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bilder und verse von Karl Ewald Olszewski. Munchen: Holbein 1915. 4to, pict. bds, edges and spine extrems rubbed else VG+. A marvelous Struwwelpeter parody with a militaristic / World War I theme. Printed on rectos only, each leaf has a warlike motif (Der Bombenpeter, Kaiser Wilhelm, Der Japs etc). Very scarce. $600.00

&Loening,ca1870.Oblong4to,printedboards,spinerepairedandnormalwear, VG+.Printedonrectosonly,eachleafhasarhymeaboutadifferentnaughty child embellished with 2 very fine hand-colored engravings. Includes: Bertha and theGreedyBoys,LittleChinaman,InquisitiveSusan,LittleTrespasser,Freddy andtheFireandmore.NotinBaumgartner,Ruhle301a.Rare. $1750.00

RARE AND GRUESOME McLOUGHLIN STRUWWELPETER IMITATION 295.[HOFFMANN,HEINRICH]. HEEDLESS HARRY AND OTHER STORIES. NY: McLoughlin Bros., 1905. 4to, pict. wraps, [32]p. + covers, paper aging, some finger soil, VG+. Illustrated with color cover plus numerous b&w's on every page accompany verse about Heedless Harry, Little Lie Abed, The Naughty Boy Who Destroyed His Books, The Dainty Boy, The Little Boy Who Would Not Be Washed and more. The last page has a frightful of the Old Man That Draws the Teeth of Children Who Bite: $1200.00

NAUGHTY CHILDREN 299.HOFFMANN,HEINRICH. JIMMY SLIDERLEGS. NY: Sully (inscribed 1898). 4to, cl. backed pict. bds, sl. cover soil and very faint edge stain else remarkablycleanandtightandVG+.Illus.incoloroneverypagetoaccompany therhymesaboutCruelPaul,TomBogus,Dr.WangoTango,DiscontentedLucy, SlovenlyBetsyandothers.Ascarcetitle. $500.00

RARE STRUWWELPETER PAINTING BOOK 296.(HOFFMANN,HEINRICH). STRUWWELPETER PICTURES FOR PAINTING.[Lond.}HumphreyMilford/OxfordUniv.Press,nodateca1930. Large12mo,(6x7"),pictorialboards,spinepaperchipped,someillus.coloredand somesoilandwear,reallyVG.ThetextoftheEnglishStruwwelpeterisprintedin fullcoloroncoatedpaper.Facingeachcoloredillustrationisthesameillustration inlinemeanttobepaintedbythechild(6of24areneatlypainted).Thecover illustrationisincolorsignedW.P.AveryscarceStruwwelpeteritem. $850.00 RARE EARLY STRUWWLPETER IMITATION 297.(HOFFMANN,HEINRICH).AUNT ODDEMADODD'S WHISPERS ABOUT CERTAIN LITTLE PEOPLE First SeriesbyW.Newman,LateoneofthePunch artists. Lond.: Dean & Son, no date [1857]. Small 4to, cloth backed pictorial boards,edgesworn,hingesstrengthenedelse,VG.Printedononesideofthe paper,almosteverypagehas detailed engravings showing theresultofbeinganaughty child(includingpictorialtitle page). The book contains the following stories: The DaintyLittleBoy,TheLittle Girl Who Made Faces, The LittleBoyWhoBitHisNails, TheBoyWhoNeverLooked Where He Was Going To, Little Lie A-bed, Little Girl Who Would Not Go to Bed, Little Boy Who Would Not Be Washed and Tasting. This is a rare and early imitation of Hoffmann's Struwwelpeter.Ruhle281m, TPLp.73,notinBaumgartner wholiststheSecondSeries. Rare. $1500.00

UNCOMMON McLOUGHLIN TITLE 300.[HOFFMANN,HEINRICH].TOM 1880. 5x6", pictorial wraps, fine. "I'll tell you about Tom Tearabout, The boy no mancouldtame;Nolessthansixteennurseries,Didtrembleathisname".Illus. with 8 half page full color lithos. Father's Series. $200.00


RARE BOXED VOLLAND/HOLLING TITLE 301.HOLLING,HOLLING C. CHOO-MESHOO by Holling Holling. Minn.: Volland - Buzza (1928 6th printing). Square 8vo, cloth backed pictorial boards, Fine in PUBLISHER'S BOX. An Eskimo story, illustrated by Lucille Holling with bright and beautiful color illustrations. Great copy. $325.00

HORSES ­ 384, 438



HOUSMAN'S FIRST BOOK 302. HOUSMAN,LAURENCE. A FARM IN FAIRYLAND. Lond: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner 1894. 8vo, green pictorialclothstampedingreen andgold,sl.bubbletoclothon rearcover,afewpagesopened roughly,VG.Firsteditionofthe first book written by Housman. FairytaleswrittenbyHousman and illustrated by him with 13 beautifulfullpageArtNouveau illustrations as well as lovely pictorial title page and cover design. The book is noted not onlyfortheillustrations,butfor the high quality of the stories as well. (See Engen's Artist & the Critic: Housman p. 116117) $425.00


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Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

303.(HUMPHREY,MAUD)illus. BABES OF THE NATIONS byEdithThomas.NY:Stokes 1889.Small4to,cl.backed pict.bds,edgesandcorners rubbedelsecleanandfresh. Illustrated by Humphrey with 12 magnificent full page chromolithographs of little children dressed in the national costumes of various nations from Russia to Africa. Printed on heavy stock, the colors are beautiful. One page of verse for each illus. (with lineillustrations).$950.00


RARE BOOK BY NATIVE STUDENTS 307.INDIANS.THE NEW TRAIL: BOOK OF CREATIVE WRITING BY INDIAN STUDENTS - 2 volumes (1941 plus the 1953 revision).Phoenix:Printedat the Phoenix School. The first edition was printed in 1941. 4to, pict. wraps, 158p., first signature strengthened and paper aging with some chipping on edges else VG. EditedbyAnnNolanClark.Conceivedandprintedastheyearbookbystudents ofthePhoenixIndianSchoolwiththeintentionofdepictingcontemporaryIndian life in the southwest. The text is comprised of poems, songs, games, legends andessaysonnativelifeofbystudents.Theessaysdescribepotterymaking, basketryetc.ofthePapago,Pima,Maricopa,Apache,Hopiandothersouthwest tribes. One essay describes and depicts childbirth. Some of the pages are printedoncoloredpapersmeanttoindicatetribalrelationships(deserttribesare on "warm" yellow paper, "virile" Apaches are on green paper). Illustrated by the studentsinb&wandinfullcolorincluding8removabledouble-pagesillustrations whichappeartobeoriginalcoloredwoodblocks.This1941editionisinscribed byMarthaRefsland,SupervisorofElementaryEducation.Theprefacetothe revisededitionindicatesthatonlyalimitednumberofcopieswereprintedandof these,thereislittledoubtthatveryfewcopiesofthisbookwouldhavesurvived. It is sold together with the 1953 revised edition in fine condition (one cancelled blind embossed library stamp). This edition is longer with 182 pages which includes a section on the Navajo Indians that is not in the first edition. The papers colors have been changed as well. The first edition has a colored map of theHopiReservationandawonderfuldouble-pagecolorillus.ofKatchinaCorn Grinders,neitherofwhichareintherevisededition.Therearenumerousother curious changes, for instance one double-paged print in the first edition was captioned Apache Sunrise Dance and the same illustration has been renamed the Apache Wedding Ceremony. The fact that the revised edition is printed onbetterpaperservestohighlightthecharmoftheoriginalincomparison.A specialandrareAmericanIndianoffering. $1200.00

RARE HUMPHREY TITLE 304.(HUMPHREY,MAUD)illus. BOOK OF PETS by Elizabeth Tucker. NY: Stokes1893.4to,clothbackedpictorial boards, edges and corners rubbed else tight VG-Fine. Featuring 12 fine full pagechromolithographsoflittlechildren with their pets. These are inter-leaved poems about the pets embellished with full page color chromos also by Tucker. Printed on one side of the paper, there are a total of 24 full page illustrations includingtitle.AveryscarceHumphrey title. $1000.00 305.HUMPTY DUMPTY BOOK. THE EGGS-TRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF THE HUMPTY DUMPTY FAMILY. Lond: Trehernendca1905.Sq.16mo(3x3").Pict. cloth, some shelf wear, VG. A marvelous continuationoftheHumptyDumptyrhyme featuringtheentireDumptyfamily.Printed onheavypaperononesideofthepage,each pageoftextfacesacharmingfullpagecolor illustrationsignedE.E.M.Inthestyleofa Stumpbook,onlysquareinsteadofoblong. Very. $750.00

HUNGARY ­ 415, 431


INSECTS ­ 165, 175, 407, 564-5 IRVING, WASHINGTON ­ 462, 573

RARE CREPE PAPER CALENDAR 308.JAPANESE INTEREST. CALENDAR 1906. (Tokyo: Hasegawa) 1906. 12mo, crepe paper bound frenchfold with silk ties, fine. Similar to the Japanese fairy tale series published by Hasegawa, this is a calendar for 1906. Every page has very beautiful color woodblock illustrations. This is a rare title in crepe paper series. $225.00

306.HYMAN,TRINA SCHART.ORIGINAL ART FROM CHRISTMAS POEMS abookofpoemsselectedbyMyraCohnLivingstonandpublishedbyHolidayHouse in1984.Thepieceofferedhereisacharmingdouble-pagespreadappearingon pages24and25ofthebook.Theimagemeasures16"widex9"highandisnicely matted.Thesceneisviewedthroughawindowfromtheinside,executedinpen andinkwithawash.Afancifulgingerbreadhousesitsonasnowymountain.A teddybearpeersoverthehill.Infrontofthehouseare5littlechildrenplaying withacleverlydrawnacorn-man.Thisisalovely,detailedpiece. $2000.00


PANORAMA 309.JAPANESE INTEREST.JAPANESE CHILDREN, THE TOYODO.Tokyo: Torishinkokuycho no date, owner inscription 1908. 4to (7 x 9 1/2"), pictorial cloth, fine. There are 10 wonderful double-page color prints depicting Japanese childrenenjoyingvariousactivities.Therearealso10pagesoftextdescribing each illustration. Folded accordion style, it opens into a panorama. Includes wrestling, playing soldiers, walking on bamboo stilts, kite flying, girls playing battledoreandshuttlecockandmore.Awonderfullyevocativepiece. $2250.00


JAPANESE SEE ALSO 238, 257, 291, 536

Helen & Marc Younger

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RARE ANTI-SEMITIC BOOK 310.JEWISH ANTI-SEMITIC INTEREST. ANTI SEMITISM.SCHWARZ ROT GOLDNE ZEITHumoristisch-SatirischeZeitBilderundReimevonOtto Palmer. Stuttgart: Herbert Ferber [1927]. 8vo, (6 1/4" wide x 9 1/4), stiff pictorial wraps, light shelf wear, VG+. Told in rhyme and veiled in humor, the texttellshowtheJewsaremanipulatingGermanybyholdingthepursestrings and controlling money. The stereotypes of Jews as rats, devils and mongrel muttdogsprevailthroughoutthetextwhichisillustratedoneverypagebythe author.Laid-inisacoloranti-Semiticpostcardshowing5stereotypicalJewish men captioned "Die funf Frankfurter!". This is a very rare anti-semitic book coinciding exactly with the publication of Hitler's Mein Kampf. $4500.00

