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Advanced Lightwire Functionals

A Whole-Body Approach to Orthodontics

About Dr. Lemke

Education and Training · 1980: graduated as dentist from University of Cologne in Germany as DDS · 1982: PhD in dentistry from University of Cologne, Germany · 1986 to '95: specialty training in homeopathy, electro-acupuncture, acupuncture physiology, and nutrition in Luebeck, Freudenstadt, and Baden-Baden, Germany · 1990: graduated from Paracelsus School for Naturopathy in Frankfurt, Germany, as Doctor of Naturopathy, ND · 1998: graduated as dentist from University of Pennsylvania, DMD

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Introductory Course At Your Practice

Ljuba Lemke, DMD, PhD, ND

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In 2002 Dr. Lemke came across a different way of doing orthodontic treatment: ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals). The concept immediately made sense to her and she decided to try it on herself. The dramatic positive changes in overall well-being made her pursue extensive training in orthodontics in general and ALF in particular. Dr. Lemke is seeing ALF patients in private practice in Cherry Hill, NJ, and Durango, CO.

For inquiries and to arrange your seminar dates contact: Ljuba Lemke, DMD, PhD, ND Tel. (856) 979 7566 [email protected]

April 2008

What is ALF? · ALF stands for Advanced Lightwire Functionals. · The method was developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom in Hollister, CA, in the early 1980s. He was inspired by the Crozat method ( and incorporated principles of cranial osteopathy in his ALF design. · ALF is a method of f u n c t i o n a l o r t h o d o n t i c s that addresses the whole body rather than just make teeth look straight. · ALF treatment works with the body's innate movement which, in osteopathic terms, is called `cranio-sacral motion'. The bones of the head are not rigidly fused together! In good health there is a minute, rhythmical movement between the bones. · Several causes can lock the cranial bones up and impair this movement, e.g. birth trauma or accidents. · The ALF appliance is made of a light, highly flexible wire that acts like a cranial adjustment 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. · The first phase of ALF treatment aims to release cranial strains, i.e. distortions of the head. · The second phase achieves arch development, functional jaw relation, and final teeth alignment. ALF treatment has been found to help a variety of health issues seemingly unrelated to teeth: · headaches and migraines · vision and hearing problems · neck and back pain · developmental delays · TMJ dysfunction ... and more

Why become an ALF practitioner? While mainstream o r t h o d o n t i c teaching has not embraced a whole body approach (yet), a huge number of patients is in tune with this concept. Since I started my ALF ortho practice in 2003, I have had an increasing number of patients who were looking for an alternative to conventional braces. My practice has steadily grown to a point where I am no longer able to cope with the number of inquiries and treatment requests from all over the country. The frontier science of Advanced L ightwire F unctionals was deemed so important that the Cranial Academy decided to run an entire 4-day conference in June 2008 on the topic of facial development and ALF treatment. You should take this course if you want to add a new dimension to your practice, thus attracting a different group of patients want to go easier on your back and neck have children of your own who need orthodontic treatment.

Seminar Outline

Module 1 Day 1: AM Theory: basics of ALF treatment PM Clinical: diagnostic records of 4 patients Day 2: AM Theory: treatment planning for 4 patients PM Hands-on: wire bending, soldering, canial palpation skills 4 weeks later Module 2 Day 1: AM Theory: basics of cranial osteopathy, general ALF treatment planning PM Clinical: 4 patients / ALF insertion Day 2: AM Theory: ALF adjustments PM Practical: diagnose and treatment plan new cases Hands-on: more wire bending and soldering, cranial palpation skills 4 weeks later Module 3 Day 1 AM Theory: ALF ­ tips and tricks, Q&A PM Clinical: 4 patients for 1st adjustment Day 2 AM Practical: diagnose and treatment plan new cases PM Hands-on: more wire bending and soldering, cranial palpation skills Clinical: opportunity to see more patients 8 weeks later Module 4 Day 1: AM: Theory: Basics of nutrition, body work, and home exercises that support ALF PM: Clinical: 4 Patients for 2nd adjustment Day 2: AM: Theory: Troubleshooting, Q&A Practical: Diagnose and treatment plan new cases PM: Hands-on: more wire bending and soldering, cranial palpation skills Clinical: opportunity to see more patients


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This is the only ALF introductory course that covers theory and practice at the same time. Here is why it will give you the steepest learning curve: · theory and practice go hand in hand because you start treating your own patient(s) from Day 1 · you have continuous guidance and support from Dr. Lemke who is an experienced ALF practitioner · you are in your home environment and can immediately implement what you learn in your own practice · the number of dentists per course is limited to four.


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