Howco CA Carbon Dioxide Technology Corp. See: Cardox, Division of Liquid Air Corp. Carbon River Energy See: Geo Trends, Inc. Cardinal Industries, Inc. See: Auto-Pax Products Div. Cardinal Ind. Inc. Cardinal Oilfield See: Cardinal Well Service Cardinal Petroleum Company (Merged into Phillips Petroleum Co.) Cardinal Services, Inc. (Now Superior Energy Services) Cardinal Well Service Inc. See: Comex Well Service Inc. Cardium Tool Services Inc. See: Weatherford Completion Systems, Cardium Services Cardox Division of Air Liquide America Corp. See: Air Liquide America Corp. Cardwell International Ltd., A Subsidiary of IRI International Corporation See: IRI International Corporation, Cardwell Division Cargo Development Group See: Continental Cargo Carl Oil & Gas Co. See: Polaris Exploration Corp. Carless Resources Inc. See: Kelt Oil & Gas Carlson Petroleum Company See: Middle Bay Oil Company, Inc. Carlyle Eagle Petroleum Ltd. See: Carlyle Energy Ltd. Carpenter Technology Corp. See: Carpenter Specialty Alloys Corp. Carpus Oil & Gas Co. See: MNW Energy Carr, John P., Inc. See: Bryant & Carr, Inc. Carrying Industries of Alberta (1984) Ltd. See: Surety Manufacturing & Testing ,Ltd. Carson Aerogravity See: Carson Helicopters Inc., Airborne & Marine Gravity Division Carson Services, Inc. See: Carson Aerogravity CARTECH See: Carpenter Technology Corp. (CARTECH) Carter Oil See: Harrell Exploration Co. Carter, Robert, Oil & Gas See: Pan-Oak Corporation Carter Waters Corp., Epoxy Products Division (CWC) See: ITW/CWC Industrial Products Carter, William, Oilfield Pipe Equip. See: Primary Pipe Supply of Mississippi Carter-Langham, Inc. See: Carter Production Company Carter-Langham, Inc. See: CLI Operating, Inc. Cartosat Production Ltd. See: CLS Graphics Ltd. Cartwright Aerial Surveys, Inc. See: Geonex Cartwright Aerial Surveys, Inc. Case Services, Inc. Now Eproduction Solutions, Inc. Casella CEL See: Casella Group Ltd. Casella Group Ltd. See: Casella Cel Ltd. Cashco Oil Company See: Cashco, L.L.C. Caspen Oil, Inc. See: Summit Overseas Exploration, Inc. Cat Pumps See: Cat Pumps - High Pressure Pumps & Systems Catalytic Maintenance Inc. See: Delta Catalytic Industrial Services Ltd. Catensa Group See: Grupo Industrial Catensa Catensa U.K. Ltd. See: Catensa Caterpillar Tractor Co. See: Caterpillar Inc. Cathodic Engineering Equipment Co. See: Loresco, Inc. Cathodic Protection Services Co. See: Corrpro Companies, Inc. Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. See: General Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. Catoleum Pty Ltd. See: Nalco Australia Pty Ltd. Cavins, Company, The See: Cavins Oil Well Tools Cavins Oil Well Tools See: Key Energy Services, Inc. Cawley & Allred Petro Consultants See: C & A Consultants Cawthon, Pete W., Jr. See: CSA Petr. Corp. Cayman Exploration Corp. See: Cayman Resources Corporation Cayman Resources Corporation See: Geo American Resources, Inc. Caza Drilling (California) Inc. See: Ensign United States Drilling (California) Inc., Division of Ensign Resource Se C & B Compression Services See: Hanover Compressor Company CB Energy, LLC See: PPPCo - CB Energy, LLC CBM Properties LLC See: Rock Well Petroleum CBC Wellnav See: Wellbore Navigation, Inc. CBS Engineering, Inc. See: Technip Upstream Houston, Inc. C. C. Lease Service - El Dorado, Tx (Acquired by NL Well Service) CCE See: Chagalesh Consulting Engs. (CCE) CCSI See: Commercial Coating Services Int., Ltd CDC Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Canterra Energy Ltd. CDI See: Cal Dive International (CDI) CDI Regal International, Inc. See: Regal Products (Owned by Oil States Industries) CDM See: Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. (CDM) CE Mobile Equipment (Now National Oilwell) C-E Natco See: Natco C-E Natco, a Business Unit of Combustion Engineering Canada Inc. See: Natco Canada, A Business Unit of Cummings Ind. Inc. C E Natco, A Div of Combustion Engineering, Inc. See: Natco, A Subsidiary of Combustion Engineering, Inc. Ceanic Corporation See: Stolt Comex Seaway Inc., under Stolt Comex Seaway Group Ceanic Field Development Corporation See: Stolt Comex Seaway, Inc. Ceanic Hard Suits Inc. See: Hard Suits Inc., (A Subsidiary of Stolt Comex Seaway SA) CEB Technologies See: Bekaert CEB Technologies B.V. CEC See: Cactus Energy Corp. (CEC) CEC Resources Ltd. See: Carbon Energy Corporation CEDA, Inc. See: Ceda, International Ltd. Ceda-Reactor Ltd. See: Ceda International Ltd. Cedco Drilling Company (Sold to Nicor Drilling Co.) CEECo See: Cavalla Energy Expl Co. (CEECo) Cegelec See: Alstom Drives & Controls Ltd. Cegelec Esca Corporation See: Alstom Esca Corporation Cegelec Projects Ltd. See: Cegelec CEI See: Carbon Energy Intern (CEI) CEI See: Central Environmental Inc. (CEI) Ceilcote Company, The See: Master Builders Technologies Ceilcote Corrosion Control See: Ceilcote, a Division of SGL Acotec, Inc. Ceilcote, Division of Smith Corrosion Servs. See: Ceilcote, Corrosion Control Ceilcote, a Division of SSL Acotec, Inc. See: Ceilcote Corrosion Control/SGL Acotec, Inc. Ceilcote Products Group, Master Builders, Inc. See: Master Builders, Inc. Celesco Industries Inc. See: Celesco Transducer Products Inc. Celsius Energy Company See: Questar Exploration and Production Company Celtic Drilling Company See: Atlantic Drilling Company Cemco See: Wellmark-Cemco-Major Cementing Consultants See: Smith, Robert C. CEMP See: Centre for Environmental Management & Planning (CEMP) CenAlta Oilwell Servicing Ltd. See: CenAlta Well Services Inc. Cenalta Well Services Inc. See: CenAlta Well Servicing, a division of CenAlta Energy Services Inc. Cenalta Well Servicing, a division of CenAlta Energy Services Inc. (Acquired by Precision Drilling Corp.) CENEX See: Farmers Union Central Exchange Inc. CENEX (Farmers Union Central Exchange) See: CENEX, Inc. Centerra Tubular Co. (Sold to Can-Am) Centex Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Cenergy Exploration Co. Cen-Tex Pipe & Equipment Inc. See: Cen Tex Equipment Central Alberta Production Testing See: Central Production Testing Ltd. Central Del Rio Oils Ltd. See: PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd. Central Detroit Diesel Allison Inc. See: Central Power Systems & Services Central Marine Service, Inc. See: Canal Barge Company Inc. Central Oil Field Supply Company See: COFSCO, Inc. Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering See: C-Core (Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering) Centrico, Inc. See: Westfalia Separator, Inc. Centrifugal Systems, Inc. See: American Boat & Skimmer Co. (ABASCO) Centrilift Hughes Division of Hughes Tool Company See: Centrilift, A Baker Hughes Co. Centro De Investigacion Consulta Y Desarrollo Energetico See: CICDE-Centro De Investigacion Consulta Y Desarrollo Energetico Centron Corporation See: Centron International, Inc. Centura, Incorporated (Now a Subsidiary of Minden Oil & Gas Inc.) Century Dynamics Inc. See: ANSYS, Inc. Century Offshore Management Corporation See: Century Exploration Company Century Oil Co. See: Akasha Partners, L.L.C. Century Oils (Canada) Inc. See: Fuchs Lubricants (Canada) Ltd. Century Oils Ltd. See: Fuchs Lubricants UK, PLC Century Onshore Exploration Company See: Century Exploration Houston, Inc. Century Production, Inc. (Merged into Triton Oil & Gas Corp.) Cenzio Drilling Co., Inc. See: Shepherd Drilling Co., Inc. CEP See: Complete Environmental Products Inc. (CEP) Cepco Drilling Limited (Sold to Nicor Drilling Company) CEPE See: Corporation Estatal Petrolera Ecuatoriana CeRam Kote Benelux BV See: Van Lessen & Port Int. bv Ceramtec's Cermaseal Div See: Ceramtec North America Certex - Houston See: Certex U.S. CESL Engineering Ltd. See: Canadian Process Technologies Inc. CESSCO See: Canadian Equipment Sales & Service Co. Ltd.

504 Company Name Cross Reference

CETCO See: Colloid Environmental Technologies Co. (CETCO) CEYPETCO See: Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) C. F. E. M. See: Compagnie Francaise d'Entreprises Metalliques CFEM (UK) Limited See: Eiffel (UK) Limited CF&I Steel L.P. See: Rocky Mountain Steel Mills CFP See: Compagnie Francaise Des Petroles (CFP) C-G Drilling Company, Inc. See: Galloway Drilling Co., Inc. C & G Industrial/Perma Cal See: C & G Industrial & RRC Test Gauges C & G Industrial & RRC Test Gauges See: C & G Industrial Supply, Inc. CGAS Exploration Inc. Now: Enervest Operating L.L.C. CGE Alsthom UK Ltd. See: Alsthom International Ltd. CGG Americas Inc. See: CGG Veritas CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants, Inc. See: CGI-AMS Inc. CGI-AMC Inc. See: CGI Challenger Drilling See: Challenger International Services Ltd. Challenger Drilling Inc. See: W. W. Oilfield Serv. & Supply, Inc. Challenger Engineering, Inc. See: Tulsa Petroleum Consultants, Inc. Challenger Rentals See: Challenger International Servs Ltd. Challenger Rentals See: Toran Power Equipment Sales & Rentals Ltd. Challenger Well Servicing See: Challenger International Servs Ltd. Chalmers & Mitchell Ltd. See: Chalmit Chalmit See: Simplex Chalmit Lighting Ltd. Chambers Exploration, Inc. See: Chambers Oil & Gas, Inc. Chambers, Jerry, Exploration Co. See: Axem Resources Inc. Chambers, Jerry, Oil Producer See: Axem Resources Inc. Chambers & Kennedy See: C & K Petroleum, Inc. Chambers Oil & Gas Inc. (COG Inc.) See: Pathfinder Oil & Gas, Inc. Champion Northwestern Chemicals Limited See: Champion Technologies Limited Champlin Petroleum Company See: Union Pacific Resources Co. Chance Collar Company See: Weatherford International Inc. Chance, John E., & Associates, Inc. See: Fugro Chance Inc. Chancellor Energy Resources Inc. See: HCO Energy Ltd. Chandelle Company of Louisiana See: Chandelle Company Chandler See: Chandler Oilfield Products Chandler & Associates, Inc. See: Chandler Company, The Chandler & Associates, LLC See: Shenandoah Operating Company, LLC Chandler Company, The See: Shenandoah Energy Inc. Chanslor-Western Oil & Development Co. See: Santa Fe Energy Co. Chapman Drilling, Inc. See: Progress Drilling, Inc. Chapman Energy, Inc. See: Coda Energy, Inc. Chapman International Consulting Co. See: CHICCO, Inc. Chapman Oil Company See: Chapman, Roger, Inc. Charter Production Co. (Now a part of Mustang Oil & Gas) Charterhall America, Inc. See: Aviva America, Inc. Charterhall Australia Ltd. See: Australian Petroleum Management Ltd. Chartwell Properties, L.L.C. See: Rock Oil Company. L.L.C. Chase Energy Co. See: Christiana Energy Corp. Chase Oilfield Services See: Chase Trucking Inc. Chase Trucking, Inc., dba Chase Oilfield Serv. See: Chase, D. E., Inc. Chauvin Engineering Co. See: Elliott Technical Controls Inc. Chaveroo Operating Company See: Graham, Bill, Oil & Gas Consulting CHEC See: Chemical Handling Equipment Co. (CHEC) Chemcentral-Houston See: Chemcentral Southwest LP Chemcentral/New Orleans Inc. See: Chemcentral Southwest LP (LA) Chemgrate Corporation See: Composite Structures International Inc. Chemical & Geological Laboratories Inc. See: Norwest Labs Energy Resource Group Chemical Handling Equipment Co. (CHEC) See: Hoover Group Inc. Chemical Specialties of The South (ChemSpec) See: Stockhausen, Inc. Chemie Holding A.S. See: Chemie Linz U.S. Inc. Chem-Sol Co. Inc. See: Remedial Construction Services, Inc. ChemSpec See: Chemical Specialties of The South (ChemSpec) Cherco Compressors, Inc. See: Weatherford Enterra Compression Company Cherokee Exploration See: Green Petro-Logics, Inc. Cherokee & Pittsburg Coal & Mining Co. See: Santa Fe Energy Co. Cherokee Resources Limited See: Bonanza Resources Ltd. Chesapeake Operating, Inc. See: Chesapeake Energy Corporation Chessie Resources, Inc. See: CSX Resources, Inc. Chesterfield Energy Corp. See: Dominion Appalachian Development, Inc. Chevron Asiatic Limited See: Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd. Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd. See: ChevronTexas Australia Pty. Ltd. Chevron Corporation (Now Chevron Petroleum Technology) Chevron Geophysical Company See: Chevron Geosciences Company Chevron Geosciences (Sub of Chevron U.S.A.) See: Chevron Exploration & Production Services Chevron Nederland B.V. See: Chevron U.S.A. Inc., The Netherlands Branch Chevron Niugini Pty. Limited (Now under Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc.) Chevron Oil Co., The California Co. Div. See: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Chevron Oil Co. of The Netherlands See: Chevron U.S.A. Inc., The Netherlands Branch Chevron Oil Company of Spain See: Lucaz Oil Company of Spain Chevron Oil Field Research Company See: Chevron Petroleum Technology Co. Chevron Standard Limited See: Chevron Canada Resources Ltd. ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Company See: Chevron North America Exploration and Production Chevron UK Ltd. (Now under Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc.) Chevron U.S.A. Inc. (Merged into other Chevron Companies) Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Central Region (Now Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Western Exploration Business Unit; Land Business Unit; Central Production Business Unit; Permian Basin Production Business Unit; Western Production Business Unit; Rocky Mountain Production Business Unit) Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Eastern Exploration Business Unit See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Company Chevron U.S.A. Inc. - Eastern Region (Now Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Gulf of Mexico Production Unit; Eastern Exploration Business Unit) Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Gulf of Mexico Production Business Unit See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Co., Gulf of Mexico Production Business Unit Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Permian Basin Profit Center See: Chevron USA Inc., Permian Business Unit Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Permian Business Unit See: ChevronTexaco, Permian Business Unit Chevron U.S.A. Production Company See: ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Company Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, San Joaquin Valley Business Unit (Now under ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Company) Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, Western Basins Group See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, San Joaquin Valley Business Unit Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Southern Region See: Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Central Region Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Western Exploration Business Unit See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Co. Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Western Production Business Unit See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, Western Production Business Unit Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Western Region See: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, Gulf of Mexico Production Business Unit See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, Gulf of Mexico Shelf Business Unit Chevron U.S.A. Production Co., Permian Basin Production Business Unit See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Co., Permian Basin Profit Center Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, Western Business Unit See: Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, Western Basins Group Chevron Texaco See: Chevron Corporation ChevronTexaco Corporation Global Exploration See: Chevron Corporation Global Exploration ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Company See: Chevron North America Exploration and Production ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Company, Gulf of Mexico Business Unit See: ChevronTexaco Exploration & Production Company, North America Upstream Gulf of Mexico Business Unit ChevronTexaco Overseas Petroleum Inc. See: ChevronTexaco Corporation Global Exploration ChevronTexaco-Chevron U.S.A. Production Company, Gulf of Mexico Business Unit See: ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Company, Gulf of Mexico Business Unit Cheyenne Drilling, LP See: Cheyenne Drilling, a division of Trinidad Drilling, LP Chicago Aerial Survey (CAS, Inc.) See: Geonex Chicago Aerial Survey Chieftain Development Co. Ltd. (Now Alberta Energy) Chiksan-Weco Intl. Div. See: FMC Export Corporation Chiles Drilling Company See: Chiles Offshore, Inc. Chiles Offshore, Inc. See: Chiles-Alexander Offshore, Inc. Chiles Offshore LLC See: Chiles Offshore Inc. China Offshore Oil Donghai Corp. See: CNOOC China LMT-Shanghai China Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Corp. See: China National Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Corp.

Company Name Cross Reference 505

Chinese Petroleum Society, Information Service Dept. See: China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) Chisos Exploration Co. See: Alliance Energy of Louisiana, LLC Chloride Power Electronics See: Chloride Industrial Systems Chorro Sales, S. A. See: Ocana, C. A. Choya Drilling Company See: Blocker Drilling Co. Chris Well Servicing Co. See: WellTech, Inc. Christensen Products See: Atlas Copco Exploration Products Christensen/Norton See: Norton Christensen, Inc. Christie Energy Co. Inc. See: Christie, Robert H., Inc. Christie Gas Transmission Co., Inc. See: Christie Gas Corporation Chuanshi Christensen Diamond Bit Company Ltd. See: Sichuan Chuanshi Chrida Diamond Bit Company Ltd. Chubb Fire Products and Systems See: Chubb Fire Systems and Service Chubb Fire Scotland See: Chubb Fire Ltd. Chubb Fire Security Limited See: Chubb Fire Engineering Church Oil Tools Inc. See: Wood Group Drilling Products Inc. Church and Richter See: Richter, Brian Chuska Energy Company (Now Harken Energy Corp.) Ciba Geigy Pipe Systems See: Ameron, Fiberglass Pipe Division CIG Exploration, Inc. See: Coastal Oil & Gas Corp. Cimarron Corporation, Parent Company of Oklahoma Oil Company See: Oklahoma Oil Company Cimarron Operating Co. See: Talon Trucking Co., a subsidiary of Lomak Petroleum Co. Cimarron Petroleum Ltd. (Amalgamated into Newport Petroleum Corporation) Cinc Separators (Now Costner Industries Texas, LP) Cincinnati Electronics Corporation See: CMC Electronics Cincinnati Circle L Drilling Co. (Sold to Adcor) Circle M Well Servicing Co., Inc. See: CRC Circle M, Inc. Circle "T" Drilling Company See: Transcontinental Drilling Co. Inc.-Circle "T" Division Citation Well Services Ltd. See: Northeastern Well Servicing Citicorp American Technology Corporation See: ATC International, Inc. Cities Service Oil & Gas Corporation See: OXY USA Inc. Civacon See: Knappco Civilsoft, a Division of Research Engineers, Inc. See: Research Engineers, Inc. C & K Petroleum, Inc. See: Enstar Corporation CKB & Associates, Inc. See: Box Energy Corporation CKT Projects B.V. See: HertelCKT CLA See: Canadian Liquid Air Ltd. Clam Petroleum Company See: Clam Petroleum B.V. Clampco, Inc. See: Arctic Industries/Clampco,Inc. Claremont Petroleum N.L. See: Beach Petroleum N.L. Clares Dickins Limited See: Dickies (UK) Limited Clark Canadian Exploration Co. See: Clarcan Petroleum Corp. Clark Resources, Inc. See: BRG Production Company Clawson Petroleum Consultants See: West Montalvo Corporation Claymax Corp. See: Colloid Environmental Technologies Co. (CETCO) Clayton Corporation See: Clayton Corporation Petroleum & Natural Gas Production Clayton Group Services Inc. See: Bureau Veritas Clayton Group Services Clear Fluids Inc. See: Clear Fluids Int'l. Corp. Clear Fluids Int'l. Corp. See: Well-Flow Technologies, Inc. Clearport Petroleums Ltd. See: Eurogas Corporation Cleary Petroleum Corporation See: Grace Petroleum Corp. Clement & Stover See: Stover, Howard E. Clements Energy, Inc./Nerco Oil & Gas See: Nerco Oil & Gas, Inc. Clements Operating Company See: OILEX Clementson Engineers Inc. See: Clementson Inc. Testing Services Cleveland Drilling Company See: Nabors Drilling USA Clevenger, Robert E., Oil Operator See: San Pablo Resources CLI International, Inc. See: InterCorr-CLI International, Inc. Clif Mock Dresser See: Halliburton Measurement Systems under Kimray, Inc. Cliffs Oil and Gas Company See: Cliffs Drilling Company Clifton Exploration, Inc. See: Myex Energy, Inc. Clinton Gas Systems, Inc. See: CGAS Exploration, Inc. Clinton Oil Company, The See: CGAS Exploration Inc. Clinton Oil Company See: Energy Reserves Group, Inc. Clor Mor Wastewater Treatment Products, Inc. See: Scientific WaterSystems, Inc. Clough Engineering Group See: Clough Engineering Limited Clovelly Exploration Co. (Now Clovelly Oil Co.) Cluff Oil P.L.C. See: Cluff Oil Holdings PLC Clyde, A Unit of AMCA International See: AMCLYDE Engineered Products (A Division of AMCA International) Clyde Exploratie B.V. See: Clyde Petroleum Exploratie B.V. Clyde Petroleum PLC, a wholly owned Subsidiary of Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. See: Clyde Petroleum Exploratie B.V. Cmark, Inc. See: BCD Softech, Inc. CMC Electronics Cincinnati See: L-3 Communications Cincinnati Electronics CMI See: Ceramic Magnetics, Inc. (CMI) CML Inc. See: Mentor - 1 Group, The CMPS&F Oil & Gas See: Egis Consulting Australia CMS Nomeco Oil & Gas Co. See: CMS Oil and Gas Company CN Exploration Inc. See: March on Resources, Inc. C.N.A. See: Corroless North America Inc.(C.N.A.) CNG Producing Company See: Dominion Exploration & Production Inc. CNOOC See: China Offshore Oil Donghai Corp. (CNOOC) CNPC See: China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) CNW Oil (Australia) Pty. Ltd. See: National Venture Corporation N.L. Coachlight Resources Ltd. (Taken over by Danoil Energy Ltd.) Coade Research Services, Inc. See: Paulin Research Group Coastal Chemical Co. See: Coastal, Inc. Coastal Chemical Company, Inc. See: HCI/Coastal Chemical Company, Inc. Coastal Climate Company See: Coastal Environmental Systems Coastel Communications Co. Now Broadpoint Coastal Drlgmud Company See: Coastal/Pelican Inc. Coastal Equipment, Inc. See: Coastal Equipment (S) Pte Ltd. Coastal Equipment (S) Pte Ltd. (Acquired by Manitowoc Equipment Works Pte. Ltd.) Coastal Field Services Company (Now El Paso Corporation) Coastal Fluid Technologies, Inc. See: Hci/Coastal Fluid Technologies, Inc. Coastal Fluid Technologies, a Division Of HCI Coastal Chemical Co., LLC See: Coastal Chemical Co., LLC. Coastal Gas Services Company See: ANR Pipeline Company Coastal, Inc. See: Coastal Chemical Co., Div. of Coastal Inc. Coastal Manufacturing Company See: Hydralube, Inc. Coastal Management Corporation See: Schlumberger IPM Coastal Mud, Inc. See: Coastal Superior Solutions, Inc. Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation, E&P Div. (Now El Paso Production Co.) Coastal Oil & Land Corporation See: Whittington Operating Co. Coastal Production Company See: Florida Gas Exploration Co. Coastal Products & Chemicals & Alcoa Coastal Chemicals See: Coastal Products & Chemicals & CP&C Transport, Inc. Coastal Superior Solutions (Sold to Sun Drilling Products, Inc.) Coastal Tubular Inc. Now Grant Prideco (APE) Coastal Wire and Cable See: NOSKAB-Coastal Wire and Cable Coastal/Pelican Inc. See: Coastal Drilling Fluids Inc. Coating Applicators Corp. See: Hitemco Southwest Cobb Oil and Gas Company See: Toklan Oil and Gas Corporation Cobham, Alan, Engineering Limited See: Cobham Fluid Systems Ltd. Cochrane Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Co-Maxx Energy Group Inc. Cochrane Subsea Acoustics Inc. See: Cochrane Technologies Inc. Coda Energy, Inc. See: Belco Energy Corp., Subsidiary of Belco Oil & Gas Corp. Coda Technologies Ltd. See: Coda Octopus Ltd. Codeco Engineering Ltd. See: Codeco Consulting (2000) Inc. CODHC See: China Offshore Oil Donghai Corp. (CODHC) Cody Energy Canada Limited (Now Cody Energy, Inc.) COENERCO See: Cooperative Energy Development Corporation (COENERCO) Coffman, Thomas D., Inc. See: Cielo Energy Corporation Coflexip International See: Coflexip Stena Offshore Group Coflexip Stena Offshore See: TECHNIP-COFLEXIP COG Inc. See: Chambers Oil & Gas Inc. COG Inc. Cogas Energy, Limited See: Canadian Pioneer Energy, Inc. COGC See: Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation (COGC) Cognicase, Inc. See: CGI, Information Systems and Management Consultants, Inc. Cogniseis Development, Inc. See: Paradigm Geophysical Corp. Cohen, William, & Company See: Celia Cohen Coherence Technology Company See: Scott Pickford Group Ltd. (Data Processing Services and Software) Coho International Limited See: Coho Resources Coho Resources, Inc. See: Coho Energy, Inc./Coho Resources, Inc. Coil Tubing Supply & Manufacturing See: Devin Engineering and Manufacturing Coiled Tubing, Inc. See: Cudd Pressure Control, Inc. Coles Gilbert Associates Ltd. See: Gilbert Laustsen Jung Associates Ltd.


506 Company Name Cross Reference

Collarini, Teal & Associates, Inc. See: Collarini Engineering Inc. Collicutt Hanover Compression See: Hanover Canada Compression Corp. Collicutt's Mechanical Services Ltd. See: Collicutt Hanover Services Collin Tank Trucks See: Bill Collin Vacuum Trucks Collins Associates Directional Drilling Ltd. See: Maersk Directional Drilling Services Collins Oil Management Co. See: COMCO (Collins Oil Management Co.) Colorado Interstate Gas Company (Now El Paso Western Pipeline) Colorado Oil Company, Inc. See: CIG Exploration, Inc. & Coastal States Gas Corp. Colorado Oil & Gas Corporation See: CIG Exploration, Inc. & Coastal States Gas Corp. Colorado Well Service (Now Key Energy Services, Inc., Four Corners Division) Colt Exploration (Western) Ltd. See: Stampede Oils Inc. Colt Industries, Fairbanks Morse Engine Division See: Fairbanks Morse Engine Division Colt Industries Colton Ltd. Liability Co. See: H & C Colton Company Columbia Drilling Company See: MGF Drilling Co.-Houston Columbia Gas Development Corporation See: Aviara Energy Corporation Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation See: Columbia Natural Resources, Inc. Columbia Minerals Corporation, Inc. See: Columbia Ventures, Inc. Columbia Oil Tool Company See: Columbia Valve & Supply Company Columbian Steel Tank Company See: Columbian Tectank Columbus Energy Corporation (Merged with Key Production Co., Inc.) Columbus Microfilm, Inc. See: Document Resource Solutions Colwell, K. W., Enterprises Ltd. See: Global Machine Comanche Production, Inc. See: S & H Resources Inc. Comar Oil Company See: Associated Natural Gas Corporation Co-Maxx Energy Group Inc. See: Nugas Limited Combustion Engineering Ltd. See: ABB Process Automation Ltd. COMCO See: Collins Oil Management Co. (COMCO) Comdisco Exploration Inc. See: Duncan Energy Company Comex S.A. See: Stolt Comex Seaway S.A. Cominco Engineering Services See: Canadian Process Technologies, Inc. Command Drilling See: Nabors Drilling Commonwealth Petroleum Services Ltd. See: Westburne Petroleum Services Ltd. Communications Network, The See: Communicators' Network, The COMPACT See: Complete Package Technology Ltd. (COMPACT) COMPACT 2000 See: Complete Package Technology (2000) Ltd. (COMPACT 2000) Compagnie d'Exploration Petroliere (CEP) See: Societe ELF Compagnie Francaise Des Petroles (CFP) See: Total Compagnie Francaise Des Petroles (CFP) Compagnie Francaise des Petroles-Total See: Total-Compagnie Francaise des Petroles Compagnie de Participations, de Recherches et d'Explorations Petrolieres (COPAREX) See: COPAREX Compagnie Generale Pour Les Developpements Operationneis Des Richesses Sous-Marines See: C. G. Doris Compagnie Shell Senegalaise de Recherches et d'Exploitation (SENREX) See: Societe Shell Senegalaise de Recherches et d'Exploitation (SHELL SENREX) Compair Reavell Ltd. See: Compair UK Ltd., Reavell Brand Compair-Kellogg Division, Robertshaw Controls Company See: CompAir Leroi Companhia de Petroleos de Angola (PETRANGOL) See: Fina Petroleos de Angola Compania Naviera Perez Companc See: Perez Companc SA Compania Naviera Perez Companc (Drilling Contr.) See: Quitral Co. S.A.I.C. Compania Shell de Colombia Inc. See: Hocol S.A. Compania Shell De Venezuela NV See: Maraven S. A. Complete Environmental Services, Inc. See: Complete Environmental Products, Inc. Complete Package Technology Ltd. (COMPACT) See: Complete Package Technology (2000) Ltd. (COMPACT 2000) Completion Technology Co. See: Completion Tool Company Composite Structures International, Inc. See: Fibergrate Composite Structures Composite Thread Protectors, Inc. See: Hunting Composite Compressco Field Services, Inc. See: Compressco, Inc., A TETRA Technologies Company Compressor Products Div. Garlock See: France Compressor Products Compressors Automation Controls, Inc. See: Baker Cac, Inc. Comprimo B. V., Engineers & Contractors See: Stork Comprimo B. V., Engineers & Contractors Compsource, Inc See: Micro-Integration dba as Compsource Inc. Compudyne OAR See: Ocean Applied Research Corporation (OAR) Computalog, a division of Precision Drilling Technology Services Group Inc. See: Precision Energy Services Computalog Drilling Services See: United GeoCom Drilling Services Computalog Drilling Services, Inc. See: Precision Drilling-Computalog Drilling Services Technology Services Group Computalog USA See: Computalog USA Inc. Computalog USA Incorporated See: Computalog Wireline Operations Computalog Wireline Operations (Open Hole and Cased Hole Logging) See: Precision Energy Services (Open-H) Computalog Wireline Services i.e. Trainer Surveys, Inc. See: Computalog Wireline Services U.S.A. Operations Computalog Wireline Services U.S.A. Operations See: Computalog USA Incorporated Computer Aided Petroleum Engineering (C.A.P.E.) See: C.A.P.E. International, Inc. Computer Exploration Services Ltd. See: Petroconsultants (CES) Ltd. Computer Inquiry Systems, Inc. See: Beckman Instruments, Inc. Computer Leasing Exchange Corp. See: Atiwa Computing Inc. Computer Products/Power Conversion See: Artsyn Technologies Computer Sonics Systems Inc. See: Sondex PLC Computervision See: Parametric Technology Corp. Computervision Corp. See: Prime Computer Comsat Mobile Communications See: Telenor Satellite Services Comstate Resources Ltd. See: Bonterra Energy Income Trust (Bonterra Energy Corp./Comstate Resource Ltd.) Comstock Natural Gas, Inc. See: Crosstex Energy Services, Inc. COMSULT See: Computer System Consultants (COMSULT) Concept Resources Ltd. See: Skyline Natural Resources Ltd. Concord Hydraulic Group Ltd. See: Finning Materials Handling Concorde Energy, Inc. See: GJG Properties, Inc. Condea Servo BV See: Champion Servo Conestoga Trading & Shipping See: PT International, Inc. Confederation Resources Ltd. See: Haslemere Resources Ltd. Connector & Cable Specialty See: Thompson, T. A., Co. Connoil-Deka Industries Ltd. See: Kaps Manufacturing Ltd. Conoco Inc. See: ConocoPhillips, Inc. Conoco Inc., North America See: Conoco Inc. Conoco Limited (Now under Conoco Inc.) Conoco Specialty Products Inc. See: Vortoil Separation Systems, a Division of Conoco Specialty Products Inc. CONPETCO See: Constitution Petroleum Co., Inc. (ConPetCo) Conquest Exploration Company See: American Exploration Company Conroy Petroleum PLC See: Arcon International Resources P.l.c. Consafe Engineering (UK) Ltd. See: Consafe Engineering Services Ltd. Consafe Fabrications Ltd. See: Consafe Engineering (UK) Ltd. Consolidated Brinco Ltd. See: Dorset Energy Corporation Consolidated Catering Services, Inc. See: Channel, LLC Consolidated CYN-Tech Ventures Ltd. See: Trans-Orient Petroleum Ltd. Consolidated Gas Supply Corporation See: CNG Producing Company Consolidated Gascome Oil See: Reef Hydrocarbons Ltd. Consolidated Industrial Services Inc. See: Consolidated Oilwell Services Consolidated International Petroleum Corp. See: International Petroleum Corp. Consolidated Offshore Corp. See: O'Mally Corporation Consolidated Oil & Gas Canada See: CEC Resources Ltd. Consolidated Products Corp. See: South Bay Cable Corp. Consolidated Talcorp Ltd. & Crown Life Energy Inc. See: Crown Life Energy Inc. Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. (CTL) See: CTL Group Containerhouse of Texas See: Containerhouse International Continental Drilling Company See: Eason Drilling Company Continental Emsco Company (Now Smith International Continental Emsco Company Limited See: CE Franklin Ltd. Continental Emsco (Houston) See: Continental Emsco Continental Emsco Co., Tubular Services See: Oil States Industries Continental Oil Company See: Conoco Inc. Continental Oil Company, Egypt Inc. See: Conoco Egypt Inc. Continental Oil Company, International Exploration See: Conoco Inc., International Expl. Continental Shelf and Petroleum Technology Research Institute A/S See: IKU-Continental Shelf and Petroleum Technology Research Institute Continental Trend Resources, Inc. See: Trend Drilling Company Continuous Tubing Services See: Dowell Schlumberger - Continuous Tubing Division Contractors' Bit Service, Inc. See: Contractors' Oilfield Supply LLC Control Specialties, Inc. See: CSI International Controltron See: Siemens Energy & Automation Conuco Ltd. See: Brinco Oil & Gas Ltd. Convest Energy Corporation (Taken over by Forcenergy) Convex Computer Corporation See: Hewlett-Packard Convex Division Conwest Exploration Company Limited See: Alberta Energy Company Ltd.

Company Name Cross Reference 507

Cook, David P., & Associates, Inc. See: DPC&A Cool Sorption A.S. Denmark See: Aker Kvaerner Cool Sorption A/S Cooper Cameron Corporation (Australia) See: Cameron Australasia Pty. Ltd. Cooper Cameron Corporation, Cooper Oil Tool Division See: Cameron, a division of Cooper Cameron Corporation Cooper Crouse Hinds MEDC Series Signal & Alarms See: Cooper MEDC Cooper Crouse Hinds Molded Products See: Cooper Interconnect Cooper Division of Allied Products See: Cooper Manufacturing Corporation Cooper Energy Services See: Cooper Industries, Energy Services Group Cooper, Fred E., Inc. See: Cooper Manufacturing Corp. Cooper Industries, Belden Division See: Belden Wire & Cable Company Cooper Industries, Cooper Energy Services See: Cooper Cameron Corporation, Cooper Energy Services Cooper Manufacturing Corp. See: Cooper/Loadcraft Cooper Offshore Systems, Inc. See: Vemar, Inc. Cooper Oil Tool Australia Pty. Ltd. See: Cooper Cameron Corporation (Australia) Cooper Oil Tool, a division of Cooper Industries See: Cooper Industries, Inc., Cooper Oil Tool Division Cooperative Energy Development Corporation (CO-ENERCO) See: Co-Enerco Resources Ltd. Cooperative Refining, LLC See: National Cooperative Refinery Association Cooper-Bessemer Company See: Cooper Energy Service Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. See: Price Waterhouse Coopers Coors Ceramics Company See: CoorsTek Copano Field Services See: Copano Energy Coparex International (Acquired by Lundin Petroleum AB) Copeco Equipment Inc. See: Core Oil Tools Inc. Copeland Well Service, Inc. See: Kencope Energy Companies COPERLASA See: Constructora y Perforadora Latina, SA CV Copperweld Energy Inc. See: JMB Energy Inc. Coppinger Supply Inc. See: Howard Supply Co. Coral Drilling Division See: Fluor Drilling Services, Inc. Coral Petroleum See: Coral Oil & Gas, Inc. CORDaH Limited See: BMT CORDaH Limited Cordova Resources, Inc. See: Willbros Energy Services Company Core Analysis Inc. See: Core Petrophysics, Inc. Core Lab See: Core Laboratories Inc. Core Lab Gulf States Analytical See: Severntrent Laboratories Core Oil Tools Inc. ( Now Innicor Subsurface Technologies Inc.) Core Petroleum, Ltd. See: South Point Energy Corporation Core Service, Inc. See: Omni Laboratories, Inc. Corex Services Ltd. See: Corex (UK) Ltd. Cormar Rental Co. See: Energy Industries, Inc. Corod, An EVI Oil Tools Division (Now Weatherford International) Corod Industries, Inc. See: Highland/Corod Inc. Division of Energy Ventures, Inc. Coronado Transmission Company See: Encina Transmission Company Corpus Christi Drilling & Workover, LLC See: Coastal Drilling Co. Corpus Christi Oil & Gas Company See: PG&E Resources Coroless North America Inc. See: Corroless-Houston, Inc. Corroless-Houston, Inc. See: Corroless-U.S.A., Inc Corrpro Companies Australia Pty. Ltd. See: Savcor Art Pty. Ltd.. Corrtherm, Inc. (Now Corrpro Companies, Inc.) Corsair Exploration Inc. See: Northrock Resources Ltd. Cortez Operating Company, A Subsidiary of Cortez Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Grayhawk Energy, Inc. Corunna Drilling Limited See: Key Energy Services, Inc. (Permian Basin Division) Cor-Val Inc. See: T3 Cor-Val Cor-Val Services Inc., Drilling Equipment Div. See: T3 Energy Services, Pressure Control Group/Corval Cory Towage Limited See: Wijsmuller Marine Limited Coseka Resources Ltd. (Bought by North Canadian Oils Ltd.) Coseka Resources (USA) Limited See: Arch Oil & Gas Company Costain E & C Ltd. See: Costain Oil Gas & Process Ltd. Costain Process Ltd. See: Costain International Ltd. Cotton Unlimited, Inc. See: Entex Manufacturing Cougar Exploration Co. See: Unlimited Energy Cougar Shock Tool Company See: Cougar Tool Div. - OPI Ltd. Coupling House See: Oilfield Testers, Inc Court Helicopters (Pty) Ltd. See: CHC Helicopters (Africa) (Pty) Ltd. Courtaulds Aerospace See: PRC-Desota Cove Sales Company See: Cove Shoe Company Cove Shoe Company See: Corcoran and Matterhorn Shoe Company Coverdale Pneumatics Ltd. See: Coverdale Spray Systems Ltd. Coverdale Spray Systems Ltd. See: Covercat Spray Systems Ltd. Covey & Weber See: Weber Exploration Co. Cowi Consulting Engineers and Planners AS See: Cowi A/S Cox, Edwin L. & Barry R. See: Cox Oil & Gas Inc. Cox, Robert G., & Assoc., Inc. See: Cox Resources Corp. Ltd. Coym & Rehmet Engineering See: Coym, Rehmet & Gutierrez Engineering, Inc. C&P Airways, Inc. See: Omniflight Airways CPC See: Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) CPC Exploration, Inc. See: Cox & Perkins Exploration, Inc. CPECC See: China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation (CPECC) CPI See: Certified Precision Inspections (CPI) CPI Group See: CPI Wirecloth & Screens, Inc. CPI Pipe & Tube Inc. See: Port Pipe & Tube Inc. CPI Sales & Mfg Now CPI Wirecloth & Screens Inc. CPI Wireline, Inc. See: Great Gun Logging CPII See: China Petroleum Information Institute (CPII) CPS See: Chinese Petroleum Society (CPS) CRA Oil Exploration Co. See: Terra Resources, Inc. CRA Services, G&E Division See: Conestoga - Rovers & Associates Craelius Co. Ltd. See: Atlas Copco Craelius Ltd. Craig, George, & Sons Ltd. See: Craig, George, Group Ltd. Crane Limited & Crane Fluid System & Crane Industrial See: Crane Fluid Systems Crawford Enterprises, Inc. See: Knight-Crawford Industries, Inc. Crawford Fitting Co. See: Swagelok Co. Crawford, Schaefer & Taylor, Inc. See: Taylor, B. D., & Associates, Inc. CRC Chemicals USA Inc. See: CRC Industries Inc. CRC Colorado Well, Inc. See: Colorado Well Service, Inc. CRC Mallard, Inc. (Acquired by a subsidiary of Energy Ventures, Inc.) CRC-Evans Automatic Welding & Rehab Systems See: CRC-Evans Automatic Welding Systems CRC-KBM Well Service, Inc. See: KBM Well Service, Inc. Creek County Well Service See: Osage County Well Service Creighton Oil Tool Co. See: A & A Oil Tool Co. Crenlo Inc., Emcor Products See: Emcor Products/Crenlo, Inc. Creole Petroleum Corporation See: Lagoven Creole Production Services, Inc. See: Stewart & Stevenson Operations, Inc. Crescent Petroleum Company See: Crescent Petroleum Co. Intl. Ltd. Crescent Turnkey & Engineering See: Crescent Drilling & Production, Inc. Cressman Tubular Products Corporation See: Henderson-Cressman Tubular Products, Inc Crestar Energy (Acquired by Gulf Canada Resources Ltd.) Crestex Inc. See: Harrisburg/Woolley, Inc., Crestex Product Group Crest Engineering Services Division See: Lummus Crest Inc. Crisafulli Pump Company See: SRS Crisafulli, Inc. Crisp Surveying Inc. See: P.L.S. & Associates, Inc. Cromarty Firth Service Company Limited See: Cromarty Firth Port Authority Limited Crosby Services International Ltd. See: FMC Corporation (UK) Limited, Crosby Valve and Engineering Division Crosby Valve & Gage Company, A Moorco Company See: Crosby Valve Inc., An FMC Corporation subsidiary Crosby Valve Inc., A FMC Corporation subsidiary See: Anderson Greenwood/Crosby Cross Offshore Corporation (Bought by Tetra Technologies) Cross Plains Oil Field Supply See: Diamond Compression Cross Plains Oil Field Supply Cross Timbers Oil Company See: XTO Energy Inc. Cross Timbers Operating Company See: XTO Energy Inc. Crossroads Oil Group PLC See: Melrose Energy PLC, Melrose Petroleum plc, Melrose Petroleum II plc, Melrose Petroleum III plc. Crosstex Energy Services, Inc. See: Crosstex Energy Corporation Crothers Limited See: Toromont Crouch Well Service Inc. See: Xpert Well Service Crouse Hinds Molded Products See: Cooper Crouse Hinds Molded Products Crowley Petroleum Transport, Inc. (Now under Crowley Maritime Corporation) Crown Anchors Inc. See: Crown Industries Crown Caisson Industries Inc. See: Crown Industries Inc. Crown Energy Technologies Inc. See: Crown Energy Division, Stewart & Stevenson Canada Inc. Crown Industries See: Crown Caisson Ind Inc. Crown Life Energy Inc. See: Calgary Petroleum Management Inc. Crozet Exploration Ltd. See: Hardy Oil & Gas Canada Ltd. CRP Group Limited See: Trelleborg CRP Ltd. CRP Marine See: CRP Group Limited CRS See: Containment & Recovery Systems (CRS)

508 Company Name Cross Reference

CRSS Inc. See: Tractebel Power, Inc. Crudewell Inc. See: Crudewell Drilling, Inc. Crusader Oil NL See: Crusader Limited Cryogenic Technology, Inc. See: Texas Equipment & Service Co Inc.. Crystal Oil Company See: Crystal Gas Storage, Inc. Crystal Profor See: Varel Europe CSC See: Chemical Specialties Corp. of LA (CSC) CSG Exploration Company See: Cities Service Gas Company CSI See: Compressor Systems, Inc. (CSI) CSI See: Control Systematologists, Inc. (CSI) C.S.I. Blaster/Painters, Inc. See: C.S.I. Hydrostatic Testers, a Subsidiary of Transcoastal Marine Services C.S.I. Energy Inc. See: Cherokee Associates, Ltd. CSIR: Marine Environmental Data Management See: CSIR: Environmental Impact Assessment and Marine Environmental Data Management Csiro Division of Mineral & Process Engrg. See: Turner, William J., Pty. Ltd. CSL See: Cordoaria Sao Leopoldo S.A. (CSL) CSM Associates Limited (Taken over by ABB Offshore Systems Ltd.) CSMC Oilfield Sales See: Canadian Sales & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. CSO Aker Engineering, Inc. See: Technip Offshore Engineering, Inc. CSO Aker Marine Contractors, Inc. See: Technip Offshore Moorings, Inc. CSO Aker Maritime, Inc. See: Technip Offshore, Inc. CSR Petroleum Limited See: AGL Petroleum CSR Polypipe See: Polypipe Division, Rinker Materials CSS See: Computer Sonic Systems Inc. (CSS) CSX Oil & Gas Corporation See: Total Minatome Corporation CTC Services (RJA) See: Charles Taylor Adjusting CTL See: Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. (CTL) C'treat Offshore Watermakers See: Waterlink C'treat Offshore Cubby Drillers Inc. See: Grey Wolf Drilling, Inc. Cudd Engineering Services See: Energy Personnel International Cudd Pressure Control, Inc. See: Cudd Energy Services, Inc. Cudd Pumping Services See: Cudd Energy Services (Completion Service) Cuesta Resources Limited See: Maxon Energy Inc. Culberson Well Service Inc. See: Tetra Applied Technologies, Inc. Cullen Canadian, Inc. See: International Energy Systems Corp. Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison See: Cullen Canadian Inc. Cullen, Harry H., Oil Operator See: HHC Exploration, Inc. Cultus Pacific N.L. See: Cultus Resources N.L. Cultus Petroleum N.L. See: OMV Australia Cummins Alberta See: Cummins Western Canada Cummins Sales & Services, Inc. See: Cummins Southern Plains Inc. Cummins Tool Co. See: New Tech Rock Bit Company Cumo Resources Ltd. See: Cuno, Inc. Cuno Filter Systems See: Cuno, Inc. Cuno, Inc. See: Cuno Incorporated, a 3M Company Curtis Well Servicing Co., Inc. See: Curtis Well Service, A Division of Curtis Companies Ltd. Custom Cable Company See: Mark Products U.S., Inc., Specialty Cable Products Division Custom Component Switches See: Custom Control Sensors Custom Die & Insert, Inc. See: Harrisburg/Woolley Custom Engr. & Mfg. Corp. See: CEMCO Custom Tubular Sales & Service, Inc. See: Custom Partners, Inc. Custom Wellhead Services (Taken over by Kelley Compl. Services Inc.) CWC See: Carter-Waters Corp., Epoxy Products Division (CWC) CXY Energy Inc. See: Nexen Petroleum U.S.A., Inc. Cybernetix - Offshore Branche See: Cybernetix - Oil & Gas Division Cyclops Industries, Sawhill Tubular Division See: Armco Inc., Sawhill Tubular Division Cymric Resources Ltd. See: RIMOIL Corp. Cyn-Tech Ventures Ltd. See: Consolidated Cyn-Tech Venture Ltd. Cypher Energy Corp. See: Alliance Exploration Corp. Damco Services See: Dailey Damco, a division of Dailey International Inc. Damco Testers, Inc. See: Damco Services Inc. Dames and Moore See: URS, incorporating Dames & Moore and Woodward Clyde Damson Oil Corporation See: Parker & Parsley Petroleum Co. Damson Resources Corp. See: Damson Oil Corp. Danco Resources Ltd. See: Paarup Oil Ltd. Dandridge-Whitehead See: D&W Energy Company Inc. Danflex Hose Corporation See: Uni-chem Hose Corporation Danfoss Marine Systems A/S See: Damcos Danfoss System Hydraulik A/S See: Danfoss Marine Systems A/S Daniel Flange Company See: Dan-Lock Bolt & Gasket, Inc. Daniel Flow Products, Inc. See: Daniel Industries, Inc. (Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc.) (Western Hemisphere) Daniel Flow Products, Inc. See: Daniel Measurement and Control Daniel Industries, Inc. See: Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. Daniel Ind.- M & J Valve Division See: Daniel Industries Daniel Oil Tools Co. See: Total Energy Services Danish Hydraulic Institute See: DHI Water & Environment Dan-Lock Bolt & Gasket, Inc. See: Dan-Loc Bolt & Gasket, Inc. Dannebrog Vaerft As See: Aarhus Flydedok A/S & Aarhus Dockyard Ltd. Dansk Boreselskab A/S See: Maersk Olie OG Gas A/S Dansk Olie & Gasproduktion A/S See: Dong E & P A/S Dansk Operatorselskab i-s (Merged with Dansk Olie - OG Natural A/S) Dan-Tex International Inc. See: JL Offshore Drilling Inc. D'Appolonia Consulting Engineers See: Houston Testing Services Darling Drilling Co. (Oklahoma) See: Darling Oil Corporation Darr Equipment Co. See: Darr Power Systems Dart Energy Corporation See: Dart Oil & Gas Corporation Darwish, Mohsin Haider, LLC See: Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC D. A. & S. Oil Well Servicing, Inc. (Bought out by Pool Co. of Texas) Daspit Bros. Marine Divers, Inc. See: Safe Dive Systems, Inc. Data Chem, Inc. See: Clariant Oil Services Data Line Petroleum Services, Inc. (Now Subtech Intl.) Data Log, Inc. See: Diversified Well Logging, Inc. DATACOM, a Rig Telephones Company See: Stratos Broadband Networks Datametrics Limited See: DML Consultants Ltd. Datasonics, Inc. (Now Benthos, Inc.) Datawatt Telecontrol Systems See: Datawatt BV Datawatt BV See: Datawatt Telecontrol Systems Datech Data Technology Ltd. See: Data Technology Datech Ltd. Daubert Energy Co., LC See: Daubert-Howell Energy Co. Daubert Howell Energy Co. See: Daubert Oil & Gas Daubert Oil See: Daubert Oil & Gas Daubert Oil & Gas See: Daubert Energy Co., LC Daugherty Petroleum, Inc. See: NGAS Resources Daut, Steve, Consulting, Inc. See: SD Consulting, Inc. Davelle Resources See: Clayton Drilling Corporation Davenport's, Duke, Hellfighter's (Now Davenport Hellfighters)


D & A Fabricators Inc. See: D & A Group, Inc. DAC Vision See: D.A.C. Labels Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. See: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Heavy Machinery Ltd. (DSHM) See: Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. (DHI) Dailey Canada Limited, a Dailey International Inc. Company See: Canadian Air Drilling Services, Dailey Canada Limited Dailey Damco, a division of Dailey International Inc. See: Weatherford International, Inc. Dailey Drilling Systems, Inc. See: Dailey Petroleum Services Corp. Dailey DWS, a division of Dailey International, Inc. See: Weatherford International, Inc. Dailey /Energy Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Dailey International Inc. See: Target Well Control Ltd. Dailey International, Inc. See: Dailey International Inc. (Eastern Hemisphere) Dailey International Inc. (Eastern Hemisphere) See: Dailey Energy Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Dailey International Inc Dailey International Inc. (Western Hemisphere) (Now Weatherford) Dailey Oil Tools, Inc., a Subsidiary of Dailey Petroleum Services Corp. See: Dailey Petroleum Services Corp. Dailey Petroleum Services Corp. See: Dailey International Inc. (Western Hemisphere) Dailey Petroleum Services Corp., Manufacturing Division See: Dailey Oil Tools, Inc. Dakota Resources, Inc. See: Kelsch, John M. Dakota Resources Limited See: Dynamix Corporation Dal Incorporated See: Drillogic, Inc. Dalco Oil Company See: Sabine Royalty Corp. Dalco Petroleum Ltd. See: Dynex Petroleum Ltd. Dale North America Inc. See: Sagatex North America Inc. Dale Resources, L.L.C. See: Dale Operating Daleco Resources See: Dale Company Inc. Dallas Atlantic Oil Corp. See: Negrini Group, Ltd. Dallas Oil & Minerals, Inc. (Acquired by Lomak Petroleum, Inc. Dally, Jesse L., & Associates See: Ring Exploration Inc. Dalmine Anchor Pipe Inc. See: Ilva Dalmine, Inc

Company Name Cross Reference 509

David Brown Union Pumps Company See: Union Pump Company Davie Industries Inc. See: Davie Maritime Inc. Davie Maritime Inc. See: Davie Quebec Inc. Davies, David K., and Associates, Inc. See: GeoSystems LLP Davis Brothers See: Benson & Schoen Oil Co., Inc. Davis Great Guns Logging, Inc. See: Tucker Wireline Services, Inc. Davis, Hogwood & Dore See: Dore, P. Carl, Jr. Davis, Inc. See: Davis Bros., L.L.C. Davis Instrument Mfg. Co., Inc. See: Davis Inotek Instruments Davis, Ken E., Associates, Inc. See: Envirocorp Services & Technology, Inc. Davis Shipbuilding Limited See: Versatile Davie Inc. Davis Tool Company See: Basic Energy Services (Hobbs) Davy Powergas India Ltd. (DPG) See: Kvaerner Powergas India Ltd. (KPG) Dawn Explosive Services, Inc. See: Dawn Offshore Explosives Dawn Information Resources, Inc. (Acquired by Coopers & Lybrand) Dawn Offshore Explosives See: Dawn Offshore Towing and Explosives Dawson Group of Companies See: Dawson Industries Limited Dawson Group Pty. Ltd. See: Brown & Root Engineering Pty. Ltd. Dawson Industries Limited See: Dawson Group of Companies Dawson Industries Limited See: Dawson Group Pty. Ltd. Dawson Production Services, Inc. See: Key Energy Services, Inc., (Gulf Coast Division) Dawson Well Servicing, Inc. See: Dawson Production Services, Inc. Dawson Well Solutions, L.C. See: Dawson Production Services Inc. Dawson/Welltech LC See: Dawson Production Services, Inc. Dayco Products Inc. See: Parker Hannifin Corporation, Industrial Hose Products Division Dayco Rubber Products Company See: Dayco Products Inc. DB Robinson & Associates Ltd. See: DBR Group of Companies D B L Drilling & Production Services Inc. See: Crown DBL, Inc. DBR Group of Companies See: Oilphase - DBR DBS See: Diamant Boart Stratabit (DBS) DBS See: Security DBS, A Dresser Industries, Inc. Company DC Drilling Co. See: Ant Hills Production Co. D C Oil Tools Co. (Now Elder Oil Tools) D. C. Well Service, Inc. (Sold to B & F Well Service) DCI See: Dragon Corrosion International (DCI) D & D Operating Company See: Kenny, William H., Consultants, Ltd. D & D Petroleum Company See: D & D Drilling & Exploration Co., Inc. DDD Energy, Inc., a wholly owned Seitel, Inc. Subs. (Sold to Rising Star Energy) DDS Production Equipment See: Diversified Production Systems Ltd. DDS Production Equipment (Calgary) See: Diversified Production Systems Ltd. D & E Tool Industries See: D & E Industries Dead Sea Bromine Group See: ICL Industrial Producs Dean Brothers See: Uncertain Oil Corp. Dearman International Inc. See: Dearman Systems Div. Cogsdill Tool Products Inc. DeCleva, Paul, Inc. See: Paul DeCleva DECO See: Diamondhead Exploration Co (DECO) Decollement Consulting Ltd. See: Exploration Consultants (Canada) Ltd. DEDE See: Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) DEE See: Deilmann Erdol Erdgas GmbH, A Member of the Preussag Group (DEE) Deep Gas Exploration, Inc. See: RA Tex Resources Inc. Deep Ocean Engineering See: Deep Ocean Exploration & Research Deep Ocean Exploration & Research See: Doer Marine Operations Deep Oil Technology, Inc. (Subsidiary of Fluor Corp.) See: Fluor Subsea Services, Inc. Deep Sea Drilling Company A/S See: Odfjell Offshore ASA/Odfjell Drilling AS Deep Sea Drilling Company A/S & Deep Sea Company A/S See: Odfjell Drilling & Consulting Co. A/S De Groot Zwijndrecht B. V. See: Grootint B.V. Degussa Construction Polymers GmbH See: BASF Construction Polymers GmbH De Hoop Groenpol Industrie B.V. See: GTI Marine & Offshore bv Deha International B.V. See: Menro International BV Dehart, Hopkins & Rodriguez, Inc. See: Dehart International Inc. Deilmann Erdol Erdgas GmbH See: DEE - Deilmann Erdol Erdgas GmbH Deilmann Erdol Erdgas GmbH See: Preussag Energie GmbH Dekalb Energy Companies See: DEPCO, Inc. (U. S. Activities) and DeKalb Petroleum Corp. (Canadian Activities) DeKalb Energy Company See: CENEX DeKalb Petroleum Corporation See: DeKalb Energy Canada Ltd. DeKalb Petroleum Corporation See: DEPCO, Inc. Del Electronics Corp. See: Del Global Power Conversion Products Del Global Power Conversion Products See: Del High Voltage, a div of Del Global Technologies Del International Inc. See: Del Corporation Delaney, M. J., Co. See: Delaney Drilling Co., Inc. De Laval Separator Company See: Alfa-Laval, Inc. De Laval Turbine Inc. See: Transamerica Delaval Inc. Delcon Energy Inc. See: Carlton Energy Group LLC Delmar Operating, Inc. See: SOCO Offshore, Inc. Del Mar Petroleum, Inc. See: Teal Petroleum Co. Delmag-Pileco, Inc. See: Pileco, Inc. Delmar Directional Systems, Inc. See: Prime Directional Systems, LLC Delmar Offshore See: Delmar Systems, Inc. Deloro Stellite/Stoody Company See: Deloro Stellite Co., Inc. Delsi Instruments See: Delsi-Nermag Delta Aerial Surveys, Inc. See: Geonex Inc. Delta Catalytic Engineering and Construction Ltd. See: Delta Hudson Engineering Ltd. Delta Catalytic Industrial Services Ltd. See: Jacobs Catalytic Ltd. Delta Controls Industrial Services See: Delta Controls Valves & Actuators Delta Controls/Valves & Actuators See: Delta Controls/Technical Specialists Delta Hudson Engineering Ltd. See: Jacobs, C. A., Inc. Delta Inspection Co. Inc. See: Delta Inspection Co. of Houma Inc. Delta Inspection Co. of Houma Inc. See: Delta Inspection Company Inc. Delta Mud & Chemical Co. (DMCCO) See: Chromalloy Delta Mud Delta Power Systems See: Sunbelt Power Systems Delta Projects, Inc. See: Delta Catalytic Engineering & Const. Ltd. Delta Projects Limited See: Delta Projects Inc. Delta Services B.V. See: Delta Controls B.V. Deltaus Corporation (Drilling Contractors) See: Delta Drilling Company Delta-X Corporation See: Lufkin Automation Deltex Division DeLaval See: DeLaval Turbine Inc. De Luca Services Inc. See: Lafferty-De Luca Services Inc. Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc. See: Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc. Demco Products, Flow Control Div., Cooper Industries Plant See: Flow Control Div., Cooper Industries DEMINEX See: Deutsche Erdolversorgungsgesellschaft mbH Deminex - Deutsche Erdolversorgungsgesellschaft GmbH See: Deminex GmbH Deminex GmbH See: Veba Oil & Gas GmbH Den Helder Training Centre See: DHTC BV Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap See: STATOIL Denerco Oil A/S See: Altinex Oil Denmark A/S Denovo Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Goldking Production Company Densimix, Inc. See: Densitech Densitech See: Densimix, Inc., dba Densitech Department of Energy Development and Promotion See: Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Department of Mines and Energy See: Department of Natural Resources and Mines Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water See; Department of Mines and Energy Department of Primary Industries and Energy See: Department of Industry Science and Resources Department of Resource Industries See: Department of Minerals and Energy Depco, Inc. See: DeKalb Energy Company DEP-EKY See: Public Petroleum Corporation of Greece - Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons (DEP-EKY) Dept. of Mines and Energy South Australia See: Department of Primary Industries and Resources South Australia De Regt Special Cable B.V. See: Input/Output, Inc.- De Regt Special Cable Ltd. De Regt Special Cable U.S.A., Inc. See: Dynatech Industries Inc. Derrick Service International Inc. See: National Rigs & Service Inc. Despot Exploration Inc. See: Columbia Minerals Corporation, Inc. Det Norske Veritas Sesan See: Det Norske Veritas Software US Det Norske Veritas Software US See: Det Norske Veritas (DNV) (Data Processing Services and Software) Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.) Inc. See: Det Norske Veritas (DNV) (Consultants) Detroit Tool Industries/Spiralock See: Spiralock Corporation, A Detroit Tool Industries Company Deuel & Zahray Laboratories Inc. See: Soil Analytical Services, Inc. DEUTAG See: Deutsche Tiefbohr-Aktiengesellschaft (DEUTAG) Deutsche Erdolversorgungsgesellschaft MBH See: Deminex - Deutsche Erdolversorgungsgesellschaft mbh Deutsche Schachtbau Und Tiefbohrgesellschaft mbh See: DEE - Deilmann Erdol Erdgas GmbH Deutsche Tiefbohr-AG (DEUTAG) See: KCA Deutag Drilling GmbH