ANTI-SEMITISM 311.JEWISH ANTI-SEMITIC INTEREST.DER FRUSLING UND ANDERES GEPFEFFERTES von Otto Holl. Neudamm: J. Neumann, no date, circa 1930. Large8vo,clothbackedpictorialboards,,sl.coversoilelseVGFine.Agroupofstoriestoldinverseaboutthingsthatcangowrongbetween men and women, illustrated in color throughout. One 15 page story involves a stereotypicalJewishcouplenamedtheZeilchenblomsandrelateswhathappens whenIsidorcheatsonhiswifewithanAryanblondehairedwoman.Withouteven readingthetext,thedisgustingdepictionstellthestory.Rare. $2500.00

312.JEWISH INTEREST. ZEHN KLEINE MERCKERLEIN [TEN LITTLE NUISANCES]. 5 x 6". Pink printed wrap folder with red and green woodcuts containing 9 green and red engraved plates, listed as "nr. 5". Because this was aclandestineconcentrationcamppublication,thereisnopublisherinformation printedinthebook,buthereiswhatisknown.WhenGermanyinvadedHolland, the Nazis controlled all printing even to the extent of registering owners of various typefaces. Underground printing continued with books issued in very smallnumbers.OneofmostwellknownoftheundergroundprinterswasA.A. Balkema,abooksellerfromAmsterdam.Thiscountingbook,aparodyofthe10 LittleNiggers,isknowntohavebeenprintedinaneditionoffortycopiesfrom text smuggledoutoftheOrianienburg concentration camp. In thisbook, the 10LittleNuisances(Jews)willdieaftervariousevents;theyplayMendelsshon onthepiano(hewasJewish);theywilldieafterseeingRobertLey(anotorious Nazi and an alcoholic symbolized here by a glass). The final lone survivor will not die. By listening to the rhyme smuggled out from the camp one lone "nuisance" willbeturnedintotenagain.(thereasonthatthereare9leavesinsteadof10 isthat2peopleareremovedatonceinnumber3).Therearcoverhasthename of the engraver: "The eleventh little nuisance / Made this joyful poetry / He issued40copies/andhisnameisHAAS"-aredhareisprintedundertheverse (HaasisGermanforHare).Becausethestyleandformofthebookletbearso muchresemblancetootherworkoftheDutchprinterNicolaasWerkman,ithas beensuggestedthatHaaswasindeedHendrikNicolaasWerkman,anotedDutch printer, typographer, artist, and that the name used here as Haas was taken from letters in Werkman's full name: H endrik nicolAAS werkman. Werkman was arrestedinApril1945andexcutedonthemorningofApril10th.Morethanhalf of his life's work was seized and destroyed by the Nazis. (See Alston Purvis: DutchGraphicDesign1918-1945).(SEE ALSO REAR COVER) $10,000.00



FRENCH MILITARY HISTORY 313.(JOB)illus.LES TROIS COULEURSbyG. Montorgueil.Paris:CharavayMartinndca1900. Folio, gilt pictorial cloth, near fine. Beautifully illustratedincolorthroughoutbyJOBwithtext focusing on French military history (Algeria, Crimea, Etc..) A beautiful copy, quite scarce.. $400.00


THE RARE THIRD HAROLD BOOK 314.JOHNSON,CROCKETT. HAROLD'S TRIP TO THE SKY. NY: Harper Bros. 1957. 16mo, cl. backed pict. bds, AS NEW IN LIKE DUST WRAPPER! (dw with price intact). 1st ed. of the third Harold book wherein Harold and his Purple Crayon go to Mars. Extremely rare. $1200.00 FANTASY 315.(JOHNSON,MERLE)illus. PINKEY AND THE PLUMED KNIGHT by Frederick Chapin. Akron: Saalfield (1909). 4to, pict. cloth, some normal shelf wear, VG+.Thefantasystoryofaknightwhocomesaliveinthe20thcenturyandhas adventuresandunusualencounters.Illus.byMerleJohnsonwith8colorplates, pictorial endpapers and many b&w's. Johnson, Merle see also 234. $300.00


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Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

316.JOYCE,WILLIAM.GEORGE SHRINKS - ORIGINAL ART.Offeredhere is an original watercolor by award winning children's book artist Joyce used in his charmingfantasyGeorgeShrinks(publishedbyHarperCollins).Doneonartist boardmeasuring15"widex10",withtheactualimagemeasuring93/4"x63/4", signed. The image appears in the middle of the book with the text "and play quietly". Little George is sitting on his baby brother's hat, scaring both the cat and the mouse. Done with Joyce's meticulous attention to detail and really simply wonderful.GeorgeShrinkswaslateranimatedforaPBSSaturdaymorningshow. In an online interview from the publisher's home page, Joyce offers this insight when asked where the idea for George came from: " Ever since I was a little kid, Ihavelovedstoriesaboutpeoplewhowerethewrongsize.KingKongwastoo bigforeverything,andStuartLittlewaswaytoosmall.OnedayIfoundsomeof myoldtoysinabox.Mixedupwithallthedinosaursandarmymenwasalittle airplane that had a tiny pilot, and that got me thinking. What if a boy named Georgeshrankonedaywhilehisparentswereaway?Whatwouldhedo?Would it be fun? Would it be scary? What would he eat? So that's what I made George Shrinksabout--howneatitwouldbeif,justforoneday,youwerethesame size as your toys. And of course I had George fly in that toy airplane."$9500.00


STUNNING VIENNESE SECESSION ILLUSTRATIONS 318.JUGENDSTIL. DER KLEINE KONIG [told by] Fritz von Ostini. Munchen: GeorgW.Dietrichndca1910. Large sq. 4to, cl. backed pict. bds, blind embossed stamp on title and sl. soil bottom edge of few leaves else VG+. An absolutely stunning children's book written to accompany the illustrations. Featuring 12 fine and detailed color plates highlighted in gold, done by HANNS PELLAR in typical Jugenstil style reminiscentofGustavKlimt. A scarce and beautiful book. $900.00

KEMBLE, E.W. ­ 287, 289

DENNIS THE MENACE / INSCRIBED WITH SKETCH 319.KETCHAM,HANK.DENNIS THE MENACE.NY:HenryHolt (1952). 8vo, (6 1/4 x 9 1/4"), pictorialboards,somecoversoil else VG+. Illustrated with one large black and white cartoon on every page. This copy is INSCRIBED BY KETCHAM WITH A GREAT PEN AND INK DRAWING OF DENNIS' FATHER ON THE FLYLEAF! $450.00

317.JOYCE,WILLIAM.ORIGINAL ART: SOME OF THE ADVENTURES OF RHODE ISLAND REDbyStephenManes.Offeredhereisawonderfulwatercolor byJoyceforthebookbyManespublishedin1989byDial.Itappearsasthedust wrapperillustrationwhichistheonlycolorpieceforthebook.Thestorytellsof afolkheronamedRhodeIslandRedwhoisaboybornintoafamilyofchickens. The image measures 5 3/4" wide x 6", matted. "Red" has just hatched out of the eggtotheamazementoftheonlookingchickens.Agreatimage. $5000.00


320.KING,JESSIE. LITTLE WHITE TOWN OF NEVER WEARY. Lond: Harrapnd[1917].4to,tanpict.cloth,155p.,sl.soil,nearFine.1sted.Afantasy tale made of a little girl's dreams, illustrated with 4 tipped-in color plates, b&w drawingsanddiagramsbyKingand16photosbyJ.BruceCameronthatallbring thefairytownandpeopletolifewithdetailedinstructionsforcreatingareal doll's town. One of her most fanciful and desired books. $525.00

321.(KING,JESSIE)illus. THE ENCHANTED CAPITAL OF SCOTLAND by IsobelSteele.Edinburgh:PlaidPub.[1945].4to,giltcloth,Fineindw.1sted. Astorywrittenforchildrenandillus.byKingwithcolorwrapper,4doublepage colorillus.andmanylovelylineillus.throughoutthetext. $575.00

KIPLING, RUDYARD ­ 474 KIRK, MARIA ­ 115, 118, 119, 371

RARE TITLE BY AUTHOR OF "JUNKET IS NICE" 322.KUNHARDT,DOROTHY. BRAVE MR. BUCKINGHAM. NY: Harcourt Brace & Co. (1935).Sq.8vo,redcloth,Fineindustwrapper withoneletterrepairedontitleandsl.fraying elseVGdw.1sted.Anonsensestorytoldto Billybyhisuncletoboosthiscourage(THAT DIDN'T HURT!). Each page of text faces a full page color illustration in Kunhardt's bold, distinctive style. Rare. See Bader p.72. $475.00

Helen & Marc Younger

LADA, JOSEPH ­ 164, 165

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RED FAIRY McLOUGHLIN IN BOX 323. LANG,ANDREW. THE RED FAIRY BOOK. Springfield: McLoughlin Bros. ca1920.4to,redgiltcloth, 274p., Fine IN ORIGINAL BOX! An uncommon edition of the second fairy book. Illustrated by H.J. FORD and Lancelot Speed with chromolithographed frontis and many b&w's. An uncommon edition of this classic, rare in the box. Lang see also 328. $300.00 INSCRIBED BY LATHROP 324.LATHROP,DOROTHY. THE SKITTLE-SKATTLE MONKEY. NY: Macmillan 1945 (1945). 4to, red cloth, small mark on front cover else fine (no dw). 1st ed. Written by Lathrop as well as illustrated by her with extremely beautiful full page illustrations throughout (also featuring a PEKE).THISCOPYHASA5LINE INSCRIPTION FROM LATHROP DATED1945.Thisisaspecialcopy of one of her more difficult to find titles. $250.00

328.(LAWSON,ROBERT)illus. PRINCE PRIGIO by Andrew Lang. Bost: Lit. Brown 1942 (1942). 8vo, cloth, Fine in slightly frayed dw. Stated 1st ed. A clever fairy tale by Lang with wonderful, detailed b&w's and color dw by Lawson. A very scarce Lawson title and a fine combination of talents. $250.00

