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Volume 10,Issue 4 March, 2011

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Board meetings highlight programs

Along with approving bills and conducting the regular business of the Board of Education, Algonac`s monthly board meetings are usually spiced up with employee and student recognitions, teacher presentations on new materials, or students reporting on special events or programs. The November meeting was highlighted by a presentation from IB Coordinator, Rachelle Wynkoop, on the new International Baccalaureate Programme that officially started this year at the high school. The two students pictured at right addressed the Board regarding their initial experience as IB students. Both juniors, Randy Kardas and Chloe Huard spoke of their willingness to accept the challenge of the rigorous IB curriculum, knowing they will receive an education whose quality is recognized worldwide. At the January meeting, board members were recognized in observance of School Board Recognition Month. Pictured in the back from left to right are Trustee Tim Idzikowski, President Andrew Goulet, and Trustees Edward Stanulis and Michael Baranowski. Seated in front are Secretary Sharon Stiltner, Superintendent Michael Sharrow, VicePresident Leroy Bristol, and Treasurer Bud Hulewicz. Board members received tokens of appreciation from each school for their continued dedication to young people and education. The high school was represented by Student Council President, Emily Henry, as well as Garrett Gingas and Matt Mauchline of the Spirit Den. Super Star Employee of the Month for January, Maria Ladochi, was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and Algonac Muskrat watch. Maria is Head Custodian at Algonac Elementary School. An update on the Storm Water Permit was presented by Kristen Jurs, Storm Water Coordinator for the St. Clair County Health Department. She spoke of the work they are doing to educate young people on the importance of understanding the watershed and protecting their local waterways. Pictured at right is middle school

Inside this issue:

Letter from Supt. School election, Kind. regis. Algonac Elementary Millside Elementary Fair Haven Elementary Pte. Tremble Elementary Algonquin Middle School Algonac High School Sports/Band/Choir News Grants/New Website Friday Food for Kids/Grant EEF, Super Star Employees 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Principal Abe Leaver, with staff members Jamie Smith, Karen Tyburski, and RESA consultant Monica Hartman. They presented an update on Collaborative Common Assessment in 6th grade math, a tool that will provide great insight as to the strengths and weaknesses of math students. The Board heard an interactive video presentation regarding the Boardbook online program, as we work toward ways to become more paperless. And finally, Lori Holderby, Director of Business Services, presented the first amendment of the current 20102011 budget for the Board`s approval.

Dear Residents: The Algonac Community School District challenges itself to provide our students with the highest quality education possible. A quality education is made up of many components. We know academic preparation is the most important piece of each child`s education, but there certainly is more to getting a well-rounded, quality education. Our students need many skills in order to compete in this 21st century global economy, and many of these skills are learned through extracurricular and co-curricular programs. During difficult economic times, the arts and athletics are often the first to be on the chopping block. Algonac Community Schools understands that these programs need to be a part of every student`s school experience. With this concept in mind, we will be forming a committee to review our athletic programs and a committee to review the arts. These committees will be made up of parents, students, teachers coaches and community members who support these programs. The committees will review every aspect of our programming with the goal of having the highest quality educational arts and athletic programs possible. The committees will be asked to develop a report on the state of our programs and make recommendations on how to reach our goal of offering our students the highest quality educational experience possible. In future editions of The Reporter we will update residents on our progress. Michael E. Sharrow Superintendent of Schools

District seeks renewal of 18 non-homestead mills on May 3

As reported in the October 2010 issue of The Reporter, new election laws passed in 2005 have moved the responsibility for running school elections from the school districts to local municipalities. However, school districts are still responsible to pay election costs. The costs to have elections run by Ira, Clay and the City of Algonac since that time have been approximately $6,000 annually. The change in the election law also gave schools the option of moving from May elections to November elections when they would coincide with Presidential or Gubernatorial elections. The Algonac Board of Education, by way of Resolution approved September 27, 2010, has changed its regular school election to the November regular election date in even years, beginning November 2012. Since each municipality will be running its regular November election, there will be no cost to the school district. This appears to be a good choice during these tough economic times. The voter turnout will be significantly larger as well. With this change, school board terms will change from a 4-year term to a 6-year term. In order to bridge the gap to the November 2012 date, it will be necessary to bring the 18 non-homestead mills to voters on May 3, 2011 (as we have done annually in the past). The new election cycle will begin in November 2012, and will continue with the non-homestead renewal and election of board members every two years thereafter. Remember, the 2-year renewal of the 18 operating mills that are currently assessed on non-homestead property will be brought before district voters on Tuesday, May 3. This renewal will simply continue the current nonhomestead levy. Your positive vote will help to ensure that the district continues to receive its full share of the state foundation grant. Please remember vote on May 3. For absentee ballots, City of Algonac and Clay Township residents should contact the Clay Township Office at 810 794-9303. Ira Township residents may request absentee ballots by calling the Ira Township Office at 586 725-0263. Voting locations remain the same.

