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Biometric Appointments UK Border Agency Vulcan House 6 Millsands Sheffield S3 8NU

Your biometric appointment at the UK Border Agency (UKBA) will take place at the Public Enquiry Office (PEO) in Vulcan House, Sheffield. Alletson Arnold is the company contracted by your law firm to escort you through the biometric appointment process. We are committed to making your appointment a carefree experience.

Step by Step Guide

On the day of your appointment, your Alletson Arnold representative will contact you on your mobile phone with a call or a text message. If you have not heard from your representative by the time you arrive in the Sheffield area, please call 0114 360 8688. This number will automatically be directed to the mobile phone of your representative. Directions to the Sheffield PEO can be found on the page below. You should arrive at the Sheffield PEO 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Please use the Riverside Entrance at Vulcan House. Your representative will already be inside the building where mobile phone use is restricted. Upon arrival, go through security and ask the guards to point out your Alletson Arnold representative. If you cannot find your representative, leave the building and call 0114 360 8688. Your representative will walk you through the entire process. He or she will escort you through the initial procedures. While you are seated in the waiting room, your representative will submit your application and pay the relevant fees. When it is time for your biometric interview, your representative will escort you to the interview room and wait with you as a UKBA official asks you the required questions, takes your photo and then your fingerprints - using electronic scanner. After your biometric interview, you will return to the waiting room to await the results. Please note that this can take anywhere from 5 minutes to, in exceptional cases, more than 2 hours. Once this is completed, your representative will inform you of the status of your application. You may then leave the PEO for your return to your work or home. The entire process from the time you enter the PEO takes on average 2 hours. In exceptional cases, it can take longer ­ such as when there is a problem with the PEO's computer system or if there are an exceptionally large number of biometric appointments. Note that your passport and other documents will remain at the PEO for processing. Applications take approximately 1-2 days to process. Your passport and documents will then be forwarded to your law firm. Under normal circumstances, you can expect to receive your passport and documents within 2-4 business days.

88 Wood Street 10th Floor London EC2V 7RS Tel. 020 7097 8983 Alletson Arnold Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales. Company Number 06740988.

Note that your passport will not be endorsed with a stamp or a vignette (sticker). Rather, you will be given a photo identification card called an Identity Card for Foreign Nationals (ICFN). The ICFN is your visa. Ordinarily, it takes 5-10 working days for your ICFN to be forwarded to your law firm.

Directions to UKBA's PEO in Sheffield (Vulcan House)

We recommend that you take the train from London to Sheffield. Trains leave hourly for Sheffield Station from St Pancras International Station (National Terminal). The journey takes approximately 130 minutes. Once you arrive at the station, take a taxi from the taxi rank outside the station to Vulcan House. Alternatively, you may walk to Vulcan House.

Walking Directions from Sheffield Station to Vulcan House

(Approximate walking time: 15 minutes) Exiting the station, walk north along the Sheffield Interchange Covered Walkway Turn left onto Harmer Lane Turn right onto Pond Street (heading north) Pond Street becomes Flat Street (continue straight ahead) Bear right onto Fitzalan Square Continue straight ahead (heading north), taking the pedestrian crossing over the tramway Fitzalan Square is now Haymarket which then becomes Waingate (continue straight) Turn left onto Bridge Street Turn right onto Millsands and walk 250 meters (heading north) to arrive at Vulcan House

The following facilities are available at Vulcan House: Vending machines Public pay phones Two interfaith prayer rooms Baby changing room Photo booth

88 Wood Street 10th Floor London EC2V 7RS Tel. 020 7097 8983 Alletson Arnold Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales. Company Number 06740988.


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