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2010 | 2011

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Dear Band Director,

levels of difficulty, including:

SerieS GuidelineS

DiamonD SerieS (Grade 3­4)

Instrumentation: Full marching band instrumentation with three trumpet parts and two trombone parts. Woodwind parts are written for maximum projection and have independent scoring. Features: Arrangements are designed for both field show and stands use, written with maximum general effect.

Hello and welcome to the 2010­2011 New Releases for Marching and Pep Band from Alfred Music Publishing. We have a

wide variety of terrific new charts at all · The hottest hits from today's stars, including Miley Cyrus, Jay Sean, Rascal Flatts, T.I., and Green Day. · Music from new and classic movies such as Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince and Fame. · Popular classic rock and pop tunes including hits from Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Journey, The Rolling Stones, Huey Lewis and the News, Van Halen, and Bruce Springsteen. · Jazz and big band favorites, TV themes, and some terrific marching band originals! We are also pleased to offer four halftime shows, with drills available through Marching Show Concepts. All arrangements in every series (except the Diamond Series) include Keyboard/ Synthesizer, Electric Bass, and Drum Set parts for pep band performance. Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm for our marching band products, and best wishes for a great year! Sincerely,

mega SounDS SerieS (Grade 2½­3)

Instrumentation: Two trumpet parts, low brass and woodwind parts 1 and 2 in both bass and treble clef. Optional alto saxophone part is provided that doubles the low brass and woodwind part 1. Features: The instrumentation gives directors an opportunity to balance the lower voices to fit their needs. If few trombones are available, that part can be covered by the optional alto saxophone part. These arrangements are designed for both field and stands/pep band use. This is the perfect series for smaller bands that still want technically challenging arrangements.

Big anD eaSy SerieS (Grade 2)

Instrumentation: Two trumpet parts, one trombone part. An optional baritone part is included, which doubles the tuba. Also, an optional clarinet part is provided, which does not go over the break. Features: This series is designed for young or lessexperienced groups, or for any group with limited rehearsal time. Includes limited ranges and rhythms that are big sounding, yet easy to play. A great variety of styles is presented. Optional parts: B-flat clarinet, B-flat horn, tonal bass

drums, electric bass/optional baritone B.C., optional baritone T.C., baritone saxophone.

eaSy PoPS SerieS (Grade 2)

Instrumentation: Similar to the Big and Easy Series, except that there are low brass and woodwind parts 1 and 2 in both treble and bass clefs. Features: Pop/rock oriented material perfect for the stands or pep band, as well as auxiliary features and production numbers.

Very eaSy PoPS SerieS (Grade 1½)

Instrumentation: Single parts for trumpet, trombone/ baritone, horn, tuba, clarinet, and flute. Tenor saxophone doubles trombone/baritone, and baritone saxophone doubles the tuba. A bass drum part for single pitch is provided. Features: These arrangements are intended to be performance-ready for high school bands in a hurry. Great for young bands as well, the arrangements are short and to the point and are written to sound full with any size band.

Mike Story

alfreD'S 2010­2011 marching BanD & PeP BanD new releaSeS

CD 1 DiamonD SerieS

1. Welcome

CD 1, Track 16

CD 1, Track 22

Hey Baby! F Grade 3

mega SounDS SerieS

2. Whipping Post (00-33807) 3. daedalus, Part 1: labyrinth and Minotaur (00-33808) 4. daedalus, Part 2: daedalus and icarus (00-33809) 5. daedalus, Part 3: Mourning icarus and reprise (00-33810)

DiamonD SerieS

CD 1, Track 2

mega SounDS SerieS

CD 1, Track 10

As recorded by Bruce Channel, arr. Victor López (00-787) $50.00

Cuban Coffee F Grade 3 By Victor López (00-796) $50.00

This sizzling Latin original starts out big and bold and just keeps on coming! Featuring solid Latin grooves and commanding harmonies, this is marching band at its best! (1:41)

Q any Way you Want it F Grade 3

As recorded by Journey, arr. Ralph Ford (00-1660) $50.00

Whipping Post F Grade 4

As recorded by The Allman Brothers Band, arr. Ralph Ford, perc. arr. by T. Adam Blackstock (00-807) $55.00

The classic hit from the rock band Journey gets a fresh new treatment in this great chart from Ralph Ford. This arrangement is big, fat, and full-sounding, but will come together in rehearsal quickly. (1:10)

