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precision aerospace Manufacturing valid thru september 30, 2009

MiLitarY Master specification revisions

Specification MiL-a-8625 MiL-c-8514 MiL-DtL-53039 MiL-DtL-64159 MiL-DtL-13924 MiL-DtL-5541 MiL-pRf-9954 MiL-pRf-22750 MiL-pRf-23377 MiL-pRf-85285 MiL-pRf-85582 MiL-StD-865 MiL-S-13165 ReViSion f c c l1 D f c f J D D D canceLLeD & SUpeRSeaDeD BY aMS-H-81200 2 3 1 inactiVe note 1 aMenDMent 1 1

MiL-pRf-9954 MiL-f-18264 MiL-H-81200 feD-StD-595

c D SUpeRSeaDeD BY aMS-H-81200 c 1 2 note 1

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