510 Company Name Cross Reference

Deutsche Tiefbohr-Aktiengesellschaft (DEUTAG) See: Deutag (Subsidiary of C. Deilmann AG) Devcan Machine & Manufacturing See: Devcan Machine & Mfg. Co. Ltd. Devco Ltd/Hydrocarbon See: Verado Energy Develco, Inc. See: Baker Hughes Inteq Devin Engineering and Manufacturing See: Devin Manufacturing Inc. Devin Environmental Systems See: Devin International, Inc. Devoe Coatings, Division of ICI Paints See: ICI Devoe Coatings Devoe & Raynolds Co. See: Devoe Marine Coatings Co. Dewbre & Associates See: Dewbre Petroleum Corporation De Weger Architects & Consulting Engineers See: Royal Haskoning Dexter Magnetic Materials Division See: Dexter Magnetic Technologies DF Industries (DFI) Inc. See: DFI DFI, A Division of Dave Freeland Transport Ltd. See: DF Industries (DFI) Inc. DG&E See: Dallas Gas & Electric, Inc. (DG&E) DGG LOGGING See: Davis Great Guns Logging, Inc. (DGG LOGGING) DGSI See: Baseline/DGSI DHE Ltd. See: DHE Projects Ltd. DHI See: Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. (DHI) Di Energy, Inc. (Sold to Unit Petroleum) DI Industries, Inc. See: Drillers, Inc., A Subsidiary of DI Industries, Inc. DIA & Associates, Inc. See: JoJon Petroleum Company Diad Barracuda, Inc. See: Barracuda Technologies Inc. Diagnostic Services, Inc. (D.S.I.) See: Halliburton Reservoir Services Diagnostics & Measuring Systems Ltd. (DMS) See: CML Inc. Diagonal Data Corporation See: HSB Reliability Technologies Dia-Log Company See: Wedge Dia-Log, Inc. Dia-Log Company, The, A Big Three Industry See: Dia-Log Company, The, An Air Liquide America Corporation Dia-Log Company, The See: Dia-Log Company, The, A Big Three Industry Diamant Boart Stratabit See: D B S Diamond Compression Oil Field See: Cross Plains Oil Field Supply Diamond Construction Co. See: Diamond Services Company Diamond Energy Corporation See: Diamond Energy Operating Company Diamond Energy Operating Company See: Belco Oil and Gas Corp., Northern Division Diamond Magnum Valves, Inc. See: Diamond Valves, Inc. Diamond M-Odeco Drilling Inc. See: Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. Diamond Oil Machine Ltd. See: Hydra-Machine Ltd. Diamond Products Intl (DPI) Now Reed Hycalog Diamond Rental Co. See: Sierra Well Service Co. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co. See: Maxus Exploration Company Diamond Valve Corporation See: DVC Energy Products, Inc. Dick Howell's Hole Drilling Service, Inc. See: Howell Drilling, Inc. Dicks, Emet L. See: Dicks Well Service Diesel Equipment Co., Inc. See: Central Detroit Diesel-Allison Inc. Dietsmann Monte Carlo S.A.M. See: Dietsmann Overseas Services Ltd. Dietsmann Overseas Services See: Dietsmann Overseas Services (Cyprus) Ltd. Dietsmann Technologies Holding (Cyprus) Ltd. See: Dietsmann Holding NV Dig, Inc. See: Directional Investment Guidance (Dig, Inc.) Digital Petrophysics, Inc./Topa Computer See: Digital Petrophysics, Inc. Digitech Inc. See: Neo-Tech Inc. Digitran Automation Systems See: Digitran Systems, Inc. Digitran, Inc. See: Digitran Simulation Systems Inc. Digitran Simulation Systems Inc. See: Digitran Inc. Dilcon Constructors Ltd. See: Delta Catalytic Constructors Ltd. Dimar Enterprises Inc. See: Dimar Valve & Fitting, Inc. Dimet (Siam) Limited See: Wattyl Dimet (Siam) Limited Dinero Oil Corporation See: Anderson Oil Ltd. Dinsmore, C. E., Oil See: P.B.O., Inc. Direct Energy Resources See: Direct Energy Marketing Direct Geochemical See: Vista GeoScience Directional Wireline Service, a division of Dailey International Inc. (Now Weatherford/DWS) Disciplines & Systems See: Terminal Project Assistance Discovery West Corp. See: Magin Energy, Inc. Disposal Systems Inc. See: Texas Molecular L.L.C. Ditlev-Simonsen & Company Management A/S Halfdan See: Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Company Management A/S Dive Tech International See: Dive Tech Offshore Services Dive Tech Offshore Services See: Sea Tech Offshore Services Diversified Drilling Services (Calgary) See: D D S Production Equipment (Calgary) Diversified Mineral and Land Company See: Mineral Valuation & Capital Company Diversitech See: DTI Diversitech, Inc. Diverter Systems (Now Hamilton Engineering Inc.) Inc. See: Divestco Inc. Diving Services Int., Inc. See: Specialty Diving, Inc. Dixel Manufacturing Co. (DMC) See: Weatherford/DMC Dixie Chemical Company See: DX Oilfield/Dixie Chemical Co. Dixie Iron Works, MSI Products See: Dixie Iron Works/MSI Prod. Div. Dixie Marketing Inc. See: Grate Grip Dixilyn International, Inc. See: Dixilyn-Field Drilling Co. Dixilyn-Field Drilling Co. (Sold to Sonat Offshore Drilling Co.) D & K Wireline Co. See: Diamond Wireline Services DMCCO See: Delta Mud & Chemical Company DMF See: Department of Mineral Fuels (DMF) DMI See: Drilling Measurements, Inc., A Cobb Energy Corporation (DMI) DMR See: Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) DMS See: Diagnostics & Measuring Systems Ltd. (DMS) DNV See: Det Norske Veritas (DNV) DNV Industri Norge A/S See: Det Norske Veritas Industry AS (DNV Industry) DNV Industry See: Det Norske Veritas Industry AS (DNV Industry) DNV Technica Inc. See: DNV Doc-Al Drill Pipe, Inc. See: Al Shipman & Company Dockwise N.V. See: Dockwise Shipping B.V. Dodson Pipe & Supply Co. See: Dodson Hot Oil Truck Treating Dodwell and Co. Ltd. (Inchcape Shipping Services) See: Inchcape Shipping Services (Dodwell and Co. Ltd.) Doedyns Berendsen PMC See: Berendsen PMC, Division Valve Actuating Systems Doedyns Doedyns B.V. See: Doedyns/Berendsen PMC Dolan & Associates See: IKODA Limited Dolphin A/S See: Dolphin Doc A/S Dolphin Doc a.s. See: Dolphin a.s. Domain Energy Corporation See: Range Resources Corporation Dome Petroleum Ltd. See: Amoco Canada Petroleum Co. Ltd. DOMIL See: Milton, Douglas, International Oil Pollution Consultant (DOMIL) Dominion Appalachian Development, Inc. See: Dominion Exploration & Production, Inc. Dominion Energy Canada Limited See: Dominion Exploration Canada Ltd. Dominion Engineering, Inc. See: Dominion Environmental, Inc. Donham Oil Tool Co., Inc. See: DOTCO Fishing Tools D.O.O.R. See: Dutch Onshore Offshore Recruitment (D.O.O.R.) D-O-R Production Management, L.L.C. See: Drake Offshore, L.L.C. Doral Resources N.L. See: Carnarvon Petroleum Dorchester Exploration, Inc. (Purchased by Damson Oil) Dorchester Gas Corporation (Purchased by Damson Oil) Doris, C. G. See: C. G. Doris Dorset Exploration Ltd. See: Baytex Energy Ltd. Dosimeter, A Division of Artisan Electronics Corp. See: Artisan Electronics, Dosimeter Div. DOTCO See: Donham Oil Tool Co., Inc. Double B Blow Out Preventers See: Production Safety Supply Ltd. Double Eagle Exploration, Inc. (Kansas) See: MKI Energy, Inc. Douglas Engineering See: Douglas Environmental Douglas Exploration Co., Inc. See: Tucker Operating Co., Inc Doussan, Inc. See: Air Gas Doussan Inc. See: Trigas, Inc. Dover Corporation/Norris Division See: Dover Resources Inc. Dow Chemical Co., Oil & Gas Division (Acquired by the Apache Corporation) Dowdle Fairchild & Ancell Inc. See: Fairchild, Ancell & Wells, Inc. Dowell See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Dowell, Division Of Schlumberger Technology See: Dowell Dowell Schlumberger Canada See: Dowell Division of Schlumberger Canada Ltd. Dowell Schlumberger - Coiled Tubing & Nitrogen Services See: Schlumberger - Coiled Tubing & Nitrogen Services Dowell Schlumberger, Inc. See: Dowell, Division Of Schlumberger Technology Dowell Schlumberger Inc. See: Schlumberger Dowell Dowell Schlumberger South Gulf Division See: Dowell Schlumberger (Western) S.A. Dowell Schlumberger (Western) See: DS Technical Services Inc. Down Hole Engineering Equipment Procedures See: Deepco, Inc. Downhole Seismic Services See: Atlas Wireline Services Downhole Seismic Services

Company Name Cross Reference 511

Downhole Specialty Rentals Inc. (Now Petroleum Specialty Rentals, Inc.) Downhole Technology Limited (DTL) See: Weatherford-Downhole Technology Limited Doyle, Cecil, Co., Inc., The See: Doyle, Cecil, of Texas DP Solutions, Inc. See: DPSI DPC See: Disposable Products Corp. LLC (DPC) DPC&A See: OGRE Partners, Ltd. DPG See: Davy Powergas India Pvt. Ltd. (DPG) DPI See: Diamond Products Int'l (DPI) DPSI See: DP Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) DPTC See: Drilling and Production Training Centre (DPTC) DRAEGERWERK AS See: Drager Sicherheitstechnik GmbH Dragados y Construcciones, S.A. Offshore Group See: Dragados Offshore SA Draka USA Distribution See: Draka Marine, Oil & Gas Intl. Drake Resources Inc. See: Drake, Dennis R., Independent Drake & Scull Assarain (L.L.C.) See: Lunar Drake & Scull (L.L.C.) Drake & Scull Engineering Ltd. See: Drake & Scull Group Ltd. Drake and Skull Group See: EMCOR Group, Inc. Drass Galeazzi S.p.A. See: Drass Galeazzi Underwater Technology S.r.l Drass S.p.A. See: Drass Galeazzi S.p.A. Dravo Corporation, Pipe Fabrication Division See: Connex Pipe Systems, Pipe Draworks See: Drawworks L.P. DRD Corporation See: Munro Garrett International Dreco Div of National Oilwell See: Dreco Div of National Oilwell Varco Dreco Drilling Machinery, A Division of the Dreco Group of Companies Ltd. See: National-Oilwell, L.P. Dreco, Inc. See: National Oilwell Dreco Rig Technology and Construction See: Dreco Div. of National Oilwell Dreco Rig Technology and Construction, A Division of The Dreco Group See: Dreco Energy Services Ltd. Dresser Atlas, Dresser Industries, Inc. See: Atlas Oilfield Services, Western Atlas International, Inc. Dresser Australia Pty. Ltd. (Magcobar Div.) See: M-I Australia Pty. Ltd. Dresser Guiberson Operations See: Guiberson Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser Ideco Operations See: Ideco Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser Industries-IDECO Division See: IDECO Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser Industries-Swaco Division See: Swaco Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser International Ltd. See: Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps Ltd. Dresser Magcobar Operations See: Magcobar Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser Offshore Services, Inc. See: Progress Drilling & Marine Inc. Dresser Oil Tools See: Halliburton Energy Services Dresser Oil Tools, Axelson Products See: Dresser Oil Tools Dresser Oil Tools, Guiberson AVA See: Dresser Oil Tools Dresser Oilfield Operations, a Dresser Canada Inc. Company See: Halliburton Measurement Systems/Wheatley Gaso, a Dresser Canada Inc. Company Dresser Oilfield Products Group See: Ideco Division; Guiberson Division; Security Division; Swaco Division; Titan Division; Magcobar International; Magcobar Division Dresser Oilfield Products Group, Guiberson Opers See: Dresser Oilfield Products Group Dresser Oilfield Products Group-Intl. See: Magcobar International DivisionDresser Industries Inc. Dresser Oilfield Products Group Magcobar Operations See: Dresser Oilfield Products Group Dresser Oilfield Products Group, Security Operations See: Dresser Oilfield Products Group Dresser Oilfield Products Group, Swaco Operations See: Dresser Oilfield Products Group Dresser Pump Division See: Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Division Dresser Pumps/Dresser Industries See: Dresser Pump Division Dresser Rand Compression Services See: Hanover Compression Ltd. Partnership Dresser Security Operations See: Security Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser Swaco Operations See: Swaco Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser Titan Division, Dresser Industries, Inc. See: Titan Division-Dresser Industries Inc. Dresser-Security See: Security DBS, A Dresser Industries, Inc. Company Dresser-Wheatley Division, A Division Of Dresser Drilling and Production Operations (Sold to National Oilwell Supply) Drexel Equipment (UK) Limited See: Brandt, A Tuboscope Company (Brandt Solids Control Div.) Drexel Instruments, Inc., A Division of Drexel Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Brandt, A Tuboscope Co. Drexel Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Brandt, A Tuboscope Co. Drexel Oilfield Services (S) Pte. Ltd. See: Brandt/Drexel, A Div. of Drexel Oilfield Services (S) Pte. Ltd. Dreyfus Supply, Inc. See: Dreyfus-Cortney, Inc. Dreyfus Supply & Machinery Corp. See: Dreyfus Supply, Inc. Dreyfus-Cortney, Inc. See: DCL Mooring and Rigging (A Division of Dreyfus-Cortney, Inc.) DRI WEFA See: Global Insite Drilco, Div. Smith International, Inc. See: SII Drilco Drilex Products (Now Baker Hughes Inteq) Drilex Services See: Drilex Products Drilex Systems, Inc. See: Drilex Services Drilex Systems Ltd. See: Drilex, A Div.of Baker Hughes Ltd. Drill Bit Industries, Inc. See: Tri-Max Corporation Drill Systems International Ltd., a div of Canadian Foremost See: Canadian Foremost and Drill Systems Ltd. Drillcomp Engineering Ltd. See: Coachlight Resources Ltd. Drillers Inc. See: DI Industries, Inc. Drillers, Inc., a Subsidiary of DI Industries, Inc. (Now Grey Wolf Drilling Co.) Drilling & Development Engineering See: D2 Engineering Drilling Equipment & Rental Tools Inc. See: Waters Equipment Company, Inc. Drilling Jars, Inc. See: D-J Rental Tools, Inc. Drilling Production Consultants, Inc. See: Drilling Production Services, Inc. Drilling Research Laboratory See: Terra Tek Drilling and Completions Laboratory Drilling Resources Development Corp. See: DRD Corporation Drilling Specialties Company, LLC See: Drilling Specialties Company, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Drilling Supply & Rentals See: DSR Companies Drilling Tools North Sea Ltd. See: Petrocon Drilling Tools PLC Drillmec S.p.a., Drilling Equipment Division See: Soilmec Branham, Inc. Drill-Rite Industries (1985) Ltd. See: Homco International Inc. Drillsafe Bohrtechnik GMBH See: Drillsafe Janel Int. Sp.z o.O DRILPRO See: Drilling & Production Co. (DRILPRO) Drilprodco-Hycalog See: NL Drilprodco-Hycalog Driltech, Inc. See: Tamrock Driltech DRILTROL See: Kalibur Engineering, Inc. DRI/McGraw-Hill See: Standard & Poor's DRI Drlgmud Company, The See: Coastal Drlgmud Company Druck Incorporated See: GE Druck Drummond Petroleum Ltd. See: Excel Energy Inc. DS Fluid Services See: DL-Mud, Inc. D & S Group, The See: D & S Petroleum Consulting Group Ltd. (D & S Group) D & S Industrial Services, Inc. See: Avanti Environmental, Inc. DS Technical Services Inc. See: Schlumberger Technical Services Inc. DSHM See: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Heavy Machinery Ltd. (DSHM) DSI See: Derrick Service Intl., Inc. D. S. I. See: Diagnostic Services, Inc. DSI See: Diving Services International (DSI) DSI Rohrleitungsbau-Zubehor GmbH See: PSI Products GmbH DSME See: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (DSME) DSR Companies (Now under SWACO, a Division of M-I LLC) DSWK Holdings Ltd. See: Young West Resources, Ltd. DT See: Dyna-Test, Inc. DTL See: Downhole Technology Limited (DTL) Dual Drilling Company See: Ensco International Incorporated Duckbill Ltd. See: Stenmar Micro Systems Ltd. Ducommun Metals Company See: Carbon & Alloy Metals, Inc. Ducon Environmental Systems Inc. See: Ducon Technologies Inc. Dudek and Bock Spring Mfr. See: Dudek & Bock Spring Mfg. Co. Duerr, S. E. See: Duerr Consultants Dugan, A. W. See: Dugan, A. W. & Nortex Corporation Duke Engineering & Services See: Framatome and DE&S Limited Dunbar Well Service, Inc. See: Key Energy Services, Inc. Duncan Energy Company (Now Babcock & Brown Energy, Inc.) Duncan, Walter, Oil Properties See: Duncan Oil Properties, Inc. Dune Resources, Inc. & Robson Petr. Ltd. See: Robson Petroleum Company Dunlop Coflexip Umbilicals, Ltd. See: Duco Ltd. Dunlop Marine Safety Limited See: Beaufort Air-Sea Equipment Ltd. Dunn, D. Burt See: Apple Resources, LLC Dunoil Resources, Ltd. See: Dune Resources, Ltd. Dupont Dow Elastomers See: Dupont Performance Elastomers Dupre' Supply Company See: Dupre' Supply, Division of National Oilwell LP Dupre' Supply, Division of National Oilwell (Now under National Oilwell) Durex Steel & Alloy Industries Ltd. See: Z.C.L.

512 Company Name Cross Reference

Durrett & Associates See: Viking Energy Corp. Dutch Onshore Offshore Recruitment See: DOOR International, Inc. D & W International Inc. See: D & W Wireline DWC See: Drilling Workover & Completion Specialist Dwight's Energydata, Inc. See: Dwight's Dwights Petroleum Registry See: PLS Petroleum Listing Service Dwights-Energy Data, Software & Information Services See: Petroleum Information/Dwights LLC DX Industries See: Delta-X Corporation DX Oilfield/Dixie Chemical Co. (Now DX Oilfield Products) Dyco Petroleum Corporation See: Samson Resources Company Dyna-Coil Injection Systems, Inc. See: BJ Dyna-Coil Injection Systems, Inc. Dynamic Bit Sales & Service Inc. See: Drill Bit & Tool International Trading Company Dynamic Drilling Inc. See: Enterprise Well Service Dynamic Exploration Inc. See: Dynamic Exploration Partners LLC Dynamic Exploration Inc. See: Dynamic-McCord Exploration Co., LLC Dynamic of Exploration Partners, L.L.C. and Dynamic of Texas Inc. See: Dynamic Exploration Inc. Dynamic Processing Solutions Ltd. See: DPS (Bristol) Ltd. Dynamic Satellite Surveys See: Dynamic Satellite Survey Pty Ltd. Dynamic of Texas Inc. See: Dynamic Exploration Partners, L.L.C. Dynamic of Texas Inc. See: Dynamic Exploration Partners, L.L.C. and Dynamic of Texas Inc. Dynamic Oil Tools (Sold to Grisgun) Dynamic-McCord Exploration Co. L. L. C. See: Dynamic Exploration Co. Dynaquip Inc. See: Omni International, Inc. Dynaquip International See:, Inc. Dynatec Drilling, Inc., A Division of Dynatec Corporation See: Dynatec Energy, Inc., A Division of Dynatec Corporation Dynatech Industries Inc. See: Hayes Industries Inc. Dyna-Test Co. See: Hydrostatic Oilfield Tools & Testing, Inc. Dyno Industrier ASA Dynoplast Aalesund See: Dynoplast Aalesund Dynoplast Aalesund See: Saeplast Norge AS Eason Drilling Company See: Eason Services Company East Carbon Development Corporation See: ECDC Environmental East Mediterranean Oil & Gas Ltd. (EMOG) See: Isramco, Inc. (Israel Branch) East Offshore Oil Corp. (Of CNOOC) (EOOC) See: China Offshore Oil Danghai Corp. (CODHC) (OF CNOOC) East Texas Swabbing & Rental See: Reliance Well Service Inc. Eastcan Exploration Ltd. (Controlled by Compagnie Francaise des Petroles) Eastern Exploration Inc. See: SK Resources Inc. Eastern Group, The (Eastern States Exploration & Production Company) See: Statoil Energy Exploration & Production Company, Eastern States Oil & Gas, Inc. Eastern States Exploration Company, Inc. See: Eastern Group of Companies, The Eastern Technical Services Ltd. See: Thermotest International Ltd. Eastman Christensen, A Baker Hughes Co. See: Eastman Teleco, A Baker Hughes Company Eastman Christensen Canada Ltd. See: Eastman Christensen Eastman Oil Well Survey Company See: Eastman Whipstock, Inc. Eastman Oil Well Survey Co. Ltd. See: Eastman Whipstock, Ltd. Eastman Whipstock, Inc. See: Eastman Christensen Eastok Petroleum Corp. See: RJ Energy Corp. EA/Tg Oil & Gas Co. See: Elf Aquitaine, Inc. Eaton Operating Company, Inc. See: Eaton, Dr. Ben A. EB Distribution A.S. See: ABB Distribusjon A.S. EB Industry and Offshore See: ABB Industri og Offshore AS EB Norsk Kabel A.S. See: ABB Norsk Kabel A.S. Ebasco-Humphreys & Glasgow Inc. See: Humphreys & Glasgow Inc Eberly and Meade, Inc. See: Meade Energy Corporation. EBIO See: ESE Biosciences, Inc. (EBIO) ECCO See: Eisenman Chemical (ECCO) ECD Drilling Service Co. (Bought out by Weatherford) ECDC Environmental, L.C. See: ECDC Logistics L.L.C. ECG See: Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) ECI See: Environmental Cleanup International (ECI) ECI See: Equity Compressors Inc. (ECI) ECL Petroleum Technologies See: Intera Bergeson ECL Simcor & Simcor Petroleum Applications, Inc. See: Intera - ECL Petroleum Technology ECL-Bergeson Petroleum Technologies Inc. See: Intera Information Technologies Inc. Ecodrill - Expro North Sea Ltd. See: Expro North Sea Ltd. - Ecodrill Ecodrill Ltd. See: Ecodrill Expro North Sea Ltd. Ecology Technologies International Inc. (EcoTech) See: Ecology Technologies International (ETI) Econo Log Inc. See: Drilling Services, Inc. Economy Gauge & Inst. Supply Inc. See: INOTEK Corporation Econosto Limited See: Novus Sealing Ltd. ECOPETROL See: Empresa Colombiana de Petroleos (ECOPETROL) Ecosealtech Inc. See: Economos USA EcoTech See: Ecology Technologies International, Inc. (EcoTech) Ecumed Petroleum Tunisia Ltd. (Now Centurion Energy International Inc.) EDC (Europe) Limited See: Noble Energy (Europe) Limited EDCO Petroleum Inc. See: Wolcott, Ed, Operating EDCON (Exploration Data Consultants, Inc.) See: EDCON-PRJ Inc. Edda Supply Ships AS See: Ostensjo Rederi AS EDECO GmbH See: Baker Service Tools Edeco Petroleum Services Ltd. See: Baker Service Tools EDG See: Emery DataGraphic, Inc. (EDG) Edge Petroleum Corp. See: Edge Petroleum Exploration Company Edisto Resources Corporation (Taken over by Forcenergy) Edmonton Tube & Alloys Ltd. See: Unified Alloys Edmonton Tube Sales Ltd. See: Edmonton Tube & Alloys Ltd. EDO Canada Ltd. See: EDO Energy EDO Energy See: EDO Canada ltd. Edsel, Robert M., Oil See: Gemini Exploration Company Edwards and Leach Oil Company See: Alexander Energy Corp. E&E See Ecology & Environment, Inc. (E&E) EEI See: Environmental Equipment Inc.(EEI) EEI See: Equitable Energy Inc. (EEI) EEMC See: Energy Exploration Management Co. (EEMC) EES See: Energy & Environmental Services Inc. (EES) EES Corp. See: Eltech International Corp. EEX Corporation (Purchased by Newfield Exploration Co.) EGDDC See: Egyptian General Desert Development Organization (EGDDC) EG&G Chandler Engineering See: Chandler Engineering EG&G Continental Laboratories See: Continental Laboratories Inc. EG&G Flow Technology See: Flow Technology EG&G Marine Instruments See: EDGETECH EG&G Process Measurements, Flow Technology See: EG&G Flow Technology E.G.I.S. See: Exprogroup Integrated Services (E.G.I.S.) EGPC See: Egyptian General Petroleum Corp, The Egret Energy Corporation See: Territorial Resources Inc. E. H. Industries See: AgustaWestland Inc. EHI See: Evans Hamilton Inc. E I Corporation See: SMARTSCAN EIC-UK (Houston) See: Energy Industries Council E.I.G.S. See: Expro Group Integrated Services (E.I.G.S.) Eli Wireline Services Inc. See: Superior Well Service E-I-M Controls Ltd. See: Brews Controls Corporation EIS International See: Essential Technologies, Inc. Eisenman Chemical (ECCO) See: Baker Hughes Inteq EISYS See: Earth Information Systems Corp. (EISYS) Ekko Energy Ltd. See: Prior Resources Ltd. Elan Energy Inc. (Now Ranger Oil) Elastec, Inc. See: Elastec/American Marine Inc. Elder Equipment Leasing Inc. (Now G E Capitol Modular Space) Elder Leasing Company See: Williams Scotsman Leasing Co,


EA Petroleum Inc. See: Oklahoma Oil & Gas Management, Inc. EAGE See: European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) EAGE-PACE Foundation See: European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) Eagle Explorations Ltd. See: Carlyle Eagle Petroleum Ltd. Eagle Pass Energy Corporation See: South Coast Oil Corporation Eagle Pipe Service Inc. See: L & F Pipe & Equipment, Inc. Eagleton Engineering Company See: BKW Eagleton, Inc. Earl and Wright See: Kvaerner Earl and Wright, Inc. Earlsboro Oil & Gas Corp. See: Earlsboro Energies Corporation Earnest & Pascoe Drilling Co. See: Earnest, Inc. Earth Care Products/Sphag Sorb Sales, A Division of Bay Market Development, Inc. See: Sphag Sorb Sales Earth Information Systems (EISYS) See: 3DI LLC Earth Observation Satellite Company (EOSAT) See: Space Imaging Eosat

Company Name Cross Reference 513

Elder/Quinn & McGill, Inc. See: Elder Equipment Leasing Inc. Electra-Lss, Inc. See: ELI Electric Submersible Pumps Inc. See: Wood Group ESP, Inc. Electro Motive Division of General Motors Corporation See: Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. Electrode Corporation - LIDA Products See: Eltech Systems Corp., LIDA Products Electrolytic Marine Corrosion Services See: EMCS Industries Ltd. Electromagnetic Oil Recovery Ltd. See: EOR International Inc. Electromechanical Services See: R. L. Electromechanical Services, Inc. Elf Aquitaine Indonesia See: Elf Petroleum Indonesia Elf Aquitaine Oil & Gas Company See: Elf Aquitaine, Inc. and TA/Tg Oil & Gas Co. Elf Aquitaine Operating, Inc. (Now Delmar Operating Inc.) Elf Aquitaine Petroleum (A Division of Elf Aquitaine Inc.) (Elf Aquitaine Operating Inc. (EAOI) See: Elf Exploration, Inc. Elf Aquitaine Tunisie See: Elf Hydrocarbures Tunisie Elf Atochem Rotterdam B.V. See: Atofina Rotterdam B.V. Elf Hydrocarbures Tunisie (Sold to ARCO) Elf Oil Exploration & Production (U.K.) Ltd. See: Elf Aquitaine UK Elf-R.E. (Societe Elf pour la Recherche et l'Exploitation des Hydrocarbures) See: Societe Nationale Elf Aquitaine (Production) Elgard Corporation - Lida Products See: Electrode Corporation - Lida Products Elgiloy See: Elgiloy Specialty Metals ELI See: ELI Wireline Services Inc. Eli Wireline Services Inc. See: Superior Well Service Elk Exploration, Inc. See: HS Resources, Inc. Elk Oil Company See: Verde Vista Energy Co. Elkem Holloway, Inc. See: The Holloway Co., Inc. Elliott Technologies, Inc., Measurement Div., Elliott Automation Co. See: GH-Flow Automation ELMA B See: El-Marin AB (ELMA B) Elmagco Brake Corporation See: George's Brake Corporation Elmar Services Ltd. See: Elmar Barco Company Elmar Varco Company See: Nov Elmar-UK Elomarine Ltd. See: Delta Marin Ltd. Elomatic OY See: Elomarine Ltd. El Paso Exploration See: Meridian Oil Inc. El Paso Natural Gas Company See: El Paso Exploration Co. El Paso Velvet Canada Inc. See: El Paso Oil & Gas Canada Inc./ El Paso Velvet Partnership El Rey Petroleum Inc. See: McNaughton, John P. Eltron Chromalox See: Chromalox UK Ltd Eltron (London) Ltd. See: Eltron Ltd. Elvins Power Products Limited See: Waterous GM Diesel Limited Emco Directional Drilling, Division of Smith Industries International See: Sii Emco Directional Drilling EMCO Directional Drilling and Well Surveying, Division of Smith Intl. Inc. See: SERVECO Division of Sii (Smith Intl) Emco-Wheaton Limited See: Emco Wheaton Fleet Fueling, Corp. EMEC See: Egyptian Mud Engineering & Chemicals Company (EMEC) Emergency Medical Care Ltd. (Now Trinity International Services Ltd.) Emergency Medical Services Agency Ltd. (EMSA) See: EMSA/NAS-MHS Trust Emergency Medical Services Agency Limited (EMSA) (EMSA/NEAS-MHS Trust) See: North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust & Emergency Medical Services Agency Limited Emergency Resources International See: International Well Control Emerson & Cuming Composite Materials Inc. (Now CRP Group Limited) Emerson & Cuming/W. R. Grace & Co. See: Grace Syntactics, a unit of Emerson & Cuming Inc. Emerson Resources, Inc. See: KCS Resources, Inc. E.M.H. See: Entreprise D'Equipements Mecaniques Et Hydrauliques (E.M.H.) EMOG See: East Mediterranean Oil & Gas Ltd. (EMOG) EMS See: Environmental Monitoring Services Inc. (EMS) EMSA See: Emergency Medical Services Agency Ltd. (EMSA) EMSA/NAS-MHS Trust See: Emergency Medical Services Agency Limited (EMSA) Emscor, Inc. See: Champion Elevators, Inc. E&MSS See: Engineering & Mechanical Service Supply (E&MSS) EMTEC See: Enen Machine Tool & Engineering Co., Inc. (EMTEC) ENAFOR See: Entreprise Nationale De Forage (ENAFOR) ENAP See: Empresa Nacional Del Petroleo (ENAP) Enardo Inc. See: Enado LLC Encal Energy Ltd. See: Calpine Canada Enchem Energy Chemicals, Inc. See: Reef-Chem International Encom Technology Pty Ltd See: Encom Petroleum Information P/L End Devices, Inc. See: Delta-X Corporation End Rust See: Corroless North America Endeavour Oil Co. N.L. See: Endeavour Resources Ltd. Endeavour Resources Inc. See: Aspen Group Resources Corp. Endeco, Inc., (A Subsidiary of YSI Inc.) See: Endeco/YSI, Inc., (A Subsidiary of YSI, Inc.) Endiem Oil Tools Ltd. See: Site Oil Tools Inc Endura Pumps International See: Liquiflo Equipment Company. Enduro Oil Company, Inc. See: Texas Secondary Oil Company Enercon Engineering, A Partnership See: Enercon Engineering, Inc Enercon Engineering, Inc. (Acquired by Kvaerner) Energas Ltd. See: Xerex Exploration Ltd. Energetics Operating Co. See: Peterson Consulting Energetics Science, Division of National Draeger, Inc. See: Ecolyzer, Division of National Draeger Inc. Energex Energy Corporation See: Ronco Petroleum, Inc. Energy Associates Group See: RTI/Energy Associates Group Energy Capital Development Corporation See: Western Resources, Inc. Energy Coatings Company See: Bredero Price Company Energy Corporation of America, Inc. See: Equitable Petroleum Corp. Energy Corp. of North America Inc. See: Equitable Petroleum Corporation Energy Data Services Inc. See: Shier, Daniel E., Petroleum Geologist Energy Development of California Inc. See: Lone Eagle Oil Co. Energy Development Corp. (Purchased by Samedan Oil Corp.) Energy Efficiency Engineering, Inc. See: E3, Energy Efficiency Engineering Energy Enterprises See: SoftSearch Energy Equipment Exchange See: Energy Equipment & Supplies Energy Industries, Inc. See: Weatherford Enterra Compression Company Energy Industries Ltd. See: Weatherford Enterra Compression Company Energy Minerals Corporation See: Elk Exploration, Inc. Energy Personnel International See: EPI Consultants Energy Pipe and Supply Co., Inc. See: Energy Sales, Inc. Energy Recovery Systems Inc. See: Hanover Compressor Co. Energy Recovery Systems Inc., Subsidiary of Hanover Compressor Co. (Purchased by Hanover Companies) Energy Reserve, Inc. See: Cox Technologies, Inc. Energy Reserves Group, Inc. See: BHP Petroleum (Americas) Inc. Energy Resources Conservation Board See: Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Energy Resources Consultants See: Erco-Energy Resources Co. Energy Resources Oil & Gas, Inc. See: EROG, Inc. Energy Search Petroleum See: Thomas, Warren J., Jr. Energy Service Company, Inc. (ENSCO) See: Ensco, Inc. Energy Service Company, Inc. (ENSCO) See: Ensco International, Incorporated Energy Services International Ltd., a Subsidiary of Petresearch International See: Petresearch Limited, a Subsidiary of Petresearch International Energy Strategies See: Energy Leasing Energy Systems Technology, Inc. See: Energy Systems/U.S. Energy Tools Inc. (Now Entera) Energy Ventures, Inc. See: EVI Weatherford, Inc. Energy Venture Opportunities International See: ENVOI (Energy Venture Opportunities International) Energy World Trade See: Enpal L.C. Enermark Inc. See: Enermark Gas Gathering Corporation Enermark Inc. See: Enerplus Resources Fund Enerquip, A Division of Weatherford See: Weatherford Global Compression Services, Used Equipment Division Enertec Corporation See: Energy Resources Oil & Gas, Inc. Enertech Computing Corporation See: EnerTech Enertech Engineering and Research Company See: Enertech Enertech Information Systems, Inc. See: Enex Resources Corp. See: Middle Bay Oil Corp. Engen Exploration Div. See: Engen Petroleum Ltd., Exploration and Production Division Engen Ltd. See: Engen Petroleum Ltd. Engen Petroleum Ltd., Exploration and Production Div. See: Energy Africa Limited Engineered Sales Company, Inc. See: Keystone Sales Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) See: ECG Engineering Consultants Group S.A. Engineering Microstimulations Inc. See: Sunrise Software Engineering Specialties, Inc, (Now under NATCO) ENH See: Empresa Nacional De Hidrocarbonetos De Mocambique (ENH) Enhanced Energy Services See: EnSource Energy Services, Inc. Enhanced Resources See: DAR Energy Inc. Enhanced Resources Inc. See: Kensington Holdings Inc. ENI, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi See: AGIP - for Oil & Gas Operations

514 Company Name Cross Reference

Eni SpA, Agip Division See: Eni SpA, Division Agip ENIEPSA See: Empresa Nacional de Investigacion y Explotacion de Petroleo, S.A. (ENIEPSA) Enimont America Inc. See: Enichem America Inc. ENKA B. V. Dpt. Ind. Colloids See: Akzo Zont Chemie B. V. Dpt. Ind. Colloids Enney Oilfield Company See: Scion Energy, Inc. ENRECO See: Williams Environmental Services, Inc. Enrig Petroleum Equipment, Inc. See: Enrig Manufacturing Company Enron Exploration Company See: Enron Oil & Gas International, Inc. Enron Oil Canada Ltd. (Now under EOG Resources, Inc.) Enron Oil & Gas Company See: EOG Resources, Inc. Enron Oil & Gas International, Inc. See: Enron Global Exploration & Production Inc. ENSCO See: Energy Service Company, Inc. (ENSCO) Ensco Drilling Company See: Ensco, Inc. Ensco Technology Company (Now part of Drillex) Enserch Exploration, Inc. See: EEX Corporation Enserch International Exploration Inc. See: Enserch Exploration, Inc. Enserch Oil Co. See: EP Operating Company Enserv Corporation See: Precision Drilling Corporation Ensign Oil & Gas Inc. See: Medicine Bow Energy Corporation Ensign Operating Co. See: Medicine Bow Operating Company Ensign-Bickford Company, The, Goex International See: GOEX International, Div. of the Ensign-Bickford Company Ensign-Bickford Company, The - Oil & Gas Group See: Ensign-Bickford Company, The, GOEX International Ensource Energy Services, Inc. See: Canadian Energy Select Services, Ltd. ENSR Consulting & Engineering See: ENSR International ENSR International See: ENSR Corporation Enstar Engineering Company See: Delta Engineering Corp. Enstar Petroleum Co. See: Union Texas Petroleum & Ultramar PLC Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi E.N.I. See: AGIP Entec Corporation. See: Century Well Servicing, Inc. Entec Europe Ltd. See: Entec UK Ltd. Entec Hydrotechnica See: Entec Europe Ltd. Entek IRD International Corp. (Sold to Rockwell Automation) Entek/Scientific Corp. See: Entek/IRD International Corp. Enterprise Oil Gulf of Mexico Inc. (Acquired by Shell Oil Company) Enterprise Oil Norge Ltd. (Taken over by the The Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies) Enterprise Resources, Inc. See: Stone & Webster Oil Company, Inc. Enterra Bop Services (a division of Enterra Canada Limited) See: Weatherford Enterra Bop Services (a division of Weatherford Enterra Canada Limited) Enterra Canada Limited See: Weatherford Enterra, Inc. Enterra Compression Company See: Weatherford Enterra Compression Company Enterra Harrisburg/Wooley See: Harrisburg/Wooley Inc. Enterra Lift Systems See: McMurry-Marco Lift Systems Enterra Lor See: Weatherford Enterra Inc. Enterra Lynx Tool Company, a Division of Enterra Canada, Limited See: Lynx Tool, a Division of Weatherford Enterra Canada Ltd. Enterra Oil Field Rental See: Weatherford Enterra, Inc. Enterra Patco Oilfield Products Inc. See: Flow Control Entex Petroleum Inc. See: General Producing Company Enthone-OMT Incorporated See; Enthone Incorporated Entrepose GTM Pour les Travaux Petroliers Maritimes See: E.T.P.M. (Entrepose GTM Pour les Travaux Petroliers Maritimes) Entrepose-STM Pour Les Travaux Petroliers Maritime (ETPM) See: ETPM International S.A.S. Envirex Inc. See: U.S. Filter/Envirex Inc. Enviro Coatings, Inc. See: Industrial Epoxy Coatings, Inc. Enviro Engineering Asbestos Consultants See: Enviro Engineering, Inc. Enviro-Air Control Corporation (Now Diamond Dehumidification Inc.) Envirocorp Services & Technology Inc. See: Subsurface Technology, Inc. EnviroLog See: Environmental Logistics, L.L.C. (EnviroLog) Environmental Control See: Turner Environmental Consultants Environment Control Systems Corporation See: Enviro-Air Control Corporation Environmental Devices Corp. See: ENDECO, Inc. Environmental Logistics, L.L.C. (ENVIROLOG) See: Wastewater Specialties, Inc. Environmental Remediation, Inc. (ERI) See: InterBio, Inc. Environmental Restoration Systems, Inc. See: SAIC Environmental Science & Engineering, Inc. See: Harding ESE Environmental Science & Engineering, Inc. See: QST Environmental Inc. Environmental Technologies, Inc. See: Caliche, Ltd. Environmental Treatment Team See: CCS Energy Services LLC Environmental Waste Management Associates, Inc. (EWMA) See: Environmental Waste Management Associates LLC (EWMA) Enviroplex - Plexus Environmental Services, Inc. See: Coleman Research Corp., Enviroplex Division Enviro-Sciences, Inc. See: Enviro-Sciences (Of Delaware), Inc. Envirotech See: Askenvirotech, Inc. EOG (Oklahoma) Inc. See: Ensign Operating Company E.O.L. See: Essar Oil Limited (E.O.L.) EOOC See: East Offshore Oil Corp. (Of CNOOC) (EOOC) EOR International, Inc. See: Uentech International Corp. EOSAT See: Earth Observation Satellite Company (EOSAT) EP Operating Company See: Enserch Exploration, Inc. E & P Services See: E & P Solutions, Div. of Baker Hughes Incorporated EPC See: Ethiopian Petroleum Corporation (EPC) Epcon Offshore AS See: M-1 Epson AS EPEDECO See: The Egyptian Petroleum Development Co. Ltd. EPI See: Environmental Protection, Inc. (EPI) Epic Companies See: Epic Divers & Marine Epic Corp. See: McPhail Energy Corporation Eric Divers Inc. See: Epic Companies Epic, Inc. See: Hytexplor Houston Inc. Epic, Inc. See: HyTEXplor Houston Inc. (HHI) (Oil Co.) E.P.I.C. Software Group Inc. See: Epic Software Group, Inc. EPL See: Energy Partners, Ltd. (EPL) EPL See: Ewbank Preece Limited (EPL) Epoch Wellsite Services, Inc. See: Epoch Well Services, Inc. Epoch Well Logging, Inc. See: Epoch Wellsite Services EPS See: Edinburgh Petroleum Services Ltd. (EPS) EPS Coresystems See: Stim-Lab Coresystems EPX Company See: El Paso Exploration Company EQE International Ltd. See: ABS Consulting, EQE Equipment Engineers, Inc. See: Double-E, Inc. Equipment & Instruments GroupPetrolite Corp. See: Petreco Division, Petrolite Corp. Equipment Renewal Co. See: ERC Industries, Inc. Equitable Gas Company See: Equitrans, Inc. Equitable Petroleum Corporation See: Wichita River Oil Corporation Equitable Production Company See: Westport Resources Corp. Equitable Resources Energy Company (EREC) See: Equitable Production Company Equitable Resources Exploration Inc., Union Drilling Division See: Union Drilling, A Division of Equitable Resources Energy Company Equity Completion Service Corp. See: OEC Compression Corporation Equity Drilling Company See: ECC Energy Corporation Equity Oil Company (Now Whiting Petroleum Corp) Era Helicopters See: Era Aviation, Inc. ERC Barton Wood See: Wood Group Pressure Control ERC Energy Resource Consultants Ltd. See: Robertson ERC Limited, Petroleum Division - The Robertson Group PLC ERC Industries, Inc. See: ERC Barton Wood ERC Ltd. See: ERC Tigress Ltd. ERC Tigress Limited See: PGS Reservoir UK Ltd., Energy Resource Consultants ERC Wellhead See: ERC Industries, Inc. ERCO Petroleum Services, Inc. See: NL Erco/NL Industries, Inc. Ercon Development Co. See: Ercon, Inc. Ercon Development Co. Hold That River Inc. See: Ercon Development Company Ercon, Inc. See: Ercon, L.P. EREC See: Equitable Resources Energy Company (EREC) ERI See: Environmental Remediation, Inc. (ERI) Erichsen, A GH Bettis Company See: GH Bettis Ltd. Erico Exploration Systems, Inc. See: PI Exploration Systems Erico Petroleum Information Ltd. See: Petroleum Information (Erico) Ltd. Ernst Gage Co. See: Ernst Flow Industries Erog, Inc. See: Aikman Oil & Gas Company E & S Mfg. Div., Summit Oilfield Corp. See: E & S Mfg. E & S Mfg., Inc. See: E & S Mfg Valve Components, Inc. Esca Corporation See: Cegelec Esca Corporation Escandell Associates, Inc. See: Enclean Environmental Esco Exploration Inc. (Purchased by Edisto Resources Corp.) ESE See: Environmental Science & Engineering, Inc. (ESE)

Company Name Cross Reference 515

ESE Biosciences, Inc. See: ESE Inc. ESE Environmental Inc. See: QST Environmental ESE, Inc. See: ESE Environmental Inc. Esenjay Petroleum Corporation See: Esenjay Exploration Inc. ESI See: Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) Espey, Huston & Associates Inc. See: PBS&J Esprit Petroleum Corp. See: Western Logic Resources Inc. Essar Oil Limited See: Dalma Energy LLC ESSCO See: Enid Sales & Service Co. (ESSCO) ESSCO See: Envirosafe Sealing System Co. (ESSCO) Esse International, Inc. See: S.T.O.P. (Safety Technology & Oilfield Protectors), A Division of Camco, Inc. Essent Milieu Coevorden (Now Van Gansewinkel (Hazelaar Potze Milieu BV) Essential Technologies, Inc. See: Essential Information Systems, Subsidiary of Environmental Support Solutions Essex Exploration, Co. See: Tyco Production Company Essex Oil & Gas Corp. (Now Southeastern Exploration & Production Co.) Essex Storage Services Inc. See: Essex Energy Storage Services Inc. Essex Waste Management Services, Inc. . See: West Star Environmental Esso Australia Ltd. See: Esso Eastern Inc. Esso Carribean and Central America See: Esso Inter-America Inc. Esso China Limited See: Esso China Upstream Limited Esso Coal & Minerals Co. See: Exxon Coal & Minerals Co. Esso Egypt, Limited See: Seagull East Zeit Petroleum, Ltd. Esso Exploration and Production Australia, Inc. See: Esso Australia Resources Ltd. Esso Exploration and Production Khorat Inc. See: EXXONMOBIL Exploration and Production Khorat Inc. Esso Indonesia Inc., Esso Exploration and Production Natuna, Inc. See: Esso Indonesia Inc. and Esso Natuna Ltd. Esso Inter-America Inc. See: Esso Caribbean & Central America, Inc. Esso Inter-America Inc. See: ExxonMobil Inter-America Inc. Esso Production Research Company See: Exxon Production Research Co. Esso Resources Canada See: Esso Resources Canada Limited Esso Resources Canada Limited See: Imperial Oil Resources Limited Esso S.A. Petrolera Argentina See: Esso Exploradora y Production Argentina Esso Suez, Inc./Esso Egypt Ltd. See: Seagull East Zeit Petroleum Ltd. Esso UK Plc See: Exxon Mobil Group ESSOCOL See: Esso Colombiana Limited (ESSOCOL) ESTEPSA See: Empressa De Servicios Tecnicos Petroleros, S. A. Esterline Angus Instrument Corp. See: Angus Electronics Co. Estoril, Inc. and Estoril Producing Corp. See: Estoril Producing Corporation ESTSC See: Energy Science & Technology Software Center (ESTSC) E.T.A.P. See: Entreprise Tunisienne D'Activites Petrolieres (Tunisian National Oil Company) (ETAP) Ethyl Corporation, Oil & Gas Div. See: Tredegar Oil and Gas Corporation ETI See: Ecology Technologies International (ETI) ETI See: Environmental Technologies, Inc. (ETI) ETI See: Exploration Technologies, Inc. (ETI) Etmar Production Ltd. See: Field Management LLC ETPM See: Entrepose-GTM pour les Travaux Petroliers Maritimes (ETPM) ETPM (Now Stolt Offshore Group) Eurasia Drilling Company See: Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia Eurest Support Services See: ESS Support Services Worldwide Eurocan U.S.A. Inc. See: Consolidated Eurocan Ventures Ltd. Eurocan U.S.A., Inc. See: PetroSantander Inc. Euromin Canada Limited See: International Euromin Corporation European Association of Petroleum Geoscientists & Engineers (EAPG) See: European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) European Environmental Management Institute See: CORDAN European Gas Turbines Limited See: Alstom Gas Turbines Ltd. Eurotube Limited See: Tenaris Limited Evans & Associates, Inc. See: Evans, Frey & Walker Evans, Carey and Crozier See: STA System Technology Associates, Inc. Evans, Frey & Walker See: Evans & Walker Everett Enterprises Now Jack T. Everett LLC Everett Operating Inc. Now Everett, Jack T., LLC Evergreen Oil Corporation See: AOP Operating Corporation Evergreen Operating Corporation Now Pioneer Natural Resources Evergreen Resources, Inc. Now Pioneer Natural Resources Evertson Well Service (Sold to S.O.S. Well Service) EVI Highland, ALS International Division See: EVI Oil Tools Evi Oil Tools See: Weatherford International Evi Weatherford, Inc. See: Weatherford International EVI-Hyland See: Continental Emsco Ewbank International Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. See: Mott Macdonald (Incorporating Ewbank Preece) Oil, Gas & Maritime Division Ewbank Manufacturing Div. Inc. See: Enid Drilling Systems, Inc. Ewbank Preece Limited (EPL) See: Mott MacDonald, Oil, Gas & Maritime Ewing, David J. See: Ewing Exploration Company EWMA See: Environmental Waste Management Associates, Inc. (EWMA) Exal IPR Ltd. See: Exal Reservoir Services Ltd. Excel Energy Inc. (Acquired by Ranchmen's Resources Ltd.) EX-CELL-O Corporation See: Micro-Precision Operations, Inc. Excel/Porter See: Porter International, Oil & Gas Group Excelsior Oil Corporation (Merged into McMoRan Oil & Gas Co.) Exceltec International Corp. See: Severn Trent DeNora/Exceltec International Exchange Oil & Gas Company See: Exchange Exploration & Production EX/CO, Inc. See: EXLCO Inc. Exeter Drilling Company (Bought out by Nabors Drilling Company) Exeter Drilling Company, Subsidiary of Midcon Corp. See: Exeter Drilling Co., Subsidiary of MidCon/Oxy Exeter Energy Services L.P. See: Essex Storage Services Inc. Exeter Exploration Company See: Buckhorn Petroleum Co. EXLOG See: Exploration Logging (EXLOG) Exlog Australia, Division of Baker Hughes Australia P/L See: Baker Hughes Inteq Exoil N. L. See: Oilmin N. L. Exoil Services, Inc. See: Surtek, Inc. Expando Oil Well Service See: D.A.B. Oil Service, Inc. Explo Inc. See: Cenco, Inc. Exploration Associates See: Pelorus Surveys Exploration Company, The See: TXCO Resources Inc. Exploration Company of Louisiana Inc., The See: XCL Ltd. Exploration Company of SE Louisiana, Inc., The See: XCL Ltd. Exploration Consultants (Canada) Ltd. See: RPS Energy (Canada) Exploration Consultants Limited See: ECL Petroleum Technologies Exploration Consultants Ltd. See: ECL/RPS Energy Exploration Data Consultants Inc. See: EDCON (Exploration Data Consultants, Inc.) Exploration Logging Inc. (EXLOG) See: Exlog, Inc. Exploration and Production Services (North Sea) Ltd. See: Expro International Group Ltd. Exploration Rock Bits Nisku Inc. See: Exploration Rock Bits Edmonton Inc. Exploration Science Corporation See: PGS Data Management Exploration Terrenex Inc. See: Terrenex Ventures Inc. Explorer Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Fraley, Bill Explortech Computer Applications See: Pohlman and Associates, Inc. Expo Safety Systems See: Expo-Telektron Safety Systems Ltd. Export Oil Field Sales See: Edco Industries, Inc. Export Oil Field Supply Co., Inc. See: Export Oil Field Supply Co. Int'l. Inc. Expo-Telektron Safety Systems Ltd. See: Expotechnologies Ltd. Expro Group Integrated Services (E.G.I.S.) See: Expro North Sea Ltd. Expro North Seas Ltd. See: Expro International Group PLC Exxon Chemical Americas See: Exxon Chemical Company Exxon Chemical Company See: Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P. Exxon Company, U.S.A. (Exploration) See: Exxon Exploration Company Exxon Company, U.S.A., Production Dept. See: ExxonMobil Production Company Exxon Exploration Company See: ExxonMobil Exploration Company Exxon Production Malaysia Inc. See: Esso Production Malaysia Inc. Exxon Production Research Company See: ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company


Fabco Oil Company, Inc. (Merged into Imperial Oil Co. of California) Fabri-Valve, Div ITT Grinnell See: I T T Engineered Valve Fabsco, Inc. See: Fabsco Shell & Tube LLC Facet Enterprises, Inc., Industrial Div. See: Quantek, Inc., A Facet Inc. Subsidiary Facet Quantek, Inc. See: Facet Quantek, Inc., A Purolator Products Company Facet USA See: Facet Int'l. Facilities Environment Group Inc. See: Myrick, H. Nugent, & Assoc Fagadau Energy Corporation See: Primexx Operating Corp.. Fagan Rental Tool Inc. See: Southern Tool & Equipment Failure Analysis Associates See: Exponent Failure Analysis Associates Fair Oil Company See: Fair Oil, Ltd.

516 Company Name Cross Reference

Fairchild Aircraft Incorporated See: Fairchild Dornier Fairchild, Ancell & Wells, Inc. See: Fairchild and Wells, Inc. Fairchild Dornier See: M7 Aerospace Fairmont Resources Inc. See: Endeavour Resources Inc. Fairmount Minerals, Chardon Facilities See: Best Sand, Subsidiary of Fairmount Miner Fairway Petroleum, Inc. See: Miracle Petroleum LLC Falcon Drilling Company, Inc. (Now R&B Falcon) Falcon Drilling Corp. See: Tierra Drilling Corp. Falcon Energy, Inc. See: JTH Falcon Sales & Service Co., Inc. See: Falcon Environmental Liners, Inc. Falcon Seaboard Oil Company See: Falcon Seaboard Oil and Gas, L.P. Falkor Exploration See: Shuster, R. S., & Company Fann Instruments See: Fann Instruments/NL Baroid Fannin Energy, Inc. See: Stanford Oil Company, L. L. C. Fansteel Hydro Carbide Inc. See: Hydro Carbide, Inc. Far East Pte Limited (Tuboscope Div, Tube-Kote Div) See: Tuboscope Far East Pte Limited (Tuboscope Div, Tube-Kote Div) Far North Rental Services Ltd. See: Stabeco Industries Inc. Faraday Resources Inc. See: Conwest Exploration Co. Limited Farbest Corporation See: Stuart's Ironsides Inc. Farmers Union Central Exchange See: CENEX (Farmers Union Central Exchange) Farrar Oil Company See: Continental Resources of Illinois, Inc. Farwest Tubular Products Inc. See: Tubular Products Inc. Fasco Rentals Ltd. See: Rental Service Corporation of Canada Fast Flow Inc. See: Fast Flow Lines, Inc. Fast Flow Lines Inc. See: Fast Flow Pipe & Supply, Inc. Fast Systems Inc. See: Scienco/Fast Systems Inc. Fast Way Pipe Co. See: Rite-Way Construction, Inc. Faster Oilfield Services Inc. See: Bico Faster Drilling Tools Inc. Faulkner Corporation See: Faulkner Exploration, Inc. Fawcett Engineering Ltd. See: Fawcett Christie Hydraulics Ltd. FCE See: Flow Control Equipment, Inc., a Unit of Robbins & Myers Inc. (FCE) FCI, Fugro Consultants International B.V. See: Fugro-McClelland B.V. FCX Thompson Valves Ltd. See: Thompson Valves Ltd. FDF Treating Chemicals See: Francis Drilling Fluids F D S Oilfield Services Ltd. See: FD Services Inc. Fearnley & Eger See: Fearnley Drilling & Exploration A/S FEASCO See: Field Equipment and Service Co. (FEASCO) FEC Consultants (Taken over by EnTech Energy Consultants Ltd.) FEDC See: Federal Energy Development Company (FEDC) Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour See: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Labour Federal Signal Limited See: Federal Signal Corporation Integrated Systems Group Felderhoff Bros Drilling Co., Inc. See: Felderhoff Production Co. Fell & Wolfe Oil Co. See: Four Queens Petroleum Corp. Fenix & Scisson of Nevada, Inc. See: Raytheon Services Nevada Feodor Burgmann Dichtungswerke GmbH& Co. See: Burgmann Dichtungswerke GmbH & Co. KG Ferguson Allied Systems Company See: Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Ferguson Beauregard Inc. See: Ferguson Beauregard Logic Controls Ferguson Supply See: Blackwood Hodge Equipment Ltd. Feronia International Shipping (Fish)/ Seacor Marine Inc. See: Seacor Marine (West Africa) SAS Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd. See: Ferranti International plc Ferranti International Plc See: Ferranti Syscca Ltd. Ferranti O.R.E. Limited See: Geo Acoustics Limited Ferranti Subsea Systems Ltd. See: FSSL Ltd. Ferranti Syseca Ltd. See: Syseca Ltd. Ferro Corporation (Divested business to Dover Chemical) Ferrostaal Incorporated See: Interoil Services LLC FFI See: F&F Industries (FFI) FGAS See: Forcenergy Inc. (FGAS) FGE, Inc. (Forcenergy Gas Exploration, Inc.) See: Forcenergy Gas Exploration, Inc. (FGE) Fiberspar Corporation See: Fiberspar LinePipe LLC Field Drilling Company See: Dixilyn-Field Drilling Co. Field Title Service See: Petroleum Information Canada Ltd. Field-Swire Drilling Company See: Dixilyn-Field Drilling Co. Fike Metal Products Corporation See: Fike Corporation Fina Exploration Limited (Now TOTALFINA) Fina Exploration Norway S.C.A. (Bought out by TOTAL) Fina Laterre, Inc. See: Castex Laterre, Inc. Fina PLC See: Fina Exploration Limited Finley Oilwell Service Inc. See: RDC/Finley Oilwell Service Co. Fireater Limited See: Macron Fireater Limited First Energy Corporation (Purchased by JN Exploration & Prod Inc). First Holding Company See: Ferret Exploration Company, Inc. First International Energy Corp. See: First Aransas Reserves, Inc. First Mississippi Corporation See: First Energy Corporation First Reserve Resources Inc. See: Sunset Production Corporation Firstech, Inc. See: Tekhouston, Inc. Fischcon BV See: Fischcon Trading & Engineering b.v. Fischer Energy Corp. (Now Chaparral Energy Inc.) FISH See: Feronia International Shipping (FISH) FISH See: Feronia International Shipping (FISH/Seacor Marine Inc.) Fisher Controls International, Inc. See: Emerson Process Management, Fisher Controls Division Fisher, King Marine Service Inc. See: King Fisher Marine Service Inc. Fishing Tools Inc. See: Fishing Tools Inc./Ponder Industries Fitler, Edwin H., Co. See: Cordage Group, The Flag-Redfern Oil Company (Bought out by Kerr-McGee) Flakt Marine Ltd. See: ABB Flakt Marine Ltd. Flakt Offshore See: ABB Environmental Norsk Viftebabrikk AS Flame Industries, Inc. See: OMSCO Tubular Products Fletcher Challenge Petroleum See: Fletcher Challenge Energy Fletcher Challenge Petroleum Asia See: Petrocorp Exploration Fletcher Challenge Petroleum Asia Fleumer Aerial Photography See: Fleumer Aerialphoto C.V. Fleumer Aerialphoto C.V.. See: Fleumer Aerophoto C.V. Flexalon Pollution Control, Inc. See: Ground Improvement Techniques Flexibox, Inc. See: Crane, John, Flexibox, Inc. Flexibox International Limited See: Crane, John, Flexibox, Inc. Flexitallic Services, Inc. (FSI) See: Hydratight Flight Line Inc. See: General Aviation Services Inc. Flinders Petroleum NL See: Santos Ltd. Flint Canada Inc. See: Braidnor Construction, Inc. Flint Construction Services Ltd. See: Flint Energy Services Ltd. Flint Energy Construction Co. See: Flint Energy Services Inc. Flint Engineering & Construction Co. See: Flint Energy Construction Co. Flint Engineering & Construction Ltd. See: Flint Canada Inc. Flo Valve International Inc. See: Lanzagorta International Inc. Flopetrol Johnston, Schlumberger Etudes & Fabrications Flopetrol See: Etudes Et Production Schlumberger, Division Flopetrol Flotation Products Division See: Emerson & Cuming, Inc. Flournoy Drilling Company (Sold to Drillers, Inc.) Flournoy Production Company See: Flournoy Family Properties, Ltd. Flow Automation See: Thermo Flow Automation Flow Control Div., Cooper Industries See: Cooper Oil Tool, a division of Cooper Industries Flow Control Equipment, Corp. See: Flow Control Equipment, Inc., a Unit of Robbins & Myers Inc. (FCE) Flow Control Equipment, Inc., a Unit of Robbins & Meyers Inc. See: R&M Energy Systems, Div. of Robbins & Myers Inc. Flow Control Industries See: SkoFlo Indusries, Inc. Flow Control Oil & Gas See: Flow Control Components Ltd. Flow Technology, Inc. See: EG&G Flow Technology, Inc. Flow-Cal Division of Coastal Flow Measurement, Inc. See: Flow-Cal, Inc. Flowserve See: Flowserve, Flow Control Division Flowserve Flow Solutions Division See: Flowserve Corp. Flowserve Fluid Sealing Division See: Flowserve Flow Solutions Division Flowserve Sulphur Springs Operations See: Flowserve-Nordstrom Valves Fluenta AS See: Roxar Flow Measurement AS Fluid Components International See: FCI - Fluid Components International LLC Fluid Dynamics Inc. See: Fluid Crane & Construction Inc. Fluid Measurement Techniques, Inc. See: Brown Measurement - FMT Div. Fluid Packed Pump, Armco Steel Corp. See: Armco-Fluid Packed Pump Fluor Daniel Australia Limited See: Fluor Daniel Pty. Ltd. Fluor Daniel, a Division of Fluor Enterprises, Inc. See: Fluor Fluor Daniel, A Fluor Company See: Fluor Ltd., A Fluor Company Fluor Daniel B.V. See: Fluor B.V. Fluor Daniel GTI. Inc. See: IT Corporation Fluor Daniel Limited See: Fluor Daniel, A Fluor Company Fluor Daniel Pty. Ltd. See: Fluor Australia Pty. Ltd. Fluor Engineers, Inc. See: Fluor Daniel Fluor Global Services See: Fluor Operations & Maintenance Fluor Ocean Services, Inc. See: Fluor Engineers, Inc.