Here is the classic song that is one of the most popular tunes with football crowds everywhere. This arrangement by Victor López is big and bold, and will come together quickly. A great stands tune year after year! (1:25)

CD 1, Track 17

CD 1, Track 23

roundabout F Grade 3

As recorded by Yes, arr. Brian Scott (00-800) $50.00

Hip-Hop Timeouts F Grade 2½

Various, arr. Ralph Ford (00-80) $50.00

CD 1, Track 11 CD 1, Track 6

6. Whole lotta love (00-33792) 7. immigrant Song (00-31664) 8. Heartbreaker (00-33793) 9. Stairway to Heaven (00-33794) 10. Any Way You Want it (00-31660) 11. Open Arms (00-33791) 12. don't Stop Believin' (00-33795) 13. Party in the u.S.A. (00-33804) 14. ( ance and Shout) Shake Your Body d down to the Ground (00-33789) 15. The Heart of rock & roll (00-33788) 16. Hey Baby! (00-33787) 17. roundabout (00-33800) 18. Fame (00-33785) 19. Panama (00-33805) 20. Wizard Wheezes (from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) (00-33786) 21. Hip to be Square (00-33806) 22. Cuban Coffee (00-33796) 23. Hip-Hop Timeouts (00-33802) 24. dr. Feelgood (00-33797) 25. Take the "A" Train (00-33790) 26. Shorties #16 (00-33803) 27. She'd Be California (00-33798) 28. You Are the new day (00-33799) 29. ramblin' Man (00-33801)

Here is the classic hit turned into an "in-your-face" down and dirty showcase for your band. Ralph Ford pulls out all of the stops on this one, with hot trumpet and trombone solos, driving percussion, and high impact sounds from start to finish. (2:08)

open arms F Grade 3

As recorded by Journey, arr. Victor López (00-791) $50.00

Whole Lotta Love F Grade 3

As recorded by Led Zeppelin, arr. Ralph Ford (00-79) $50.00

Daedalus Show

CD 1, Track 3

This driving Ralph Ford arrangement of one of Led Zeppelin's biggest hits is a perfect fit in our Led Zeppelin halftime show. It also works great as a stands or pep band tune. (1:28)

Daedalus, Part 1: Labyrinth and minotaur F Grade 3½

By Thomas Bough, perc. by Jim Bailey (00-808) $75.00

CD 1, Track 7

Q immigrant Song F Grade 3

As recorded by Led Zeppelin, arr. Ralph Ford (00-1664) $50.00

One of the best power ballads ever written is now ready for your marching band! This Victor López arrangement of the song made famous by Journey would be perfect in a halftime show as well as during homecoming festivities. Featuring easy low brass and trumpet solos, this will be a fan favorite for years to come. (2:48)

The innovative music from the rock group Yes is as fresh and exciting today as it was when it was first released. Writer Brian Scott has crafted a driving arrangement of one of their biggest hits. This creative chart will be a favorite year after year! (2:03)

Get the crowd going this year with this set of three timeout-length arrangements of some of the most popular hip-hop tunes ever. Featuring "Let's Go," "Whatever You Like," and "Live Your Life," these charts will come together with very little rehearsal time. (2:17)

CD 1, Track 18

CD 1, Track 24

Fame F Grade 3

By Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford, arr. Victor López (00-785) $50.00

Dr. Feelgood F Grade 3 As recorded by Mötley Crüe, arr. Roland Barrett (00-797) $50.00

Do you want a really strong stands tune this year? Here it is! Veteran arranger Roland Barrett gives us a real kickin' version of this classic hit from Mötley Crüe. It has lots of rhythmic drive that will rock your stands this fall! (1:33)

CD 1, Track 12

Don't Stop Believin' F Grade 3

As recorded by Journey, arr. Brian Scott (00-795) $50.00

This spectacular halftime show portrays the mythological story of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and perished, told from the perspective of his father, Daedalus. Part 1 depicts Daedalus, after being imprisoned in the labyrinth, escaping the Minotaur by assembling wings made of wax and feathers. Contains innovative, colorful scoring and unique rhythmic drive. (2:56)

Get ready to "rock the house" with this pumped-up Ralph Ford arrangement of a Led Zeppelin classic. It'll be a sure-fire hit for 2010! (1:28)

From the musical film released in September 2009 comes the title song in a solidly scored, driving arrangement by Victor López. It's perfect for the field, stands, and pep bands. (1:36)