VERY SCARCE LAWSON TITLE 329.(LAWSON,ROBERT)illus. THE ROVING LOBSTER by Arthur Mason. NY:Doub.Doran1931.8vo,131p.,cloth,Fineinverynice,slightlyfrayeddust wrapperwithsmallmend.Stated1sted.IllustratedbyLawsonwith10fullpage b&w's and numerous text illustrations and color wrapper. The story takes place inaworldofhumanizedanimalsandseadenizensandtellsofalobsterthatis unhappywithlifeintheocean.Itleavestoliveonlandonlytoreturntothesea again.AnearlyLawsontitleandveryscarce. $400.00 330.(LE MAIR,H. WILLEBEEK)illus. OUR OLD NURSERY RHYMES by Alfred Moffat. Lond: Augener, Phil: McKay (1911). Oblong 4to, blue cloth, pict. paste-on, FINE IN DUSTWRAPPER (dw sl. chipped). Printedonheavycoatedstock,every other page of musical notation with lyricsfacesabeautifulfullpagecolor illustrationbyLeMair(30inallplus1 oncopyrightpage).Abeautifulcopy, scarce in a dw. Le Mair see also 358 $475.00 MACMILLAN HAPPY HOUR ABC 331.LEAR,EDWARD. THE NONSENSE ABC:theoriginalversesandpictureswith a new alphabet by Arthur Leon Moore. NY: Macmillan 1928. Sq. 12mo, pict. bds, slightcoversoilelseVG+.Firsted.ofthe Macmillan Happy Hour Book with Lear's verse opposite full page, brightly colored illustrations. The other alphabet appears on endpapers. Attractive book and one of the hardest to find of the Happy Hour titles. $175.00

BEAUTIFUL LIMITED EDITION SIGNED WOODCUT 325.LATHROP,DOROTHY. WOODCUT: GHOST FLOWERS. Offeredhereisa lovelywoodcutbyLathrop.LIMITEDTOONLY100COPIESSIGNEDBYLATHROP. The image measures 5" wide by 8" and is matted. Depicted are large flowers with a snail and leaves in the foreground on a black background. Done with Lathrop's sharp eye for detail, this is a lovely piece in fine condition. Nice! $250.00

326.(LATHROP,DOROTHY)illus. MR. BUMPS AND HIS MONKEYbyWalterde la Mare. Phil: Winston (1942). 4to, pict. cloth,VG+indwwithsmallholesandwear alongspine.1sted.IllustratedbyLathrop withmagical,detailedfullpagecolorlithos plus beautiful b&w's throughout depicting a humanized monkey. Some of her finest work. $200.00


SIGNED BY LAWSON WITH EXTRA SUITE OF PLATES 327.LAWSON,ROBERT. MR. REVERE AND I.Bost:Lit.Brown(1953).4to,blue cloth dec. in gold, 152p., Fine in slipcase with pictorial label. Stated first edition. LIMITED TO 500 COPIES SIGNED BY LAWSON INCLUDING AN EXTRA SUITE OFPLATESinanenvelope.Illustratedby Lawson with blue silhouette ep's, many detailed b&w's. A beautiful copy usually found lacking the extra illustrations. $450.00

332.L'ENGLE,MADELEINE. A WRINKLE IN TIME. (NY): Ariel Books, Ferrar, Strauss & Cudahy (1962). 8vo, 1/4 cloth, 211p., spine faded else Fine in dust wrapper (dw spine frayed on bottom and chipped on top otherwise quite clean and nice and not price-clipped). 1st ed. The fantasy that has become a modern classic, winner of the NEWBERY AWARD. THIS COPY IS INSCRIBED ON THE TITLE PAGE BY L'ENGLE! First editions of this title are extremely rare and thisisaspecialcopy.(SEE ALSO INSIDE FRONT COVER) $14,500.00


914.764.7410 INSCRIBED BY L'ENGLE 333.L'ENGLE,MADELEINE. A SWIFTLY TILTING PLANET. NY:FSG (1978). 8vo, cloth, 278p., fine in dust wrapper (not price clipped, tiny 1/16th" repair at spine ends). Stated 1st printingofthisthirdtitlein her series that began with A Wrinkle In Time. THIS COPY IS INSCRIBED BY L'ENGLE on title page: "For ____ - Madeline L'Engle." $275.00

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Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD ­ 230, 381, 387, 521, 522

INCREDIBLE COPY IN DUST WRAPPER 338. LOFTING,HUGH. DOCTOR DOLITTLE IN THE MOON. NY: Stokes (1928). 8vo, purple decoratedcloth,pict.pasteon,307p.,Fineandbrightin dust wrapper (small chips onrearpanel).1sted.Illus. by the author with pict. endpapers, color frontis plus a profusion of full page illus. throughout the text. A beautifully bright copy of a scarce Dolittle title. $600.00 MACMILLAN HAPPY HOUR BOOK 339.MACMILLAN HAPPY HOUR BOOK. GOLDEN GOOSE. NY: Mac. (Aug. 1928). Sq. 12mo, pict. bds, Fine in dw (dw chip out of back edge). 1st ed. Absolutely wonderful, bold color Art Deco illus. by Mary Lott Seaman. Bader says that this book is "aesthetically the star of the Happy HourSeries."(p.29-30withphotos). $250.00


SEQUEL TO WRINKLE IN TIME - INSCRIBED 334.L'ENGLE,MADELEINE. A WIND IN THE DOOR.NY: FSG(1973).8vo,cloth,Fine in dust wrapper (dw nice andclean,notpriceclipped, head of spine has a small piece1/8"x1/2"restored). Stated 1st printing of the second title in L'Engle's "A Wrinkle In Time" series, this copy is INSCRIBED BY L'ENGLE on the title page: "For ___ Be a namer - Madeline L'Engle." This is a nice copy of very hard to find title, $1200.00 335.LENSKI,LOIS. LITTLE FARM. NY:OUP (1942). Obl. 8vo, pict. cloth, near fine in sl. worn dw with tape mends on verso. 1st ed. Mr. Small becomes a farmer.Charmingb&willus.onalmosteverypage,withminimaltext.Lenskiat herbest. $400.00

340.MARSHALL,JAMES.ORIGINAL ART: MACGOOSE'S GROCERYbyFrank Asch. Offered here is a charming finished watercolor for Macgoose's Grocery publishedbyDialin1978.Theimagemeasures4"widex5"high,mattedandsigned. Althoughthisimagewasnotused,asimilarversionappearsonpage2ofthetext. Depictedare2geeseseatedandtalkingtoeachother.Thefemalegooseissitting on her egg, knitting for her impending baby. On the back of the piece in Marshall's handhehasdatedthepieceSept.`8`77.Thisisacharmingimage. $1650.00


336.(LEWITT-HIM)illus.BLUE PETERbyAlinaLewitt.Lond.:Faber&Faber (1943). 4to, (8 1/2 x 10 1/2") cloth backed pictorial board covers, fine in slightly worndw.1sted.BecausePeter,adog,wasbornblue,hewaskickedoutofhis house. The story tells how he finally finds a home. Illustrated by Lewitt and Him withcharmingfullpageandpartialpagecolorillustrations.Araretitlebythis talentedpair. $475.00 LEWITT-HIM CAT BOOK 337. (LEWITT-HIM)illus. FIVE SILLY CATS by Alina Lewitt. (Lond.): Minerva Pub. [1944].Oblong4to(11x81/2"), pictorial boards, Fine in lightly soiled dust wrapper. 1st ed. The story of Black Cat, Yellow CatandThreeGingerCatswho go wishing without knowing how. Illustrated by Lewitt andHimwithstunningfullpage color lithos that are unique in style. This is a rare and wonderfultitlebythistalented pair. $525.00

Helen & Marc Younger

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341.MARSHALL,JAMES.ORIGINAL ART: THREE LITTLE PIGS.Offeredhere isareallygreatwatercolorMarshalldidforhisversionoftheThreeLittlePigs publishedin1989byDial.Theimagemeasures71/2"widex91/2",nicelymatted and signed. On the verso in Marshall's hand it is noted that this was meant for use on thedustwrapper-datedOctober1988.Itwasnottheimageeventuallyusedbut it so perfectly conveys the spirit of Marshall's vision for the book. $2800.00



PERFORMING DOGS.NY:McLoughlinBros. 1883. 4to, [16]p. + covers, fine. Every page has great chromolithographs showing dogs performing human activities including being soldiers, playing lawyer and client, dancing to the bag pipes and more. A beautiful copy. $400.00

McLOUGHLIN SEE ALSO 24-5, 48-9, 107, 133, 139, 143, 169, 295, 300, 323, 456, 520, 527

346.McPHAIL,DAVID. CAPTAIN TOAD AND THE MOTORBIKE. This is a collection of pre-publication material for McPhail's wonderful picture book published in 1978 by Atheneum. Taken together, they are a fascinating look at how a book becomes published from concept to realization. The story tells of Captain Toad, a retired Navy hero, who inadvertently saves his little village from the noisy motorbikes. The characters are all marvelously detailed humanized animals depicted in full color. Included are:

1. arlytextofthestoryintypedpageswithmanyhandwrittenchanges,plusonepageentirely E in McPhail's hand. 2. wonderfuldouble-pagedetaileddrawingusedonp.16-17ofthebook.Themoleisasleep A by the fireplace and Captain Toad is sneaking out through the window. All of the original artworkforthisbookwasinblackandwhitewithcoloraddedintheprinting. 3.5 finished pen and ink studies of Captain Toad by McPhail. 4.Artist's dummy for Captain Toad done after the finished art was completed, used as a guide fortheartdirectorandprinter.Eachofthepagesissketchedinshowingthelayoutofthe artwork.


342.McCLOSKEY,ROBERT.ONE MORNING IN MAINE.NY:Viking&Jr.Lit. 1952 (1952). Folio, pict. cloth, 64p., fine in frayed but VG dw. 1st ed. of this wonderful CALDECOTT HONOR BOOK. Illustrated on every page with McCloskey's eyefordetail.1steditionsofthistitleareextremelyscarce. $600.00

MATHEMATICS ­ 162, 218

5. wo early proof copies from the publisher with extensive annotations by McPhail and his T editor.

