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Daracem 19CF-M


Concrete Superplasticiser

Description Daracem 19CF-M is a high performance liquid, concrete superplasticiser that has been developed to impart extreme workability to concrete mixes so that large or difficult pours can be made, whilst maintaining excellent slump retention properties, coupled with minimal set retardation characteristics especially under hot climatical conditions.

Daracem 19CF-M can also be utilized to effect large water reductions achieving high performance in both plastic and hardened states. It is an extremely powerful defloculating agent and performs by effectively dispersing cement thus dramatically increasing flow characteristics. Main applicational areas are : · High quality concrete for durable structures. · Bridge deck slabs. · Microsilica concrete. · Pozzolanic and blast furnace slag concretes. · Reinforced and pre-stressed precast elements. · In-situ structures. Daracem 19CF-M conforms to the requirements of ASTM C494 Type D and G, BS 5075 Part 3 and ASTM C1017.


· High compressive strength concrete especially at early ages. · High workability concrete mix with Daracem 19CF-M will have the same or higher compressive strength compared to plain concrete of similar w/c ratio. · Plastic concrete exhibits high cohesion, fluidity and flowability. · Excellent slump retention properties even at high ambient temperatures, whilst exhibiting minimal set retardation. · Addition of Daracem 19CF-M to plain concrete allows a water reduction of upto 30%. · Low water/cement ratio, leads to excellent durability of concrete. · Good Surface finish, providing highly aesthetic concrete appearance.

Bulk Storage: 12 months from date of delivery. Compatibility With cements: Daracem 19CF-M is compatible with all Portland, Pozzolanic and Blast furnace cements. It is also compatible with concrete containing fly ash and or silica fume. With other admixtures: Daracem 19CF-M is compatible with all Grace Construction Products admixtures and particularly can be used in conjunction with airentraining agents. It is advisable to add all admixtures separately to a cementitious mix. Method of Use Daracem 19CF-M is supplied ready for use, and should be added to concrete mixes either during the mixing cycle or at the same time as the water, or alternatively it should be added in its supplied form to a normal concrete mix a few minutes before the pour is made.

In the latter case a mixing cycle of at least 2 minutes should be provided to ensure complete dispersion.

Typical Properties Appearance: Dark brown liquid. Specific Gravity: 1.20 at 20°C. Air Entrainment: 0.5% Chloride Content: Nil Storage life in manufacturer's drums: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Addition Rates Range: 0.60% - 2.0% by weight of cement. The optimum dosage is assessed after preliminary trials depending upon the actual mix constituents and specifications required.

Addition rates outside of the recommended dosage range may be used for special concrete applications. In such circumstances it is important to conduct preliminary trials on the actual mix constituents to assess the effect on the properties of the concrete, at the dosage level specified.

Dispensing It is preferable that liquid admixtures for concrete should be introduced into a mixer by means of automatic dispensing equipment, details of which can be supplied upon request. Health and Safety For further information see the Daracem 19CF-M Material Safety Data Sheet, or consult Emirates Chemicals LLC. Packaging Daracem 19CF-M is supplied in 210 litre free, non-returnable containers.

Alternatively, bulk deliveries can be arranged.

Technical Service The Technical Department is available to assist you in the correct use of our products and its resources are at your disposal entirely without obligation.

Contact: Emirates Chemicals LLC P.O. Box 5006 Dubai, U.A.E. Tel : +971 (4) 3374484 Fax : +971 (4) 3347104 E-mail : [email protected]

Effects of Overdosing Serious overdosing of Daracem 19CF-M will generally produce a concrete mix of even greater workability. Set retardation and a slight increase in air entrainment may be noticed. In cooler weather, set retardation will be further increased. If intentional or accidental increases above the recommended addition rates are employed, care must be taken to allow for the effect on the stripping time of formwork. In such cases, however, provided the concrete is properly cured the ultimate strength will generally be higher than for normal concrete.


Daracem 19CF-M should preferably be stored protected from frost. If the product does become frozen it should be carefully mixed, after thawing out, to restore it to its normal state

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Daracem is a registered trademark of W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn.

We hope the information here will be helpful. It is based on data and knowledge considered to be true and accurate and is offered for the user's consideration investigation and verification, but we do not warrant the results to be obtained. Please read all statements, recommendations, or suggestions in conjunction with our conditions of sale, which apply to all goods supplied by us. No statement, recommendation or suggestion is intended for any use which would infringe any patent or copyright. Emirates Chemicals LLC, PO Box 5006 Dubai, U.A.E. This product may be covered by patents or patents pending. Copyright 2000, Emirates Chemicals LLC DA76 Printed in U.A.E. 05/12/2000


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