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With people in mind

Tempo lifts standards for comfort and safety

ARJO patient handling and moving equipment is firmly established as the most acceptable for today's ergonomicsconscious nurses and carers. The Tempo patient lifter, like all ARJO products, is easy to operate, simple to understand and supremely comfortable for the patient. The Tempo features a unique four-point tilting spreader bar and head and body support sling, which cradles the patient in a comfortable, semi-reclined position. Designed for use in the busiest of nursing environments, the Tempo lifts patients weighing up to 200 kg (32 stone, 440 lbs), yet is still easy to manoeuvre thanks to large diameter, low-friction castors. Tempo is also available with the enhancement of Powered Patient Positioning (PPP), a system that keeps the sling as steady as possible during manoeuvres and reduces the risk of strain injuries to nurses even further.

When a patient falls...

... nursing staff suddenly face one of their most difficult and stressful tasks ­ lifting a person from the floor. If this happens at night there may be fewer staff on duty, and a single nurse will have to manage alone. The extensive lifting range of the Tempo allows one nurse to raise the patient safely and comfortably in a reclined position. At this point, the nurse can use the tilting spreader bar to gently help the patient into a good sitting position. After the distressing experience of falling, the patient will feel secure and comfortable while being moved back to a bed or chair. The Tempo V-shaped base can be widened or narrowed simply by pressing the touchsensitive button on the handset or the dual controls on the mast. This adjustment feature enables access around large chairs or wheelchairs, or allows base positioning to clear obstacles under a bed.

The specially designed sling conectors fit positively onto the attachment points, helping to prevent accidental removal.

A lightweight, touch sensitive control handset operates lifting, lowering and base adjustment.

Which sling size? Colour-coded slings assist size selection. A size guide on the Tempo gives general advice on the most suitable sling for the patient.

Weigh while you transfer? The Tempo is also available with an electronic scale, allowing the nurse to efficiently combine two tasks by weighing the patient during a transfer.

More power for the carer

Using the PPP system, the nurse can feel the movement and position of the patient. This allows gentle powered positioning of the patient, using minimum effort, during raising and lowering ­ without having to push down on the patient's knees, causing discomfort, or pull on sling straps. Powered Patient Positioning also makes it easy to sit a patient up in bed, as it allows the nurse to tilt the spreader bar with the minimum of effort while maintaining good posture. The system's power lock prevents unnecessary movement of the patient, even if he or she is very agitated. The Tempo PPP system is waterproof.

Secure lifting

Frail or highly dependent patients can be lifted with a minimum of disturbance and maximum comfort. The unique four-point tilting spreader bar ensures the patient remains comfortably and securely reclined until the nurse or carer is ready to adjust the patient's position. Using the tilting spreader bar, the nurse can easily reposition the patient, even reaching down into deep chairs with a minimum of disturbance, while maintaining close contact with the patient at all times. ARJO is committed to combating back injuries. The ergonomic design of the Tempo shows that commitment in action. At a price to suit your budget, the Tempo will help you to minimise handling-related stress, strain and back injuries, and cut the high financial and human costs caused by these conditions.

FM 21964 ISO 9001 · BS 5750 Part 1 · EN 29001 Arjo Ltd. St. Catherine Street, Gloucester, UK.

1226 (48 1/4") TURNING CIRCLE

2043 (80 3/8")

1487 (58 9/16")

1844 (72 5/8")

534 (21") 542 (21 3/8") 652 (25 11/16") 300 (11 13/16") 115 (4 1/2") 1090 (42 15/16") 30 (1 3/16") 1193 (47")

754 (29 11/16")

206 (8 1/8")

580 (22 13/16") 1120 (44 1/8")

The Battery Charging Station (optional extra) offers a neat system for efficient battery storage and charging. This easily installed option, consisting of a floor location mat and charger housing, can hold two batteries for recharging at the correct ergonomic working height. The unit will help staff to maintain charging routines that ensure fully-charged batteries are always available when needed.

A Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) constantly displays the power level of the battery system and indicates when the battery needs charging ­ an. One battery and a charger are supplied with each Tempo. A service timer displays the hours and minutes of hydraulic motor usage, which enables accurate service intervals to be maintained and allows the monitoring of equipment use in a particular area.

Printed in Denmark · ARJO/MULTI GROUP A/S · 1 KM12_1 GB-INT

We strongly advise and warn that only ARJO Designed Parts, which are designed for the purpose, should be used on equipment and other appliances supplied by ARJO, to avoid injuries attributable to the use of inadequate parts. ARJO Conditions of Sale make specific provision, confirming no liability in such circumstances. Our policy is one of continuous development, and we therefore reserve the right to change specifications without notice. ARJO and Tempo are registered trademarks of the ARJO Group.

With people in mind

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