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Revelations, 2006

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Littleton, NH

Page 1 October, 2006

From the Rector

The United Thank Offering

The fall ingatherings of the United Thank Offering will take place on Sundays, October 15th and 22nd. Please bring the contents of your UTO box to All Saints' on either of those Sundays. It will help if you convert coins into bills, or bring a check for the total amount made out to DIOCESE OF NH - UTO. The offerings from these two Sundays will be presented at the Diocesan Convention Eucharist in Concord on Saturday, November 11. The United Thank Offering has furthered the mission work of the church since it was started in 1889. It receives grant requests from diocesan bishops of the nine provinces of the Episcopal Church as well as from the provinces of the Anglican communion. This year St. Matthew's, Goffstown, NH will receive a grant to establish a Youth Volunteer program. When we express our thanks to God at the time of a specific blessing by putting money in our UTO boxes, we are helping to support missionary work nearby and around the world. --Mary-Lu Schaller

For twelve days this month, from October 5 through 17, I will be on retreat with three other members of All Saints' and several other women. We will be traveling to Italy, staying in Orvieto at a convent guest-house, and traveling on day trips from there to Assisi, Florence, and Siena. The retreat's subject is Medieval Saints in Umbria, as that area of Christendom was full of the life of the Spirit in the Middle Ages. Our spiritual companions will be Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, Fra Angelico and other artists of Florence, Thomas Aquinas who lived in Orvieto for a time. Judy Norton, an artist from this parish, and her friend, the Rev. Susie Skillen will be leading our times together, and we look forward to sharing those times with you upon our return. The Rev. Brendan Whittaker will be preaching and celebrating on Sundays, October 8 and 15 and I know he will appreciate seeing you again. Will you please keep Melanie Harding, Lois Peraino, Judy Norton and me in your prayers as we travel and know that we will be offering prayers for you in these holy places of pilgrimage. --BT

Revelations, 2006

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Littleton, NH

Page 2 October, 2006

ChIPs Program

Have you ever been accused of "rushing the season?" In order to have gifts for the children of incarcerated parents, it's necessary to think about Christmas presents in October. Guidelines for gifts for these children, whose parents To Pam Shillieto and all who are unable to get out and shop for them for worked so hard to make the Pie Festival Christmas, are on the bulletin board at such a success. From the set-up and takechurch. down crew, to the bakers and servers, the Your contributions of gifts and dishwashers and the money-changers, it money for the purchase of gifts for small was a wonderful event. Because of your children up to teenagers will be gratefully support, and the donation of almost 70 pies, received until November 4, so that we may we made $1270 for our efforts. God bless take them with us to diocesan convention you! on November 11. Please no guns, knives To Sheelagh Higginson and her or war toys, for obvious reasons. crew of helpers for a lovely coffee hour Presents should be unwrapped and reception on the day of the Bishop's visit, in the $15 range and may be left at All September 24. Saints`, clearly marked for the CHIPS To Paul Higginson for the window (Children of Incarcerated Parents) program. covering on the School St. side of the church. The middle window looks much better. To Barbara Serafini for the gift of a hydrangea bush for the church, near the memorial stone. To Bill Nichols, Connie McDade, Alden Crawford, and Wayne Miller for help putting mulch down on the memorial garden. It looks much better. To Pat Laurino and Irene Lynde and a host of cooks for their help preparing the Dinner Bell chicken dinner in September. To Joyce Roy and the choir for a lovely anthem for the bishop's visitation and to Barbara Serafini and Nancy Hubley for their special musical offerings that day.

Revelations, 2006

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Littleton, NH

Page 3 October, 2006

The Dinner Bell, our meal for hungry people, is set for Tuesday, October 10 at 5 p.m. here at All Saints'. The sponsor this month is the Congregational Church. The Men's Breakfast takes place Wednesday, October 11 at 8 a.m. in the parish hall. The men of the congregation are invited to this informal meal, and to help around the church afterwards if time permits. Daughters of the King meets for the last time this season, Thursday, October 26 at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Room. We have an open flower date on Sunday, October 29. Please call the church to reserve that date. We have openings to host coffee hour Sundays, October 22 and 29. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board. The Vestry meets Wednesday, October 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the parlor. Evening Prayer in October will be shared in the church at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, October 3, 24 and 31. Don't forget - October 29, Daylight Savings Time. Set your clock back one hour on Saturday night. Safe Church Training, a day-long workshop to help make our churches safe places for everyone, will be held on Saturday, October 14 in Claremont, NH. A group of teens and adults met in September and decided to be part of the regional confirmation on Sunday, April 22 at 4 p.m. at Church of the Holy Spirit in Plymouth, NH. This is the beginning weekend of the April school break week. Separate classes for teenagers and adults will