Company Name Cross Reference 517

FMC Asia Pacific, Inc. See: FMC Corporation, FMC Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. FMC of Canada Ltd. (Now under FMC Energy Systems - FMC Surface Wellhead) FMC Canada Ltd., Wellhead Equipment Div. See: FMC of Canada Ltd. FMC Chemical Products Group See: FMC Fluid Control Division FMC Corporation, Chain Division (Link-Belt) See: PT Components, Inc. PTC FMC Corporation, FMC Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. See: FMC Corporation, Loading System FMC Corporation, FMC Wellhead Equipment See: FMC Energy Systems- FMC Surface Wellhead FMC Corporation, Loading Systems See: FMC Energy Systems - FMC Loading Systems FMC Corporation, Natural Resources Dept. See: Mining Companies Section FMC Corporation, Petroleum Equipment Group See: FMC Corp-Fluid Control Division, and FMC Corp-Wellhead Equipment Div. FMC Energy Systems - FMC Fluid Control See: FMC Technologies - FMC Fluid Control FMC Energy Systems - FMC Loading Systems See: FMC Technologies - FMC Loading Systems FMC Energy Systems Fluid Control Division See: FMC Energy Systems - FMC Fluid Control FMC Energy Systems - FMC Fluid Control, Invalco Products. See: FMC Energy Systems - FMC Fluid Control FMC Energy Systems - FMC Kongsberg Subsea-Western Hemisphere See: FMC Technologies, Inc. FMC Export Corporation See: FMC Corporation-Petroleum Equipment Div. FMC Fluid Control Division See: FMC Energy Systems Fluid Control Division FMC Invalco Inc. See: FMC Energy Systems - FMC Fluid Control, Invalco Inc. FMC Petroleum Equipment Group See: FMC Wellhead Equipment Division F & N Drilling Company See: NWN Drilling Company FNGC See: Frontier Natural Gas Corporation (FNGC) FNW Alaska Pipe & Supply See: Ferguson Enterprises Inc. Focus Resources Ltd. See: Pancontinental Oil Ltd. Foods & Services, Inc. See: Infoods International, Inc. FOPCOL See: Fenech Oil & Petroleum Company Ltd. (FOPCOL) FORAMER & FORASOL, Entreprise de Forages Petroliers See: FORASOL/FORAMER FORASOL, Enterprise de Forages Petroliers See: FORAMER & FORASOL, Enterprise de Forages Petroliers FORASOL/FORAMER See: Pride Forasol-Foramer Force Resources Inc. See: Enhanced Resources Forcenergy Gas Exploration Inc. See: FGE, Inc. (Forcenergy Gas Exploration Inc.) Forcenergy Gas Exploration, Inc. (FGE) See: Forcenergy Inc. (FGAS) Forcenergy Inc. (Merged into Forest Oil Corporation) Ford, Bacon & Davis Sealants, Inc. See: Keystone Pipeline Services, Inc. Ford Engineering Firm See: Ford Surveying Firm Foremost Drills See: Foremost Industries Inc. Foresight Ltd. See: Foresight Drilling (Cyprus) Co., Ltd. FOREX (Forages & Exploitations Petrolieres) See: Forex Neptune S.A. Forex Neptune See: Services Techniques Forex Neptune Forex Neptune See: Services Techniques Sedco Forex Forman Exploration Company See: Forman Petroleum Corporation Forman Petroleum Corporation See: Ascent Energy Inc. Fornax Industries, Inc. See: Tubular Processors Forney & McCombs See: McCombs Energy, LLC Forney Oil Corporation (Now McCombs Energy, LLC) Fortson, Ben, Oil See: Fortson Oil Company Fortum Oil Oy See: Neste Oil Oy Fortuna Energy Corp. See: M E C Inc. Fortune Drilling Company, Inc. See: Transcontinental Drilling Co., Inc., Fortune Division Fossil Fuels Inc. See: Lynx Energy Company Inc. Foster, Allen See: Foster & Foster Foster Oilfield Equipment Co. See: Foster Valve Corporation Foster Valve Corporation (Now Ingram Cactus) Foster Wheeler CEE See: Foster Wheeler France Foster Wheeler Power Products Ltd. See: Senior Foster Wheeler Power Division Fountain Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Wichita River Oil, Inc. Fountain Oil Incorporated See: Canargo Energy Corporation Four Amigos See: Paramount Petroleum Four Corners Drilling Co. See: Big A Well Service IV Dimension Technologies Ltd. See: Imke Consulting Inc. Four M Service Co., Inc. (Merged into Circle M Well Servicing Co., Inc.) Four Queens Petroleum Corp. See: Fell & Wolfe Oil Co. Fournet, Bob., Co., The See: Computalog Drilling Services, Inc. Fox Surveying & Mapping Corp. See: LSM, Inc. Foxboro Canada Inc. See: Invensys Systems Canada Inc., Foxboro Division Foxdrill B.V. See: Wagenborg Neolift Oost BV FPC Graphics, Inc. See: Texas Draw, The Fraley Energy Corp. See: Explorer Oil & Gas, Inc. Fram Corporation See: Facet Enterprises, Inc., Ind. Div. Framatome and DE&S Limited (Acquired by Exploration Consultants Limited (ECL)) France Products Div. of Garlock Inc. See: Compressor Products Div. Garlock Francis Torq/Lite Inc. See: Torq/Lite Inc. Franks Petroleum, Inc. See: Franks Exploration Company, L.L.C. Franlab See: Beicip-Franlab FRC Composites Limited/Astek Composites Inc. See: Astek Composites Inc. Frederick, Claven, & Son Inc. See: C.F. & S. Inc. Fredonia Resources Inc. See: Silver Pines Operating Co., Inc. Freedom Energy, Inc., (Wholly owned subsidiary of Dernick Resources, Inc.) See: Sedna Energy, Inc., (Wholly owned subsidiary of Dernick Resources, Inc.) Freemyer Company, Inc./Industrial Pressure See: Freemyer Industrial Pressure Freeport Oil Company (Merged with McMoRan) Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas Company See: McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC Fremont Energy Corporation See: Fremont Energy, L.P. French Jordan, Incorporated See: Shield Coat Inc. French Well Surveys Inc. See: Cav-Tech, Inc. Friede Goldman Offshore Texas, L:.P. See: Signal International Texas, L.P. Frio Drilling Service Company See: Copano Field Services Frio Exploration Company (Now New Bremen Corporation) Frith, Jackson & Associates P/L See: ANFO P/L FRL Inc. See: Fisher Research Laboratories, Inc. Frommer, John T. See: Frommer Interests Frontier Chemicals Int'l. (FCI Inc.) See: FCI, Inc. (Frontier Chemicals Int'l.) Frontier, Inc. See: Frontier Natural Gas Corporation Frontier Supply Ltd. See: MSI Frontier Frontier Well Service, Subsidiary of Key Rocky Mountain, Inc. See: Key Rocky Mountain, Subsidiary of Key Energy Service Inc. Frontline Safety Ltd. See: Frontline HSE Integrated FSI See: Flexitallic Services Inc. (FSI) FSSL Ltd. See: Kvaerner FSSL Ltd. FTI See: Finish Thompson Inc. (FTI) Fugro Geos Inc. (Now under Fugro Geos Ltd.) Fugro Geos Ltd See: Fugro Global Environmental & Ocean Sciences Ltd. Fugro South, Inc. See: Fugro Consultants LP Fugro-McClelland (Southeast), Inc. See: Fugro-McClelland (Southwest), Inc. Fugro-McClelland (Southwest), Inc. See: Fugro South, Inc. Fugro-McClelland N.V. See: Fugro N.V. Funk Resources See: Pet-Ex, Inc. FUSA See: Furuno U.S.A., Inc. (FUSA) Future Alignments Ltd. See: Equalizer International Ltd. Future Petroleum Corp. (Now Bargo Petroleum Corp.) FWA Drilling Company See: UTI Drilling (Tyler) FWI Canada Ltd. See: Flow Control Operations, Geosource Canada Ltd. Fyfe, R. J., Equipment See: Fyfe Parts


Gabriel International, Inc. See: Liquid Casing Incorporated Gal Offshore Services Limited See: Great Eastern Shipping Co., Ltd., The, (Oil & Gas Division) Galaxy Oilfield Service ltd. Now FMC Technology Galigher Ash Company, Oil Division See: BGA Intl. Galigher Division Galigher Company, The See: Galigher Ash Company, (Oil Div.) Galveston-Houston Company (Sold To Komatsu Ltd.) Gamble-Daniel Operating Co. See: Daniel Oil Company Gammill, Dave See: Gammill Oil & Gas, LLC Gammill Vernon Oil Properties See: Gammill, Dave Gandalf Explorers International, Ltd. See: Marine & Mercantile Securities PLC. Gane Energy Corporation Ltd. See: Northstar Energy Corporation GAPS Geological Consultants See: Scott Pickford Group Ltd. Garb, Forrest, A., & Assoc., Inc. See: Garb Grubbs Harris & Assoc., Inc. Garb Grubbs Harris & Assoc., Inc. See: Garb, Forrest A., & Assoc., Inc. Garber Industries Offshore Hammers & Casing Crews See: Offshore Energy Services, Inc. Gardes Directional Drilling, Inc. See: Gardes Energy Services, Inc. Gardline Geosurvey Limited See: Gardline Marine Sciences Limited Gardline Surveys Limited See: Gardline Geosurvey Limited Gardner Denver Belliss & Morcom Ltd. See: Gardner Denver Ltd. Gardner-Denver Oilfield Equipment See: Gausvik, Bill, Sales Inc. Gardner-Denver Petroleum Equipment See: Gardner-Denver/Industrial Machinery Division

518 Company Name Cross Reference

Gardner Denver Pump Division See: Gardner Denver Fluid Transfer Division Garlick Sales See: Garlick Inc. Garnet Resources Corp. See: Aviva Petroleum Garrett Corporation, The See: Allied-Signal, Inc. Gary Drilling Company, A Subsidiary of Caza Drilling Inc. See: Caza Drilling (California) Inc. Gary Operating Co. See: Gary Energy Corporation Gary, Samuel, Oil Producer, Inc. See: Gary-Williams Oil Producer, Inc. Gas Compressors Inc. See: Weatherford Enterra Compression Company Gas Company of New Mexico See: PNM Gas Services Gas Council, The (Also Gas Council [Exploration] Ltd., Hydrocarbons Great Britain Ltd.) See: British Gas Corp. Gas Council (Exploration) Ltd. (Now British Gas Exploration and Production Ltd.) Gas Jack, Inc. See: Compressco Field Services, Inc. Gas Producing Enterprises, Inc. See: CIG Exploration, Inc. & Coastal States Gas Corp. Gas Producing Enterprises, Inc. See: Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation Gas Sweetener Associates, Inc. See: Sulfatreat Company, The Gas Treating Chemical Inc. See: GTC, Inc. Gas Turbine Corporation See: Greenwich Air Services Gasanadarko, Ltd. See: The GHK Company Gaso Pumps Division, Goulds Pumps, Inc. See: Wheatley-Gaso, Inc. GASOS See: Gulf Automation Services & Oilfield Supplies (GASOS) GAT Bangkudulis Petroleum Co. Ltd. (Now under Continental Energy Corp.) GATE See: Gibson Applied Technology and Engineering, LLC (GATE) Gates Molded Products Company See: Longwood Elastomers, Inc. Gates Rubber Company, The See: Gates Rubber Corporation Gateway Communications See: Gateway Wireless Services Gathers Software, Inc. See: Gemisys, Incorporated Gator-Gard Inc. See: Sermatech Technical Services Gatorhawk Jet Charter See: Gatorhawk, Inc. Gaubert, Ron J., & Associates Inc. See: Swiftships, LLC Gauge World See: WADECO G. B. Master Flo Valve Company See: Master Flo Valve Inc G & B Specialties, Inc. See: All Hose & Specialty, Inc.. GCCL See: Greaves Cotton & Co. Ltd. (O&DD) (GCCL) GCO Minerals Co See: IP Petroleum Co., Inc. G C S See: Geophysical Computing Services GDF See: Gaz De France (GDF) GDM Resources See: Ferguson Resources, Inc. GE Alco Power, GE Locomotive, Canada See: General Electric Co. GE Energy Services See: GE Muovo Pignone G & E Engineering, Inc., a Division of TreaTek-Cra Co. See: CRA Services, G&E Division GE O&M See: GE Energy Services GE Osmonics See: GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies GE Panametrics See: GE Sensing Gear Petroleum Co. Inc. See: Petroleum Property Services, Inc. Gearhart Geodata Services See: Halliburton Geodata Services GEC Alsthom Engineering Systems Ltd. See: ALSTOM Automation Ltd. GEC Alstom Ruston Diesels Ltd. See: Alstom Engineers Ltd., Ruston Div GEC Electrical Projects Ltd., Marine Offshore Div. See: CEGELEC Projects Ltd., Marine Offshore Div. Gec Marconi Survey Systems See: Gec Marconi Underwater Weapons Division GEC Marconi Underwater Weapons Division See: Gec Marconi Radar and Defence Systems GEC-Marconi Underwater Systems Group See: BAE Electronic Systems Limited GEC Mechanical Handling Ltd. See: GEC Alsthom Engineering Systems GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems See: GEC-Marconi Underwater Systems Group Geco Geophysical Company, Inc. See: GECO-PRAKLA GEFCO See: Failing, George E., Co. (GEFCO) GE-Halson Engineering See: General Electric (USA) Technical Service Co. Gellatly Hankey and Co. Ltd. See: Inchcape Shipping Services & Inchcape plc Gelsenberg AG See: Veba-Chemie AG Gem Oil Tool Company See: Gemoco Division of Chromalloy GEMAN See: Gulf Energy Management (GEMAN) Gemini Corporation See: Gemini Division, Beard Oil Co. Gemini Division, Beard Oil Company See: Beard Oil Company, Gemini Division Gemini Engine Company See: Weatherford Enterra Compression Company GEM - International See: Gulf Oil Exploration and Production Co. GEMOCO See: Sequa Engineered Services, Inc., GEMOCO Division Genco Pressure Control Ltd.. See: Integrated Production Services General American Oil Co. of Texas (Merged into Phillips Oil Co.) General American Oils Ltd. See: Phillips Petroleum Resources, Ltd. General Atlantic Energy See: General Atlantic Resources, Inc. General Atlantic Gulf Coast, Inc. See: UMC Petroleum Corporation General Atlantic Oils Ltd. See: UMC Resources Canada Ltd. General Atlantic Resources, Inc. (Now UMC Petroleum Corp.) General Aviation Services Inc. See: Jackson Air Center Inc. General Cathodic Protection Services Co. See: Cathodic Protection Services Co. General Crude Oil Company See: Mobile Exploration Co. General Dynamics, Lincoln Operations See: Lincoln Composites, Inc. General Electric Technical Service Co. Inc. See: GE Power Systems General Equip. Mfg. Co. Inc. See: TopWorx, Inc. General Petroleum Company (Syria) See: Syrian Petroleum Co. General Production Company, Inc. See: Zapata Exploration CompanyOnshore Division General Research Corporation - Flow Gemini Information Systems See: GRC International, Inc. - Flow Gemini Information Systems General Screw Products Co. See: Precision General, Inc. General Shelters of Texas, S.B. Ltd. See: Port-A-Cool General Technology Applications, Inc. See: Inland Water Response Network General Tool & Supply Co. See: Wilson Supply Co. Inc. General Valve Company Now Cooper Cameron Valve General Valve Co. See: Johnston Pump/General Valve Inc. Genesis Electronics Inc. See: PEI/Genesis Electronics, Inc. Geo American Resources, Inc. See: Invail Energy Geo Cactus Pipe & Supply, Inc. See: Cactus Pipe & Supply Co. Geo Cactus Wellhead Equipment See; Ingram Cactus Company Geo Churchill, Inc. See: Churchill Geocean S.A. See: Geocean Solmarine S.A. Geoconsult International See: GeoPetroleum AG Geodetic & Construction Survey Limited See: Fugro McClelland N.V. Geodetic International Inc. See: Geodetic & Construction Survey Ltd. Geodetic Surveys Company, Inc. See: Geodetic Positioning Service Inc. Geo Engineering, Inc. See: Golden Engineering, LP GEOFRAC (Merged into BJ Titan Services) Geographix (Now Landmark Graphics Corporation) Geo Group See: Manatron Geoguard, Inc. See: Geolog, Inc. Geolink, a Sondex Company See: Geolink (UK) Ltd., Sondex Drilling Division Geolink (U.K) Ltd, a Sondex Company See: Geolink, a Sondex Company Geolink (U.K.) Ltd, a Sondex Company See: Geolink (U.K.) Ltd., a Sondex Co. Geologic Mapping Group, Petroleum Inf. See: TGA Petroleum Information Geological Equipment Corporation (Acquired by Gardner Denver) Geolograph Operations (Drilling Equipment & Services Div. of Geosource Inc.) See: Geolograph - Pioneer Geolograph Pioneer See: Swaco Geolograph Company Geolograph Pioneer U.K. Ltd. See: SWACO Geolograph Ltd. Geomap Co. See: Geomap Co./Terra-Image/ Geomasters Geomath Inc. See: BEICIP, Inc. Geo Measurement Systems, (Div. of Sperry Sun UK) See: Sperry-Sun Drilling Services Geomet, Inc. See: Geomet Operating, Inc. Geo Minerals Exploration See: Geominex Geonet Exploration, Inc. See: Geonet Texoma Energy Co., L.L.C. Geonet Exploration Inc. See: Omni Oil & Gas, Inc. & Geonet Exploration Inc. Geo Pet Consultants Inc. See: Lee, Charles V. GEOPET Inc. See: Martin, Arvel G. Geopetro-Geof. E Pesq De Rec. Min. Ltda See: Geopetro Consultoria E Geofisics Ltda. Geophysical Exploration Corporation See: GETECH Geophysical Safety Resources (GSR) See: GSR GEOQUEST See: Schlumberger Information Solutions George, Al, Inc. See: Al George, Inc. George, Don Ray & Associates See: Don Ray George & Associates Geos Inc. See: Fugro GEOS Inc. Geoscience International, Inc. See: Revacomp, Inc. Geoservices (Now under Geoservices Inc.) Geoservices Eastern Inc. (Now under Geoservices Inc.) Geoservices, Inc. See: Geoservices S.A. Geo-Services International (Now under Geoservices Inc.) Geoservices North America Ltd. (Now under Geoservices, Inc.) Geoservices SA (Now under Geoservices Inc.) GEOSIM, Inc. See: Terra-Mar, Inc. Geosource Canada Ltd., Flow Control Opers. See: Flow Control Operations, Geosource Canada Ltd.

Company Name Cross Reference 519

Geosource, Hunt Engine Division See: Power Systems Division, Geosource Inc. Geo Southern Drilling Fluids See: Geo MS Drilling Fluids/ Mississippi Drilling Fluids, Inc. Geo Space Corporation See: Geospace Technologies GEOSTOCK See: Societe Francaise de Stockage Geologique (GEOSTOCK) Geotrends, Inc. See: Pacific Institute, The Geotz Services, Inc. (Now Q.V. Services of Texas, inc.) Geo Vann, Inc. (Subsidiary of GEO International Corporation) See: Vann Systems, A Division of Halliburton Company Geo Western Drilling Fluids See: Geo Drilling Fluids, Inc. Geraghty & Miller, Inc. See: ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller, Inc Gerhardt's Inc. See: Wartsila Automation North America, Inc. Germany Oil Company See: Germany Partners, Inc. Germany Operating Company See: American Explorer, Inc. Germany Partners, Inc. See: Germany, E. B., & Sons Geronimo Oil Company See: Brocato, Charles P. G.E.S. See: Garamut Expl. Pty. Ltd. (G.E.S.) Getty Oil Company (Merged into Texaco) Gewerkschaften Brigitta und Elwerath Betriebsfuhrungsgesellschaft M.B.H. See: BEB Gewerkschaften Brigitta und Elwerath Betriebsfuhrungsgesellschaft MBH GEX See: General Exploration Company G F Business Equipment, Inc., Crenlo Div., Emcor Products See: CRENLO Inc., Emcor Products GF Corporation - Crenlo Division See: Crenlo, Inc. GH Bettis Ltd. See: Bettis Actuators and Controls GH-Bettis See: Bettis Corporation GH Fluid Services, Inc. See: Dowell Fluid Services GH Texas Technical Enterprises See: GH-TTE GH-Flow Automation See: Flow Automation GH-Gufco, Inc. See: GH Fluid Services, Inc. GHI See: Global Hydrocarbons, Inc. (GHI) GHK Corporation See: The GHK Companies GH-LaPorte, A Galveston-Houston Co. See: LaPorte Co., The GHR Energy Corp. See: TransAmerican Natural Gas Corp. GH-TTE See: Mattco Mfg. Inc./DBA Mattco TTE, Bear Giannini Institute/Retro Marine Products See: Seacon Giannini Institute Gibco Pump & Supply Inc. See: Gibco-Quinn Pumps under Quinn's Oilfield Supply Ltd. Gibson Drilling Services & Gibson Directional Drilling See: BDS & Gibson Directional Drilling Gibson, J. W., Well Service Co. See: Key Energy Services, Inc. (Rocky Mountain Division) Gilbert, John N., II See: Petroleum Explorers Intl. Ltd. Gilbert Services Inc. See: Compsource Inc. Gilbert/Commonwealth, Inc. See: Parsons Power Group Inc. Gillespie Oilwell See: Rimco Well Service Gillespie Well Service Inc. See: Gillespie Oilwell Gillespie-Crow, Inc. See: Gillespie Oil, Inc. Gilley & Associates, Inc. See: G & A International, Inc. Ginther, N. C. See: Keen Operating Company, Inc. GJG Properties, Inc. See: GJG Property Management Inc. GKM, Inc. See: Petromark Resources Company G & L Oil Tool See: Basic Rental & Fishing Tool G&L Oilfield Services, Ltd. See: G&L Slotco G. L. Trucking & Rental, Inc. See: Stallion Oilfield Services Glacier Energy Inc. See: Nueces Reserves, Inc. Glasgow Scientific Instruments Ltd. See: DHE Ltd. Glasscock Drilling See: Grace/Glasscock Drilling Glassell Producing Co. See: Glassell Production Co. L.L.C. Glassell Production Co. L.L.C. See: Glassell Producing Company Glickhaus Energy Corp. See: Glickenhaus Energy Corp. Glidden Company, The See: ICI Paints Glitsch, Fritz W., & Sons, Inc. See: Glitsch, Inc. Glitsch, Inc. See: Koch-Glitsch, Inc. Global Alliance Inc. See: Global Drilling Fluids Inc. Global Chemical Co., Inc. See: Global Drilling Fluids Global Completions Services (GCS) See: SPS International (SPS) Global Compression Services (Now Weatherford Global Compression Services) Global Divers & Contractors, Inc. See: Global Industries Global Drilling Fluids, Inc. See: Global Intec, Inc. Global Exploration, Inc. See: Globex Energy Inc. Global Geochemistry Corporation See: Zymax Forensic Global Link Data Solutions Ltd. See: Global Energy Services Ltd. Global Marine Inc. See: GlobalSantaFe Corporation Global Marine Oil & Gas Company See: Challenger Mineral Inc. Global Material Services Ltd. See: Global Resources Group Ltd. Global Movible Offshore See: Global Industries, Ltd. Global Natural Resources Corporation (Merged with Seagull Energy Corp.) Global Pipelines Plug, Inc. (Now Global Industries, Ltd.) Global United Industries See: Global Alliance Inc. GLOBEX See: Global Exploration, A Limited Liability Company (GLOBEX) Globex Energy, Inc. (Now Marathon Oil Company) GM Associates See: WNG Co. Intl. Inc. GMPI See: Global Marine Products Inc. (GMPI) GMT See: Gulf Maritime & Trading Co. Limited (GMT) GMT See: Geo-Microbial Technologies (GMT) GN See: Van Der Giessen-De Noord N. V. (GN) GNA Pipe & Equipment See: Adams Tubular Goods, Inc. GNC Limited Partnership See: Goodrich Exploration, Inc. GNPC See: Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) G & O Energy Corporation See: O'Brien, Edward P. Go International South America S.A. See: Halliburton Logging Services S.A. Goal Petroleum plc See: Talisman Energy UK Ltd. GOC Ltd. See: UK Tools Godfrey Howden Pty. Ltd. See: Godfrey Howden Division, Howden Fan Company Pty. Ltd. Goex, Inc. See: Goex International, Inc. GOFSCO See: Gulf Oil Field Service Co., Inc. (GOFSCO) Golar Nor Offshore A/S See: Norcem Drilling A/S Golar-Nor Offshore A.S. See: PGS Production AS Goldec international Equipment Inc. See: Goldec-Hamms Manufacturing Ltd. Golden Arrow Gas Energy Corp. See: GAGE Corp. Golden B Hydra Drlg. Co., Inc. See: Golden B Hydra Drlg. LLC Golden Buckeye Petroleum Corporation See: Prima Oil & Gas Company Golden Eagle Oil & Gas Limited See: Ultramar Oil & Gas Canada Ltd. Golden Gulf Offshore, Inc. See: U. S. Offshore, Inc. Golden & Land Oil Company See: Golden & Land Golden Oil Company See: Golden Resources, Inc. Golden Strataservices, Inc. See: Golden Storage Services, Inc. Golden Trend Oil & Gas Corp. See: Mugg, John D., Oil Producer Golden Triangle Royalty & Oil, Inc. See: Golden Triangle Industries, Inc. Goldrus Turnkey Company See: Goldrus Drilling/Turnkey Company Gomaco, Inc. See: Baytide Petroleum, Inc. Goodall Rubber Company See: Lewis-Goetz Co. Goodrich Exploration, Inc. See: Goodrich Operating Co., Inc. Goodrich Operating Co. See: Lasmo Energy Corp. Goodwin Services Corp. See: Baker's Casing Pulling Co. Goree Energy Development Corp. See: Voyager Exploration Company GOS Inc. See: GOS Swabbing Service GOSCO See: Gas and Oil Services Company (United Arab Emirates) (GOSCO) Gose, Steve See: Retamco Operating, Inc. Gotaverken Arendal AB See: Safe Partners AB Gould/IGD Inc. See: Vicom Systems, Inc. G & P Exploration Inc. See: Chaveroo Operating Company GPC See: Galloway Petroleum Consultants (GPC) GPE Controls See: L&J Technologies GPQ See: Griffon Petroleum Company (GPQ) GPS Technologies See: General Physics Corporation G & R Oilfield Specialties See: G & R Services Grace Glasscock Drilling See: Grace Drilling Company, Gulf Coast Div. Grace Drilling Company - Western Division See: Nabors Drilling U.S.A., Inc.Western Division Grace, Shursen, Moore & Associates Inc. See: GSM Consulting, Inc. Grace Syntactics, a unit of Emerson & Cuming Inc. See: Emerson & Cuming Composite Materials Graham, Bill J., Oil & Gas Corp. See: Incline Energy, Inc. Graham Energy, Ltd. See: Graham Resources, Inc. Graham, Maner, Estate See: Graham, Jennie Claire Graham, Margaret B., Estate See: Graham, Jennie Claire Graham Resources, Inc. (Sold to Parker & Parsley) Graham, Tex See: Graham, Jennie Claire Grain Processing Corporation See: Horizon Products Grain Processing Corporation, Horizon Products Division 1 See: Grain Processing Corporation Gramco Wellhead Equipment Inc. See: Hi Tech Wellhead Division Grampian Fire Protection Ltd. (A Member of the Chubb PLC Group) See: Chubb Fire Scotland (A Member of the Chubb PLC Group)

520 Company Name Cross Reference

Grampian Offshore Technology See: GOTECH Grand Gulf Production, L.L.C. See: Sheridan Energy Grand Prix Natural Gas See: Pachanga Energy Inc. Grand Production Co. See: Northport Production Co. Granges Graver, S.A., N.V. See: G & G International NV Granstaff Directional Drilling Co., Inc. See: Phoenix Drilling Services Grant Oil Country Tubular Corporation See: Grant Corporations Grant Oil Country Tubular Corporation See: Grant TFW, Inc. Grant Oil Tool Company See: A-Z Grant-Drillex Grant Prideco (S) Pte. Ltd. See: Grant Prideco Grant Supply Company See: Grant Corporations Grant TFW, Inc. See: Grant Prideco, Inc. Graphic Science Corp. See: Grant Tensor Geophysical-CAEX Div. Graseby See: Andersen Instruments Inc. Grasso Blue See: Tesoro Coastwide Grasso Environmental, Inc. See: Tesoro Coastwide (Environmental) Grate Grip See: Grating Specialty Co. Grating Specialty Co., Inc. See: Grating Fasteners, Inc. Gray, Bo, Casing Company See: Gray, Bo, Casing I, Limited Gray, Bo., Casing I, Limited See: Bo Gray Casing I, Limited Gray, Bo, Enterprises, Inc. See: Gray, Bo, Casing Company Gray Engineered Oil Tools Inc. See: Gray EOT, Inc. Gray, Lloyd, Energy Inc. See: Lloyd Gray Energy Inc. Gray, MacKenzie and Company, Ltd. See: Inchape Shipping Services Gray Tool Company See: Vetco Gray GRC See: Geophysical Research Corp. (GRC) Great Atwood Ltd. See: Gal Offshore Services Limited Great Basin Well Service Company See: Great Basin Petroleum Service Inc. Great Basins Petroleum Co. (Purchased by Century Production) Great Guns Inc. See: Davis Great Guns Logging, Inc. Great Guns Logging See: Great Guns Inc. Great Lakes Chemical Corporation See: Chemtura Great Lakes Chemical Corporation See: OSCA, a subsidiary of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Great Northern Energy Corp. See: GeoData Ltd. Great Plains Software See: Microsoft Business Solutions Great Red River Oil Corp. See: Twenty Oaks Corporation Great Southern Oil Tool Co., Inc. See: Dotco Fishing Tools Great Southern Wireline Inc., Div. of Oilfield Rentals See: ProLog, Inc.-Texas Great Western Offshore Inc. (Now a part of Forcenergy, Inc.) Great Western Resources Inc. (Now a part of Forcenergy Inc.) Greater Columbia Energy See: Energy Strategies Greaves Cotton & Co., Ltd. (O&DD) See: Greaves Limited (O&DD) Green, Curtis S. See: Green Operating Company Greenhill Petroleum Corporation (Purchased by Mesa Operating Co.) Greenwich Air Services See: Turbine Technology Services Corp. Greer, A. W., & Associates See: Field Management LLC Greer Brothers Exploration See: Field Management LLC Gregory Rig Service See: CE Mobile Equipment Grey Wolf Drilling, Inc. See: Union Drilling, Inc. Griffin Legrand, (a division of EVI Oil Tools Canada Inc.) See: Griffin (a division of EVI Oil Tools Canada Inc.) Griffin Pumps, Div. of Taro Industries Limited See: Griffin Legrand (A Div. of Taro Industries Limited) Griffin Well Service, Inc. See: G W S Griffin-Alexander Drilling Company See: Chiles-Alexander Offshore, Inc. Griffith Oil Tool, A Division of Dreco Energy Services Ltd. See: Griffith Vector, A Division of Dreco Energy Services Ltd., A Canadian Division of National-Oilwell, Inc. Griffith Vector, A Div. of Dreco Energy Services Ltd., A Canadian Div. of National-Oilwell, Inc. See: National Oilwell Down Hole Tools Griffon Petroleum Company See: High Plains Energy Inc. (HYE) Grinaker - LTA Process Engineering Limited See: Engineering & Projects Company SA Grinnell Supply Sales See: Anvil International, Inc. Gris Gun Ltd. See: Owen Gris Gun Gris Gun Manufacturing Inc. See: Gris Gun Ltd. Grizzly Ledcor Well Servicing Limited See: Grizzly Well Servicing Inc. GRM Valve Products See: GRM Flow Products GRM Fluid Controls See: GRM Valve Products Grootint B.V. See: Heerema Fabrication Group B.V. Groth Corporation of Louisiana See: Groth Equipment Corporation of Louisiana Groth Equipment Corporation of Louisiana See: GROQUIP Groundwater Technology Inc. See: Flour Daniel GTI, Inc. Groupe Elf Aquitaine See: Societe Nationale Elf Aquitaine (Production) Groupe Sofresid SA See: Kvaerner Process (France) SA Grove Valve & Regulator Operations See: Dresser Flow Solutions Grover-McKinney Oil Co. See: Reliance Operating Company Growth Energy Services, Inc. See: Growth Resources, Inc. Grupo Industrial Catensa S.A. See: Catensa Gruy Engineering Corporation, A Tesi Company See: Gruy Petroleum Consultants Gruy, H. J., and Associates, Inc. See: Gruy Engineering Corporation GS Sensors Inc. See: FPG Sensors Inc. G & S Valves See: Burney Valve Company GSH International OYJ See: GS-Hydro Group GSS See: Gulf South Systems, L.L.C. GS-Hydro Group See: GSH-International Oy GSOC See: Gulf States Offshore Const. Inc. (GSOC) GSR See: Geophysical Safety Resources (GSR) GTC See: Gai-Tronics Corp. (GTC) GTC International See: Suman Technology International GTE Mobilnet See: GTE Wireless GTE Wireless See: Verizon Wireless G-Tech Oil Services (Aberdeen) Ltd. See: Boston Recruitment Services GTI Marine & Offshore See: GTI Rotterdam Industrie bv, GTI Marine & Offshore GTI Rotterdam Industrie bv, GTI Marine & Offshore See: GTI West Industrie bv, GTI Marine & Offshore GTS Corporation (Acquired by Seisco Inc.) GTSC See: Gulf Technical & Safety Training Centre (GTSC) Guardian Chemicals, A Division of Skyline Products Ltd. See: Guardian Chemicals Inc. Guardian-Hycalog Oilfield Services See: Guardian Oilfield Services Gudim Corporation See: Gudim International Gufco Services Inc. See: G H - Gufco, Inc. Guiberson AVA See: Dresser Oil Tools, Guiberson AVA Guiberson Division, Dresser Industries, Inc. See: Dresser Oil Tools Guinn & Associates Engineers See: Guinn Resources Company Gulf Air, Inc. See: Transocean Airways, Inc. Gulf Australia Resources Limited See: Newfield Exploration Company Gulf Canada Limited See: Gulf Canada Resources, Inc. Gulf Canada Resources Limited (Acquired by CONOCO Inc.) Gulf Coast Catering Company See: Universal Ogden Services Gulf Coast Drilling & Exploration See: America Southwest Corp. Gulf Coast Inspection Company See: Gulf Coast Inspection of Lafayette Gulf Coast Inspection of Lafayette See: Oilfield Testers Inc. Gulf Coast Logging Service See: Gulf Coast Logging & Lay Down Service Gulf Coast Marine Divers Inc. See: American Oilfield Divers, Inc. Gulf Coast Pre-Mix Mud Service, Inc. See: Gufco Services Inc. Gulf Energy & Minerals Co. U.S. See: Gulf Oil Exploration & Production Co. Gulf Energy and Minerals - International See: Gulf Oil Exploration and Production Company Gulf Fleet Egypt, A Subsidiary of Tidewater Marine Inc. See: Tidewater Marine Egypt, A Subsidiary of Tidewater Marine Inc. Gulf Global Exploration Co. See: Gulf Energy and Minerals Co. International Gulf Marine Fabricators, Inc. See: Aker Gulf Marine Gulf Oil E & P Co. (Merged with Chevron USA Inc.) Gulf Oil Exploration and Production Co. (Merged with Chevron USA Inc.) Gulf Oil (U.K.) Limited See: Gulf Oil E&P Co. Gulf Oil Partners, Ltd. See: Gulf Capital Partners, Inc. Gulf States Analytical, Inc. See: Core Lab-Gulf States Analytical Gulf States, Inc. See: Encompass Industrial Services Southwest, Inc. Gulf States Tube Corp. See: Quanes - Gulf States Tube Div. Gulf Supply Inc. See: Industrial Piping Specialist Gulfport Shipbuilding See: Texas - Gulfport Shipbuilding Co. Gulfstream Resources, Inc. (Sold to Burlington Oil & Gas) Gulf-Wandes See: Plant Management Services Gulton Statham Transducers Div. See: Ametek-Gulton-Statham Products Gundle Lining Systems, Inc. See: GSE Lining Technology, Inc. Gungoll Exploration, Inc. See: Gungoll, Carl E., Exploration, Inc. Gungoll, Henry, Operating Inc. & Henry Gungoll Associates, L.L.C. See: Gungoll, Henry, Associates, L.L.C. Gunnison Drilling Company See: Mountain Air Drilling & Service Co. Gunsight Supply Company Inc. See: Holli-Tex Supply Company GUPCO See: Gulf Of Suez Petroleum Co. (GUPCO) Gusto B.V. See: Gusto MSC Guyline Anchor Service See: Oilfield Anchor Service GW Oil & Gas Inc. See: WEC Oil & Gas Inc. Gyro Petroleum Inc. See: Sunco, Inc.

Company Name Cross Reference 521 H

H & A Fluid Service See: H & A Hot Oil Service Haber Oil Company, Inc. See: Haber Resources Corp. Habia Cable SAB See: Habia Cable Svenska AB Hackathorn New Zealand Oil Ltd. See: Champion Ventures, Inc. Hadson Energy Resources Corporation (Now Apache Corporation) Haenni Instruments, Inc. See: Bourdon Haenni Instruments, Inc. Hager/Laboratories, Inc. See: Pace Inc. Hagglund Kenz B.V. See: Kenz B.V. Hagglunds Kenz Cranes B.V. See: Hagglunds Kenz B.V. Haile, Edward L., & Associates See: Haile & Associates, Inc. Haji Ahmad Brothers (Private) Ltd. See: MAQ International Hal Oilfield Pump & Equip (HALCO) See: Halco Oilfield Pump & Equipment Company Halbouty, Michel T. See: Halbouty, Estate of Michel T. HALCO See: Hal Oilfield Pump & Equip (HALCO) Hale Oilfield Products Company See: KF-Hale Products Company Haley B.V.-Offshore Services See: Offshore Marine Contractors bv Hall Southwest Corporation See: Groundwater Technology Inc. Hallador Exploration Company See: Hallador Production Company Hallador Petroleum, LLC See: Hallador Petroleum Company Hallador Production Company See: Hallador Petroleum Company Hall-Houston Oil Co. (Now Energy Partners, Ltd.) Halliburton Geodata Limited See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Geodata MWD See: Halliburton MWD Halliburton Geodata Services See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Logging Services, Inc. (Logging Services) See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Logging Services S.A. See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Measurement Systems See: Nuflo Technologies Canada Ltd. Halliburton MWD See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton NUS Environmental Corp. See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Reservoir Description Services See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Reservoir Services See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Resource Management See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Screens See: Halliburton Energy Services Screen Manufacturing Halliburton Services, A Division of Halliburton Oilfield Services (Norway) Inc. See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Services, a Halliburton Company See: Halliburton Energy Services Halliburton Subsea See: Subsea 7 Hallwood Energy Corporation/Hallwood Petroleum, Inc. (Now Pure Resources, Inc.) Halson Engineering See: G E-Halson Engineering Ham, Carl S., Well Service (Acquired by NL Well Service) Ham, Dredging and Marine Contractors (Merged with Ballast Ham Dredging bv) Hamilton Sundstrand Fluid Handling See: Sundyne Corporation Hamon, Jake L. See: Hamon Oil Company Hamworthy Belliss & Morcom Ltd. See: Gardner Denver Belliss & Morcom Ltd. Hamworthy Compressor Systems Ltd. See: Hamworthy Beliss & Norcom Ltd. Hamworthy KSE Group Ltd. See: Hamworthy Plc Hamworthy Marine Limited See: Hamworthy KSE Limited Hamworthy Pumps and Compressors Limited See: Hamworthy Marine Limited Hanco Drilling Co. Inc. See: Hanks, Norman, Drilling Co. Inc. Hancock Oilfield Interests See: Premium Valve Services Hand's Enterprises Inc. See: Trencor Enterprises Hanfler Smith Ltd. See: Hansler Smith Ltd. Hanley Exploration Inc. See: Hanley Petroleum Inc. Hanley Petroleum Inc. See: Hanley Exploration Inc. Hanover Canada Corporation See: Maloney Industries Hanover Compressor Company (Now under Hanover Company, The) Hanover Compression Ltd. (Now under Hanover Company, The) Hanover Energy, Inc. See: Hanover Compressor Company Hanover Oilfield Supply, Inc. See: Northern Drilling Equipment Co. Inc. Hanover Petroleum Corporation See: Total Petroleum Inc. Han-Padron Associates, LLP See: ABB Lummus Global Oil & Gas-Americas Hanson Minerals Company See: Hanson Production Company Hanson Oil Corporation See: Hanson Operating Co., Inc. Hanson Oil Corporation See: McBride Oil & Gas Corporation Hap Drilling Co. See: Payne Exploration Company Harben-Davis Oil & Gas See: Davis Partners Ltd. Harbinger BV See: Materiaal Metingen Europe BV Harbour Resources Corporation See: BP Production Company Harco Pacific Technologies See: Corrpro Asia Pte. Ltd. Harco Technologies, A Div. of Corrpro Companies Inc. (Now under Corrpro Companies Inc.) HarCor Energy, Inc. (Taken over by Seneca Resources) Harcor Exploration, Inc. See: Phoenix Operating Company Hard Suits, Inc. See: Ceanic Hard Suits Inc. Hard Suits Inc., A subsidiary of Stolt Offshore S.A. See: Oceanworks International Corp. Hardee T M S Canada Ltd. (Merged with Rig Service Equipment Ltd. Hardigg Cases See: Hardigg Industries Hardin Oil Enterprises See: Hardin Energy Inc., DBA Hardin Oil Enterprises Harding Lawson Associates See: Harding ESE, A Mactec Co. Harding Safety A/S See: Harding Watercraft A/S Harding & Shelton, Inc. See: Canaan Energy Corp. Harding Watercraft A/S See: Umoe Schat-Harding Hardy Oil & Gas Canada Ltd. (Bought out by Canadian Cometra) Hardy Oil & Gas USA Inc. See: Mariner Energy Inc. Harken Energy Corporation Now Gulf Energy Harken Exploration Company (HEX) See: Harken Energy Corporation (HEX) Harken Oil and Gas Incorporated See: Harken Energy Corporation Harland and Wolff PLC See: Harland and Wolff Holdings PLC Harms Bergung GmbH See: Smit International (Deutschland) GmbH Harper, G. Michael, Petroleum Engineering, Inc. See: Harper Petroleum Engineering, Inc. Harper Oil Company, Rocky Mountain Div. See: Midcon Central Exploration Co. Harper Petroleum Engineering, Inc. See: Harper & Associates, Inc. Harper Supply Co. See: Harper & Associates, Inc. Harrell Exploration Co. See: Carter Oil Harrell Exploration Co. See: Harrell Oil Company, LLC Harris Drilling Fluids, Inc. See: Harris Mud & Chemical, Inc. Harris Services, Inc. (Now Moncla Well Service, Inc.) Harris Specialty Chemicals, Inc. See: HSC II Harris Well Service, Inc. See: Harris Services, Inc. Harris-Bianchi-Hewitt See: H-B-H Exploration Harrisburg, Inc. See: Harrisburg/Woolley, Inc. Harrisburg/Woolley, Inc. See: National Oilwell Harrisburg/Woolley, Inc., Crestex Product Group See: Phoenix Energy Products, Inc. Harrison & Lazenby Inc. See: Lazenby & Associates, Inc. Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd. See: Stirling Shipping Company Ltd. Hart Engineering Co. Inc. See: Johnson and Pace Inc. Hartford Energy Corporation See: Alta Energy Corporation Harvey Offshore Services Limited See: Harvey-CSM Offshore Services Ltd. Harvey-CSM Offshore Services Limited See: A. Harvey & Company Limited Harvill's Drill Stem Testing, Inc. See: Drill Stem Testers Hastings Energy Corp. See: Western Oil & Gas Development, Inc. Hatenboer-Demi Maritime Water Treatment B.V. See: Hatenboer-Water Maritime Water Hawke America See: Hawke International Hawke Cable Glands Limited See: Hawke International Hawker Industries Ltd. See: Halifax Shipyards Division Hawkins Energy Corporation See: Equity Completion Service Corp. Hawkins Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Hawkins Petroleum, L.L.C. Hawkins Petroleum L.L.C. See: Hawkins Oil L.L.C. Hawthorne Oil & Gas Corp. (Bought by Patrick Petroleum Co.) Hayes Drilling Fluids Service, Inc. See: Turbo-Chem International, Inc. Haynes Mineral Associates LLP See: Haynes, Charles D., P.E. Hays Business Services See: Hays Information Management Hays Informatie Beheer B.V. See: Iron Mountain Nederland B.V. Hays IMS See: Iron Mountain, Inc. Hays - IMS/Hays Oil Data See: Iron Mountain, Inc./Oil Data Hays Information Management Inc. See: Hays IMS/Hays Oil Data Hayward Tyler Fluid Dynamics (HTFD) See: Hayward Tyler Engineered Products Ltd. Hazco Services, Inc. See: Total Safety/Hazco Services, Inc. Hazelaar Milieu B.V. See: Van Gansewinkel (Hazelaar Potze Milieu BV) HBB Inc. See: Provenance Petroleum Inc. HBD Industries, Inc. (Thermold) See: HBD/Thermold, Inc. - subsidiary of HBD Industries, Inc. HBG See: Hollandsche Beton Groep NV (HBG) HBG Steel Structures See: Bam Steel Structures H.B.W. Offshore See: H.B.G. Offshore H & C Colton Co. See: Colton Ltd. Liability Co. H&C Well Service Inc. See: Martex Well Services, Inc. HCI/Coastal Chemical Company, Inc. See: HCI/Coastal Chemical Co., LLC HCI/Coastal Chemical Co., LLC See: Coastal Chemical Co., LLC HCI Coastal Fluid Technologies, LLC See: Coastal Fluid Technologies, a Division of HCI Coastal Chemical Co., LLC HCSS See: Hoover Container Sales & Services (HCSS) HDS See: Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co. AS (HDS)

522 Company Name Cross Reference

HDSM See: Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co. (HDSM) Heartland Resources, Inc. See: TOR Energy, LLC Hebert, Leonard B., Jr., & Co. Inc. See: Professional Construction Services & Co. HEC See: Harken Energy Corporation (HEC) Heci Exploration Company See: Browning Oil Company, Inc. Heerema Group of Companies, The See: Heeremac V.O.F. (joint venture with McDermott) Heerema Holding Construction Inc. See: Heerema Offshore Construction Group Inc. Heerema Offshore Construction Group Inc. See: The Heerema Group of Companies Heerema Offshore Services U. S., Inc. See: The Heerema Group of Companies HeereMac V.O.F. (joint venture with McDermott) See: Heerema Marine Contractors Holding B.V. Hefner Corporation, The See: Hefner Company, Inc., The Held By Production Inc. See: Quintana Minerals Corporation Heli Union (Deutschland) GmbH See: Heli Unionair Fluggesellschaft mbh Heli-Air Helicopter Service GmbH See: Heli Union (Deutschland) Helikopter Service AS See: CHC Helikopter Service AS Heli-Lift, Inc. See: Air Logistics of Alabama, Inc. Helis, William G., Estate of See: Helis Oil & Gas Company, L.L.C. Helitask Disperant Systems See: Rotortech Limited Helmerich & Payne, Inc. See: Cimarex Energy Company Helvey, Jay See: Champion Sales Co. Hematite Petroleum Pty. Ltd. See: BHP Petroleum Pty. Ltd. Hemingway, Bartell & Associates See: Bartell Exploration Company Hempel's, J. C., Skibsfarve-Fabrik A/S Hempel's Marine Paints A/S See: Hempel's Marine Paints A/S (J.C. Hempel's Skibsfarve-Fabrik A/S) Hempel's Marine Paints A/S See: Hempel's, J. C., Skibsfarve-Fabrik A/S/Hempel's Marine Paints A/S Hempel's Marine Paints A/S (J.C. Hempel's Skibsfarue-Fabrik A/S) See: Hempel A/S (J.C. Hempel's Skibsfarue-Fabrik A/S) Henderson Clay Products Inc. See: Mustang Drilling, Inc. Henderson, Michael See: Henderson Oil & Gas Henkel Corporation See: GEO Specialty Chemicals Henley Drilling Company See: Nabors Loffland Drilling Company Henry Energy Corporation See: Kimco Energy Corporation Henry's Safety Supply Company/Safety Master Corporation See: Safety Master Corporation Henschel, Inc. See: L-3 Communications Henschel, Inc. HEP Systems Ltd. See: Qsine Corporation Limited HEPCO See: Hilender Exploration and Production Co. (HEPCO) Hercules Inc., Oil Field Products See: Aqualon Company Hercules Offshore Corporation See: Parker Drilling Hercules Petroleum Co. See: Glenn Enterprises Heritage Exploration & Production Company, The See: Hopoco Operating, Inc. Heritage Operating Company, Inc. See: Heritage Exploration & Production Company Heritage Resources, Inc. See: Heritage Standard Corporation Herlicq See: GTMH Hershey Oil Corporation (Merged with American Exploration Co.) Hester Tool Co. Inc. See: Horizon Tool & Mfg. Intl. Inc. HETI See: Hydro-Environmental Technologies, Inc. (HETI) Hewit & Dougherty See: H & D Operating Company Hewlett-Packard Convex Division See: Hewlett-Packard Company Convex Technology Center HEX See: Harken Exploration Company HEYCO See: Yates, Harvey E., Company (HEYCO) H&G See: Jacobs H&G Ltd. H&G Engineering See: Humphreys & Glasgow International, Inc.; H&G Process Contracting Ltd.; H&G Offshore Engr. Ltd. H & H Oil Tool Co. Inc. (Now Weatherford Intl. Inc.) H & H Pipe & Supply See: Jan Pipe & Supply H & H Rubber, Inc. See: Stewart & Stevenson, H & H Rubber H&H Star Energy, Inc. d/b/a PetroStar Energy See: Howard Energy Co., Inc. HHEC See: Hunt, Hassie, Expl. Co. (HHEC) HHI See: HyTEXplor Houston Inc. (HHI) (International E&P) HHO Ltd. See: Epic Energy, Inc. Hi Boy Oilfield Hauling Ltd. See: Speedy Heavy Hauling Hi Tech Wellhead Division See: National Wellhead Inc. Hi West Well Servicing Inc. Now Concord Well Servicing Inc. Hick Hargreaves & Co. Ltd. See: BOC Edwards - Hick Hargreaves Hickman Drlg Division of Unit Drlg Company See: Unit Drlg Co., Woodward Division Higgins Distributors, Inc. See: Higgins Supply, Inc. High Crest Oil, Inc. See: Tricentrol United States, Inc. High Plains Exploration Inc. See: Transcontinental Oil Corporation High Plains Natural Gas Co. See: West Texas Gas, Inc. Highfield Oil & Gas Ltd. (Merged into Clarion Petroleums Ltd.) Highland Components Limited See: Hydrasun Manufacturing Division Highland Pump Co. See: Highland, An EVI Company Highland Resources, Inc. See: HRI Resources, Inc. Highland/Corod Inc., Division of Energy Ventures Inc. See: Corod, An EVI Oil Tools Division Highridge Exploration Ltd. (Now Talisman Energy) Hilender Exploration and Production Co. (HEPCO) See: Integrated Oil & Gas of Houston, Inc. Hill Graham Controls Ltd. See: Asirobicon Ltd. Hill, J. Ed, Inc. See: Well Control, Inc. Hill, Ross, Controls Corporation See: Hill Hayes Companies Hill, Wm. B., Production Company See: Proforma Energy, Inc. Hillcrest Resources Ltd. (Taken over by Mack Resources, Inc.) Hiller Offshore Services Inc. See: Hiller, Herbert S., Corp. Hinton, Ross See: Impact Exploration Hinton, W. B., Drilling Company Inc. (Now Nicklos-Hinton Drilling Co. Inc.) HIP See: High Pressure Equipment Co. (HIP) Hiplains Drilling (A Division of EnServ Corp.) See: Geosearch Drilling (A Division of EnServ Corp.) Hirecheck, Inc. See: First Advantage Corporation HISPANOIL See: Hispanica de Petroleos S.A. (HISPANOIL) Hitco Inspection Inc. See: Imperial Inspection Inc. Hite, McNichol & Associates, Inc. See: Hite, McNichol & Lonquist, Inc. Hite, McNichols & Associates, Inc. See: Hite & Associates, Inc. Hite, McNichol & Lonquist, Inc. See: Hite, McNichol & Associates, Inc. Hite, Powers & Associates, Inc. See: Hite, McNichol & Associates, Inc. Hitec Systems and Controls Inc., A Div of National Oilwell See: Hydra Rig, A Division of National Oilwell HiTower Drilling See: Kenting HiTower Drilling, a Trimac Company Hitwell Survey Inc. See: Key Energy Surveys Hixon Development Co. See: Giant Exploration & Production Co. HK International Inc. See: Van Poollen, HK & Associates, Inc. H & K Oil Field Services, Inc. See: Crescent Exploration Company HLT, Inc. See: RLS Industries HLT - Isaacs See: HLT, Inc. H & M Operating, Inc. See: Pringle Resources, Inc. H & M Surveying Co. See: H & M Engineering Co. HMX Investments Inc./Big Wells Energy Corp. See: Big Wells Energy Corp./HMX Investments Inc. H. & N. Operating Company, Inc. See: New, David, Company, Inc. HNG Exploration Company See: Enron Exploration Company HNG Oil Company See: Enron Oil & Gas Co. Ho Dac Inc. See: Doh, C. A. Hobart Brothers Company See: Hobart/Miller Hobson Petroleum See: Pharis Petroleum Corporation HOC Operating Co., Inc. See: Halex Oil Corporation Hocol SA See: Companias Shell En Colombia Hoechst AG See: Clariant GmbH Hoechst Celanese Corp. See: KOSA Hoefle, R.C. See: Hoefle Oil Company Hoesch Rohr AG See: Mannesmannrohren-Werke AG Hogan Drilling Co., Inc. See: Hogan Exploration, Inc. Hogan Fluid Power, Inc. See: Haskel-Hogan Systems & Service Co, Inc Hogarth Safetywear Ltd. See: Specialist Clothing PLC Holcomb Oil Well Service, Inc. See: B & F Well Service, Inc. Hold Oil Corp. See: HCC Energy Corporation Holditch, S. A., Associates Inc. See: Holditch Reservoir Technologies Holditch-Reservoir Technologies See: Schlumberger Holditch-Reservoir Technologies Holec Holland N.V. See: Eaton Electric NV Holec Systemen En Componenten N.V. See: Holec Holland N.V./Holec Low Voltage B.V. Holiday Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. See: James Pipe & Supply Holland, John, Pty. Ltd. See: John Holland Pty. Ltd. Hollandsche Staalbouw Maatschappij See: HSM (Hollandsche Staalbouw Maatschappij) Hollo & Associates See: Sigma Energy Corporation Holmatro Industrial & Rescue Equipment See: Holmatro Industrial Equipment Homco International, Inc. See: Weatherford International, Inc. Home Energy Company Ltd. (Now Minora Resources NL) Home Oil of Canada Ltd. See: Home Oil (U.K.) Ltd. Home Oil Company Limited See: Anderson Exploration Ltd. Home Petroleum Corporation (Purchased by Presidio Exploration, Inc.)

Company Name Cross Reference 523

Home-Stake Oil & Gas Company, A Subsidiary of Cortez Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Cortez Operating Company, A Subsidiary of Cortez Oil & Gas, Inc. Home-Stake Production Co. See: Recovery Resources Corp. Home-Stake Royalty Corp., The See: Home-Stake Oil & Gas Company Honeywell Hydro Products See: Honeywell Advanced Marine Systems Honeywell Sensotec See: Honeywell Honeywell Skinner Valve See: Parker Hannifin Corp., Skinner Valve Division Honeywell, Skinner Valve Division See: Skinner Valve Div., Honeywell Inc. Hoover & Bracken Energies, Inc. See: Bracken Exploration Company Hoover Container Sales & Services See: Hoover Materials Handling Group Inc. HOPSCO Inc. See: Houma Oilfield Pump Svc. Co. Inc. (HOPSCO Inc.) Horizon Drilling Company See: Horizon Exploration Co. Horizon Products Division See: Grain Processing Corporation, Horizon Products Division Horizontal Ventures, Inc. See: Greka Energy Corporation Hornbeck Offshore Ltd. See: Tidewater Marine Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. See: Tidewater Marine Hornbeck-Leevac Offshore See: Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. Horne Subsea Ltd. (H.S.L.) (Subsea Projects) See: H.S.L. Ltd. Horton Oilfield Tech Inc. See: Baker Performance Chemicals Horwell See: Horizontal Well Technology (HORWELL) Hosking Helicopters, Inc. See: Hosking Wasatch Helicopters Hoskins, L. R., & Sons, Inc. See: Hoskins Petroleum Corporation HOTCO See: Hunt Oiltool Company (HOTCO) Houma Armature Works See: Houma Armature Works & Supply Houston Bagging & Blending Inc. See: Grinding & Sizing Co., Houston Plant Houston Contracting Company See: SEDCO Construction Division, Houston Contracting Company Houston Energy & Development, Inc. See: Houston Energy, Inc. Houston Energy Exchange, (Subsidiary of The Energy Exchange, Inc.) See: Energy Exchange, Inc. Houston Engineers, Inc. See: Smith Drilling and Completions Houston Engineers Houston Exploration Company, The Now Forest Oil Corp. Houston Fire & Safety Equipment See: Master Protection Corporation DBA Firemaster Houston Geophysical Products, Inc. (Now Geo Space) Houston Geoscan Inc. See: Energy Innovations-HGI, Ltd. Houston Natural Gas Producing Co. See: HNG Oil Company Houston Oil & Energy, Inc. See: Golden Triangle Royalty and Oil Houston Oil Fields Company See: Plains Resources Inc. Houston Oil & Minerals Corp. (Merged into Tenneco Oil Co.) Houston Oils Ltd. See: Bridger Petroleum Corp. Ltd. Houston Testing Services See: HTS, Inc. Consultants Houston Tong Services Inc. See: Casing Services & Equip., Inc., Houston Well Screen Company (Now a Weatherford Company) Hovercraft Hire, Sales & Marketing See: Griffon Hovercraft Ltd. Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG See: Ross Industrie GmbH Howden Fan Company, The See: Howden Buffalo Inc. Howden, James, & Co. Ltd. See: Wirth Howden Tunnelling and Drilling Howe-Baker Engineers, Ltd. See: CB&I Howe-Baker Howell Petroleum Corporation (Now Anadarko Petroleum Corporation) Howell & Sandlin, Inc. See: Howell Oil & Gas Inc. Hoyt Corporation See: Westport Environmental Systems HP Consulting See: The Norm Services Group HPC See: Hanson Production Company (HPC) HP FC Lelis N.V. See: Le Lis N.V. HPI See: High Pressure Integrity Inc. (HPI) H & R Well Service Inc. See: Hallmark Oil & Gas Co. HRS See: Halliburton Reservoir Services H & S Oil Company See: H & S Oil LLC HS Resources, Inc. (Merged with Kerr-McGee Corporation) HSI See: Hudson Services, Inc. (HSI) H.S.L. See: Horne Subsea Ltd. (Subsea Projects) (H.S.L.) HSM (Hollandsche Staalbouw Maatschappij bv) See: HBG Steel Structures HSM Offshore Fabrication Contr (Now HSM {Hollandsche Staalbouw Maatschappij}) HTC See: Hydril Company, Hydril Technology Center (HTC) HTC See: Hydril Company LP, Hydril Technology Center (HTC) HTFD See: Hayward Tyler Fluid Dynamics (HTFD) H-30 Drilling, Inc. See: H-40 Drilling, Inc. HTTI See: Hunting Tubular Threading, Inc (HTTI) HTV Off-Shore Module Design See: HTV Bouwtechniek B.V., Off-Shore Module Design Huber, J. M., Corp. See: Flow Control Equipment Corp. HUD See: Hongkong United Dockyards Limited (HUD) Hudbay Oil (Malacca Strait) Ltd. See: Lasmo Oil (Malacca Strait) Ltd. Hudson Engineering Corp. See: McDermott, J. Ray & Co., Inc. Hudson & Hudson Oil See: Hudson, W.A. & E.R., Inc. Hudson, W. A. & E. R., Inc. See: Hudson Oil Company of Texas Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas Co. Ltd. (Merged into Dome Petroleum) HUFFCO See: Huffington, Roy M., Inc. Huffco Group, Inc. See: Huffco Turkey, Inc. Huffco Petroleum Corporation (Purchased by Elf Aquitaine Oper., Inc.) Hughes Christensen Canada See: Hughes Christensen Company, A Baker Hughes Company Hughes Drilling Equipment Division See: BJ Machinery Hughes Drilling Fluids See: Milpark Drilling Fluids Hughes Eastern Corporation See: Hughes Eastern Petroleum, Inc. Hughes Enterprises See: Hughes, William M., Investments Hughes Offshore See: Hughes Drilling Equipment Hughes Production Tools, Brown and McMurry Products See: Baker/Hughes Corp., Baker Service Tools Div. Hughes Products (Pty.) Limited See: Baker Hughes Mining Tools (Pty) Ltd. Hughes Texas Petroleum Corp. See: Hughes, H. O. Hughes Texas Petroleum, Dan A. Hughes Company and Hughes Oil and Gas See: Hughes, Dan A., Company, Hughes Texas Petroleum and Hughes & Hughes Oil and Gas Hughes Tool Company, A Baker Hughes Tool Company See: Hughes Christensen Co., A Baker Hughes Co. HUILEX See: Huila Exploration Company (HUILEX) Humble Instruments & Services (Division of Humble Instruments & Services, Inc.) See: Humble Geochemical Services (Division of Humble Instruments & Services, Inc.) Humble Oil & Refining Co. See: Exxon Company, U. S. A. Hummingbird Safety Support Services Ltd. See: HHSL Safety Systems Ltd. Humphrey, Inc. (A Subsidiary of REMEC) See: Goodrich Corporation Humphrey Operations, Directional Surveying Equipment Division Humphreys & Glasgow Consultants Ltd. See: H&G Humphreys and Glasgow Ltd. See: H&G Engineering Humphreys, Howard, and Partners Limited See: Howard Humphreys and Partners Limited Hungarian Oil and Gas Company Ltd. See: Mol Hungarian Oil and Gas Co. B.V.Ltd. Hungarian Oil and Gas Trust See: Orszagos Koolaj Es Gazipari Tr (OKGT) Hunsaker & Associates Riverside/San Bernadino, Inc. See: Hunsaker & Associates Irvine Inc. Hunt Energy Corporation See: Petro-Hunt Corporation Hunt Engine Division, Geosource Inc. See: Power Systems Division, Geosource Inc. Hunt, K. F., Contractors Inc. See: T & T Construction Hunt Overseas Oil, Inc. See: Hunt Oil Co. Hunt, Robert W., Co. See: U. S. Laboratories, Inc. Hunt, Wm. W., Oilfield Contr., Inc. See: Hunt Contractors, Inc. Hunting Interlock See: Hunting Oilfield Services Hunting Martec Crane Services, Inc. See: Martec Crane Services, Inc. Hunting Oilfield Services See: Hunting Energy Services L.P. Hunting Oilfield Services See: Hunting MCS Hunting Oilfield Services Limited See: Oil States Industries (UK) Ltd. Hunting Petrotube See: Hunting Oilfield Services Hunting Technical Services Limited See: HTS Development Ltd. Hunting Tubular Threading, Inc. (Now under Hunting Oilfield Services) Huntingdon Engineering & Environmental, Inc. See: Maxim Technologies, Inc. Huntington Alloys See: INCO Alloys International, Inc. (Huntington Alloys) Huntly Equipment Rental Limited See: H.E.R. Group Ltd. Husk-Itt Corporation See: Huskey Specialty Lubricants (Husk-Itt Corp.) Husky Drilling Co. Inc. See: Cougar Drilling Co. Inc. Husky Oil International Company Ltd. See: Husky Energy Inc. Husky Oil International Corp. See: Husky Oil International Company Ltd. Husky Oil Limited See: Husky Energy Inc. Husseini, Dr. Moujahed I. See: Gulf Petrolink Huthnance Division, Grace Offshore Co. See: Falcon Drilling Company, Inc., Offshore Division Huthnance Drilling Company See: Huthnance Offshore Corp. Huthnance Offshore Corporation (Merged with Huthnance Intl. Inc.) HV Marine/Leevac-Hornbeck Offshore See: Leevac-Hornbeck Offshore H & W Drilling, Inc. See: Welch & Howell Drilling, Inc. HWC See: Hydraulic Well Control, LLC (HWC) HWI See: Hydraulic Workover, Inc.

524 Company Name Cross Reference

Hyalog Oilfield Services Ltd. See: Guardian-Hyalog Oilfield Servs. Inc. Hycalog See: NL Hycalog IBRAVE-Masoneilan Valv. Equip. Ltda. See: Masoneilan Valvulas E Equipamentos Ltda. I-C Inc. See: Best Industries, Inc. Icarus Corporation See: Aspen Technology, Inc. ICF Resources Incorporated See: ICF International ICG Resources Ltd. See: Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Corp I.C.I. See: Industrial Cleanup, Inc. (I.C.I.) ICI Americas Inc., Specialty Chemicals See: Uniqema, Business Unit of ICI ICI (Offshore) See: Imperial Chemical Industries, Inc. ICI Paints See: Devoe Coatings I.C.I. Tracero See: Synetix Services ICI-Devoe Coatings See: ICI Paints - Devoe Coatings ICO, Inc. (Now Tuboscope, a Varco Co.) ICO Superior Inspection, A Division of ICO Canada, Inc. See: Superior Inspection, A Varco Co. ICSEP See: International Center for the Solution of Environmental Problem (ICSEP) IDC, Inc. See: International Development Corp. IDDTC See: International Drilling and Downhole Technology Centre (IDDTC) IDF See: International Drilling Fluids (IDF) IDL See: Integrated Drilling & Logging, Inc. IDL, Inc. See: IDL Technologies, Inc. IDL Technologies, Inc. See: Ryan Energy Technologies U.S.A. IDP See: Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps (IDP) IDPC See: Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Canada Inc. (IDPC) IDS Engineering D.B.A. Englobal Engineering, Inc. See: Englobal Engineering, Inc. IEOC Co. Inc. See: IEOC Production B.V. IES See: International Enviroguard Systems (IES) IESL See: International Energy Services Ltd. (IESL) IFP See: Institut Francais Du Petrole (IFP) IGC See: Integrated Geophysics Corporation IGIRGI See: Institute of Geology and Exploitation of Combustible Fuels (IGIRGI) IGW Surveys Ltd. See: Oceonics (Asia-Pacific) Ltd. IHC Foundation Equipment B.V. See: IHC Hydrohammer B.V. IHC Gusto Engineering B.V. See: Gusto B.V. IHC Gusto Engineering B. V. See: RSV Gusto Engineering B. V. IHC Gusto Staalbouw BV See: IHC Gusto B.V. IHC Hydrohammer B.V. See: IHC Foundation Equipment B.V. IHI See: Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (IHI) IHRDC See: International Human Resources Development Corporation (IHRDC) IHS Accumap Ltd. See: IHS Energy IHS Energy Group See: IHS Inc. IHS Energy Group/PI (ERICO) Limited See: IHS Energy/Sub Surface Group - in Consultants & IHS Energy/Data Services Group in Data Processing IHS Group See: IHS Energy Group IIAPC/Diamond Shamrock International Petroleum Company See: IIAPCO/Maxus Energy Corporation IIAPCO/Maxus Energy Corporation See: Maxus Southeast Sumatra, Inc. & Maxus Aru, Inc. IIT Research Institute See: Westport Technology Center International (WICI) Ikoda Limited See: Troy-Ikoda Limited Ikon Geoscience Ltd. See: Ikoda Ltd. IKU Continental Shelf and Petroleum Technology Research Institute See: IKU Petroleum Research Iku Petroleum Research See: Sintef Petroleum Research Illation, Inc. See: Keane, Inc. Ilsung Engineering Co., Ltd. See: Ilsung Corporation Ilva Dalmine, Inc. See: Ilva America, Inc. Ilva Dalmine Inc. See: Ilva USA Inc. Ilva Pipe See: Ilva America, Inc. Ilva U.S.A., Inc. See: Ilva Dalmine, Inc. Imaging Systems Group, Inc, The See: ISYS- The Imaging Systems Group Inc. IMCA See: IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association, The) IMCO Services, A Division of Halliburton Co. (Merged with M-I Drilling Fluids) IMEG See: International Management and Engineering Group Limited (IMEG) IMI Engineering Company See: Sundowner Offshore IMINOCO See: Iranian Marine International Oil Co. (IMINOCO) IMO Industries Inc., IMO Pump Division See: IMO Pump IMODCO See: SBM-IMODCO Impalloy Limited See: Pasminco Europe Impalloy Limited Imperial Energy Corp. See: Titan Energy Corp. Imperial Helicopters, Inc. See: Imperial International, Inc. Imperial International, Inc. See: Air Care, Inc. Imperial Oil Company of California See: Imperial Oil Company Imperial Oil Limited See: Esso Resources Canada Limited Imperial Oil Resources Limited (Now Imperial Oil Limited) Imperial Rubber Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of Imperial Rubber & Urethane Co.) See: Imperial Rubber Co. Ltd. & Urethane Corporation Imperial Rubber & Urethane Corporation See: Simrit Freudenberg Improved Petroleum Recovery, Inc. See: IPR Group of Companies, The IMS See: Industrial Maintenance Systems, Inc. (IMS) INA Bearing Company, Inc. See: INA USA Corporation Inchcape Shipping Services (Dodwell and Co. Ltd.) See: Inchcape Shipping Services/ Inchcape Shipping Services (Europe) Ltd. Inchcape Shipping Services (Japan) Ltd. See: Inchcape Shipping Services Inchcape Shipping Services (S) Pte. Ltd. See: Inchcape Shipping Services Inchcape Testing Services See: Intertek Testing Services Environmental Laboratory Inchcape Testing Services/NDRC Laboratories Inc. See: Inchcape Testing Services/ Environmental Laboratories Inc. Inco Alloys International, Inc. See: Special Metals Incon Niet Destructief Onderzoek B.V. See: BIB-Incon Quality Services BV INDEIN See: Ingenieria Y Desarrollo Industrial S.A. (INDEIN) Independent Indonesian American Pet. Co. See: IIAPCO Indevco See: Pemsa Indian Oil Company See: Canaan Energy

Hycalog, A Camco Drilling Group Co.

See: Reed-Hycalog, A Division of Schlumberger Hycalog/Drilling & Service See: Hycalog Hycom Oilhydraulics B.V. See: Hycom BV Hyde Products, Inc. See: Hyde Marine, Inc. Hydra Fluids, Inc. See: Newpark Drilling Fluids, Inc. Hydra Rig Inc. See: Hydra Rig NOV Hydracon Company See: OceanTec Hydrasun Limited See: Hydrasun Manufacturing Div. Hydratight Sweeney See: Hydratight Hydraudyne Systems & Engineering BV See: Mannesmann Rexroth Hydraudyne S&E Hydraudyne Systems & Engineering B.V. See: Rexroth Hydraudyne B.V. Hydraulik Brattvaag A/S See: A/S Hydraulik Brattvaag Hydresun Instrumentation Division Valves & Controls Scotland Ltd. See: Hydresun Limited Hydro Gas and Chemicals Ltd. See: Hydro Formates Hydro Products See: Honeywell Products Hydro Search, Inc. See: Tetra Tech EM Inc. Hydro Services See: HydroChem Industrial Services, Inc. Hydro Vision Int'l Inc. See: Simrad Osprey Hydrocarbon Management, Inc. See: Alegre Energy, Inc. Hydrocarbon Technical Services Inc. See: Hy-Tech Drilling Fluids Hydrocarbon Technology Engineering Inc. See: H T Engineering, Inc. Hydrocarbons (Great Britain) Ltd. See: British Gas Corporation Hydrolex Inc. (Bought out by Tuboscope) Hydromation Belgium See: Mann & Hummel Hydromation N.V. Hydro-Services, Inc. See: Tractor Hydro-Services, Inc. Hydrostatic Oilfield Tools Testing, Inc. See: Hydrostatic Oilfield Testing Inc. HydroTech Hughes, Inc. See: Hughes Offshore HydroTech International Inc. See: Hydrotech-Hughes, Inc. Hydrotechnica Ltd. See: Simon Hydrotechnica Ltd. Hydrovision Ltd. See: SMD Hydrovision Hydrowa BV Eaton Fluid Power See: Eaton Industries B.V. (Hydrowa) Hydrox Minox A/S See: Minox Technology A.S. HYE See: High Plains Energy Inc. (HYE) Hyperlast Limited See: Dow Hyperlast Hyprotech Ltd. See: AEA Technology-Hyprotech Hyprotech Ltd. See: Aspen Technology, Inc. Hytrex Div., Osmonics, Inc. See: Osmonics, Inc. Hytrex Filter Div., Osmonics, Inc. See: Osmonics HZOD See: HZ Ocean Dev. Co., Ltd. (HZOD)


IADC See: International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) IADC-AC See: International Association of Drilling Contractors - Australasian Chapter (IADC-AC) IAT See: PT Indonesia Air Transport (IAT) Iberia Threading, Inc. (Now part of Hunting Group) IBRAVE-Inds. Bras. De Valv E Equipts. Ltda. See: IBRAVE-Masoneilan Valv. Equip. Ltda.