Mark these dates for 2011-2012

Aug. 29,30 ................1st days new staff August 31 ... Staff inservice-no students Sept. 1 .......................... 1st day all staff Sept. 2 .....................No staff-no school Sept. 6 ................... 1st day for students Nov. 9 .. 1/2 day elem.--Evening Conf. Nov. 10 .................. Parent Conferences Nov. 11 ................. No students-no staff Nov. 23-24-25 ...... Thanksgiving Break Nov. 28 ....... Staff inservice-no students Dec. 20 ...................... Last day of class Dec. 21 --Jan. 2 ........ Christmas Break Jan. 3 ............................ Classes resume Jan. 19-20 ..Records Day-students am only Feb. 17 & 20....................Winter Break April 2-9 .......................... Spring Break April 10 ........................ Classes resume May 28 .......................... Memorial Day June 13 ........ Last day-1/2 day students

Get ready now for Fall Kindergarten

Registration for fall Kindergarten classes is already underway. If you have a child who will be 5 years old on or before December 1, 2011 and have not done so yet, please call Millside Elementary at 794-8880 for registration information. Following are the Kindergarten Roundup dates: May 6 May 13 May 20 Fair Haven Elementary Algonac Elementary Millside Elementary


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AE has Family Fitness Night

On February 11, families of Algonac Elementary came out for a night of healthy, active fun! Family Fitness Night consisted of 6 different activity stations designed to get your family moving and grooving in a fun atmosphere. Each station was set up with different exercises to try, from testing your abdominal and upper body strength to keeping up with fast-moving cardio and learning a few new things about nutrition along the way. It was a chance to find out who in your family was the fastest, the strongest, or the most agile. It was also a great chance for the whole family to play together while learning and keeping active and making healthy, everyday choices.

Algonac Elementary School

1300 St. Clair Boulevard Algonac, MI 48001 810 794-4991

Melissa Hanners, Principal

Above, Mrs. Derra and 2nd graders Kayla Ward and McKenna Sykes do cardio exercise to the Wii game, Just Dance. At right, 5th grader Quinn Wojtowicz works on abdominal crunches

Students learn about Egypt in art class

Did you know that ancient Egyptians invented the notched key, paper (originally made from papyrus), geometry, and cotton cloth? The 5th graders at Algonac Elementary have been studying both ancient and modern-day Egypt in art class for the past few weeks. After learning many fun facts, students were given a chunk of clay in the shape of a rectangular prism to create a sarcophagus. Students then decorated their sarcophagus with hieroglyphs for added detail. The finished pieces will be fired and glazed in time for Mummies Day.

Spaghetti dinner is a success

Thank you once again to the Algonac Rotary Club, the community, parents, and students for making our Student Council`s spaghetti dinner fundraiser a successful event. The money raised will go to supporting the Friday Food for Kids program.

Shown above, 5th graders Ronald English, Andy Becker, Cara John, and Jessica Pokorny display their finished art pieces.

Shown above is 1st grader Hailie Raymond, as she enjoys the delicious spaghetti dinner.

