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2" Blocks 3" Blocks 2x8x16 Solid 3x8x16 Solid 3x8x16 Corner 4x4x16 Ashlar 4x4x16 Solid Ashlar 4x8x8 Half 4x8x12 Starter 4x8x16 4x8x16 Solid 4x8x16 Single BN 4x8x16 Double BN End 14" Blocks 6" Blocks 6x4x16 Ashlar 6x4x16 Solid Cap 6x8x8 Half 6x8x14 Starter 6x8x16 Flat End 6x8x16 Stretcher 6x8x16 Single BN 6x8x16 Double BN 6x8x16 Sash w/Breaker 6x8x16 75% Solid 6x8x16 SolidM 6x8x16 Bond Ashlar 6x8x16 K.O. Beam Lintel Conduit 8x4x16 Ashlar 8x4x16 Solid Ashlar 8x8x8 Half 8x8x16 8x8x16 75% Solid 8x8x16 Solid 8x8x16 Thick wall 3HR fire rated 8x8x16 Sash w/ Breaker 8x8x16 Single BN 8x8x16 Double BN End 8x8x16 Bond Beam 8x8x16 K.O.Bond Beam 8x8x16 K.O. Beam Lintel Conduit 10x8x8 Half 10x8x16 Flat End 10x8x16 Stretcher 10x8x16 Solid 10x8x16 Solid Ashlar 10x8x16 Bond Beam 12" Blocks 12x4x16 Ashlar 12x4x16 Solid Ashlar 12x8x8 Half 12x8x8 Half Plain 12x8x12 Pier Block 12x8x16 Flat End 12x8x16 Stretcher 12x8x16 Solid 12x8x16 Bond Beam 12x8x16 Single BN 12x8x16 K.O.Bond Beam 12x8x16 Conduit Block 14x8x8 Half Plain 14x8x16 Stretcher 4x8x12 Split-face Corner 4x8x16 Split-face 8x8x16 Split-face Flat End 8x8x16 Split-face Stretcher 8x8x16 Split-face Corner 12x8x16 Split-face Flat End 12x8x16 Split-face Stretcher 4x4x16 Brick Block Corner 8x8x12 Embossed Corner Unit 8x8x16 Brick Block Sash 8x8x16 Brick Block Stretcher 8x12x16 Brick Block Sash Flat End 8x12x16 Brick Block Sash Stretcher

4" Blocks

Split-Face Block

Embossed Brick-Faced Block

8" Blocks

MISCELLANEOUS Concrete Brick Chimney Eye Block Chimney Regular Labor Saver Hollow Header Solid Header

2 1/4 x3 5/8 x7 5/8 16x8x16 17x8x17 and 17x8x21 8x8x24 8x8x16 8x8x16

10" Blocks

Allied Concrete

| 1000 Harris Street

| Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

| 434.296.7181


Pop up windows.indd

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Pop up windows.indd