Company Name Cross Reference 525

Indonesia Petroleum, Ltd. (INPEX) See: Inpex Corporation Indo-Pacific Energy Corp. (Now Indo-Pacific Energy Ltd.) Indo-Pacific Energy Ltd. See: Austral Pacific Energy Ltd. INDREX See: Integrated Drilling and Exploration Inc. (INDREX) Inds. Bras. De Valv. E Equipts. Ltda. See: IBRAVE Indurall Coatings Inc. See: Induron Coatings, Inc. Industrial Air & Hydraulics, Inc. See: Air-Dreco/Industrial Air & Hydraulics, Inc. Industrial Control Services, Inc. See: ICS Triplex Industrial Environmental Coatings Corp. See: Enviroline Group Industrial Information Resources, Inc. See: Industrial Scientific Inc. See: Miller Instrumentation Inc. Industrial Supply Company of La., Inc. See: Industrial Equipment & Engr., Inc. Industrial Systems, Inc., A Div. of Aspen Technology, Inc. (ISI) See: Aspen Technology, Inc. Manufacturing Systems Div. Infilco Degrement Inc. See: ONDEO Degremont Inc. Information Resources, Inc. See: Coopers & Lybrand - IRI Energy Systems & Services Division Inframetrics, Inc. See: Flir Systems Inc. Ingalls Shipbuilding See: Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Ingenior Chr. F. Groner A.S. See: Groner AS Ingenior Thor Furuholmen, A/S See: Norwegian Contractors Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Canada Inc. (IDPC) See: Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps (IDP) Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company (Purchased by Flowserve Inc.) Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps Ltd. See: Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps (UK) Ltd Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps (UK) Ltd. See: Floserve Limited Ingersoll-Rand, Benelux NV See: Ingersoll-Rand European Sales Ltd. Ingersoll-Rand Compression Services See: Dresser-Rand Compression Services Ingersoll-Rand Nederland See: Ingersoll-Rand Benelux NV Ingersoll-Rand Oilfield Products Company See: IRI International Ingram Cactus Company See: Cameron, a division of Cooper Cameron Corporation Inland Crude Purchasing Corporation See: Slawson Exploration Company, Inc. Inland Gas Co., Inc., The See: Columbia Energy Service, Inc., The Inland Well Service Inc.- Abbeville, La. (Acquired by NL Well Service) INOC See: Israel National Oil Co. Ltd. (INOC) Inotek Technologies Corp. See: Davis Inotek Instruments INPC See: Irish National Petroleum Corporation, Limited (INPC) INPEX See: Indonesia Petroleum, Ltd. (INPEX) Insituform Gulf South, Inc. See: Insituform Technologies, Inc. Inspec Belgium N.V. See: INEOS N.V. In-Spec Manpower & Inspection Services Limited See: MacGregor Energy Services Ltd. Inspectorate OIS See: In-Spec Manpower & Inspection Services Ltd. Inspectorate OIS Ltd., Services Division See: TSE Services Ltd. Inspectorate OIS PLC See: OIS PLC Oilfield Division Institut Francais Du Petrole (IFP) See: IFP (Institut Francais Du Petrole) Institute of Gas Technology See: Gas Technology Institute Instrumentation Systems Ltd. See: I S L Insumat Limited See: Darchem Engineering Limited Intairdril Ltd. See: Pool-Intairdril Intco, Inc. See: Ma-Mal Houma, Inc. Integrated Drilling & Exploration, Inc. See: INDREX, Inc. Integrated Drilling and Exploration Inc. (INDREX) See: Quarles Drilling Corporation Integrated Drilling and Logging, Inc. See: IDL, Inc. Integrated Power Systems Corporation (Now part of National Oilwell) Integrated Technologies See: Western Atlas Software Integriti Solutions (Now Intercorr International) Inteltra Consultants See: Gas Resources Corporation Intera See: Intera Information Technologies Limited Intera Inc. See: Duke Engineering & Services Intera Information Technologies Inc. See: Geoquest Reservoir Tech Intera Information Technologies Limited See: QuantiSci Limited Intera Technologies, Ltd. See: Intera Information Technologies Corp. Intera West See: Intera Inc. INTERA-ECL Petroleum Technology See: ECL Petroleum Technologies Inc. Interbio (Purchased by Novozymes Biological) Interbio, Inc. (Now International BioChemicals Group) Intercoastal Oil & Gas Company See: KCS Medallion Resources, Inc. Intercoastal Operating Company See: IOC Exploration, Inc. Interconnect Telecommunications See: Interconnect Corp. Intercorr International Inc. See: Honeywell international Inc. Interlake Development Corp. See: International Interlake Industries Inc. Interlock Technologies Corporation See: Hunting Interlock Inc. Intermountain Dataline Inc. See: Wireline Technologies Inc. Inter-Mountain Threading Inc. See: Inter-Mountain Pipe & Threading Inc. International Air Drilling Co. See: Intairdril Limited International Association of Underwater Engineering Contractors, The See: AODC- International Association of Underwater Engineering Contractors, The International Atlantis Resources Ltd. See: Atlantis Resources Ltd. International Biochemicals See: Inter Bio International Biostratiographers Inc. See: National Petrographic Services Inc. International Center For The Solution of Environmental Problems See: ICSEP (International Center For The Solution of Environmental Problems) International Centrifuge Co. See: Mud Properties Control, Inc. International Construction Equipment BV See: ICE BV International Development Corp. See: Moore, C. W., Inc. International Drilling Co. BV See: The Offshore Company International Drilling Co. Ltd. See: Sonat Offshore Ltd. International Drilling Co. (Nigeria) Ltd. See: The Offshore Company International Drilling and Downhole Technology Centre (IDDTC) See: Downhole Technology Ltd. (Div. of Wellserv) International Drilling Fluids Inc. (IDF) See: Dowell Schlumberger, Inc. International Energy Development Corp. of Australia Pty. Ltd. (IEDC Australia) See: Kufpec Australia Pty. Ltd. International Energy Systems Corp. See: International Energy Systems (1983) Ltd. International Engineering Co., Inc. See: Morrison-Knudsen Engineers, Inc. International Enviroguard Systems (IES) (Now Exhorbet Industries) International Hammer Services Co. See: Patterson Services, Inc. International Loss Control Institute See: DNV Loss Control Management International Management and Engineering Group Limited (IMEG) See: IMEG International Marine Contractors Association, The See: IMCA - International Marine Contractors Association, The International Oilfield Services A/S See: I.O.S. Desco A/S International Oils Exploration NL See: International Oil Limited International Paint Co., Protective Coatings Division See: Porter International, Protective Coatings Division International Paint/Courtaulds Coatings See: International Protective Coatings (Aberdeen) International Paint Heavy Duty Division (IPHDC) See: International Protective Coatings International Petrodata Ltd. Now under HIS Energy Group International Petroleum (Colombia) Ltd. (INTERCOL) See: Esso Colombiana Limited (ESSOCOL) International Petroleum Corporation See: Lundin Oil AB International Petroleum Service Co. See: IPSCO Drilling International Petrology Research See: Reservoir Consulting, Inc. International Process Services Inc. See: IPSI LLC International Protective Coatings See: International Paint, Inc. International Radiography & Inspection Services (1976) Ltd. See: IRISNDT Corp. International Reef Resources Ltd. See: UTS Energy Corporation International Rig Operators See: Siem Group International Sea Equipment Fabricators See: I.S.E.F. International SOS Assistance Philippines, Inc. See: AEA International SOS Assistance International Southwest Sling, Inc. See: Bridon-International Southwest Sling, Inc. International Technology Corporation (IT) See: IT Corporation International Technology Limited See: ITECH, Inc. International Tool Co., Inc. See: International Tool Co., Ltd. International Tool & Supply Co., Inc. See: ENSCO Tool & Supply Co., Inc. International Transport ContractorsHolland B.V. See: International Transport Contractors Management B.V. International Transport & Logistics (ITL) See: Euro-Baltic Lines USA, Inc. International Underwater Contractors, Inc. (IUC) See: Inspectronic Corporation International Utilities Oil & Gas, Inc. See: IU International Oil & Gas, Inc. International Video Distributors See: Meyer Group, The International Well Conrol See: Boots & Coots Services International/Courtaulds Coatings (Now International Protective Coatings) Interprovincial Steel & Pipe Corp. See: IPSCO Steel, Inc. Intersearch Gas Corp. See: Integrated Services, Inc. Intersite Surveys bv See: Oceonics Intersite bv Interstate Oil Limited See: IOL Petroleum Limited Intertech Geophysical, Inc. See: Relucent Exploration Tech Inc. Intertech Oil Co. See: Intertech Research & Development Intertech Research & Development See: Intertech Geophysical, Inc. Intervect USA, Inc. See: Alimak Hek, Inc. Intevep, S.A. See: PDVSA - Intevep, S.A. Intrepid Mining Corporation See: Intrepid Oil & Gas LLC Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation (Now Inuvialuit Energy Inc.) Invalco, subsidiary of Smith Meter Inc. See: FMC Invalco Inc.

526 Company Name Cross Reference

Invensys (Foxboro Division) See: Invensys Process Systems (Foxboro Division) Invent Energy Limited, A wholly owned subsidiary of Invent Energy Holdings p.l.c. See: Triton Energy Limited, A wholly owned subsidiary of Triton Europe plc Invent Incorporated See: Triton Oil & Gas Corporation Inverness Petroleum Ltd. See: Rigel Energy Corp. Invicitus Oil & Gas See: Macquarie Resources Corp. IOC Exploration, Inc. See: IOC Production Co. IOCS See: Industrial & Offshore Computer Services Pte. Ltd. (IOCS) IOCT Inc. See: Iberia Threading, Inc. Ionics Instrument Business Group See: GE Analytical Instruments IOS See: International Oilfield Services (IOS) I.O.S. Desco A/S (Now Scann I.O.S. Desco A/S) IP Constructors Ltd. See: Kvaerner Process Systems Inc. IP Petroleum Co., Inc. (Sold to Pure Resources) IPA See: Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) IPAA See: Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) IPC See: Independent Project Consultancy Holland (IPC) Ipcomarine Ltd. See: P.T. Indhasana IPHDC See: International Paint Heavy Duty Division (IPHDC) IPS See: Integrated Production Services (IPS) (Waller) IPSCO Drilling (Bought by Union Drilling) Ipsco Steel Inc. See: Ipsco Tubulars Inc. Iraq-State Organization for Minerals See: State Organization for Minerals (Iraq) IRI International (Now National Oilwell) IRI International Corporation, Cardwell Division (Now under National Oilwell) IRI International Corporation, Downhole Products Group (Now National Oilwell) Irish National Petroleum Corporation Limited (INPC) See: Irish Petroleum Company Limited Ironite Products Co. (Sold to MI Drilling Fluids) Isco, Inc. See: Teledyne Isco, Inc. ISE See: International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) I.S.E.F. See: Frabeco N.V. Isern Petroleum Company See: Isern-Schultz Oil & Gas, Inc. Isern-Schultz Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Bolding, Grady, Corporation ISHIBRAS See: Ishikawajima Do BrasilEstaieiros S.A. (ISHIBRAS) ISI See: Industrial Systems, Inc., A Division of Aspen Technology, Inc. (ISI) ISI See: Instrument Service Inc. (ISI) ISI-Moody International (Listed under Moody International) IT See: International Technology Corporation (IT) IT Corporation (Now Shaw E&I) Italcantieri S.P.A. See: Fincantieri, Cantieri Navali Italiani SPA ITEC Oil Company Ltd. See: ITEC International Ltd. Itech, Inc. See: Geonex Itech, Inc. I.T.G. See: International Tectostrat Geoconsultants B.V. (I.T.G.) ITL See: Information Technologists Ltd.(ITL) ITL See: International Transport & Logistics (ITL) ITM Procurement Contractors Limited See: Global Material Services Ltd. Itoh, C., & Co., Ltd. Energy Group See: C. Itoh & Co., Ltd. Energy Group Itronix Corporation See: General Dynamics Itronix Corporation ITT Barton Instruments See: Barton Instrument Systems, Ltd. ITT General Controls See: ITT Fluid Products Canada ITT Grinnell See: Grinnell Corporation ITT Hildebrandt See: Barton Instrument Systems ITT Snyder See: Barton Instrument Systems ITW/CWC Industrial Products See: ITW Philadelphia Resins IUC See: International Underwater Contractors, Inc. (IUC) I.V. Mfg. Co. Inc. See: NPS Corporation Iv-Consult b.v. See: Iv-Oil & Gas b.v. I. W. Industries, Inc. See: Master Builders Technologies IWL Communications, Inc. See: CAPROCK Ixsea Ltd. See: Ixsurvey Ltd. Ixthus Energy Corporation See: Grasen Energy, Inc. Jay-Lin Enterprises, Inc. See: Borero Enterprises, Inc. J-B Exploration, Inc. See: J B J Oil, Inc. J B J Oil, Inc. See: Bonco Inc. JC International Petroleum Ltd. See: Battlecreek Development Ltd. JCS See: Kazakhstancaspishelf OJSC (JCS) J & D Resources, Inc. See: U S A Resources, Inc. Jeavons Engineering Ltd. See: Elster Jeavons Ltd. Jebsens Drilling plc See: Midland & Scottish Resources PLC Jeffries, R. L., Trucking Company See: Oliver Transportation Jem Petroleum Corporation (Now a wholly owned sub. of Patrick Petroleum Co.) Jenkins, Robert, Systems Limited See: Read Systems Ltd. Jenkins-Ray Supply Inc. See: Maggard Supply Co., Inc. Jennings Petroleum Corporation See: Enveron Corp. Jensen Bros. Mfg. Co. Inc. See: Jensen Oilfield Equipment Jensen Oilfield Equipment Now Jensen International Inc. Jerguson Gage & Valvew Company (Now Clark Reliance) Jerry's Service & Quick Test See: Quick Test Jet Bailer Pump & Supply Co. See: Jet Bailer Supply Co. Jet Drilling Company, Inc. See: Transcontinental Drilling Co., Inc., Jet Div. Jet Perforators Inc. See: Norjet Geotechnologies, Inc. Jet Research Center, Inc. See: Halliburton Energy Services Jetco Chemicals International Inc. See: Corsicana Technologies, Inc. JFL Communications, a Division of Sola Communications, Inc. See: Sola Satellite Services JFP Energy, Inc. See: JFP Offshore, Inc. JFP Offshore, Inc. See: JFP Drilling Company, Inc. J. F. P. Well Service, Inc. See: J F P Energy, Inc. J.G.G. Services/Sasakura See: SASAKURA JHL Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Liedkte Operating Corporation JINICO See: Jabpract Mining and Industrial Corporation (JINICO) JL Offshore Drilling A/S See: Lauritzen Offshore Drilling A/S JLP Drilling Inc. See: Jerry L. Phillips Oil & Ind. Supply J & M Oilfield Supply Inc. See: Montgomery Machine, Inc. J & M Well Service Inc./Remco Services, Inc. See: Remco Services, Inc. JN Exploration & Production, Inc. See: Bloomer & Associates JNB Exploration Company See: Apex Energy Company JODCO See: Japan Oil Development Co., Ltd. (JODCO) JOGMEC See: Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) Johanson Pump & Supply See: La Vernia Pump & Supply John Brown Engineers & Constructors Ltd. See: Kvaerner John Brown John Crane Lips See: Wartsila Propulsion Johnson & Associates Inc. See: Johnson, Harry L., & Associates, Inc. Johnson Distributing Truck Equipment See: Johnson Distributing Equipment Johnson Filtration Systems (Aust) Pty. Ltd. See: USF Johnson Screens Johnson, F. T., Jr. See: Johnson & Ernst Operating Co. Johnson, Harry L., & Associates Inc. See: E.L.S. Surveying & Mapping Inc./ Harry L. Johnson & Associates Inc. Johnson Hot Oil Inc. See: Jimmy's Hot Oil Service



J Oil Field Service Inc. See: ML Pipe Service J.A.C.K. Scot Equipment Hire Ltd. See: Scoteca International Services Ltd. Jackson Air Center Inc. See: Mercury Air Center Jacobi-Johnson Energy, Inc. See: Exco Resources Inc. Jacobs, Mylon C., Supply Company (Now part of Red Man Pipe & Supply) Jacobson Brothers, Inc. See: Pirelli Jacobson, Inc. JACOS See: Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd. (JACOS) Jalapeno Corporation See: Jalapeno Holdings Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) Jalapeno Holdings, Inc. See: Jalapeno Corporation Jalite U.K. Limited See: Jalite PLC James Clem Corp. See: Claymax Corp. James Laboratories Inc. See: Sherry Laboratories-Louisiana James, T. L., Company & Inc., Oil & Gas Div See: St. Mary Land & Exploration Company Jamesbury Corp. See: Neles-Jamesbury Neles OY Jan Pipe & Supply See: Jan Oil Company Jani International Inc. See: Canadian Tool Master, Ltd. Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited See: JAE Electronics, Inc. Japan National Oil Corporation See: Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation Japex See: Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX) Japex Canada Ltd. See: Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited Jardine Fearnley Offshore Operations See: Diamond Dragon Drilling N. V. Jardine Offshore Contractors Inc. See: Jardine Offshore Pte. Ltd. Jason Geosystems bv See: Fugro-Jason Netherlands BV Jasper Oil Co. See: Sun Coast Resources, Inc. Jay Jay Well Service See: Jay Jay Well Service-Schlumberger Jay Jay Well Service Schlumberger See: Schlumberger Technology Corp.

Company Name Cross Reference 527

Johnston Pump/General Valve Inc. See: General Valve Company Jolley Well Service, Inc. See: B & F Well Service, Inc. Jones, A. V., & Sons See: Jones Company, Ltd. Jones Company, Ltd. & Jones-Tucker Corporation (General Partner) See: Van Operating, Ltd. Jones Drilling Corporation (Sold to Patterson Drilling) Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. See: JTV Steel Company Jones, Loyd, Fishing & Rental Tools See: T&J Energy LLC Jones, Loyd, Tool Rentals & Trucking See: Jones, Loyd, Fishing & Rental Tools Jones and Neuse, Inc. See: RMT, Inc. Jones Oilfield Service, Inc. See: Jones Services, Inc. Jordan Drilling Fluids, Inc. See: Anchor Drilling Fluids USA, Inc. Jordan, Morrison & Associates, Inc. See: Jordan, James R. Jordan Oil & Gas Company See: JOG Corp. (Jordan Oil & Gas Co.) Jordan Petroleum Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Royalty Corporation (Now Reserve Royalty Corporation) Josey Oil Company & Lenoir M. Josey, Incorporated See: Josey, Lenoir M., Inc. Joss Energy Ltd. See: Startech Energy, Inc. Jotun Cathodic Protection A.S. See: Skarpenord Corrosion a.s. Jovan Engineers (Private Company) See: Daryagaran (Private Company) Joy Manufacturing Company, Foster Div. See: Baash-Ross Div., Cooper Industries, Inc. Joy Oil Tools See: Joy Petroleum Equipment Joy Petroleum Equipment Company See: Larkin Division, Cooper Industries & W-K-M, Cooper Industries JP Production Accessories See: Johnson-Fagg - Production Accessories J P F Lease Service Inc. See: Key Energy Service, Inc., (Gulf Coast Division) JPF Well Service Inc. See: Key Energy Services, Inc., (Gulf Coast Division) JPS See: Jet Production Systems (JPS) J & R Petroleum Inc. See: Western Reserves Corporation J R C Oil Company Inc. (Sold to Snyder Oil) JR's Rat Hole Drilling, Inc. See: Weder Services JRV Services Inc. See: Power Comm Inc. J & S Operating Co., Inc. See: Coastal Pipeline Company, Inc. JSC See: Kazakhstancaspishelf OJSC (JSC) JSN Corporation See: JSB Corporation J T Oilfield Services See: J T Services J T Services See: J T Oilfield Services JTH See: JTH Resources, LLC Judd Valve Company, Inc. See: Hamer-Judd International Juggernaut Resources Ltd. See: Benson Petroleum Ltd. Juna Oil & Gas Co., Inc. See: Inland Gas Corp. Juniper Petroleum Corporation (Merged into Damson Oil Corp.) Justice, Vernon R., Oilfield Water Service See: Justice Oilfield Water Service, Inc. JVH Petroleum, Inc. See: SVH Petroleum, Inc. J and W Services & Equipment (Purchased by Cooper Cameron) Kajan Specialty Company See: Dotco Fishing Tools Kaman Electromagnetic Corp. See: DRS Electric Power Tech. Inc. Kamewa Finland Ltd. See: Rolls-Royce OY Ab Kane Energy Corporation See: American Fuels & Energy Corporation Kaneb Exploration, Inc. See: Kaneb Services, Inc. Kaneb Oil & Gas Co. See: Kaneb Operating Co., Ltd. Kaneb Operating Co., Ltd. See: Kaneb Exploration, Inc. Kaneb Services, Inc. See: Xanser Corp. Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Co., Inc. See: K N Energy, Inc. Kappa Energy Company Inc. See: Vanguard Oil Corporation Kappa Resources (UK) Limited See: Kappa Energy Company Inc. Kartawijaya, Richard (Now PT Berca Hardayaperkasa) Kasing Protectors Inc. See: Composite Thread Protectors Inc. Kathol Petroleum, Inc. See: Indian Wells Oil Company Kauffman and Weinberger Inc. See: Kauffman, K. P., Co. Inc. Kazakstancaspishelf Consortium See: Kazakhstancaspishelf JSC K.B. Drilling Co. See: Redrock Drlg LLC KC Offshore, L.L.C. See: Thales GeoSolutions, Inc. KCA Drilling Limited See: KCA Deutag Drilling Limited KCA International P.L.C. See: Bristol Oil & Mineral PLC K C I Compression Company See: Universal KCI K C I, Inc. See: K C I Compression Company KCS See: Kelley Completion Servs., Inc. (KCS) KCS See: Kazakhstancaspishelf OJSC (KCS) KCS Kelley Completion Services LLC See: KCS, L.L.C. KCS Lenape Resources Corporation See: Lenape Resources, Inc. KCS Medallion Production Company See: KCS Medallion Resources, Inc. KCS Medallion Resources, Inc. (Now under KCS Energy, Inc.) KCS Resources Inc. (A KCS Energy Inc. Subsidiary) See: KCS Energy, Inc. KD Offshore See: Onyx UK Ltd. T/A KD Offshore KD Offshore Limited See: KD Offshore (Southampton) Limited Kebert & Zoble Venture See: Zoble Exploration, Inc. KEI See: Kalsi Engineering, Inc. (KEI) Keith-Stevens, Inc. See: Diagonal Data Corporation Kelco Oil Field Group See: Kelco Oil Group, a Huber Company Kelco Oil Field Group, Inc. See: Kelco Oil Field Group, A Unit of Monsanto Kelcorotary, Division, Kelco Oil Field Group, Inc. See: Kelco Oil Field Group, Inc. Keller & Goodwin Rig Co. See: Goodwin Services Corp. Kelley and Associates Inc. See: Apex Surveying & Mapping, Inc. Kelley Oil and Gas Corp. See: Contour Energy Company Kellogg Brown & Root, A Halliburton Co. See: KBR Kellogg Corporation See: Peterson Consulting Kellogg, M. W., Co., The, A unit of M. W. Kellogg, Inc. See: Kellogg Brown & Root, a Subsidiary of Halliburton Company Kellogg, M. W., Inc., a subsidiary of Dresser Industries, Inc. See: Kellogg Brown & Root, a Subsidiary of Halliburton Company Kellogg Oil & Gas Company, a unit of M. W. Kellogg, Inc., a sub of Dresser Ind., Inc. See: Kellogg Brown & Root, a Subsidiary of Halliburton Company Kelly Seal Energy Equipment, Inc. See: WNCO Valve International Kelt Energy, Inc. See: North Coast Energy Kelt Oil & Gas See: Kelt Energy, Inc. Kemp Engineering See: Kemp Instruments, Inc. Kencope Energy Companies DBA Well Solutions, Inc. See: New London Inc., Well Solutions, Inc. Kencope Energy Companies (Oil) See: New London Inc. Kendall Canada, Poly Ken Div. See: Polyken Technologies Div. of Kendall Canada Inc. Kendall Co.-Polyken P/L Coatings See: Kendall-Polyken Kendall-Davis Drilling Co., Inc. See: Kendall Drilling Co., Inc. Kendall-Polyken See: Tyco Adhesives Kendrick Oil Company See: Kendrick Oil & Gas Company Kennedy & Mitchell, Inc. See: Harken Exploration Co. Kent Electronics See: AVNET Kent Instruments Ltd. See: Kent Process Control Ltd. Kent Process Control See: ABB Process Automation Limited Kenting Drilling Co. Ltd. See: Kenting Hitower Drilling, A Trimac Company Kenting Earth Sciences Ltd. See: Intera Kenting Kenting Oilfield Services Ltd. See: Kenting Projects Limited Kenting Petrolia Drilling Ltd. See: Kenting Drilling Co. Ltd. Kenting Projects Limited See: Triton Kenting Projects Inc. Kenyon Exploration Inc. See: Turbo Oil & Gas, Inc. Kenz B.V. See: Kenz Cranes B/V Kenz Cranes B.V. See: Hagglunds Kenz Cranes B.V. Kenz Cranes B.V. See: Kenz Figee B.V. Kep Energy Resources, LLC See: WEPCO Energy, LLC KEP Exploration, Inc. See: KEP Energy Resources, LLC Keplinger and Associates, Inc. See: K & A Energy Consultants, Inc. Keplinger Holdings Ltd. See: American Energy Sources, Inc. Keppel FELS Limited See: Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd. Kern Steel Fabrication, Inc. See: Drill Cool Systems, Inc. Kerr, Jain & Associates See: Venex Corp. Kerr-McGee Oil (UK) PLC (Now under Kerr-McGee Corporation) Key Energy Surveys See: Key Energy Services, Inc. (Eastern Division) Key Liquid Mud Services, Inc. See: Key Energy Services Inc., Liquid Mud Division Key Oilfield Rentals Ltd. See: Enterra Canada Limited Key Key Production Company Inc. (Denver) (Now Cimarex Energy Company) Key Production Company, Inc. (Longview) See: Maximus Operating Ltd. Key Rocky Mountain See: Key Energy Services, Inc. (Rocky Mountain Division) Key Safety Services Inc. See: HSE Integrated Ltd. Keystone Controls, Inc. See: Keystone Valves and Controls Keystone Development Corp. See: Keystone Development Corp., Sonolog Div. Keystone Energy Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Texas Keystone, Inc. Keystone Resources Ltd. (Amalgamated into Primary Exploration Ltd. & Kinstar Resources Ltd.) Keystone International, Inc. See: Tyco Valves & Controls, Inc. Keystone Valves and Controls See: Tyco Valves and Controls, Inc. Keystone Valvtron, Inc. (Now Valvtron, Inc.)


K. Stewart Petroleum Corp. See: K. Stewart Energy Group LLC K & A Energy Consultants, Inc. See: EBS & Associates, Inc. Kaiser, Herman Geo., Oil Producer See: Kaiser-Francis Oil Company

528 Company Name Cross Reference

KF Industries, Inc. See: KF Industries, A brand of CIRCOR Energy Products Inc. KH Resources See: Rhodes Energy Corp. Kier Construction Ltd. See: Beazer National Construction Ltd. Kilgore Marine Inc. See: Kilgore Offshore, Inc. Killam Associates See: Hatch Mott MacDonald Killam Oil Company, Ltd. See: Killam Oil Co., Ltd. Kilroy Company of Texas, Inc. (Sold to Nuevo Energy Company) Kimbark Oil & Gas Company See: Hallador Petroleum Company Kimbell Oil Company (Merged into Sims Oil Co., Inc.) Kimco Energy Corporation See: Confed Oil Incorporated Kinetics Technology International Group B.V. See: Technip Benelux B.V. King, Carl, & Associates See: Dailey Directional Services Inc. King Ranch Oil & Gas, Inc. See: King Ranch Energy, Inc. King Resources Company See: Phoenix Resources Company Kingfisher Inc. See: Heartland Kingfisher Inc. King-Wilkinson Ltd. See: Babcock King-Wilkinson Ltd. Kinley Caliper Co. See: Kinley Corporation Kinley Services See: Kinley Services, An Expro Group Co. Kintec See: Hawke Connection Systems America Kirby Steel Products Co. See: Kirby Ropes International, Inc. Kirklands/Equipment Supply Co. See: Kirklands Ltd. Kirkpatrick Painting See: Kirkpatrick Enterprises Kiva Exploration Company See: Ceres Capital Partners Kjerstad Helicopters See: Kjerstad Kopters Kleber Industrie Oil and Marine Dept See: Trelleborg Industrie S.A. Klein Associates Now L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. Klein Deco Industries, Ltd. (Sold to Macco-Schlumberger) Klein Deco Wireline Service, Inc. See: Klein Deco Industries, Ltd. Kleinwort Benson Energy Limited See: Renown Energy Limited Klepo - Stabylia See: Weatherford Elastomers KLM Era Helicopters C.V. See: Schreiner Northern Helicopters B.V. Klondike Oil Tool Ltd. See: Klondike Oil Tool Inc. KME a.s. (Bought out by Norwegian Petroleum Consultants A.S.) KMI Production Co. See: Louisiana Minerals, Ltd. KMPI See: Kuwait Metal Pipe Industries KSC (KMPI) K N Energy, Inc. (Now Kinder-Morgan) K-N Operating Corp. (Combined into Kochina Oil & Gas Inc.) KN Production Company (subsidiary of KN Energy, Inc.) See: Tom Brown, Inc. Knee Hill Energy Canada Ltd. See: Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation Knight Piesold Limited See: Scott Wilson Limited Knight-Crawford Industries, Inc. See: K C I, Inc. KNOC See: Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) Knowledge Reservoir, L.P. See: Knowledge Reservoir, LLC, a Frebel Company Kobe Argentina, A Baker Hughes Company See: Kobe Centrilift Argentina, A Baker Hughes Company Kobe Centrilift Argentina See: Kobe Argentina, A Baker Hughes Co. Koch Corrosion Control See: KCC Corrosion Control Kodiak Corp. See: Kodiak Well Service Kodiak Resources, Inc. (Now Border to Border Exploration, LLC) Kongsberg Offshore a.s. (Now FMC Energy Systems, FMC Kongsberg Subsea Eastern Hemisphere & Western Hemisphere) Kongsberg Simrad, Inc. See: Kongsberg Maritime Inc. Kongsberg Simrad Mesotech Ltd. See: Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. Koolajkutato Reszvenytarsasag (KV. Rt.) See: MB Drilling Co. Koomey Companies International, Inc. See: ABB Seatec Inc., Koomey Division Koomey Companies International Ltd. See: ABB Seatec Canada Inc. Koomey Control Systems of Canada Ltd. See: Koomey Companies International Ltd. Koomey Division, ABB Seatec Inc. See: ABB Seatec Inc., Koomey Division Koomey, M. H., Rubber Products, Inc. See: PacSeal Inc. Kooney X-Ray Inc. See: KXR Inspection Inc. KOP See: Kandle Oilfield Products, Inc. (KOP) Korea Petroleum Development Corporation See: Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) KOS See: Konsberg Offshore a.s. (KOS) KOS Corp Industries See: KOS Oilfield Transportation KOS International Inc. See: KOS Corp. Industries KoSA Technical Fibers (Merged into Invista) KOSTCO See: Kaddas Oilfield Services & Trading Company (KOSTCO) Koudele, Randall W. See: Waterflood Engineering Inc. KPG See: Kvaerner Powergas India Ltd. (KPG) (Part of the Engineering Division of Kvaerner Process U.K.) Kraker Energy, Inc. Now Kraker & Martin, LLC Kraker Petroleum Corporation See: Kraker Energy Corp. Kravis, Raymond T., & Associates, Inc. See: Southmayd & Associates KREMCO See: Knoll Rig & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (KREMCO) KREMCO, A Division of the Dreco Group of Companies Ltd. See: Dreco Drilling Machinery, a Division of the Dreco Group of Cos. Ltd. K.R.M. Petroleum Corporation See: Prime Energy Corporation Krohne Persenaire See: Krohne Nederland B.V. Krueger Enterprises, Inc., Geochron Laboratories Division See: Geochron Laboratories/Krueger Enterprises, Inc. K/S Kaldnes De Groot A/S See: Heerema Tonsberg as K/S Rasmussen Offshore A/S See: Rasmussen Maritime Services AS K.S.C. See: Kuwait Pipe Industries & Oil Services Co. (K.S.C.) KSEPL See: Koninklijke/Shell Exploratie En Produktie Laboratorium (KSEPL) K-Shox Sucker Rod Shock Absorbers See: Pumper's Friend Radiator Sales KTN See: Krym Texas Nafta Ltd. (KTN) KTN See: Krymtexasnafta Ltd. (KTN) K2 Exploration Company See: CG Operating, Inc. KUFPEC See: Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co. k.s.c. (KUFPEC) Kukui Operating Company See: Animas Energy, LLC (owned by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe) Kuwait Metal Pipe Industries Co. KSC See: Kuwait Pipes Industries & Oil Services Co. KSC Kuwait Petroleum (Nederland) B.V. See: Kuwait Petroleum (Benelux) B.V. KV See: Koolajkultato Vallalat (KV) KV. Rt. See: Koolajkultato Reszventarsasag (KV. Rt.) Kvaerner Earl and Wright, Inc. See: Kvaerner - R. J. Brown, a Division of Kvaerner Earl and Wright, Inc. Kvaerner E&C plc See: Aker Kvaerner AS Kvaerner FSSL Ltd. See: Kvaerner Oilfield Products Ltd. Kvaerner John Brown See: Kvaerner Process Kvaerner Masa Marine Inc. See: Aker Marine Inc. Kvaerner National, Inc. See: Kvaerner Oilfield Products Inc. Kvaerner Oil & Gas See: Aker Kvaerner Kvaerner Oil & Gas AS See: Aker Kvaerner Engineering AS Kvaerner Oil & Gas, Modifications, Maintenance & Operations See: Aker Kvaerner Process Kvaerner Oil & Gas Services Ltd. See: Kvaerner Oil & Gas Ltd. Kvaerner Oilfield Products See: Aker Kvaerner Oilfield Products Kvaerner Oilfield Products Ltd. (Under Kvaerner Oilfield Products) Kvaerner Process See: Kvaerner E&C Plc Kvaerner Process (France) SA See: Sofresid S.A. Kvaerner Process Systems, A division of Kvaerner Canada Inc. (Now under Aker Kvaerner Process Systems) Kvaerner Process Systems a.s. See: Aker Kvaerner Process Systems Kvaerner Process Systems Inc. See: Kvaerner Process Systems, A division of Kvaerner Canada Inc. Kvaerner Process Systems Pty. Ltd. See: Process Group Pty. Ltd. Kvaerner Redpath Engineering Services Ltd. (Now Kvaerner Oil & Gas Ltd.) Kvaerner, R. J., Brown See: R. J. Brown, Deepwater Inc. Kvaerner Rosenberg a.s. See: Kvaerner Oil & Gas a.s. KW Brown Environmental Science & Engineering See: KW Brown & Associates, Inc. K. W. Brown Environmental Services See: KW Brown Environmental Science & Engineering KWBES See: K W Brown Env. Services (KWBES) KWW Beta B.V. See: Beta B.V.


Lab-Tech See: Laboratory Technology, Inc. (Lab-Tech) LaCoste & Romberg LLC See: Microg LaCoste, A Division of LRS Lacy, F. B. & F. B. Lacy Inc. See: Lacy, F. B. & F. B. Lacy, Inc. & Lacy Petroleum Inc. Lacy Well Service Inc. See: TC3 Ladd Exploration Co. See: Amax Petroleum of Canada Inc. Ladd Petroleum Corporation (Acquired by AMAX Oil & Gas Inc.) Lafarge Calcium Aluminates See: Kerneos Inc. Laguna Petroleum Corporation See: Uno Mas Oil Co. Ltd. Laidlaw Environmental See: Safety Kleen Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc. See: Safety Kleen Corp. Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc. See: Safety Kleen Environmental Services Inc. Laidlaw Environmental Services (TES), Inc. See: Safety Kleen (LaPorte) Inc. Lambert Brothers Offshore Limited See: Offshore Shipbrokers Limited Lamberti CMC SPA See: Lamberti S.P.A. Lamnalco Group See: Lamnalco Limited Lamnalco Limited See: Lamnalco Group Lamprell Sharjah WLL See: Lamprell Energy Ltd.

Company Name Cross Reference 529

Land & Marine Rental Company See: Tesoro Land & Marine Rental Co. Landa Water Cleaning Systems See: Water Maze Water Treatment Systems Landata, Inc. of Houston/Terra Image See: Baca Landata, Inc. Landata Information Services, Inc. See: REI Data Landell Industries See: Hunting Landell Industries Landex International See: Landex Prospecting Company Landmark Energy Exploration See: Landmark Resources Inc. Landmark/PCI See: Landmark Graphic Corporation Landry Service Co., Inc. (LANSCO) See: LANSCO, A Division of HydroChem Langdon Manufacturing Co. See: Weckworth-Langdon Langford, Bill, & Associates, Inc. See: Coastal Oilfield Consultants Inc Langham Energy, Inc. See: Langham Petroleum Exploration Corp. Langley Oils Ltd. See: Old Hill Oils Ltd. Lankford, Larry See: Lankford Engineering, Inc. LANSCO See: Landry Service Co., Inc. (LANSCO) Lansco, A Division of HydroChem See: HydroChem Lantana Corporation See: Enterra Compression Company Lanzagorta International, Inc. See: Walworth Company, The Laparrita Oil & Gas Inc. See: LaMay Corp. La Perle Geo Consulting See: Western Continental Operating Co. Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors Corp Ltd. See: Petroleum Infrastructure Corp. Ltd. Laporte Co., The See: Oberds-Johnson Industries, Inc. Larco Drilling Company, Inc. See: Transcontinental Drilling Co., Inc., Larco Division Lariat Oil & Gas Ltd. See: American Lariat, Inc. Lariat Petroleum Inc. See: Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent Inc. LaRoche & Associates Inc. See: LaRoche Petroleum Consultants, Ltd. Larson Oil & Gas See: Larson Exploration Co. Larue Drilling Co. See: L & M Drilling Co. Las Services, Inc. See: Charleston Oil & Gas Lasalle Group See: Aker Lasalle Lasalle Petroleum Services Ltd. See: Lasalle Engineering Ltd. Laser Express See: Atiwa Laser Express Laser Oil Co. See: Axem Resources Inc. Laser-Scan See: 1Spatial Lasmo Canada Inc. See: Elan Energy Inc. Lasmo Companies in Indonesia See: ENI Indonesia Lasmo Companies in Indonesia See: Kondur Petroleum S.A. Lasmo Nederland BV See: Lasmo plc Lasmo Oil (Malacca Strait) Ltd. (Now Kondur Petroleum S.A.) Lasmo Plc (Taken over by Eni S.P.A.) Lasmo Runtu Limited See: Lasmo Companies In Indonesia La Terre Co. Inc. See: Tenneco LaTerre LATCO See: Latin America Trading Company (LATCO) Late Oil Company See: MCT Energy Latin America Energy Partners See: Target Research, L.L.C. Laughlin-Simmons of Texas See: Laughlin-Simmons, Inc. Laurel Operating Company Inc. See: Union Pacific Resources Laurel Ridge Oil Co. See: Falcon Energy, Inc. LaVanco See: LaVanco Energy Laversab Industrial Computers See: Laversab Inc. Law Companies Group, Inc. See: Lawgibb Group Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. (Taken over by Mactec) Lawco See: Lawco, Div Dailey Petroleum Services Corp. LAWCO, Div. Dailey Petroleum Services Corp. See: Dailey Petroleum Services Corp., Manufacturing Division Lawrence Industries Division of Uni-Chem Hose Corporation See: U-Nova Hose, Division of Uni-Chem Hose Corporation Lawrence-Allison Division, John Brown E&C, Inc. See: Brown, John, E&C, Inc. Lawton, Jack, Inc. See: Lawton Oil Company Laydown Service Inc. See: Offshore Energy Services, Inc. Layfields Lerwick Ltd. See: Shetland Offshore Environmental Services Limited (SOES Ltd.) Layne, Inc. See: Layne-Central, A div. of Layne Christensen Co. Layne-Louisiana Co. See: Layne-Western Co. Layne-Texas Company See: Singer-Layne Texas Division Layne-Western Company See: Layne, Inc. L & B Oil Company See: Great Western Operating Company LBPD See: Laing Bechtel Petroleum Dev. (LBPD) LBT See: Lloyds British Testing C'Ltd. (LBT) L.C.A. See: LaFarge Calcium Aluminates (L.C.A.) LCEC See: Las Colinas Energy Corporation (LCEC) Lea Equipment Company See: Oilfield Products, Inc. Leak Detection Services See: Environmental Control Leaksearch Inc. See: Exploration Technologies, Inc. (ETI) Leam Directional Drilling See: Leam Drilling Systems, Inc. Leamco-Ruthco, An EVI Oil Tools Division See: Weatherford ALS - Leamco-Ruthco Pumping Unit Services L'Eau Claire International Inc. (Now U. S. Filter Corp.) Leben Oil Corporation See: Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Lee Tool Co. Ltd. See: Lee Tool Division of Schlumberger Lee Tool Division of Schlumberger See: MaxPro Special Services Leed Tool Corporation See: Leed Energy Service Lee-Mason Tools Ltd. See: Mason Tools Ltd. Leevac Marine, Inc. See: HV Marine/Leevac-Hornbeck Offshore Leevac-Hornbeck Offshore See: Hornbeck-Leevac Offshore LeGard, Jerry, Well Service, Inc. Seminole, Tx. (Acquired by NL Well Service) Legrand, Division of Taro Industries Limited See: Griffin Legrand, Inc., Division of Taro Industries Limited Legrand Industries Ltd. See: Legrand Industries, Div of Taro Industries Ltd. Le Lis N.V. See: HPFC Le Lis NV under Bexco NV Lehnertz, G. M., Oil Properties See: Lehnertz-Faulkner, Inc. Lemarco Operating Inc. See: Frazier Resources Company Leschen Wire Rope See: Wire Rope Corp. of America, Inc. Leschen Wire Rope Company See: Leschen Wire Rope Company, A Div. of Wire Rope Corp. of America, Inc. Lesgo Rental Tools, Inc. See: Dotco Fishing Tools Lester, Dan, Drilling Co. See: Schneider Drilling Corporation LeTourneau, Inc. See: LeTourneau Technologies, Inc. LeTourneau Offshore, Inc. See: Marathon LeTourneau Offshore Co. Levelland Well Services (Acquired by NL Well Service) Levine Supply Company (Taken over by Worldwide Pipe & Supply) Levinson Partners Corporation See: Hartford Energy Corporation Lewa Herbert Ott GmbH & Co. See: American Lewa Inc. LEWCO See: LeTourneau Ellis Williams Co., Inc. (LEWCO) Lewin and Associates, Inc. See: ICF - Lewin Energy Division, ICF Incorporated Lewis, James A., Engineering See: McCord-Lewis Energy Service Lewis, Lamar, Drilling Co., Inc. See: GNR Drilling Company, Inc. LFR Technologies Inc. See: VerticalSuite Liaaen Engineering A/S See: Liaaen Teknologi AS Liberty Occupational Health See: AON Liberty Technologies, Inc. See: Crane, Dynalco Controls Libyan National Oil Corp. See: National Oil Corp. Life Space Technology, Inc. See: Lucas Engineering & Evaluation Liggins/Clark (AKA OCS INC) See: OCS Inc. (AKA Liggins/Clark) Lighting Systems Int'l See: LSI Specialty Elec. Products Lightnin Mixers Limited See: SPX Process Equipment Lillard Casing Pulling, Inc. See: Proctor's, Mike, Casing Pullers, Inc. Lima Electric Co., Inc. See: Marathon Electric Mfg. Co. Limitorque Corporation (Now Flowserve, Flow Solutions Division) Linc Manufacturing See: YZ Systems LINC Mfg. Co. See: Liquid Level Lectronics, Inc. (LINC) Lincoln, A Pentair Company See: Lincoln Industrial, A Pentair Co. Lincoln Composites See: General Dynamics, Lincoln Operations Lindgren, R. F., Enclosures, Inc. See: ETS-Lindgren Link Belt Chain Division See: FMC Corporation, Chain Division Link-Belt Chain Div. Rexnord Corp. See: Rexnord Corporation - Link Belt Chain Lin-Mour Drilling Co. See: Lindsay, R. L., Oil Operations Lion Oil Division, Tosco Corp. See: Tosco Corp., Industrial Coating Division Lion Tube & Steel Co. Ltd. See: Van Leeuwen Tubes Ltd. Lips Thrusters B.V. See: Lips Thrusters Drunen B.V. Liquid Level Lectronics DBA Linc Manufacturing See: Linc Manufacturing Lister Diesels Inc. See: Lister-Petter Inc. Lister Petter Americas Inc. See: Lister Petter Inc. Lister Petter Inc. See: Lister Petter Americas Inc. Lithos Exploration, Inc. See: Innova Exploration, Inc. Littlefield Tubular Products Inc. See: Tubular Products of Texas, Inc. Litton Avondale Industries See: Litton Avondale Industries (a Subsidiary of Northrop Grumman) Litton Avondale Industries, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman See: Northrop Grumman Avondale Operations Litton Core Lab See: Core Lab

530 Company Name Cross Reference

Litton Resources Systems See LRS, a Division of Western Atlas International, Inc. Litwin Engineers & Constructors Inc. See: Raytheon Engineers & Constructors Inc. Live Well Protection Inc. See: Wild Well Control Inc. Ljusne Katting See: SwedChain AB Ljusne Werken AB See: LW-Chain (Ljusne-Werken Service AB) L-K Pump Valve Co., Inc. See: L-K Industries, Inc. LLC See: Special Oilfield Services Co. (LLC) LL&E See: Louisiana Land and Exploration Company, The (LL&E) L L M & Associates See: Lusich Engineering, Inc. Lloyd & Wilbur White Oil Co. See: White Operating Company Lloyd's Register of Shipping See: Lloyd's Register North America, Inc. L&M Drilling, Inc. See: Silver Oak Drilling, LLC Location Sample Service Inc. See: LSS International Lochaber Oil Corp. Ltd. See: Oakwood Petroleum Lock, J. H., and Sons Limited See: Lock Process Systems, Div. of Toromont Industries Ltd. Lock Process Systems, Division of Toromont Industries Ltd. See: Toromont Process Systems, Division of Toromont Industries Ltd. LOCKER Process Solutions See: Locker Radian Heatshielding Locker Radiant Heatshielding See: Locker Wire Weavers Ltd. Locker Wire Weavers Ltd. See: Locker Engineering ltd. Lockheed Petroleum Services See: CanOcean Resources, Ltd. LOCS See: Lucas Oil Company of Spain, S. A. (LOCS) Locs Oil Company of Spain, S.A. See: Petroleum Oil & Gas Espana, S.A. LOFCO Oil & Gas Exploration See: American Coastal Energy, Inc, Loffland Brothers Company See: Nabors Loffland Drilling Company Loffland Nabors UK Limited See: Nabors Drilling & Energy Services Logic Controls See: Ferguson Beauregard/Logic Controls Logo, Inc. See: Prichard Ltd. Logtech Wireline Services, Inc. See: Wedge Dialog, Inc. Lomak Petroleum, Inc. (Bought out by Snyder) Lomak Petroleum. Inc. See: Range Resources Corporation Lomax Exploration Company See: Inland Production Company Lomax Exploration Company and Lomax Oil & Gas Company See: Lomax Exploration Company London Manhattan Energy Inc. See: Gulf Oil Partners, Ltd. London & Scottish Marine Oil PLC See: LASMO PLC Lone Star Lafarge, Inc. See: Lafarge Calcium Aluminates, Inc. Lone Star Producing Company See: Enserch Exploration, Inc. Long Beach Oil Development Company See: Tidelands Oil Production Company Long Petroleum Corp. See: Hardy Petroleum Corp. Longhorn Production Company See: Pitts Energy Group Longyear Company, Slim Hole Drilling Div. See: Boart Longyear Company, Slim Hole Drilling Div. Longyear U.S. Products Group See: Boart Longyear U.S. Products Group Lordco (New Zealand) Ltd. See: Lordco CWG (New Zealand) Ltd. LOS Inc. See: Lettsworth (LOS Inc.) LOS, Inc. See: Lettsworth Oilfield Services, Inc. (LOS, Inc.) Los Siete Exploration Inc. See: Scott Exploration, Inc. Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corp. (Now Dominion Exploration & Production, Inc.) Louise Drilling Co. See: Mustang Exploration Co., Inc. Louisiana Compressor Maintenance Co. Inc. See: Universal Compression, Inc. Louisiana Electric Rig Service See: Integrated Power Systems Corp. Louisiana Energy & Development Corporation See: LEDCO, Inc. Louisiana Hot Oil Service, Inc. See: Cajun Well Service, Inc. Louisiana Hunt Petroleum See: Hunt Petroleum Corporation Louisiana Land and Exploration, The (LL&E) See: Burlington Resources Louisiana Mud Co., Inc. (Merged into Oil Base, Inc.) Louisiana Mud Services See: M & D Industries of Louisiana Louisiana Valve & Fittings Co., Inc. See: LAVALCO, Inc. Loutex Energy, Inc. (Merged into Ledco Inc.) L.P.M. Machines, A Division of Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd. See: Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd. L.P.M. Machines Ltd. See: L.P.M. Machines, a Division of Mason Tools Ltd. LPP See: TNO-NITG LR Integrity Limited (Integrated into Lloyd's Register of Shipping) LR Integrity Management (LRIM) See: LR Integrity Limited LRIM See: LR Integrity Management (LRIM) LRS, a Division of Western Atlas International See: Western Atlas Manufacturing LRS Scintrex Limited See: Scintrex Limited LSI See: Laser-Scan Incorporated (LSI) LSI Specialty Electrical Products, Inc. (Now under National Oilwell) LSM, Inc. See: ESM Survey LTA Chemical and Environmental (Pty) Ltd. See: Grinaker-LTA Process Engineering LTI See: Lee Technology Inc. (LTI) LTV Copperweld (Now Maverick Tube) LTV Energy Products Company (Garland) See: Continental Emsco (Garland) LTV Energy Products Co. (Houston) See: Continental Emsco (Houston) LTV Energy Products Company Limited (LTV EP) See: Continental Emsco Company Limited

LTV Energy Products, Tubular Services

Luscar Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Encal Energy Ltd. Lusich Engineering, Inc. See: Buena Engineers, Inc. LW Chain (Ljusne Werken Service AB) See: Scana Ljusne AB Lynes, Inc. See: Baker Production Technology Lyngso Marine, Amplidan See: Amplidan A/S Lynn International, Inc. See: Quality Valve & Machine Works, Inc. Lynton Aviation Limited See: Signature Aircraft Charter Lynx Energy Company, Inc. See: Lynx Operating Co., Inc. Lynx Tool Company See: Enterra Lynx Tool Company Lynx Tool Co. Inc. (Now Enterra LOR) Lyons, Hilliard & Watson, Inc. See: Hilliard Petroleum Inc.


M Tripple Oil Tool Inc. See: Tripple M Oil Tool Inc. Mabee Petroleum Corp. (Sold to Shell Western E&P, Inc.) Macco, Div. Schlumberger Technology Corp. See: Johnston-Macco Macco Oil Tools See: Macco/Daniels Macco/Daniels See: Enterra Lift Systems Macdermid Canning Ltd., Offshore Division See: Macdermid Offshore Solutions, Offshore Division MacDermid PLC, Offshore Div. See: Macdermid Canning Ltd. MacDonald Constructors Inc. See: MacDonald Engineering Group Ltd. MacDonald Engineering Group Ltd., Engineering Division See: MEG Worley Limited MacDonald Engineering Projects Ltd. See: MacDonald Constructors, Inc. Macey & Mershon Oil Inc. (Taken over by Power Energy) Machinery & Equipment Division, Armco Steel Corp. See: National Supply Company, Div. of Armco Steel Corp. MacKay Communications, Inc. See: MacKay Marine, Division of MacKay Communications Inc. Mackellar Oil Company See: Mackellar, Inc. Mackenzie & Feimann Limited See: Quadra Chemicals (Western) Ltd. Macnamee Services See: Denholm Industrial Services Ltd. Macrea Technology Incorporated See: Oceaneering International, Inc., Pipeline Repair Systems Division Macron Fire See: Fireater Ltd. Macron Fireater Limited See: Macron Safety Systems (UK) Ltd. Macron Safety Systems (UK) Ltd. See: Tyco Safety Products Mactronic Systems Ltd. See: Flair Industries Madill Pump & Supply, Inc. See: M & M Supply Co. Inc. Madison Oil and Gas (Now Swaco, A division of MI) Magcobar International Division, Dresser Industries Inc. See: M-I Drilling Fluids Company, International Opers. Magec Aviation Limited See: Lynton Aviation Limited Magellan Corporation See: Thales Navigation Magin Energy, Inc. (Now NCE Petrofund Corp.) Magna Corporation See: Baker Performance Chemicals Inc. Magnaflux Peabody Testing See: Peabody Testing Magnaflux Magnatex Corporation See: Magnatex Petroleum Company Magnatex Petroleum Company See: Magnatex Corporation Magnavox Electronic Systems Company See: Magnaphone Operations

Div. See: Continental Emsco Co., Tubular Services LTV EP See: LTV Energy Products Company Limited (LTV EP) LTV Steel Tubular Products Company See: LTV Copperweld Lucas Fluid Power Limited See: Berendsen Fluid Power Lucaz Oil Company of Spain, S.A. See: Locs Oil Company of Spain, S.A. Luck Petroleum Corporation See: Luck Energy & Ecosystems Engineers Inc. Lukoil-Burenie, Ltd. See: Eurasia Drilling Company Lumac Inc. See: A-G Safety Sales, Inc. (LuMac. Inc.) Lummus Crest Inc. See: ABB Lummus Crest Inc. Lundin Oil AB See: Lundin Petroleum AB Lundy Electronics & Systems, Inc. See: Transtechnology Systems & Services Luscar Ltd. See: Bowtex Energy (Canada) Ltd. Lucsar Ltd., Specialty Products Division See: Black Earth Humates Ltd.

Company Name Cross Reference 531

Magnetek See: Power Magnetics, A Power Paragon Company Magnetic Instruments Corp, See: Manufacturing Innovations Corp., MIC Group Magnum Engineering, Inc. See: Petrotech Consultants Inc. Magnum TCP, Inc. See: Prime Perforating Systems Limited Magnus Maritec International, Inc. See: Drew Chemical Corporation Magrange, Inc., A Subsidiary of AlliedSignal Tensor Products See: Honeywell International, Tensor Operations Mainaport Limited See: Maineport Limited Maintech Enterprises, Inc. See: Hanover Company, The Maintenance & Operations, Inc. See: Baker/MO Services Inc. Major Controls, Inc. (Taken over by CEMCO) Major Oilfield Supply See: Texas Business Systems & Supply Malaysia Shipyard and Engineering Sdn. Bhd. See: Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Malizia-Viloni Y Asociados See: Andina Oil and Gas Consultants Malkewicz Hueni Associates, Inc. See: MHA Petroleum Consultants Inc. Mallard Bay Drilling, Inc., An Energy Ventures Company See: Mallard Bay Drilling, L.L.C., A Parker Company Mallard Bay Drilling, L.L.C. See: Parker Drilling Mallon Oil Company (Acquired by: Black Hills Corporation) Mallon Resources Corporation (Acquired by: Black Hills Corporation) Malone Oil & Gas Corp. See: Malone Companies Maloney, F. H., Co. See: Maloney Technical Products, Inc. Maloney Precision Products Co. See: Maloney, F. H., Co. Maloney Steel Ltd. See: Maloney Industries Inc. Ma-Mal Houma, Inc. See: Ma-Mal, Inc. Mammoet Shipping See: Biglift Shipping B.V. Mammoth Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Berteau & Associates Man Turbomachinery Inc. - USA See: Man Turbo Inc. - USA Mandem Industrial, Div. of Asamera, Inc. See: Mandem Inc. Manitex, Inc. See: Manitowoc Boom Trucks Manitou Industries See: Rotation Power & Equipment, Inc. Manitowoc Boom Trucks See: MANITEX Manitowoc Coastal States Sales & Serv., Inc See: Coastal Equipment, Inc. Mannesmann Demag Verdichter See: Demag Delaval Turbomachinery Corp. Mannesmann Demag Verdichter Und Drucklufttechnik See: Mannesmann Demag Verdichter Mannesmann Oilfield Tubulars Corp. See: Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes Corp. Mannesmann Rexroth Hydraudyne Systems & Engineering See: Rexroth Hydraudyne B.V. Mannesmann Rohr GMBH See: Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes V&M Deutschland GmbH Mannesmannrowhewn-Werke AG See: Mannesmann Rohr GMBH Manning, R. A., & Associates See: Lithic Exploration Company Mannville Oil & Gas Ltd. (Taken over by Gulf Resources) Manufacturing Inc. See: Seahawk Manufacturing Inc. Manzano Oil Corporation See: Manzano, LLC Mapco Inc. (Taken over by Williams Co.) Mapco Oil & Gas Co. See: CNG Producing Company M.A.P.E. See: Marine & Petroleum Equipment (M.A.P.E.) MAPEL See: BAC Global Limited Mapl Pty. Ltd. See: Sinclair Knight Merz Pty. Ltd. Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC See: Marathon Petroleum Company LLC Marathon Canada Limited (Now Husky Energy) Marathon International Petroleum (G.B.) Limited See: Marathon Oil U.K. Ltd. Marathon Intl. Petr Ireland Ltd & Marathon Intl Petr Hibernia Ltd. See: Marathon Oil Ireland Limited & Marathon International Petroleum Hibernia Limited Marathon Letourneau Company See: Letourneau, Inc. Marathon LeTourneau Offshore Company See: Marathon LeTourneau Marine Company Marathon Petrolem Egypt Ltd. (Now under Marathon Oil Company) Marathon Petroleum Ireland Ltd. & Marathon Petroleum Hibernia, Ltd. See: Marathon International Petroleum Ireland Ltd. & Marathon International Petroleum Hibernia Ltd. Marathon Petroleum Tunisia, Ltd. See: Marathon Petroleum Jenein Ltd. Marathon Petroleum Zarzis, Ltd. See: Marathon Petroleum Zarat, Ltd. Mar/Con Energy Inc. See: HGX Energy Corporation Marcon Engineering BV See: I.V. Marcon BV Marconi Aerospace See: BAE Systems, Inc. Marconi Naval Systems Limited See: GEC Marconi Survey Systems Marcor Environmental, Inc. See: Marcor Remediation, Inc. Mariah Energy (Texas) See: Raptor Resources, Inc. Marimex Japan K. K See: Associated Offshore-Onshore Services (Pte.) Ltd. MARIN See: Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) Marine Computation Services Ltd. See: MCS International Marine Drilling Companies (Now Pride International, Inc.) Marine Equipment Limited See: Associated Marine Equip. Ltd. Marine Industries Limited See: The MIL Group Marine Mercantile Securities PLC See: MMS Petroleum Marine Micro Systems Ltd. See: Stenmar Micro Systems Ltd. Marine & Offshore Group Pty ltd. See: M & O Global Marine Offshore Management (MOM) See: LR Integrity Management (LRIM) Marine Pollution Control, Inc. See: Malone Hazmat International, Inc. Marinex Petroleum PLC See: Teredo Petroleum PLC MARINTEK See: Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) MARIS See: Marine Information Service (MARIS) Maritime Hydraulics (Canada) Ltd. See: Hitec Systems and Controls Inc., A Division of National Oilwell Maritime Seanor AS See: ABB Offshore Technology AS, Division Feltutviking Maritrans Inc. See: Maritrans Transportation Inc. Maritrans Operating Partners, L.P. See: Maritrans Inc. Maritrans Transportation Inc. See: OSG America Mark Controls Corp. See: Crane Valve Group Mark Products, Inc. See: Markload Systems Inc. Mark Resources Inc. See: Enermark Inc. Markhurd See: Aero-Metric Marklyn Controls & Supply Co., Inc. See: Marklyn/Smith-Thompson Marklyn/Smith-Thompson (Now Rawson, L.P.) Marley Pump Co., The See: Red Jacket (Marley Pump) Marline Petroleum Corporation' See: Cheniere Petroleum Corporation Marlin-West Drilling Co. See: Marlin Drilling Co., Inc. Marnell Resources Ltd. See: Suprex Energy Corporation Maropol B.V. See: Maropol International B.V. Marr, J., (Shipping) Limited See: Marr Vessel Management Ltd. Marr, J., & Son, Limited See: Marr, J., (Shipping) Limited Marsh Bellofram Corporation See: BelGAS, a div of Marsh Bellofram Marsh Industrial Services Inc. See: Marsh Industrial Inc. Marsh Instrument Co. See: Marsh Bellofram Marsh, Tom P., Inc. See: Marsh Operating Co. Marsh Transport, Inc. See: Faucheux Bros. Airboat Services Marsh Welding Inc. See: Marsh Industrial Services Inc. Marshall Exploration, Inc. (Now Sonat Exploration Corp.) Marston Bentley Ltd. See: Canning, Wm., Ltd., Marston Bentley Div. Martec Crane Services, Inc. See: Hunting Martec Crane Services, Inc. Martec Crane Company, Inc. See: Sparrows Martec Martex Drilling Company See: Martex Drilling Company L.L.P. Martex Drilling Company See: Martex-Gibson Drilling Company Martex Drilling Company L.L.P. See: Nomac Drilling Corp. Martex Well Services, Inc. See: Martex Well Services, L.L.P. Martex-Gibson Drilling Company See: Martex Drilling Company Martin Decker Baash-Ross Div., Varco Int'l See: Varco International Inc. Martin Energy Company See: Martin Resources, Inc. Martin Petroleum & Associates See: Martin & Brusset Associates Martindale Petroleum Corporation See: Me-Tex Supply Company Mar-Vel Underwater Equip. Inc. See: Mar-Vel International Inc. Maryland Specialty Wire, Inc. See: Zapp USA Masa Yards Inc. See: Kvaerner Masa - Yards Inc. Maschinenfabrik See: Man Gutehoffnungshutte GmbH Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg AG See: M.A.N.-Maschinfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg AG Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg AG (M.A.N.) See: MAN Gutehoffnungshutte GMbH Maskinfabrik Acta A/S See: Acta A/S Mason, Lee, Tools Ltd. See: Lee-Mason Tools Ltd. Mason Tools Ltd. (Now Wenzel Downhole Tools, Ltd.) Masoneilan International Equipamentos de Controle Ltda. See: IBRAVE-Masoneilan Valv. Equip Ltda. Mas-Tech Energy Services, Inc. (Now Basic Energy Services) Master Builders, Inc. See: Ceilcote, Division of Smith Corrosion Services Master Builders Technologies See: Ceilcote Products Group, Master Builders, Inc. Master Builders/Ceilcote Products Group See: Master Builders, Inc. Master Downhole See: Wenzel Downhole Tools, Inc. under Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd. Matador Petroleum Corporation (Now Tom Brown Inc.) Matarah Industries, Inc. See: NPS Corporation Materiaal Metingen Testgroep BV See: MME Group Materials Engineering Inc. See: MEI Engr. & Quality Services Inc. Mather and Platt Machinery Ltd. See: Weir Pumps Mathews Energy Services See: Cudd Pumping Services Mathey International, Ltd. See: Mathey/Leland International Ltd. Mathey/Leland International Ltd. See: Mathey Dearman MATPETROL See: Materials y Equipos Petroleros Matrix International Logistics, Inc. See: GeoLogistics Services Inc.