Volume 10,Issue 4

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Millside Elementary School

1904 Mill Street Algonac, MI 48001 810 794-8880

Kindergarteners learn the five senses

After enjoying the learning and fun experiments from our five senses science kit, Millside kindergartners celebrated with a five senses party. Parents supervised stations where students could experience each sense. Shown at left, the children wore glasses that bend light so they could see rainbows. They also used their eyes to see what was missing from a tray of everyday objects. Students tried to complete familiar puzzles while wearing blindfolds so they used only their sense of touch. They also used their sense of touch to match shapes that were hidden in covered cans. Then a parent helped them touch and describe items that they held behind their backs. The kindergartners matched smelling bottles, and they colored a picture using special smelling markers. To test their sense of taste, students ate something sweet, salty, and sour. Then they tried to distinguish between chocolate and vanilla pudding while plugging their noses to show how the sense of smell works with our sense of taste. The children played bingo with a tape of interesting sounds, and they used a cup and string to make a telephone. Every day in kindergarten is fun, but our kindergartners really like to have parties.

Martha Szymanski Principal

1st graders enjoy Mystery Readers

The first graders in Mrs. O`Gorman`s class have been enjoying the Mystery Readers who visited their classroom recently. The Mystery Readers are surprise guests who come to read to the class. They are special people in the lives of our first graders. The Mystery Readers write five clues about themselves that are read to the students the morning of the visit. By the time the last clue is given, the child related to the Mystery Reader is wondering if it`s someone in his/her family! The child is always thrilled and surprised to have someone close to him/ her read to the class. This is an easy and quick way to be involved in school, and one that means a lot to our first graders!

Shown at left is Joshua Hindy's mother as she reads to the class. Above is Sloan Johnson with Grandmother Sue. Reporter

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Students receive Sheriff awards

At Fair Haven Elementary we believe a safe and orderly environment is important to learning. Sheriff Donnellon has supported our good behavior program by presenting certificates to students who have exhibited good citizenship each semester. At the awards ceremony held on January 19, Sgt. Joe Hernandez (standing in for Sheriff Donnellon) distributed the certificates. We congratulate those who received a certificate and encourage all our students to continue to display good behavior.

Fair Haven Elementary School

8361 Broadbridge Road Fair Haven, MI 48023 586 725-7911

Jennifer L. Dent Weaver, Principal

Students had perfect attendance

Congratulations to the following students who had perfect attendance during the entire Semester 1:

Shown above, Alex Schweiger receives his certificate from Sgt. Joe Hernandez. Dylan Azzopardi Anna Campbell Madison Campbell Delaney Hendricks Jenna Holt Isaac Kawalec Abigail Kochan Colten Langewicz Mark Langewicz Adam Liederman Erica Malburg Emily Malinowski Killian McGee Brayden Pointe Christian Poisson Alexander Schweiger Annabelle Schweiger Brenden Sepanski Kennedi Sobol Samantha Spencer Alivia Trombly

Science class gets interesting

Fifth graders at Fair Haven Elementary were recently introduced to a new science lesson that included the dissection of a pig. Here is the reaction from two of our students. Pig Dissection By Erica Malburg You may think pigs are cute little animals but if you saw the inside, you would have to think that idea all over again! I know this because on January 13, 2011 the fifth graders at Fair Haven dissected a pig`s heart and lungs. We saw the esophagus and the trachea. The esophagus is a tube where your food goes to get to your stomach. The trachea is the tube that lets you breathe. We had to cut the heart and lungs. I stuck my fingers through the heart. Ewww! Mrs. Chambless (our St. Clair County RESA Science consultant) is the one who led us on this experiment. I give a special thank you to Mrs. Chambless for this great experience! Pig Dissection By Ashley Schweiger I loved the pig dissection! We explored the heart, the lungs, the trachea and also the esophagus. Mrs. Chambless (our St. Clair County RESA Science consultant) showed us all of these parts. The esophagus is where your food goes down. The trachea is where your air goes to your lungs. That is what I learned on January 13, 2011. We saw all of those parts when we dissected the pig. I thought it was cool how we stuck the tube in the lung to see how we actually breathe by pumping air through the tube to inflate the lungs. We also looked inside the heart and learned it was a muscle. I thought the dissection was a fun experience, and you would have liked it too!

Shown above, Mr. Hubbard leads a group of 5th grade boys as they open the esophagus and trachea.

