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Allied Boiler & Supply, Inc. conducts a "hands-on" boiler training designed to teach safe boiler operations, maintenance, basic and advanced troubleshooting, and accountability of proper operating procedures. Training occurs on boilers installed in our shop. Allied Boiler has found that training on real operating boilers is more effective than the "simulators" that some schools use. Field conditions and situations are reproduced with Allied Boiler's training school, making for a more productive learning experience.

The training school is divided into two sections that run concurrently for two days. Our instructors, who share over 60 years experience, spend the first day discussing issues concerning safety, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting. Students are encouraged to ask questions and share knowledge about situations in the field. We have found this exchange of information to be very valuable and conducive to the group learning process. Allied Boiler's unsurpassed instruction manual contains incident reports, safety articles, how to test for and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, technical documents on boiler maintenance, gas line capacities, boiler logs, and much more. Also included are troubleshooting documents on correct sequence of operation, service tips and a troubleshooting checklist.

The second day of class instruction is spent troubleshooting the boilers. Before class that morning, the instructors "sabotage" the boilers. The students are then required to use the information they have acquired in class to solve and repair the problems they discover. Combustion analysis is performed on the boilers, with students adjusting the burners to get both lean and rich conditions. Call us at 1-800-858-0484 or email [email protected] for more information on scheduling and costs for our Boiler Training School.

· "Hands-on"

training with operating


· Instructors with over 60 years com-

bined experience

· Classes incorporate both basic and

advanced troubleshooting techniques

· First rate boiler training manual

We utilize an in-house boiler room station that represents similar conditions found in the field environment. Training with these operational boilers has proven to be a more productive learning experience versus sitting in a classroom working on simulator boards.

· School is applicable for any person

who associates with a boiler

· Class size limited to 15 students

A two-day class can truly save a life!

Along with top notch instruction comes a highly informative manual covering boiler systems orientation, boiler systems safety & maintenance, boiler systems troubleshooting, and hands-on troubleshooting.


Boiler School tri-fold

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