CD 1, Track 19

CD 1, Track 25

CD 1, Track 8

Heartbreaker F Grade 3

As recorded by Led Zeppelin, arr. Ralph Ford (00-79) $50.00

The inspirational rocker from Journey is popular again due to the Fox TV show Glee. Horn and trumpet have optional solo opportunities in this solidly scored arrangement from Brian Scott. A real winner! (2:18)

Panama F Grade 3

As recorded by Van Halen, arr. Nick Baratta (00-805) $50.00

Take the "a" Train F Grade 3

By Billy Strayhorn, arr. Shane Porter (00-790) $50.00

CD 1, Track 4

CD 2 Big & eaSy SerieS

Daedalus, Part 2: Daedalus and icarus F Grade 3

By Thomas Bough, perc. by Jim Bailey (00-809) $65.00

Here is the bluesy classic in a dynamic new arrangement. Designed as either a stands chart or part of a Led Zeppelin halftime show, this one rocks hard from start to finish! (1:39)

CD 1, Track 13

Rock out in the stands this year with this dynamite arrangement of one of Van Halen's biggest hits! This is Nick Baratta at his best--a driving rock tune in a hip new chart! (1:31)

Party in the u.S.a. F Grade 3

As recorded by Miley Cyrus, arr. Victor López (00-804) $50.00

CD 1, Track 20

eaSy PoPS SerieS

1. 21st Century Breakdown (00-33776) 2. 21 Guns (00-33777) 3. Know Your enemy (00-33778) 4. el Zorro (The Fox) (00-33774) 5. livin' la Vida loca (00-33775) 6. C'mon n' ride it (The Train) (00-33781) 7. Stompin' At the Savoy (00-33780) 8. Stars and Stripes Forever (00-33779) 9. Shake, rattle and roll (00-33782) 10. Firebird Finale (00-MBM05019)

CD 1, Track 9

Wizard Wheezes (from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) F Grade 3

By Nicholas Hooper, arr. Victor López (00-786) $50.00

Duke Ellington never imagined his most famous tune quite like this! Shane Porter pulls out all of the stops with this terrific new arrangement. Contrasting styles, colorful scoring, and a huge ending set this tasty chart apart from the rest. Outstanding! (1:17)

CD 1, Track 26

Shorties #16 F Grade 3

Various, arr. Victor López (00-80) $55.00

Stairway to Heaven F Grade 3

As recorded by Led Zeppelin, arr. Ralph Ford (00-794) $50.00

Daedalus warns the impetuous Icarus about the dangers of flying too high, eliciting a playful response. These themes are developed by increasingly larger portions of the ensemble, culminating in a final desperate scream from Daedalus. (2:12)

CD 1, Track 5

Very eaSy PoPS SerieS

11. down (00-33772) 12. Billie Jean (00-33769) 13. Smooth (00-33771) 14. Girls, Girls, Girls (00-33767) 15. Jumpin' Jack Flash (00-33768) 16. Glory days (00-33770)

Daedalus, Part 3: mourning icarus and reprise F Grade 3½

By Thomas Bough, perc. by Jim Bailey (00-810) $75.00

Bring your halftime show to a stunning conclusion with this arrangement of one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Beginning with a lyrical trumpet solo, the piece builds both in tempo and texture to a spectacular ending. (2:49)

Here is a Miley Cyrus 2009 megahit in a terrific arrangement by veteran writer Victor López. This one has a great "hook," and will be a party tune favorite for your marching or pep band everywhere. (1:45)

CD 1, Track 14

(Dance and Shout) Shake your Body Down to the ground F Grade 3

As recorded by Michael Jackson, arr. Nick Baratta (00-789) $50.00

Here is a totally rip-roaring swing tune à la "Sing, Sing, Sing" from the soundtrack to the blockbuster movie Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince. Featuring driving percussion and your hottest trumpet soloist, this one will be a crowd favorite! (1:38)

CD 1, Track 21

Victor López does it again! The 16th installment of the popular Shorties series contains "Push It," "Blitzkreig Bop," "Let's Get Loud," and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Main Title)." All selections are in short, timeout-length arrangements. (2:20)

