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RELEASE DATE: 08/24/2006


,,Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls" SNATCH!020 CD

8 pg booklet, shrinwrapped

world wide exclusive! EAN: 426011967020 THE KIDNAPPERS Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls CD+ Zaxxon 7"Bonus

Rerelease of that now considered as the outstanding punk album of 2003 by this german three-piece. "Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls" got raving reviews and fans all over the world and was ranked in many Top Ten lists that year. CD version comes with the no equally acclaimed follow-up 7" on Zaxxon Records, Canada. Both vinyl records are out of print, so finally we decided to rerelease the songs remastered on this new format for all Johnny Come-Late´s and another round of world conquest of these highschool fellows. Comes with all their hits and also their mindblowing covers of LOLI & THE CHONES, TEENGENERATE and one song Brian Hermosillo (The FEVERS) once wrote for them. The KIDNAPPERS took the KIDS punk, drenched it with has undeniable power pop of the late 70s one hit wonders, those 90´s fast paced killer nippon sound and the howling of the MURDER CITY DEVILS. The KIDNAPPERS are now Beat-It (guit, voc), Chris (bs, voc) and Timo (drums) and just released their second album "Neon Signs" on RIP OFF Records and are the continent and the UK in August 2006. Over and out! PRESS QUOTES BLANK GENERATION: "..This album is a total adrenaline shot right to the heart!!!" CARBON14: "The Kidnappers play totally enthusiastic and energetic rock and roll without the slightest bit of pretension or hipster posturing, which in this day and age is gawd damn miracle." NOW WAVE MAGAZINE: "The Kidnappers are currently the best rock n' roll band on the planet.." All I know is that e..very time I drop the needle on the Kidnappers LP, I'm compelled to sing along, tap my feet, bob my head, shake my booty, crank up the volume, flip off my neighbors, and shout "Fuck yeah!" at the top of my lungs..."MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL: "..I dare anyone to make a better record this year. Seriously, this LP is the embodiment of what makes rock & roll great.It`s catchy, it`s trashy, it`s fun and it`s so fucking good that I am jealous..This band can do no wrong in my book.This band could be one of my all-time favorites.." VINYL A-GO-GO: "..Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls being one of the most lethal of the vinyl injectants wasting time next to my table. This is top-notch manic, catchy, fuzztinged, infectious, punk rock/rock and roll. The kind of songs that, when at their fastest, you can't really understand how time is found to keep the hooks intact. So it's like a power-pop band knocked to its knees bleeding and spitting.." TEENAGE DEPESSION: "As far as this type of stuff (Mid-Fi, punk -rock with hooks) goes, this is probably the best record I`ve heard in ages. The songs are hot, and the record sounds really good." LOW CUT: "..Catchy as hell and rocking like a motherfucker!" REV NORB: "Second coolest band logo of all time"


a bit of your love midnight ritz close to you hey!hey!hey! everybody hates me teenage fever break my heart excuse me hard to say hit the road marky nimrod maximum rocknroll spanish girls good morning cigarette what the cool kids say


Mörikeweg 1 74199 Untergruppenbach Germany [email protected]


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