McPhail was born in Newburyport, Mass.. He has illustrated the work of others, notably Nancy Willard's Sailing To Cythera which was one of AIGA's 50 Books of the Year in 1974, and he has authored and illustrated a profusion of books on his own. This book, Captain Toad and the Motorbike was likewise included in AIGA's 1979 show of 50 Best Books. McPhail belongs to the new breed of children's book illustrators, along with James Marshall, Trina Schart Hyman and others - who bring a fresh originality to children's literature. McPhail's style ranges broadly from intricate detail reminiscent of Sendak's and E.H. Shepard's line illustrations to the broad strokes of William Steig. See Hornbook Illustrators of Children's Books vol. 4 p. 4-5, 143. $3200.00

343.McLOUGHLIN PUB. HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE.NY:McLoughlinBros.ndca 1875.4to,9x101/2",lightspinewearandsoilelseVG+.Theclassicnurseryrhyme about the cat and the fiddle etc, featuring 6 very fine full page chromolithographs (printedononesideofthepaper)with2especiallyniceillustrations-oneofa whitepoodleandtheotherofthedishrunningawaywiththespoon. $275.00

MCLOUGHLIN PAPER DOLL 344.McLOUGHLIN PUB. MCLOUGHLIN PAPER DOLL: LITTLE LADY. NY:McLoughlin Bros. (24 Beekman St.), no date, 1850's. Offered here is a McLoughlin paper doll in the original pictorial envelope with directions for making the dolls ontheinside.Thereisadoll,an extraheadwithhat,anotherhat and 3 fine dresses. $600.00


Pg 46

Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

347.MEGGENDORFER,LOTHAR.ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR: GNOMES AND DRAGONFLIES.OfferedhereisawonderfulwatercolorbyMeggendorferfrom his book entitled Die Wichtelmannchen published by Braun & Schneider. The imagemeasures9x6.5"onboardwithamattegluedtotheedges.Signedin the lower right corner. Pictured are 2 gnomes doing battle with two dragonflies that are attacking them. Sold with a copy of the book, ca 1880, 3 auflage. Obl. large4to,cl.backedpict.bds,lastleafrepaired,somewearfromreading,overall VG-.Agreatimage. $5000.00


RARE MEGGENDORFER TITLE 350.(MEGGENDORFER,LOTHAR)illus.ARTISTIC PUSSY AND HER STUDIO movingpictureswithothertales.Chic.:Thompson&Thomasca1890.4to,cloth backedpictorialboards,somegeneralsoilandsomearchivalmendstomargins elsetightandVG++ingoodworkingorder.Features7taboperatedplateswith jointedpartsandwithafewillustrationsinbrown.Greatimages(2featurea catpaintingaportraitofadog,amonkeyfeedingababy,afoxstealinggeese,a motherhenrockingherchickstosleepandadoghuntingrabbitsinthecabbage patch.)Rare. $2500.00

MEGGENDORFER'S FIRST MOVEABLE 348.MEGGENDORFER, LOTHAR. LEBENDE BILDER. Munchen: Braun & Schneider [1878], (elste auflage). 4to, cl. backed pict. bds,spineclothshowssome sl.wearandfrayingandmetal grommets rusting else near fine and a beautiful, tight copy.Illus.with6fabulous hand-colored tab operated moveable pages including: HerrStaberl(withabowin his hair); a woman chopping food on a woodblock; the piano player; a teacher chastisingalittle child;the Tyroleonguitarplayer;aboy andhisparrot;andawoman with a candle finding her cat in the cupboard. This was Meggendorfer's first mechanicalandisextremely scarce. $3200.00 RARE MEGGENDORFER MILITARY MOVEABLE 349.MEGGENDORFER,LOTHAR. MILITARISCHES ZIEHBILDERBUCH. Munchen:BraunundSchneiderndca1895.Oblongfolio,clothbackedpictorial boards,fourprofessionalmendsontextpageselseFine,completelyoperational and unrestored. Featuring 8 fabulous tab operated plates, each one with a militarytheme:soldiersmarchinginaline,groomingahorse,ratingthetroops, fencing and other scenes. Each page has many pieces moving simultaneously. Veryrareandabrilliantcopy. $4000.00

RARE MEGGENDORFER PICTURE BOOK 351.MEGGENDORFER,LOTHAR. DER SONNENSCHEIN ein humoristischer hausfreund.Berlin&Stuttgart:W.Spemanncirca1890.Folio(91/2x141/2"), cloth backed pictorial boards, 74p., some cover soil else Fine. Every page is illustrated in full, rich color full of Meggendorfer's charm and humor. A rare picturebook. $1850.00

MINIATURE MILITARY PANORAMA SHAPE BOOK 352.MILITARY INTEREST. 12 BATTLE SCENES OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.[Holburn:W.Sutton],circa1860.21/4"round,12roundpages plus printed cover opening panorama style into a round box base. The front of each page has a color illustration of the battle scene and the versos have informative text about the battle. Includes Crimean and Chinese Wars, and battlesfeaturingNapoleonandGaribaldi.Rare. $1375.00

MILITARY INTEREST SEE ALSO 26, 285, 313, 349, 428, 429, 570

Helen & Marc Younger

Pg 47


[email protected]

353.MILLER,OLIVE BEAUPRE. MY BOOKHOUSE - MINIATURE HOUSE WITH BOOK. Offered here is a rare miniature version of the wooden Book House that was offered to owners of the 9 volume Book House set in the 1920's. The Book House for children was the brainchild of Olive Beaupre Miller who beganherventurein1920bysellingsubscriptionstoasixvolumeset,solddoor todoorbytheBookhouseLadiesonevolumeatatime.Bytheendof1921,the 6thvolumewascompletedandthesetwasofferedinacardboardhouse.The3 othervolumesofMyTravelshipwereaddedin1926andaredandgreywooden book house was offered as an incentive to complete the set. "The utilization of womeninallphasesofitsbusinessactivitywasoneoftheuniqueaspectsofthe BookHouseForChildren.Notonlywasthereanallwomansalesforcebutthe majorityoftheemployeeswerewomen(Taylor:OliveBeaupreMillerp.30).The miniaturehouseofferedhereisnotmentionedinthebibliography.Itisanall metalversionofthewoodenhouse,measuring31/4"widex5"highand21/2" deep.ThebottomhastheBookhouseinformationstampedinblack.Included is a miniature book measuring 2 1/8 x 2 1/2" entitled The Little Brown Duck Shingebiss,aChippewaIndiantalefromVolume1oftheBookHouse.Itisbound in flexible leatherette. The last page notes that this is the second Tiny Book. (We are offering separately another miniature book - the Little Engine That Could). Both the book and the house are in fine condition. This is a rare piece of Americanpublishingforchildren. $1200.00


SCARCE MILNE / SHEPARD "POOH" LIMITED EDITION 356.MILNE,A.A. THE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN STORY BOOK.NY:Dutton (1929). 4to, green cloth spine and tips, pink pictorial boards, VERY FINE IN ORIGINAL PICTORIAL BOX (box lightly soiled). The LARGE PAPER EDITION LIMITED TO ONLY 350 NUMBERED COPIES SIGNED BY MILNE AND SHEPARD.IllustratedthroughoutinblackandwhitebyE.H.Shepard,thisisa beautifulcopyandveryscarce. $3500.00 WITH 10 LINE INSCRIPTION BY MILNE 357.MILNE,A.A.FOUR DAYS WONDER. Lond: Methuen

(1933). 8vo, orange cl., 319p., binding sl. leaning else fine in sl. frayed dw. 1st ed. A novel by Milne. THIS COPY HAS

354. ILNE,A.A. WINNIE THE POOH ORIGINAL ART. Offered here is an M ORIGINALSHEPARDDRAWINGOFWINNIETHEPOOHANDPIGLET.Done onwhitepaper(7.x8"),theimagemeasures5.5"widex5"high,signedandmost likely done in the 1960's. Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are sitting on a bench, Piglet islookingupatWinnie.Asimilarimageappearsonpage94ofthebookwithout Rabbit. The piece is in fine condition and it is a wonderful image. $25,500.00






INSCRIPTION FROM MILNE referringtothepriceofthebook andhowlittleofittricklesdown tohim. $2000.00

LIMITED EDITION BY LE MAIR & MILNE 358.MILNE,A.A. A GALLERY OF CHILDREN. Lond: Stanley Paul (1925). Folio, blue cloth (McKay on spine), minimal wear, near Fine. FIRST EDITION, LIMITED TO 500 NUMBERED COPIES, SIGNED BY MILNE. Printed on hand-madepaperandillustratedbyH.WILLEBEEKLEMAIRwith12largeand magnificent color plates. A beautiful and desirable book. Scarce. $1750.00

UNCOMMON POOH BOOK 355.MILNE,A.A.CHRISTOPHER ROBIN BIRTHDAY BOOK.Lond.:Methuen (1930). 12mo, cloth, 215p., fine in slightly soiled, near fine dw. 1st ed. A birthday book compiled by Milne from his 4 "Pooh" books and illus. by E. H. SHEPARD. Includesanew3pageintro.byMilneandcolordwbyShepard.Quiteuncommon andagreatcopy.(SEE ILLUS TOP NEXT COLUMN) $1500.00

914.764.7410 LIMITED/SIGNED POOH BOOK 359.MILNE,A.A. THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER. London: Methuen (1928). 4to, cloth backed boardsFineindustwrapper (dwonlyveryslightlyworn), housed in custom chemise andleatherbackedslipcase. 1sted.LIMITEDTOONLY 350 NUMBERED COPIES SIGNED BY MILNE AND SHEPARD. Printed on hand made paper resulting in very sharp reproductions of Shepard's perfect illustrations. $7500.00

Pg 48

Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

PIGS 364. (MOE,LOUIS)illus. ADVENTURES OF THREE LITTLE PIGStranslatedfromtheDanishof GeorgKalkarbyAnnaRequeandmade into verse by Frank Hill. NY et al: Longmans,Green&Co.1929.4to,(11" widex10"),cloth,pictorialpaste-on, near fine. Illustrated with 10 fabulous colorplatesandinblackandwhiteon text pages. A scarce picture book byMoe. $300.00

SIGNED BY MILNE 360.MILNE,A.A.NOT THAT IT MATTERS.Lond.:Methuen(1919).12mo,red cloth, [240]p., spine sl. faded else fine. 1st ed. A collection of essays on various subjects including The Charm of Golf, My Library and Lunch. THIS COPY IS SIGNEDBYMILNEonthetitlepage. $500.00

BEAUTIFUL ART NOUVEAU ILLUSTRATIONS 365. (MOE,LOUIS)illus. KAREN alle smaapigers, tekst af Ellen Reumert. Kobenhavn (Copenhagen): Carl Larsens Forlag circa 1905. 4to, (10 x 11"). cloth backed pictorial boards, tips rubbed else VG-Fine. Illustrated with 8 fine full page color illustrations and inlineoneverypageoftext inverseinDanish.Deeprich colorsintypicalturnofthe 19th century style depict a day in the life of a little girl. A lovely and scarce book. $750.00


366.MONTGOMERY,L.M. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.Bost:L.C.Page &Co.MDCCCCVIII(April1908).8vo, 361.MILNE,A.A. THE SECRET AND OTHER STORIES. NY:FountainPress 1929. Slim 8vo, red cloth, paper spine label, 70p., Fine. LIMITED TO 700 COPIESFORSALESIGNEDBYMILNE(400forUS,300forEngland)4stories byMilne.1stcollecteded.Beautifulcopy. $750.00 FIRST PRINTING IN THIS PARTICULAR PUBLISHER'S BINDING 362.MILNE,A.A. WINNIE THE POOH. Lond.: Methuen, sixth edition (printed on title)(variousdates,sixthedition1928).8vo, bound in publisher's full tan calf, all edges gilt,elaborategiltpictorialdesignonspine, decorative device with "AAM" in the center. Exceptforsmallsplitatbaseofspine,near fine. In 1928 the publisher decided to issue the Pooh books in newly designed leather bindingsandcontinuedtoissuethesespecial bindingsovertheyears,changingthedates on the copyright pages to correspond. This is the first edition of Winnie in this binding. $1500.00 BEAUTIFUL 1830's MINIATURE 363.MINIATURE. WEIHGESCHENT FUR JEDER ECHTER PREUSSEN.nopub. info., German, circa 1830. 2 x 2 5/8", painted floral boards, all edges gilt, fine in pictorialslipcase.Alittlebook of Prussian royalty featuring 1 page of text followed by 11 very fine engraved portraits with captions of Prussian royalty, printed on rectos only. Begins with Friedrich WilhelmIIIwhoreignedfrom 1797-1840andlistshissonas crown prince (who ascended to the throne in 1840), thus dating the book to circa 1830). $500.00