Hip to be Square F Grade 3

As recorded by Huey Lewis and the News, arr. Roland Barrett (00-806) $50.00

CD 1, Track 27

She'd Be California F Grade 3

As recorded by Rascal Flatts, arr. Nick Baratta (00-798) $50.00

17. The Way You Make Me Feel (00-33761) 18. Gimme Some lovin' (00-33764) 19. Americana (A Patriotic Salute) (00-33765) 20. na na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (00-33763) 21. Get Off of My Cloud (00-33762) 22. The ul TiMATe Collection for Marching and Pep Band (00-34679-34700) 23. Closing statement

Part 3 begins with a hauntingly beautiful fragment of the Navy hymn "Eternal Father, Strong to Save," which quickly leads to an emotional statement of the melody. As the tempo climbs, fragments of the initial melody lead us back to a dramatic reprise of the first movement. The show ends as it began, providing a satisfying conclusion to the musical and dramatic arc. Staging and costuming opportunities abound in this show! (2:29)

complete resources for Your marching Band, Percussion, & colorguard

(All Instructional DVDs $4.95)

One of Michael Jackson's biggest hits is now available in a hip new chart by veteran arranger Nick Baratta. This is solid stands and pep band material! (1:32)

CD 1, Track 15

marching Fundamentals

By Greg Martin (00-26524)

rifle Fundamentals

By Karl Lowe (00-27616)

The Heart of rock & roll F Grade 3

As recorded by Huey Lewis and the News, arr. Roland Barrett (00-788) $50.00

This classic hit from Huey Lewis and the News gets an exciting new treatment in the skilled hands of arranger Roland Barrett. It has lots of rhythmic drive and is scored solidly from top to bottom. This is perfect material for the stands, drill teams, or pep band. (1:46)

This country-rock hit from Rascal Flatts is given that hip Nick Baratta treatment with interesting harmonic colors and innovative instrumental textures. Check it out! (1:16)

Fundamental Techniques advanced Flag for marching Percussion Fundamentals

By Thom Hannum (00-27040)

Flag Fundamentals

By Michael B. Raiford (00-27607)

By Michael B. Raiford & Scott Chandler (00-27605)

Here is the hard-driving hit from Huey Lewis and the News in a stellar new arrangement by Roland Barrett. This will be a great stands and pep band tune for years to come. (1:24)

Q Best Seller

Marching Show Concepts (see p. 5 for more information)

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CD 1, Track 28

CD 2, Track 4

you are the new Day F Grade 3

By John David, arr. Brian Scott (00-799) $50.00

el Zorro (The Fox) F Grade 2

By Mike Story (00-774) $45.00

Brian Scott has taken one of the most beautiful and inspirational songs ever written and crafted a stunning arrangement worthy of any show. This piece would also be perfect as a chorale warm-up for both on the field and off. (2:41)

When you are looking for great Latin openers that don't need a lot of rehearsal time, look no further. With its big and bold scoring, "El Zorro" will make any band sound twice its size! (1:38)

eaSY PoPS SerieS

CD 2, Track 11 CD 2, Track 17

VerY eaSY PoPS SerieS

The Way you make me Feel F Grade 1½

As recorded by Michael Jackson, arr. Jerry Burns (00-761) $40.00

CD 1, Track 29

CD 2, Track 5

ramblin' man F Grade 3

As recorded by The Allman Brothers Band, arr. Ralph Ford (00-801) $50.00

Livin' La Vida Loca F Grade 2

As recorded by Ricky Martin, arr. Mike Story (00-775) $45.00

Down F Grade 2

As recorded by Jay Sean, arr. Doug Adams (00-77) $45.00

Ralph Ford gives this southern rock classic a superb arrangement full of great variety and excitement. Perfect material for the stands or for pep band! (1:17)

Everyone will remember this hot Latin tune from Ricky Martin. This arrangement captures all of the fire and drive of the original in a new and exciting easy chart. It sizzles! (1:59)

CD 2, Track 6

C'mon n' ride it (The Train) F Grade 2

As recorded by the Quad City DJs, arr. Mike Story (00-781) $45.00

The 2009 #1 hit from Jay Sean can now be a #1 hit with your marching or pep band. Doug Adams has crafted a very solid arrangement that any band can handle, and the strong scoring will make any band sound great! (1:49)

The Very Easy Pops Series is designed to give developing young groups arrangements that will be fun and easy to play. This #1 hit from Michael Jackson will be a sure-fire hit with your band and your audience this fall. (1:23)

