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Allegheny County Department of Human Services & HumanServices.Net

Samantha Murphy Source Manager Office of Community Relations [email protected] 412-350-2441 Victor Johnson Children's Court, Office of Human Services [email protected] 412-350-6778

Department of Human Services

· Area Agency on Aging, Senior Line - (412) 350-5460 · Office of Behavioral Health (412) 350-4456

­ Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Services ­ Bureau of Mental Health Services ­ Bureau of Children & Adolescent Services

· Office of Mental Retardation/ Developmental Disabilities (412) 253-1250

Department of Human Services

· Office of Children, Youth and Families (412) 350-5701

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ Adoption Department (412) 473-2300 Central Regional Office (412) 350-3600 Eastern Regional Office (412) 473-1100 Foster Care Department (412) 473-2400 Lexington Intake Office (412) 473-2000 Mon Valley Regional Office (412) 664-8900 Northern Regional Office (412) 323-6100 Southern Regional Office (412) 488-8500

Department of Human Services

· Office of Community Services (412) 350-6611 Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) Early Childhood Education Programs (Head Start & Early Head Start) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) AmeriCorps KEYS First Steps After School Programs (BJWL, faith based, YouthPlaces) Rapid Employment Program CareerLink State Food Purchase Program Emergency Food Assistance Program Child and Adult Care Feeding Program Emergency Shelters Rental Assistance Bridge Housing Housing Continuum of Care (HUD) Program Community Services Block Grant Human Services Development Fund Family Support Centers Safe Start

What is the Information Commons?

A way to unify community information in SWPA

· Innovative database platform · Mission critical information and referral asset

A better understanding of the forces affecting our children, families and neighborhoods A data-driven foundation for planning and analysis

· Get the "right information to the right people at the right time" for the best possible decisions · Best return on our community investments

The current state of the art

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UWAC Database

Schools Database

Census Database

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DHS Database

Crime Database

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A+ Database

Health Database

The future: A unified approach

DHS Database

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School Database


Census Database

Information Commons

Custom Applications/GeoBrowser

UWAC Database

Crime Database


Existing Applications: · ESRI · Excel · etc.

A+ Schools Database

Health Database

Overview of

· Case management and referral tool ­ trusted source of agency and program information · Most useful to human service professionals · Data collection and corrections will be an ongoing process · Your input is essential

­ [email protected]

Who can use

· Parents, teachers, counselors, caseworkers, probation officers

­ Better understanding of resources available ­ Less time to find the best option

· Agency leaders

­ Trusted referral tool ­ Better understanding of the need for their services and a collaborative environment to share success stories ­ Less wasted time responding to barrage of requests for information

· Funders

­ Better visibility to gaps in service as well as overlap ­ Ability to understand financial sustainability ­ Tools to identify best practices


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