MINIATURE SEE ALSO 26-7, 127, 305, 352-3, 390, 517, 546

pale green cloth stamped in gold, pictorial paste-on, [i-vi], vii-viii, [ixx],1-420+ads.clothslightlysoiled, coverplaterubbed,afewscattered pale spots else VG+ in custom slip case. Stated FIRST IMPRESSION of this beloved classic, illustrated with 8 plates by M.A. and W.A.J. Claus. This is a nice copy of one of the rarest of all children's books. Peter Parley to Penrod p.124. $22,500.00

INSCRIBED BY MONTGOMERY 367.MONTGOMERY,L.M.MISTRESS PAT A Novel of Silverbush.Toronto: McClelland & Stewart Ltd. (1935). 8vo, green cloth, 338p., fine in dust wrapper chipped at spine ends. 1st ed., unknown printing. No later title listed on dw or in book, but title page does not call for a frontis, and there is none that does appearinothercopieswhich do call for it on the title page. In this is the second novel about Pat, she fulfills her dream of finding love. THISCOPYISINSCRIBED "YOURS CORDIALLY L.M. MONTGOMERY"onthefree endpaper.Onthecornerof the rear free endpaper is written"Autographedatthe homeoftheauthoress,July 7th,1938.)Thisisaspecial copy. $3500.00

Helen & Marc Younger

Pg 49

[email protected]

THE THIRD "ANNE" TITLE 368.MONTGOMERY,L.M. ANNE OF THE ISLAND. Bost:PageCo.1915(1915). 8vo, green cloth, pictorial paste-on, 326p. +, light rear cover soil else nearFine.Stated1stimpression(printing).IllustratedwithcolorfrontisbyH. WestonTaylor.AnneleavesAvonleafor4yearsofcollegeandrealizesthatshe andGilbertBlytheweremeantforeachother.Extremelyscarce. $1200.00

16"widex20"tall,greenpictorialcloth,someedgewearandoneplateneatly mended, VG+. Done in the same format as the Dick and Jane Big Books, this hasastandthatallowstheteachertopropthebookupandopen.Thereare 8nurseryrhymespresentedaspicturesonly.Tworhymeshave2illustrations. Rhymesinclude:LittleBoyBlue,JackandJill(2),LittleMissMuffet(2),Jack BeNimble,DiddleDiddleDumpling,HeyDiddleDiddle,BaaBaaBlackSheepand HumptyDumpty.Theillustrationbyanunnamedartistarecharming,reminiscent ofBarbaraCooney.ThisisarareandcreativeuseoftraditionalMotherGoose $325.00 favorites.(SEE ILLUS BOTTOM PRIOR COLUMN) RARE MOTHER GOOSE FOLIO NOVELTY 373.MOTHER GOOSE.MOTHER GOOSE PARADEbyAnitadeCampi.Chic.: Reilly & Britton (1914). Oblong folio (16" wide x 10.5"), cloth backed pictorial card covers, some cover soil, corner crease else amazingly complete and VG. There are 24 full page illustrations - 12 large and wonderful color plates for differentMotherGooserhymesthataremeanttobeguidesforthechildtouse tocolorthe12pagesthatarepresentonlyinoutline.(Thecoloringpageshave someareaswithlightpastelshading).Oncecolored,thepagesaremeanttobe removedtobeusedasnurseryborders.ThisisarareMotherGoose. $400.00

369.MONTGOMERY,L.M. FURTHER CHRONICLES OF AVONLEA.Boston: PageCo.1920(1920).8vo,tancloth,pictorialpaste-on,xi,301p.+ads,Finein dustwrapper(dwchippedatspineends).Stated1stimpression.15additional storiesaboutthecharactersofAvonlea,severalincludingAnne.Illustratedwith b&wplatesbyJohnGoss.Thisisasupercopyofararetitle,evenmorerarein thedustwrapper. $2250.00 RARE MONTGOMERY TITLE 370.MONTGOMERY,L.M.THE BLUE CASTLE.Toronto:McLelland&Stewart (1926printedHunter-RoseCo.).8vo,(51/2x73/4"),greyclothstampedinblue, [310]p., castle illustration on half-title, near fine in dust wrapper (dw has 1" piece off topofspineotherwisenice).1stedition.WhenDoss,a29yearoldwomansuddenly finds she has only 1 year to live, she becomes determined to reverse her previous mouse-likeexistence.ThestoryissetinMuskoka,OntariowhereMontgomery hadoncehappilyvacationed.Thisisararetitleindustwrapper. $4500.00

RARE MOTHER GOOSE NOVELTY 374.MOTHER GOOSE.NEW MOTHER GOOSEtextbyHowardS.F.Randolph. NY: Stokes 1907. 4to, cloth backed pictorial boards, cornerswornelseVG+.Each of the eight Mother Goose rhymes are offered in 1 pagestoryformat.Foreach rhyme, there is a full page of color pieces designed to be cut-out and assembled tomaketherhymecometo life. For instance for Jack and Jill the child can make acoveredwell,abucketand thetwochildren.The8cutouts are designed by L.H. Glazieranddrawnincolorby Elisabeth Bliss. There are alsoothercolorillustrations throughout the text. A rare American Mother Goose. $600.00 BOOK WITH PIANO BUILT IN! 375.MOTHER GOOSE.TUNES FROM MOTHER GOOSE.SchoenhutMfgCo., nodate,circa1945-50.Thick8vo,pictorialboards,Fine.Whenyouopenthe frontcover(whichopensinthemiddle),thereisaspiralbackedbookattached inside the cover. The book contains 18 Mother Goose rhymes with musical notation and color illustrations. Attached inside the rearcoverisaxylophoneplusblack and white keyboard used to strike thexylophonekeys.Ifthechildcan read the letters of the alphabet, theycaneasilyplaythesimpletunes. Reallyawonderfulitem.Thespine indicatesthatthisisVolume1ofa plannedseries.Thecharmingcolor covers are illustrated by M. deV Lee. $225.00

MOTHER GOOSE SEE ALSO 3, 28, 53, 62, 153-4, 237, 284. 343, 426, 433, 523, 530

BRILLIANT COPY IN DUST WRAPPER 371. MONTGOMERY,L.M. EMILY'S QUEST. NY: Stokes 1927 (1927). 8vo, green cloth, pict. paste-on, fine and bright IN DUST WRAPPER (dw with a few closedtearselseVG+).1sted.The third (and final) book in the Emily series.Illus.byMARIAKIRKwith colorfrontis.thatisrepeatedon cover which is highlighted with silver. A beautiful copy, rare indw. $950.00

MOORE, CLEMENT ­ 136-144, 172


914.764.7410 RARE AMERICAN FANTASY MOVEABLE 376.MOVEABLE. (AMERICAN) A TRIP TO THE MOONbyJ.R.Pepper.Chic.:L.W. Walter,nodateca1910.4to,cl.backedpict. bds,titlepageedgesrestored,textpaper agingelsenearFine.Thenonsensicalstory of Mr. Tramontane and Mr. Giggins who traveltothemooninaspecialautomobile. When they arrive, they immediately return because the people on the moon weretooblaséabouttheirunusualvehicle. Illustrated in brown line on text pages and featuring 5 fantastic and brightly colored tab-operated moveable plates. Rare. $1750.00 DEAN MOVEABLE COCK ROBIN 377.MOVEABLE. (DEAN) DEAN'S MOVEBLE COCK ROBIN. Lond: Dean & Son (1859 code on rear cover). 4to, cl. backed pict. bds, slight cover soil and minor mendsattabareaselseVGFine. Featuring 8 fine handcoloredmoveableplateswith metal grommets on hinged mechanisms operated by levers, with text beneath each illustration. Each leaf has a verse from this classic book. A rare title in Dean's mechanical book series. $3200.00

Pg 50

Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

RARE EARLY MOVEABLE SLICE TYPE MECHANICAL 380.MOVEABLE.(SLICE) A HUNDRED PICTURES * EIN HUNDERT BILDER * CENT TABLEAUX. No publication information, circa 1845. 4to, (8 1/2 x 11"), pictorial boards, near fine. There are six leaves, each with 6 hand-colored lithographed transformation pictures and one hand-colored background scene. Eachoftheleavescanbeliftedandcombinedwitheachotherleaftocreate many different scenes and no matter which leaf you lift, there is always one cohesivepicturethatemerges.Rare. $4250.00

AMERICAN MOVEABLE - DENSLOW IMITATION 378. MOVEABLE. (MOTHER GOOSE) THE MAGIC PICTURE BOOK OF MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES AND MELODIES. NY: Dillingham (1908) 4to, cloth, pict. paste-on, some cover soil and grubbiness, tight and VG. 1st edition. Illustrated by ROBERT H. PORTEOUS in an obvious DENSLOW IMITATION,. Every other page is really a flap that features a bold, vibrant color illustration with the beginning of a MotherGooserhyme.When the flap is lifted, it reveals a different but related picturebeneathitrelatedto theendoftherhyme.Text pages are also illustrated incolor.Boundinthesame format as Denslow's Humpty Dumpty and others, this is really a nice Mother Goose and a rare moveable flap book. $1250.00

MOVING PICTURES RED RIDING HOOD 381. MOVEABLE. (THEATER) LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD IN EIGHT REELS. Milwaukee: Craft Novelty Makers, 1921. 4to, pict. bds, cover soil, else VG+. There is a full page depictionofamovietheatre and where the stage would be is a die-cut hole. There is a moveable wheel below thattellsthestoryofLittle Red as it is turned to show 8 different scenes of the Red Riding Hood Story. The text for each scene in on the opposite page. Rare. $600.00 FINE VOLLAND NOVELTY BOOK IN BOX! 382.MOVEABLE. (VOLLAND) MY PEEK-A-BOO SHOW BOOK by Carrie Dudley.Minneapolis:Buzza,aGordonVollandBook1928.Largeoblong4to,cloth backed pict. bds, Very Fine IN ORIGINAL BOX (box flaps repaired). Written andillustratedbyDudley.Thereare8thickcardboardsceneswithholescutout invariousplaces.Anyoneof these scenes can be placed overanyoneof6paperpages so the reader can change the text and illustrations to create a number of stories(verysimilartoTom Seidmann Freud's grids on her famous toy-books). IllustratedinbrightVolland style, this is a scarce and interestingbook,rareinthe box. $500.00 UNNCOMMON WEHR TITLE 383.MOVEABLE. (WEHR) ANIMATED CIRCUS BOOK by Edward Ernest. Akron: Saalfield (1943). Oblong 4to, spiralboundpictorialboards, sl. rubbing to spine else fine in frayed dw (mended on verso). Illustrated in color and animated by JULIAN WEHR with 4 wonderful moveables operated with tabs, that have several pieces in motion at once. This is a very scarce Wehr title. $400.00