CD 2, Track 12

CD 2, Track 18

Billie Jean F Grade 2

As recorded by Michael Jackson, arr. Doug Adams (00-769) $45.00

gimme Some Lovin' F Grade 1½

As recorded by Steve Winwood and The Spencer Davis Group, arr. Jerry Burns (00-764) $40.00

Big & eaSY SerieS


This infectious dance hit from the Quad City DJs will be a welcome addition to any stands tune or pep band library. Beginning with clever train effects, the piece quickly moves into the funky groove. (1:31)

CD 2, Track 7

Stompin' at the Savoy F Grade 2

By Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, and Edgar Sampson, arr. Mike Story (00-780) $45.00

One of Michael Jackson's biggest hits is now playable by any band thanks to this solidly scored arrangement by Doug Adams. Perfect for the stands or pep bands, this one has a great groove! (2:05)

Everyone will recognize this hit after just the first bar! Jerry Burns does a masterful job of making these arrangements so easy any band can play them, but they still sound big and full! (1:56)

CD 2, Track 13

CD 2, Track 19

Smooth F Grade 2

As recorded by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas, arr. Doug Adams (00-771) $45.00

americana (A Patriotic Salute) F Grade 1½

Traditional, arr. Jerry Burns (00-765) $40.00

CD 2, Track 1

21st Century Breakdown F Grade 2

As recorded by Green Day, arr. Mike Story (00-776) $45.00

Great jazz and big band tunes make great marching band charts! Check out this easy but effective swingin' arrangement of one of the best big band tunes ever! (1:26)

CD 2, Track 8

Stars and Stripes Forever F Grade 2

By John Philip Sousa, arr. Mike Story (00-779) $45.00

This Doug Adams arrangement really sizzles! Hot Latin grooves, big bold scoring, and a short percussion feature make this perfect for the field or stands! (1:52)

Green Day is one of the hottest groups around, and they made a huge impact with their 2009 album release 21st Century Breakdown. This arrangement features both straight-ahead rock and a swinging rock shuffle. Perfect for both field and stands. (1:34)

CD 2, Track 14

Mike Story gives us a strong arrangement of the most famous march in history. There is the option of playing this chart for a parade or on the field. It has all of the time-tested ingredients for success. (1:46)

girls, girls, girls F Grade 2

As recorded by Mötley Crüe, arr. Doug Adams (00-767) $45.00

Jerry Burns always writes great patriotic charts, and this one is no exception. Beginning with a brief statement of "My Country `Tis of Thee," the piece quickly goes into "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," building to a rousing conclusion. This chart would be a great halftime show closer, or a welcome addition to any civic or community event. (1:29)

CD 2, Track 20

CD 2, Track 2

CD 2, Track 9

21 guns F Grade 2

As recorded by Green Day, arr. Mike Story (00-777) $45.00

Shake, rattle, and roll F Grade 2

As recorded by Bill Haley and His Comets, arr. Mike Story (00-78) $45.00

This hard rockin' hit by Mötley Crüe has everything you want in a stands tune. Lots of block scoring, driving percussion, and tasty brass licks make this a must-have chart! (1:53)

na na Hey Hey Kiss Him goodbye F Grade 1½

As recorded by Steam, arr. Jerry Burns (00-76) $40.00

CD 2, Track 15

Jumpin' Jack Flash F Grade 2

As recorded by The Rolling Stones, arr. Doug Adams (00-768) $45.00

From Green Day's latest album, 21st Century Breakdown, comes the powerful "21 Guns." Featuring almost every section of the band, this solidly scored arrangement really sparkles in the arranging hands of Mike Story. (1:53)

Some tunes just have the "right stuff" to keep them hangin' around forever. This alwayspopular favorite is now available in a solid, playable version. Get your crowd dancing with this hot chart! (1:48)

We know that you are always in need of tunes that are familiar to your audience and are easy to put together. Check out this hot new arrangement of an early rock classic made. This one swings hard and fast from start to finish! (1:04)

Doug Adams has a great knack for writing arrangements of classic rock tunes that are fresh and easy to play. Here is one of The Rolling Stones' biggest hits in a hip new arrangement. (1:33)

CD 2, Track 21

get off of my Cloud F Grade 1½

As recorded by The Rolling Stones, arr. Jerry Burns (00-76) $40.00

CD 2, Track 3

CD 2, Track 10

CD 2, Track 16

Know your enemy F Grade 2

As recorded by Green Day, arr. Mike Story (00-778) $45.00

Q Firebird Finale F Grade 2

By Igor Stravinsky, arr. Mike Story (00-MBM05019) $40.00

glory Days F Grade 2

By Bruce Springsteen, arr. Doug Adams (00-770) $45.00

Get your band rockin' with this great new Jerry Burns arrangement! A great stands tune year after year! (2:00)

