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Trixie Lift

The New Gen

eration Hoists from Arjo

The new generation Trixie Lift benefits from tried and trusted ARJO technology in conjunction with exciting new features which are unique. ARJO's tilting spreader bar allows comfortable repositioning of the patient, and is used on the Trixie Lift, together with specially designed castors unique to ARJO. These reduce resistance when the hoist is being manoeuvred even over carpet. Trixie Lift also has the ability to fold up, so that it can be stored out of the way when not required. Trixie Lift is a powered, general purpose hoist which will lift patients weighing up to 308 lbs (140 kgs). It is supplied with two batteries and a charger, will lift from the floor onto most bed heights, and is designed for use in nursing homes, hospitals and domestic situations. Where the requirement is for a heavy duty hoist with a large range of lift, we recommend that the Maxilift is specified.

The Perfect hoist for daily lifting

Trixie Lift is the ideal hoist for all daily lifting requirements. It performs general lifts such as bed to chair, chair to toilet, repositioning in bed, chair to car, and from the floor, with ease. Its powered operation with remote handset allows the operator to stay close to the patient at all times, which is a particularly useful feature when lifting from the floor. The tilting spreader bar on the Trixie Lift is the same design as those employed on the Maxilift and Bianca, and therefore uses the same range of contoured head and body slings. The sling range includes a standard sling for all general lifting, a padded sling for extra comfort under the thighs, a mesh sling for bathing, a toileting sling and a special double amputee sling. The slings are very easy to apply and remove, and are extremely comfortable for the patient. The tilting spreader bar allows patients to be reclined as soon as they are lifted. This relieves the pressure from under the thighs and spreads it across the patient's back, ensuring a comfortable transfer. ARJO slings for the tilting spreader bar are all The special design of the Trixie Lift ensures that you can place your patient centrally on most beds contoured to fit the body shape and increase patient comfort. This, together with the reclining action of the spreader bar encourages a feeling of complete security which is highly important with any hoist. Patients like the ARJO slings and trust the equipment which makes the nurses job of introducing patient handling equipment to them far easier. All of the slings are colour coded to make size selection easier.

The battery lifts out of its pocket for charging. Each Trixie is supplied with a recharging unit which uses less electricity than a lightbulb.

Go Anywhere with the Trixie Lift

Specially designed castors on the Trixie Lift reduce resistance and friction, even on carpeted floors and thresholds. Trixie Lift is the easiest hoist to push and manoeuvre, representing a major advance in protecting carers from strain and injury. A foot operated lever adjusts the chassis from narrow to wide without effort. At its narrowest the hoist passes through a standard doorway, at its widest it passes around an armchair or electric wheelchair. Patients who require transfer into and out of a car find the Trixie Lift is ideal, as the tilting spreader bar ensures they can be positioned over the car seat, and then lowered into a good sitting position without suffering uncomfortable knocks. The Trixie Lift is also compact enough to be taken out with patients on day trips, giving them maximum freedom and independence. Space is always at a premium ­ whether in a domestic situation, a nursing home or a hospital. Trixie Lift folds up into a compact, easy to manoeuvre unit which can be stored out of the way in a cupboard, or flat up against a wall. If the spreader bar runs into an obstacle when This feature is also extremely beneficial when lowering, the lowering action is immediately stopped. the hoist must be used on different floors within a facility, and be transported in a small passenger lift. Two rechargeable batteries are supplied with each Trixie Lift, together with the recharging unit. This ensures a constant supply of power.

Specially designed castors on the Trixie Lift reduce resistance and friction, even on carpeted floors and thresholds.

645 760 1275 980


* This measurement is approximate and relates to 70 kg, 154 Ibs, 11 stone patient being lifted in a large (green) sling, and is for general guidance only.




Product data

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The Trixie Lift is battery powered with a 24V removable and rechargable batteries, and a charging unit. 5V watertight hand set. Four point swivelling spreader bar with positioning handle. Low friction castors, the two rear with brakes. Opening/closing of chassis legs with foot pedals. Foldable for storage. Emergency stop, emergency lowering. Automatic safely stop if lowered into an obstacle. Length of stroke 1140 mm. Rated load 140kg, 308lbs, 22 stone. UK and foreign patents pending.

We strongly advise and warn that only Company Designated Parts, which are designed for the purpose, should be used on equipment and other appliances by the Company, to avoid injuries attributable to the use of inadequate parts. The Company's Conditions of Sale make specific provision confirming no liability in such circumstances. Our policy is one of continuous development and we therefore reserve the right to change specification without notice.


With people in mind

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