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Marvin Redpost- Alone in his Teacher's House by Louis Sachar Marvin Redpost is paid the ultimate compliment by his teacher, Mrs. North when she asks him to look after her dog and house whilst she is away. Marvin undertakes his responsibility with great maturity. Despite his friend's pleadings otherwise, he doesn't allow them to enter the teacher's house. Unfortunately things don't go as smoothly as anticipated when Waldo, the dog, refuses to eat. Marvin tries everything, even eating some of the dog food himself! " Alone is his Teacher's House" is the latest offering in the Marvin Redpost series by Louis Sachar, the best selling author of Holes. This was the first book about Marvin I read but definitely not the last. I just had to read more about Marvin! Louis Sachar captures perfectly the concerns of young children. He has an amazing ability to portray how it feels to be young. His characters are vividly and sympathetically drawn. This is a book that even reluctant readers will enjoy. Pia Butcher, Croydon Public Library, VIC This is a lovely and simple chapter book. An easy read for year 2 or up (or even year 1). This book is filled with marvellous illustrations not just reflecting the action but also Marvin's feelings and thoughts. There is a great one of Marvin as a crab when someone accuses him of being crabby or when things are getting him really down - a picture of him lying down with the world on his back. Poor Marvin has one of those weeks. Just when things were looking good it all goes wrong think "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". Marvin is asked to look after his teacher's old dog while she is away and he is excited about such responsibility. As the week goes on his friends stop talking to him as they feel he is being too proud at looking after the dog and the substitute teacher seems to think he is up to mischief and to top it all off Waldo (the dog) isn't eating! This is a great book to illustrate for students how sometimes friendships can sometimes go through bad patches but things can work out. Sometimes we have bad weeks but nothing is so bad that it cannot get better. This book would be useful to discuss with students about relationships with friends and teachers, how things just seem to be getting worse and worse and also about dealing with the death of a pet. Catriona Cowling, Meriden Junior School, NSW This short book, number 4 in the Marvin Redpost series, is the story of Marvin Redpost looking after his teacher's elderly dog for a week. His friends are jealous of the money he'll earn, curious about Mrs North's house and desperately want to go and have a look inside. Marvin doesn't give in to their demands. However, he has other problems as Waldo goes off his food and Marvin has to try to get him to eat. The ending is sad, though with a positive message from Mrs North. Sachar does not match the reputation produced by "Holes", but the intended audience is much younger. For this adult reader, the ending was predictable though younger students may not find it so. Marvin is likely to gain an enthusiastic audience and following and many readers will want to read other stories of his adventures. The books would also work well for students reading below their age level. Marvin has a very strong moral code and this aspect of the story will ensure that the series can be used to support classroom teachings. Maureen Mann, Queechy High School, TAS


Marvin Redpost- Alone in his Teacher's House by Louis Sachar

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Marvin Redpost- Alone in his Teacher's House by Louis Sachar