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Metal Hardness Tester HL30

This light-weight portable hardness tester has a user-friendly membrane. Hardness scale, material, average time and some other functions can be set through short-cut keys. It has upper/lower limits setting and alarm. Holder in the back holds the unit up to free engineer's hands.

Features: Measuring accuracy Repeatability Impact direction Hardness measurement value Measuring range Onboard memory Optional impact device Charging time Continuous working hours Communication interface Operating temperature Dimensions Weight Backlight Features of External Impact Devices: D probe is for standard use. DC probe is short and is convenient in small space. ±6 HLD of reading at HLD=760 6 HLD of reading at HLD=760 0º, ±45º, ±90º HL, HRC, HRB, HB, HV, HSD HRC 20.0 ­ 68.0 600 data D, DC, DL, D+15, C, G 2-3.5 hours Approx. 200 hours(without back light) USB 0°C-45°C 152×84×34mm 9 oz (with probe D)

DL type is used in confined surfaces such as gear wheels. D+15 type is for measuring in grooves or recessed surfaces. C type is used on surface-hardened, coated, thin-walled or impact sensitive components. G type is used on heavy and rough cast and forged work pieces. Specifications of impact devices: Model: Impact energy: Mass of the impact body: Probe diameter: Probe length: Probe weight Max. hardness of sample: Preparation of surface: Average roughness Ra Min. weight of sample: Of compact shape On solid support Coupled on plate Min. thickness of sample: Coupled Min. thickness of layers Test tip: Hardness Diameter Material Indentation: Diameter -with 300 HV Depth -with 300HV Diameter -with 600 HV Depth -with 600HV Diameter -with 800 HV Depth -with 800HV D/DC/DL 11Nmm 5.5 / 5.5 / 7.3g 20/20/5mm 147 / 86 / 202mm 75/50/87g 940/940/950HV 1.6µm 5kg 2kg 50g 5mm 0.8mm 1600HV 3mm D+15 11Nmm 7.8g 20mm 162mm 80g 940HV 1.6µm 5kg 2kg 50g 5mm 0.8mm C 2.7Nmm 3.0g 20mm 141mm 75g 1000HV 0.4µm 1.5kg 0.5kg 20g 1mm 0.2mm G 90Nmm 20g 30mm 254mm 250g 650HB 6.3µm 15kg 5kg 500g 10mm 1.2mm 1600HV 5mm

1600HV 1600HV 3mm 3mm Tungsten carbide 0.54mm 24µm 0.54mm 17µm 0.35mm 10µm 0.38mm 12µm 0.32mm 8µm 0.35mm 7µm

0.54mm 24µm 0.54mm 17µm 0.35mm 10µm

1.03mm 53µm 0.90mm 41µm ~ ~

Measuring range of impact devices:

Impact Devices C


Sample material




D+15 19.3-67.9 80-638 80-937 33.3-99.3 19.8-68.2 80-935






Steel and cast steel

CWT,ST tool steel Stainless steel

20.0-68.4 38.4-99.8 81-654 81-955 32.2-99.5 20.4-67.1 80-898 46.5-101.7

20.0-69.5 80-683 80-996 31.8-102.1 20.7-68.2 100-941 47.7-99.9 90-646

20.6-68.2 37.0-99.9 81-646 80-950 30.6-96.8

Gray cast iron Nodular cast iron Cast aluminum alloys Brass Bronze Copper


85-655 85-802 93-334 131-387 19-164 23.8-84.6 40-173 13.5-95.3 60-290 45-315

23-210 22.7-85.0

92-326 127-364 32-168 23.8-85.5

Specifications of the support rings (optional accessories):

A big ring and a small ring come with the unit. Other 12 rings are optional accessories.

Z model is For outer cylinder. HZ model is for inner cylinder. K model is for convex. HK model is for concave.

Model No. Big ring Small ring Z10-15 Z14.5-30 Z25-50 HZ11-13 HZ12.5-17 Measures Concave & convex Concave & convex Outer cylinder Outer cylinder Outer cylinder Inner cylinder Inner cylinder Radius(mm) >60 30-60 10-15 14.5-30 25-50 11-13 12.5-17 Model No. HZ16.5-30 K10-15 K14.5-30 HK11-13 HK12.5-17 HK16.5-30 Universal Measures Inner cylinder Convex Convex Concave Concave Concave Outer cylinder Radius(mm) 16.5-30 10-15 14.5-30 11-13 12.5-17 16.5-30 Adjustable10-


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