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PFA sheet

PFA Sheet

Excellent chemical resistance High Reliability of welding and heat sealing Wide Temperature Range: -240~260 deg. C Non-stick and low frictional coefficient Low permeability Good abrasion resistance Excellent ultraviolet and weather resistance Excellent electrical properties High purity grade of PFA material upon special request



Method ASTM


Specific Gravity Tensile Strength Elongation Elastic Modulus Use temperature (Continuous) Melting Point Specific Heat Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Dimensional stability Oxygen Index Refractive Index Solar Transmission Dielectric Strength, 1 mil Dielectric Constant, 1KHz Dissipation Factor, 1KHz

D 792 D 882 D 882 D 882

2.12~2.18 214 kgf/cm 300% 4894 kgf/cm 260


PFA sheet Thickness Width 1.5mm 1,200mm 2.3mm 1,200mm

D 3418

302~310 1172 J/kg*K

Weight Roll length


3.87kgs/ML 5.92kgs/ML 30M 30M


0.195 W/M*K

1. Maximum width up to 1,500mm.

D 696 9.9 x 10 mm/mm*


2. Other thickness or longer roll length is available upon request.

30min at 150 D 2863 D 542 E 424 D 149 D 150 D 150

±1% 95% 1.35 96% 260kv/mm 2.1 0.0005

4F., NO.12, MING-TSU E. RD., TAIPEI, TAIWAN, R.O.C. TEL: +886-2-2597-6222(REP) FAX: +886-2-2595-5626 Website: Email: [email protected]


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