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The Organization


The Chino Basin Desalter Authority (CDA) was formed as a Joint Powers Authority in February 2002 to manage the production, treatment, and distribution of highly treated potable water to cities and water agencies throughout its service area. CDA is composed of the following eight member agencies: Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA), Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD), City of Chino, City of Chino Hills, City of Ontario, City of Norco, Santa Ana River Water Company (SARWC), and Western Municipal Water District (WMWD). The CDA facilities include two desalters, supply wells for each desalter, two reservoirs, raw water pipelines, potable water pipelines, potable water pumping facilities, and pipelines for brine disposal. Fifteen supply wells feed the Chino I Desalter and eight supply wells feed the Chino II Desalter. As of June 30, 2007, the total value of the CDA net plant was $131.3 million. Most CDA member agencies purchase water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) for potable water service. CDA member agencies also have "take or pay" contracts with CDA for 24,600 acre feet per year of water supply from the desalters. The more the desalters produce, the less the member agencies buy from MWD.

Chino Basin Des

3. Consistent management reporting must be provided to facilitate effective decision-making 4. Dedicated staff/CDA culture must have pride of ownership. 5. Stronger and more effective coordination with the Chino Basin Watermaster on all water issues must be achieved. The start up costs for an autonomous organization are estimated to be approximately $1.2 million with an estimated annual budget estimated at $21,000,000.

Current Governance

CDA is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are representatives from the different member agencies. Currently, the CDA Coordinator is acting as the General Manager and the staff is composed of personnel on partial loan from member agencies. The existing JPA agreement also defines the Treasurer and Project Manager roles, which are also currently provided by member agency staff. Interface with the Board is provided by the Coordinator and TAC in an advisory capacity. The TAC members serve in a liaison role with the Boards of their respective member agencies.


As the CDA is established as a separate and autonomous entity, the General Manager will be expected to accomplish the following goals, among others: Establish the new organizational structure and infrastructure from the ground up while working with member agencies to centralize current responsibilities and operations into one high functioning organization. Define a clear strategic direction for the organization to include operational, organizational and financial aspects, as well as staff recruitment and human resource functions. Efficiently implement and operationalize the direction established. Manage the diverse personalities and organizational needs of the member agencies while balancing their needs and interests in a collaborative and collegial environment. Understand the various viewpoints and perspectives of the member agencies, minimize the areas of conflict and lead the CDA toward fulfilling a common vision. Manage the CDA's multi-faceted operations and projects. This includes the implementation of the $120 million desalter expansion project which will increase the CDA's current capacity. Work closely with other governmental agencies such as cities, the county, Chino Basin Water Master and regulatory agencies to address water quality issues, political viewpoints, and short and long term initiatives (e.g. the Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010). Stay abreast of upcoming environmental regulations, new technologies, and possible issues as it relates to the organization.

Organization Transition

Approximately two years ago, the Chino Basin Desalter Authority (CDA) decided to conduct a study of its organizational effectiveness with the goal of understanding its current status and exploring potential changes. R.W. Beck was retained to conduct the organizational review and roadmap. The Board of Directors reviewed several options for increasing organizational effectiveness; these ranged from leaving the current structure in place and working on organizational enhancements within that framework to establishing a fully autonomous organization. After thorough exploration of the various options, CDA ultimately decided to create a separate organization. The following mission statement was developed during the organizational review workshops with the CDA's T echnical Advisory Committee (TAC) and approved by the Board: Provide a sustainable water supply that meets reliability and water quality goals, while balancing regional basin objectives with optimized operations. This represents an expanded mission, beyond the original one as defined when the organization was established. In association with this mission, the following strategic issues were defined for the CDA going forward: 1. Dedicated resources that match the required level of service must be provided. 2. Clear lines of authority must be established to ensure accountability for effective operations.

salter Authority

Keep the CDA Board informed in a timely manner.

