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New Zealand's largest range of safes for all applications:

· Fire-resistant · Burglar-resistant · Data · Security · Deposit · Hotel/Motel · Key Control Cabinets



SAFEGUARD fire-resistant safes are made from quality materials and products offering you maximum protection against fire. All SAFEGUARD fire safes are tested and approved by independent international organisations. SD series safes are key and combination locking with internal deadbolts on the hinge side to resist hinge attacks. Models from SD105 and up have changeable combination locks with independent relockers.

SD101T 7247/004

SD102 7299/004

SD103T 7375/004

SD103 7375/004

SD105 7875/004



SD106A 71210/004

Model SD101T SD102 SD103T SD103 SD105 SD106A SD107 BS106 BS106A Outside (H x W x D) 412 x 307 x 362 333 x 433 x 400 486 x 346 x 420 346 x 486 x 420 718 x 494 x 550 1000 x 580 x 553 1100 x 640 x 587 850 x 580 x 556 1000 x 580 x 556

SD107 71595/004

Inside (H x W x D) 335 x 230 x 224 237 x 337 x 242 366 x 226 x 260 226 x 366 x 260 514 x 345 x 341 773 x 433 x 345 873 x 493 x 376 623 x 433 x 345 773 x 433 x 345 Kg 28 37 51 51 Accessories 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray

BS106A 71890/004

127 1 plastic tray 185 1 locking drawer, 2 shelves 235 1 locking drawer, 2 shelves 220 Internal locker, 1 shelf 250 Internal locker, 2 shelves

All sizes in mm

Designed for safe storage of paper and valuables against fire and the opportunist burglar. All rated for 1-2 hour depending on model. NOT DESIGNED FOR DATA AND COMPUTER MEDIA. 3


SAFEGUARD ESD series safes are electronic digital safes that require the correct code and key to open. A master key is standard which will override the standard key and code in case of lost code or flat batteries. Two individual codes can be preset with 3-6 digits. All ESD series safes are powered by four AA batteries (alkaline recommended) which will last approx 12 months (subject to usage).

ESD101TK 7399/004

ESD101K 7399/004

ESD102K 7440/004

ESD102TK 7440/004

ESD103K 7525/004

ESD103TK 7525/004

Safeguard safes are made by the leading safe manufacturers around the world. Exporting to over 50 countries, this company is one of the largest in the world specialising in fire-resistant safes and security containers.



ESD105 7995/004

ESD107 71700/004

530EN 7375/004

Model ESD101TK ESD101K ESD102K ESD102TK ESD103K ESD103TK ESD105 ESD107 CS001EN 125EN 530EN All sizes in mm Outside (H x W x D) 412 x 307 x 362 307 x 412 x 359 333 x 433 x 400 433 x 333 x 400 346 x 486 x 420 486 x 346 x 420 675 x 478 x 533 1100 x 640 x 587 300 x 410 x342 412 x 352 x 433 514 x 404 x 440

125EN 7299/004

Inside (H x W x D) 335 x 230 x 224 231 x 336 x 224 237 x 337 x 242 337 x 237 x 257 226 x 366 x 260 366 x 226 x 260 464 x 329 x 330 873 x 493 x 376 220 x 330 x 225 320 x 260 x 304 410 x 300 x 300 28 28 37 37 51 51

CS001EN 7245/004

Kg Accessories 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray 1 plastic tray

127 1 plastic tray, 2 shelves 185 1 locking drawer, 2 shelves 26 36 53 1 shelf 1 plastic drawer, 1 shelf



Steel plate construction for the secure holding of limited amounts of cash and valuables during the day and night. Ideal for applications where staff can make deposits without gaining access to the safe.

Body constructed with 5mm steel. Door constructed with 12mm steel. Concealed hinges making hinge attacks very hard. Digital locking as standard. Also available without deposit slot.

SC42S 7590/004

All the same features as the above safes but offering a greater size of depositing facility with the tilt out drawer. DS30 has a locking internal locker keeping the deposits separate from the main safe.

SC58S 7790/004

DS20 7950/004

DS30 71290/004

These two safes offer deposit facilities with the added feature of being fire-resistant. Ideal for large amounts of cash holding. NS1280 is commercial grade construction with glass plate activated relockers. Cash rated.