TWINKLING PICTURES by Weedon. Lond:Nister1899.8vo,cl.backedpict. bds, near Fine. Featuring 5 beautiful mechanicalplatesthatdissolvetoreveal different llustrations elow ribbon ies). i b ( t Illus.byPOPGUNandabeautifulcopy. $1600.00

Helen & Marc Younger

Pg 51

[email protected]

BOBO THE CLOWN * HI-HO THE HORSE *LU-LU THE DUCK 384.MOVEABLE.WIGGILY BOOKS: 3 MOVEABLE BOOKS IN BOX.Offered here are 3 books written by Porter housed in the original publisher's box in fine condition (box scuffed). Published by Capitol Pub. Co. in 1948. Each bookmeasures5"widex9"bound in thick pictorial card covers. Attached to the cover of each bookisathickthreedimensional action figure with hinges so that it moves in several different directionsasthebookisshaken (designed by Plowitz). The books are brightly illustrated with color lithos throughout by Chollick. Bo-Bo the clown is a circus story, Hi-Ho is the story of a merry-go-round horse and Lu-Lufeaturesanadorableduck. This is a wonderful 1940's novelty piece. $300.00

MOVEABLE SEE ALSO 60, 113, 286, 348-50, 439 MUSIC SEE 46, 155, 159, 260, 283, 330, 375, 405, 463, 471 MYTH & LEGEND ­ 96, 109, 166, 231, 389, 394, 431, 459 562

humortheinterestandthezipofthebookmakesmethinkitoneofthevery bestOzbookssofar.SincerelyJnoR.Neill."Reillywritesatypedresponse dated March 4th 1922: " Dear John, Packages of drawings for Children's Poems receivedO.K.TheyaresatisfactoryalthoughIthinktheyareuneveninmerit; some are much better than others. Send in your bill and we we'll take care of you.Withbestregards,Verycordially,F.K.Reilly." $4500.00 RED RIDING HOOD AND THE THREE BEARS 387.(NEILL,JOHN R.)illus. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE THREE BEARS TURNOVER BOOK.Chic:Reilly & Lee (1910). 8vo, pict. boards, tips sl. rubbed else fine in chippeddw.AdaptedfromReilly & Britton's Children's Stories That Never Grow Old Series, half of the book contains Little Red Riding Hood at the end of which you flip over the book and the Three Bears begins. Illustrated by J.R. NEILL with color covers and with 16 full pagecolorillus.andafewsmaller colorillus.forbothstories.An especially nice copy, rare in thedw. $475.00

NEILL, JOHN SEE ALSO 72, 74-6, 538

385.NAZI INTEREST. DER GIFTPILZ [THE POISONED MUSHROOM] byErnstHiemer.Nurnberg: Sturmer (1938). 4to, cloth and pictorial boards, some internalmarginsoil,sl.spine wear, VG+. Illustrated in full color by Fips featuring grossly stereotypical depictions of Jewish men and women. The Jews are portrayed as dirty and conniving and the German youth as wholesome and clean.Thistitle,alongwith Elvira Bauer's "Trau Keinem Fuchs" remains one of the most striking examples of the power of propaganda in children's literature, however this title is more difficult to find. NAZI SEE ALSO 29. $3750.00


388.NEVILLE,EMILY. IT'S LIKE THIS, CAT. NY: Harp. Row (1963). Pict. cloth, Fine in dw. Stated 1st ed. A boy's journey to adulthood set in New York City.Illus.byEmilWeiss.NEWBERYAWARDWINNER.Veryscarce. 400.00 $

NEWBERY AWARD ­ WINNERS 210, 332, 388, 464 HONOR- 568

NEILL/ REILLY LETTER REGARDING KABUMPO IN OZ 386.NEILL,JOHN R. LETTER FROM NEILL TO REILLY & LEE WITH RESPONSE. This is a wonderful handwritten lettertoMr.ReillyofReilly and Lee with Reilly's response typed on the side. Neill's letterisdatedJan.12,1922 and reads: Dear F.K. Reilly -Amsendingtodaythelast lot of drawings, completing the illustrations for KabumpoinOz.Incidentally I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the mss. and making the pictures. After illustrating about seventeen Oz books I think it worthwhile to let you know this with my congratulations on having secured an author of such superior qualifications to continue the work of supplying the Oz books. Every feature of the child appeal is handled with the greatestskill.Thewhimsical

NIELSEN'S "EAST OF THE SUN" 389.(NIELSEN,KAY)illus. EAST OF THE SUN AND WEST OF THE MOON. [Lond]Hodder&Stoughton[1914].Large4to,(9x111/2"),bluecloth,extensive gilt decoration, slightest of soil on rear cover else Fine. 1st ed of Nielsen's most desired book, illustrated with pictorial endpapers and featuring 25 magnificent tipped-incolorplateswithletteredguardsaswellasnumerousdetailedblackand whitesthroughoutthetext.Abeautifulcopyofthe1sted. $4750.00 6 NISTER BOOKS IN ORIGINAL BOX 390.NISTER PUB. MY PET'S LIBRARY. Lond: Nister,ndcirca1895.24mo, cloth-backed pict. bds., AS NEW IN ORIGINAL PUBLISHER'S BOX (box slightlyworn).Sixminiature books (3 x 3 5/8"): Sugar and Spice, Playfellows, Kittie, Little Chicks, Miss Mistletoe and Sandcastles each with simple stories. Every book has 4 fine full page chromolithographs plus many in-text illustrations. Rare in the box. $1500.00

NISTER PUB. SEE ALSO 90, 126, 379, 440-1, 515, 517, 521, 546


NOAH'S ARK - 528

Pg 52

Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

STRIKING PICTURE BOOK 391.(NOBLE,EDWIN)illus.HELPERS WITHOUT HANDSbyGladysDavidson. NY: Frederick Stokes circa 1910. 4to, (9" wide x 11), cloth backed decorated boards, pictorial paste-on, nearly as new IN DUST WRAPPER! The text describes how trained animalshelpmanalloverthe world. Arranged according totypeofanimal,itincludes truffle-hunting pigs, camels, polar dogs, police dogs, etc. Illustrated with 32 tipped in illustrations on 16 pages - each page with 2 separate illustrations. Printedwithrichcolorsina style somewhat reminiscent of Nicholson with heavy outlines.Astunningbookin incrediblecondition. 500.00 $

NORWAY - 389

DIRIGIBLE, STEAM ENGINE, FIRE ENGINE - HUGE PAPER TOY BOOK 392.NOVELTY. BOY'S CUT-OUT BOOK. Racine: Whitman 1932. Giant folio (12 1/2 x 19 12/"), pictorial wraps, fine and UNUSED! This is a fabulous paper toy book of die-cut pieces to construct a Dirigible, Fire Rare. Engine, Prairie Schooner, Motor Transport Truck and Airplane Carrier. $750.00

10 POSTERS PROMOTING WORLD PEACE 395.PACIFISM.[POSTERS FOR PEACE].Thisisafolderof10colorposters publishedjointlybytheNationalCouncilforPreventionofWarandtheNational ChildWelfareAssociationin1923.Eachpostermeasures11x14",printedon onesideofthepaperwithapictorialcoversheet.Eachleaffeaturesabeautiful color scene by F.L. Warren showing children from different countries: China, Russia,Italy,France,England,Germany,America,Spain,JapanandHolland.The hand lettered text in verse is meant to show that all children are good and allarealikedespitephysical differences. The first leaf containsthefollowingverse: "In hearts too young for enmity/Thereliestheway to make men free;/ When children's friendships are world-wide, / New ages will be glorified. / Let child love child and strife will cease / Disarm the hearts, for thatisPeace."TheNational Council for Prevention of Warwasfoundedin1921by Quaker pacifist Frederick J. Libby with the purposes of reducing armaments worldwideandtobecomethe center for the distribution ofpeaceinformation. $1200.00


NOVELTIES SEE ALSO 30, 61, 130, 132, 140, 142, 146, 205, 373-5, 381-2, 392, 403-4, 406, 408, 410, 493, 537, 540

396.PANORAMA.RAILWAY PICTURE BOOK.Lond.:Dean&Son,circa1890. Oblong folio, 14 1/2" wide x 9 3/4", 10 large hinged leaves opening accordion style,VG-Fine.Mountedonthickcardpages,eachleafhasincrediblefullpage chromolithographsdepictingtraintravelattheturnofthe19thcenturystarting with buying a ticket at the booking office, to interiors of drawing room and sleepercarstoarrivingatthedestination.Thecolorsarerichandimagesare quitedetailed,signedbyF.Moore.Thefrontpanelisembossedaddingadditional depth of illustration. This is a rare and wonderful children's panorama. (SEE ALSO REAR COVER) $2500.00

PANORAMAS ­ 4, 5, 9, 131, 141, 147, 230, 243, 309, 352, 496


393.([OUTHWAITE],IDA RENTOUL)illus. MOLLIE'S BUNYIP byA.R.RENTOULandI.S.RENTOUL.Melbourne:RobertJolley 1904.Oblong4to,stringboundpictorialwraps,[48]p.,edgesfrayed withsomemends,lastleafrestored(allblankexceptforthelast two letters of the word "end") else really VG+. FIRST EDITION OF OUTHWAITE'S FIRST BOOK done when she was only 16 years old and written by her older sister Ida who was then 22. Illustratedwith11fullpageblackandwhitesand11pagesoftext in calligraphy. Text pages have delicate illustrations in sepia. The story tells about little Mollie who wanders into the woods and gets lost. She meets fairies and is protected by the Bunyip and then returns home. Extremely scarce. $4000.00


RARE AND EARLY OUTHWAITE 394.[OUTHWIATE],IDA RENTOUL)illus. GUM TREE BROWNIE and other FaerieFolkoftheNever-NeverbyTarellaQuin.Melbourneetc.:GeorgeRobertson &Co.nd[1907].Oblongsmall4to,greenpictorialcloth,bevelededges,marbled endpapers, 184p., slight tip and edge wear else VG+. 1st ed. of Outhwaite's third book,illustratedwith31beautifulfullpageandnumerouspartialpageblackand whites that were executed when she was just 19 years old. Although Outhwaite's workhadappearedinmagazinesandintwopreviousbooks,thisworkisimportant as marking "Ida's first major mature work" (Fairy World of I.R.O. p.105). It was also Tarella Quin's first book and it's text is important for setting the "modern" emergenceofAustralianfolkloreseparatefromtheEnglishstoriesthatAustralian childrenhadbeenaccustomedtoreading.SeeFairyWorldofI.R.Outhwaite espp.38-40,alsoMuir:HistoryofAust.Child.Bookillus.70-71. $1350.00



Helen & Marc Younger

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[email protected]

PERE CASTOR 397.(PARAIN,NATHALIE)illus.LE BEAU CHARDON D'ALI BORONtextede May d'Alencon. Paris: Flammarion 1940. Obl. 8vo, pict. wraps, covers sl. dusty elsenearFine.1sted.ofthisscarcePERECASTORtitlewithbeautifulfullpage colorlithos.byParain. $275.00