Closing out our Green Day show is the hard-rocking "Know Your Enemy." Lots of block scoring and driving percussion make this a winner for any band! (1:46)

Wow! When we first heard this we couldn't believe that it was really Stravinsky in a grade 2 chart! Mike "squared off" the meter changes and added that "special touch" to create a fantastic closer to any show. Unbelievable! (1:44)

Q Best Seller

Everyone will remember this hard-driving rocker from The Boss--Bruce Springsteen. This arrangement captures all of the excitement in a great new easy chart. (1:28)

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Marching Show Concepts (see p. 5 for more information)


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CD 2, Track 22

Conductor $4.95 · Parts $4.95 Keyboard/Synthesizer $8.95

Check out this AWESOME collection of some of the best rock and pop songs ever! The entire collection is full of winners, and the complete instrumentation (including Keyboard/Synthesizer, Electric Bass, and Drumset) makes this perfect for the stands as well as for pep bands. Titles: Blitzkreig Bop · What'd I Say · Cupid · Gimme Some Lovin' · Great Balls of Fire, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction · Shake, Rattle, and Roll · Sunshine of Your Love · When a Man Loves a Woman · Hot Stuff.

The ULTIMATE Collection for Marching and Pep Band

Featuring ten of the greatest rock and pop classics of all time

Arr. Doug Adams, Nick Baratta, Ralph Ford, Victor López, Shane Porter, & Mike Story

Conductor (00-34679) Flute / Piccolo (00-34680) B-Flat Clarinet (00-34681) E-Flat Alto Saxophone (00-34682) E-Flat Baritone Saxophone (00-34683) 1st B-Flat Trumpet (00-34684) nd B-Flat Trumpet (00-34685) Horn in F (00-34686) Horn in B-Flat (00-34687) Low Brass & Woodwinds #1--B.C. (00-34688) Low Brass & Woodwinds #--B.C. (00-34689) Low Brass & Woodwinds #1--T.C. (00-34690)

Low Brass & Woodwinds #--T.C. (00-34691) Electric Bass / Opt. Baritone B.C. (Tuba Double) (00-34692) Tuba (00-34693) Bells / Xylophone (00-34694) Snare Drum (00-34695) Quad-Toms (00-34696) Tonal Bass Drums (4 Pitch) (00-34697) Cymbals (00-34698) Keyboard / Synthesizer (00-34699) Drumset (00-34700)


Baby Boy (2)

Arr. Doug Adams (00-MBM04030)

Crazy in Love (2.5)

Arr. Ralph Ford (00-MBM04011)

Madonna, Justin timberlake, timbaland

4 Minutes (3)

Arr. Patrick Roszell (00-31653)

A Revolutionary Method for Beginning Musicians

Robert ShELDon

| Peter BoonShAfT | Bob PhILLIPS | Dave BLACk

Simple. Innovative. Yours.

Naughty Girl (2)

Arr. Doug Adams (00-MBM05029)

Michael Jackson

Bad (3)

Arr. Shane Porter (00-29525)

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (1.5)

Arr. Jerry Burns (00-31633)

Beat It (2.5)

Fleetwood Mac

The Best of "Shorties" More Combo Blasters All-Star Sports Pak Tusk (2)

Arr. Mike Story (00-31650)

Arr. Ralph Ford (00-MBM01045)

Heal the World (2)

Arr. Doug Adams (00-WBMB9329)

Arr. Victor López Conductor $15.95 Parts $.95­$.95

Titles: Louie, Louie · Shout · Rock Around the Clock · In-A-Gadda-DaVida · Wipeout · La Bamba · Tequila · Gimme Some Lovin' · That's the Way (I Like It) · Land of a Thousand Dances · Soul Man · Your Mama Don't Dance · Bad to the Bone · Bang the Drum All Day · Happy Birthday to You · The Star-Spangled Banner.

Arr. Victor López

Arr. Mike Story Conductor $15.95 Parts $.95­$.95

Titles: Sweet Georgia Brown · Tequila · Wipe Out · Ghostbusters · I Get Around · Fun, Fun, Fun · The Lion Sleeps Tonight · Jeopardy Theme · Smoke on the Water · Proud Mary · Peter Gunn · Old Time Rock & Roll · Mighty Morphin Power Rangers · The Magnificent Seven · Batman Theme · Sing, Sing, Sing · Cheer Pax · The Star Spangled Banner.