The Position

Reporting to and under policy direction from the Chino Basin Desalter Authority Board of Directors, as well as coordination with various committees, the General Manager provides policy advice to the Board of Directors while developing and implementing strategies, goals, objectives, priorities and projects. He/she provides leadership and management of the overall CDA responsibilities and functions in order to assure that CDA provides a safe, high quality, sufficient quality, and cost effective water supply to its water purchasers. The General Manager operates within broad policy guidelines and exercises substantial latitude and discretion to achieve the CDA's mission and effective utilization of its resources. Essential functions and responsibilities are: Plan, organize, and direct CDA with full administrative and management responsibility for all functions, services, resources, and activities. Coordinate with the CDA Board, member agencies, outside agencies, consultants, and contractors. Develop and implement goals, objectives, projects and priorities in support of the CDA Board policies, CDA mission and member agencies' needs. Practice sound fiscal management; administer CDA resources appropriately by forecasting and planning for CDA policies and programs, preparing and managing an annual budget, approving and monitoring expenditures, and managing cost effective services and staffing levels. Assure effective management, operation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance of the Chino Basin Desalter Facilities. Select, train, motivate, manage and evaluate the performance of CDA staff to assure productive performance and achievement of CDA goals, objectives and priorities. Provide overall management to engineering and operations functions; recommend and oversee capital improvement projects and facility modification plans. Negotiate and administer complex contracts, and respond to and resolve associated issues. General duties include: Management ­ Report directly to the Board of Directors at least quarterly on the following: 1) Operations and Maintenance, 2) Contracts Administration, 3) Budget and Financial Reports in coordination with the CDA Treasurer, and 4) Performance and Regulatory Compliance of Chino Basin Desalter Facilities. Plan, prepare, and coordinate regular Board meetings including the preparation of agenda items and meeting minutes, and maintain official records. Prepare and submit annual reports as follows: 1) Operational Plan, 2) Capital Improvement Plan, and 3) Annual Budget. Prepare and submit quarterly reports as follows: 1) Facility Performance, 2) Water Quality, 3) Water Production including the Chino

Basin Water Master production reports, 4) Service Interruptions, 5) Status of Budget and Expenditures, and 6) Worker Safety. Prepare and submit periodic plans and reports as required; for example, Urban Water Management Plan, reports for the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Air Quality Management District, etc. Conduct various committee meetings; maintain records of agendas, minutes, agreements, and related documents. Attend and actively participate in a variety of committees and meetings; for example, Board committees, Chino Basin Water Master etc. Negotiate and administer contracts and agreements, including CDA Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement dated September 25, 2009, Purchasing Policy dated October 17, 2002, Operation and Maintenance Agreement dated January 1, 2002 (includes Land Development Guidelines), Mitigation and Monitoring Plan, construction contracts, professional services agreements, emergency contacts, etc. Prepare requests for proposals, evaluate proposals, and coordinate selection. Prepare Board agenda reports recommending contracts and agreements. Coordinate with CDA legal counsel as necessary. Organizational and Facilities Operation and Maintenance ­ Assure that CDA meets all regulatory requirements including Mitigation & Monitoring Plan, water quality and facility performance standards as well as the terms of agreements with Water Purchasers. Assure proper procedures for the delivery of product water, e.g. variations in production, baseline delivery rate, and deviation from baseline delivery rates, maintenance requirements, and facility modification protocols; and for routine and emergency communications with operational staff and Water Purchasers. Review, authorize, and approve expenditures. Oversee staff engaged in daily operations and maintenance of desalter facilities: ­ Assure that desalter personnel are appropriately certified and qualified, supervised, trained, and equipped with sufficient tools and materials to meet regulatory requirements and facility performance standards. ­ Assure adequate facility staffing, scheduling, training programs, and timely updates and maintenance of operations manuals. ­ Assure compliance with all applicable health and safety requirements. ­ Negotiate and administer contracts for operational and support services provided by independent contractors and/or consultants. ­ Exercise immediate and necessary steps in response to emergencies, and promptly report the emergencies and actions taken to CDA Board and member agencies. ­ Collaborate and coordinate with California Department of Public Health, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, Chino Basin Water Master, Southern California Edison, California State Regional Water Quality Control Board and others as needed.