532 Company Name Cross Reference

Matrix Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Denbury Offshore, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Denbury Res Inc. Matthews Group, The See: Meridian Finance Group, Inc. Maurer Engineering Inc. See: Maurer Technology Inc. MAVCO See: Meter and Valve Co., Inc., The (MAVCO) Maverick Tube Corporation Now Tenaris Maxam Corporation (Now Waters Equipment Corporation) Maxi Torque Drill Systems (Canada) Ltd. See: Computalog Maxim Engineers, Inc. See: Maxim Technologies, Inc. Maxim Technologies See: Tetra Tech, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT) Maxon Energy Inc. (Amalgamated with Neutrina Resources Inc. Maxus Southeast Sumatra, Inc. (Now Maxus Energy Corp.) Maynard Energy Inc. See: Tintagel Energy Corporation Maxus Exploration Co. See: Maxus Energy Corporation Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (Now Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) MB Construction See: MB Engineering Services Ltd. MB Services See: MB Construction MB Tecserv See: Corrosion Technology Services Ltd. MBB Helicopter Corporation See: American Eurocopter Corporation MBO Systems Inc. See: Solution Ware, Ltd. MBOC See: Middle Bay Oil Company,Inc. (MBOC) McAdams, Roux and Associates, Inc. (Merged with Plains Petroleum) McAllister Petro Services Ltd. See: McAllister Petroleum Services Ltd. McAllister Petroleum Services Ltd. See: EVI Oil Tools McAllister Services Inc. See: Electronic Pressure Systems, Inc. McAlpine Aviation Limited See: Magec Aviation Limited McBride, L. R., Engineering Inc. See: McBride, L. R., Inc. McBride Ratcliff & Assoc. See: Raytheon Environmental Services McBride-Silurian, W. C., Oil Co. See: McBride-Silurian, Partnership McCarthy Robinson Engineering Inc. See: Macrotek Inc. McClain Corporation See: Safety Choice Corporation McClelland Consultants (Southwest) Inc. See: Fugro-McClelland (Southeast), Inc. McClelland Engineers, Inc. See: Fugro-McClelland B.V. McCook Energy, Inc. See: USCapital Energy, Inc. McCord-Lewis Energy Services See: K & A Energy Consultants McCormick Production Co. See: Graham Resources, Inc. McCulloch Oil and Gas Corporation See: MCO Resources, Inc. McCullough Services - NL Industries See: NL-McCullough Services McCullough Western Atlas International (Bought out by Atlas Wireline Services, Western Atlas International, Inc. McDermott Inc. See: McDermott, J. Ray, S.A. McDermott, J. Ray, S.A. See: McDermott International, Inc. McDonald Valves & Fittings Inc. See: Valves & Fittings Inc. McElhanney Group Ltd., The See: McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. McElhanney Surveying & Engineering Ltd. See: McElhanney Group Ltd., The McEvoy Division of Smith International Inc. See: McEvoy-Willis, Division of Smith Int'l. McEvoy-Willis, Division of Smith Intl. See: Cameron Iron Works, Inc. McFarland Industries See: Triten/McFarland McGarity & Associates, Inc. See: Commercial Transactions, Inc. McGinnis Rathole Drilling Co. See: OK Drilling Services McGowen Exploration Company See: Tri-Power Petroleum, Inc. McJunkin Corporation See: McJunkin Appalachian Oil Field Supply Company (Production Equipment) MCK Telecommunications, Inc. See: MCK Communications McKenzie Mgmt. Co. See: Fidelity Petroleum Corp. McKenzie Methane Corporation See: McKenzie Petroleum Co. McKenzie Petroleum Company See: McKenzie Companies, The McKeown Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Senex Petroleum Corporation McKinney Operating Company (Now Upland Resources Inc.) McKissick Products Co. (Crosby Group) See: Crosby Group-McKissick McKnight Petroleum Trust, aka MACPET See: MACPET McLean Engineering See: APW McLean M-C-M Enterprises Corp. See: M-C-M Pump & Mfg, Inc. M-C-M Pump Mfg. Inc. See: O'Drill M-C-M Pump Mfg. Inc. McMoRan Oil & Gas Co. See: Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas Co. McMoRan Oil & Gas Co. See: McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC McMoRan-Freeport Oil Company (Merged into McMoRan Oil & Gas Co.) McMurry Oil Tools, Inc. See: Enterra Lift Systems McMurry Oil Tools, Inc. See: McMurry/Hughes, Inc. McMurry-Macco, Inc., a Weatherford Company (Now under Weatherford Inc.) McNeill Construction Inc. See: U. S. Energy & Environment Services MCO Resources, Inc. See: UMC Petroleum Corp. McShane, J., Inc. See: Vista Resources Inc. MCX See: MC Exploration Co., Ltd. (MCX) MD Bau Holding AG See: DST Rohrleitungsbaur Zubehor GmbH M & D Industries, Inc. See: M & D Industries of Louisiana, Inc. M/D Totco Instrumentation See: MD Totco, (a Varco Company) MD Totco (a Varco Company) See: MD Totco (National Oilwell Varco Company) MDL See: Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) MDL See: Measurement Devices Ltd. (MDL) Measurement Auditors (Merged with Southern Flow Companies) MEC See: Millgard Environmental Corp. (MEC) MEC, Inc. See: Midwest Energy Corporation Mechanical Slurry Disposal See: M.S.D., Inc. (Mechanical Slurry Disposal) MECO See: Mechanical Equipment Co., Inc. (MECO) Medallion Oil Company See: Medallion Group MEDC International See: Cooper Crouse-Hinds MEDC Series Signals & Alarms MEDCO See: PT. Medco Energi Corporation (MEDCO) MEDCO See: PT. Meta Epsi Antareja Drilling Co. (MEDCO) MEDCO See: Pt. Meta Epsi Drilling Co. (MEDCO) Medearis Oilwell Supply Corp See: Geolograph Operations (Drilling) Equipment & Services Div of Geosource Inc. Medicine Bow Operating Company See: El Paso Exploration & Production; Medicine Bow Operating Company Mediterranean Oilfield Services Co. Ltd. See: Medserv Limited MEEL (U.A.E.) See: Middle East Engineering Limited (U.A.E.) (MEEL U.A.E.) MEG Worley Limited See: Worley Parsons MEG Ltd. Meggitt Avionics, Inc. See: Vibro-Meter, Inc. MEI Engineering and Quality Services Inc. (Now Fisk & Associates) Melancon, D.A., & Associates, Inc. See: D. A. Melancon & Associates, Inc. Melinga Oil & Gas Co. See: Thermal Exploration, Inc. Mellon Drilling Co. See: Cleere Drilling Co. Melrose Energy Group Ltd. See: Melrose Resources plc Melrose Energy PLC See: Melrose Energy Group Ltd. Mene Grande Oil Company See: S. A. Meneven Menro International BV/Ravebo Supply B.V. See: Ravebo Supply/Manotherm MER See: Minerals, Energy & Resources Engineering Inc. (MER) Merak Projects Inc. See: Merak Projects Ltd. Merak Projects Ltd. See: Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) Mercury Drilling Company (Acquired by Exeter Drilling Company) Mercury Exploration Company See: Quicksilver Resources Inc. Mercury, Inc. See: Serfco, Inc. Mercury Wireline, Inc. See: Mercury Wireline, Inc., Division of Computalog USA Meridian Finance Group, Inc. See: Meridian Finance Partners, Inc. Meridian Oil Inc. See: Burlington Resources Inc. Meridian Resource Corporation, The See: Meridian Resource Exploration, LLC Meridian Specialties Inc. See: Meridian Specialties, a Wolseley Company Merit Energy Supply Inc. See: Energy & Environmental Services Ltd. Merlin Exploration, Inc. See: PXA Onshore Corporation Merpro Control Systems Ltd. (Bought by Hydrovision Ltd.) Merwede Valves & Fittings See: Merwede Valves Merz Australia Pty. Ltd. See: MAPL Pty. Ltd. Merz & McLelland & Partners See: Merz Australia Pty. Ltd. MES See: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (MES) Mesa Corrosion Control, Inc. See: Mesa Products Inc. Mesa Drilling Co., Inc. See: West Sierra Drilling Co., Inc. Mesa Inc. See: Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc. Mesa Products See: Mesa Corrosion Control, Inc. Mesotech Systems Ltd. See: Simrad Mesotech Systems Ltd. MESYS See: Marine Electric Systems (MESYS) Metal & Pipeline Endurance Ltd. See: MAPEL Metal Spraying & Process Equipment See: Nicol Andrew "MSPE" Ltd. Metric Corporation See: Metric/PMI Metric/PMI See: WeamcoMetric Metro Systems Inc. See: Metrosoft, LLC Metsa-Serla Chemicals BV See: Metsa Specialty Chemicals Metsa-Serla Group, Chemical Division, Finnfix B.V. See: Metsa-Serla Group, Chemical Division, Metsa-Serla Chemicals B.V. Metso Powdermet AB See: Sandvik Powdermet AB Mettron Proving & Calibration Service (1984) Ltd. (Now Mettron Proving Service (1998) Ltd.) MGF Drilling Company See: MGF Cactus Drilling Company MGN Oil & Gas Corp. (Now Kachina Oil & Gas Inc.)

Company Name Cross Reference 533

MH Koomey Inc. See: Koomey Companies International, Inc MHG International Ltd. See: Monenco Engineers & Constructors Inc. MH-Pyramid Inc. (Now under Maritime Hydraulics AS) M-I Australia Pty. Ltd. See: M-I Drilling Fluids LLC M-I Drilling Fluids Company, A Dresser/ Halliburton Company See: M-I Drilling Fluids L.L.C. M-I Drilling Fluids Company, International Operations See: M-I Drilling Fluids LLC M-I Drilling Fluids L.L.C. See: M-I L.L.C. M-I Italiana S.p.A. See: M-I Drilling Fluids LLC M-I L.L.C. (M-I a Smith Schlumberger Company and SWACO, a Division of M-I L.L.C.) See: M-I SWACO M-I Overseas (IRE) Limited See: M-I Drilling Fluids LLC MIB Services, Inc. See: Pretiem Mica Tool & Turbulator, Inc. See: Jett Oilfield Services & Rental Tools Michael Drilling, Inc. See: Van Drilling, Inc. Michael Smith & Associates See: Ensyte Energy Software Int'l. Michigan Energy Resources Company See: Michigan Gas Utilities Michigan Oil Company (Bought out by Lomac) Michigan Seamless Tube Company See: Quanex Corp. Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company See: ANR Pipe Line Company Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Co. See: ANR Production Company MICO See: Muskogee Inspection Co. (MICO). Micro Bac Analytical Laboratories, Inc. See: Micro Bac Laboratories Inc., SW Div. Micro Palm Computers Inc. See: WPI Termiflex/Micro Palm, Inc. Micro Pure See: Micro Pure Division, Rexnord Automation Micro Pure Division, Rexnord Automation See: Rexnord Applied Products, Micro Pure Division Microfloc Products, CPC Engineering Corp See: U. S. Filter/CPC Micromedex, Inc. See: Thomson Micromedex Micro-Precision Operations, Inc. See: Micro-Precision Textron Micro-Precision Textron See: Micromatic Textron Midas Drilling Fluids Inc. See: Serval Drilling Fluids Division Midco, A Division of Van Leeuwen See: Van Leeuwen Pipe & Tube Middleton, Bud, Ltd. See: Bud Middleton Consulting Ltd. Midland Oil Field Specialty Inc. See: R G Equipment Midland Sample Library See: International Sample Library at Midland Midlands Energy Company See: McMoran-Midlands Oil Company Midlands Gas Corporation (Merged into McMoRan Oil & Gas Co.) Mid-South Supply Corp. See: Rohan-Mid-South Supply Co. Midstates Oil Company See: Finlay Energy, Inc. Midway Fishing Tool Co., A Division of H & H Oil Tool Co., Inc. See: Weatherford International Inc. Midwest Energy Companies, Inc. See: Pertacal Energy Inc. Midwest Oil Corporation (Merged into a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company (Indiana)) Midwest Power Products See: Midwest Detroit Diesel-Allison Ltd./Midwest Power Products Midwest Systems Engineering Co. See: AWC, Inc. Midwestern Equipment See: Midwestern Pipe Line Producs Miko Kranteknikk See: A/S Hydralift MIL Group, The See: MIL Offshore, Division of The MIL Group MIL Offshore See: M & N Fabricators Milestone Petroleum Inc. See: Meridian Oil Inc. Millennium Corporation See: Millennium Petrochemicals Miller Electric Mfg. Co. (Now ITW Welding) Miller Energy Company See: Miller Energy, Inc. (Kalamazoo) Miller Engineers, Inc. See: Souder, Miller Engineers, Inc. Miller Flight Line Inc. See: Flight Line Inc. Miller, Jay, Construction See: Jay Miller & Sundown, Inc. Miller Thermal, Inc. See: Praxair Thermal Spray Products Miller/Hobart/Powcon ITW Welding Products Group See: ITW Welding Products Group Millican Oil Company See: Alamo Petroleum Company Million Air Houston (Now Thunderbird Airways, Inc.) Milo Webb Circulating Pump Co. See: AllenCo, Inc. Milstead, T. H., & Co. See: Blackwell Operating Company Minatome Corporation See: Total Minatome Corporation Mincom See: Mincom USA, Inc. Mine Safety Appliance Co. See: MSA Mineclear International See: Mineclear Mechanical de-Mining Mineclear Mechanical De Mining See: Minetech International Mipeg Inc. See: 3PS, Inc. Mirabeau 88 Limited (Bought out by Fairport) Mission Drilling Products, Division of TRW Inc. See: Sandvik Mission Drilling Products Company Mission Fluid King Oilfield See: NOI Mission Mitchell Drilling Co. See: Mitchell, Inc. Mitchell Energy Corporation (Bought out by Devon Energy Corp.) Mitchell Energy Corporation (a sub of Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.) See: Mitchell Energy Company L.P. (a sub of Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.) Mitchell Oil Company See: OK Gas Transmission Mitchell-Taylor & Sons See: MTS Stimulation Services, Inc. Mitsubishi Petroleum Dev. Co. Ltd. See: MC Exploration Co., Ltd. (MCX) Mizell Corporation, The See: Petrolith Mud, Inc. M & J Sales Inc. See: RDM Equipment Co. MJC Energy Company See: Jones & Mitchell, Inc. M & K Construction See: Kelso Roustabout Service MKS Consulting Corp. See: MKS Natural Gas Co. M&M See: Mayne & Mertz Inc. (M&M) M & M Bit See: Jim's Equipment MM Industra Ltd. See: Banc Metals Industries M & M Manufacturing Limited See: MM Industra Ltd. M & M Rental Tools Inc. See: M & M International, Inc. MMP See: Mechanical Maintenance Products, Inc. (MMP) MNC Group, Inc. See: Pan-Maritime Energy Services Inc. MND Drilling Corporaion See: Jones Drilling Corporation Mobil Exploration & Producing US See: Mobil Oil Corp. Mobil Oil Canada See: Mobil Oil Corp. Mobil Oil Corporation (Merged with Exxon) Mobil Oil Indonesia, Inc. See: ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc. Mobil Oil Ireland Limited See: Mobil Oil/Duckhams Oil P/Ship Mobil Producing Texas & New Mexico Inc. See: Mobil Exploration & Producing, US Mobil Research & Development Corp. See: Mobil Oil Corp. Mobile Drilling Co., Inc. See: Foremost Mobile Drills Mobile International Co., Inc. See: Cellexion Mobile International Mobley Company, Inc. See: Mobley Environmental Services, Inc. MOCAN See: Mobil Oil Canada Mock, Clif, Company See: Clif Mock Dresser Mocoat Services See: Mocoat Services 98 Ltd. Mocoat Services 98 Ltd. See: Mocoat Fiberglass Products Ltd. Moe's Custom Powder Coating Co., Inc. See: Larry's Custom Powder Coating Co. LLC Moffat Tank Co. Ltd. See: Kaps Manufacturing Ltd. Mohr, H. O., Research & Engineering See: Mohr Research & Engineering Mohr Research & Engineering See: Mohr Engineering and Testing MOL NV See: NV Mol Cy MOL Plc See: MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas Corp. (MOL Plc) MOL RT See: Mol Hungarian Oil and Gas PLC (MOL RT) Molen Chemie B.V. See: Solvadis Nederland b.v. Moller, A. P., Exploration Division See: Dansk Boreselskab A/S Moller, A. P. - Maersk Contractors See: Maersk Contractors M.O.M. See: Marine Offshore Management (M.O.M.) Monarch Petroleum N.L. See: Monarch Resources N.L. Monberg & Thorsen A.S. See: MT Hojgaard a/s Steel Monenco Engineers & Constructors Inc. See: Monenco Agra Inc. Monenco Limited See: Monenco - AGRA Monenco-Agra See: Agra Monenco Inc. Monitek Technology, Inc., a Division of Metrisa, Inc. See: Galvanic Applied Sciences USA Inc. Monoco - (Montoya Oil Consulting) See: Monoco Associates - (Montoya Oil Consulting) Monroe X-Ray Co., Inc. See: H & H X-Ray Services, Inc. Monsanto Oil Company See: BHP Petroleum (Americas) Inc. Monsanto Oil Ltd. See: BHP Petroleum (Canada) Ltd. Montara Petroleum Company See: Nord-Montara Petroleum Company Monterrey Petroleum Corporation See: Lanier Resources Inc. Montoya Oil Consulting See: MONOCO - (Montoya Oil Consulting) Montrose Fire & Emergency Training Center Ltd. See: MSTI Ltd., Montrose Fire & Emergency Training Centre Montrose Scota Training International Ltd. See: MSTI Ltd. (Montrose Scota Training International Ltd.) Monument Energy Corporation See: Pride Petroleum Services (Oil) Moody Engineering Co., Ltd. Korea See: Moody-Tottrup International, Inc. Moody-Tottrup Intl., Inc. See: Moody International, Inc. Moorco International Inc. (Taken over by FMC) Moore, Barrett & Redwood Ltd. See: S.G.S. Moore, Barrett & Redwood Moore, Lee C., Corporation See: Woolslayer Companies, Inc. Moore McCormack Energy, Inc. See: CXY Energy Inc. Moore & Munger Energy, Inc. See: Excepted Subsidiary Corp. Moore Petroleum Service, Inc. See: Mooreco Equipment

534 Company Name Cross Reference

Moran Co. (Oil) See: Bravo Energy Inc. Moran Energy, Inc. See: Kaneb Services, Inc. Moran Oil Producing & Drilling Corp. See: Moranco Moranco Drilling Inc. See: Ziadril Inc. Moray Firth Service Company Limited See: Cromarty Firth Service Co. Limited Moreland Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Sugar Creek Oil & Gas Inc. Morgan Actuators, A Product of Eaton Corporation, ACD Div. See: Vacco Industries Morgan Hydrocarbons Inc. (Now Stampeder Exploration Ltd.) Morgan Oilfield Services Ltd. See: Morgan Const. & Environmental Morgan Petroleum Testers See: Morgan Petroleum Testers, Inc. Morgan Richardson Operating Co. See: Richardson Operating Company Morris, C. L., Inc. See: Three Sisters Petroleum, Inc. Morris Dozer Service, Inc. See: MDS Construction, Inc. Morris Drilling Supply, Inc. See: Phoenix Drilling Services, Inc. Morris, L. L., Supply Co., Inc. See: Glasgow Well Supply Morris Pipe & Supply Inc. See: J & J Couplings Morrison Molded Fiber Glass Co. See: Strongwell Morrison Petroleums Ltd. (Now Northstar Energy Corporation) Morrison-Knudsen Engineers, Inc. See: Morrison Knudsen Corporation Morse-Starrett Products Co. and Pell Cable Cutter Company See: Morse-Starrett Products Co. Moseley Petroleum Corporation (Merged into Triton Oil & Gas Corp.) Mosley Well Service, Inc. (Now Key Energy Service) Motherwell Nayler Petroseals See: Nayler Petroseals Motion Equip Div Motion Ind. See: Motion Ind Motion Equipment Inc. See: Motion Equip Div Motion Ind. Motorola Communications & Electronics See: Motorola Inc. Motorola Norway A/S See: Norsk Radio Communication AS (NORACOM) Moulden Oilfield Services See: Satel-Lite Industries Moulding Specialists Inc. See: MSI Products Mountain Fuel Supply Company See: Wexpro Company Mountain Well Servicing (Now Trimat) Mountain West Helicopters, LLC See: Classic Helicopters Service Moyno Oilfield Products, Div. of Robbins & Myers, Inc. See: R&M Energy Systems, Div. of Robbins & Myers, Inc. M-P Petroleum Ltd. See: Dalco Petroleum Ltd. MPE See: Modular Production Equipment, Inc. (MPE) MPI See: Magnetic Pulse, Inc. (MPI) MPI See: Measurement Products, Inc. (MPI) M & R Exploration See: Mass Energy, Inc. MRI Resources, Inc. See: Highland Resources, Inc. MSC See: Marine Structure Consultants B.V. (MSC) M.S.D., Inc. See: Brandt/MSD MSE See: Almanssori Specialized Engineering (MSE) MSF Partnership See: MSF Oilfield Equipment, Inc. MSI Products See: MSI Oilfield Products MSR See: Milco Safety Rental, Inc. (MSR) MSTI Ltd., Montrose Fire & Emergency Training Centre See: MSTI Ltd. (Montrose Scota Training International Ltd.) MSTI Ltd. (Montrose Scota Training International Ltd) See: Rgit Montrose M & T Chemicals UK Limited See: M & T Harshaw M & T Harshaw See: Atotech UK Ltd. Mud Tech Inc. See: A.Q.V. Services, Inc. Mud Technical Corp. "A Petro-Drive Co". (Now under Sweco Oilfield Services Div.) Mudcraft, Inc. See: O'Drill Mudcraft Inc. Mueller Engineering Corp. See: Riddle Engineering Corp. Mueller Oil & Gas Corp. See: Mueller, C. P., Jr. Mueller Steam Specialty Now SPX Process Equipment Mueller Water & Gas Products Division See: Mueller Co. - Gas Products Div. Muesco Valve Company See: Watts Automatic Control Valve Mullins & Prichard See: Colt Production Corporation, Inc. Multifabs Limited See: Multifabs Survival Limited Multifabs Survival Limited See: Packsome Ltd. Multiflex Inc. See: Oceaneering International/ Multiflex Munters Moisture Control Services See: Munters Corporation - Moisture Control Services Mumford Medland Ltd. See: Mandem - A Div. of Asamera Oil Corp. Ltd. Munger Company, Inc. See: Experitec, Inc. Munro Engineering Ltd. See: Munro Engineering Inc. Munro Garrett International See: Landmark Graphics Corporation Munroe, Paul/Rucker Ltd. See: Berendsen Fluid Power Ltd. Munters Moisture Control Services See: Munters Corporation - Moisture Control Services Murchison Exploration Company See: Murexco Petroleum, Inc. Murdock Machine & Engineering Co. of Texas See: Murdock Engineering Company Muriah Shell B.V., Masalembo Shell B.V., Langsa Shell B.V. See: Shell Companies in Indonesia, Muriah Shell B.V. Murlynson Drilling Co. See: Murphey Well Service, Inc. Murphey, Pete, Drilling Co. See: Murphey Well Service, Inc. Murphy Eastern Oil Company See: Murphy Oil Corporation Murphy, Frank W., Mfr. See: Murphy, FW Murphy Oil Company Ltd. See: Murphy Oil Corporation Murphy Oil USA, Inc. See: Murphy Oil Corporation Murphy Switch of California, Inc. See: Murcal Murray Rubber, A Mead Company See: Gates Molded Products Company MUSC See: Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC) MUSC See: Underwater Security Consultants Ltd. (MUSC) Musselman, George A. See: Musselman Interests Mustang Resources Corp. See: Blue Dolphin Energy Company MVF Tubular Fiberglass Co. See: Tubular Fiberglass Co. M&W Oil Tools, Inc. See: National-Oilwell L.P. Mycobac See: BioNutra Tech, Inc. Myers Drilling Co. See: Midessa Drilling Co. Myers, Sam, Interests See: Neomar Resources, Inc. Myrick, H. Nugent, & Associates See: Facilities Environment Group Inc.


Nabla, Div. of Lufkin Ind. (Now Lufkin Automation) Nabors Drilling & Energy Services (Bought by KCA) Nabors Energy Services, Inc. See: Nabors Industries, Inc. Nabors Loffland Drilling Company See: Nabors Drilling USA Inc. (under Nabors Industries, Inc.) Nabors Offshore Drilling, Inc. See: Nabors Offshore Corporation Nagron Mechandling B.V., Aerolift Division See: Nagron Aerolift B.V. Nalco Canada Inc. See: Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals (Canada) Nalco Chemical, Adomite Group See: Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P., Adomite Group Nalco Chemical Co. See: Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P. Nalco Company See: Nalco Company, Energy Services Div Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals Canada Inc. See: Ondeo Nalco Energy Services Canada Inc. Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P., Adomite Chemicals Group See: Ondeo Nalco Energy Services, Adomite Chemicals Group Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P., Adomite Group See: Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L. P., Adomite Chemicals Group NAM See: Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. Nan Gall Technology Ltd. See: Nan Gall Energy Systems Ltd. Nance Petroleum Corporation See: Nance Petroleum Corp (A Wholly-Owned Sub of St. Mary Land & Exploration Co.) Nancy Drilling Company See: Bass Energy Company Napko Corp. See: O'Brien Corp., The, NAPKO Industrial/Marine Div. Napko Protective Coatings Group See: Devoe/Napko Protective Coatings Napsco, Inc. See: Bensalem Pipe & Tube Corp. NARCO See: North American Resources Company Inc. (NARCO) NARO See: National Association of Royalty Owners, Incorporated (NARO) NAS See: Native American Systems, Ltd. Liability Co. (NAS) NASSCO See: National Steel & Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) Natco, A Division of National Tank Company See: Natco, National Tank Company NATCO Group (AXSIA) See: NATCO Group Inc. National Coal Board (Exploration) Ltd. See: B.N.O.C. (Exploration) Ltd. National Cooperative Refinery Association See: Cooperative Refining, LLC National Draeger Inc. See: Draeger Safety, Inc. National Elektro Denmark A/S See: EB National Elektro Denmark A/S National Energy Group, Inc. (Houston) See: Sandridge Energy National Energy Software Center (Sold to Energy Science & Technology Software Center) National Environmental Technology Applications Center See: Concurrent Technology Corporation National Environmental Testing Inc. See; Epic Laboratories, Inc. National Equipment & Supply Co. See: Colt Equipment & Supply Co. National Exploration Company See: Anglo National Exploration Co. National Fuel Exploration Corp. and Player Petroleum See: Seneca Energy Canada Inc. National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research See: IIT Research Institute

Company Name Cross Reference 535

National Mastr Pump Inc. See: Amflow Master Environmental Inc. National Mud Control Laboratories/NMC, Inc. See: Technifluids/NMC, Inc. National Oil Company (Assets split between Jenex Petroleum Corporation & American Warrior Inc.) National Oilwell Now National Oilwell Varco National-Oilwell Canada Ltd. See: NOI Distribution, A National Oilwell Service National Oilwell (U. K.) Ltd. (Now under National Oilwell) National-Oilwell Wellhead Systems See: Kvaerner National, Inc. National Steel and Shipbuilding Company See: General Dynamics Nassco National Supply Company See: National-Oilwell National Supply Div., Armco Steel Corp. See: Machinery & Equipment Div. National Testers, Inc. See: National Tubular Services, Inc. National Tubular Services, Inc. See: National Testers, Inc. National Waterworks See: HD Supply Native American Systems, Ltd. Liability Co. See: Native American Sales, Inc. Natol Petroleum Corporation See: Damson Resources Natomas Company (Merged with Diamond Shamrock) Natomas North America, Inc. See: Natomas Company Natural Gas Corporation See: Vector Limited Natural Gas Corporation of California See: PG&E Resources Company Natural Resource Management Corporation See: Edisto Resources Corporation Natural Resources Corporation See: Global Natural Resources Corporation of Texas Natural Resources Development Corp. See: Intercontinental Energy Corp. Natural Resources Engineering Inc. See: Tierra Exploration Inc. (Hobbs) Nautronix Inc. See: L-3 Communications Dynamic Positioning and Control Systems Nautronix Helle Ltd. See: Nautronix Ltd. Nautronix Ltd. See: Nautronix plc NAV See: North American Ventures Ltd. (NAV) Navalco AS See: Navalco Marine AS Navalco A/S See: SMS-Navalco AS Naviera Perez Companc See: Compania Naviera Perez Companc Navtronix Inc. See: Nautronix Inc. Nayler Petroseals See: Nayler Petroseals MB Engoneering Services Ltd. Naylor Envirosystems, Inc. See: Instituform Gulf South, Inc. NBA (Controls) Ltd. See: NBA Environmental Systems Ltd. NDRC Laboratories Inc. See: Inchcape Testing Services/NDRC Laboratories, Inc. NDSM See: Netherlands Dock and Shipbuilding NE Group See: North East Corrosion Engineers Ltd. NEBB See: Norsk Elektrisk & Brown Boveri, A/S NECE See: NE Group Nece Group Ltd. (Now NE Group) Neddrill Nederland B.V. See: Noble Drilling (Nederland) B.V. Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (NDSM) See: Thomassen Amsterdam B.V. Nedlloyd Energy BV (Sold to DSM Energie BV) Needham Resources Inc. See: N R I NEEG GmbH See: Nordsee Erdoel und Erdgas Gewinnungs Gesellschaft mbH Neff, Crozier & Company, Inc. See: Neff, Harold & Associates Inc. Neff, Harold, & Company See: Neff, Crozier & Company, Inc. NEI See: Niugini Energy, Inc. (NEI) NEI Clarke Chapman Ltd., Stothert & Pitt See: Clarke Chapman Ltd., Stothert & Pitt NEI Mining Equipment Ltd. Victor See: Victor Products Limited NEI Parsons Limited See: Parsons Turbine Generators Limited NEI Thompson Valves See: Thompson Valves Ltd. Neidell, N. S., and Associates See: Zydeco Energy Inc. Nelson Division, Nelson Industries See: Steelguard Nelson Nelson Land & Exploration Inc. See: Nelson Energy Inc. Nelson Oil & Gas Inc. See: Nelson Energy Inc. Nelson & Tucker Operating Co., Inc. See: Tucker Operating Co. Inc. Nemco Exploration Ltd. See: Seaward Resources Ltd. Nemours Energy See: Sehoy Energy, LP NEOSERVE See: New Oilfield Services Est (NEOSERVE) NEOTEC See: Neotechnology Consultants Ltd. (NEOTEC) Neozoic Geophysical Survey, Ltd. Inc. See: World Geophysical Survey Inc. Nepcco Environmental Systems See: Nepcco Systems Nepcco Equipment Division See: Nepcco Environmental Systems Nepcco Systems See: ESD Waste 2 Water Nephi Rubber Products See: N.R.P./Jones NEPL See: Niugini Energy Pty. Limited (NEPL) Neptune (Societe de Forages en Mer Neptune) See: Forex Neptune S.A. Neptune (E.S.) Limited See: P.T. Neptune (E.S.) Limited Neste OY See: Fortum Oil and Gas OY NETCO, LLC See: New Exploration Technologies Company, LLC (NETCO, LLC) Netlink Inspection Systems See: Netlink Inspection Neumann Engineering Corporation See: Neumann Equipment Corp. Ltd. Nevada Geological Services See: Nevada Geological Survey New Age Industries See: New Age Company New Age Petroleum Corp. (Now Blankenship Oil & Dev. Corp.) New Bremen Corporation (Now Chevron) New Exploration Technologies Company, LLC (NETCO, LLC) See: North Island Investments New & Hughes Drlg. Co., Inc. See: New, David, Drlg. Co., Inc. New Jordan Petroleum Ltd. See: Jordan Petroleum Ltd. New London Inc., Well Solutions, Inc. See: Dawson Well Solutions L. C. New Orbit Drilling Company See: Lakota Drilling Company Newberry, W. B. See: Kachina Oil Company Newhall Resources See: Newhall Land and Farming Co., The Newlin Wireline Service See: Newlin Repair and Supplies Newman Hattersley International Limited See: Hattersley Newman Hender Limited Newmont Oil Company (Sold to Mobil Oil Corporation) Newpark Pipe & Supply Inc. See: Aztec Pipe & Supply Inc. Newpark Waste Treatment Systems, Inc. See: Newpark Environmental Systems, Inc Newpark Wellhead Services, a division of Weatherford ALF (Now under Weatherford) Newport Petroleum Corporation (NPP) (Now Hunt Oil Company) Newport Steel Corp. See: IPSCO Tubulars Kentucky Newscope Resources Limited See: Canadian Newscope Resources Ltd. Newscope Resources Ltd. See: Denbury Resources Inc. NFC Petroleum Corporation (Merged with MGF Oil Corporation) Nichols Drilling Company See: Ratliff Drilling Co. Nicklos Drilling Company (Now Adcor-Nicklos Drilling Company) Nicolon Corporation See: Ten Cate Nicolon USA Nicor Drilling Inc. See: Adcor Drilling Inc. Nicor Exploration & Production Co. See: Nicor Oil & Gas Nicor Marine Inc. See: Seacor Marine Inc. Nidec/Power General See: Nidec Corporation Niehuis & van den Berg BV See: Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam B.V. Nielsons, Inc. See: Skanska USA Civil West Nikko Petroleum Exploration Co. See: Japan Energy Development Co., Ltd. N.I.O.C. See: National Iranian Oil Co.(N.I.O.C.) Niogas Niederosterreichische Gastwirtschafts Aktiengesellschaft See: EVN Energie-Versorgung Niederosterreich Aktiengesellschaft NIPER See: National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. See: NEC Corporation Nippon Energy Inc. See: Dinosaur Oil & Gas Nippon Kokan K. K. See: NKK Corporation Nippon Oil Exploration (Malaysia) Ltd. See: Nippon Oil Exploration (M) Ltd. Nippon Oil Exploration U.K. Limited See: Nippon Oil Exploration and Production U.K. Limited Niro Atomizer/Pasilac Therm See: Pasilac Therm U.S. Nisku Rig Repair See: White's Rig Repir Nixon International Services, Inc. See: International Services, Inc. NKK America, Inc. See: JFE Steel America, Inc. NKK Corporation See: NKK America Inc. NL Acme Tool See: Acme Tool NL Atlas Bradford See: Atlas Bradford NL Baroid, NL Industries, Inc. See: Baroid Corporation NL Control Systems See: NL Rig Equipment/NL Industries Inc. NL Drilling Services See: Sperry Sun Drilling Services NL Hycalog See: Hycalog NL McCullough/NL Industries Inc. See: McCullough/Western Atlas Intl. NL Shaffer Ltd, See: Shaffer NL Shaffer/NL Petroleum Services See: NL Rig Equipment/NL Industries, Inc. NL Sperry-Sun, Baroid Logging Systems See: NL Drilling Services NL Treating Chemicals, A Division of Exxon Chemical Company See: Exxon Chemical Company NMH Aerolift, Division of National Mechanical Handling BV See: Aerolift B.V. NNOC See: The Nigerian National Oil Corp. NNPC See: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Noble Denton Europe Ltd See: Noble Denton Consultants Ltd. Noble Offshore Services (NOS) See: Rig Quip, Division of Noble Drilling (UK) Limited NOC (Netherlands Offshore Co.) See: Netherlands Offshore Co. NOEX See: Nippon Oil Exploration Ltd. (NOEX) NOEX USA See: Nippon Oil Exploration U.S.A. Limited (NOEX USA) NOI Distribution, A National Oilwell Service (Now National Oilwell) NOI Mission Products See: National Oilwell, Mission Group

536 Company Name Cross Reference

NOIA See: National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) Nolen, J. S., & Associates, Inc. See: Integrated Technologies Nolte Smith Inc. See: N S I Technologies, Inc. Nomeco Oil & Gas Co. See: CMS Nomeco Oil & Gas Co. Noordhoek Underwater Contractors B.V. See: Noordhoek Offshore B.V. NORACOM See: Norsk Radio Communication AS (NORACOM) NorAlco See: Northsea Alaska Corporation Norcem Drilling A/S See: Aker Drilling A/S Norcen Energy Resources Limited See: Union Pacific Resources Inc. Nordberg, Div. of Rex Chainbelt Inc. See: Rexnord Inc., Nordberg Machinery Group Nord-Montara Petroleum Company See: Nord Petroleum Corporation Nordstrom Valves, Inc. See: Flowserve Sulphur Springs Opers. Norex America, Inc. See: Norex Industries Inc. Norm Services - HP Consulting See: HP Consulting Norpet Oil & Gas Ltd. See: HCO Energy Ltd. Norra Corporation See: Jerron Energy Ltd. Norris Oil Co. See: Bush Oil Company Norriseal Controls See: Norriseal, a Dover Resources Company Norris/O'Bannon See: Norris/A Dover Resources Co. Norse Petroleum A/S See: NaturGass (USA) AS Norsea Base A/S See: Norcem Norsea A/S Norsk Hydro ASA See: Norsk Hydro ASA, Exploration and Production Norway Norsk Hydro Exploration See: Norsk Hydro Exploration Egypt a.s. Norsk Radio Communication AS (NORACOM) See: RingCom ASA Norske Oljeselskap See: Det Norske Oljeselskap Norske Oljeselskap A/S, Det See: Det Norske Oljeselskap A/S (DNO) Norske Shell E&P A/S See: A/S Norske Shell Norske Veritas See: Det Norske Veritas Norson Power Limited See: Norson Engineering Limited Nortech Geomatics Inc. See: Nortech Geomatics International Inc. Nortech Surveys (Canada) Inc. See: Nortech Geomatics Inc. Nortex Gas & Oil Company See: BelNorth Petroleum Corporation North American Crane & Equip. Co. LLC See: North Pacific Crane Co. North American Energy Consultants Ltd. See: North AM Energy Consultants Ltd. North American Hose & Coupling See: PowerTrack, Inc. North American Pipe Corp. See: NAPSCO, Inc. North American Resources Company, Inc. (NARCO) See: Pan Canadian Energy/North American Resources Company North American Ventures Ltd. (NAV) See: Newport Petroleum Corporation (NPP) North Block Gas Ltd. See: The GHK Companies North Central Oil Corporation (Taken over by Pogo Producing) North East Corrosion Engineers (NECE) Ltd. See: N.E.C.E. Group Limited North Eastern Drilling Ltd. See: Ensign Drilling Inc. North Houston Pipe Service Co. See: Gaines Machine Works North Plains Oil Corp. See: R & D Oil & Gas Inc. North Sea Cables Ltd., Member of the Noskab Group PLC See: NOSKAB North Sea Navigation A/S (NSN) See: Bloms Systems North Sea Sun Oil Company Ltd. See: Sun International Exploration & Production Co. Ltd. North Star, Inc. See: Peat Sorb, Inc. Northcare Technology See: Northcore Technologies Northcor Resources Ltd. See: Canadian Northcor Energy Inc. Northcott Exploration Co. Inc. See: Northcott, H. E. (Lanny) Northcott Exploration Co. Inc. See: Tidewater Energy, Inc. Northeast Research Institute, Inc. See: Gore, W. L., and Associates Northeastern Underwater Services, Inc. See: Norsea Corporation Northeastern Well Servicing See: Rockwell Servicing Inc. Northern Enterprises (Canada) Ltd. See: Manvile Oil & Gas Ltd. Northern Hydraulics Ltd. See: NL Rucker Products Northern Instruments Corp. See: Northern Technologies Intl. Corp. Northern Michigan Exploration Co. See: NOMECO Oil & Gas Co. Northern Pump Service Ltd. See: Quality Pump Repair Northern Reef Exploration Ltd. (Bought out by Penn West Petroleum Ltd.) Northland Energy Corporation Now Precision Energy Services Northland Production Testing Ltd. See: Northland Energy Corporation Northland Production Testing Ltd. See: Production Testing Ltd. Northland Wireline Services Ltd. (Now Computalog) Northland-Norward (USA) Inc. Now Precision Energy Services Northrock Resources Ltd. See: TAQA North, an Alberta General Partnership Northstar Energy & Environment See: Chapman, Robert W. Northwest Pipe & Supply Co. Ltd. See: N W P Industries Inc. Northwest Pipeline Corporation See: Williams Production Co. Northwest Territorial Airways Ltd. (NWT Air) See: First Air Northwestern Air Drilling Service Co. See: ECD Drilling Service Co. Norton Christensen Inc. See: Eastman Christensen Norton Drilling Company See: UTI Drilling L.P. Norton Proppants See: Saint-Gobain Proppants Norton-Alcoa Proppants See: Norton Proppants Inc. Norward Energy Services, Div. Baker Atlas See: Northland-Norward Energy Services Norward Inc. See: Norward Energy Services Norwegian Drilling Equipment Co. See: NODECO A/S (Norwegian Drilling Equipment Co.) Norwegian Institute of Technology Foundation for Continuing Education See: Norwegian University of Science and Technology Foundation for Continuing Education Norwegian Oil Corporation, The See: Det Norske Oljeselskap A/S Norwest Labs/Bodycote Group See: Bodycote Testing Group Norwest Labs Energy Resource Group See: Norwest Labs/Bodycote Group Norwest Shooters Ltd. See: Norjet Geotechnologies, Inc. Norwich Resources (Canada) Ltd. See: UMC Resources (Canada) Ltd. Norwood Exploration Co. See: Norwood, A. N., Inc. NOS See: Noble Offshore Services (NOS) NOSKAB See: North Sea Cables (Trading as NOSKAB) Noskab-Coastal Wire and Cable See: NOSKAB USA/Coastal Wire and Cable Nova Husky Research Corporation See: Novacor Research & Tech. Corp. Nova Mud Corp. See: Saxon Environmental Services Nova Sylva Inc. See: Turboforest Nova Sylva Inc. Nova Well Safety and Environmental Div. See: Nova Group, Inc. Novalta Resources Inc. See: Seagull Energy Canada Ltd. Novus Energy Company See: Synergy Oil & Gas Nowcan Services, A Division of Camco, Inc. See: Camco Coiled Tubing Services NOWSCO See: Nitrogen Oil Well Service Co. NOWSCO Services, Inc., A Division of Camco, Inc. See: NOWCAM Services, a Division of Camco, Inc. Nowsco Well Service, Inc. See: BJ Services Company, U.S.A. Nowsco Well Service Ltd. See: BJ Services Company Canada Nowsco Well Service (S.E. Asia) Pte. Ltd. See: Nowsco Well Service Ltd. NPC A.S. See: Norwegian Petroleum Consultants A.S. (NPC A.S.) NPCC See: National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) NPE See: Nikko Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd. (NPE) NPI Digital Graphics See: NPI Ridgeway NPL Digital Graphics See: NPI Digital Graphics NPL, Inc. See: NPL Digital Graphics NPO Termneft - Research and Production Association for Thermal Methods of Oil Recovery See: Open Joint Stock Company ROSNEFT-TERMNEFT NPP See: Newport Petroleum Corp. (NPP) NRA See: Natural Resources Authority (NRA) NRC Rental Tool See: Power Rig Rental, Inc. N-Ren International Limited & Company See: All Ocean International NRG Technology Inc. See: Nutro Products Corporation NRL Ltd. See: NRL Lighting Products NRM Petroleum Corporation See: Natural Resources Management Corporation NRP Hose Products See: Nephi Rubber Products NSC See: Newport Steel Corp. (NSC) NSN See: North Sea Navigation A/S (NSN) N & T Bit Service Inc. See: Liberty Bit Service Inc. NTK Swabbing Service Co. See: DNK Wireline & Swabbing Serv. Nucorp Energy, Inc. See: Pin Oak Petroleum, Inc. Nuevo Energy Company Now Plains Exploration & Production NuFlo Measurement Systems See: Cameron's Measurement Systems Division Nuflo Technologies Canada Ltd. Now Cameron Measurement Nugas Limited See: Q Energy Limited Nugget Oil Corporation See: Midcoast Energy Resources, Inc. Numac Energy Inc. (Now Anderson Exploration Ltd.) Numac Oil & Gas Ltd. (Merged with Westcoast Petroleum) Nuova Breda Fucine SPA See: Breda Energia Sesto Industria S.P.A. Nuova Sella SPA See: P.B.V./Nuova Sella Nupro Company, A Swagelok Company See: Swagelok Company Nusco Manufacturing & Supply Ltd. See: Nusco Supply & Manufacturing, Inc. Nutec Centre for Safety See: Falck Nutec Ltd. N.V. Denys See: Denys NV NW Technologies, Inc. See: Integra Environmental NWT Air See: Northwest Territorial Airways Ltd. (NWT Air) NYMA B.V. See: Metsa-Serla Group, Chemical Division, Metsa-Serla Nederland B.V.

Company Name Cross Reference 537 O

Oakwood Petroleums Ltd. (Now Sceptre Resources Limited) OAR See: Ocean Applied Research Corporation (OAR) O.A.R. Corporation See: CompuDyne Air Traffic Control Div. OAR Corporation See: Cubic Communications, Inc., OAR DF Products Group Oasis Ltd. See: Arnlea Systems Limited Oasis Resources Inc. See: Oasis Operating Inc. O'Bannon Pumps & Tools See: Norris/O'Bannon Oberds-Johnson Industries, Inc. See: Roberds-Johnson Industries, Inc. O'Briant Engineering See: O'Briant & Associates, Inc. O'Brien Corp., The, Protective Coatings Div. See: Napko Protective Coating Group O'Brien Generator Services See: O'Brien Energy Services O'Brien Rental Services See: O'Brien Generator Services O C A See: Oil Company of Australia N.L. OCC See: Owen Contracting Co. Inc. (OCC) Occidental Permian Ltd. (Now under Occidental Oil & Gas Corp.) Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) (Now under Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation) Occidental Petroleum Corporation Domestic Opers. See: Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp. Ocean Applied Research Corporation (OAR) See: O A R Corporation Ocean Drilling & Exploration Co. (ODECO) (Now Diamond M - Odeco Drilling Inc.) Ocean Drilling & Exploration Co. (ODECO) (Merged with Murphy Oil) Ocean Energy, Inc. (Merged into Devon Energy Corporation) Ocean Supply Inc. See: Southwest Synthetic Systems, Inc. Ocean Systems, Inc. See: Solus Ocean Systems Inc. Oceaneering Inspection Services ltd. See: Oceaneering International Services Ltd Oceaneering International, Inc. Now CGG Americas Inc. Oceaneering Internaional, Inc. Multiflex See: Oceaneering Multiflex Oceaneering International Survey Group See: Oceaneering International Survey, Inc. Oceaneering OIS See: Oceaneering Inspection Services Ltd. Oceaneering Rotator AS See: Oceaneering Inc. Oceanex S.A. See: Oceanex Services International, Inc. Oceanic Contractors Inc. See: J. Ray McDermott & Co., Inc. Oceano Instruments (UK) Ltd. See: Ixsea Oceano Ltd. Oceano Technologies SA See: IXSEA OCEANO, A Merger of IXSEA & OCEANO Technologies Oceanography International Corp. See: OIC Sand Systems, Inc. Oceanroutes (Australia) Pty. Ltd. See: Weathernews Pty. Ltd. Ocelot International Ltd. See: PanAfrican Energy Corporation Ltd. Ocelot Oil Corporation See: Cowry Enterprises Ltd. Oceonics Intersite bv (Now under Fugro N.V. as Fugro Intersite B.V.) O'Connor Drilling Company See: O'Connor & Faircloth Drilling Co. O'Connor & Faircloth Drilling Company See: O'Connor & Young Drilling Co. OCS, Inc. See: Liggins/Clark (AKA OCS Inc.) O-C-T International Div. See: FMC Export Corporation OCTL See: Oil Country Tubular Limited (OCTL) Octo Marine Limited See: Smit Octo Marine Limited O'Day Equipment, Inc. See: O'Day Tank & Steel LLC ODECO See: Ocean Drilling & Expl. Co. (ODECO) ODECO (Drilling) See: Ocean Drilling & Exploration Co. (ODECO) (Drilling) Odeco Drilling (U.K.) Limited and Odeco (U.K.) Inc. See: Diamond M Odeco Drilling (U.K.) Limited and Diamond M. Odeco (U.K.) Inc. ODECO Inc. See: Ocean Drilling & Exploration Co. Odessa Natural Corporation See: El Paso Exploration Co. Odfjell Offshore ASA/Odfjell Drilling AS See: Odfjell Drilling & Odfjell Drilling Management Odin Oil Network See: The Oil Network O'Donnell Energy Corp. See: Texas Coast Energy, Inc. O'Drill Inc. See: O'Drill Mudcraft, Inc. O'Drill Mudcraft, Inc. (Now O'Drill-MCM Pumps, Inc.) O.D.S. See: Offshore Drilling Supplies Ltd. (ODS) ODS Italia SRL See: RANA SRL Odyssey Partners Oil & Gas See: Kellerman, Bob, Oil Properties Oesterreichische Mineralolverwaltung AG See: OEMV Aktiengesellschaft Office des Mines Nationales et des Industries Strategiques (OMNIS) See: O.M.N.I.S. Office National Des Recherches & D'Exploitations Petrolieres (ONAREP) See: Office National Des Hydrocarbure Offshore Chartering A.S. See: R. G. Hagland AS Offshore Company, The See: Sonat Offshore Drilling, Inc. Offshore Crane & Equipment See: Amclyde Unit/Lucker Division Offshore Data Service See: ODS-Petrodata Group (a OneOffshore Company) Offshore Division See: Health & Safety Executive Offshore Division Offshore Drilling Supplies See: Amossco BDS Offshore Engineer Magazine See: Atlantic Communications LLC Offshore Exploration Oil Co. See: OXOCO Offshore Logistics, Inc. See: Air Logistics Offshore Marine Service, Inc. See: Offshore Marine Contractors, Inc. Offshore Navigation, Inc. See: ONI International Offshore Navigation (Canada) Limited See: Offshore Survey & Navigation, Ltd. Offshore Oil N. L. See: Petroz N.L. Offshore Rentals Limited (Now a Weatherford Company) Offshore Supply Association See: OSA Marine Services GmbH Offshore Survey & Positioning Services Ltd. See: Offshore Systems Ltd. Offshore Technology Corporation See: Arctec Offshore Corporation Offshore Telephone Company, The See: Datacom Offshore Training Centre See: Drilling and Production Training Centre (DPTC) OFM Inc.- (Daniel Valve) SPX See: OFM Inc.- division of SPX Process Equipment OGCI Software, Inc. (Purchased by Geoquest) OGCI - Training, Inc. (Oil & Gas Consultants International, Inc.) See: PetroSkills/OGCI OGDC See: Oil & Gas Development Corp. (OGDC) OGDCL See: Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) OGO See: Oil & Gas Operators, Inc. (OGO) OGY Petroleums Ltd. (Now Baytex Energy Ltd.) O'Hair, P. E., & Co. See: Westburne Supply, Inc. Ohio Oil/Gas Exploration (Now Ohio Kentucky Oil Corp.) OHM Corporation See: OHM Remediation Services, Corp. OIC Sand Systems, Inc. See: Petroleum Instruments, Inc. Oil Base, Inc. See: OBI-Hughes, Inc. Oil Center Tool Div., FMC Corp. See: FMC, Petroleum Equipment Division Oil Company of Australia Limited (Now Origin Energy Resources Limited) Oil Country Manufacturing, Inc. See: Weatherford Oil Country Mfg. Oil Country Sales Inc. See: Reid Supply Company Oil Data Inc., a division of Hays Information Management, Inc. See: Hays Information Management, Inc. Oil Development Co. of Texas See: Santa Fe Energy Co. Oil Development Company of Utah See: Santa Fe Energy Co. Oil Drill Stem Testing Inc. See: Oil Testers Inc. Oil Drilling & Exploration Limited See: Ensign Energy Services International Limited Oil Exploration (Investments) Ltd. See: Israel National Oil Co. Ltd. (INOC) Oil Field Chemicals Group See: Baker Petrolite Oil Field Chemicals Group, Petrolite Corp. See: Oil Field Chemicals Group, Baker Petrolite Oil Field Construction Co., Inc. See: ARB, Inc. Oil Field Pipe & Supply, Inc. See: O F P Services Oil & Gas Consultants International, Inc. See OGCI (Oil & Gas Consultants International, Inc.) Oil & Gas Consultants International, Inc. See: OGCI Training, Inc. Oil & Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) See: Oil & Gas Development Company Limited Oil & Gas Specialties Company See: Mueller Flow Technologies Oil Management Corporation See: Vanderbilt Resources Corp. Oil Management Services Ltd. See: OMS Consultants Ltd. Oil Mop, Inc. See: Ambar/Oil Mop, Inc. Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd. (OPEC) See: OPEC Ltd. Oil Reserves Corp. See: Spot Market Corporation Oil Scout See: Oil Scout Publishing, Inc. Oil States Applied Hydraulic Systems See: Oil States Skagit SMATCO Houma Oil Stop, LLC See: Oil Stop 1, LLC Oil Technology Services, Inc. (Now PPI Technical Services LP) Oilair Hydraulics, Inc. See: Oil Air Hydraulics, Inc. Oilfab Group Ltd. See: Laing Oil & Gas Oilfield Hydrographic Projects Ltd. See: Stolt-Nielsen Seaway Tech. Ltd. Oilfield Inspection Services Ltd. See: Inspectorate Ois Limited Oilfield Machine & Supply Co. See: OMSCO Industries Inc. Oilfield Microbiology Services Ltd.(OMSS) See: Oilfield Microbiology Ltd. Oilfield Motor & Control See: OMC (Oilfield Motor & Control) Oilfield Motor & Control, Inc. See: OMC, Inc. (Oilfield Motor & Control, Inc.) Oilfield Testers Inc. (Now Allwaste Oilfield Services) Oilgear Petrodyne See: Oilgear Co., The OiLine Division - FMC Corp. See: FMC Corporation, Submersible Pump Operation Oilmin N. L. See: Moonie Oil Company Limited, The Oilpatch Supply & Service Co. Inc. (Now Kvaerner Oilfield Products, Inc.) Oilphase - DBR Now part of Schlumberger Oiltools International Ltd. See: Associated Oiltools Inc. Oiltools International Limited See: KMC Oiltools Bermuda Limited Oiltools Pte. Ltd. (Now Oiltools International Ltd.) Oilwell Division of U. S. Steel Corp. See: National-Oilwell OIME, Inc. See: Parker Technology, Inc.

538 Company Name Cross Reference

OIS Mobile-Lab, Inc. See: Mobile-Lab, Inc. OIS Plc See: Oceaneering Ois OIS PLC Scotland See: OIS PLC OK Fishing & Rental Tools Inc. See: QTS Fishing & Rental Tools Inc. OK Wellhead Installations See: O.K. Wellhead Equipment Okanagan Helicopters Ltd. See: Canadian Helicopters Limited OKC Corp. See: CKB & Associates, Inc. OKC Limited Partnership See: CKB & Associates, Inc. OKC Petroleum Company See: CKB & Associates, Inc. OKGT See: Orszagos Koolaj Es Gazipari Troszt (OKGT) Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. See: ONG Exploration Inc. Oklahoma Oil Company See: Cimarron Corporation OK-RCM Oil Inc. See: RCM Oil Inc. Olman Health Company See: Weatherford Olsen Drilling Company See: Win-Rock Drilling Company Olsen, Fred, Inc. See: Volvo Petroleum, Inc. Olympic Software Inc. See: Double Precision Computer Services Olympic Wireline, Inc. See: U.S. Environmental and Medical, Inc. Olympus America Inc. See: Olympus Industrial America Olympus Corporation See: Olympus America Inc. Oman United Agencies LLC, Oil, Engineering Services (OUA) See: United Engineering Servs LLC (UES) OMB See: Offshore Model Basin (OMB) OMBS See: Oilfield Microbiology Services Ltd. (OMBS) OMC See: Oilfield Motor & Controls Services (OMC) OMC Services, Inc. See: Oilfield Motor & Controls (OMC) OMCO See: Oil & Minerals Limited Omega Marine Group, The See: Aker Omega Marine, Inc. Omenex Research and Development, Inc. See: Omenex, Inc. OMI See: Oil Mop, Inc. OMI See: Onshore & Marine, Inc. (OMI) OMNES (Now Schlumberger Omnes) Omni Exploration, Inc. See: Cairn Energy USA Omni International, Inc. See: Dynaquip International OMNIS See: Office Des Mines Nationales Et Des Industries Strategiques (OMNIS) O.M.N.I.S. See: Office Militaire National Pour Les Industries Strategiques (O.M.N.I.S.) OMS See: Oil & Mining Services Ltd. (OMS) OMS Consultants Ltd. See: Oil Management Services Ltd. OMS Ltd. (Now AON) Omsco Industries See: Omsco, A ShawCor Company Omsco, a ShawCor Company See: Vam Drilling USA ONAH See: Office National Des Hydrocarbures (ONAH) ONAREP See: Office National De Recherches Et D'Exploitation Petrolieres (ONAREP) Oncor Corporation See: Hughes Drilling Equipment Ondeo Degremont Inc. See: Infilco Degremont Inc. Ondeo Nalco Energy Services See: Nalco Energy Services Ondeo Nalco Energy Services, Adomite Chemicals Group See: Nalco Energy Services, Adomite Chemicals Group Ondeo Nalco Energy Services Canada Inc. See: Nalco Canada Co. Oneok Exploration Company See: Oneok Resources Company ONG Exploration Inc. See: ONEOK Exploration Co. ONGC See: Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) Onshore & Marine, Inc. (OMI) See: American Marine Construction (AMC) On-Stream Systems, Ltd. See: Stortford Engineering Designs Ltd. Onyx Environment Services See: Veolia Environmental Services ONYX Petroleum Exploration Company Ltd. See: Lasmo Canada Inc. O.O.I.C. See: Ocean-Oil Int'l. Corp. (O.O.I.C.) OOSC See: Oman Oilfields Supply Center L.L.C. (OOSC) OPAB See: Oljeprospektering AB OPAL See: Oilfield Production Analysts Ltd. (OPAL) O P C See: Overseas Petroleum Corporation (O P C) OPCO Production Co. See: Wichita Industries, Inc. OPEC See: Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd. (OPEC) OPEC See: Organization of The Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) OPEX See: Output Exploration Company, Inc. (OPEX) Oppenheimer Oil and Gas See: Odyssey Partners Oil & Gas O P S Inc. See: Damacon Inc. Opsco `92 Industries Ltd. See: Opsco Energy Industries Ltd., A Division of ENSIGN Resource Service Group Inc. Optical Disk Systems Corp. See: Information Transfer Systems Optima Integrated Energy Services See: OIE Services Ltd. Orbit Drilling Inc. See: New Orbit Drilling Company Orbit Gas Co. See: Orbit Gas Transmission, Inc. Orbit Valve, Div of Cooper Cameron Valves Now Cooper Cameron Valves Organic Chemicals Div., W. R. Grace & Co. See: Hampshire Chemical Corporation Origin Energy Resources Ltd. Now Origin Energy Ltd. Originala Petroleum Corp. See: Barnes Petroleum Corp. Orion Energy Corporation (Merged into Ambrit Energy Corp.) Oronzio De Nora Group See: Elgard Corporation - Lida Products Orsgazon Koolaj-Es Gazipari Troszi See: Mol Hungarian Oil and Gas Corp. (MOL pLC.) ORT See: Oilfield Rental Tools Ltd. (ORT) Orwell Group PLC (Now a Weatherford Company) ORYX Energy Company - (Oil & Gas) (Merged with Kerr-McGee Corp.) OSCA, a subsidiary of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation See: Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Osca, Inc. (Now BJ Services) Osca UK Ltd. (Now BJ Services) OSCI (Oil & Gas Consultants International, Inc.) See: Oil & Gas Consultants International, Inc. OSD See: Offshore Safety Division of Health & Safety Executive OSI See: Oil Stop, Inc. (OSI) Osiris BV (Now under Fugro Group of Companies) Osiris Seaway Ltd. See: Exploration Associates Ltd. OSMO Membrane Systems Div., Osmonics, Inc. See: OSMONICS Inc. Osmonics, Inc. See: GE Osmonics Osmonics, Inc. See: OSMO Membrane Systems Div., Osmonics, Inc. Osmose Wood Preserving, Inc. See: Osmose, Inc. Osprey Sub Sea, Inc. See: Simrad Osprey, Inc. O'Sullivan & Scully, Inc. See: O'Sullivan Oil & Gas Co., Inc. OTECO See: OTECO Equipment Co. (OTECO) Otis Engineering BV See: Halliburton Energy Services Otis Engineering Corporation See: Halliburton Energy Services Otis Engineering Corporation (Brunei) See: Halliburton Energy Services Otis Engineering GmbH See: Halliburton Energy Services Otis Pressure Control Limited See: Halliburton Energy Services OTP, Pipeline Division of SOFRESID See: Groupe Sofresid S.A. OTS-I See: On Target Surveying, Inc. (OTS-I) OUA See: Oman United Agencies LLC, Oil, Engineering, Services (OUA) OUA See: Oman United Agencies LLC, Oil, Gas & Water Div. (OUA) Ouachita Energy Corporation See: Hanover Company Oua-Inchape Engineering Services See: United Engineering Services LLC Outreach plc See: Outreach Ltd. Ovatek Inc. See: Ovatek Rigid Liferafts Inc. Ovatek Ltee See: Ovatek Inc. Overly, Frederick A. See: Overly Operating Overseas Oil & Mineral Development See: OOMD (Overseas Oil & Mineral Development) Oving-Diepeveen-Struycken B.V. See: ODS/Hoogoyens Handel Owasso Resources Inc. See: Owasso Petroleum Ltd. OWCO See: Oil Well Logging Co., Inc. (OWCO) Oweco Limited See: National Supply Company (UK) Ltd. Owen Gris Gun Now Owen Oil Tools Owens Manufacturing & Specialty See: Owens Mfg. & Specialty Co. Inc. OWI See: Oilwell International OWLCO See: Oil Well Logging Co. Inc. (OWLCO) Owners Jet of Texas Inc. See: Million Air Houston OXO Welding Equipment (Now ITW Welding) OXY See: Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) OXY USA Inc. See: Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation, Domestic Operations OYO Geospace Instruments Inc. See: OYO Instruments Inc.


PAAN See: Pan African Airlines Ltd. PACE See: Production and Consultant Engineers Limited (PACE) Pace Consultants Inc., The See: Jacobs Consultancy Inc. Pace Foundation See: EAGE-Pace Foundation Pace, Inc. See: Pace Analytical Services, Inc. Pacemaker Plunger Co. See: Integrated Production Services (IPS) (Waller) Pacemaker Service C. A. See: B. J. Hughes De Venezuela (S. A.) Pacesetter Rental Tools Inc. See: Safco Oilfield Products Inc.