Volume 10,Issue 4

Page 5

Pte. Tremble Elementary

9541 Phelps Road Algonac, MI 48001

GSRP DRC 794-3022 x-1617 794-8896

Latchkey available at Algonac Childcare

Does your school-age child need care before and after school? If so, contact the Algonac Childcare Program to learn about our latchkey services. Latchkey is available at 6 a.m. before school and after school until 6 p.m. The tuition for an a.m. or p.m. session is only $5.75, which includes breakfast and an afternoon snack. Algonac Latchkey is open when school is closed for snow days, and when school is not in session during holidays and summer for your convenience. Your child will enjoy wonderful activities while in our care, including a Book Club, Lego Club, jewelry making, cooking class, movie and popcorn day, and team sports, just to name a few. Our Summer Kid`s Club Latchkey will now be located at the Pte. Tremble Elementary building, 9541 Phelps Road. This summer we will once again offer enrichment classes. Algonac Childcare is open year round. In addition to latchkey, we also offer infantcare, toddlercare, daycare and preschool. For more information call 810 794-8895, or visit us at 9541 Phelps Road, right next to the high school.

Childcare 794-8895

GSRP teaches readiness skills

Just as the name implies, Great Start Readiness is what we have been working very hard to learn--readiness skills. School readiness is so important and helps to ensure school success. You may not realize it, but GSRP is not just about reading and writing for 4 year olds. Being in a school setting is really the best and only way children can learn the skills needed to be successful in school. How to take turns, wait for their turn to talk or play with a toy, compromise, listen for information, learn about stopping and starting activities, being responsible for their own belongings, and learning language used only by teachers are some of the important skills necessary for school success. We have been so busy learning here at GRSP!

Shown here are the toddlers hard at work during daycare.

Shown below, Ryan and Samantha Prowse, Megan Buchanan, and Ella Gabriel play in the sand table as they learn how to share, compromise and plan for a common end.

Above, Eugene Lockhart plays at the water table as he learns about magnets, counting, and attributes.

Shown above, the class is totally engaged in the new writing program, "Project 50", that teaches pre-reading and writing skills. Page 6 Reporter

NJHS inducts new members

The National Junior Honor Society of Algonquin Middle School welcomed the following new members at its Induction Ceremony held January 19: Zachary Allbaugh, Joshua Brack, Nicholas Eldridge, Alyson Ervinck, Kaitlyn Fuhrman, Dayna Gerow, Thomas Goldenbogen, Joseph Hindy, Katherine Janusch, William Jennings, Anthony Kemp, Rachael Lappin, Kaley Leuffgen, Ryan Malburg, Mary Beth McKenzie, Alana McKeown, Emileigh Megel, Blake Nowaczyk, Abigail Nutter, Alexander Pielack, Tina Ponessa, Chase Randall, Sarah Rose, Alexis Smith, Yvonne Tirakian, Stephanie Vredeveld, Kelsie Fett, Katie Gabriel, Joshua Jones, Kaitlin Kracht, and Michael Vernier.

Shown at right are the new inductees, along with current members of NJHS. Officers are in front L-R: Vice-President Lindsey Trebilcock, President Jonathan Morton, and Secretary Elizabeth Girtman.

Algonquin Middle School

9185 Marsh Road Algonac, MI 48001 810 794-9317

These students have worked extremely hard to maintain a 3.5 GPA and have received only excellent citizenship marks. The students meet weekly to plan events for our school and get ideas for completing their community service requirements of 10 hours per semester. Currently the NJHS is planning some great festivities for March is Reading Month. Some other activities to look forward to are Spirit Week and a Book Fair.

Abe Leaver, Principal

First AMS College Week coming in March

We are very excited to announce our 1st Annual College Week to take place during the last week of March. The week will focus on post middle school education and post secondary opportunities. Staff will wear college apparel each day and will speak to kids about aspects of their own college experience. Students will be encouraged to participate by supporting their favorite college or university. Day One will feature a career fair for 8th graders that will showcase the Learning for Life program put on by the Blue Water Boy Scouts Organization. All 8th grade students will attend two informational sessions put on by various professionals in careers that are found in the St. Clair County area. Students will learn about the featured occupation, as well as the training and education required in each field. During the evening of Day One, a meeting for at-risk students and their parents will be held at 5 p.m. to discuss the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP). The TIP program funds college expenses for students who have received Medicaid benefits for 24 months within a 36 consecutive month period starting as early as the 6th grade year. Day Three will feature a Career Immersion Day. The day will be split into two parts ­ one half at the St. Clair TEC in Marysville where students will attend a presentation on Careers in the 21st Century. It will include a guided tour of all the different programs/ careers offered at TEC. During the other half day, 8th graders will attend the Brand You program presented by Dennis Sampier of the Detroit Pistons. The highly entertaining presentation promotes the message that students need to develop themselves as a brand. Parents are encouraged to participate and attend any/all of the College Week activities. Please contact Mr. Leaver or Mrs. Coss at 794-9317 for more information.

