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Prayer List for Monday, September 12th September 12, 2011 We will pray for your request. It will remain on the church wide weekly list for 30 days. After 30 days please fill out an updated card, resubmit online, or call the church office at 703-683-2222 ext. 62 to leave updated information. *Praise Report Pastor Howard John Wesley Debbie McCain Wesley Howard John Wesley II Cooper Wesley President Barack Obama and Family Gloria Adams Darryl Alston Veronica and Luther Alston and Family Laverne and William Altman and Family D. Alvarez Amber Danya Anderson Andy Anon Anthony Armani Dr. Leon and Mary Ann Armour and Family Awana Mark and Monica Bartlett and Family Harold Barron Barbara Battice Benjamin Leerone Benjamin and Family Cherisse Best Bevery and Family Anthony Blake Sherry Blakeney Patricia Bland Otto Blocker Valerie Blocker and Family Paula Blount Deacon Robert Bogan and Family Tammy Boyd Brandon Breckenridge-Barnes Family Kattrell Briggs Andre Brooks Family of Debbie Jacobs Brown Roxane Brown and Family Bryce Olwin Burke Edward and Finette Bush Boris Carter Shirley A. Carter Michipgo Cason Deacon Rudolph Cooks Cardiss Collins James Collins Robert Cox and Family Craig Francis Crawford Helen Crawford Pauline Crosby Steven and Tonya Crosby and Family Crystal Cyana Cynthia Dan Darrell Sgt. Anthony Davis Davonna Davis Melanie Davis-Hood Wayne Deleveaux Jared and Jeanette Dixon Shirley M. Downes Garnette Draper Nicole Drumwright Dwayne and Malmoona Duckenfield Dorothy Ellsworth Emma Bert Esk Larosa Farmer Linda Fisher Shanae Fisher Rodney Foust, Jr. Victor and Nicolette Freeman Ms. Gaither September 2011 Prayer List, Page 1

Prayer List for Monday, September 12th Paul Gill Ginger Glenn Malcolm Glover Everett Goss Grace Linda Gravely Green Family Thornton Hamilton Harriet Darryl Frederick Harris Jacqueline Harvey and Family Tifanie Harvey Hattie Family of Deacon Frank Heard Helen Christian Henderson Henry Lillie Hines Kevin Hooks Vernell Howell Rev. Henry Hudson Phyllis Hunter and Family Israel J.L. Jean and Family Jess Jessica J. Alisha Jackson Ashley Jackson Laura Jackson Carolyn Delores James Jamie Jari Wilma Jenkins Joe Tonya Williams Johnson Deacon Betty Jones Shalonda Jones Joy Julia Julio Ken and Family DeSean Kenney Ebony Kenney Rachele Kenney and Family Mohamed Koroma Kriss Pirfa Kumbin Kyle Tracy Lada Elvis Lam Latondra Leon and Family Leonard Leslie Edmond Little, Sr. Rodney Little Lockett Family Charles Long Lo-Ruama Renee Reed Lovelace Tameka Macon Malachi Marcia Married Couple's Ministry at ASBC Candy March Family of Ada Mason Mabel Matthews Maxie Dr. Gilbert Mays Jazzmin McClellan Antoinette McLaughlin Mekti Micah Micai Michael Mitchell Family June Monterio Eric Montgomery Moms in Touch International Myisha and Family Gregory Nelson Juanita Ness Kenya Newby Nince Larry Norfolk Tammy Norfolk Petra Osborne Joyce Peterson Phil Alvin K. Phillips September 2011 Prayer List, Page 2

Prayer List for Monday, September 12th Faith Philson Phyllis Tiel Pope Tashika Price Charles Henry Quander Deacon Weldon Quander AJ Reece Maggie Roan Jose Rodriguez Lyndon Rodriguez Christine Rogers Kathryn Williams Rollins Ronda Royce Robert Royce and Family Samone Sandy Sarah Phyllis L. Scott Brandy Selmon and Family Merian Sherrod Shirley Joshua Smallwood Minnie Smith Ted and Harriet Smith Daryl Spencer Dolores Spurlock Deacon Amanda Stafford and Family Officer Lewis Stitt Barbara Stobber Tammy James Taylor Kalaurie Taylor Michael Stuart Taylor, Sr. Bessie Thomas Micaelah Thomas Michele Thomas Tiana Tiquita Toshia Michelle Triska United States Deacon Pat Wallace Walter Tammy Washington Wayne Wendy Michael White and Family Blake Williams Roxanne Wilson and Family Wilson Family Asia Wormly Elijah Wormly Quincy Wormly Wright-Redding Family Angela Yousef Yvonne

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December 1, 2009

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December 1, 2009