The Candidate

Education, Certifications and Experience

This position requires a combination of education and experience. A typical way of obtaining the qualifying knowledge, skills and abilities is: Graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in engineering, public or business administration, or a closely related field; and progressively responsible experience in the administration, operations and maintenance of regional water facilities; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. An appropriate advanced degree, professional engineer registration, and water treatment/distribution certifications are desirable qualifications. Experience in working with an appointed/elected board or commission is desirable. Candidates should have a thorough understanding of engineering, operations, personnel and financial management and California environmental laws and regulations. It is preferred that candidates have significant experience working in a municipal organization, although candidates from the private sector will also be considered. It is also preferred that candidates have experience working in or dealing with a joint powers authority. Present proposals, reports, and recommendations clearly, logically and persuasively to the public and in meetings. Represent the CDA effectively. Establish and assure compliance with appropriate policies, procedures, and controls. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing; and prepare clear, concise and comprehensive correspondence, reports, presentations, and other written materials. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with Board members, employees, consultants, contractors and member agencies; other elected and appointed governmental officials, industry and business executives, professional and community groups, developers, media representatives and the public.

Management Style and Personal Traits

The Chino Basin Desalter Authority is seeking an experienced professional with a proven track record of success. The ideal person will be entrepreneurial and possess exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as experience working with appointed/elected boards. He/She will be able to "hit the ground running" and communicate complex issues in an understandable manner. He/She will recruit, mentor and develop talented staff while not micro-managing. He/She will be an adaptable manager who is patient, open-minded and able to take constructive feedback. The selected person will have vision, good judgment and a "can-do" attitude; in short, someone who gets the job done. He/She will be passionate, flexible, attentive, and diplomatic. . This person will be energetic, business-like yet friendly with a casual manner. The wellrounded and customer-oriented ideal candidate will be a delegator, facilitator and consensus builder. Lastly, this person will be a problem solver who enjoys professional challenges and is highly committed to his/her organization.

Knowledge and Skills

The selected candidate should have knowledge of: Theory, principles, practices and techniques of public administration, public financing, financial management and long-range planning as they apply to a joint powers authority functioning as a public regional water treatment and reclamation utility. Principles, practices and techniques involved in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities for water treatment, reclamation, and distribution systems. Federal, state and local laws, regulations and court decisions applicable to a joint power authority functioning as a public regional water treatment and reclamation utility. Joint powers authority functions and associated management, financial and public policy issues. Principles and practices of budgeting, purchasing and management of public records. Organization, roles and functions of appointed and elected public officials. Applicable California laws such as "The Brown Act" and other laws and regulations governing the conduct of public meetings, contracts, agreements, etc. Principles and practices of effective human resource management and supervision, applicable human resources policies and procedures and labor contract provisions, and sound employee relations. In addition, he/she should be able to: Plan, organize, and direct the organization and operations of a joint powers authority and its regional public groundwater reclamation, treatment, and distribution systems. Analyze and make sound recommendations on complex management, administrative, regulatory, and operational issues. Exercise sound and independent judgment within broad general policy guidelines. Exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with sensitive, complex and confidential issues and situations. Understand, interpret, explain and apply CDA policies and procedures.

Compensation and Benefits

The salary for this position is open, and will be dependent upon the qualifications and experience of the selected candidate. A generous benefits package will be established with final input from the selected GM. Benefits will be comparable to those offered by the member agencies which range from 1.50 to 1.65 times salary. An interim benefits allowance will be negotiated with the successful candidate. Such benefits will include health, dental and medical insurance, among other standard coverages. For retirement purposes, the Board has approved a direction that the CDA will become a part of the CalPERS program.

How To Apply

Please apply on-line by June 18, 2010 at For questions and inquiries, please contact: Sherrill Uyeda or Syldy Tom. ALLIANCE RESOURCE CONSULTING LLC 400 Oceangate, Suite 510 Long Beach, CA 90802 Telephone: (562) 901-0769 E-mail: [email protected] An Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer


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