Algonquin band students win medals

On Saturday, January 29, Algonquin Middle School Band students took part in the annual MSBOA District 16 Solo and Ensemble Festival at Rochester High School. Students prepare a solo or small group piece of a minimum of 90 seconds in length and perform it for a professional musician who critiques them and fills out a report card of their achievements. Students earn a rating from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest). Any student receiving a rating of 2` receives a 2nd division red medal. Students receiving the highest rating of 1` earn a 1st division blue medal and the opportunity to perform at the State Solo & Ensemble Festival in March. This year every Algonquin M.S. band student who participated earned a medal. This is quite an outstanding achievement! Following are the students who took part:

Volume 10,Issue 4 2nd Division Red Medals Faith White, Elizabeth Bradd, Tessa Toton-- Clarinet duet Aaron Gardner--Snare drum solo Kelsie Fett, Danielle Saums--Bells/clarinet duet Leah Monier, Alyson Ervinck--Clarinet duet Matthew Meldrum, Joshus Brack--Alto sax duet Kaley Leuffgen, Mary Beth McKenzie-- Clarinet duet 1st Division Blue Medals: Abigail Nutter--Clarinet solo Deanna Gras--Bassoon solo Kaitlyn Fuhrman--Tenor sax solo Trevor Burgett--Alto sax solo Nick Todino--Snare drum solo Tina Ponessa--Trumpet solo Yvonne Tirakian--Piano solo Tina Ponessa--Piano solo Cherish West--Trumpet solo Abigail Nutter, Yvonne Tirakian--Clarinet duet Danielle Saums, Kelsie Fett--Clarinet duet Congratulations to all these students on their outstanding accomplishments! Page 7

Algonac High School

5200 Taft Road Algonac, MI 48001 810 794-4911

Algonac senior is National Merit Scholarship Finalist

Christopher Chockley is no ordinary Algonac High School senior. Chris has been a member of the St. Clair County RESA Math & Science Academy for the past three years. This means that Chris has been taking college classes since his sophomore year! At the end of this year, Chris will have earned 62 college credits through this program. But this isn`t all Chris has done while in high school--his list of accomplishments continues. Chris took the PSAT as a junior and earned a qualifying score to be a National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. He completed the necessary paperwork to become a NMSC Finalist and was recently awarded that distinction. He is the first Algonac senior in many years to have earned this distinction. As a National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Christopher was recruited by the University of Alabama. He and his family recently visited the campus and he has made the decision that this is the university he wishes to attend. As a National Merit Scholarship Finalist, the University of Alabama has offered Chris a scholarship package, not including a laptop computer which he will receive at orientation, valued at $110,600.00. We are very proud of Christopher and wish to congratulate him and his parents on all his accomplishments.

Brian Brutyn, Principal

Jamie Thiede, Athletic Director

Mark these dates...

Last day for seniors ..........................June 8 Graduation Practice .............June 9, 1 p.m. Sr. Awards Assembly ........ June 10, 8 a.m. Graduation Ceremony ........June 10, 6 p.m. Sr. All Night Party .........June 10, 10 p.m.

Student Council supports Food Pantry

The Algonac High School Student Council has been busy this year with many community projects. Among those is the annual canned food drive that took place in December to support the Algonac Food Pantry. Student Council members collected 1,191 canned or boxed goods to donate to the Food Pantry. Mr. Lucka`s 4th hour class earned a pizza party for being the winners of the competition by collecting 914 cans! The Algonac Food Pantry assists families in need throughout the year. The Food Pantry served 279 individuals with 3,630 pounds of food this past Thanksgiving.

