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Site bushfire attack assessment, including any construction details necessary to satisfy the requirements of AS3959 "Buildings in bushfireprone areas" Construction details for the solid base infill, including details of the provision of subfloor ventilation. Floor, wall and roof framing layouts, specifying all member sizes and including wall bracing calculations and details A complete framing tie down schedule in accordance with the requirements of Section 9 of AS1684.2-2006. Engineers design for subfloor tie downs, including verification of the ability of the tie downs to provide the required subfloor bracing. Construction details to satisfy the water efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia If the structure is to be split/cut into sections, full details of where and what members are to be cut, full details of any temporary strutting and/or blocking required to ensure the stability of the building, and full details of how the members are to be rejoined. (Note: engineering detail may be required.) A statement of compliance from a qualified Electrical Contractor certifying that the electrical wiring and installations meet current regulations. A glazing audit from a suitably qualified glazier to confirm that all glass in the building complies with the requirements of AS1288-2006 "Glass in buildings ­ selection and installation" Wet area construction details to satisfy the requirements of AS3740-2004 "Waterproofing of wet areas within residential buildings" and Ministers Specification SA F1.7-2004 "Waterproofing of wet areas in buildings ­ additional requirements" Energy efficiency assessment

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May 2010

DETAILS TO BE LODGED The building will be required to meet, in all respects, the requirements of the Development Act and Regulations, the Planning Objectives of Council and the requirements of the Building Code of Australia as it applies in South Australia including the requirements for buildings in bushfire-prone areas. The details to be lodged will be the same as for a new building with regard to building and planning matters, this includes:For planning consent; Copy of current Certificate of Title. A site plan to a scale of not less than 1:200 showing the location of the dwelling and including site contours, bench level and finished floor level and the full extent of any proposed cut and/or fill, all in relation to a fixed reference point. The site plan must also include distances from boundaries and the extent and height of any proposed retaining walls. A floor plan to a scale of not less than 1:100 showing the use for all rooms in the dwelling. Elevations for the dwelling to a scale of not less than 1:100, indicating cladding materials and colours. . If the structure is proposed/required to be re-clad either wholly or partly, the old cladding is to be removed prior to the building being brought onto the site, and the recladding shall be carried out using new materials. Complete details of materials must be provided with the application. NOTE: The transportation of buildings with materials containing asbestos is not permitted. The applicant should contact the Mineral Fibres Unit of SafeWork SA for advice in regard to testing of materials to determine if they contain asbestos and for advice in regard to removal of materials containing asbestos.

Details of a solid base infill directly under the external walls. An application for a waste control system, including payment of the required fee, will need to be lodged and approval obtained prior to re-location of the dwelling. A financial guarantee (in the form of a bank guarantee) to ensure that certain work is carried out within the time stipulated and in accordance with the details lodged/ approved, will be sought. The amount of the guarantee must be sufficient to cover the work stipulated. A signed agreement setting out the details of the financial guarantee must be submitted at the time of lodgement. Confirmation of the time for completion, along with the financial guarantee will be required before any part of the building arrives on site. For building rules consent; A building specification to reference all relevant Australian Standards and materials used in the construction A section detail for the dwelling to a scale of not less than 1:50 Soil classification for the proposed development site Site wind speed assessment. If this is not provided a site wind speed of 41m/s (classification N3) will be assumed Footing details Details of the method of termite protection

POLICY: The Council does not encourage the introduction of preused buildings into the Council area or re-location of pre-used buildings within the Council area for use as dwellings. PROCEDURE: If an application is lodged proposing the introduction of a pre-used building into the Council area or re-location of a pre-used building within the Council area for use as a dwelling, the following procedures shall be followed. INSPECTION Council staff shall inspect the building on its present site. NOTE: The inspection is not for the purposes of determining compliance with the Building Rules, it is only to gain a clear indication of the buildings general appearance and condition. The applicant is to provide details of the buildings present location, how and when access to the building can be provided, including contact persons, phone number etc., to enable the inspection to be arranged. The cost of the inspection will be based on the distance travelled plus the time taken at a rate described under our Fees & Charges. A minimum cost of $100.00 will apply irrespective of distance or time for any inspection. The applicant shall bear the full cost of the inspection and costs incurred, and this amount shall be paid prior to the inspection being carried out.

Site bushfire attack assessment, including any construction details necessary to satisfy the requirements of AS3959 "Buildings in bushfire-prone


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