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ANTIHISTAMINES ­ Due to varying rates of metabolism 4 days is recommended as general advice to be off the drug before testing. Generic LORATADINE Commercial Products Claratyne Alledine Allereze Chemists own Laratadine Clarinase Repetabs Lorano Lorapaed Lorastyne


Aerius Claramax


Telfast Allerfexo Chemist's Own Fexo Fexal Fexotabs Tefodine Telfast decongestant Xergic Zyrtec Alzene Apo-CetirizIne Zep Allergy Zilarex Zodac




Earlier generation anti-histimines: Periactin, Polaramine, Avil, Phenergan, or Vallergan .

Antihistamines are often used in cold and flu tablets/mixtures and in sinus and allergy mixtures and some pain relief preparations. Please inform the doctor if you are taking any. With antidepressants there is often a significant anti-histimine effect these may be; Amitriptyline, Allegron, Anafranil, Deptran, Endep, Prothiaden, Sinequan, Surmontil, Tofranil or Tolvon. And the anti-migraine tablet Sandomigran. Anti-emetics such as Stemetil or Stemzine can also effect the testing.



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