Company Name Cross Reference 539

Pacific Inspection Co. (Sold to Tuboscope) Pacific Lighting Exploration Co. See: Pacific Lighting Gas Dev. Co. Pacific Oil & Gas Development Corp. See: Callon Petroleum Company Pacific Petroleums Ltd. See: Petro-Canada Exploration Inc. Pacific Pumps Div., Dresser Industries See: Dresser Pumps/Dresser Industries Pacific Valves, A Unit of Crane Valve Group See: Crane Valve Group Packard Valve Co. See: Columbia Oil Tool Co. Paco Pumps See: Sulzer Pumps Houston Inc. Pacseal Inc. See: PacSeal Hydraulics, Inc. Padre Drilling Co. Inc. (Bought by Patterson Drilling Company) PAE Mauritius Ltd. See: PAE PanAfrican Energy Corporation Pae Pan African Energy Corporation See: Pan-Ocean Energy Corporation Pag-O-Flex Neptune Offshore Flexibles GmbH See: Neptune Pag-O-Flex A.S. Pag-O-Flex Paguag Offshore Flexibles Systems See: Pag-O-Flex Neptune Offshore Flexibles GmbH Paguag Flexible Offshore Pipe Systems See: Pag-O-Flex Paguag Offshore Flexibles Systems PAI See: Petrobras America Inc. (PAI) Paine Corporation See: Paine Electronics Paladin Resources Corp. See: Paladin International Corp. Paleo Services See: RPS Paleo Paleoservices Limited See: Paleo Services Limited Palestine Contractors Inc. See: Q Production Services dba QV Services, Inc. Pall Well Technology See: Pall Corporation Palmaven, S. A. See: Corpoven, S. A. Palmer EAE Limited See: Inspectorate OIS Palmer Pipe & Supply (Now Permian Pipe & Supply Co.) Palmer Service & Equipment Co., Inc. Now Permian Pump & Supply Palmetto Resources Inc. See: Palm Petroleum Co. Paloma Petroleum Ltd. See: Sonoma Energy Corp. PAMCO See: Stewart & Stevenson Power Inc. Pamco Ltd. See: Pamco (JVC) Ltd. Pamco Ltd. See: Scotland Electronics Intl. Ltd. Pan African Energy Corporation See: PAE Mauritius Ltd. Pan American Labs Ins. See: Micro Bac Analytical Laboratories, Inc., Pan American Labs Inc., Subsidiary Pan American Petroleum Corporation See: Amoco Production Co. Pan Ocean Oil Corporation (North Sea) Ltd. See: Marathon Oil UK, Ltd. Pan Ocean Oil Ltd. (Acquired by Aberford Resources Ltd.) Pan Petroleum MLP See: PANACO, Inc. Panatlas Energy Inc. See: Velvet Exploration Ltd. PanCanadian Petroleum Limited See: EnCana Corporation Pangaea Petroleum Company See: HarCor Energy, Inc. Panhandle Eastern Corporation (a Delaware Corporation) See: Panenergy Corp. Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company See: Panhandle Eastern Corporation PANOIL Company See: Dorchester Gas Corp. PanPac See: Pan-Pacific Petroleum NL (PanPac) Panther Software Corp. (Purchased by Schlumberger) Paradigm Geophysical, The Geoscience Knowledge Company See: Paradigm Paradigm Technologies, Inc. See: P2 Energy Solutions Paragon Drilling Ltd. See: Excalibur Drilling Ltd. Paragon Engineering Services, Inc. See: AMEC Paragon, Inc. Paragon Petroleum Corporation See: Northrock Resources Para-Gone Biological Corp. See: Proteus Environmental Inc. Paramount Pacific, Inc. See: Zapata Constructors Inc. Paramount Petroleum Co., Inc. See: Nuevo Energy Company Pardee Equipment Limited See: Brandt Tractor Pardee Exploration Company See: Pardee Resources Group, Inc. Park Ohio Energy, Inc. See: Atwood Energy, Inc. Parkem Industrial Services See: Enclean, Inc. Parker, Bob, Lease Crew Service Inc. See: The Mechanic's Service, Inc. Parker Energy Resources Inc. See: Parker Gas Companies, Inc. Parker Hannifin Corporation, Skinner Valve Division See: Parker Hannifin Fluid Control Division Parker & Parsley Aust. Ltd. (Now Owned by Santos (BOL) Pty. Ltd.) Parker Seal Group See: Parker Hannifin Corp., Seal Group Parkline/Arrow See: JW Measurement Parsons Energy & Chemicals Group See: Worley Parsons Parsons Process Group Inc. See: Parsons Energy & Chemicals Group Inc. Parsons S.I.P. Inc. See: Parsons Process Group Inc. Partec Lavalin Inc. See: SNC Partec Inc. PASJ See: Petrolera Argentina San Jorge (PASJ) Pasminco Europe Impalloy Limited See: Britannia Alloys and Chemicals Ltd., Impalloy Div Pason Rocky Mountain Geo-Engineering Corp. See: Pason Systems USA Corp. Passburg Petroleums Ltd. See: New Jordan Petroleum Ltd. Pathfinder Co., The See: Pathfinder Oil Tool, Inc. Pathfinder Resources Ltd. See: Landover Energy Pathway Bellows, inc. See: Senior Flexonics, Inc., Pathway Division Patland Oil Co. See: QuinTx Exploration, Inc. Patrick Exploration Company See: Patrick Energy Corp. Patrick Petroleum Company (Merged into Goodrich Petroleum Corp.) Patrick Well Service, Inc. See: Welltech Mid Continent, Inc. Patrick Wireline See: Bilbo Wireline Patriot Sensors & Controls Corp. See: AMETEK Patriot Sensors Patterson Drilling Company See: Patterson-UTI Drilling Company, a Limited Partnership Patterson Drilling Company (Oil) See: Patterson - UTI Drilling Company, A Limited Partnership (Drilling Contractors Section) Patterson Inspection Services, Inc. See: Patterson Tubular Services, Inc. Patterson Petroleum, Inc. See: Patterson Petroleum, LP, Limited Partnership Patton Oil Co. See: Great Eastern Energy & Development Corporation Pauley Petroleum Inc. (Merged by Hondo Oil & Gas Company) Paul-Munroe Engineering International (PMEI) See: Paul-Munroe Hydralift, Inc. (PMH) Paul-Munroe Hydralift, Inc. (PMH) See: Hydralift, Inc. Pauluhn Electric Mfg. LLP See: Pauluhn Payne County Well Service Inc. See: Drumright Well Service, Inc. PB-KBB Inc. See: PB Energy Storage Service, Inc. P.B.V. Nuova Sella S.P.A. See: Pibiviesse S.P.A. PC, Ltd. See: Breck Operating Corp. PCI See: Pollution Control Inc. (PCI) PDC Gearhart International, Inc. See: Ulterra Drilling Technologies PDG See: PLM Dollar Group Ltd. (PDG) PDM Unelco Ltd. See: PDM Neptec Ltd. PDO See: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) PDSCo See: Polymer Drilling Systems (PDSCo) PDVSA See: Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) Peabody Vann See: GEO Vann Peacock Inc. See: Weir Canada Inc. Peak Energy Company See: Peak Exploration Company Pearce Oil Co. See: WYOIL Corporation Pease Oil and Gas Company See: Republic Resources, Inc. Peat Sorb Inc. See: North Star, Inc. Peck-O-Matic, Div Bowen Tools, Inc. See: Bowen Tools, Inc., (Subsidiary of Air Liquide America Corporation) PECO See: Perry Equipment Corporation (PECO) Pecom S.A. See: Petrobras Energia S.A. Pecten International Company See: Shell EP International Ventures B.V. (SEPIV B.V.) PEDCO See: Korea Petroleum Development Corporation (PEDCO) Pedco Energy Limited See: Lateral Vector Resources Pedestal Crane, Inc. See: Smatco, Inc. Peek Measurement Inc. See: Polysonics, Inc. Pegasi Energy Resources Corp. See: Pegasi Operating Inc. PEI See: Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) PEIL See: Petroleum Explorers International, Ltd. (PEIL) Peko Exploration (UK) Limited See: Santos Europe Limited Peko Petroleum (UK) Limited See: Peko Exploration (UK) Limited Pelican State Supply Co. See: DXP Enterprises Pell Cable Cutter Co., div of MorseStarrett Products Co. See: Morse-Starrett Products Co., Pell Cable Cutter Division PEMEX See: Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) PEMEX See: Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX Exploration y Production) (PEMEX) Pencol Engineering Consultants See: PENSPEN PENCOR See: Production Enhancement Corp. (PENCOR) Pencor Reservoir Fluid Specialists, A Core Lab Company See: Pencor Division of Core Laboratories LP Pendemak Industries Ltd. See: Varel Roc Bits Canada Inc. (subsidiary of Varel International) Penford, Inc. See: Hosford Energy Corporation Penick & Associates, Inc. See: Shiloh, L.L.C. Penick Oil Company See: Penick & Associates Penn Wire Rope Division, Handy & Harman See: Strandflex Division, Handy & Harman Pennant Service Company, A Business Unit of BASIC Energy Services See: BASIC Energy Services Pennsylvania Steel Technologies, A Division of Bethlehem Steel Corporation See: Dura - Bond Pipe LLC Pennwalt Holland B.V. See: Atochem Industrial Chemicals B.V.

540 Company Name Cross Reference

Pennzenergy Exploration and Production, L.L.C. See: Devon Energy Corporation Pennzoil Company (Now Pennzoil-Quaker State Company) Pennzoil Exploration and Production Co. See: PennzEnergy Exploration and Production, L.L.C. Pennzoil Petrols Ltd. (Now part of Pennzoil Canada-Under Pennzoil Exploration & Production) Pentow Marine (Pty.) Ltd. See: Smit Pentow Marine (Pty.) Ltd. Penwood Wireline, Inc. See: Computalog Wireline Servs, Inc. Peoples Natural Gas Company, The See: Dominion Peoples PEP, Inc. See: Petroleum Expendable Products (PEP, Inc.) Perbras See: Empresa Brasileira de Perforacoes Ltda Perfclean International, Inc. See: Downhole Fluidics, Inc. Perfco Wireline Inc. See: Tetra Applied Technology Perfco Wireline Service, Inc. See: Young Wireline Service Inc. Perforaciones A. Chorro, C.A. See: Chorro Sales, S. A. Perforating Guns Inc. (Acquired by Cardinal Services) Performance Pipe Corp. See: Oklahoma Pipe Sales, Inc. Perkins Southwest See: SEPCO Power Products Permag Pacific See: Dexter Magnetic Materials Division Permalert, Inc. See: Perma-Pipe, Inc. Permian Pipe Fabrication See: Gemstar, Inc. Process Equipment & Construction Perry Engineering, A Division of Boral Johns Perry Industries Ltd. See: Perry Engineering Pty Ltd. Perry Oceanographics, Inc. See: Perry Offshore, Inc. Perry Tritech, Inc. See: Perry Slingsby Systems, Inc. Pertambangan Minyak Dan Gas Bumi Negara (PERTAMINA) See: Perusahaan Pertambangan Minyak Dan Gas Bumi Negara (PERTAMINA) PERTAMINA See: Pertambangan Pertambangan Minyak Dan Gas Negara (PERTAMINA) PERTAMINA See: Perusahaan Pertambangan Minyak Dan Gas Bumi Negara (PERTAMINA) Peruvian Oils & Minerals, Ltd. See: Pominex Ltd. PESA See: Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association (PESA) PESCO See: Production Equipment Supply Co., Inc. (PESCO) PESI See: Production Equipment Service, Inc. (PESI) Pet Chem Inc. See: B.E.S. Environmental Company Petcal Company Ltd. See: Canadian Homestead Oils Ltd. PETCO (Oil Co.) See: Petroleum Corp. of Texas PETCO (Supply Co.) See: Petroleum Equipment Tools Co. Petco Fishing and Rental Tools See: Weatherford-Petco, Inc. Petco Fishing and Rental Tools (Asia) Ltd. See: Petco Fishing and Rental Tools Peterman, Robert E. & Associates See: Peterman-Sturlese Energy Operators Peters/Cable Associates See: Cable, William & Associates Peterson Drilling Company See: UTI Drilling Peterson-Riedel Services See: Riedel-Peterson Environmental Services Pet-Ex Inc. See: Ryan Petroleum Operating Inc. Petra Energy See: Carrollton Resources Petratex Resources, Inc. See: PETROS Petreco Division, Petrolite Corp. See: Baker Hughes Petrel Robertson Ltd. See: Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. Petresim Engineering Ltd. See: Western Atlas Integrated Technologies Petro Analysis Inc. See: Petroleum Equities Inc. Petro Boom Environmental, Inc. See: I G Environmental, Inc. Petro Dynamics, Inc. (Now Petro-Drive Inc.) Petro Energy Well Service See: Kodiak Corp. Petro Engineering Inc. See: Petro Speed, Inc. Petro Equipment Sales Ltd. See: RNG Controls Petro Graph Mudlogging Services See: Petro Graph Geologic Services Petro Log, Inc. (Lafayette) See: Petro Log International, Inc. Petro Well Energy Services Inc. (Now Cenalta Energy Services Inc.) Petro Well Servicing See: Petro Well Energy Services Inc. PETROBANGLA See: Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (PETROBANGLA) Petrobangla (Exploration Division), Bangladesh See: Bangladesh Oil & Gas Corp. (PETROBANGLA) Petrobank Operating Company & Petrobank Energy, Inc. See: Oaks Resources Management, Inc. PETROBEL See: Belayim Petroleum Co. (PETROBEL) PETROBRAS See: Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS) Petrobras Internacional S.A. (BRASPETRO) See: Petrobras S.A. (BRASPETRO) Petrobras UK Limited See: Petrobras Eurpoe Petrocarbon Developments Limited See: Costain Petrocarbon Limited Petrochem Engineering Services Inc. See: Petrochem Operating Co. Inc. Petrochemical International Instrument Company & Impianti ed energia s.r.l. See: Jacorossi Imprese S.r.l. PETROCI See: Societe Nationale D'Operations Petrolieres de La Cote D'Ivoire (PETROCI) PETROCO See: Petroleum Projects Co. LLC PETROCOM See: Petroleum Communications, Inc. (PETROCOM) PETROCOM LLC See: Broadpoint Petrocon Steel Services See: Steel Services (Gt. Yarmouth) Ltd. Petroconsultants International Data Corp. (Now part of IHS Energy Group) Petroconsultants S.A. (Purchased by IHS Energy Group) Petroconsultants Sales Corp. See: Petroconsultants International Data Corp. Petrocorp Exploration & Fletcher Challenge Petroleum Asia See: Fletcher Challenge Petroleum Petrocorp Incorporated (Now Kaiser-Francis) Petrodata Limited See: ODS-Petrodata Group ( a OneOffshore Company) Petro-Drive, Inc. See: XLSystem/Petro-Drive Petro-Energy Exploration, Inc. See: Faulkner Corporation Petro-Equipment X-Change, Inc. See: Petro-Equipment, Inc. Petrofina SA See: TOTALFINA Petrofina (U.K.) Limited See: Fina PLC PETROGAL SA See: Petroleos De Portugal- Petrogal, s.a. Petro Graph Geologic Services (Now Texas Geologic Services, LLC) Petro Graph Mudlogging Service See: Texas Geologic Services, LLC Petrojarl ASA See: Teekay Petrojarl Petroland See: Petroway, Inc. Petroland b.v. See: Elf Petroland b.v. Petrolease Operating Co., Inc. See: Petroleum Management Co. Petroleos De Portugal (PETROGAL) See: Galp Energia, SGPS, SA Petrolera Argentina San Jorge S.A. See: Chevron San Jorge S.A. Petroleum Appraisal Company (Now ETI) Petroleum Center Inc. See: Drill Labs Division of Petroleum Center Inc. and Delta Logging Division of Petroleum Center Inc. Petroleum Communications, Inc. (PETROCOM) See: PETROCOM LLC Petroleum Computing, Inc. See: Landmark/PCI Petroleum Corporation of Delaware, The See: Presidio Oil Co. Petroleum Corporation of New Zealand (Exploration) Limited See: Petrocorp Exploration Limited Petroleum Corporation of Texas (PETCO) See: PC Ltd. Petroleum Engineering Ser. Co. See: RMS, P.E., Inc. Petroleum Expendable Products (PET, Inc.) See: National Oilwell Petroleum Exploration and Development Corp See: Oil and Minerals Limited (OMCO) Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. See: PHI, Inc. Petroleum Industry Training Service See: Enform Petroleum Information Corporation See: Petroleum Information/Dwights LLC Petroleum Information (Erico) Limited See: IHS Energy Group/PI (Erico) Petroleum Information/Dwights LLC (Purchased by IHS Energy Group) Petroleum Mud Logging, Inc. See: PML Exploration Services LLC Petroleum Production Management Inc. See: Energy Financial Services L.L.C. Petroleum Professionals International See: PTI Technology Services Petroleum Registry, The See: Dwights Petroleum Registry Petroleum and Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. See: PETRENEL (Petroleum and Renewable Energy Co. Ltd.) Petroleum Reserve Corporation, Subsidiary of Castle Energy Co. See: Union Pacific Resources Petroleum Resources Company See: Bison Production Company Petroleum Technology Associates (S) See: Oiltools International Group Products Division Petroleum Testing Service, Inc. See: PTS Laboratories, Inc. Petroleum Well Services See: PWSC Petroleum Well Services, Consulting Division (Bought by Moncla Well Service) Petro-Lewis Corporation (Acquired by Freeport-McMoRan, McMoRan Oil & Gas Co.) Petroline Wellsystems Ltd. See: Weatherford Completion Systems Petroline Wireline Services Ltd. See: Petroline Wellsystems Ltd. Petrolite Canada Inc. See: Baker Petrolite Petrolite Canada Inc. See: Tretolite Division-Petrolite Canada Inc. Petro-Log, a BWWC Co. (Now Black Warrior Wireline) Petrologic Ltd. See: Landmark EAME Ltd. Petro-Marine Engineering, Inc. See: Casbarian Engineering Associates, LLC Petromark Minerals Ltd. See: Prodeco Oil & Gas Co. Ltd. Petromaya S. A. See: Elf Aquitaine Guatemala Petromer Trend Corporation, Division of Adobe Resources Corp. See: Trend International Limited, Division of Adobe Resources Corp. Petromet Resources Limited (Now Talisman Energy Inc.) PETROMINE See: Petroleum & Mining Equipment (PETROMINE)

Company Name Cross Reference 541

PETRONAS See: Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) PETRONOR See: Petroleos Del Norte S.A. (PETRONOR) PETROPERU See: Petroleos del Peru Petropool, Inc. See: Marsat Corporation Petrorep Resources Ltd. See: Taurus Exploration Canada Ltd. Petros See: Signa Engineering Corp. Petrosar Ltd. See: Nova Corporation of Alberta PetroSkills/OGCI See: Petroskills Petrostar Energy See: H & H Star Energy, Inc. Petrostar Petroleums Inc. See: Crestar Energy Petroswede AB See: Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB Petrotech Consultants, Inc. See: Campbell & Associates, Inc. Petrotech, Inc. See: Great Northern Gas Company Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC) See: Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium (POSC) Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium, Inc. (POSC) See: Energistics PETROTRIN See: Petroleum Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited (PETROTRIN) Petro-Tube Corporation See: Hunting Petrotube Petroventures Resources Ltd. See: Questar Resources Corp. Petroware Systems, Inc. See: Avatar Systems, Ltd. Petrus Oil Company, L.P. See: Bridge Oil (U.S.A.) Inc. Manager for Petrus Oil Company, L.P. Pettitroleum See: Pettit International PETX Petroleum Corporation See: Anchor Bay Corporation Pfizer, Inc., Oil Field Products Division See: OFPG Inc., Oil Field Products Div. PFS See: Plastic Flamecoat Systems (PFS) PG&E Resources Company (Now Enserch Exploration) PGI See: Precision General Inc. (PGI) P.G.I. See: Process Group International Pty. Ltd. (P.G.I.) PGS Data Management (Sold to Landmark Graphics) PGS Production AS See: Petrojarl ASA PGS Reservoir See: PGS Reservoir Consultants (UK) Ltd. Philco Pipe Inspection See: Superior Inspection Services Philip Corrosion Services See: PSC Industrial Outsourcing Group, Inc. Philip Oilfield Services See: PSC Industrial Outsourcing Group, Inc. Philip Services Corp. See: Philip ST Philip Services/Louisiana Inc. See: Philip Oilfield Services Philippine Overseas Drilling & Oil Dev't Corp (PHILODRILL) See: Philodrill Corporation, The Phillips Brothers Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Trans World Oil & Gas Ltd. Phillips Cane & Rigging of Houston, Inc. See: Baldwin's Industrial Services, DBA Phillips Crane & Rigging Phillips, Jerry L., Drilling Inc. See: JLP Drilling Phillips Petroleum Company (Now ConocoPhillips) Phillips Petroleum Company, Basin Analysis & Evaluation Branch See: Phillips Petroleum Company, Integrated Exploration Branch Phillips Petroleum Company Europe-Africa See: Phillips Petroleum Co. UK Ltd. Phillips Petroleum Co. - Future Ventures See: Phillips Petroleum Co. - Frontier Expl. Section Phillips Petroleum Company, Integrated Exploration Branch See: Phillips Petroleum Company, Seismic Stratigraphy Phillips Petroleum Co. United Kingdom Limited See: Phillips Petroleum Co. UK Limited Phillips Petroleum Company, Upstream Organization See: Phillips Petroleum Company, Exploration & Production PHILODRILL See: Philippine-Overseas Drilling & Oil Dev't. Corp. (PHILODRILL) Phoenix B.O.P. Services Ltd. See: Weltech Manufacturing & Services Ltd. Phoenix Dataline, Inc. See: Intermountain Dataline Inc. Phoenix Drilling Services, Inc. See: National-Oilwell, L.P. Phoenix Energy Products, Inc. See: National-Oilwell, L.P. Phoenix National Petroleum See: Trident Resource Management Co. Phoenix Petroleum Services Limited (Acquired by Schlumberger) Phoenix Resource Companies, Inc. (Acquired by Apache Corp.) Phoenix Rubber Industrial Ltd. See: Continental Rubber Industrial Ltd. Phylko Energy Corporation See: Timko, Donald J. Picenco International Inc. See: Solid Controls OperationsGeosource Inc. P.I.G. Scotland See: New Pig Corporation P.I.G. (UK) Ltd. See: P.I.G. Scotland PII See: PII Kershaw Ltd. PII Kershaw Ltd. See: PII Pipeline Solutions Pike Petroleum Corporation See: Summit Petroleum Corporation Pilgrim Drilling Co. See: Cactus Drilling Co. Pilgrim Exploration Corp. See: American Energy Exploration Co. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. See: Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. Pin Oak Petroleum, Inc. (Now Bridge Oil (U.S.A.), Inc.) Pinto Resources Inc. See: Dakota Resources Limited Pioneer Centrifuging Company See: Picenco International Inc. Pioneer Resources Inc. See: Superior Energy Co., The Pipe Line Coating, Inc. (Sold to Bredero Price) Pipe Maintenance, Incorporated See: Charles Ford's Pipe Maint. Inc. Pipeline Equipment Benelux B.V. See: PEB Engineers & Construction B.V. Pipetronix Inc. (PTX) See: PII North America, Inc. Piping & Equipment Corp. See: U S Flow Piping & Equipment Corp. Pirelli HVS, Submarine Group See: Prysmian Power Cables & Systems USA, LLC PISA See: PERFORADORA DEL ISTMO, S. A. PITCO See: Prospective Investment and Trading Company, Ltd., The (PITCO) Pitts Oil Company See: Pitts Energy Group PKS Environmental Equipment Co. See: Sharpe & Associates, Inc. Placer Energy Corp. See: Eagle Oil & Gas Co. Plains Petroleum Company See: Barrett Resources Corporation Plastic Applicators, Inc. See: PA Inc. Plastic Coatings Limited See: ACI Plastic Coatings Limited Plastonics International, Inc. See: Pyroite Polymers International Inc. Plattsburgh Quarries Inc., Oil & Gas Div. See: Graystone Materials, Inc., Oil & Gas Division Pledger, Schulze & Kennedy See: Pledger, Kennedy, Rogers, Kalkomey Plenty Ltd. See: Plenty Filters Plenty Product Inc. See: Plenty Filtration Plexco, Div of Chevron See: Performance Pipe, Phillips Chemical Co. LP PLSI See: Plunger Lift Systems, Inc. (PLSI) PLSI See: Production Lift Systems, Inc. (PLSI) PLT Engineering Limited See: Tebodin Plt. Ltd. Plumb Oil Company, Inc. See: Harbert Energy Corporation Plunger Lift Systems, Inc. (PLSI) See: Production Lift Systems, Inc. (PLSI) Pluspetrol S. A. See: Pluspetrol Resources Corporation PMC See: Production Management Companies, Inc. (PMC) PMC/Beta See: Metrix - PMC/Beta PMCO See: Production Management Companies Inc. (PMCO) PMEI See: Paul-Munroe Engineering International (PMEI) PMH See: Paul-Munroe Hydralift, Inc. (PMH) PMI See: Petroleum Management International (PMI) PMI See: Production Management Industries, LLC, Wholly owned subsidiary of Superior Energy Services, Inc. (PMI) PMSB See: Petronas Marine Sdn Bhd (PMSB) PND Corp. See: Plug N'Dike (PND Corp.) PNGC See: Princeton Natural Gas Co. (PNGC) PNOC See: Philippine National Oil Co. (PNOC) PNOC-EDC Drilling Division See: PNOC Energy Development Corporation Poco Petroleums Ltd. (Merged with Burlington Resources Inc.) POL See: Polaris Offshore Ltd. (POL) Polar Completions, a division of Precision Drilling Technology Services Group Inc. See: Innicor Completion Systems Polar Research Lab, A Division of Defense System Inc. See: Defense System Inc. Polaris Explorer See: Polaris Geophysical Inc. Polaris Offshore Ltd. (POL) See: Polaris Resources Ltd. Polaron Schaevitz Ltd. See: Polaron Components Ltd. Polish Oil & Gas Company Geofizyka Krakow See: Geofizyka Krakow Sp. zo.o Pollution Control Inc. See: Laguna Gatuna Inc. Pollution Control Inc. (PCI) See: EV Environmental, Inc. Poly Pipe Industries, Inc. See: CSR Poly Pipe Polyform See: Dynoplast A.S. Aalesund Polymer Sealing Solutions See: Busak & Shamban Americas PolyPipe Division, Rinker Materials See: PolyPipe, Inc. Polysar Hydrocarbons Ltd. See: Genesis Pipeline Canada Ltd. Poly-Scientific Div., Litton Systems, Inc. See: Litton Poly-Scientific, a Div. of Northrup Grumman Polysonics, Inc. See: Peek Measurement, Inc. Polysonics, Inc. Now part of Thermo Electron Ponder Fishing Tools Inc. See: Ponder Industries, Inc. Pont-A-Mousson S.A. See: Tubes de Belleville Pool Arctic Alaska See: Pool Energy Services Co. Pool California Energy Services Co., Inc. See: Pool Well Services Co., Inc. Pool Company See: Pool Energy Services Co. Pool Company, International See: Pool Energy Services Co. Pool Company (Texas) Inc. See: Pool Energy Services Co. Pool Company Texas Ltd. See: Nabors Well Services Ltd.

542 Company Name Cross Reference

Pool Energy Services Co. See: Pool Company Texas Ltd. Pool Energy Services Co. (Drilling Contractors) (Now Pool Company Texas Ltd.) Pool Energy Services Co. (Production Equipment) (Now Pool Company Texas Ltd.) Pool Offshore See: Pool Energy Services Co. Pool Well Services Co. See: Nabors Well Services Co. Pool-Intairdril See: Pool Company Poole-Moreland Sales See: Poole, Bill, Products Inc. Popi International Inc. (Sold Assets to Best Valve Co.) Poroperm-Geochem Limited See: GEOCHEM Group Limited Port of Dundee Ltd. See: Forth Ports PLC - Port of Dundee Port-a-cool See: General Shelters of Texas Porta-Kamp Construction, Inc. See: Porta-Kamp International, LP Porta-Kamp Manufacturing Company, Inc. See: Porta-Kamp Construction, Inc. Porta-Test International Inc. See: NATCO Porter International Protective Coatings See: International Protective Coatings POS See: Power Offshore Services (POS) POSC See: Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC) POSC See: Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium (POSC) Poscon, Inc. See: Speco 2, Inc. Posi Seal Intl., Inc. (Sold to Fisher Controls International) Positec Drilling Controls (Canada) Ltd. See: Anadrill/Schlumberger Poth, Kaye Oil Corp. See: Kaye Poth Oil Corporation Potomac Energy Dev. Intl. Ltd. See: Aggieland Salt Water Disposal Inc. Powcon See: Miller/Hobart/Powcon ITW Welding Products Group Power Chokes See: Expro Americas, LLC (Power Chokes Products & Services) Power Marketing Group, Inc. See: Reilly Pipelines Coating Group Power Offshore Services (POS) (Now under Superior Energy) Power Pumps Inc. See: H & M Vacuum Pumps & Equipment, Inc. Power Rig Rental, Inc. See: Power Rig Rental Tool Inc. Power Spray, Inc. See: Commercial Coating Services International Power Well Service, Inc. See: Power Offshore Services (POS) Powers Elevation Co., Inc. See: U Powers Elevation Surveying Co., Inc. Powers Petroleum Consultants, Inc. See: Hite, Powers & Associates, Inc. Powers & Snow See: Powers Petroleum Powersair See: Owners Jet of Texas Powersair Helicopters, Inc. See: PowersAir PPC See: Pilgreen Producing Company, Inc. (PPC) PPL See: Promet Private Limited (PPL) Prairie Gas Transmission Company See: Republic Natural Gas Company Prairie Oil Royalties Company Ltd. (Amalgamated into Norcen Energy Resources Limited) Prairie States Energy Co. (Merged with Spindletop Oil & Gas Co.) Prairie Wireline Service, A Division of Computalog, USA See: Computalog USA Praise The Lord Drlg. Co., Inc. See: BB&D Exploration, Inc. Prather Oil Company See: Prather, Gordon S. Prather, R. A. & Sons Inc. - Tioga, ND (Acquired by NL Well Service) PRC-Desota See: PPG Aerospace Precambrian Shield Resources Limited See: Bluesky Oil & Gas Inc. Precision Drilling - Computalog Drilling Services, Technology Service Group See: Precision Energy Services - Dr Precision General Inc. See: PGI International Precision Land Resources, Inc. See: Sendero Energy Inc. Precision Solutions, Inc. See: BlueBox Video Inc. Precision Tube Technology Now Part of Tenaris Precision Visuals, Inc. See: Visual Numerics, Inc. (VNI) Premier Consolidated Oilfields PLC See: Premier Oil PLC Premier Operating Co. See: KCM Management, Inc. Premier Resources, Ltd. See: Oxford Consolidated, Inc. Premiere Inc. See: Premiere Casing Services, Inc. Premium Oilfield Products, Inc. See: POPI International, Inc. Premmit Engineering Services Limited See: Premmit Associates Limited Presco Systems Co. See: X L Systems Pressure Dynamics, (Tyco Motion & Control) See: Tyco Motion & Control Prestaroy Ltd. See: Wormald Environmental Engineering Pretec Wireline & Production Testing Services, Inc. See: Pretec Energy Services Inc. Pretiem See: HireCheck, Inc. Preussag AG, Erdol und Erdgas See: THETIS Technologie GmbH Preussag Energie GmbH See: Gaz de France Produktion Exploration Deutschland GmbH Preussag Erdol und Erdgas GmbH See: Deilmann Erdol Erdgas GmbH, A Member of the Preussag Group (DEE) Prewitt Oil Corporation See: Hogan, Wayne, Oil Co. PRI See: Pipe Rehab International, Inc. (PRI) PRI See: Process Resources Inc. (PRI) Pri Producing Inc. See: Plains Resources, Inc. Price & West Oil Tools, Inc. See: Flexcel Co. Pride Forasol-Foramer See: Pride Forasol SAS-Pride Foramer SAS Pride Petroleum Services Inc. See: Pride International, Inc. Pride Petroleum Services Inc. (Domestic Land Service Portion) (Sold to Dawson Production Services) Prideco See: Grant Prideco, Inc. Prima Oil & Gas Company Now Petro-Canada Resources (USA) Inc. Prime Computer See: Computervision Prime Energy Company See: GRS Capital Corporation Princeton Natural Gas Co. (PNGC) (Acquired by Chesapeake Energy) Pringle's Power Swivel Service Ltd. (Sold to Weatherford) Pro-Am Software See: Pro-Am Safety and Software Procedes et Services See: PROSER (Procedes et Services) Process Control Industries, Inc. See: Processoft Corporation Process Group International Pty. Ltd. (P.G.I.) See: Kvaerner Process Systems Pty. Ltd. Process Instrument Reconditioning Co. See: Transmitter, Shop, The Processoft Corporation See: Open Software Solutions Inc. Pro Chem Drilling Mud & Chemical See: Mays, Sam Prodeng Well Gradient Software See: Prodeng Well Deliberability Prodrill Ltd. (Merged with Smedvig Technologies) Producer's Gas Company See: Hanover Energy, Inc. Producers Oil Company See: Petroleum Asset Management Production Barges, Inc. (Now Steen Production Service Inc.) Production Chemicals Ltd. See: Sud Chemie UK Ltd. Production and Consultant Engineers Limited (PACE) See: Pace, A division of Vector Supplies Ltd. Production Management Companies, Inc. See: Production Management Industries, LLC (PMI) Production Management Control Systems, Inc. See: PMCS Inc. Production Management Corporation See: Production Management Industries, Inc. Production Management Industries, Inc. See: Production Management Industries, LLC (PMI) Production Mgmt. Structural Systems See: Tarpon Concrete Storage Systems, Inc. Production Oil Tools, Inc. (Production Equipment) See: EVI Oil Tools Production Operators, Inc., a Camco International Company See: Schlumberger Compression and Production Systems Production Rentals, Inc. See: Petroleum Services Group Production Services Group See: Wood Group Production Services Products Research & Chemical Corp. See: Couraulds Aerospace Professional Service Industries See: PSI (Professional Service Industries) Professional Well Testers, Inc. See: Bantam Well Testing, Inc. Profile Control Serv. See: Oil Water Ratio Control, Inc. Proforma Energy, Inc. See: Hill, Wm. B. Proforma PSI (Safety Audit and Training) See: Proforma Safety International (Safety and Training) Pro Geo Consultants See: Pro Geo Strada Graphics Pro Geo Strada Graphics See: Pro Geo Consultants Progressive Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Rapad Oilfield Services, Inc. Project Engineering Africa (Pty) Ltd. See: Bosch Projects (Pty) Ltd. Project Management Services Inc. See: CAD Concepts Project Software & Development Inc. See: PSDI Prolift, a division of CEFTech See: C. E. Franklin Ltd. Promet Berhad See: Promet Fabricators Sdn Bhd Promet Private Limited (PPL) See: PPL Shipyard Pte. Ltd. Proser See: Prosernat Prosoft Resources Ltd. See: EQE International Ltd. Prosys Technology Ltd. See: Aspen Technology Inc. Prosystech, Inc. See: Aspen Technology, Inc. Pro Systems Inc. (A Div. of Hace Ind.) See: Pro Technology Inc. Protec Mud Service Ltd. (Now Newpark Drilling Fluids, Inc.) PROTECH See: Pressure Readout Technology, Inc. (PROTECH) Protech International Group See: Stork Protech bv Protechnics International, Inc. See: Protechnics, A Core Laboratories Co Protexa Drilling Company See: Protexa International Company Pro Val Engineers, Inc. See: Enviro Engineering Abestos Cons. Provident Resources Ltd. (Subsidiary of Canadian Merrill Ltd.) See: Canadian Merrill Ltd. Provins, T. D., Drilling Co., Inc. See: Indril, Inc. P.R.S. Paint See: Jotun Paints Prudential Minerals Exploration Corp. See: Del Mar Petroleum, Inc. Prudential Petroleum Co., Inc. See: Union Petroleum Company

Company Name Cross Reference 543

Prudential Steel Ltd. Bought by Tenaris Pruet, Chesley, Drilling Company See: Rapad Oilfield Services Pruett Industries Inc./Pruett Industries International (Now part of Halliburton) Pruett Industries International See: Pruett Industries Inc./Pruett Industries International PSC Industrial Outsourcing Group, Inc. See: PSC Industrial Services PSC/Arrow Engineering See: Parkline/Arrow PSDI See: MRO Software Inc. PSI See: Petrochemical Services, Inc. (PSI) PSI See: PSI (Professional Service Industries, Inc. PSI Energy Software, Inc. See: Garrett Computing Systems (Canada) Ltd. PSI Gas Marketing & Gathering Inc. See: Aquila Energy Marketing PSI-Tronix Technologies, Inc. See: Scientific Technologies Incorporated, PSI-Tronix Technologies Division PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia See: Caltex Pacific Indonesia PT PT Components, Inc. (PTC) See: Link-Belt Chain Div., PT Components, Inc. (PTC) PT CPI See: PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI) P.T. Dynea Oil Field Chemicals (a business unit of M-I LLC) See: P.T. M-I Production Chemicals Indonesia (a business unit of M-I LLC) P.T. Dyno Oilfield Chemicals See: P.T. M-I Production Chemicals Indonesia P.T. Dyno Oilfield Chemicals Indonesia See: P.T. Dynea Oil Field Chemicals (a business unit of M-I LLC) P.T. Exspan Sumatera See: P.T. Exspan Nusantara P.T. Indokor Eneltisinbo/Exxon Chemical See: P.T. Dyno Oilfield Chemicals Indonesia PT. Lentera Trieka Karaya See: Pt. Guna Katup Semesta PT. Meta Epsi Antareja Drilling Co. (MEDCO) See: PT. Medco Antareja PT. Meta Epsi Drilling Co. (MEDCO) See: PT Medco Energi Corporation (MEDCO) P.T. Milchem Indonesia (Baker Hughes Inteq Indonesia Region) See: Baker Hughes Inteq Indonesia Region P.T. Neptune (E.S.) Limited See: Neptune (E.S.) Limited Ptarmigan Helicopter Inc. See: Heliwest Helicopters Corp. PTI See: Permian Testers, Inc. (PTI) PTI See: Protechnics International, Inc. (PTI) PTI Technology Services See: PPI Technology Services PTS See: Production Testing Service, Inc (PTS) PTS Labs International, Inc. See: PTS Laboratories, Inc. PTS Laboratories, Inc. See: PTS Labs International, Inc. PTX See: Pipetronix Inc. (PTX) Pubco Petroleum Corporation (Merged into Mesa Petroleum) Public Petroleum Corporation of Greece Expl and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons (DEP-EKY) See: Hellenic Petroleum SA, Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons Pump Equipment Company See: Sepco Industries Pump Systems Ltd. See: TIW (UK) Limited Pump Teq, A Baker Hughes Company See: Centrilift, A Baker Hughes Company Pump & Valve International See: P & V International Pure Energy Company See: Froelich Corp. Pure Energy Resources (USA) Inc. See: Paladin Resources Corp. Pursuit Oil N.L. See: Crusader Oil N.L. Pusnes AS See: Maritime Pusnes AS PV See: Pacific Valves, A Unit of Crane Valve Group (PV) PVC See: Vicery, Philip, Co., Inc. (PVC) PXI See: Power Exploration International, Inc. (PXI) Pyle National Co. See: Sine Systems & Pile Connector Corp Pyramid Derrick & Equipment Corp. See: Pyramid Manufacturing Co. Pyramid Electric Corporation See: Pyramid Corporation Pyramid Manufacturing Company See: MH-Pyramid Inc. Quest Consulting Limited See: QLL International Questa Engineering Corporation See: Norwest Questa Engineering Questar Energy Company, a Division of Universal Resources Corporation See: Questar Exploration and Production Company, Permian Division Questar Exploration Inc. See: Questar Energy Ltd. Questar Resources Corp. (QRC) See: Questar Exploration Quinn Testers Ltd. (Now a Weatherford Company) Quinoco Petroleum, Inc. See: Hallwood Energy Companies Quintana Exploration Canada Ltd. (Acquired by Serenpet, Inc.) Quintana Exploration, Inc. See: Quintana Exploration Canada Ltd. Quintana Minerals Canada Corp. See: Calpine Canada Resources Ltd. Q. V. Services of Texas (Now Key Energy Services)


Q Energy Limited (Now EOG Canada Resources, Inc.) Q Production Services dba QV Services, Inc. (Now under Key Energy Services, inc.) Q. A. 9000 Limited See: Tracking Bureau Ltd. Qatar General Petroleum Corporation See: Qatar Petroleum QC Data (Now IHS AccuMap Ltd.) QC Data Collectors See: QC Data, Inc. QC NDT See: Quality Control NDT S.A. (QC NDT) Q.C. Tool, Inc. See: Q.C. Software (A subsidiary of Input/Output, Inc.) QED Groundwater Specialists See: Qed Environmental Systems, Inc. QGPC See: Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC) QRC See: Questar Resources Corp. (QRC) QST Environmental Inc. See: Environmental Science & Engineering, Inc. Quadra Chemicals (Western) Ltd. See: Quadra Chemicals Ltd. Quadrex See: American Ecology Quaker State Corporation See: Pennzoil-Quaker State Corporation Quaker State Oil Refining Corp. See: Quaker State Corporation Quali-Color Lab See: NPL, Inc. Qualicon Exploration Ltd. See: Fulcrum Exploration Ltd. Qualitest S.A. See: S.G.S. Qualitest Quality Consultant Co. See: Quality Logging Co. Quality Drilling Technology See: Allied Signal Tensor Products Quality Liquid Mud Services, Inc. See: Key Liquid Mud Services, inc. Quality Oil Field Services See: Key Energy Services Quality Oil Pump Service, Inc. See: Quality Oil Field Services Inc. Quality Pump Repair Ltd. See: Pump & Pressure, Inc. Quality Steel Foundries Ltd.. See: Quality Steel Ltd. Quality Steel Ltd. See: Esco-Nisku Quantek, Inc. See: Facet Quantek, Inc. Quantisci Ltd. See: Enviros Radwaste and Geoscience Quantum Chemical Corporation See; Millennium Corporation Quasar Energy Inc. See: American Quasar Petroleum Co. Qubit Kelvin Hughes Ltd. See: Kelvin Hughes Limited Qubit U.K., Ltd. See: Qubit Kelvin Hughes Ltd. Quedco Exploration Ltd. See: Fairport Energy Corporation Quest Catering See: Ouest Catering


R & A Enterprises Inc. See: Mapp Industries Inc. RA Tex Resources Incorporated See: Frontier Natural Gas Corp. (FNGC) Racal Decca Survey, Inc. See: Racal Survey, Inc. Racal Geophysics, Inc. See: Racal-Decca Survey, Inc. Racal Marine Systems Limited See: Racal Survey Limited Racal NCS, Inc. See: Racal Survey Limited Racal Positioning Systems Limited See: Racal Marine Systems Limited Racal Survey Limited See: Thales Geosolutions Group Ltd. Racal Survey USA, Division of Racal Datacom, Inc. See: Racal Survey USA, Inc. Racal Survey USA, Inc. See: Racal NCS, Inc. Radian Corp. See: Radian International Radian International See: URS Radiation Technical Services, Inc. See: Growth Energy Services, Inc. Radio Holland Marine See: Radio Holland Netherlands Radium Well Servicing (1991) (Now Lanco Well Service Ltd.) Radke Repair Inc. See: Repair, Inc. Radley Oilfield Supply See: Hull Daisetta Pump & Supply Raff Industrial Supply See: Dosco Supply Rainbow Resources, Inc. See: Williams Exploration Co. Ram Oilwell Service, Inc. See: Key Energy Services, Inc. Ram Production Services See: Ram Sales and Services LLC Ramarro Resources Inc. (Now E O G Resources, Inc.) Rambler Well Service, Inc. See: Rambler Energy Services, Inc. Ramco Drilling See: Red Rock Drilling, Inc. Ramco Industries Inc. See: Maverick Oilfield Specialties, Inc. Ramco Oil & Gas Corporation and Ramco Drilling Services, Inc. See: Ramco Corporation Ramnas Ankarkatting AB See: Scana Ramnas AB Rampex Petroleum Egypt See: Sinopex Oil & Gas Ramsay Oil Field Service (1977) Ltd. See: Pacific/Ramsay Valve Services Inc. Rana SRL See: Rana Diving & Marine Contractor SRL Randall & Dewey, A Divison of Jefferies See: Jefferies Randall & Dewey, A division of Jefferies & Company, Inc. Ranger Oil (U.K.) Ltd. See: Ranger Oil Limited Rapad Drilling Company See: Pruet, Chesley, Drilling Company Rapad Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Rapad Drilling & Well Service Inc. Rasmussen Offshore A/S See: K/S Rasmussen Offshore A/S

544 Company Name Cross Reference

Rautaruukkioy, Tubular Products and Sections Division See: Rautaruukki Metform Ravebo Supply/Manotherm See: Ravebo Brielle/Manotherm RAX See: Rio Alto Exploration Ltd. (RAX) Raytheon Aircraft Atchley Controls See: Atchley Controls Raytheon Engineers & Constructors Inc. See: Washington Group Intl. Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Rustoleum Division See: Rust Constructors Inc. Raytheon Environmental Services (Now Washington Group Intl.) Raytheon Services Nevada See: Bechtel Nevada Corporation R&B Falcon Corporation (Now Transocean Sedco/Forex) R.B.I. See: Rock Bit International, Inc. (RBI) RBI Canada See: RockBit Industries of Canada (1985) Ltd. (RBI Canada) RBI/Rock Bit International Inc. See: RBI-Gearhart/Rock Bit International Inc. RBJ Oilwell Equipment Corp. See: Airgas Breathing Air Systems RBOP Oil Tools International, Inc. (Now Northland Energy Corporation) RC Squared (Now Veritas DGC) RCM Oil Inc. See: OK-RCM Oil Inc. RCP See: RotorCraft Partnerships (RCP) RC2 See: RC Squared R/D Tech See: Olympus NDT Canada RDM See: De Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappy (RDM) RDS Ltd. See: Rig Design Services Limited RDT See: Rotary Drilling Tools (RDT) RDUK See: Rowan Drilling (U.K.) Ltd. (RDUK) REA Exploration Inc. See: REA Petroleum Company REA Petroleum Company See: Tejas-Luciana Exploration Co. Read Systems Ltd. See: Read Process Engineering A/S (UK) Reading & Bates Development Co. See: R&B Falcon Reading & Bates Drilling Co. See: R & B Falcon Reading & Bates Offshore Drilling Co. (Producing) See: Reading & Bates Oil and Gas Co. Real Time Corrosion Management Ltd. See: Mentor_1 Group, The Reardon Smith Exploration Ltd. See: Atlantic Drilling Co. Ltd. Rebound Rig International Ltd. See: Maritime Hydraulics (Canada) Ltd. Red Arrow Tools, Inc. See: Highland Pump Co. Inc., The Red Baron (Oil Tools Rental) Limited, The See: Smith Red Baron Red Eagle Resources Corp. See: Lomak Petroleum, Inc. Red Fox Industries, Inc. See: Red Fox Machine & Supply Company, Inc. Red Jacket Pumps, The Marley Pump Company See: The Marley Pump Company Red Key Products See: JM Clipper Red Woods Enterprises Inc. See: Petrorentas Internacionales Inc. Reda Group, A Camco International Company (Now under Schlumberger) Reda Production Services (Europe), A Div of Camco Int (UK) Ltd. and Schlumberger See: Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Reda Pump Company See: TRW Reda Pump REDCO See: Radzewicz Exploration & Drilling Corp. (REDCO) REDCO See: Ruwi Energy Development Co. (REDCO) Redcor See: Redwood Corex Services Redi Drill See: Drilex Systems, Inc. Redlands Supply Inc. (Now Lorentz Oil and Gas, LLC) Redpath Dorman Long (North Sea) Limited See: RGC Offshore PLC Redpath Engineering Services Ltd. See: Kvaerner Redpath Engineering Services Ltd. Redpath Offshore See: Trafalgar House, Offshore Fabricators Ltd. Redwood Corex Services, Ltd. See: Corex Services Ltd. Redwood SA See: SGS Redwood (France) S.A. Reed & Associates, Inc. See: Geraghty & Miller, Inc. Reed, Gordon & Associates, Inc. See: Gordon Reed & Associates, Inc. Reed Mining Tools S.A. (Pty) Limited See: Hughes Products (Pty) Limited Reed Oil Company See: Guinotte, James E. Reed Rock Bit Company See: Reed Tool Company Reed & Strawn Exploration See: Tortuga Exploration, Inc. Reed Tool Company, A Camco Drilling Group Co. See: Reed-Hycalog, A Division of Schlumberger Reedrill Corporation/Texoma See: Svedala/Reedrill - Gardner Denver/Texoma Reef Chemical Co., Inc. See: Reef Services Reef Energy Corporation See: General Energy Resources and Technology Corp. Reef Hydrocarbons Ltd. See: International Reef Resources Ltd. Reef Mud Div., Fleming Oil (Now M-I L.L.C.) Reel Resources Ltd. See: Intensity Resources Ltd. Reef-Chem International See: Reef Chemical Co., Inc. Reeled Tubing, Inc. (Now under Superior Energy) Re-Evaluations Oil & Gas Company See: Re-Evaluations Energy Company Reeves Casing, Inc. See: Reeves Casing Pulling Reeves Casing Pulling See: Reeves, Jerry A., Casing Puller Reeves Company, Inc. See: Quality Oil Pump Service Inc. Reeves Oilfield Services Ltd. (Bought out by Precision Drilling) Reeves & Wilson, Inc. See: Reeves Casing Pulling, Inc. Refrigeration Engineering Corporation See: RECO International Reeves Wireline Services See: Reeves Oilfield Services Regal Bell Oilfield Products See: Regal Oilfield Products Regal International, Inc. See: CDI Regal International, Inc. Regal Oilfield Products See: Regal International, Inc. Regal Technology (U.K.) Ltd. See: British Pipe Coaters Ltd. Regal Tool & Rubber Company, Inc. See: Regal International, Inc. Regal/Bell Rubber See: Regal/Bell Oilfield Products Regan Forge & Engineering Co. See: Regan Offshore International, Inc. Regan Offshore International, Inc. See: Hughes Offshore Regional Rig Fabricators, Inc. See: Regional Fabricators, Inc. REI Mud & Supply See: Reynolds Mud & Supply, Inc. Reilly Pipelines Coating Group See: Vertellos Pipelines Coating Group Reiter Chemical Company See: D&B Chemical Company Relco Refrigeration Systems, Inc. See: Relco Refrigeration Co. Reliable Well Service Inc. See: Reliable Well Service of North Texas-L.L.C. Reliance Electric See: Rockwell Automation Dodge/Reliance Reliance Marine Limited See: Mathers, I.H., & Son Ltd. Reliance Operating Company See: Reliance Energy, Inc. Reliance & Story Well Service Inc. See: Reliance Well Service Inc. REMI See: Resources Engr. & Mgmt. Int'l (REMI) Remington Energy Ltd. See: Dominion Energy Canada Ltd. Remus Industrial Hydraulics (Dana) Ltd. See: Spicer Scotland (Dana) Ltd. Renaissance Energy Ltd. (Merged with Husky Oil Company) Renown Energy Limited See: Monument Oil and Gas plc Rentalease Inc. See: Eagle Industrial Equipment Inc. Repsol Exploracion See: Repsol, S.A. (Corp.) Repsol Exploracion See: Repsol YPF Exp. Repsol Exploracion Egipto, S.A. See: Repsol Exploracion Repsol, S.A. (Corp.) See: Repsol Exploracion Republic Drilling Co. See: R.D.C./Finley Oilwell Service Inc. Republic Geothermal, Inc. See: Republic Drilling Co. Republic Mineral Corporation See: U. S. Exploration Co. Republic Natural Gas Company See: Kansas Gas Supply Corporation Republic Resources Corporation See: CRM Energy, Inc. Republic Supply Co. See: Republic Supply International Republic Supply Company of California, The See: McJunkin-Republic Supply Corp. Resato International BV See: Resato High Pressure Technology Reserve Oil & Gas Company (Merged into Getty Oil Co.) Reserve Royalty Corporation (Now PrimeWest Energy, Inc.) Reservoir Characterization Research & Consulting Inc. (Acquired by Veritas DGC) Reservoir Management Services, Inc. See: Simtech Consulting Services, Inc. Reservoir Simulation Research Corp. See: Smedvig Tech RESL See: Rigblast Energy Servs. Ltd. (RESL) Resource America Inc. See: Resource Energy, Inc., Subsidiary of Resource America, Inc. Resource Energy, Inc. (Now Atlas America, Inc.) Resource Exploration, Inc. See: Resource America Inc. Resource Marketing Intl. See: RMI Resource Services Corp. (Sold to Integrated Drilling) Resource Technology Corporation See: Wood Group Production Tech Inc. Restech Consultants Pty. Ltd. (Now Fluor Daniel Pty. Ltd.) Restech, Inc. See: ResTech Houston Inc. Retamco Properties, Inc. See: Spectrum Resources, Inc. Retsco International Inc. (Now Cooper Cameron Corporation) Reunion Energy Company See: Tri-Union Development Corporation REWAI See: Wright, R. E., Associates, Inc. (REWAI) REWEI See: Wright, R. E., Environmental Inc. (REWEI) Rex Pipe Rentals, Inc. See: Western Oil Tools, Inc. Rexnord Applied Products, Micro Pure Division See: Monitek Technology, Inc. Rexplore Drilling, Inc. See: Renovared Energy Resources, Inc. Rexroth Hydraudyne B.V. See: Bosch Rexroth B.V. Reynolds Metals Co. (Now Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.) Reynolds Petroleum Inc. See: Reynolds Geological L.L.C. Reynolds, R. F. Consulting Petroleum Geologist See: Reynolds Geological L.L.C.

Company Name Cross Reference 545

R F W Management Group See: MKS Consulting Corp. RFT See: Rental and Fishing Tools Inc. (RFT) RGC Offshore Inc. See: Trafalgar House Offshore Fabricators Ltd. RGR Production See: First Rock, Inc. Rheem Superior Div. of Rheem Mfg. Co. See: Trico Superior, Inc. Rheinhold & Mahla Ned. B.V. See: R&M Isolatie B.V. Rhino Lining Industrial Division See: Industrial Solutions USA Rhone-Poulenc Basic Chemicals Co. See: Rhone-Poulenc Inc. Rice Engineering Corporation. See: Duoline Technologies Richard, Clark, & Assoc., Inc. See: Richard Oil & Gas Consultants, Inc. Richardson & Kysar Engineering See: Richardson, Jack, & Associates, Inc. Richardson Oil Company See: Richardson Operating Company Richardson, Sangree and Sneider (Now Sangree Exploration, Inc.) Richmond Capital Corporation See: VarTech Systems Inc. Ricks & Demuth Oper. Co. See: Alpha Energy Inc. Ricks Exploration Inc. See: Crescent Exploration Ricks, Steve & Paul Franks Consulting See: Franks, Paul, Consulting Ridgepointe Resources See: Glenlake Energy Company Riedel Environmental Services See: Smith Enviro.Tech. Corp. Riedel-Peterson Environmental Services (Now Smith Enviro. Tech. Corp.) Rife Production Co. See: Rife Operating, Ltd. Rig Location & Permit Report Service See: RigDATA Rig Manufacturing Inc. (Merged with Skytop Brewster Co.) Rig Modification Team See: Vageri E/I BV Rig Monitoring Systems, Inc. See: Petron Industries, Inc. Rig Service Fishing Div. See: Rig Service Tools Ltd. Rig Service Equipment Ltd. See: Rig Service Tools Ltd. Rigaku/MSC, Inc. See: Rigaku Rigel Oil & Gas Ltd. (Now Talisman Energy, Inc.) Rigtech See: Brandt Rigtech Riley Beaird See: Beaird Industries, Inc. Rimco Well Service, a Division of Dawson Well Servicing, Inc. See: Dawson Well Servicing, Inc. Rimoil Corporation, The (Acquired by Barrington Petroleum Ltd.) Rine Drilling and Exploration, Inc. See: C. H. Todd, Inc. Ringcom ASA See: Stento ASA Rio Alto Exploration ltd. (Merged with Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.) Rio Grande Drilling Company See: Rio Grande Inc. RIPCO See: Royal International Petroleum Corporation (RIPCO) Risk Exploration, Inc. See: Kiska Oil Co Rival Services, Inc. See: Schneider Energy Services Inc. Rivondale Oil Company, Inc. (Now Santa Rita Resources, Inc.) R. K. Machine Shop Ltd. See: R. K. Machine Shop/Hi-Flow Industries RKC, Inc. See: Christoffel, R. Kris, Inc. (RKC, Inc.) RL International See: IRC Structures & Systems RLM Energy Company, Inc. See: Bayou Black Royalty Co., Inc. R L M Petroleum Corp. See: COG Petroleum Corp. R&M Isolatie B.V. See: R&M Industrie Services B.V. RMI Titanium Company See: RTI Energy Systems, Inc. RMS See: Robertson Marine Systems, Inc. & Robertson Tritech A/S RNG Equipment Inc. See: RNG Group Inc. RNG Group Inc. See: RNG Controls Roach Oil Company See: Ashtola Exploration Company, Inc. Roan Resources Ltd. See: Altana Exploration Ltd. Robbie's Casing Scraper Inc. See: Robison Oil Tool Inc. Robbins & Myers, Inc. Oilfield Products See: Moyno Oilfield Products, Div. of Robbins & Myers, Inc. Roberds-Johnson Industries, Inc. (Bought out by National-Oilwell, L.P.) Roberson, David A., Oil Operator See: Roberson Oil Company, Inc. Roberts Oil Co. Pty. Ltd. See: Airborne Oil Spill Response Roberts Oil & Gas Inc. (Sold to Adair Intl. Oil & Gas) Robertshaw-Compair-Kellogg, Inc. See: Compair-Kellogg Division, Robertshaw Controls Company Robertson A/S See: Simrad Robertson AS Robertson ERC Limited, Petroleum Div., The Robertson Group plc See: Simon-ERC Consulting Services Robertson Group plc, The See: Simon Petroleum Technology Robertson Group plc, The (Environment Division) See: Simon Environmental (Environment Division) Robertson Research Canada Ltd. See: Petrel Robertson Ltd. Robertson Research International Ltd. See: Fugro Robertson Ltd. Robin Instrument Supply & Equipment, Inc. See: Robin Instrument and Specialty, Inc. Robin Instrument Supply and Specialty, Inc. See: Robin Instrument and Specialty, Inc. Robinson, D. B., & Associates Ltd. See: Robinson, D. B., Research Ltd., A Subsidiary of D. B. Robinson & Associates Ltd. Robinson Oilfield Specialties (1968) Ltd. See: Stream-Flo Industries Ltd. Robison Oil Tool, Inc. See: Robison Services, Inc. Robison Services, Inc. (Now a Weatherford Company) Robotic Systems, Inc. See: Rovsco Inc. Robray Offshore Drilling Co. Ltd. See: Smedvig Robray Limited Robson Drilling & Exploration Inc. See: Robson Resources Robson & Shults Production Corp. See: Shults Petroleum Corp. ROC See: Radzewicz Operating Corporation (ROC) Rock Bit International, Inc. See; RBI-Gearhart/Rock Bit Intl. Inc. Rock Bit International, Inc., Rockmaster Div. See: RBI/Rock Bit International Inc. Rock Oil Corporation See: Pike Petroleum Corporation, Subsidiary of Summit Petroleum Corp. Rockall Data Services, Inc. See: Hays Information Management Inc. Rockall Netherlands B.V. See: Hays Informatie Beheer B.V. Rockbit Industries of Canada (1985) Ltd. (RBI Canada) See: RBI Canada 2000 Inc. Rockwater Limited See: SubSea Offshore/Rockwater Rockwell International, Measurement & Flow Control Div. See: Nordstrom Valves, Inc. Rockwell Valves S.A. See: BTR Valves S.A. Rocky Mountain Geo-Engineering Corp. See: Pason Rocky Mountain Geo-Engineering Corp. Ro-Clean International See: Ro-Clean DESMI Rod Ric Corporation See: Rod Ric Drilling Corp. Rodec Tubing Rotators See: R&M Energy Systems Rodgers, Bill, Oil Bit Services & Mining See: Rodgers, Bill, Oil Bit's & Mining Bit's Service Rodman Supply Company See: Whitney Supply Company Roebuck-Walton, Inc. See: Roebuck Associates Roemer International See: Roemer Swanson Energy Corp. Roemer Oil Company See: Roemer-Sheridan Operating, Inc. Roemer Oil Company See: Roemer Swanson Energy Corp. Roemer Sheridan Operating Inc. See: San Marco Petroleum, Inc. Roemer-Swanson Energy Corp. See: RSEC, LLC Rogan & Shanley Inc. See: Parker Hannifin Corp., Poly Flex Operations Rohan Mid-South Supply Co. See: U.S. Filter, Inc. Rolls Royce Allison, Inc. See: Rolls Royce Corporation Rolls-Royce Marine Bratlvaag See: Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, Inc. Rool'n Oilfield Industries Inc. See: Rool'n Oilfield Industries Ltd. Rosel Company, The See: Integrated Production Services Roseland Oil and Gas, Inc. See: Cubic Energy Rosemount Analytical Inc. See: Emerson Process Management Rosemount Analytical Rostel Industries ltd. See: Rostel Industries, A Division of Precision Drilling Corporation Rotary Drilling Services Company, Ltd. See: RDS Asia Co. Ltd. Rotary Drilling Services, Inc. See: Kelco Rotary Oilfield Group Rotary Drilling Tools (RDT) See: Rotary Drilling Tools Manufacturing Pte Ltd (RDT) Rotary Drilling Tools Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. See: Grant Prideco (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Rotary Engineers Laboratory Inc. See: Core Petrophysics, Inc. Rotator AS See: Oceaneering Rotator AS Rototec Ltd. See: Hydril Rototec Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij, De B. V. (RDM) See: Rhine-Schelde-Verolme Rotterdamsche Droogdok MY (RDM) See: De Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maalschappy (RDM) Roustabout Publications Ltd. See: Roustabout Energy International Rowan-Ungerecht, Inc. See: TEC Engineering Rox Corp See: Rox Tech, Inc. Roxy Petroleum Ltd. See: Canadian Roxy Petroleum Ltd. Roy, Ed, Forensic Weather Service See: Roy, Ed, Investigation Services Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Now Boskalis Offshore B.V.) Royal Dutch Petroleum Company & N. V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij See: Royal Dutch Royal Haskoning See: Haskoning Nederlane B.V., a Company of Royal Haskoning Royal Ministry of Industry and Energy, The See: Royal Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Royal Oil & Gas Corporation See: Royal Exploration Company, Inc. Royal Volker Stevin N.V. See: Royal Volker Wessels Stevin N.V. Royalco, Inc. See: Gallagher Drilling, Inc. Royston Laboratories Division, Chase Corporation See: Chase Specialty Coatings Royston RPS Thompson (RPS Group PLC) See: RPS Group PLC RPS Thompson Laboratories See: RPS Laboratories R & R Well Service Company - Grand Junction Co. (Acquired by NL Well Service) R & S Gas Measurement Services, Inc. See: Measurement Auditors

546 Company Name Cross Reference

R&S Renewable Energy Systems BV See: Shell Solar Energy BV RSC Energy Corporation See: Carless Resources, Inc., Northern Operations R.S.I. See: Reactor Services International, Inc. (R.S.I.) RTD See: Rontgen Technische Dienst b.v. RTI See: Reserve Technology Inst. (RTI) R T I Communications See: Datacom RTS Associates See: Radioman International Rubark Environmental Services, Inc. See: Rubark Technical Services, LLC Rubark Technical Services, LLC See: Bertucci Industrial Services, LLC Rubicon Energy, L.L.C. (Now Aspen Integrated Oil & Gas, L.L.C.) Rubicon Petroleum, LLC See: Rubicon Petroleum (Alaska) LLC Rucker Fluid Power See: Paul Munroe/Rucker Ltd. Rucker Products Ltd. See: Rucker Fluid Power Rucker Shaffer See: NL Shaffer Rupertsland Resources Co. Ltd. See: Bracknell Resources Ltd. Rush, J. D., Company, Inc. See: J. D. Rush Company Rush Johnson Associates See: CTC Services (RJA) Rush-Andrus Energy See: Rush-Andrus Engineering Russell Energy Consultants See: Russell Management Services, & Inland Investment Company, Inc. Russell, James E., Petroleum, Inc. See: Russell Operating Company Russell Management Services, Ltd. See: Inland Investment Company, Inc. Russell, Otis, Drilling Co., Inc. See: Reserve Drilling Company Russell Veteto Engineering Inc. See: RVE, Inc. Russia Drilling Tech. Inst. (VNIIBT) See: Burovaya Technika (Drilling Technique) Rust Construction Services See: Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Rustoleum Division Rust Engineering Co. See: Rust Construction Services Rust Specialty Chemicals (Now Chemstation) Rustomite Protection Inc. See: Hazard Air Group Ruston Gas Turbines Ltd. See: European Gas Turbines Limited Rutherford Moran Oil Corp. (Bought out by Chevron) Rutter Engineering & Automation See: Rutter Hinz R.W.I.T. Drilling Co., Inc. See: R.W.I.T. Corporation RWS See: Read Well Services (RWS) Ryan Directional Technologies, Inc. See: Ryan Energy Technologies USA Inc. Ryan Petroleum Operating Inc. See: Ryan Peroleum LLC Ryder Scott Oil Company See: Ryder Scott Management, LLC Sabine Offshore Service Inc. See: SembCorp-Sabine Shipyard Inc. Sabine Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. See: Sabine Pipe, Inc. SACMM See: Societe Alsacienne de Constructions Mecaniques (SACMM) Saco Oil Company (Sold to Aspen) Sadelle Holdings Ltd. See: United Rayore Gas Ltd. SADME See: South Australia Dept. Mines & Energy (SADME) SAE See:Systems Application Engineering Inc. (SAE) Safari Systems Computer Graphics See: Safari Systems Safe Dive Systems, Inc. See: Daspit Companies, The (Safe Dive Systems, Inc., Daspit Mfg. Co. & Venting Systems) Safe Marine Ltd. See: SML Technologies Ltd. (Safety/Security) Safe Partners AB See: Safe Service AB Safeguard Disposal Systems, Inc. See: Safeguard/Swaco, A Division of M-I L.L.C. Safeguard/Swaco, A Division of M-I L.L.C. See: SWACO, A Division of M-I LLC Safety Air Services Limited See: S.A.S. Ltd. Safety Boss Canada See: Safety Boss Canada (1993) Ltd. Safety Kleen See: SafetyKleen (FS), Inc. Safety Kleen (FS), Inc. See: Clean Harbors Environmental Safety Kleen (La Porte) Inc. See: Clean Harbors Environmental (La Porte) Safety Master, A DXP Company (Now DXP Enterprises, Inc.) Safety Technology & Oilfield Protectors See: S.T.O.P. (Safety Technology & Oilfield Protectors), A Camco Company Sagasco Resources Ltd. See: Boral Energy Resources Ltd. Sagatex North America Inc. See: Protective Textile Solutions, Inc. Sage Energy Inc. See: Sage Energy Sage Engineering AG See: Thales Geosolutions AG Sa-Gu Corporation See: Vaughan, Sam J. SAIC See: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) SAIDI See: Sociedad Anonima Iberica De Distribuciones Industriales (SAIDI) Saidi Iberica Distribuciones Industriales S.A. See: Saidi St. Francis Resources Co. (Taken over by Great Northern Gas Company) St. Joe Petroleum Corporation See: Fluor Oil and Gas Corporation St. Mary Operating Co. See: St. Mary Land & Exploration Co. SAIPEM SA (Now Saipem SpA) Salamis Group See: BIS Salamis Group Salamis (Marine & Industrial) Limited See: Salamis (M & I) Limited Salamis (M&I) Limited See: Salamis Group Salen Protexa Drilling Co. See: Salen Offshore Company Salmon Drilling Company See: Felderhoff Brothers Drilling Salt Creek Oil Corporation See: Petron Oil Company Salvesen Well Services See: B J Services Salzgitter Machinery, Inc. See: SM Industries, Inc. (SMI) Samedan Oil Corporation (Now Noble Energy) Sammy's Oilfield Service Co. See: Sammy's Oilfield Service Stabilizers, Inc. Samsel Services Co. See: Inland Waters of Ohio Samson Oil Company See: Beamer Resources LLC Samson Resources Company See: Samson Companies San Angelo Pipe & Supply Co. See: TDC San Jacinto Resources Corporation See: San Jacinto Oil Company San Jorge International, Inc. (Bought out by Chevron) San Juan Engineers See: Miller Engineers, Inc. San Salvador Development Co., Inc. (Purchased by Southern Mineral Corp.) Sanchez-O'Brien Oil & Gas Corporation See: Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation Sand Creek Production Co. (Now Kato Operating Co.) Sandefer Oil Company (Now Sandefer Oil & Gas, Inc.) Sandvik Mission Drilling Products See: Sandvik Rock Tools Inc. Sandvik Steel See: Sandvik Materials Technology Sandwell Inc. See: Sandwell Engineering Inc. Sandy Supply Co. See: Wooster Tool & Supply Co. Sanjel Cementers Ltd. See: Sanfel Corporation Santa Fe Andover Oil Company See: Santa Fe Minerals Santa Fe Braun Inc., Engineering Division See: C F Braun Inc., Engineering Division Santa Fe Drilling Co. See: Santa Fe International Corporation Santa Fe Energy Resources, Inc. See: Santa Fe Snyder Corporation Santa Fe International Corporation (Now GlobalSantaFe Corp.) Santa Fe Minerals Inc. See: Santa Fe International Corp. (Oil) Santa Fe Snyder (Now Devon Energy Corp.) Santos Europe Limited See: Petrobras UK Limited Santos Ltd. See: South Australia and Northern Territory Oil Search Santos Petroleum (Seram) Limited See: Kalrez Petroleum (Seram) Limited SAPESCO See: Sahara Petroleum Services Ltd. (SAPESCO) Sarawak Shell Berhad See: Shell Malaysia Limited Sargent Industries, Inc. See: Sargent Oil Well Equipment, Dover Resources, Inc. Sargent-Rotaflex, Division of EVI-Highland See: EVI-Highland, ALS International Division SAS Ltd. See: Safety Air Services Ltd. S.A.S. Ltd. See: SAS Bauer Kompressoren Sasakura International American See: J.G.G. Services/Sasakura Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Corp. (SASKOIL) See: Wascana Energy Inc. Sasko Oil & Gas Limited See: Gentry Resources Ltd. SASKOIL See: Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Corp. (SASKOIL) Sasol Ltd. See: Sasol Petroleum International (Pty) Ltd. Satellite Positioning Corp. See: Seiscom Products Corporation Saudi Aramco See: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) Savcor Consulting, Inc. See: Savcor Group Ltd. OY Savcor-Consulting OY See: Savcor Group Ltd. OY Savin UK Limited See: Universal Power Systems Ltd. Sawhill Tubular Div., Armco Inc. (STD) See: AK Steel, Sawhill Tubular Products Saxon Oil Company See: Hallwood Energy Corporation Sazeh Consultants See: Sazeh Consultants, Engineering and Construction, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries


S Crescent Co. See: Crescent S Company S&A See: Shirazi & Associates International Consultants Inc. S.A. Petrolera Las Mercedes (SAPLM) See: Socided Anonima Petrolera Las Mercedes (SAPLM) Saab Rosemount Tank Gauging See: Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Tank Gauging Division Saab Rosemount Tank Gauging See: Emerson Process Management, Saab Rosemount Tank Gauging Div Saba Petroleum Co. See: Greka Energy Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Limited See: Sarawak Shell Berhad Sabine Exploration Corp. See: Barber Oil Exploraton Corp.