NS897 71790/004 6

NS1280 73280/004




SFT25ECM 7247/004

MS1K 7275/004


MS2K 7275/004

External (H x W x D) 420 x 380 x 380 580 x 380 x 380 514 x 356 x 356 762 x 508 x 508 910 x 610 x 590 1280 x 650 x 660 348 x 488 x 417 720 x 495 x 551 250 x 350 x 250 305 x 152 x 205 205 x 152 x 305 225 x 100 x 190 Kg 49 62 51 113 236 680 51 127 10 15 15 2.5

MO1 7165/004



Commercial grade deposit safes are constructed from heavy gauge steel with a concrete barrier material. All Max Series safes have independent relockers for greater security.

TK40WS 71240/004

Top loading deposit slot with anti-fishing device to make withdrawing deposits out harder. Bolt down facility for greater resistance from unauthorised removal. Two independent relockers with glass plate protecting the locking system. External 510h x 430w x 510d Internal 365h x 280w x 280d Weight 210kg

Designed for larger deposits of cash bags or valuables. Deposit is made by inserting items in top drawer. Once drawer is closed deposit enters main safe. Top drawer has a key lock to stop unauthorised deposits being made. TK50MD has all the security features of the TK40. External 630h x 535w x 530d Internal 465h x 365w x 315d Weight 370kg

TK50MD 71980/004

Same features as the TK50MD but with a larger capacity. External 810h x 635w x 635d Internal 635h x 457w x 406d Weight 580kg


TK120MD 72640/004


Commercial grade safes are constructed from heavy gauge steel with a concrete barrier material, offering a higher level of security against burglary attacks. Max Series safes offer security features that are normally only found in larger, more expensive safes. This is a popular safe for home, office or commercial business. Bolt down facility for greater resistance from unauthorised removal. Two independent relockers with glass plate protecting the locking system. External 395h x 500w x 530d Internal 250h x 360w x 310d Weight 200kg This is the most popular safe for bars, restaurants, and retail stores which require high security but with a limited amount of space. External 510h x 430w x 510d Internal 365h x 280w x 280d Weight 210kg Ideal for larger cash outlets and businesses that require larger capacity for valuables and documents One adjustable shelf is standard. External 630h x 535w x 530d Internal 465h x 365w x 315d Weight 360kg

TK30 71090/004

TK40 71175/004

TK50 71700/004

Same as the TK50 but with larger capacity and an additional shelf. Ideal for retail stores that require till drawers to fit into the safe after hours. External 810h x 635w x 635d Internal 635h x 457w x 406d Weight 580kg

All TK Series safes can be fitted with digital locking systems. See back page.

TK120 72470/004



Steel plate safes come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Generally the thicker the steel, the more protection you will achieve against attacks with tools. As with any safe, we recommend that they are bolted securely to a solid base. Economical home or office safe. Concealed hinges. Digital keypad. Emergency key override. External 250h x 350w x 250d 10kg

SFT25EA24 770/004

Home/office/hotel safe. Liquid crystal display to confirm entry and display low battery warning. Emergency radial key override. External 250h x 350w x 250d 10kg

SFT25EC 7100/004

Hotel/motel/office safe. Ideal safe for the storage of laptop computers and other valuables. Liquid crystal display. One centre shelf. External 220h x 430w x 350d 19kg

SFT35EC 7190/004

Home/office safe. Digital locking with emergency key override 3-6 digit code can be reset by the user. Powered by four AA batteries lasting up to 12 months (depending on amount of openings) One centre shelf. External 520h x 350w x 360d - 22kg

SFT56EA 10 7250/004


Floor safes offer an affordable alternative to larger freestanding safes with the added protection of being concealed in the floor. When properly installed in a concrete floor, these safes will provide excellent fire and burglary protection. We recommend that valuables are placed inside sealed containers to protect them in case of flooding or moisture build up. All floor safes come complete with flush mounted cover plates.