Seniors encouraged to apply for local scholarships

It`s that time of year again! Time for seniors to apply for the AHS local scholarships. The local scholarship program is sponsored by clubs, organizations and individuals in the Algonac, Clay Township, Harsens Island and Ira Township areas. There are approximately 42 different scholarships that Algonac seniors can apply for through this program. The combined value of all scholarships is over $90,000. Seniors residing on Harsens Island may apply for five additional scholarships sponsored by clubs, organizations and churches on the island. Local scholarship applications are available at the new ACS website. Click on the high school, then Counseling Center, and a chart with all the applications is located at the bottom of the Counseling Center page. The deadline for receiving all applications is Friday April 1, 2011, at 3 p.m. Completed applications must be submitted by the deadline at the Counseling Center.

Shown at top right is Student Council President, Emily Henry, assisted by Stephanie Morris as they pack food donations. Shown at bottom is Emily Henry and Jeff Geck preparing the donations for delivery to the Food Pantry.

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Sports Boosters Dinner/Auction on March 19

The Sports Boosters will hold their Annual Auction and Dinner on Saturday, March 19, at Maniaci`s Banquet Center in Richmond. This is the 17th year that the Sports Boosters have held the auction/ dinner for the benefit of the Algonac sports programs. Tickets are $25 per person and include family style dinner, beverages, dessert, and door prizes. For tickets contact Wanda Graham at 810 794-9559. The Boosters are also looking for donations. Don`t forget, your donation is tax deductible. All proceeds to benefit Algonac Sports!

Band students perform well at MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival

On Saturday, February 5 at Rochester High School, AHS Algonac High School band students participated in the MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival. Students prepare music for performance either alone or in small groups and play for a judge who critiques them and fills out a report card on their performance. Grades are averaged out to give each student a final rating from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest). Students receiving a 2 rating earn a red medal. Students receiving a 1rating earn a blue medal and the opportunity to advance to the State Solo & Ensemble Festival in April. 1st Division Blue Medals: Rachel Winquest--piano solo Ricci Turner--clarinet solo Ruth Irish--alto sax solo Ricci Turner, Ryan Reed--clarinet/alto sax duet Sal Ponessa--piano solo Jacob Nutter--piano solo Sal Ponessa, Jacob Nutter-- alto sax/trombone duet Rachel Winquest, Ricci Turner, Ruth Irish--flute /clarinet/alto sax trio 2nd Division Red Medals: Maria Winquest--flute solo Rachel Winquest--flute solo Kelley Bechtold--clarinet solo Marissa Stegman, Anna Megal--flute/ alto sax duet Marissa Stegman, Pat Zewatski--flute/ horn duet Amiela Wilson, Lawrence Wilson-- Trombone/alto sax duet Ruth Irish, Margaret Phillips, Ryan Reed, Carrie-Anne Wyatt--sax quartet 3rd Division Rating: Patrick Zewatski--horn solo Congratulations to all our fine high school musicians!

Choir students earn high marks at MSVMA Solo & Ensemble Festival

On Friday, February 4, 2011, high school students from across southeastern Michigan gathered at Chippewa Valley High School to participate in the Michigan School Vocal Music Association Solo & Ensemble Festival. Among the students who participated in this event were members of Algonac High School`s Rainbow Connection, and soloist, Shelby Ramales. For weeks prior to the event, Rainbow and Shelby devoted their time after school to learning pieces of music of contrasting characteristics to perform for the judges at Solo & Ensemble. Their hard work and dedication paid off. Both Shelby and Rainbow received a Division I rating on their performances, the highest rating possible. Their stellar performances at District Solo & Ensemble have qualified Rainbow Connection and soloist Shelby Ramales to advance to the State Solo & Ensemble competition in April. Congratulations and good work, girls!

Check new website for sports schedules

Check out the new school website for easier access to all high school and middle school sporting events. Just go to, then click on the Athletics tab. You will see upcoming sporting events in the window at the right, as well as complete schedules by clinking on the link Sports Schedules. Schedules are still available online at

Volume 10,Issue 4

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Grants available from Algonac/Clay Community