Company Name Cross Reference 547

SB See: Schoeller-Bleckmann Ges. m.b. H. (SB) S & B Energy Associates See: Horizon Operating Co. SBM Incorporated See: SBM Drilling Fluids, a Subsidiary of Newpark Resources Inc. SBM-Imodco Inc. See: SBM-Atlantia, Inc. SBPI See: Sulzer Bingham Pumps, Inc. (SBPI) SBS See: Schoeller-Bleckmann Sales Co. (SBS) Scan Drilling (S) Pte. Limited See: Great Eastern Drilling (S) Pte. Ltd. Scan Supply & Services AS See: Scana Offshore Technology as Scana Bjorneborg AB See: Scana Steel Components (Bjorneborg Works) Scana I.O.G. Desco AS See: Varco Norge AS Scana Ljusne AB See: YGGIR Marine AB Scana Offshore Technology as (Sold to Reinhold & Mahla) Scana Petroleum Resources (Sold to Kelley Oil & Gas Corporation) Scana Staal a.s. See: Scana Stavanger as Scandinavian Energy and Environment Consultants AS See: SEEC AS (Scandinavian Energy and Environment Consultants AS) Scandinavian Engineers & Consultants A.S. See: Scanenco A/S Scandinavian Petroleum A/S See: Scanpet Scandinavian Petroleum AS & Co. Scandpower Inc. See: Scandpower Petroleum Technology, Inc. Scanenco A/S See: Scandinavian Engrs. & Cons. SCANPET See: Scandinavian Petroleum A/S Scanpet Scandinavian Petroleum & Co. See: K/S Scanpet Scandinavian Petroleum A/S & Co. Scanrope Limited See: Scanrope A.S. Scarth Energy Co. See: Condor Resources, Inc. Schaefer, Chris, & Co. See: Chris Schaefer & Company Schaevitz Sensors Division, Measurement Specialties See: Polaron Schaevitz Ltd. Schafer, W. J., Associates, Inc. See: Hildebrandt & Associates, Inc. Schellstede, Herman J., & Associates Inc. See: Schellstede & Associates Inc. Schlumberger China S.A. See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Schlumberger Completion Systems, A Div. of Schlmberger Canada Limited (Now under Schlumberger Oilfield Services) Schlumberger Holditch Reservoir Technologies Consulting Services See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Data & Consulting Services Schlumberger Integrated Services See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services (France) Schlumberger Limited, Oilfield Services See: Schlumberger Wireline & Testing Schlumberger Oilfield Services (France) See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Schlumberger Reservoir Completions See: Schlumberger Reservoir Production Schlumberger Reservoir Development (Now Schlumberger Well Completions & Productivity) Schlumberger Seaco Incorporated See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Schlumberger Technical Services Inc. See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Schlumberger Well Services See: Schlumberger Wireline & Testing Schlumberger Wireline & Testing See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Schlumberger/Wireline, Seismic & Testing See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Schmid Equipment Company See: Skyline Equipment Company Schneider Energy See: Jamex, Inc. Schneider, J. L., and Company See; Chisos Exploration Company Schreiner Airways B.V. See: Schreiner Northsea Helicopters Schreiner Northsea Helicopters B.V. See: CHC Helicopters Neherlands B.V. Schreiner Northsea Helicopters B.V. See: Schreiner Airways Schroder Torch Energy Advisors See: Torch Energy Advisors Schultz, Trustee of Frank A. See: Schultz Expl. & Prod. Ltd. SCI Technology, Inc. See: SCI Systems, Inc. Scientific Drilling Controls See: AMF Scientific Drilling International Scientific Software - Intercomp, Inc. (SSI) See: Baker Atlas Geoscience Scientific Technologies, Inc. (Now Theurgy, Inc.) Scintrex Limited Now LRS Scintrex Limited Scitron Group See: Scitron Egypt SCL See: South Central Labs (SCL) Scop Oceanographic See: I. D. Scope S.A. Scope Energy Resources, Inc. See: Scope Industries, Scope Energy Resources, Inc. Scope International See: Scope International Oilfield Services & Rentals, Inc. Score Exploration Corp. See: Mystique Developments, Inc. Score (Europe) Limited See: Score Limited S.C.O.R.E. Resources Ltd. See: S.C.O.R.E. Energy Products Inc. Scorpion See: Scorpion Hydraulic Tong Scorpion Hydraulic Tong See: Scorpion Oil Tools, Inc. Scota Ltd. See: MSTI Ltd. (Montrose Scota Training International Ltd.) Scotia Energy Inc. See: Scotia Group, Inc., The Scotia Helicopter Services See: CHC Scotia Ltd. Scott Equipment Co. See: J-W Measurement Company Scott, James See: AMEC E&C Services Limited Scrivner Environmental Services See: K. M. Scrivner, Inc. Scroggins Petroleum Corporation See: Jason Petroleum Corporation S-Cubed, A Division of Maxwell Laboratories, Inc. See: Maxwell Technologies, Inc. SDC See: Sundstrand Data Control (SDC) S D S Drilling See: S D S Drilling Ltd. SDS Engineers, Inc. See: SNC-Lavalin GDS, Inc. SDX See: Stampeder Exploration Ltd. (SDX) Sea Airmotive, Inc. See: Seair Alaska Airlines, Inc. Sea Drilling Netherlands See: Nederlandse Zeeboormaatschappij (Sea Drilling Netherlands) B.V. Sea Systems Limited See: Rutter Engineering & Automation Seaboard Arval Corporation See: Seaboard International Seaboard Equipment Co., Inc Now Part of Delta Seaboard Seaboard Lloyd Inc. See: Seaboard-Arval Corporation Seaboard Offshore See: Hornbeck Offshore Ltd. Seaboard Wellhead Inc. See: Seaboard Lloyd Inc. Seaco Production See: Seay Oil & Gas Co. Seacor Holdings Inc. See: Seacor Smit Inc. Seacor Smit Inc. See: Seacor Holdings Inc. SEADRILL See: Sea Drilling Corporation (SEADRILL) Seaforth Engineering Limited See: Seaforth Engineering Group Inc. Seagull Energy Company See: Seagull Exploration Co., Inc. Seagull Energy Corporation See: Ocean Energy, Inc. Seagull Energy E & P Inc. (Now Ocean Energy Inc.) Seagull Energy International Inc. (Now Ocean Energy Inc.) Seahawk Overseas Exploration Corporation See: Seahawk Overseas, Inc. Seair Alaska Airlines Inc. See: Oceanair Inc. Seal Distribution Center-New Orleans See: Gatlin Corporation Seal Lift Corp. See: Bennett & Gibbs Seal Petroleum Ltd. See: Subsea Equipment Assoc Ltd. (SEAL) Seal Tech, Division of Folsom Metal Products See: RBOP Oil Tools International, Inc. Sealand Helicopters Ltd. See: Canadian Helicopters Ltd. Seamark Systems Limited See: FoundOcean SEAMET See: Societe D'Etudes Appliques Maritimes Et Terrestres International (SEAMET) Seamless Tubes Ltd. See: British Steel Seamless Tubes Seanor Engineering A.S. See: ABB Offshore Technology AS Seanor Engineering A.S. See: Maritime Seanor A.S. SEAPEX See: Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX) Sea-Tech Diving & Construction Inc. See: Johnson Offshore Services Seatex Inc. (Taken over by Kongsberg Simrad Inc.) Seatex Ltd. (Integrated into Kongsberg Simrad Ltd.) Seaworx b.v. (Taken over by Telco Marine BV) Seba Exploration Ltd. See: Camrex Resources Ltd. SEC See: Sensor Electronics Corp. (SEC) SEC Donohue Environment & Infrastructure See: Rust Environment & Infrastructure SECAB (Swedish Exploration Consortium AB) See: GEXCO AB SECC Limited See: SECC Oil & Gas Ltd. Seco Industries, Inc. See: P2S Seco Seco Operating Company See: Kirkpatrick Oil Co. Secretarial Network, The See: Free Lance Network Center, Inc. Secure Oil Tools See: Schlumberger Completion Systems Security DBS, A Halliburton Company See: Halliburton Energy Services Security Division, Dresser Industries, Inc. See: Security DBS, A Dresser Industries, Inc. Company SEDCO Construction Division, (Houston Contracting Co.) See: Curran Houston, Inc. Sedco Forex See: Transocean Sedco Forex SEDCO, Inc. See: Sedco Forex SEDNETH See: Nederlandse Zeeboormaatschappij (Sea Drilling Netherlands) B.V. (SEDNETH) Seigel Oilfield Services See: O F S Inc. SEIL See: Scotland Electronics (International) Ltd. (SEIL) Seiler Engineering Interests See: SEI - Seiler Engineering Interests Seismic Australia See: Fugro Multi Client Services Pty. Ltd. Seismic Image Software, A Division of Gedco Purchased by GEDCO Seismic Specialty Services See: Seismic & Land Services Seismograph Service Limited See: Geco-Prakla SEL See: Swire Engineering Ltd. (SEL) Select Oil Tool Ltd. See: Select International Services Ltd. Select Oilfield Leasing Ltd., A Division of Corlac Oilfield Leasing Ltd. See: Enhanced Energy Services Select Oilfield Services Ltd. See: Select Oilfield Leasing Ltd. Selected Lands Oil & Gas Corp. See: Dalbosco, Donald C.

548 Company Name Cross Reference

Sella Gum/SPA See: Nuova Sella Gum/SPA Selm S.p.A. See: Edison Gas S.p.A. Sembawang Engineering Pte. Ltd. See: Sembawang Engr. & Const. Pte. Ltd. Sembawang Marine & Logistics Ltd. (SML) See: Sembcorp Logistics Ltd. Sembawang Maritime Limited (SML) See: Sembawang Marine & Logistics Ltd. (SML) Semi Tech Inc. See: DAC Vision SENCO See: Spence Energy Company (SENCO) Sensotec, Inc. See: Honeywell Sensotec Sentinal Land Services See: Sentinal Land & Exploration Sentry Polymers See: Plasite Protective Coatings Sepco See: Southern Engine & Pump Company (SEPCO) SEPCO See: Spence Energy Company (SENCO) Sepco Compression Services, Inc. See: Sepco Industries, Inc. SEPCO, DXP Company See: DXP Enterprises, Inc. Sepco Industries, Inc. See: Southern Engine & Pump Company (SEPCO) Sepco Power Products, A Division of SEPCO Industries, Inc. See: Perkins Southwest Sepco-Pump Group See: Sepco SEPIV B.V. See: Shell EP International Ventures B.V. (SEPIV B.V.) SEQ, Inc. See: MRP, Inc. Sequa Engineered Services, Inc., Gemoco Division See: Weatherford International, Inc. Sequence Controls Inc. See: A.T. Monitors (a Division of Armstrong Technologies Inc.) SERCEL See: Societe d'Etudes, Recherches et Construction Electroniques (SERCEL) Serck Baker See: Axsia Serck Baker Inc., wholly owned by TGE Group Limited SEREPT See: Societe De Recherche Et D'Exploitation Des Petroles En Tunisia (SEREPT) SERFCO See: Service Fracturing Co. (SERFCO) Serfco, Inc. (Sold to NOWSCO) Serfilco, Ltd. See: Service Filtration Corp. Serio Exploration Co. See: Marblehead Energy Co. Sermatech International See: Sermatech Power Solutions Sermatech Int'l See: Sermatech Technical Services Sermatech Power Solutions See: Sermatech International Sermatech Technical Services See: Sermatech International Serv Tech Environmental Services See: Philip Services Corp. Serval See: Serval Integrated Energy Services Serval Integrated Energy Services (Now Wells Hall Mfg. Co.) Servco Company, The See: Sii SERVCO Servco-Division of Sii See: Sii-Servco Division of Sii Service Acid, Inc. (Sold to Service Fracturing Co.) Service Drilling Company See: Service Drilling Southwest Inc. Service Drilling Southwest (Sold to Unit Drilling Co. - Tulsa) Service Fracturing Co. (SERFCO) See: Nowsco Well Service, Inc. Service Painting Co. of Texas Inc. See: Brock Services Ltd. Services, Equipment & Engineering, Inc. See: SEE, Inc. Services Techniques Schlumberger (Wireline & Testing) See: Schlumberger Wireline & Testing Services Techniques Sedco Forex S.A. See: Sedco Forex Servicos De Cimentacao E Estimulacao De Pocos Ltda. See: Dowell Schlumberger Servicos de Engenharia e Equipamentos See: SEQUIP (Servicos de Engenharia e Equipmentos) S. A. Servo B. V. Delden See: Servo Delden BV Servo Delden BV See: Condea Servo BV SES See: Solarchem Environmental Systems (SES) S.E.S. Instrumentation See: Hydrasun Limited SESL See: Swire Engineering Services Ltd. (SESL) Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. See: Alternative Industrial Marketing Sevin, Inc. See: Sevin Marine and Safety Co. Sexton Oil & Minerals Corporation See: Winston G. Sexton, LLC Sgape Oil & Gas Inc. See: S & N Energy, Inc. SGS Depauw & Stokoe N.V. See: SGS Redwood (Belgium) a division of Depauw & Stokoe N.V. SGS France SA, Redwood Div. See: Groupe SGS France/SGS Holding France S.A./SGS Management Services S.A.S. SGS Industrial Inspection See: SGS Industrial Services SGS Industrial Services See: Petrochem Inspection Services SGS, Redwood Fluid & Gas Measurement Services See: SGS Redwood Services, A Division of SGS Control Services, Inc. SGS Redwood (France) S.A. See: SGS France SA, Redwood Division SGS Redwood Services See: SGS United Kingdom Limited SGS Redwood Services, A Division of SGS Control Services, Inc. See: SGS Control Services, Inc. SGS Redwood Services, a division of SGS Depauw & Stokoe N.V. See: SGS Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services SGS Redwood (UK) Ltd. See: SGS Redwood Services S & H Diving Corp See: Sonat Subsea Services (Americas) S & H Resources, Inc. See: Comanche Production, Inc. Shackleford & Yukl See: Yukl, E. T., & Associates Shafco Blowout Prevention Ltd. See: Enterra BOP Services Shafco Industries Inc. See: Shaffer Oil Tool Service, Inc. Shaffer (Varco/Shaffer) (A Varco Co.) (Now under Varco International, Inc.) Shamban Seals Division, Busak & Shamban, Inc. See: Busak & Shamban Seals Division Shamrock Drilling Fluids, Inc. See: Newpark Drilling Fluids, Inc. Sharp, Carle, & Associates See: Sharp Petroleum Engineering, Inc. Sharp Chemical Company See: Sharp Performance Products, L.L.C. Sharp Engineering Co. See: Arroyo Petroleum Shaw McLure Petroleum Engineering Ltd. See: Shaw Energy Associates Ltd. Shaw Pipe, a Division of Shaw Resource Services, Inc. See: Bredero Price Company Shaw Resources, Inc. See: Dakota Resources, Inc. Shaw-Bagwell, Inc. See: Shaw Global Energy Services Shebester Investment Company, Inc. See: Shebester Int'l., Inc. Shebester Of Hennessey Co. See: Shebester Investment Company, Inc. Sheffield Exploration Company, Inc. See: Trinity Petroleum Management, LLC Shelby, Michael H. See: Hopewell Operating, Inc. Shell California Production Inc. (Merged into Shell Western E&P Inc.) Shell Companies in Indonesia See: Shell EP Companies in Indonesia Shell Condor, S. A. (Sold to Ecopetrol and operates under name of Explotaciones Condor, S.A) Shell International Petroleum Maatschappij B.V. See: Shell International Exploration and Production B.V. (SIEP) Shell Research B.V. See: Koninklijke/Shell Exploratie en Produktie Laboratorium- (Shell Research B.V.) Shell Research Rijswyk See: Shell International Exploration & Production B.V. (SIEP) Shell (SENREX) See: Societe Shell Senegalaise de Recherches et d'Exploitation (SENREX) Shell Tunirex See: Societe Shell Tunisienne De Recherches Et D'Exploitation (SHELL TUNIREX) Shelter Systems, Inc. See: Eisenman Enterprises, Inc Shenandoah Energy Inc. (Now under Questar Exploration & Production Company). Shenandoah Operating Company (Bought out by Questar) Shepherd, D. C. See: Shepherd Industrial Supply Co. (SISCO) Sheridan Energy, Inc. See: Calpine Natural Gas Co. Sheridan Equipment See: Strongco Inc./Sheridan Equipment Sheridan, John F., Oil & Gas Properties See: San Marco Petroleum, Inc. Sherwood Resources Company (Now Duncan, Walter, Oil Properties) SHHOC See: South Huang Hai Oil Corp. (of CNOOC) Shield Coat Inc. See: French, Jordan, Inc. Shields Supply Company See: Shields Equipment & Supply Co. Shiloh Exploration See: GRB Properties, Inc. Ships Radio Services B.V. See: Cordobond International BV Shoreline Marine Inc. See: SaFetect, Inc. Shoreline Systems, Inc. See: Shoreline Compression, Inc. S.H.R.M. Catering Services, Inc. See: Eurest Support Services, d.b.a. SHRM Catering Services, Inc. Shults Petroleum Corp. See: Inter-Oil & Gas Group Inc. Shuster & Associates See: Falkor Exploration SIA See: Scot Industrial Air (SIA) Siderca S.A.I.C. See: Tenaris Siderius Inc. See: Ilva U.S.A., Inc. Sides, W. L., & Son Pty. Ltd. See: Sides Engineering Pty. Ltd. Siebens Oil & Gas (U.K.) Ltd. See: Sovereign Oil & Gas Ltd. Sieger North America (A division of Zellweger Analytics) See: Zellweger Analytics Sieghold, Max See: Sieghold-Werft SIEM Group See: Norex Plc SIEP See: Shell International Exploration and Production B.V. (SIEP) Sierra Production Company See: Norcen Explorer, Inc. Sierra Well Service Inc. See: Basic Energy Services SIG, Inc. See: Seismic Investment Group, Inc. (SIG, Inc.) Sigma Coatings See: Sigma Marine and Protective Coatings Netherlands BV Sigma Energy Consultants, Inc. (dba Hollo/Lockwood & Associates) See: Hollo & Associates Sigma Enterprises Inc. See: Sigma Valves Sigma Marine and Protective Netherlands BV See: SigmaKalon Marine & Protective Coatings B.V. Sigmund Kane & Hatch, Inc. See: SKH Energy Fund, L.P. Sigmund Pulsometer Pumps Limited See: SPP Pumps Limited

Company Name Cross Reference 549

Signal Oil & Gas Company See: Burmah Oil and Gas Company Sii-Dyna Drill Division See: Dyna Drill Division of Sii Sii-Emco See: Emco Directional Drilling and Well Surveying, (Div. of Smith International, Inc.) Sii-Mobile-Lab See: Mobile-Lab Silver Pine Operating Co., Inc. See: Silver Pines Energy Corp. Silverline Consorcio Mexicano De Empresas See: Silverline America, S.A. Silverton Resources Ltd. See: Inverness Petroleum Ltd. Simmons Drilling Ltd. See: Simmons Pipelines Ltd., Drilling Division Simon Environmental (Environment Div.) See: Entec Environmental Simon Hydro-Search See: Hydro-Search, Inc. Simon Hydrotechnica Ltd. See: Entec Hydrotechnica Simon Petroleum Technology See: Robertson Research Intl. Ltd. Simon Petroleum Technology Reservoir & Production Services (SPT RPS) See: ERC Ltd. (A Member of the PGS Group) Simon-ERC Consulting Services See: Simon Petroleum Technology Reservoir & Prod Services (SPT RPS) SIMPCO See: Simasko Production Company Simplex Chalmit Lighting Ltd. See: Chalmit Lighting Ltd. Simplex Technologies, Inc. See: Tycom Integrated Cable Systems Simrad ASA See: Kongsberg Maritime AS Simrad Inc. See: Kongsberg Simrad Inc. Simrad Mesotech Ltd. See: Kongsberg Simrad Mesotech Ltd. Simrad Osprey, Inc. See: Simrad Inc. Simrad Robertson A/S See: Simrad A/S Simrad Subsea A/S See: Simrad A/S Sims Oil Co., Inc. See: Kimbell Oil Company of Texas SIMSCI See: Simulation Sciences Inc. (SIMSCI) Simtech Consulting Services, Inc. See: International Reservoir Techs., Inc. Simtech Consulting Services Ltd. See: Intera Inc. Sinclair Ekberg & Associates See: Ekberg Sinclair & Associates, Inc. Sinclair Resources, Inc. See: Castleton Management, Inc. Sine Systems & Pile Connector Corp. See: Sine/Pile Connector Products Group Singer American Meter Division See: American Meter Company Singer-Layne Texas Division See: Layne Texas Company Sioux Steam Cleaner Corporation See: Sioux Corporation S.I.P. Engineering, Inc. See: Parsons S.I.P. Inc. Sipes, W. C. & Sipes, Inc. See: Sipes, Inc. Sipes, Williamson & Associates Inc. See: Williamson Petroleum Cons. Inc. SIPM See: Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij B. V. SIRIP See: Societe Irano Italianne des Petroles SIS See: Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) SIS See: Spatial Information Services Ltd. (SIS) SISCO See: Shepherd Industrial Supply Co. (SISCO) Site Oil Tools, Division of Camco International (Canada) Ltd. See: Schlumberger Completion Systems Sitton Drilling Company See: Key Energy Group Sivalls Tanks, Inc. See: Sivalls, Inc. S & J Operating Company See: Stephens & Johnson Operating Co. S & J Rig Parts Inc. See: Gregory Rig Service Sjotec Inc. See: Acoustic Exploration, Inc. SK Resources Inc. See: Sigmund Kane & Hatch, Inc. Skaer Enterprises Inc. See: Pease Oil & Gas Company Skarpenord Control Systems AS See: Scana Skarpenord a.s. Skarpenord Corrosion a.s. STOA See: Jotun Cathodic Protection (Skarpenord Corrosion) Skelly Oil Company (Merged into Getty Oil Co.) Skinner Electric Valve Division Skinner Precision Industries, Inc. See: Skinner Valve Division, Honeywell Inc. Skinner Engineering Services Company (SESCO) See: SESCO (Skinner Engineering Services Company) Skinner Valve Division, Honeywell See: Honeywell,Skinner Valve Division Skinner Valve Div., Honeywell Inc. See: Parker Skinner Valve Div. Sklar & Phillips Oil Co. See: Phillips Energy, Inc. Skookum Company, Inc., The See: RopeMaster/Skookum Skookum, Division of Ulven, Inc. See: Skookum Blocks & Rigging SKW Chemicals, Inc. See: Degussa Oilfield Polymers SKW Polymers GmbH See: Degussa Construction Polymers Gmbh SKW Trostberg AS See: SKW Polymers GmbH Skyline Equipment Company Inc. (Now The Hanover Company) Skyline Oil Company See: Texas Eastern Skyline Oil Co. Skypak Containers Ltd. See: R. J. F. Cannon Ltd. Skytop Rig Co. See: Skytop/Brewster SKZ Inc. See: Zilkha Energy Co. Slawson, Donald C., Oil Producer See: Slawson Exploration Company, Inc. Slawson Drilling Company, Inc. See: Slawson, Donald C. SLD Pumps Limited See: SLD Specialist Hire Services Slickline Electronics, Inc. See: Slickline Electronic Instruments, a division of Stric-Lan Companies Corp. Slikwik Sorbents (Now SPC Products) Slimco Industries, Inc. (Bought out by Petco Fishing & Rental) Slimhole Exploration Company See: SECO, Inc. SLT North America, Inc. See: GSE Lining Technology, Inc. Small Fishing & Rental Tools Co. See: Superior Fishing and Rental, Inc. Small, Ken, Construction, Inc. See: KS Industries, LP Smalley, Bill, Drilling Co. See: Smalley Drilling & Trucking Corp. Smartract, Inc. See: Expro Americas, Inc. Smedvig Asia Ltd. See: Seadrill Asia Ltd. Smedvig Drilling Co., A/S See: Smedvig Offshore Europe AS Smedvig Offshore AS See: Seadrill Management AS Smedvig Offshore Asia Ltd. See: Smedvig Asia Ltd. Smedvig Robray Limited See: Smedvig Offshore Asia Ltd. Smedvig Tender Rigs Pte. Ltd. See: Seadrill Tender Rigs Pte. Ltd. SMF See: Streicher Mobile Fueling, Inc. (SMF) Smit International (Deutschland) GMBH See: Harms Bergung Transport & Heavylift GmbH & Co. KG Smit Internationale N.V. (Sold to Seacor Marine) Smit Marine South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. (Listed under Smit International) Smit Octo Marine Limited See: Smit Terminals West Africa Ltd. Smit Pentow Marine (Pty) Ltd. See: Smit Marine South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. Smith, Bill, Pumping Unit Service Inc. See: Bill Smith's Pumping Unit Services Inc. Smith Drilling Systems See: Smith International Smith Energy Services See: Western Companies Smith Environmental Technologies Corp. See: Smith Technology Corporation Smith Fiberglass Products Inc. (Merged with Varco International) Smith, H. A., Co. Inc. See: Hasco Industrial Supply Smith, Howard, Screen Co. See: Halliburton Screens Smith, Marvin A., Co Inc. See: Mas-Tech Energy Services, Inc. Smith, Michael, & Associates See: Michael Smith & Associates Smith Production Company See: Smith, Victor P., & Associates Smith, R. A., Administrative Consulting Ltd. See: R.A.S. Oil Patch Consulting Ltd. Smith Services Directional Group See: Ryan Energy, Houston Downtown Smith Tool, Division of Sii See: Sii Smith Tool, Div. of Smith International, Inc. Smith Tool, Div. of Smith International, Inc. See: Smith International Smith-Dennis Ltd. See: Sydney Smith Dennis Ltd. Smith-Inland, A. O., Inc. See: Smith Fiberglass Products Inc. Smit-Lloyd B.V. (Listed under Smit International NV) SMK Energy Corp. See: TR Energy, Inc. SML See: Sembawang Marine & Logistics Ltd. (SML) SML See: Sembawang Maritime Limited (SML) SML Technologies Ltd. See: Ultra SML Technologies SMS-Navalco AS See: Navalco AS Snap-On Tools Corp. See: Snap-On Incorporated SNEA (P) See: Societe Nationale Elf Aquitaine (SNEA (P)) SNOC See: Seychelles National Oil Co. Ltd. (SNOC) S.N.P. "PETROM"S.A. Now Petrom S.A. (National Oil Company) SNPA See: Societe Nationale des Petroles d'Aquitaine (SNPA) Snubbing Services, Inc. See: Barnett Marine Inc. Snyder Oil Corporation See: Santa Fe Snyder Corporation Snyder Well Servicing - Snyder, Texas (Acquired by NL Well Service) Sociedad De Trabajos Y Obras Maritimas See: Sotomar S.A. (Sociedad De Trabajos Y Obras Maritimas) Sociedade Tecnica de Perfuracao Ltd. See: SOTEP Sociedade Tecnica De Perfuracao S/A See: SOTEP (Sociedade Tecnica De Perfuracao S/A) Societa Petrolifera Italiana S.p.A. Now Gas Plus Italiana SPA Societe D'Etudes Appliquees Maritimes Et Terrestres International (SEAMET) See: Seamet International Societe D'Etudes Recherches Et Construction Electroniques See: SERCEL (Societe D'Etudes Recherches Et Construction Electroniques) Societe Elf Aquitaine Production See: Elf Exploration Production Societe Elf de Recherches et D'Exploitation des Petroles du Cameroun See: ELF SEREPCA Societe Elf Pour La Recherche et L'Exploitation des Hydrocarbures See: Elf - R. E. Societe Esso De Recherches Et D'Exploitation Petrolieres See: Esso Rep (Societe Esso de Recherches et d'Exploitation (Petrolieres)

550 Company Name Cross Reference

Societe Foster Wheeler Francaise See: Groupe Foster Wheeler France Societe Francaise De Stockage Geologique See: GEOSTOCK (Societe Francaise De Stockage Geologique) Societe National D'Operations Petrolieres De La Cote D'Ivoire (PETROCI) See: Petroci Exploration-Production Societe Nationale Elf Aquitaine (Production) See: Societe Elf Aquitaine Production Societe Quebecoise D'Initiatives Petrolieres (SOQUIP) See: SOQUIP Inc. Societe Shell Tunirex See: Societe Shell Tunisienne de Recherches et d'Exploitation Petroliere (Shell Tunirex) Societe Shell Tunisienne De Recherches et D'Exploitation Petroliere (Shell Tunirex) See: Samedan of Tunisia Inc.(SOTI) Society of Professional Well Log Analyst (SPWLA) See: Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) Soco Offshore, Inc. See: Snyder Oil, Inc. SOCOREP/FINA REP See: Societe De Recherche Et D'Exploitation Des Petroles En Republique Democratique Du Congo (SOCOREP/FINA REP) SODECO See: Sakhalin Oil Development Cooperation Co., Ltd. (SODECO) SODECO See: Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development Co., Ltd. (SODECO) SOEKOR See: Southern Oil Exploration Corp. SOES Ltd. See: Shetland Offshore Environmental Services Limited Sofresid See: Groupe Sofresid SA Softsearch, Inc. See: Dwights SOHAG See: Saarberg Oel und Handel GmbH Sohio Petroleum Company See: BP Exploration Inc. Sohio Petroleum Company See: The Standard Oil Company Soilmec S.p.a., Drilling Equipment Div See: Drillmec S.p.a., Drilling Equip Div. Solano Gas Processing, Inc. See: SGC Inc. Solar Oil Tools Ltd. (Purchased By Smith International) Solarex See: BP Solar Solmarine S.A. See: Geocean Solmarine SOLOCO, LLC See: Newpark Mats & Integrated Services Soltero Resources, Inc. See: Aztec Energy Corporation Solum Oil Tool Corporation See: Soenco Corporation Solus Schall See: Solus Ocean Systems, Inc. Solvadis Nederland B.V. See: Quaron N.V. Solvent Manufacturing Inc. See: SMC Technologies SOMCO See: Sexton Oil & Minerals Corporation (SOMCO) Somner, W. L., Co. (Bought by Stewart & Stevenson) SONACOP See: Societe Nationale De Commercialisation Des Produits Petroliers (SONACOP) SONAGOL See: Sociedade National de Combustiveis de Angola (SONAGOL) Sonat Exploration Company See: El Paso Production Company Sonat Marine Inc. See: Maritrans Operating Partners, L.P. Sonat Offshore Drilling Inc. See: Transocean Offshore Inc. Sonat Offshore (UK) Inc. See: Transocean Offshore (North Sea) Ltd. Sonatrach See: Ministry of Energy & Petrochemical Industries (Algeria) Sonoma Corporation (Bought out by Baker Oil Tools) SONPETROL See: Sondeos Petroliferos, S.A. (SONPETROL) Sonsub International Inc. See: Sonsub Inc. Sooner Directional Drilling, Inc. See: Sooner Drlg. & Exploration Sooner Energy Corp. See: Tatonka Energy, Inc. Sooner Pipe & Supply Corporation See: Sooner Pipe Inc. SOP, Inc. See: Shields Oil Producers, Inc. (SOP, Inc.) SOQUIP See: Societe Quebecoise D'Initiatives Petrolieres (SOQUIP) Soquip Inc. See: Soquip Energie Inc. SOREPZA/ZAIREP See: Societe De Recherche Et D'Exploitation Des Petroles Au Zaire (SOREPZA/ZAIREP) SOS See: Special Oilfield Services Co. LLC (SOS) S.O.S. See: Specialized Oil Services (W.L.L.) (S.O.S.) S.O.S., Inc. See: Supply Oilfield Services, Inc. SOS Oilfield Product See: Accent Oil Tools & Equipment SOTI See: Samedan of Tunisia Inc. (SOTI) Sotrana Texas Corp. See: Aurora Minerals, Inc. South Ark Vacuum Service, Inc. (Sold to Mudtech) South Australia Northern Territory Oil Search Ltd. (Santos) See: Santos Ltd. South Australian Oil & Gas Corporation Pty. Ltd. See: SAGASCO Resources Ltd. South Coast Tongs & Rental Inc. (Now Timco Services Inc.) South Fork Ranch, LLP (Sold to Maverick Oil Company) South Huang Hai Oil Corp. (of CNOOC) (SHOOC) See: East Offshore Oil Corp. (of CNOOC) (EOOC) South Louisiana Contractors, Inc. See: Soloco, Inc. South Louisiana Environmental Control See: Environmental Operators, Inc. South Louisiana Production Co., Inc. See: Celeron Oil & Gas Co. South Pacific Oilfield Trading Co. Ltd., Div. of Petco See: Petco Fishing and Rental Tools (Asia) Ltd. South Ranch Oil Co., Inc. See: Oilfield Management, Inc. South Texas Drilling & Exploration, Inc. (Now Pioneer Drilling Company) Southeast Exploration Corp. See: Sooner Energy Corp. Southern California Gas Co. See: Pacific Lighting Gas Development Co Southern California Oil Tool Company Inc. See: Scot Gasket Inc., Southern California Oil Tool Company Southern Energy Corporation See: Pitts Energy Group Southern Engine & Pump Co. (SEPCO) See: Sepco Industries, Inc. Southern Engine & Pump Company (SEPCO) See: SEPCO-Pump Group Southern Mineral Corporation (Merged with PETROCORP) Southern Natural Gas Co. See: SONAT Exploration Co. Southern Oil Exploration Corp. (SOEKOR) See: SOEKOR Southern Oilfield Supply, A Division of Camco International Inc. (Now Schlumberger) Southern Structures, Inc. See: Southern Fabricators div. of Southern Structures, Inc. Southern Union Production Company See: Supron Energy Corporation Southern Well Abandonment & Peddling Inc. See: SWAP (Southern Well Abandonment & Peddling) Inc. Southland Drilling Co. (Now Patterson UTI) Southland International Petroleum Company See: Greer Brothers Exploration Southland Rentals, LLC See: Southland Energy Services, LLC Southport Exploration, Inc. See: Southport Exploration Associates, Inc. Southward Energy (Now Hawker Resources, Inc.) Southwest Engineers of Louisiana Inc. See: Electro-Test, Inc. Southwest Gas Systems, Inc. See: Associated Gas Resources, Inc. Southwest Minerals, Inc. See: Edge Petroleum Corp. Southwest Petrochem, Inc. See: Fannin Energy, Inc. Southwest Resources plc. See: States Petroleum Inc. Southwest Supply Company See: Lexxus Enterprises, Inc. Southwest Surveys See: Southwest Geophysical Services Inc. Southwestern Laboratories See: Huntingdon Engineering & Environmental, Inc. Southwestern Pipe, inc. See: Northwest Pipe, Inc. Southwestern Wire Cloth See: Madison Oil and Gas Sovereign Exploration Co. See: Bonanza Petroleum, Inc. Sovereign Oil & Gas PLC See: Neste OY SPACE See: Surface Preparation and Coating Enterprises, Inc. (SPACE) Spacelink Systems Inc. See: IWL Communications, Inc. Spar Fab Welding Ltd. See: Stampede Steel Mfg. Ltd. Sparkie's Consulting See: M.B. Consulting Inc. Sparkman Producing Company See: Arch Petroleum Inc. Sparlin Consultants See: International Completion Consultants Inc. (ICCI) Sparrow Electric Corporation See: Pyramid Electric Corporation Spartan Drilling Ltd. See: Precision Drilling (1987) Ltd. Spartan Energy ltd. See: Spartan Operating Company, LLC Spatial Information Services Ltd. (SIS) (Now Canadian Engineering & Surveys, Inc) SPC See: Shanghai Petroleum Corporation (SPC) SPEC See: Sword Petroleum Exploration Company (SPEC) Specialist Clothing PLC See: Frontier Safety Specialty Diving, Inc. See: Specialty Offshore, Inc. Specialty Rental Tools, Inc. See: Allis Chalmers Rental Tools, Inc. Specialty Whse. Serv. See: Specialty Equipment Sales, Inc. Spectra Laser & Precision Instrument, Inc. See: Geoshack Spectra Physics Laserplane Inc. See: Trimble Engineering & Const. Div. Spectra Tek UK Limited See: Daniel Industries, Inc. (Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. - Eastern Hemisphere) Spectrum Resources Inc. See: Retamco Operating Inc. Sperry-Sun See: NL Drilling Services Sperry-Sun Drilling Services, A Halliburton Company See: Halliburton Energy Services SPEX See: Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) Sphag Sorb, Inc. See: Earth Care Products/Sphag Sorb Sales, A Division of Bay Market Dev Inc. Sphag Sorb, Inc. See: Sphag Sorb, Inc., division of Earth Care SPI See: Source Petroleum, Inc. (SPI)

Company Name Cross Reference 551

Spinco Inspection & Tubular Services (Sold to ICO, Inc,) Spirit Petroleum Co. See: Mark V Petroleum Company Spivak, Allan, P.H.D., Inc. See: Intera West SPL See: Southern Petroleum Labs, Inc. (SPL) SPM, Inc. See: SPM, Flow Control SPO See: Swire Pacific Offshore Services (Pte) Limited (SPO) Spooner Mines and Oil Limited See: Canadian Spooner Resources Inc. SPP See: Southern Pacific Petroleum (SPP) SPP Limited See: Sterling SPP Spring Instant Structures Inc. See: Spring Instant Structures Ltd. SPS See: SPS International (SPS) SPT See: Stockholm Precision Tools Ltd. (SPT) SPT RPS See: Simon Petroleum Technology Reservoir & Production Services (SPT RPS) SPWLA See: Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) S&Q Tech a/s See: Force Institutes SRG Oil Corporation See: CRT's, Inc. S&S See: Shirazi & Associates International Consultants Inc. (S&A) S & S Energy Products See: GE Power Systems SSB See: Suhail & Saud Bahwan SSB See: Suhail & Saud Bahwan, Projects & Telecommunications Division (SSB) Sscan Technologies See: Acklands - Grainger Inc., Engineered Products Division SSCI See: State Service Co., Inc. (SSCI) S.S.C.S. See: Seabed Scour Control Systems Ltd. (S.S.C.S.) SSI See: Scientific Software - Intercomp, Inc. (SSI) SSI See: Spacelinks Systems, Inc. (SSI) SSI See: Sub Sea International Inc. (SSI) STA System Technology Associates, Inc. See: SI International Stainless Pipe & Fittings Inc. (Taken over by TEK, a div, of Spectrum Metals) Staley Oil Company See: Staley, Jack C., Operator Stallworth Oil & Gas, Inc. See: Fossil Fuels Inc. Stampeder Exploration Ltd. (SDX) See: Gulf Canada Resources Standard Oil Company, The See: BP Exploration Standard Oil Company of CaliforniaWestern Operations See: Chevron U.S.A.-Western Region Standard & Poor's DRI See: DRI Welfa Standard Safety & Consulting Services (1978) Ltd. See: HSE Integrated Standard Supply & Hardware Co. See: Voorhies Supply Co. Stanley Well Service, Inc. See: Pride Petroleum Services Inc. Stanvac Indonesia, P. T. See: P.T. Exspan Sumatera Stapp Drilling Co. See: Stapp, Wilford Lee Star Drilling Company, Inc. See: Transcontinental Drilling Co., Inc. Star Fiber Glass Systems, L.P. See: Fiber Glass Systems, L.P. Star Oil & Gas Ltd. (Acquired by ARC Resources Ltd.) Star Tool Company (Sold to Smith International) State Boat Corporation See: State Boat United, Inc. State Boat International See: State Marine Corporation State Boat United, Inc. See: State Marine Corp. States Petroleum, Inc. See: Woodbine Petroleum, Inc. Statex Petroleum, Inc. See: Statex Operating, LLC Statham Transducers Div. See: Gulton-Statham Transducers Div. Staubli France SA See: Cirrus SA Stavanger Staal A/S See: Scana Staal as STD See: Sawhill Tubular Div, Armco Inc (STD) S.T.D. See: Sawhill Tubular Div., Cyclops Corp. (S.T.D.) Stearns Mfg. Co. See: Stearns, Inc. Steel Company of Canada Limited See: STELCO (The Steel Co. of Canada Ltd.) Steel Fabricators See: Steel Fab Steelproducts Offshore A/S See: Vector International AS Steen Production Barges, Inc. See: Production Barges, Inc. Steen Production Service Inc. See: Baker Energy Stelco Pipe and Tube Company See: STELPIPE, A Unit of Stelco, Inc. Stelpipe Ltd., A Subsidiary of Stelco, Inc. See: Lakeside Steel Stena Offshore Ltd. See: Coflexip Stena Offshore Group Stenmar Ltd. See: Stenmar Sonavision Ltd. Stenmar Sonavision Ltd. See: Sonavision Ltd. Sterling Drilling Co. See: Sage Energy Company DBS Sterling Drilling Co. Sterling Drilling and Production Co., Inc. (Now KRM Petroleum Corp.) Sterling Fluid Systems Limited See: SPP Pumps Limited Sterling SPP See: Sterling Fluid Systems Limited Sterom S.A. See: PCC Sterom S.A. Stevens-Arnold, Inc. See: Computer Products/Stevens-Arnold Stewart, K., Petroleum Corp. See: K. Stewart Petroleum Corp. Stewart & Stevenson, H & H Rubber, Inc. See: Stewart & Stevenson Alastomer Products, Inc. Stewart & Stevenson Oil Tools Inc. See: NL Control Systems Stewart & Stevenson Operations, Inc. See: GE O&M Stewart-White/Associates Inc. See: Alliance Drilling Co. Stickle Drilling Company See: Triad Drilling Corp. STIM-Lab Coresystems (Transferred to Core Laboratories Instruments) Stirling Shipping Company Ltd. See: Stirling Shipmanagement Ltd. STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH See: STN Atlas Marine Electronics GmbH STN Atlas Nederland B.V. See: Sam Electronics Nederland B.V. Stobaugh Supply Co. See: Glenco Pipe & Supply Co. Stock Alloys Inc. See: Samuel Specialty Metals Stock Hausen, Inc. See: The Procell Company Stockham Triangle See: Stockham Valves Ltd. (Triangle Division) Stockham Valves Ltd., Triangle Division See: Triangle Valves, A Division of Crane Engineered Valves Stokes & Spiehler, Inc. See: Stokes & Spiehler USA, Inc. Stoller Enterprises (Sold to C J Sales & Marketing) Stolt Comex Seaway Group See: Stolt Offshore Group Stolt Nielsen Seaway Technology Ltd. See: Seaway Technology Ltd. Stoltz, Wagner & Brown See: Wagner & Brown Stone Petroleum Corporation, The See: Stone Energy Corporation, Parent Company of Stone Petroleum Stone & Webster See: The Shaw Group Inc. Stone & Webster Oil Company (Taken over by Southern Mineral Corp.) Stonebor Industries, Inc. See: Weatherford/Stonebor, Inc. S.T.O.P. (Safety Technology & Oilfield Protectors) See: Total Safety, Inc. Stork Bronswerk, Inc. See: Bronswerk Marine Inc. Stork Comprimo B.V., Engineers & Contractors See: Stork Engineers & Contractors B.V. Stork Engineers & Contractors See: Jacobs Comprimo Nederland Story Well Service Inc. See: Reliance & Story Well Service Inc. Stothert & Pitt See: NEI Clarke Chapman Ltd., Stothert & Pitt Stothert and Pitt Clarke Chapman Ltd. See: Rolls-Royce Materials Handling (Stothert & Pitt) Stow & Bomag Manufacturing Co. See: Bomag Light Equipment Division Stow Manufacturing Co. See: Stow & Bomag Manufacturing Co. Strata Bit Corporation See: Diamant Boart Strathfield Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Inverness Petroleum Ltd. Stratos Broadband Network See: Stratos Offshore Services Co., Inc. Streicher Mobile Fueling Inc. (SMF) See: SMF Energy Corporation Strike Oil NL See: Strike Oil Limited Structure Resources Inc. See: Plattsburgh Quarries Inc., Oil and Gas Division Structures and Systems Engineering, Inc. See: RL International Struthers Thermo Flood, a Business unit of Babcock & Wilcox See: Babcock & Wilcox-ST Company Stuart's Ironsides Inc. See: Stuart, D. A., Company Stucker, G. R., & Associates, Inc. See: GRSA Consultants and Engineers Sub Sea Dolphin A/S See: DOC a/s Sub Sea International Inc. (SSI) (Now Halliburton Subsea) SubSea Offshore Limited See: SubSea Offshore/Rockwater Subsea Offshore./Rockwater See: Halliburton Subsea Sub-Sea Systems, Inc. See: Osprey Sub-Sea, Inc. Substance Abuse Management, Inc. (Now First Advantage Corp.) Subtec Marine Offshore Services See: Subtec Middle East (PVT) Ltd. Suburban Propane Exploration Co., Inc. See: SPG Exploration Corp. SUCO See: Suez Oil Company (SUCO) Suction Pile Technology See: SPT Offshore Sudamericana De Perforaciones Y Servicios, S.A. See: Superser Sugar Creek Oil & Gas Inc. (Merged with Petrostar Petroleum) Suhail & Saud Bahwan See: Bahwan Projects & Telecoms, Suhail Bahwan Group Sulpetro Limited See: Esso Resources Canada Ltd. Sulzer Bingham Pumps, Inc. See: Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc. Sulzer Turbosystems Inc. See: MAN Turbomachinery Inc.-USA Sumatra Oil Inc. See: Kootenai Exploration Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. See: Sumitomo Metal America Inc. Sumitomo Metal Pipe Inc. See: Sumitomo Metal America Inc. Summit Drilling Fluids, Inc. See: M-I LLC Summit Energy, Inc. See: Caspen Oil, Inc. Summit Exploration Corporation See: Summit Development Corp. Sun Exploration Division See: Sun Exploration & Prod. Co., Sun Exploration Division

552 Company Name Cross Reference

Sun Exploration and Production Company See: Oryx Energy Company Sun Gas Division See: Sun Exploration & Production Co., Sun Gas Div. Sun International Exploration & Production Company Ltd. See: Sun Oil Britain Limited Sun Oil Company See: Sun Production Co. & Sunmark Exploration Co. Sun Oil Company Limited See: Suncor Inc. Sun Production Division See: Sun Exploration & Production Co., Sun Production Div. Sun Supply See: Thunderbird Supply Sunbelt Power Systems See: Sunbelt Transformer Suncor Inc. See: Suncor Energy Inc. Sundance Oil Exploration Company See: American Penn Energy, Inc. Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. See: Nabors Offshore Corporation Sundstrand Fluid Handling See: Hamilton Sundstrand Fluid Handling Sunfire Energy Corporation See: Tusk Energy Inc. Sunlight Tool Co., Inc. See: Arrow Completion Systems Sunmark Exploration Company See: Sun Exploration & Production Company, Sun Exploration Div. Sunnyfield Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Hinson Brothers Sunstrand Data Control (SDC) See: Allied Signal Inc. Superior Casing Crews, Inc. See: Superior Tubular Services Superior Chemical Co. See: FDF Treating Chemicals Superior Inspection Services, A Div of Milcorp Industries Limited See: ICO Superior Inspection, A Division of ICO Canada, Inc. Superior Inspection, A Varco Company (Now Tuboscope, A Varco Company listed under Varco International Inc.) Superior Iron Works & Supply Co., Inc. See: Superior Supply Co. Superior Measurement/GH Flow Automation See: GH Flow Automation Superior Oil Company (Merged into Mobil Oil Corporation) Superior Oilfield Products Intl., Inc. See: WOMBOP Division Superior Oilwell Cementers See: Trican Well Service Ltd. Superior Vacuum Service, Inc. See: Q.V. Services of Texas, Inc. Supertest Tubing Testers Inc. See: Jerry's Service & Quick Test Supply Line, The See: Australian Supply Line Supply Line Pty Ltd, The See: Australian Supply Line P/L Supply Oilfield Services, Int'l. Ltd. See: Supply Oilfield Services, Inc. Supplylink International B.V. See: Novolog B.V. Sure Weld Industries Ltd. See: Sure Weld International, Inc. Surety Manufacturing & Testing Ltd. (Bought out by MSA (Mine Safety Appl)) Surface Sales Co. Inc. See: Ingram Cactus Co. of California, Inc. (Under Ingram Cactus Company) SUTEC AB See: Underwater Systems AB (SUTEC) Sutherland Steel Foy Ltd. See: Quality Steel Foundries (Sask) Ltd. under Quality Steel Foundries Ltd. Suttles, Frank, dba Suttles Logging See: Suttles Logging Inc. Svitzer, Em. A. A/S, Surveying & Diving Branch See: Svitzer Surveys A/S Svitzer Surveys See: Fugro Denmark AS S & W Drilling Company, Inc. See: Smith Drilling Company, Inc. SWACO, A Business Unit of M-I Drilling Fluids UK Ltd. (Now under SWACO, a Div. of M-I LLC) Swaco Division, Dresser Industries, Inc. See: Swaco Geolograph Company Swaco Division, M-I Drilling Fluids L.L.C. See: Swaco Division, M-I L.L.C. SWACO, A Division of M-I L.L.C. (Now under M-I L.L.C. (M-I a Smith Schlumberger Company and SWACO, a Division of M-I L.L.C.)) Swaco Geolograph Ltd. See: Swaco, A Business Unit of M-I Drilling Fluids UK Ltd. Swan Wooster Engineering See: Sandwell Swan Wooster Swanson, Tom, Oil Company See: Swanson, Tom S., Estate & Betty G. Swanson Partnership Swanson, Tom S., Estate & Betty G. Swanson Partnership See: Swanson, Betty G. Swartz Transports See: S&S Transports Swedish Exploration Consortium AB See: SECAB (Swedish Exploration Consortium AB) Sweet, Harry J., & Associates, Inc. See: Stress Engineering Services, Inc. Sweetwater Drilling Supplies, Inc. See: Sweetwater International Corp. Sweitzer Supplies See: Sweitzer Oil Field Threading Swenco Western Inc. See: Swift Energy Company Swire EPD See: Swire Oilfield Services Switzerland Heerema Holding Company Inc. See: Heerema Holding Construction, Inc. Sword Aberdeen Ltd. See: Sword Fire & Safety Ltd. Syminex S.A. See: Syminex Inc. Symington of Seattle See: Symington, Dave D., Trust Synercom, A Division of Logica Inc. See: Logica Energy & Utilities Synercom Technology Inc. See: Synercom, A Division of Logica, Inc. Synergetics International Inc. See: Harsh Synergetics Synetix Services See: Tracerco Syntron, Inc. See: Sercel Syseca See: Thales Information Systems Sysscan, Inc. See: Cimage Corporation. Tarpon Concrete Storage Systems, Inc. See: Ceanic Corporation Tarpon Engineering Corp. See: Tarpon Pipe & Supply Tarpon Systems, Inc. See: Ceanic Field Development Corp Tartan Resources Corporation See: Tartan Exploration Inc. Tatum Petroleum Corporation See: Tatum Petroleum Company, LLC Tau Corporation See: Telvere Systems Tauro-Flex, Corp. See: Beattie Tauro-Flex Corp. Taurus Energe Rubber Industrial Ltd. Co. See: Phoenix Rubber Industrial Ltd. Co. Taurus Exploration Inc. See: Energen Resources Corporation Taurus Hungarian Rubber Works See: Taurus Emerge Rubber Industrial Ltd. Co. Taylor Directional & Horizontal Drilling Inc. (TDD) See: STRATA Directional Technology, Inc. Taylor Diving, Inc. See: Rockwater Taylor Instrument Combustion Engineering of Australia Pty. Ltd. See: Taylor Instrument, A Division of Combustion Engineering Australia Pty. Ltd. Taylor Instrument, A Division of Combustion Engineering Australia Pty. Ltd. See: ABB Process Automation Pty. Limited Taylor Instrument Pty. Ltd. See: Taylor Instrument Pty. Ltd., Combustion Engineering of Australia Pty. Ltd. Taylor Rigs LLC See: Taylor Industries Taylor Tools, Inc. See: Taylor Valve Technology, Inc. Taylor Well Service-Drumright, OK (Acquired by NL Well Service) Taywood-Santa Fe Limited See: Taylor Woodrow Offshore Limited TC Co Inc. See: Gillispie Ventures Inc. TCPL Resources Ltd. See: Encor Energy Corporation, Inc. (Subsidiary of TCPL) TC3 Energy Services Company See: Wedge TC3, LP TDC Exploration Inc. See: Coffman, Thomas D., Inc. TDD See: Taylor Directional & Horizontal Drilling, Inc. (TDD) TDE See: Thermo Design Engineering Ltd. (TDE) TDI Halter, LP See: Friede Goldman Offshore Texas, L.P. TDS See: Techtronic Data Systems, Inc. (TDS) Team-Sel International Ltd. See: TA Engineering Services Limited Tebodin Plt. Ltd. See: Tebodin (UK) Limited TEC See: Taylor Energy Company (TEC) Tech Oil Products Inc. See: Enviro-Pak Compactors Tech Power Controls Co. (Now National Oilwell) Techdata (Now Codeware) Technica Inc. See: DNV Technica Inc. Technical Disciplines' Inc. See: TDI-Brooks International, Inc. Technical Drilling Tools, Inc. See: Oncor Corporation Technical Group, Inc., The See: CIVILSOFT Technical Guidance Bureau, Inc. (TGB, Inc.) See: TGB, Inc. Technical Service Company See: TR Oil Services Technicare Int'l Ltd. See: Babcock Technicare Ltd. Technicoil Integrated Services, Inc. See: Technicoil USA Corporation Technifluids, Inc., a Division of Anchor Drilling Fluids A/S See: Anchor Drilling Fluids Inc., a Division of Anchor Drilling Fluids A/S Technifluids/NMC, Inc., a Division of Promud A/S See: Technifluids/NMC, Inc., a Division of Anchor Drilling Fluids A/S


TA Engineering Services Ltd. See: TA Group Ltd. TA Group Ltd. See: Fluor Global Services T&A Radar BV See: T&A Survey BV TAC See: Thoman Associates & Co. (TAC) Taca International Airlines See: Taca Sales Taca Sales See: Taca Cargo New Orleans Tadlock Pipe & Equipment Inc. See: Tadlock Pipe & Rentals Inc. Taiwan Petroleum See: Chinese Petroleum Corp. Talbert Cox & Associates Inc. See: Espey, Houston & Associates Inc. Talcorp Ltd. See: Consolidated Talcorp Ltd. Tall "C" Inc. See: Hydro Cure Gulf Coast, Inc. Talon Petroleum, C.A. See: Taloven, S.A. Talon Technology Computer Automation, Inc. See: Computer Automation, Inc. Talon Trucking Co., a Subsidiary of Lomak Petroleum Co. See: Welltech Tamrock DrilTech See: Driltech Inc. Tanqueray Resources Ltd. See: Absolut Resources Corp. Tanques De Acero Trinity, S.A. de C.V. See: Trinity Industries De Mexico SA de CV TAR See: Texas American Royalty, Inc. (TAR) Target Environmental Services See: Columbia Technologies, LLC Target Oilfield Pipe & Supply (TOPS) See: Midway Supply Target Reservoir Analysis Inc. See: Stim Lab, Inc. Target Well Servicing See: Atco Well Servicing

Company Name Cross Reference 553

Technip Offshore, Inc. See: Technip USA Technip Upstream Houston, Inc. Now Technip Technipetrol See: Technip Italy Technological Supply, Inc. See: Energy Efficiency Engineering TECHSERV See: Technical Services Consultancies (TECHSERV) Techstaff Inc. See: TI Energy Services, Inc. Tecnologies Progetti Lavori S.p.A. See: TPL (Tecnologies Progetti Lavori S.p.A.) Tecnomarine Systems Ltd. See: BG Tecnomarine Systems Ltd. Tectonic Energy Corporation See: Enertec Corporation Tedea Huntleigh & Celesco Inc. See: Vishay Tedea-Huntleigh Inc. Tedea Inc. See: Tedea, Huntleigh & Celesco Inc. TEDEA USA See: Tedea, Inc. Tee Oil Inc. See: Dove Resources Tejas Gas Corp. See: Coral Energy Tekfen Construction and Installation, Co. Inc. See: Tekfen Insaat Ve Tesisat A.S. TEKFEN Insaat ve Tesisat A.S. See: Takfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. Telcon Becust Division Ltd. See: Telcon Safety Tool Division Ampco Metal Ltd. Telcon Safety Tool Division Ampco Metal Ltd. See: Ampco Metal Safety Tool Division Teleco Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Baker Hughes Tubular Services, Inc. Teledyne Allvac See: Allvac Teledyne Crittenden See: Magnetek Teledyne Irby Steel See: PMSC Irby Steel Teledyne Merla (Purchased by Otis Engineering Corp.) Telford Valve and Specialties, A Division of KF Industries Inc. (Now KF Industries Canada under KF Industries, Inc.) Temple Inland Forest Products Corporation See: Topaz Oil Company Temple-Eastex Incorporated See: Temple-Inland Forest Products Corporation Temple-Island Forest Products Corporation See: Temple-Island Templeton Energy, Inc. See: TGX Corporation 10 Planner Corporation, The See: Longview Solutions Inc. Tenaga Ewbank Preece (M) Sdn. Bhd. See: KTA Tenaga Sdn Bhd Tenaris Limited (Now under Tenaris S.A.) Tenge Joint Enterprise (Now Anglo-Dutch Petroleum International) Tenneco Gas Production Corporation (Now El Paso Energy) Tenneco Laterre, Inc. See: Fina Laterre, Inc. Tenneco Packaging See: Pactiv Corporation Tenneco Ventures See: Domain Energy Corp. Tensor, Inc. See: Allied Signal Tensor Products Teoh Brothers, Inc. See: TBI Oilfield Supply Co., Inc. Teredo Petroleum PLC (Taken over by Cairn Energy PLC) Terminal Project Assistance See: Weismantel Technologies Terra Cable U.S.A. Inc. See: De Regt Special Cable U.S.A., Inc. Terra Energy Ltd. See: CMS Oil & Gas Co. Terra Resources, Incorporated See: Pacific Enterprises Oil Company (USA) Terra Surveys Limited See: Triathlon Ltd. (Terra Surveys a Division) Terra Tek Core Services See: Terra Tek Geoscience Services Terra Tek Drilling and Completions Laboratory See: Terratek Inc. Terra Tek, Geoscience Services See: Terra Tek, Inc. Terra Tek, Inc. See: Terratek Inc. Terra Tek Systems See: Terratek Systems Terra-Image See: Geomap Company Terrapet Energy Corporation See: Coopers & Lybrand - IRI Energy Systems & Services Division Terrenex Ventures, Inc. See: Exploration Terrenex Inc. Territorial Services See: Timm & Associates Inc. Terry Petroleum Company See: Terry Energy, Inc. TESCO See: Technical Engineering & Sales Corp. (TESCO) Tesco Drilling Technology See: Tesco Corporation Tesoro Environmental Products Company See: Petroleum Environmental Services, Inc. Tesoro Exploration and Production Co. See: Tesoro Petroleum Corporation Tess/Teknisk Service See: Tess TEST, Inc. See: Total Engineering Services Team Inc. (TEST, Inc.) Testers Inc. See: Professional Testers Inc. Testmaster Production Services Ltd. (Now Central Production Testing Ltd.) Teton Exploration See: Stover Oil & Gas L.L.C. Tetra Technologies, Inc., Oil & Gas Servs. (Now Tetra Technologies Inc.) TEWECO (Texas Wireline Co., Inc.) See: Texas Wireline/TEWECO Texaco Angola Prospeccao E Producas (TEXPRO) See: Texaco Panama Inc. - Bloco-2 (TEXPAN) Texaco Canada Inc. (Sold to Imperial Oil Ltd. of Canada) Texaco Chemical Co. See: Huntsman Corporation Texaco Exploration and Production, Inc. (Merging with Chevron) Texaco Exploration and Production, Inc., Western E&P Region See: Texaco Exploration and Production, Inc., Denver Division Texaco Inc., Eastern Hemisphere Operations See: Texaco International Expl. Co. Texaco Middle East/Far East (Now under Texaco, Inc.) Texaco Overseas Holdings Inc., Frontier Exploration Dept. See: Texaco Overseas Holdings Inc., International Exploration Division Texaco Petroleos de Angola, S.A.R.L. (Subsidiary of Texaco, Incorporated) See: Texaco Panama, Inc. Texam Oil Corp See: El Rey Petroleum, Inc. Texana Oil & Gas Corporation See: Houston, Reagan T., Jr. Texas Air Tool Co. See: Hynetics International Texas Brine Corporation See: TBC Fluid Services Texas British Oil and Gas Corporation See: Anvil Petroleum Corp. Texas Drydock Inc. See: TDI Halter, LP Texas Eastern Corporation See: Panhandle Eastern Corporation Texas Equipment & Service Co., L.P. (Purchased by Hydra Rig) Texas Gas Exploration Corporation See: CSX Oil & Gas Corp. Texas General Petroleum Corporation See: Whitehall Energy Corporation Texas International Petroleum Company (TIPCO) See: Phoenix Resources Companies, Inc., The Texas Interstate Oil and Gas Company See: Pitts Energy Group Texas Iron Works, Inc. See: TIW Corporation Texas Meridian Resources Corp. See: Meridian Resource Corporation,The Texas Mining Company See: Oglebay Norton Industrial Sands Texas Mud & Chemical Co. See: Mikendon Co. Texas Northeast Oil & Gas Company See: Moore McCormack Energy, Inc. Texas Nuclear Corporation, A BakerHughes Company See: TN Technologies, Inc. - Texas Nuclear Products, A Baker-Hughes Co. Texas Oilfield Sales & Service Co. See: Hagg Equipment Sales Texas Petroleum Company See: Texaco Inc. Texas Rubber & Specialty Corp. See: American Elastomer Products Texas Star Oil & Gas See: Anglo-Suisse Inc. Texas Technical Enterprises See: Galveston - Houston Co. Texas United Chemical Corporation See: TBC Brinadd, A Division of Texas United Chemical Corporation Texas Wireline Co., Inc. See: TEWECO (Texas Wireline Co., Inc.) Texas Wireline Teweco See: Blohowiak Wireline Teweco Texasgulf Inc. See: Elf Aquitaine, Inc. Texasgulf Oil & Gas Co. See: Elf Aquitaine, Inc. and EA/Tg Oil & Gas Co. Texasgulf Oil & Gas Co. (A Div. of Texasgulf Inc. - Elf Aquitaine Oil & Gas Co.) See: Texasgulf Inc. Texcan Resources Corporation See: Canadian Lonestar Resources Corp. TEX/CON See: Tex/Con Oil & Gas Company (TEX/CON) Tex/Con Oil & Gas Company (Purchased by PG&E Resources) (Dallas) Tex-In Oilfield Services, Inc. See: Texan Oilfield Services, Inc. Texland Drilling Co. Inc. See: Daniels Corporation, The (Oil Co.) Texland Oil & Gas Inc. See: Daniels Corporation, The Texoil Inc. (Bought out by Ocean Energy Inc.) Texoma Production Company See: Midcon Exploration Company-Gulf Coast Texon Energy Corp. See: Kestrel Resources Inc. TEXPAN See: Texaco Panama Inc.-Bloco-2 Angola (TEXPAN) Texstar North America, Inc. See: Benz Energy Inc. Texstar Petroleum, Inc. See: Benz Energy Inc. Texsteam Corp. See: TXT Division, Vapor Corp. Texsteam Limited See: Petro Equipment Sales Ltd. Texsteam Operations, Dresser Valve Div See: Dresser Flow Control, Texsteam Operations Tex-Tube Division, Armco Inc. See: Tex-Tube Company Tex-Tube Division, Cyclops Corporation See: Tex-Tube Division, Armco Inc. Texxon Exploration Company See: Wolf Creek Exploration Company T.G.A. Oil Field Supply Co. See: T.G.A. Bits TGA Petroleum Information See: Petroleum Information Corp. TGB, Inc. See: Technical Guidance Bureau, Inc. (TGB, Inc.) TGX Corporation See: Sheridan Energy Inc. T. & H. Well Service, Inc. See: Serv Rigs Inc. Thai Shell Exploration and Production Co., Ltd. See: Shell Companies in Thailand Thales GeoSolutions AG (Now under Thales GeoSolutions Group Ltd.) Thane-Coat, a division of Kimel Inc. See: Polyurea Coating Systems, Inc. Thermal Exploration, Inc. See: Washington Energy Resources Thermo Andersen See: Thermo Electron Thermo Flow Automation See: Thermo Flow Systems