The VESTA range of floor safes offer an inexpensive level of security with removable door/lid. TKVESTA-JNR 300h x 250w x 250d TKVESTA 300h x 350w x 350d

TKVESTA-JNR 7430/004

TKVESTA 7425/004

SFTF40EA 7320/004

Electronic digital floor safe Ideal for home with the convenience of easy opening with the digital lock. Emergency key override. External 255h x 400w x 300d 22 kg Internal 160h x 250w x 195d

Commercial grade floor safe with independent relocker and three wheel combination lock. Spring-loaded door to assist smooth opening. B15 315h x 320w x 370d 36kg B25 460h x 320w x 370d 44kg

B25 7765/004 B15 7655/004



Magnetic media such as diskettes, floppy disks and data cartridges are easily damaged and susceptible to low levels of heat or humidity. Backup tapes are not replaceable and should be stored only in approved security containers such as the Diplomat Data safes. These have been designed to protect your data media from fire, floods and magnetic fields. Would your business survive if you lost all your computer records?

DS1125EN 7610/004

The DS1125EN data safe is the smallest in the range of freestanding data safes. Digital locking offering easy opening and closing to ensure that it is always closed when not in use. External 412h x 352w x 433d Internal 213h x 153w x 172d Weight 41kg

The DS1530EN is ideal for the small business with capacity for 42 CDs. Standard digital locking system. External 514h x 404w x 440d Internal 303h x 193w x 172d Weight 59kg

DS1530EN 7725/004

External 660h x 470w x 470d Internal 373h x 243w x 172d Weight 88kg

DS1060EH 12 7890/004


External 695h x 500w x500d Internal 408h x 273w x202d Weight 103kg

DS1070EH 71090/004

The DS1080EH is ideal for the larger business with capacity for up to 160 CDs. Slideout trays offer ease of access even to the back disks. External 876h x 520w x520d Internal 569h x 273w x202d Weight 137kg

DS1080EH 71200/004

The DC3120EH offers two safes in one. Data protection in the lower half and fire protection in the top half for paper records and valuables. External 1220h x 655w x560d Internal Box 339h x 372w x 251d Weight 250kg

DC3120EH 71860/004

External 1445h x 690w x720d Internal 1104h x 402w x406d Weight 469kg

DT2130EH 72805/004



Constructed from heavy gauge steel offering a good level of security. Completed with numbers hooks. Digital locking with slam shut latching to ensure the cabinet is always locked while not in use. Pre-drilled for wall mounting. Concealed hinges to resist hinge attacks. External 364h x 344w x 120d 11kg

KC64 7275/004

KC100 7350/004

External 555h x 430w x 179d 23kg

KC200 7395/004

External 555h x 430w x 179d 26kg

JOMA Key Control Cabinets

H W 155 155 215 215 350 300 350 350 D 60 60 60 60 60 120 120 180

20 30 42 70 105 148 203 302

C105320 C105330 C105342 C105370 C105305 C105148 C105203 C105302

200 200 290 290 475 390 475 490





Fire-resistant filing cabinets are the ideal storage system for documents and other important files. Top drawer locks with key lock and combination for greater security. Each drawer can be individually locked with key lock. One hour fire-rated.

BF680-2 71650/004 71925/004 72475/004

Model BF680-2 BF680-3 BF680-4



Kg 163 222 300

Outside (H x W x D) 825 x 530 x 705 1187 x 530 x 705 1549 x 530 x 705

Drawer (H x W x D) 300 x 388 x 570 300 x 388 x 570 300 x 388 x 570

Accessories Top drawer with combination lock, each drawer key-locking, castors included in height

All sizes in mm


B600 7640/004

Drug cabinet for the storage of restricted drugs and medicines. Conforms with NZ specifications.

SFT22K 7130/004

Ideal storage for handguns or restricted drugs. Meets NZ Police requirements. Bolt down facility.

Height Width mm mm 165 315 17kg approx. Depth mm 250

External Weight

Height Width Depth mm mm mm External 600 400 300 Weight 51kg approx. Accessories One adjustable shelf



Digital safe locks for all office and commercial safes. These locks can be fitted to most models.

Kaba MAS digital safe locks are a commercial grade lock offering a high level of security and is simple and easy to operate. Single Mode ­ one correct code will open safe or change new combination. Dual Mode ­ two correct user combinations are required to open safe (manager 1, user 2) Super Master Control ­ a super master control code can be set at time of installation. This is used to reset the functions and settings of the lock. This super master control cannot be reset. Powered by 9V Energizer battery giving approximately 12 months life (depending on usage). Battery can be changed by the operator without opening the safe. 12 months warranty on parts and labour nationwide.

Proudly distributed by Prices Effective 01/04/2009 Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include GST

All specifications were correct at time of printing. We reserve the right to change specifications at any time without prior warning. August 2008



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