PEEPSHOW 402.PEEPSHOW.BRIEF ACCOUNT OF THE THAMES TUNNEL.noimprint, Azulay,Printer,ThamesTunnel,ca1855.6x41/2",cl.backedmarbledboards openinglikeabookwithonepageoftextpastedinsidethecover.Somerubbing, VG. The top section depicting the Wapping station is not hand-colored, the remaining 4 panels are. This is a nice peepshow depicting the pedestrian and carriagetunnelundertheThameswhichwascompletedin1843.(SEE ILLUS BOTTOM PRIOR COLUMN) $1000.00 FAIRY TALES WITH "MAGIC GLASSES" 403.PERE CASTOR.ALBUM FEEtextesdeRoseCellietMargueriteReynier. Paris: Flammarion 1933 (1950). 4to, flexible pictorial wraps, Fine and complete with anaglyphglasses.12fairytalesareincluded.Eachpageoftextfacesafullpage2colorillustrationprintedinredandbluebutwhichcannotbeclearlyseen.Whenthe child wears the "magic glasses" provided, they can see 2 pictures - one in red and one inblue.IllustratedbyRussianémigrésartistHeleneGuertik.Rare. $275.00

PERE CASTOR 398.(PARAIN,NATHALIE)illus. NOIX DE COCO ET SOM AMI texte de Marie Colmont. Paris: Flammarion 1940. Obl. 8vo, pict. wraps, near fine. 1st ed. ofthisscarcePERECASTORtitlewithbeautifulfullpagecolorlithos.byParain. Thestoryofalittledogintheforest. $275.00 399.PEAKE,MERVYN. CAPTAIN SLAUGHTERBOARD DROPS ANCHOR. Lond.: Eyre & Spottiswoode 1945. 4to, cloth, fine in dw. 1st ed. with color illustrations, being first published with plain line illustrations in 1939. This 1939 editionwasdestroyedbyenemyactionduringthewar,afterwhichPeakecolored theplatesforthe1945edition.Theillustrationsforthispiratetaleareboth surrealandreal-fullofactionandhumorasonlyPeakecando.SeeWhalley/ Chester History of Children's Book Illustration p.202 where they refer to this title as "one of the most astonishing picture books of the period." $700.00 RARE PERE CASTOR GAME 404.PERE CASTOR.CHACUN SA MAISONparG.DeffontainesetP.Faucher [Pere Castor]. Paris: Flammarion, 1933. Square 4to, pictorial wraps, edge of cover faded and some spine rubbing, VG+ and unused. 1st ed. There are 2 pages of text describing the game followed by 36 cards with bright color lithos by Russian Émigré artist CHEM [Pavlovitch Chemetov] on one side, and with8-10linesoftextontheverso.Thecardsaredividedintogroupsof4from whicheachplayercreatesastoryaboutoneof4characters:Eskimos,Native Americans,Africans,Arabs.Rare. $400.00 MUSIC 405.PERE CASTOR. CHANSONS DE JEUX recueillies par S. Sestier. Paris: Flammarion [1933]. 4to, pictorial wraps, small corner and spine repair, VG. 1st ed. 16 children's singing games are presented with musical notation. Illustratedwithcharmingcolorandb&wlithosbyRussianémigréartistGeorges Tcherkessoff. $250.00 PEAT PAPER DOLLS 400.(PEAT,FERN BISEL)illus. LET'S PLAY STORE. Akron: Saalfield 1933. Oblongfolio,stiffwraps,Fine.AfabulousbookofPAPERDOLLSwith4humans plusfurnitureandmerchandiseincludingcabinets,standsanddozensofgrocery items to be assembled by the user - all brightly illustrated in Peat's distinctive style.Veryscarce. $500.00 PEAT FAIRY TALE SHAPE BOOK 401.(PEAT,FERN BISEL)illus. PICTURE STORY BOOK. Akron: Saalfield 1933. Folio,pictorialwraps,2minormarginmends,nearFine.AbeautifulSHAPEBOOK withtheThreeBearsonthecover.Insidethereareshortversionsof9classic fairytalesincludingPussInBoots,SnowWhite,Hansel&Gretel,ThreePigsetc. IllustratedbyPeatwithboldandbeautifulfullpagecolorillustrations(11incl. covers)Scarce. $200.00


STAINED GLASS NOVELTY 406.PERE CASTOR. CHATEAUX FORTS. Paris: Flammarion 1950. Sq. 4to, stiff pict. wraps, Fine and unused. 1st ed. There are 12 lovely full page illustrationsinsilhouettewiththickframesaroundtheedgesallprintedinblue. Each illustration represents a different aspect of a French chateau (castle) to be used as a design for a stained glass window The child is to cut out the whitesectionsoftheillustration.Thenbycuttingoutpiecesofvariouscolored papersprovidedinthebook,andpastingthemintoopensectionsofthefullpage illustration,thereaderscanmaketheirownstainedglasswindows.Theeffect ismosteffectivewhenheldtothelight.DesignedbyPierreBelves,thisisone themostunusualofthePereCastortitles.Rare. $225.00


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Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

DRAGONFLY 407.PERE CASTOR.DEMOISELLE LIBELLLULEraconteparA.Telier.Paris: Flammarion 1949. Oblong 8vo, pictorial wraps, fine. 1st ed. A story featuring dragonflies. Beautifully illustrated with color lithos by Michel Deleau and AndrePec. $100.00

ZODIAC / STAINED GLASS NOVELTY 412.PERE CASTOR.LES 12 SIGNES DU ZODIAQUE. Paris: Flammarion (1934). Sq. 4to, stiff pict. wraps, Fine and unused. Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is represented with a full page illustration done in stylized, broad black outline. By cutting out the designs and using the thin colored papers provided in the book, the readers can make their own stained glass windows for the various signs. Designed by KATE WOLFF, this is one the most unusual of the Pere Castor titles. Rare. $500.00

PERE CASTOR ALSO 397-8, 477-87, 492, 537 PERRAULT, CHARLES ­ 148, 150, 181, 387, 437, 512, 522, 532, 537

UNUSUAL PERE CASTOR STAINED GLASS NOVELTY BOOK 408.PERE CASTOR.ILLUMINATED PICTURESbyKateWolff.NY:Artists andWritersGuild1935.Sq.4to,stiffpict.wraps,lightfoxingelseFine.Each leaffeaturesanillustrationinbluesilhouettelinewithdesignsintypicalangular 30's style. In a pocket at the front of the book are many pieces of colored paper. Thereaderisdirectedtocutoutthewhiteareasineachillustration,pastethe coloredpaperovertheseholes,andthenholdthecompletedpictureuptothe lightgivingastainedglasseffect.Completelyunusedandveryscarce.$350.00 UNCOMMON AND LOVELY PERE CASTOR TITLE 409.PERE CASTOR. JEUX DE NOURRICES. Paris: Flammarion 1936. Ob. 8vo, pictorial wraps, near fine. 1st ed. A book of nursery rhymes, some with music.IllustratedwithperfectlylovelycolorlithosbyFrancoiseEstachy.An uncommontitle. $200.00


413.PETERSHAM,MAUD & MISKA. AN AMERICAN ABC. NY: Macmillan. 1941 (Sept. 1941). 4to, cloth, near fine in slightly aged, VG+ dust wrapper. First ed. Illustrated in color (litho'd by GLASER) with each letter of the alphabetrepresentedbyapatrioticpicture.AmostattractiveABCbookanda CALDECOTTHONORwinner. $325.00

MINT COPY 414.PETERSHAM,MAUD & MISKA. JOSEPH AND HIS BROTHERS. NY: Macmillan1938(1938).4to,cloth,ASNEWINDUSTWRAPPER.1stedition. ThestoryofJosephfromtheOldTestament,beautifullyillustratedwithrich colorlithosbythePetershams.Agreatcopy. $150.00 RARE PERE CASTOR NOVELTY 410.PERE CASTOR.LANTERNE MAGIQUE.Paris:Flammarion(1935).Sq.4to, stiffpict.wraps,oneillustrationcoloredelsenearFine.Eachoftheillustrations isdoneinstylized,broadblackoutlinebyLALOUVE[KateWolff].Bycuttingout thedesignsandusingthethincoloredpapersprovidedinthebook,thereaders can make their own illustrations to hold in front of the light. There is also a game that can be played, the instructions for which are in the back of the book.DesignedbyLalouve[KateWolff],thisisonethemoreunusualofthePere Castortitles. $500.00 UNUSUAL PERE CASTOR COLLAGE NOVELTY 411.PERE CASTOR.L'ATELIER D'ARLEQUIN.Paris:Flammarion 1937.4to,pictorialwraps,small repair blank corner rear cover, some spine rubbing, VG+ and unused. 1st ed. Illustrated in colorandlinebyC.BELLENFANT. There are several full page color photo illustrations where the colors are comprised of different pieces of fabrics cut and pasted to fit the forms of the characters.Theotherpagesare illus.inyellowlinewithdirections forthereadertocuttheirown fabrics and apply them to the pictures to finish them in color. Scarce. $600.00 RARE PETERSHAM FIRST EDITION 415.PETERSHAM,MAUD & MISKA.MIKI.NY:DoubledayDoran1929(1929), 4to, cloth backed pict. bds, VG+ in sl. worn dust wrapper. Stated 1st ed. A gorgeous picture book set in Hungary, the "first of the international picture books"(Baderp.39).Veryscarceinthe1sted. $350.00

416.PETERSHAM,MAUD & MISKA. THE SILVER MACE: a story of Williamsburg.NY:Macmillan(1956).4to,clothbackedpictorialboards,Finein dustwrapper(dwasafewsmallclosedtears).Stated1sted.,writtenandillus. by the Petershams this is a picture-story book about Williamsburg Virginia in colonialtimes.Lovelyfullpagecolorillus. $125.00

Helen & Marc Younger

Pg 55

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SCARCE PETERSHAM TITLE SIGNED 417.PETERSHAM,MAUD AND MISKA. STORY OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTS. NY: Macmillan (1953). 4to, cloth, fine in sl. worn dw. Stated 1st printing.BiographiesofthepresidentsfromWashingtontoEisenhower.Illus. with2-colorlithosbythePetershams.THISCOPYISSIGNEDBYBOTHMAUD ANDMISKAPETERSHAM. $300.00

STUNNING MARCUS WARD BOOK - DECORATIVE BINDING 422.PICTURE BOOK.MARCUS WARD'S PICTURE LIBRARY OF ANIMALS -Cows,Horses,Poultry,Rabbits.Lond.:MarcusWard,nodate,ownerinscribed 1881. Large 4to, green cloth with elaborate gold, red and black pictorial cover, near fine. Stories for the youngest child accompanied by 20 fine chromolithographed plates and many detailed woodcuts throughout the text. Thestoriesareforthemostpartengagingexceptforthelastwhichdealswith hunters killing human-like bunnies. This is a high quality, well printed picture bookthatMarcusWardisknownfor. $450.00