554 Company Name Cross Reference

Thermo Flow Systems See: Thermo Electron Thermo Instrument Systems (THIS) See: This Analytical B.V. Thermoid/HBD Industries, Inc. See: HBD Industries, Inc. Thermoid, Inc. See: Thermoid/HBD Industries, Inc. ThIS See: Thermo Instruments Systems (ThIS) Thoman Inspection Co. (TIC) See: Thoman Associates & Co. (TAC) Thomas "MWD" Services See: Pathfinder Energy Services, Inc. Thomas Tools, Inc. See: Thomas Energy Services, Inc. Thomas Tubing Specialists (Now Listed under Thomas Energy Services, Inc.) Thomas Well Servicing Ltd. (Now Trimat Well Servicing) Thomassen International B.V. See: Thomassen Compression Systems Thompson, A. W., Inc. See: Santa Fe Drilling Co. (Western) Thompson Hayward Chemical Co. See: Harcros Chemical Inc. Thompson, John R., Operator See: Lytle Creek Operating, Inc. Thompson Valves See: FCX Thompson Valves Ltd. Thomson Drilling Canada Ltd. See: Thomson Resources Ltd. Thomson Drilling, Inc. See: ATCO Drilling, Inc. Thomson Sintra Activities Sous Marines See: Thomson Marconi Sonars S.A.S. Thor Energy Resources, Incorporated See: Zapata-Fender, L.L.C. Thorn Emi Software See: Pilot Executive Software Ltd. Thornhill-Craver Company See: Galveston - Houston Co. Thornton Marine Serv. Inc. Now Galveston Bay Construction Thoro System Products (Bought by Harris Specialty Chemicals) Thrall Distribution (Now Ferguson Enterprises) Threading Services, Inc. See: Shamrock/Threading Services, Inc. Threadmasters (Sold to Hunting Interlock Inc.) 3M - Specialty Chemicals Div. See: 3M Performance Materials 3P/EGC See: 3P-Performance Plastics Products, Inc. 3 Seas Tracking Ltd. See: Seatex T3 Cor Val See: T3 Energy Services T3 Energy Services Corval Flow Control See: T3 Energy Services Pressure Control Group T-3 Turner Transportation See: Turner Energy Services Threshold Energy Inc. See: Threshold Exploration Inc. Threshold Exploration Inc. See: Threshold Land Services Inc. Thule Rigtech See: Rigtech Thune-Eureka A.S. See: Kvaerner Eureka A/S Thuro Services (Western) Ltd. See: Thuro Inc. Thyssen Mannesmann Handel GmbH See: ThyssenKrupp Mannex GmbH Thyssen Stahlunion GmbH See: Thyssenkrupp Stahlunion GmbH TI Group Specialty Polymer Products North America See: Polymer Sealing Solutions T I, Inc. See: Technical Industries, Inc. (T I, Inc.) TI Weldless Limited See: Seamless Tubes Ltd. Tiber Resources Ltd. See: Macedon Resources Ltd. TIC See: Thoman Inspection Co. (TIC) Ticor Energy Ltd. See: Norra Corporation Tide West Oil Company See: HS Resources Tidewater Marine and Offshore See: Tidewater B.V. Marine and Offshore Contractors Tidewater Port Jackson Marine Australia Pty. Ltd. See: Tidewater Marine Australia Pty Ltd. Tideway Exploration Company See: Gammill-Vernon Oil Properties Tidwell Engineering Services, Inc. See: Tidwell Gruy Engineering Corp. Tidwell Gruy Engineering Corporation See: Gruy Engineering Corporation TIE See: Texas Independent Exploration, Inc. (TIE) Tiger Air Rotary Inc. See: Vogler, John, Drilling, Inc. Tiger Cleaning Systems See: Allwaste Oilfield Services, Inc. Tiger Mud Company See: Falcon Mud Company Tiger Oil Company See: Davis, Edward Mike Tiger Oil Well Wire Line Inc. See: Tiger Wire Line Service T.I.N. Operating Ltd. See: PEMOCO TINOCO See: T.I.N. Operating Co. Ltd. (TINOCO) Tintometer Company, The See: HF Scientific, Inc. TIPCO See: Texas International Petroleum (TIPCO) Titech, Joh. H. Andresen See: PuriTech a.s. Tiverton Petroleum Ltd. See: Arsenal Energy, Inc. TIW (UK) Limited See: TIW Corporation TK Valve Operations - Dresser Industries See: TK Valve Operations - Dresser Energy Valve TKE Energy Trust See: TUSK Energy Corporation TL Offshore Inc. See: Rigmar 300 Ltd. TBR/Sharp Drilling, Inc. (Merged with Patterson-UTI Drilling) TMC See: Transaction Management Company (TMC) TMK Sinara North America, Inc. See: TMK North America, Inc. TN Technologies See: Thermo MeasureTech TNO Building and Construction Research See: TNO Built Environment and Geosciences TNO Institute of Applied Geoscience See: Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO - National Geological Survey TNO Maritime & Offshore Research See: TNO Building and Construction Research Centre for Mechanical Engineering TNO-Building and Construction Research See: TNO Profound TNO-NITG See: TNO T.N.T., Inc. See: Taylor Energy Company TNT Petroleum Company Inc. See: Pyle Petroleum Inc. TOC See: Teikoku Oil Co., Ltd. (TOC) TOCO See: Oman Construction Co. LLC, The TODCO See: Toyo Oil Development Corporation (TODCO) Todd Exploration Company See: Todd, Harry W. TODECO See: Toyo Ocean Development & Engineering Company, Ltd. (TODECO) Toltec Oil & Gas Inc. See: Targa Oil & Gas, Inc. Tom Brown, Inc. (Bought out by Encana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc.) TomaHawk Enterprises, Inc. See: TomaHawk Downhole, LLC Tomlinson Production, Inc. See: TEXSTAR North America, Inc. Tommy's Well Service, Inc. dba Xpert Well Service (Bought out by Basic Energy) Tong Rental & Supply Co. Inc. See: Tong Specialty, Inc. Tongue Schuster & Associates See: Hydrocarbon Technology Engineering, Inc. Tonto Drilling Services, Inc., A Division of Dynatec Corporation See: Dynatec Drilling, Inc., A Division of Dynatec Corporation Tooke Engineering Company, Inc. See: Tooke International, Inc. Top Tool Co., Inc. See: BJ Services - Houma Service Tools Topographic Engineering Company See: Topographic, Inc. Toppert Environmental Packaging See: Toppert Sales & Leasing Ltd. TOPS See: Target Oilfield Pipe & Supply (TOPS) Torch Offshore, L.L.C. See: Torch Offshore, Inc. Torch Oil & Gas Company See: Torch Energy Advisors, Inc. Torch Rig Services See: Torch Energy Services Tortuga Oil & Mineral See: Tortuga Operating Company TOSCO See: Tawoos Oilfields Supply Company LLC (TOSCO) TOSCO See: Thailand Offshore Services Co. Ltd. (TOSCO) Toshi Electrical Ind. Ltd. See: Babco Electric Group Inc. TOTAL (Now Totalfina) Total Chine See: Total CFP Total Chine See: Total General Delegation for China Total Compagnie Francaise Des Petroles (CFP) See: TOTAL Total Energy Services See: Enterra Harrisburg/Wooley Total Energy Services See: Enterra Lift Systems Total Engineering Services Team, Inc. (TEST, Inc.) See: TEST Automation & Controls, Inc. Total Indonesie See: Compagnie Francaise des Petroles Total Leonard, Inc. See: Total Petroleum (North America) Ltd. Total Marine Exploitatie Mij BV See: Total Oil and Gas Nederland BV Total Minatome Corporation (Purchased by Energen Resources) Total Petroleum Canada Ltd. & Total Canada Oil & Gas Ltd. See: Rigel Oil & Gas Ltd. & Rigel Energy Corporation Total Petroleum Inc. See: Total Petroleum (North America) Ltd. Total Petroleum (North America) Ltd. See: Total Petroleum Canada Ltd. Total Safety/Hazco Services, Inc. See: Total Safety, Inc. Total Safety/Well Safe See: Total Safety TotalFinaElf S.A. See: Total S.A. TOTCO See: Oman Construction Co. LLC, The Tower Energy Corporation See: Tower American Tower Oilsite Products 1970 Ltd. See: TOPCO Oilsite Sales Ltd. Towner Petroleum Company See: SKZ Inc. Toyo Ocean Development & Engineering Company, Ltd. (TODECO) See: HZ Ocean Development Co., Ltd. (HZOD) TP Oilfield Maintenance Inc. See: TP Construction and Service, Inc. TPAO See: Turkish Petroleum Corp. (TPAO) TPDC See: Tanzania Petroleum Development Corp. (TPDC) TPE See: Tripatra Engineering (TPE) TPG & Associates, Personnel Resources See: TPGR, Personnel Resources TPJM See: Tidewater Port Jackson Marine (TPJM) TPL (Tecnologie Progetti Lavori S.p.A.) See: Technipetrol T.P.S. Industries, Inc. See: Wellmaster Pipe and Supply Inc. TR Oil Services See: Clariant Corporation TRA, Inc. See: Halliburton Reservoir Services (HRS)

Company Name Cross Reference 555

Tracer Energy Inc. See: Evans, A. R., & Associates Tracking Bureau Ltd. See: Asset Tracking Ltd. Tracor Applied Sciences See: Marconi Aerospace Tracor Atlas, Inc. See: Houston Atlas, Inc. Tracor Hydro-Services, Inc. See: Hydro-Services Tradearbed S.A. See: Europrofil S.A. Trafalgar House Offshore Holdings Ltd. See: Kvaerner Oil & Gas Ltd. Trafalgar House Oil & Gas Inc. See: Hardy Oil & Gas USA Inc. Trafalgar John Brown Oil & Gas Limited See: Kvaerner Oil & Gas Ltd. Trainer Surveys Environmental See: Peachtree Environmental, Inc. Trainer Surveys, Inc. See: Computalog Wireline Services i.e. Trainer Surveys, Inc. Trans Texas Gas Corporation See: National Energy Group, Inc. (Houston) Transamerica Delaval See: IMO-Delaval Transamerican Natural Gas Corporation See: TransTexas Gas Corporation Trans-Asia Oil and Mineral Development Corporation See: Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corporation Transatlantic Exploration Ltd. See: Bretagne L.P. Trans-Canada Resources Ltd. See: Consolidated Trans-Canada Resources Ltd. Transco Exploration Company See: Transco Exploration & Production Company Transco Exploration & Production Company (Sold to Forest Oil Corporation) Transcontinental Production Company See: Transco Exploration Company Transdanubian Petroleum Co. See: Nagykanizsa Production Unit Trans-European Company Limited, The See: Kleinworth Benson Energy Ltd. Transierra Exploration Corp. See: Belcor Inc. Transmontaigne Oil Company See: Transmontaigne Inc. Transmountain Operating, L.L.C. See: England Operating Company LLC Transocean Drilling Co. See: Transworld Drilling Co. Transocean Offshore Inc. See: Transocean Sedco Forex Transocean Offshore (North Sea) Ltd. (Now under Transocean Sedco Forex) Trans-Ocean Oil, Inc. See: Mobil-TransOcean Company Transwest Energy Inc. (Now Jordan Petroleum Ltd.) Trans-Western Exploration, Inc. See: United Trans-Western, Inc. Trans World Communications, Inc. See: Datron World Communications, Inc. Tranter PHE Inc. See: Tranter, Inc. Travchem Services See: Travis Chemicals - Oil Production Div. Travco Industrial Housein Ltd. Now PTI Group Traver Oil Co. See: Lavino Oil & Gas Company Traverse Oil Company See: Federated Natural Resources Corp. Travis Chemicals, Division of Stanchem Inc. See: HCI Canada Inc. Travis Chemicals Inc. See: Travis Chemicals Division of Stanchem Inc. Treat Sales Co. Incorporated See: El Dorado Chemical Company Inc. Trek Exploration Co. See: Amereco Oil & Gas Incorporated Trekker Mountain Sports See: Wilderness Equip. Co. Trend Drilling Co. See: Continental Trend Resources, Inc. Trend International Limited See: Adobe Resources Corp. Trend International Limited See: Trend International (Bermuda) Limited, Subsidiary of Santa Fe Energy Resources, Inc. Tretolite Division-Petrolite Canada Inc. (Now Petrolite Canada Inc.) Tretolite Group, Petrolite Corp. See: Oil Field Chemicals Group, Petrolite Corp. Trett Contract Services Ltd. See: Trett Consulting Tri Ocean Natchiq Engineering Ltd. See: ASRC Engineering Services Tri Ocean Engineering Ltd. Tri Ocean Petroleum Services Ltd. See: Tri Ocean Engineering Ltd. Tri Star Resources Ltd. See: United Tri-Star Resources Ltd. Triad Drilling Company (Now Patterson-UTI Drilling Company) Triad Oil Co. Ltd. See: BP Oil & Gas Ltd. Triad Pipe & Steel Company See: Triad Pipe & Steel Company LLC, a division of Enventure Global Technology Triangle Valve Co., Ltd. See: Stockham Triangle Triathlon Ltd. (Terra Surveys a Division) See: MDA Ltd. (Terra Surveys a Division) Tribo Petroleum Corporation (Now Tri-Union Development Corp.) Tribow Oil & Gas Corp. See: Tribow Exploration Co. Trican Exploration See: Pace Exploration Tricil Environmental See: Laidlaw Environmental Trico Industries, Inc. (Absorbed by Weatherford) Tri-Collar Inc. (Bought out by Gammaloy) Trident Alloys Ltd., Impalloy Div See: Impalloy (a division of Trident Alloys Ltd ). Trident Consultants Limited See: Trident Risk Management Trident Risk Management See: Trident Consultants Ltd. Tri-Ener-Tech Petroleum Services See: Otatco/Tri-Ener-Tech Trigas, Inc. See: Doussan, Inc. Tri Link Resources Ltd. See: National Fuel Exploration Corp. and Player Petroleum Tri-Max Corporation See: Drill Bit Industries, Inc. Trimble, Grant, Engineering Ltd. See: Trimble Engineering Associates Ltd. Trimble Resources Ltd. (Now Brad & Walker Energy Corp.) Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company Limited See: Petroleum Company of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd. Trinity Engineering Testing Corp. See: Trinity Engineering/Kleinfelder Trinity Engineering/Kleinfelder See: Kleinfelder Trinity Resources, Inc. See: Equion Corporation, The Trinity Swabbing Inc. See: Trinity Swabbing Services Trinmar Limited See: Petrotrin Trinmar Operations Trio-Mud, Inc. See: DL-Mud, Inc. Tri Ocean Engineering Ltd. See: Tri Ocean Natchiq Engineering Ltd. Tri Ocean Natchig Engineering Ltd. See: ASRC Engineering Services Tri Ocean Engineering Ltd. Tripco, Inc. See: M & J Sales Inc. Triple "H" Industries, Inc. See: Triple "H" Fabrication LLC Triple J Oil Company (Merged with Excel Production) Tri-Power Petroleum, Inc. See: Plains Petroleum Operating Co. Tri Services Oilfield Manufacturing Ltd. See: Tri-Service Oilfield Manufacturing Ltd. Tri-Star Oil & Gas Corp. See: Tri-Star Petroleum Company Tri-State Oil Tools, Inc. See: Baker Oil Tools Tri-State Wellhead & Valve, Inc. See: Welltech, Inc. under Key Energy Triton Canada Resources Ltd. See: Transwest Energy Inc. Triton Oil & Gas Corp. See: Triton Energy Corporation Triton Philippines Oil & Gas Company See: Philippines Oil & Geothermal Energy, Inc. Triton Producing Company See: Triton Oil & Gas Corp. Triumph Petroleum Company, L.L.C. See: Arcadia Exploration and Production Company Triumph-Lor, Inc. See: Enterra LOR Tri-Valley Oil & Gas Co. See: Tri-Valley Corporation Troy-Ikoda Limited (Now under RPS Energy Ltd.) TRS See: Technical Resource Services (TRS) Trumpeter Resources Ltd. See: Wiser Oil Company (Canada) Ltd. Trunkline Gas Company See: Panhandle Eastern Corporation TRW Reda Pump Division See: Reda, A Camco Company TS Shipping, Inc. See: Global Shipping & Trading Co. TS Shipping, Inc. TSS (UK) Limited See: VT TSS Ltd. TTC See: Thuwainy Trading Co. W.L.L. (TTC) T-3 Bill's Oil Field Service See: T-3 Turner Transportation T-3 United Wellhead Services Inc. See: T3 Enrgy Services TTI See: Telemetry Technologies, Inc. (TTI) TTL Valve & Supply Co. See: TTL Supply Inc. TTN McFarland See: McFarland Pump Co. TTPI See: Tejas Tubular Processing, Inc. (TTPI) TTS See: Teknisk Tegne Service A.S. (TTS) Tube-Alloy Corporation See: Tube-Alloy, div. of Grant Prideco Tubecraft Atlantic Ltd. See: Tubecraft Instruments & Controls Tubecraft Instruments & Controls See: K & D Pratt and Tubecraft Tubes de Belleville (Merged with GTS Industries) Tuboscope Far East Pte Limited See: Tuboscope Vetco Far East Pte Ltd. Tuboscope Limited See: Tuboscope Vetco International Tuboscope (Nigeria) See: Amosco (Nigeria) Tuboscope, a Varco Company See: Varco International, Inc. Tuboscope Vetco Far East Pte. Limited See: Tuboscope Far East Pte. Limited Tuboscope Vetco Japan Ltd. See: Tubojapan International Quality Assurance Co., Ltd. Tubular Corporation of America See: Interlock Technologies Corporation Tubular Fiberglass Corporation See: Future Pipe Industries Inc. Tubular Finishing Works, Division of Grant Oil Country Tubular Corp. See: Grant TFW, Inc. Tubular Inspectors, Inc. (Sold to Franks Tubular International, Inc.) Tubular Machine Works (Now Atlas Tubular Inc.) Tucker Drilling Company, Inc. (Purchased by Petterson Drilling Co.) Tucker, Tommy W., & Associates, Inc. See: Tucker Operating Company, Inc. Tuff-Kote, Inc. See: Technical Contractors, Inc. Tulsa Power Products, Inc. See: Tulsa Power, L.L.C. Tunirex See: Shell Tunirex Turbine Technology Services Corp. (Part of Sermatech Power Solutions) Turboforest Nova Sylva Inc. See: NOVAJACK Turbosystems International See: Sulzer Turbo Systems, Inc. Turner Bit Service (Now under Varel International) Turner Environmental Consultants See: Water Bank.Com Turner Petroleum Corporation See: Turner, Michael S. TWECO See: Texas Wireline Co., Inc. (TWECO) Twin Disc International S.A. See: Twin Disc, Incorporated Twin Eagle Petroleum Corp. See: Petromark Resources Co.

556 Company Name Cross Reference

Twin Mountain Oil Corporation (Merged into Talus, Inc.) Twin Screen BV See:Twin Filter Twin Top Industries Ltd. See: Vitri Plastics Inc. II Morrow Inc. See: UPS Aviation Technologies T.W.S. See: Technical Wireline Service (T.W.S.) TXT Division, Brunswick Corp. See: TXT/Texsteam, Brunswick Corp. TXT/Texsteam See: Texsteam Inc. Tyco Adhesives Corrosion Protection Group See: Covalence Adhesives Corrosion Protection Group Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions See: Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (UK) Ltd. Tyco Flow Control Tyco Valves & Controls N.A. See: Tyco Valves & Controls, LP Tyco Laboratories Asia Pacific See: Grinnell Flow Control Tyco Motion & Control See: Pressure Dynamics Tyco Production Company See: Crest Resources, Inc. Tynan & DeHart Int'l., Inc. See: DeHart, Hopkins & Rodriguez, Inc. Underwater Security Consultants Ltd. (MUSC) See: Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC) Underwater Systems AB (SUTEC) See: BoFors Underwater Systems AB (SUTEC) Underwood, McClelland, Ltd. See: UMA Engineering Ltd. Undrey Equipment Co. See: Undrey Eng. & Pump Unger, John, Drilling Inc. See: J&P Development Corp. of Zanesville, Inc. Unibar Energy Services, Inc. See: Anchor Drilling Fluids USA, Inc. Unichem, A Division of BJ Services Co. See: BJ Unichem Chemical Services Company Uni-Chem Hose Corporation See: Lawrence Industries Division of Uni-Chem Hose Corporation Unichem International Inc. See: Western Unichem (a division of The Western Co. of North America) Unico Supply Company, Inc. See: American Supply Company, Inc Unidril Energy L.P., Sondex Group Company See: Sondex L.P. Unidril Energy MWD Services See: Unidril Energy LP Sondex Group Company. Unidynamics Winsmith, A Division of UniDynamics Corporation See: Peerless-Winsmith, Inc. Unifab See: Unifab International, Inc., Universal Fabricators, LLC Union Carbide Petroleum Corp. See: Ashland Oil, Inc. Union De Remorquage Et De Sauvetage S.A. See: Towage and Salvage Union Ltd. Union Drilling, Inc. See: Equitable Resources Exploration, Inc. Union Drilling Division Union Exploration Partners, Ltd. See: Unocal Exploration Corporation Union Oil Company of California, Science & Technology Division See: UNOCAL Corp., Science & Technology Division Union Oil Company of California, Union International Oil Division See: UNOCAL Corp. Union Oil Company of California, Union Oil & Gas Division Headquarters See: UNOCAL Corp. Union Oil Company of Canada See: UNOCAL Canada Limited Union Pacific Resources Company (UPRC) See: Union Pacific Resources Group, Inc. Union Pacific Resources Group Inc. & Subsidiary Companies/Union Pacific Resources Co. (Merging with Anadarko Petroleum Corp) Union Pump Company See: David Brown Union Pumps Company Union Rheinische Petroleum, Inc. (Sold to IBC-Verwaljungsgesellschaft Haar) Union Supply Company See: Continental Emsco Union Supply Company See: UGI Union Supply Company Union Texas Canada Ltd. See: Meridian Oil Union Texas Pakistan, Inc. See: BP Pakistan Expl. & Production, Inc. Union Texas Petroleum (Purchased by ARCO International Oil & Gas Co.) Unique Machine & Welding See: Unique Machine United Chemical Corp. See: Unichem International Inc. United Core See: The Analysts, Inc. United Energex, Inc. See: United Energex, L.P. United Energy Corporation (Salt Lake City) See: NP Energy Corporation United Geocom Drilling Services See: Computalog Drilling Services, a division of Computalog Ltd. United Machining Services See: M & S Oilfield United Oil & Minerals Limited Partnership See: United Resources, L P United Pump & Supply See: UP&S, Inc. United Rayore Gas Ltd. (Now Startech Energy Inc.) United Refractory & Corrosion Products Inc. See: United (Industrial Materials) Inc. United Rigging & Wire Rope Inc. See: Certex-United Rigging & Wire Rope Inc. United Ropeworks See: United Rope United States Data Corporation See: USDATA United States Smelting Refining and Mining Company See: UV Industries, Inc. United Technical Services, Inc. See: UTSI, Inc. United Technologies Diesel Systems See: AMBAC International United Texas Petroleum Corp. See: United Texas Corp. (Oil) United Trans-Western, Inc. See: Waggoner Exploration, Inc. Unitor ASA See: Wilhelmsen Maritime Services & Barwil Unitor Ships Service Unitor Ships Service, Inc. (Now Unitor ASA) Universal Exploration Ltd. See: Canadian Conquest Exploration Inc. Universal Fabricators, Inc. See: Mid-Fab Services, LLC Universal Hydrotesting Co. See: Enerpipe Ltd., d/b/a Universal Hydrotesting Co. Universal KCI (Now Universal Compression) Universal Metals & Machinery Inc. (UMM) See: National Piping Products Universal Ogden Services See: Universal Services Universal Oilfield Supply Inc. See: Toland & Johnston, Inc. Universal Resources Corporation See: Questar Exploration and Production Company Universal Services See: Universal Sodexho Univox International Inc. See: Univox California UNOCAL See: Union Oil Company of California (UNOCAL) Unocal Corporation Now Chevron UNOCAL Corporation See: Union Oil Company of California UNOCAL Corp., Energy Resources Technology Division See: UNOCAL Corp., Technology and Operations Support UNOCAL Corp., Exploration and Production See: UNOCAL Corp., Exploration and Production Technology UNOCAL Corp., (Parent of Union Oil Company of California) See: Union Oil Company of California (UNOCAL) UNOCAL Corp., Science & Technology Div. See: UNOCAL Corp., Energy Resources Technology Unocal Corp., Technology and Operations Support See: Unocal Corp., Exploration and Production Technology Unocal Corp., Unocal International Oil & Gas Division See: Unocal Corp., Worldwide Exploration Unocal Corp., Worldwide Exploration See: Unocal Worldwide Exploration Unocal Exploration Corporation (Now under Unocal Corp., Parent of Union Oil Company of California) Unocal Indonesia Company See: Chevron Indonesia Company UNOCAL UK Limited See: UNOCAL Corp., Worldwide Expl. Unoco (UK) Ltd. See: AGA Gas Ltd. UNOCAL Worldwide Exploration See: UNOCAL Corporation Unruh, Armstrong & Associates L.L.C. See: UAA Updike Brothers Inc. See: Key Rocky Mountain Upetrom S.A. See: Upetrom Maj S.A. UPRC See: Union Pacific Resources Company (UPRC) UPS Aviation Technologies See: Garmin AT


U Nova Hose, Division of Uni Chem Hose Corporation See: Uni-ChemHose Corporation, dba Lawrence Industries UBD Engineering Inc. (Now Northland Energy Corporation) UBEL See: FCX Ubel & Ventil Ucrete-Thorg Systems Products, a Harris Specialty Chemicals, Inc. See: Ucrete-Selby Flooring Systems, part of Harris Specialty Chemicals, Inc. UDECO See: Umm Al-Dalkh Dev.Co. (UDECO) UEC Industries Limited See: Mainaport Limited UES See: United Engineering Services LLC (UES) UGI-Union Supply Company See: Union Supply Company Ugland Brothers Limited See: Ugland Interocean Management Ltd. Ugland Group, The See: Ugland, J. J., Companies, The Ugland Group, The Uglands Rederi A/S See: A/S Uglands Rederi UIE Scotland Limited See: Bouygues Offshore - UIE Limited UK Tools See: Buck and Hickman Ltd UK Waste Management Ltd. See: Biffa Waste Services Ulstein Brattvaag A/S See: Rolls-Royce Marine Brattvaag Ulster Petroleum Ltd. (Sold to Anderson Exploration) Ultra Image International See: SAIC, Ultra Image International Ultra SML Technologies See: Ultra SML Electronics Ltd. Technologies Ultramar Exploration (Netherlands) B.V. See: Lasmo Nederland BV Ultramar Oil and Gas Limited See: Cody Renergy, Inc. Ultrasonic Specialists Inc. (USI) See: USI NDT, Inc. UMA Engineering Ltd. See: UMA Group UMC Petroleum Corp. See: Ocean Energy, Inc. UMC Resources Canada Ltd., (Subsidiary of United Meridian Corporation) See: Quintana Minerals Canada Corp. UMM See: Universal Metals & Machinery Inc. (UMM) UNC Falcon Pump & Supply See: Falcon Pump & Supply Underhill, Capt. R. J., & Assoc Inc. See: Underhill Surveyors & Adjusters Underseas Drilling Inc. See: SEDCO-FOREX

Company Name Cross Reference 557

U. P. & S., Inc. See: United Pump & Supply URAG See: Unterweser Reederei GmbH (URAG) URS Greiner-Woodward-Clyde See: URS Corporation US Enertek See: Schmid Equipment Company U.S. Environmental and Medical, Inc. See: U.S. Safety, Environmental and Medical, Inc. U.S. Filter, Inc. See: National Waterworks U.S. Filter/WMW Industries See: U.S. Filter/Johnson Screen U.S. Flow Piping & Equipment Corp. See: Piping & Equipment Corp., a Div of U S Flow U.S. Laboratories, Inc. See: Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. U. S. Steel International Inc. See: USS Oilwell Supply Co. Intl. Inc. U.S. Trans-Link Inc. See: Quality Logistics USCL See: Underwater Security Consultants Ltd. (USCL) USDATA See: United States Data Corporation USData Corporation See: Tecnomatix Technologies, Inc. USF Johnson Screens See: Johnson Screens (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Usher & Associates See: Usher, Vance, Property Evaluation & Management USI See: Ultrasonic Specialists Inc. (USI) USI Computer See: USI Micro Age USI NDT, Inc (Bought out by Longview Inspection) USINOR See: Union Siderugique du Nord et de l'Est de la France USOCO See: United States Oil Company (USOCO) USPCI, Subsidiary of Laidlaw See: Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc. UTI Drilling (Now Patterson-UTI Drilling Company) UTI Drilling L.P. (Now Patterson-UTI Drilling) UTI Drilling (Tyler) See: Patterson-UTI Drilling UTI Energy Corp. (Now Patterson-UTI) Utility & Industrial Supply Inc. See: Hanfler Smith Ltd. Utility Oilfield Products, Inc., A Div. of Stewart & Stevenson See: Stewart & Stevenson Oiltool Products, Inc. UTP See: Union Texas Pakistan, Inc.(UTP) UV Industries, Inc., Oil Operations (Oil Properties Sold to Tenneco Oil Co.) Van Leeuwen Buizen See: Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Corp. Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Corp. (Bought out by Wilson Supply) Van Poolen, H. K. & Associates, Inc. See: HK International, Inc. Van Poolen, H. K., and Associates, Inc. See: Van Poolen & Haley, Inc. Van Waters & Rogers Inc. See: Vopak USA, Subsidiary of Royal Vopak Van Waters & Rogers Ltd. See: Vopak Canada Ltd. Vanderbilt Energy Corporation See: Vanderbilt Resources Corp. Vanessa See: Vanessa-Keystone Vann Systems, a Division of Halliburton Co See: Halliburton Reservoir Services Vann Tool Company, Inc. See: Peabody Vann Vanson Production Corp. See: Vantex Enterprise Vantage Print Energy, Inc. (Sold to Convest Energy Corp.) Vapo-Phaz Services Ltd. See: Vapo-Phaz Inc. Varco Canada Limited See: Brandt NOV Varco Drilling Equipment, A Varco Company Now National Oilwell Varco Varco International, Inc. See: Varco Drilling Equipment, A Varco Company Varco International, Inc. See: Varco Oil Tools, Western Region Sales & Mfg. Facilities Varco/Shaffer See: Shaffer (A Varco Co) (Varco/Shaffer) VariChem See: VariChem, E.A. Products, Inc. Varichem E.A. Products Inc. See: Varichem International Inc. Vaughan, Sam J. See: SA-GU Corporation Vaught & Baker Engineering See: Vaught & Associates VC Controlled Pressure Services Ltd. See: VC Live Well Service Ltd. VC Live Well Service Ltd. See: Live Well Service Veazey Exploration Inc. See: Veazey & Associates, Inc. Veba Oel AG See: Veba Oil & Gas GmbH Veba Oil Nederland B.V. See: Veba Oil & Gas Netherlands B.V. Vec Industries Ltd. See: Uec Industries Limited VECO Corporation See: VECO Canada Ltd. Vector Cable Co. See: Vector-Schlumberger Vector Interpretation Services, Inc. See: IS Interpretation Services, Inc. Vector Technology Corp. See: Vector ESP Co. Vector-Schlumberger See: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Vectra Technologies Ltd. See: Amey Vectra Limited Velvet Exploration Ltd. See: El Paso Velvet Canada Inc. Venezuelan Sun Oil Co. See: Palmaven, S.A. Venus Oil Company See: Ames, Eugene L. Jr., Independent Operator Venus Oil Company See: Venus Exploration, Inc. VENWELL See: Venezuela Well Analysis, SA Vereinigte Edelstahlwerke AG See: SBS-Oilfield Equipment Vereinigte Edelstahlwerke AG (VEW) See: Verkauf Von SBS-Olfeldgeraten Veritas DGS Inc. See: Veritas Veritas Seismic See: Veritas DGC Inc. Veritec A.S. See: Veritas Offshore Technology and Services A/S (Veritec) VERITEC See: Veritas Offshore Technology and Services A/S (VERITEC) Verkauf Von SBS-Olfeldgeraten See: SBS Oilfield Equipment Vermander-Jaslow, Inc. See: E-Tank, Ltd. Vermilion Bay Land Company (Sold to Apache Corp.) Vermilion Energy & Development Corp. See: Alliance Resources (U.S.A.) Inc. Vermilion Oil & Gas Corp. See: Clarke, Joe B., Jr., Oil & Gas Properties Vermillion Resources Inc. See: Vermilion Resources Inc. Verolme Botlek B.V. See: Keppel Verolme B.V. Verolme Ijesselmonde Holding See: Verolme Machinefabriek Ijsselmonde B.V./Verolme Montagebedrijf Ijsselmonde B.V. Verolme Machinefabriek Ijsselmonde B.V. See: Verolme Special Equipment B.V. Versatech International Ltd. See: Versatech Oil Tools Versatech Oil Tools See: Griffith Vector Versatile Davie Inc. See: MIl Davie Inc. Vertical Suite/Green Suite See: Green Suite Verticomp, Inc. (Acquired by Landmark Graphics) Verto Phillystran B.V. See: Verto Ropes Hi-Per Fibers N.V. Verto Ropes Hi-Per Fibers N.V. See: HP FC Lelis N.V. Vesta Incorporated See: Energy West Resources Inc. Vetco Gray Inc. See: ABB Vetco Gray Inc. Vetco Services Group See: C-E Vetco Services, Inc. - A Division of Combustion Engineering, Inc. Viatran Corporation See: Industrial Equipment Co. of Houston Vican Pump Company of Canada Limited See: Vican Pump Company Vicana Ridge Resources Inc. See: Startech Energy Inc. Vick Well Servicing Co., Inc. (Sold to Brooks Well Service) Vickery-Simms, Inc. See: V.S.I., Inc. VICO See: Virginia Indonesia Company (VICO) Victor Products PLC See: NEI Mining Equipment Ltd. Victor Victoria Compression Service, Inc. (Sold to Hanover Compression) Victoria Drilling Co., Inc. See: Drilling Inc. Victoria Machine Works See: VMW Industries Viking A.S. Nordisk Gummibaadsfabrik See: Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S Viking Equipment Ltd. See: Pardee Equipment Ltd. Viking Helicopters Limited See: Canadian Helicopters Limited (Eastern Division) Viking Life-Saving Equipment Bergen AS See: Viking Life-Saving Equipment Norge AS Viking Offshore A/S See: International Rig Operators A/S Viking Pump Company of Canada Limited See: Vican Pump Company of Canada Limited Viking Resources Corporation (Now Resource America) Viloni-Malizia El Ali See: Malizia-Viloni Y Asociados Vinson Supply Company See: Hunting Vinson Visos Exploration LLC See: Visos Energy Corp. Vista Energy Inc. (Now wholly owned subsidiary of Player Petroleum Corporation) Vista International Petroleums Ltd. See: Vista Energy Inc. Vista Resources, Inc. See: Price Operating Co., Inc. Vitex Corp. See: Vitex Wireline Service, Inc. VNI See: Visual Numerics, Inc. (VNI)


Vageri Electrical & Instrumentation B.V. See: Vageri E/I BV Valerius Inc. & Zine Inc. See: Valerius, Robert D., Inc. Valgro Ltd./Dresser Valve Division See: Dresser Flow Control Valley Surveyors Inc. See: Robles, R., & Associates Valtek Controls Ltd. See: Flowserve VAL-TEX See: Valves Inc. of Texas VALVCON-Division of Hydril See: Hydril/Valvcon Valves & Controls-Scotland Ltd. See: Hydresun Instrumentation Division Valves & Controls-Scotland Ltd. Vam Premium Connections Inc. See: Vam Canada Vam PTS See: Vam USA Vamgas Ltd. See: Santos Limited Vamgas Ltd. See: Woodside Petroleum Ltd. Van Dyke Energy Company See: Vanco Energy Company Van Hengel Instruments B.V. See: Thermo Instrument Systems B.V. (ThlS)

558 Company Name Cross Reference

VNIIBT (All-Union Order of Labor Red Banner Scientific-Research Institute of Drilling Technology) See: All-Union Drilling Tech. Inst.(VNIIBT) VNIIBT See: Russia Drilling Tech. Inst. (VNIIBT) VOGI See: Victory Oil & Gas, Inc. (VOGI) Volgograd Scientific-Research and Design Oil Institute See: VOLGOGRADNIPINEFT - Volgograd Scientific-Research and Design Oil Institute Volgogradnipineft-Volgograd ScientificResearch and Design Oil Institute See: OJSCS VolgogradNIPIneft Vonfeldt Drilling, Inc. See: Royal Drilling, Inc. Vopak Canada Ltd. See: Univar Canada Ltd. Vopak USA, Subsidiary of Royal Vopak See: Univar USA Vortoil Separation Systems See: Baker Hughes Process Systems Vos Boormaatschappij Foxdrill B.V. See: Wagenborg Nedlift Oost BV Vos Constructie Dns Genius Vos See: Genius Vos B.V./DNS Dutch Northsea Services Vosper Hovermarine Ltd. See: Hovermarine International Ltd. Voyager Energy Inc. (By amalgamation with Trical Resources Inc.) See: Voyager Energy Inc. (Wholly owned by Poco Petroleum Ltd.) Voyager Petroleums (II) Ltd. See: Voyager Energy Company (successor to Voyager Petrs (II) Ltd) Vrona, John P. See: Wolverine Gas & Oil Co. Vryhof Ankers B.V. See: Vryhof Anchors B.V. VSO See: Volker Stevin Offshore (VSO) VT TSS Ltd. See: TSS (International) Ltd. VVWF Oil Inc. See: Gas Enhancement Inc. Walters Oil Tool Machine See: Walters Machine Inc. WAPET See: West Australian Petroleum Pty. Ltd. W A P R E International Inc. See: Wireline and Production Equip. Inc. Ward Drilling Company, Inc. (Sold to Bayard Drilling) Warner Oil Company, Inc. See: Warner Oil Company, Inc., Estate of Warren Energy Inc. See: Warren, R. E., Jr. Warren Explorations Limited See: Paragon Petroleum Limited Warren Tank Company See: Warren Oilfield Services Warrior Drilling Co. See: Chief Drilling Inc. Wartsila Diesel, Inc. See: Wartsila NSD North America Inc. Wartsila Marine Inc. See: Kvaerner Masa Marine Wartsila Marine Industries Inc./ Marine Technology See: Masa-Yards Inc. Wartsila Wichmann Diesel A/S See: Wartsila Propulsion A/S Wascana Energy Inc., A Subsidiary of Nexen Inc. See: Nexen Canada Ltd. Waste Processor Industries (WPI) See: American Ecology Services Corp. Wasteways Canada Ltd. (Sold to West Canadian Waste Services) WATCO See: Warren Automatic Tool Co. Water Control Supply Div., O. F. Jensen International, Inc. See: Aqua Control Supply Inc. Waterguard Industries Inc. See: Waterguard Products Inc. Waterlink C'Treat Offshore, Inc. See: C'Treat Offshore, Inc. Watson Oil Corporation See: MCOR Oil Development, Inc. Watson Oil & Gas Company See: Watson Energy, L.L.C. Watson Operating Co. & Watson Exploration, Inc. See: Watson Exploration, Inc. Watson Packer Inc. See: Arrow Completion Systems Watt & Akkermans Pte. Ltd. See: GE Keppel Energy Services Pte. Ltd Waukesha Engine Servicenter, Inc. See: SESI/PAMCO, Waukesha Engine Servicenter Wavin Repox b.v. See: Future Pipe Industries B.V. Wavlet Investment LLC See: Roth Exploration Geos, LLC WB Production, Inc. See: Canyon Energy WBEC See: Williams Brothers Engineering Co. (WBEC) Weamco, Inc. See: Weamco Metric Weatherford ALS - Leamco-Ruthco Pumping Unit Services (Now under Weatherford Inc.) Weatherford American Cased Hole Specialists See: WellSERV Intervention Services Weatherford BOP Services (a division of Weatherford Canada Limited) (Now under Weatherford Inc.) Weatherford Compression, a Subsidiary of Weatherford Inc. (Now under Weatherford Inc.) Weatherford Downhole Technology Limited See: Rigtrain Weatherford Enterra BOP Services (a division of Weatherford Enterra Canada Limited) See: Weatherford BOP Services (a division of Weatherford Canada Limited) Weatherford Enterra, Inc. See: Weatherford, Inc. Weatherford Global Compression Services, Used Equipment Division See: Weatherford International, Inc. Weatherford International Incorporated See: Weatherford Enterra, Inc. Weatherford/AAI, Inc. See: American Aero, Inc. Weatherford/Gemoco See: Weatherford International Inc. Weatherford-Petco, Inc. See: Weatherford International Inc. Weatherly Laboratories, Inc. See: Pencor Reservoir Fluid Specialties, Inc. Weathernews Pty Ltd. (T/as WNI Science & Engineering) See: WNI Science & Engineering WEC Oil & Gas Inc. See: Wheeler Oil & Gas Inc. Weco Development Corporation See: Worldwide Energy Corp. WEDCO See: Western Energy Development Co., Inc. (WEDCO) Weder Services Inc. See: Boom Drilling, LLC Wedge Dia-Log, Inc. See: Baker Atlas U.S. Land Operations Wedge TC3, LP See: Wedge Well Services, LP Wedge Wireline, Inc. See: Wedge Dia-Log, Inc. Weeks Exploration Company See: Santos USA Corp. Weil Resources, Inc. See: Travers Resources, Inc. Weiser-Brown Oil Co. See: Weiser-Brown Operating Company Weissenborn Oil Tool Inc. See: Gris Gun Manufacturing, Inc. Wek Drilling Company, Inc. See: Western Oil Producers Welch Rental Generators See: Welch Sales & Service, Inc. Welcom Software Technology See: Welcom Weldco-Beales See: WBM Weldco-Beales Mfg. Welders NV See: N.V. Welders S.A. Well Chemicals, Inc. See: Trio-Mud, Inc. Well & Lease Service Inc. See: JPF Lease Service Inc. Well Pumps See: Well-Lines, Inc. Well Safe, Inc. See: Well Safe, Inc./WSI Industrial Safety Well Safe, Inc./WSI Total Safety See: Total Safety/Well Safe Well Services (Marine) Limited See: Well Services Petroleum Company Ltd. Well Services, a Division of West Brent See: Mountwest Services Ltd. Well Servicing Co. of Crane-Crane, Tx. (Acquired by NL Well Service) Well Solutions, Inc. See: Kencope Energy Companies DBA Well Solutions, Inc. Well Solutions Inc. (Sub of New London Inc.) See: Dawson Well Servicing Welland Tube Co., A Unit of Stelco Inc. See: Welland Pipe Ltd., A Subsidiary of Stelco Inc. Wellbore Navigation, Inc. See: CBC Welnav Well-Control Equipment and Systems Technology Ltd. (West Ltd.) See: West Hou Inc. (Well-Control Equipment and Systems Technology) Welldrill Limited See: Ogden Energy Limited Well-Flow LLC See: Well-Flow International LLC Well-Flow Technologies, Inc. See: Well-Flow LLC Wellhead Controls Ltd. See: FMC Canada Limited/Wellhead Controls Wellhead Inc. See: Magnum Drilling Services Inc. Wellhead Recycling, Inc./United Wellhead Services See: United Wellhead Services Wellore Energy Inc. See: Cabre Exploration Ltd. WellSERV Intervention Services See: Weatherford U.S. Wellserv PLC (Now a Weatherford Company) Wells-Moore Petroleum Inc. See: Wells Petroleum Inc. Wellstream See: Halliburton Energy Services Welltech, Inc. See: Key Energy Welltech Midcontinent, Inc. See: Key Energy Services, Inc. (Midcontinent Division) WELNAV See: Wellbore Navigation, Inc. (WELNAV) WELPRO See: Wells Petroleum Production Services (WELPRO)


Wabash Oilfield Services Ltd. See: Wabash Mfg. Inc. Wacker Oil Inc. See: Seagull Energy Corporation Wadeco Oilfield Services Ltd. See: Brandt/Wadeco Oilfield Services Ltd. Wagenborg Nedlift BV See: Wagenborg Foxdrill Waggoner-Baldridge Operating Co., Inc. See: Republic Energy, Inc. Wagner, Duer, & Co. See: Wagner Oil Company Walk, Haydel & Associaes, Inc., a URS Company See: URS Oricess & Energy Group WAII See: Western Atlas International, Inc. (WAII) Wailes Dove Bitumastic PLC, Subsidiary of BTP Group See: Bitumastic Plc, Subsidiary of BTP Group Wailes Dove Coatings Limited See: Pearl Technical Coatings Limited Wainoco Oil Corporation (Taken over by Frontier Oil Corporation) Wakefield, Earl F., Inc. See: Wakefield Oil Company, Inc. Walden and Applegate, Inc. See: Applegate, James K., & Assoc., Inc Walker-McDonald Mfg. Co. (Now Varel International Inc.) Walk, Haydel & Associates, Inc., A URS Co. See: URS Process & Energy Group Walker Steel, A Division of Emco Limited See: ABB Vetco Gray Canada Inc. Walker-Huthnance Offshore Company (Acquired by Atlantic Pacific Maine Corp.) Walker-McDonald Bits, Division of Alberta Basic Industries Ltd. (Now Alberta Basic Industries Ltd.) Wallace Company (Now Wilson Industries) Wallis Energy Inc. See: Harvey Bros. Oil & Gas Walter International, Inc. See: Walter Oil & Gas Intl. L.L.C. Walters Drilling Inc. See: Bearcat Drilling Company

Company Name Cross Reference 559

Weltech Manufacturing & Services (1993) See: Nisku Machine Ltd. Wente Exploration, Inc. See: Harding & Shelton, Inc. Wente-Blaik Exploration Company See: Blaik, R. E., Inc. WEPCO See: Western Desert Operating Petroleum Co. Wepuko Hydraulic USA See: Wepuko Pahnke Engineering Wescan, a Division of Echo Bay Mines See: Echo Bay Transportation Weso Corp. See: WESORB Wessely Energy Company See: PG&E Resources Company West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd. See: Chevron West Hou Inc. See: West Engineering Services West, John, Engineering Co. See: West, John, Surveying Co. West, John, Surveying, Co. See: West Company, Midland, Inc. West Sierra Drilling Co., Inc. See: Burger, F. W., Inc. West Texas Exploration Co. See: B & B Operating Co. West Texas Cat-Power Systems See: Warren Cat-Power Systems Division West, Wayne, & Associates Inc. See: Keystone, Inc. West, Wesley, Interests Inc. See: West, Stedman, Interests Inc. Westar Petroleum Ltd. (Bought out by Stampeder Expl. Ltd.) Westates Carbon/Wheelabrator Clean Air Systems See: Westates Carbon/Wheelabrator Clean Water, Inc. Westates Carbon/Wheelabrator Clean Water Inc. See: Wheelabrator Water Technologies Inc. - Westates Carbon Products & Servs. Westates Petroleum Company (Sold to Santa Fe Industries-Jan. 1976) Westbridge Oilfield Products Co. See: Chandler Sales Co. Westburne Exploration Inc. See: DKM Energy Inc. Westcoast Petroleum Ltd. See: Numac Energy Inc. Westech Gear Corporation (Now Philadelphia Gear Corporation) Wester Services Inc. See: Basic Energy Services, Inc. Western Air Conditioning Ltd. See: Inland Engineering Ltd. A Division of Western Air Conditioning Ltd. Western Associates Development Corp. See: Beacon Exploration Company Western Atlas Inc. See: Baker Hughes Incorporated Western Atlas Integrated Technologies See: Integrated Technologies Western Atlas International, Inc. (WAII) See: Western Atlas Inc. Western Atlas Manufacturing See: Atlas Wireline Services, Western Atlas International, Inc. Western Company of North America (Now BJ Services Company) Western Discovery Turkey (Now Sinyal Oil a.s.) Western Continental Operating Co. See: Hexadyne Energy Corporation Western Electronic Systems, Div. of Canada Northwest Energy Ltd. See: Input/Output Inc. Western Equipment Co. See: Monroe, Gene, Equipment Co. Western Fishing & Rental Tools Inc. Now Western Well Production Services Ltd. Western Geophysical (Now Western-Geco) Western Graphtec, Inc. See: Graphtec America, Inc. Western Gulf Industries Inc. See: United Industries Group Western Manufacturing, a Division of Western Atlas International, Inc. See: Western Geophysical Exploration Products, a Division of Western Atlas International, Inc. Western Natural Resources Inc. See: Western Natural Resources Exploration, LLC Western Oceanic, Inc. (Now BJ Services Company) Western Offshore Drilling & Exploration Co. See: Fluor Drilling Services Inc. Western Oil Corporation See: KN Production Company Western Oil & Gas Development, Inc. See: Western Oil & Gas Development Corp. Western Oil Tools See: Patriot Petroleum Services Inc. Western Oilfields Supply Company See: Rain for Rent, Inc. (a division of Western Oilfields Supply Co.) Western Operations See: Western Helicopters, Inc., dba Western Operations Western Petroleum Corp. See: Delta Petroleum Corp. Western Petroleum Services, Group of The Western Company of N America See: Western Company of North America, The Western Petroleum Services International Co. (Bought by BJ Services) Western Protek See: Branset Technologies Western Rock Bit Company Limited See: Hughes Christensen Canada Western Service Company (North Sea) Ltd. (ASCO) See: ASCO Group Limited Western Star Energy Corp. See: Western Star Exploration Ltd. Western States Producing Company See: Hytech Energy Corporation Western Unichem (A division of The Western Co. of North America) See: Unichem, A Division of BK Services Company Western Well Screen Manufacturing Company See: U. S. Filter/WMW Industries Western Well Service Inc. See: Western Well Production Services, Ltd. Westgrowth Petroleums Ltd. See: Canadian Westgrowth Petroleums Ltd. Westland Aerospace Ltd. See: GKN Westland Aerospace Westland Incinerator Co. Ltd. See: Westland Environmental Services Inc. Westman Systems Ltd. See: Systems Division, Westech Industrial Ltd. Westmont Management Corp. See: Westmont Engineering Company Weston, Roy F., Inc. See: Weston Solutions, Inc. Westport Resources Corporation Merged with Kerr-McGee Corp. Westronics, Inc. See: Thermo Westronics, Inc. Wheatley Canada, a Dresser Canada Inc. Company See: Dresser Oilfield Operations, a Dresser Canada Inc. Company Wheatley Canada Operations, (A Division of Dresser Drilling and Production Operations) See: Dresser-Wheatley Division, A Division of Dresser Drilling and Production Operations Wheatley Company See: Flow Control Operations, Geosource, Inc. Wheelabrator Water Technologies Inc. See: U.S. Filter/Westates Wheeler Oil Company See: Wheeler Energy Company Wheless Drilling Company See: Wheless Industries, Inc. Whipstock, Inc. See: Eastman-Whipstock, Inc. Whipstock Systems Limited See: Ryan Energy Technologies, Inc. Whirly Bird Services Ltd. See: Heli-One (UK) Ltd. White Mountain, Inc. (Now Sand Point Production, Inc.) Whitehall Petroleum Ltd. (Taken over by Amerada Hess Limited) Whitehorse Oil & Gas Corporation (Merged into Las Colinas Energy Corp.) Whitestone International, Inc. See: Whitestone Corporation Whiting Oilfield Rental See: Oil Field Rental Service Company Whittaker Corporation, Survival Systems Div. See: Survival Systems International Whitey Co., A Swagelok Company See: Swagelok Company Whittier, M. H., Corporation See: M. H. Whittier Corporation Wichita Resources, Inc. See: Wichita Industries, Inc. Wichita River Oil Corporation See: Wichita Industries, Inc. Wichita Tool Supply Company See: Hanna-Wichita Tool Supply Company Widney Well Servicing, Division of Corod Industries Inc. See: Highland/Corod Inc., Division of Energy Ventures Inc. Wiegand Brothers Drilling Company, Inc. See: Wiegand Brothers Drilling Company International Inc. Wiegand Drilling Supervisor & Engineering Company See: Wiegand Wellsite Supervisor & Engineering Company Wijsmuller See: Wijsmuller Transport B. V. Wijsmuller Marine Limited See: Svitzer Marine Limited Wijsmuller Transport (U.S.A.) Inc. See: Dockwise U.S.A. Inc. Wilcrest Corporation See: Wilcrest/Belmont Wilcrest Field Services See: Wilcrest Engineering Corporation Wild Cat International See: Sunshine Inspection Services Wildcat Exploration See: Right Energy Ltd. Wildcat Remediation & Solids Control See: Pioneer RSC LP Wildcat Services-Automated Drilling Systems Acquired by M/D Totco NOV Wildcat Specialty See: Automated Drilling Systems Wilderness Energy Ltd. (Acquired by Inverness Petroleum Ltd.) Wilhelmsen Marine Services A/S See: Anders Wilhelmsen & Co. ANS Wilhelmsen, Wilh., Limited A/S See: Wilrig AS Willbros Energy Services Company (Tulsa) See: Willbros Group, Inc. Williams Brothers Engineering Co. (WBEC) See: Fluor Daniel, A division of Fluor Enterprises, Inc. Williams Co. See: Williams, Clayton W., Jr., Inc. Williams, Ellis, Company, The See: Letourneau Ellis Williams Co., Inc. Williams Instrument Co., Inc. See: Williams Instrument Inc./Milton Roy Williams Instrument Incorporated/Milton Roy See: Milton Roy, Williams Instruments Division Williams, J. W., Inc., a Flint Company See: Williams, J. W., Inc. a Flint Energy Services Inc. Company Williams, R. E., Drilling Co., Inc. See: Williams, R. E., Oil & Gas Co. Williams Tool Co. Inc. (Now A Weatherford Company) Williams Tool Co. (Canada) Inc. See: Weatherford International, Inc. Williamson Dickie Mfg. Co. (UK) Ltd. See: Clares Dickies Limited Williamson Drilling Co., Inc. See: Cenizo Drilling Co., Inc. Williamson Industries Inc. See: T.D. Williamson Canada ULC` Willis, Division of Smith International, Inc. See: McEvoy-Willis Willis Drilling Co., Inc. (Now Butler Drillers, Inc.) Willow Bend Operating Company, Inc. See: Willow Bend Resources, Inc. Wil-Mc Oil Corporation, The See: Harbert Energy Corporation Wilown Industry Ltd. & Wilown Shaker Screen Ltd. See: Alberta Wire Cloth Inc. Wilshire Oil Company of Texas See: Wilshire Enterprises, Inc. Wilson Downhole Services See: Smith Services Directional Group Wilson Downhole Services See: Wilson Industries, Inc. Wilson Manufacturing Division See: LTV Energy Products Co. Wilson Supply Co Inc. See: Wilson Ind. Wilson Supply International (UK) Limited See: Wilson UK Limited

560 Company Name Cross Reference

Wilson, Walton International P/L See: Corrpro Companies Australia Pty Ltd Wilson Zublin Inc. See: WZI Inc. Wiltron Equipment Inc. See: National Process Equipment Win Rock Drilling Company See: Rocky Mountain Wellhead & Compressors, Inc. Wing Corporation (Now Alpine Resources) Wink Incorporated See: Wink Companies, LLC Winsmith See: UniDynamics/Winsmith Wintermar, P.T. See: PT Wintermar Wintershall Aktiengesellschaft See: Wintershall AG Wintershall Libya (Now under Wintershall AG) Wintershall Oil and Gas Corporation & Wintershall Petroleum Corporation See: Wintershall Corporation & Wintershall Pipeline Corporation Winter-Weiss Co., The See: Portadrill, Div. of Smith International, Inc. Wireline & Production Private Limited See: Wireline & Production Equipment Wirth Howden Tunnelling and Drilling See: Wirth (UK) Limited Wise Well Service, Inc. See: S & V Well Service, Inc. Wiser Oil Company (Canada) Ltd. See: Wiser Oil Company of Canada, The Wiswell, Inc. See: Subsea Associates, Inc. Wittke Iron Works, A Division of Northside Steel Fabricators Ltd. See: Wittke Waste Equipment, A Division of Northside Industries Wittke Waste Management, A Division of Northside Industries See: Leach North America WJEC See: Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants Ltd. (WJEC) WJM Engineering Company, Inc. See: M&M Engineering Company WK Industries, Inc. See: Parker Valve Company W-K-M, Cooper Industries See: Flow Control Div., Cooper Industries WLL See: Specialized Oil Services (WLL) WLPU Consultants See: Knight Piesold & Partners WMCO Instruments, Inc. See: Brandt Instrumentation Wmson Products Limited See: Premaberg Limited WNI Oceanographers & Meteorologists See: Metocean Engineers WNI Science & Engineering See: WNI Oceanographers & Meteorologists Wofland Deltaflex Limited See: Econosto Ltd. Wohlford & Jenkins Gas Consultants Inc. See: Jenkins Engineering, Inc. Wolcott, Ed, Operations See: Edco Petroleum Wolverine Exploration Company See: Amerac Energy Corporation Wolverine Exploration, Ltd. See: Welco, Ltd. Wolverine Gas & Oil Inc. See: Dominion Midwest Energy WOM See: Worldwide Oilfield Machine, Inc. (WOM) Wood Group Fire Protection Ltd. See: Wormald Safety and Service Wood & Locker, Inc. See: Westar Energy, Inc. Wood Nicholson Limited See: Highland Geology Limited Woodpecker Energy See: Bumper Development Corporation Ltd. Woods Energy Products, a Div. of HB See: Larkin Products Inc. Woods Petroleum of Canada Ltd. See: Argent Energy, Inc. Woods "Red", Enterprises Inc. See: Tiger Oil & Gas Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty Ltd. See: Woodside Petroleum Ltd. Woodward-Clyde See: URS Greiner Woodward-Clyde Woolley Tool & Mfg. See: Total Energy Services Woolsey Petroleum Corporation See: Woolsey Energy Corporation WOPEC See: World Oilpatch Equipment Co. (WOPEC) Worcester Audco Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. See: BTR Flow Control SA (Pty) Ltd Workover Equipment Rental See: WE Services Worldwide Energy Co. Ltd. See: Canadian Worldwide Energy Ltd. Worldwide Energy Corporation See: Triton Oil & Gas Corp. Wormald Australia Pty. Limited See: Tyco Laboratories Asia Pacific Wormald Environmental Control See: Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Wormeld Safety and Services Now Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Worthington Pump Division, Dresser Canada, Inc. See: Dresser Pump Division, Dresser Canada, Inc. WOTCO See: Western Oil Tool (WOTCO) WPB See: Woodhouse Petroleum Services Ltd. (WPB) WPC, Inc. See: Bell Petroleum Services, Inc. WPC-Bell Rubber Co. See: Bell Rubber Company WPC-Casing Bond See: Bell Casing Bond WPC-PALS Safety See: Bell H2S Safety WPC-Petroleum Analytical Laboratory Service See: Bell Petroleum Laboratories WPC-Worth Systems See: Bell Petroleum Systems WPC-Worth Well Surveys See: Bell Petroleum Surveys WPI See: Waste Processor Industries (WPI) WPI Termiflex, Inc. See: WPI Oyster-Termiflex Inc. WPL See: Woodside Petroleum Ltd. (WPL) W.P.S. See: Woodhouse Petroleum Services Ltd. (W.P.S.) WRI Inc. See: United Wellhead Services, Inc. WRI, Inc. See: Wellhead Recycling, Inc. (WRI, Inc.) WRI, Inc./UWS, Inc. See: Wellhead Recycling, Inc./United Wellhead Services (WRI, Inc./UWS, Inc.) Wright Power Div of Fasco Rentals Ltd. See: Fasco Rentals Ltd. Wright, R. E., Environmental Restoration Systems See: Environmental Restoration Systems, Inc. Wright, R. E., Inc. See: Wright, R. E., Environmental Inc. (a Subsidiary of Science Applications Intl. Corp.) (SAIC) Wright Walter Mammoet (S) Pte. Ltd. See: Mammoet (S) Pte. Ltd. Wrights Canadian Ropes Ltd. See: Wire Rope Industries Ltd. WS Atkins Consultants Limited See: Atkins Process WS Atkins Engineering Sciences Limited See: Atkins, WS, Engrg. Sciences Ltd. WS Atkins Oil & Gas See: Atkins (WS) Oil & Gas WS Envirotech See: Eco-Sense Ltd. WS Manufacturing See: Anglo Marine and Petroleum Equip. W. S. Ocean Systems Ltd. See: WS Enviro Tech WT Construction, Inc. See: WT Lease Services, Inc. WTCI See: Westport Technology Center International (WTCI) W-2 Assoc. See: Wilshusen, R. C. Wynn Crosby Energy, Inc. See: Wynn Crosby Management


Xanco Oil Field Products See: Kelco Oil Field Products XCL Exploration & Production, Inc.(Sub of The Exploration Co of Louisiana, Inc.) See: Exploration Co. of Louisiana, Inc., The XCL Land, Ltd., a wholly-owned sub. of XCL Ltd. See: XCL Ltd. XCL-China, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of XCL Ltd. See: XCL Ltd. XCL-Texas, Inc. (Subsidiary of XCL Ltd.) See: XCL Ltd. Xeno, Inc. (Now Encana Resources, Inc.) XL Operating Company See: Four Teams Oil Production Co., Inc. XL Systems (A Division or Grant Prideco) See: Grant Prideco XMCO Inc. See: Intergie Corporation Xpert Well Service, Inc. See: Tommy's Well Service, Inc. dba Xpert Well Service X-Plor See: Dexco Energy, Inc. Xplor Drilling Company See: Aldebaran Drilling Co., Inc XRAL Laboratories, a division of SGS Canada Inc. See: SGS Mineral Services. X-Ray Assay Laboratories, a division of SGS Supervision Services Inc. See: XRAL Laboratories, a division of SGS Canada Inc. Xtra Energy Corp See: XL Operating Company


Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales See: YPF S.A. Yamac Production Company (Merged into Neumin Production Co.) Yankee Exploration Inc. See: Leader Equities, Inc. Yeager, John S., and Associates See: J G Y, Inc. Yemen Hunt Oil Company, a Delaware Corp. See: Hunt Oil Company York Environmental Services Inc. See: Enviro One Young Land & Exploration See: Young, S. Craig Young Oil Corporation See: Young, Marshall R., Oil Co. Young Oilfield Supply See: CDI Energy Services Young Wireline Service Inc. See: Key Energy Surveys Youngblood, J. Lee See: Youngblood Oil Properties Youngblood, J. Lee, Trust See: Youngblood, Juanita E., Trust Youngblood, Juanita E., Trust See: Youngblood, Ltd. Youngblood Oil Properties See: Youngblood, J. Lee, Trust Y.P.F.B. See: Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos Yukong Limited See: SK Corporation Yuma Petroleum Company See: Yuma Expl. and Prod. Co., Inc. YZ Industries, Inc See: YZ Systems


Zakum Development Co. See: AADCO (Zakum Development Co.) Zapata Exploration Company (Sold to Panaco) Zapata Exploration Company, Onshore Div. See: Ascent Oil & Gas Corp. Zapata Fender, L.L.C. See: Fender Exploration & Production Co., L.L.C. Zapata Offshore See: Arethusa/Zapata Off-Shore Company

Company Name Cross Reference 561

Zapata Partnership Ltd. (Now Thor Energy Resources, Inc.) Zapp USA See: Zapp Precision Wire, Inc. Zavel-Tex Ecoservices Inc. See: Zavel-Tex Construction Company Zebra Oil & Gas See: Tex Star Operating Inc. Zedi Solutions, Inc. See: zed.i Solutions Zeitgeist Exploration Company See: Cox, Welton E. Zelcron Industries Inc. See: Ducon Environmental Systems Inc. Zeta Stewart Associates See: Zeta Pdm USA Z G Energy Corporation See: Vantage Point Energy, Inc. Z. G. Exploration, Inc. See: Twister Gas Services Z I Probes Inc. See: Zedi Solutions Inc. Ziadril, Inc. See: Patterson Drilling Co. Zidell Inc. See: Zidell Marine Corp. Zim Energy Corp. See: Mustang Resources Corp. Zink, John, Company See: John Zink Company Zirconium Technology Corporation See: Benchmark Research & Tech., Inc. Z & S Consultants Limited See: Z & S Geoscience Limited Z & S Geoscience Limited See: Baker Atlas Geoscience ZSC See: Z & S Consultants Ltd. (ZSC) Zublin & Company, Inc. See: Wilson Zublin Inc. Zueblin, Ed. AG See: Zublin, Ed. AG

Zwicky Division of C. F. Taylor Ltd.

See: Taylor, C. F., (Zwicky) Ltd. Zycor Inc. See: Landmark/Zycor Zydeco Exploration, Inc. See: Zydeco Energy



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