The Algonac/Clay Community Fund announces the availability of its 2011 grants. Applications will be accepted until March 14. The grant must benefit individuals or organizations located in the City of Algonac or Township of Clay. Applications are available at the Seaway Community Bank, 900 Pte. Tremble Road, Algonac. For questions about the grant process, please contact Bill Gratopp, Chairman of the Grant Giving Committee, or Seaway Community Bank at 794-1000. The Algonac/Clay Community Fund was established in 2004 through the Community Foundation of St. Clair County. The purpose of the Fund is to create an endowment fund that will provide residents, businesses, organizations, and community groups an opportunity to invest in and improve the quality of life in the Algonac/Clay community. Together we can make a difference. Last year Algonac/Clay grants were awarded to the Algonac Lions Field Bathhouse, Algonac Little League, Algonac Sports Boosters, Algonac Youth Football, Cub Scout Pack 222, and the Trinity Methodist Food Pantry. The Algonac/Clay Community Fund is an endowment fund; that is, money that is contributed to the Fund never leaves it. Only the income earned from the Fund`s investments will ever be used for grants. A gift to the Fund, once given, keeps on giving forever. In addition, the Algonac/Clay Fund administers that portion of the Fuller-Hansen Educational Trust Fund that will benefit City of Algonac and Clay Township high school seniors who elect to continue their education in pursuit of careers that benefit mankind. The 2011 grants will be awarded at the Fund`s annual Algonac/Clay Cinco de Mayo dinner on Friday, May 6, at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at Mill and Marsh Streets. The dinner/auction is a popular event and is the main fundraiser of the year for the Algonac/Clay Fund. It features a great Mexican dinner with auctions and raffles. For tickets contact any Algonac/ Clay Fund board member or call Seaway Bank at 794-1000.

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District website new and improved

Algonac Community Schools went public on February 1st with a newly upgraded and improved school district website. The new website is not only more organized and easier to navigate, it displays a new emphasis on Muskrat Pride, school spirit, and better communication with parents, students, and the community. When you go to, you will see the blue and gold displayed proudly with photographs of Algonac students and events. When you click on each building, you will see links to staff directories, interactive teacher webpages, Parent Connect, student handbooks, daily announcements, school events and much more. At the new teacher webpages you will see information on current classroom activities, homework assignments, and other interesting information on what`s going on in the classrooms. The Athletics tab will put you in touch with athletic achievements, sports schedules, athletic rules and regulations, physical forms, athletic fees, and even team pages. When team pages are eventually completed, they will contain events, schedules, statistics, history, team records, camps, college exposure, and much more. Check out the Football Team link that already contains a wealth of interesting information about Muskrat Football and its history in Algonac. The District tab at the main page contains links on Board of Education members, board meetings, agenda and minutes, bills, current budget, Board Goals, Vision and Mission Statements, and Requests for Proposals. The Employment link is shown at the homepage as well as at the District page. The new website is still under completion and will only get better with time. We hope you take a look and find it interesting and useful. We welcome your comments or suggestions at any time.

Free & Reduced applications can be updated

Parents--if you have experienced changes in your monthly income, it is not too late to apply for free and reduced lunches or breakfasts for the current school year. Just go on the district website and click on the Services tab. Click on Dining Services, then the Free and Reduced link at bottom left to print your application. Submit your completed application to your child`s school or the Board of Education Office for processing. (Applications are also available at any school office or at the Board Office). For more information call 810 794-9364.

In-District Schools of Choice applications available

Schools of Choice applications for 2011-2012 for elementary students living within the school district will be accepted until Friday, April 1, 2011, by 4 p.m. Guidelines and application forms are available at each of the elementary schools and at the Board of Education Office at 1216 St. Clair Blvd., Algonac. Notifications of placement for the fall semester will be mailed the week of April 18, 2011.


Friday Food for Kids program comes to Algonac

According to Donnilee Hernandez, Principal of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Port Huron, Hunger is such a big issue for children today. To help change that, the Friday Food program is now offered by the Community Foundation of St. Clair County in four of the county`s elementary schools: Algonac, Cleveland, Belle River and Woodrow Wilson. Cargill Salt in St. Clair agrees that the Friday Food program is a great way to help kids succeed. Cargill made a $10,000 gift to sponsor 100 elementary kids in the Algonac Community School District. Alice Grant of the Cargill Cares Committee shares that Cargill is proud to be able to help provide such a needed program for elementary students in Algonac. The Friday Food for Kids program fits well into our 3 focus areas: Nutrition & Health, Environment, and Education. The Friday Food for Kids program helps to raise awareness of the need and collecting of donations for each participating school. Food for the program is purchased in bulk so it takes only $100 to provide one low income student with a backpack full of food every Friday for an entire school year. Donations of any size can be made online at the Foundation`s website ( Or, checks can be mailed (made payable to the Community Foundation of SCC with the school you would like to support on the memo line) to the Community Foundation at 516 McMorran Blvd., Port Huron, MI 48060.