FIRST EDITION IN RARE DUST WRAPPER 423.PICTURE BOOK. THE PETER PATTER BOOK. Chic: Rand McNally (1918). Folio, greencloth,pict.paste-on,FINEINDUST WRAPPER((dwfrayedwithsomepiecesof edges). 1st edition of this large picture book. A wonderful anthology of rhymes with beautiful full page and in text color illustrationsbyBLANCHEFISHERWRIGHT as well as cover, title and endpapers by MILO WINTER. A beautiful copy, rare indw. $400.00

PHOTOS OF PETS DRESSED AS HUMANS 418.PHOTO ILLUSTRATED. PUPPY AND PUSSY BOOK by Harry Frees. Chic.: Rand McNally 1936. 4to, stiff pictorial wraps, some cover soil else VG. The life of humanized cats and dogs portrayed through full page photos of realcatsanddogsdressedashumansandposedinavarietyofcircumstances. Frees notes that his animal subjects were treated with the utmost respect. AscarceFreestitle. $200.00 419.PHOTO ILLUSTRATED. REALLY BABIES by Elizabeth Brownell. Chic: Rand McNally 1908. 4to, gilt cloth, photo paste-on, 63p., fine in worn and chipped dw.Rhymesforchildren,oneperpage,witheachrhymefacingafullpagephoto ofposedchildrenandwithphotosontextpagesaswell.Typicalturnofthe20th centuryandquitecharmingandscarce. $450.00



FREES PHOTO ILLUSTRATED BUNNIES - RARE TITLE 420.PHOTO ILLUSTRATED. THE SANDMAN: HIS BUNNY STORIES by HarryW.Frees.Bost:Page1918(1stimpressionSept.1918).8vo,greypict.cloth, 274p.+18p.publishercatalogue,nearFine.1sted.23storiesstarringpuppies, featuring32amazingfullpagePHOTOILLUSTRATIONSofrealbunniesdressed up and posed performing various activities that match the stories (pictorial endpapersaswell).Agreatcopyofacharmingandraretitle. $650.00


GREAT BRITISH FANTASY PICTURE BOOK 424.PICTURE BOOK. THE PICKLETONS by Ingles Rhode. Lond: Dean nd [1897]. Large obl. 4to, clothbackedpict.bds,some edge and cover wear and some margin fraying else, mendonrearendpaper,VG. Told and drawn by Rhode who has a unique style and sense of humor. Each page of calligraphic text faces full page chromolithograph of the Pickletons- 3 boys who run away from home and embark upon a fantasy trip. There is even a family motto "Perservere=Pykelton. Terrific $600.00

GREAT TUCK VICTORIAN PICTURE BOOK 425.PICTURE BOOK. PROVERBS OLD NEWLY TOLD by Clifton Bingham. Lond.: Tuck nd ca 1900. Folio, cl. backed pict. bds, 2 archival margin mends, some cover rubbing and paper toning, VG+. All the standard proverbs are offered - Better Late Than Never, A Bird In The Hand etc., illustrated with 12 fabulous full page chromolithographsmuchinthestyleofJohn Hassall,plusinb&wonalltheotherpages. Great! $400.00

BLACKIE PICTURE BOOK BY DERRICK OF THE "ARK BOOK" 421.PICTURE BOOK. A DAY IN ANIMAL TOWN by Freda Derrick.Lond.:Blackienodate. Obl. 4to, cl. backed pict. bds, fine in dust wrapper with large piece off cover. Life in a town populatedbyhumanizedanimals, illustrated by Derrick with striking and bold full pagecolor illustrations opposite each page of text. In the same size and format of her famousArk Book but considerably less common. $300.00

914.764.7410 UGLY DUCKLING * COCK ROBIN * MOTHER HUBBARD AND MORE 426.PICTURE BOOK. SNOWWHITE AND ROSE-RED PICTURE BOOK containing Little Snow White, the Ugly Duckling, Cock Robin, Mother Hubbard and other nursery tales. Lond.: Geo. Routledge, no date, owner inscription dated 1870. 4to, pictorial cloth, near fine. Illustrated with 24 beautifully composed full page color lithographs printed on one sideofthepaperbytheLeighton Brothers. This is a beautiful copyofaveryuncommonpicture book. $600.00

PIGS ­ 41, 63, 211, 265, 341, 364, 449

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Aleph-Bet Books - Catalogue 88

John Henry has shown me an important link between pivotal and opposite African American folk heroes. Brer Rabbit, the sly trickster, originated during slavery and was the first African American folk hero. Slaves who wanted to get the better of their masters needed to be cunning and sly -- hence the trickster role.' " (from Penguin web site). The pieces offered are: a. "Rabbit Makes a Monkey of Lion" watercolor appears as a double page spread on p.6-7. The image is 17" wide x 10 1/2" high on art paper 18 1/2" x 11 1/2" signed. Rabbit is seen emerging from his house in the tree trunk and he is talking to a yellow, red and black bird on a branch.$9,500.00 b.RabbitandFoxonroof­adetailedpenandinkthatappearsonpage5.The image measures 6 1/2" wide x 7" high on art paper 7 1/2 x 11 ¼. $2000.00


427.PINKNEY,JERRY (HARRIS,JOEL CHANDLER)illus. ORIGINAL ART: MORE TALES OF UNCLE REMUS by Joel Chandler Harris. We are pleased to offer 2 pieces of art by Pinkney used in his edition of More Tales of Uncle Remus published in 1988 by Dial (1 watercolor and one pen and ink). "Jerry Pinkney has been illustrating children's books since 1964 and has the rare distinction of being the recipient of three Caldecott Honor Medals -- in 1995 for John Henry by Julius Lester (Dial), in 1990 for The Talking Eggs by Robert D. San Souci (Dial) and in 1989 for Mirandy and Brother Wind by PatriciaC.McKissack(Knopf).HehaswontheCorettaScottKingAwardthree times and a Coretta Scott King Honor twice. Mr. Pinkney has received four awards for his body of work: the Drexel Citation for Children's Literature, the David McCord Award , the Philadelphia School of Art and Design Alumni Award, and the Keene State College Children's Literature Festival Award. In addition to his work on children's books, he is an extremely successful artist who has had eleven one-man retrospectives at venues ranging from the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists to the Art InstituteofChicago.Mr.Pinkneyhasillustratedforawidevarietyofclients, including National Geographic , the National Parks Service, the U.S. Postal Service, the American Library Association and the Association of Booksellers for Children.... Many of Mr. Pinkney's children's books celebrate multicultural and African American themes. `Working on both the Uncle Remus tales and



Helen & Marc Younger


Pg 57

[email protected]

GUY ARNOUX LIMITED EDITION 428.POCHOIR. HISTOIRE DE LA RAMEE: SOLDAT FRANCAIS by Guy Arnoux. Paris: Devambez 1918. Folio, pict. wraps, light cover soil, VG+. LIMITED TO 325 NUMBEREDCOPIES.Illus.with15 beautiful hand-colored POCHOIR illustrations. $400.00

SIGNED BY POGANY 432.(POGANY,WILLY)illus. THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINERbySamuel TaylorColeridge.NY:Crowell(1910).Folio, green gilt pictorial cloth, top edge gilt, others trimmed, gilt on spine dulled else Fine. First U.S. edition (same year as UK ed.). A magnificent production illustrated byPoganywithpictorialendpapersandtitle page,tipped-incolorillustrations,fullpage colorillustrations,calligraphictextenclosed inpictorialborderswithdecorativeinitials, plus smaller black and whites in-text - all ART NOUVEAU IN STYLE. Produced by VincentBrooksandB.Dalziel,THISCOPY ISSIGNEDBYPOGANY.Thisisaspecial copy of one of Pogany's most desired & lavish books. $1600.00 RARE POGANY BOOK IN DUST WRAPPER 433. POGANY,WILLY)illus. LITTLE MOTHER GOOSE.NY:McBrideNast1915. ( 4to,bds,pict.paste-on,Fine IN THE RARE PICTORIAL DUST WRAPPER (dw sl. frayed). The first in a new series intended by the publishertoconformtothe high standards of books by Crane and Caldecott. Illus. with16colorplatesbyPogany (8double-page)andinbrown line on every page of text alldoneinastyledifferent fromanyofhisotherbooks (except for the companion titles in this series). Not related at all to his later Art Deco Mother Goose, this has charming, realistic illustrations with each page of illustration individually hingedintothebinding.The dust wrapper illustration is not duplicated in the text.AveryscarcePogany title, incredibly rare in thedw. $1200.00 CALDECOTT HONOR INSCRIBED WITH SUPERB WATERCOLOR 434. POLITI,LEO. JUANITA. NY: Scribner 1948. 4to, 1/4 cloth, Fine in sl. worn dw. 1st ed. ("A" on title page). The story of a little girl, set in Mexico and wonderfully illustrated with brightcolorsthroughout.This copyisWARMLYINSCRIBED BYPOLITITOHISCOUSIN with a fine and magnificent watercolor holding a dove. CALDECOTTHONOR. $800.00

POLO - 438

GUY ARNOUX'S BEAUTIFUL POCHOIR ILLUSTRATIONS 429.POCHOIR. LE SOLDAT FRANCAIS DANS LES GUERRES (FRENCH SOLDIERS AT WAR) by GUY ARNOUX. Paris: Societe Litteraire de France (1916). Large 4to, cloth, pict. pate-on, some cover soil else near FINE. A very beautiful book, with vibrant pochoir illustrations on every page (printed on rectos only) that accompany minimal text which is printed on tissue guards. 430.POCHOIR. REIMS, LA CATHEDRALE texte de R. Burnand.Paris:BergerLevrault, ndcirca1920.Largeoblong4to, cloth backed pictorial boards, some soil and bowing of covers else tight, clean and Very Good+ condition. A magnificent children's book, illustrated by BENITO (Edouard Garcia) with 3 double-page, 11 full page and 8 in-text vibrant and striking hand-colored illustrations. A beauty. $475.00 $400.00

431.(POGANY,WILLY)illus. TISZA TALES byRosikaSchwimmer.NY:Doub. Doran(1928).4to,bluecloth,225p.,FINEinslightlyworn,VG+dustwrapper. Stated1sted.TalesandlegendsfromHUNGARY,arebeautifullyillustratedby Poganywithcolordustwrapper,pictorialendpapersandtitle,8colorplatesand many beautiful b&w's. THIS COPY HAS 2 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS THAT APPEAR INTHEBOOKoppositepages58and178.Theimagesarethesamesizeaspublished (4 1/4 x 5 3/4") and they are signed. Both are finished watercolors that omit white andblackthatwereprobablyusedtocheckcolorswiththeprinter.Thepieces are very detailed and heavily decorated. This copy has a nice INSCRIPTION FROM THE AUTHOR. What a great copy of this book! $2750.00


RARE BLUE RIBBON MIDGET POP-UP 435.POP-UP. (BLUE RIBBON / PLEASURE BOOKS) BUCK ROGERS IN THE DANGEROUS MISSION by Lt. Dick Calkins andPhilNowlan.Chic:PleasureBooks(1935). 16mo,pict.bds,lightwear,VG+.ArareBlue Ribbon Midget pop-up with a center doublepage color pop-up and b&w's in-text. scarce. See Whitten: Paper Toys of the World. Quite $600.00


19 pages

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