Conductor $.95 Parts $.95­$.95

Titles: All Night Long · Eye of the Tiger · Hot, Hot, Hot · Respect · The Horse · When the Saints Go Marching In · Gonna Fly Now · (Theme from Rocky) · Your Mama Don't Dance · Hang On Sloopy · Rhythm Is Gonna Get You · Peter Gunn · Bad to the Bone · La Bamba · The Star-Spangled Banner.


American Idiot / Boulevard of Broken Dreams (3)

Arr. Victor López (00-24928)

Will You Be There (Theme from Free Willy) (2)

Arr. Doug Adams (00-WBMB9402)

for concert band

for string orchestra

Miley Cyrus

Party in the U.S.A. (3)

Arr. Victor López (00-33804)


Any Way You Want It (3)

Arr. Ralph Ford (00-31660)

Ability to Customize Instrument-Specific Recordings Instrument-Specific Master Class DVD Available on SmartMusic®

Arr. John Wasson

Combo Blasters

Conductor $18.95 Parts $.95­$.95 MIDI Disc $14.95

Titles: The StarSpangled Banner · Land of a Thousand Dances · Proud Mary · Louie, Louie · Tequila · Twist and Shout · Sweet Georgia Brown · Gimme Some Lovin' · Old Time Rock `n' Roll · Soul Man · Celebration · Macarena · Sing, Sing, Sing · Smoke on the Water.

Arr. Victor López

Combo Blasters Take 3!

Conductor $16.95 Parts $.50­$4.95

Titles: Chattanooga Choo Choo · Children of Sanchez · Conga · Dragnet · Happy Birthday · Hawaii Five-O · The Hey Song · In the Midnight Hour · James Bond Theme · Jeepers Creepers · Jungle Boogie · Margaritaville · Smooth · The Star-Spangled Banner · Winter Wonderland.

Arr. Mike Story

Championship Sports Pak

the Rolling stones

Honky Tonk Women (1.5)

Arr. Jerry Burns (00-31629)

Conductor $15.95 Parts $.95­$4.95

Titles: Land of a Thousand Dances · Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) · Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky) · Wooly Bully · Your Mama Don't Dance · Celebration · Star Wars (Main Theme) · Freeze Frame · Dragnet · Mony, Mony · Barbara Ann · Gimme Some Lovin' · Jump · La Bamba · Hang On Sloopy · Louie, Louie · Macarena · My Sharona · Oh, Pretty Woman · Merrily We Roll Along (Theme from The Bugs Bunny Show) · Star Spangled Banner.

Katy Perry

Hot N Cold (2)

Arr. Doug Adams (00-31640) Arr. Ralph Ford (00-31674)

Customize your method to fit your unique classroom

director's choice edition

I Kissed a Girl (3)

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (2)

Arr. Doug Adams (00-31635)

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Arr. Mike Story

The Best of Big and Easy, Vol. 2

led Zepplin

Immigrant Song (3)

Arr. Ralph Ford (00-31664)

Jumpin' Jack Flash (1.5)

Arr. Jerry Burns (00-MBM04023) Arr. Mike Story (00-26959)

Conductor $4.95 Parts $4.95­$8.95

Titles: Bad to the Bone · Big Noise from Winnetka · Blues in the Night · Dragnet · (Meet) The Flintstones · Funkytown · Gonna Fly Now · Jump · La Pantera · Land of Make Believe · Manhattan Beach · Rawhide · Sleigh Ride · Twisting the Night Away · What'd I Say.

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Paint It Black (2)

Rock and Roll (2)

Arr. Doug Adams (00-31637)


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halo Theme (from Halo Suite)

Arr. Ralph Ford (00-499) $50.00

recorded music can be looped or slowed down without changing the pitch

Bounty hunter (from Advent Rising)

chromAtic tuner & metronome

(-PT7) $149.99

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dr-07 recorder

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dr-08 recorder

(-DR08) $99.99

· Ability to record in MP3 or 24-bit WAV format · Includes a built-in kickstand and included 2GB MicroSD card

Arr. Ralph Ford (00-6980) $50.00 Arr. Ralph Ford (00-6981) $50.00

kingdom hearts

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