Shown above is a replica of the Cargill donation in the amount of $10,000 that will sponsor 100 elementary students in Algonac. Pictured in the group is Mr. Terry Wallis, former Principal of Algonac Elementary, who assists current Principal Melissa Hanners with the Friday Food for Kids program.

AMS teacher wins RESA grant

Amanda Gibson, technology teacher at Algonquin Middle School, was recently awarded a mini-grant from the St. Clair County RESA in the amount of $11,742. Gibson`s mini-grant application, Teaching & Learning with the Technology of Today`s Teens, was selected by a screening committee from a field of 85 applicants. Her application met the criteria of the grant process--a proposal that would effectuate true change, and/or achieve something different and positive in a classroom, building or in a district. Mandy Gibson has been a teacher with the district since she was hired in September 2000 as a 6th grade science teacher. She has also taught 6th and 7th grade Language Arts, and now 6-8 Technology.

Volume 10,Issue 4

District hosts Digital Ethics presentation

With the growth of the digital age, there is a growing need to educate students and parents on issues that arise from the use of technology. The high school hosted a presentation on Digital Ethics on February 23 that addressed such issues as cyber bullying, digital footprints, and texting while driving. The presenter was Lane Robinson, TEC Case Manager from the St. Clair County RESA. Cyber bullying is something all schools deal with at some point. When students enter the Internet and engage in things like social networking, they leave a digital footprint that is potentially left forever. Texting while driving is one of the most serious driving distractions that occur on our roadways today. At the presentation on February 23, parents and students had a chance to hear about and discuss the ramifications involved with taking part in any of these dangerous activities. We strongly encourage parents to monitor their student`s Internet activities and to make them aware of the potential dangers involved.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination The Algonac Community School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, height, weight, marital status, political affiliation or belief, or disability in its programs and activities. All inquiries regarding nondiscrimination should be directed to Alan Latosz, Assistant Superintendent, 1216 St. Clair Boulevard, Algonac, Michigan 48001 (810 794 -9364). This edition of the Algonac Reporter was published by the Algonac Community School District, communicating important information of concern to all citizens in our community. For additional information, please call Nancy Jeannette at 810 7949364, extension 1006.

Super Star Employees named

Judy Muir, Secretary I at Fair Haven Elementary, was named Super Star Employee for the month of December. Judy is very organized and efficient, and she has a funny sense of humor. Judy makes lemonade out of `Lemony Days` and that`s a very good thing! She has things done before you even as her to do it. She`s the best--a joy to see every day. Super Star Employee for January was Maria Ladochi, head custodian at Algonac Elementary. Maria is an extremely hard worker. She goes out of her way to make sure things are done right. She takes great pride in keeping her building in top condition and making sure staff are happy. Maria has a genuine care and concern for people and the school district. Congratulations to each of our Super Star Employees on their hard work and dedication!

First prize for 2011 is Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise Punta Cana Las Vegas Orlando San Antonio Mackinac Island Toronto New York Cancun Washington D.C. Nashville Puerta Vallarta In the first EEF drawing of the year held on January 11, the 8-day Caribbean Cruise valued at $2,300 was won by Ann Marie Konik of Marysville. The second prize winner of $125 in cash was Char Stanulis of Algonac. Winning the third prize $100 gift certificate for dinner at any of the Big River Grille restaurants was Rose Hartwell of Algonac. Winner of the February trip to Punta Cana valued at $2000 was Anita Heath of E. China, and the third prize dinner certificate was won by Theresa Finkbeiner of Birch Run. We extend a sincere thank you to all those who support the Education Enrichment Fund. Proceeds from the raffle are deposited directly into Algonac`s fund at the Community Foundation of St. Clair County. The interest earned on investments is used each year to award mini -grants to Algonac teachers for new and innovative learning experiences for their students. There are still a few tickets left, so if you have not purchased yours yet be sure to call today at 794-9364. Don`t miss this opportunity to win big prizes each month during 2011!


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