begin in the new year, and if you are interested in participating or knowing more, please speak to the rector. Northern Convocation delegates, elected representatives from the Episcopal Churches of northern NH, met in September to learn more about our recent General Convention and the upcoming diocesan convention's budget for 2007. The other six resolutions to come before Convention in November will be discussed at a Convocation meeting on Sunday, October 22 from 2 to 4 p.m. at St. Paul's, Lancaster. Delegates and other interested persons are urged to attend. Wednesday, October 25 is a Mission Center Day, on which the bishop is in residence at his northern mission center, St. Paul's, Lancaster. The schedule: 9 to 11 a.m., half-hour appointments for clergy wishing to meet with the bishop, 11 a.m.-12 noon, clergy gathering for Bible study. 12:10 a.m., the bishop celebrates Eucharist, open to all. 1-4 p.m., more half-hour appointments with lay leadership wishing to meet with the bishop. Please make an appointment by calling Paula Bibber at 1-800-995-1914 no later than two weeks before his visit. Wednesday, November 1, All Saints' Day. There will be a Eucharist at 7 p.m. in the church, during which we will remember all the saints and all the faithful departed. Our teenagers are invited to participate fully with us in church services. Do you want to be an acolyte, work on the altar guild, be an usher or reader? Please let the rector or Deacon Paul Higginson know.

Revelations, 2006

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Littleton, NH

Page 4 October, 2006

Seeing Things Differently

When I was doing my stint as a Wall Street executive a couple of decades ago, I used to say to my staffers when they came to me with a predicament, "Don't think of it as a problem. Think of it as an opportunity." It wasn't always what they wanted to hear. (Once, one of them gave me a narrow-eyed stare and replied, "Well, Ed, I guess that means I'm up to my hind parts in opportunities.") Their reluctance notwithstanding, I think I was on to something. Seeing the quandary differently, naming it differently, sometimes freed us to find solutions that we would not have otherwise found. So too with the Church. For instance, we can view it as a problem that some folks think the Episcopal Church is too inclusive. Or we can view it as an opportunity to include in Christ's household folks that other churches will not include ­ just as Jesus himself did. It's a question of seeing the issue with different eyes. Closer to home we're beginning to do that, too. This past week the rector challenged the vestry to think of our building not as a Parish Center, but as a Ministry Center. If we looked at it that way, what would be happening here? How can we see it differently? What can we imagine? How can we make it real? And those are the fundamental, transformative questions of stewardship as well. What can we imagine the Kingdom to be here and now? How can we deploy our resources to make that real? Let's begin this imagining now so that God's grace can make our vision real. Ed Farrell Stewardship Coordinator

Our condolences are offered to Donna Cruikshank and her family on the death of her "Gram", Edith Elliot, in Concord, NH. May she rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon her. Heather McIntire is back from a wonderful trip to South Africa where she was an exotic addition with blonde hair. She is grateful for all your support for her work with the children there. Please pray for Laurie Guay, Bill Cruikshank's daughter, who was injured in a fall recently, and for Barbara Geissinger who is recovering from shoulder surgery. Congratulations to Deb and Rick Stinehour on the occasion of their wedding, Sept. 16. Please pray for Roxanne Bowker who is undergoing cancer therapy. Barbara Serafini and her family are in our thoughts and prayers on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the death of her grandson, Serry Hayward. He is deeply missed. Welcome to Penny and Todd Odell and to their children who are in Godly Play - Jordan, Dylan and Brooklyn.

Revelations, 2006

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Littleton, NH

Page 5 October, 2006


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A prayer from a friend

O Lord, whose way is perfect, Help us, we pray thee, Always to trust thy goodness; That walking with thee and following thee in all simplicity, We may possess quiet and contented minds, Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Revelations, 2006

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Littleton, NH

Page 6 October, 2006

Guest Editorial

Bishop V. Gene Robinson recently graced All Saints' with the gift of his presence and preaching. He came down into the congregation and preached a very thoughtful sermon completely without notes. He spoke of the Syrophoenician woman who asked Jesus to cast the demons out of her daughter's body. Bishop Gene began his sermon by comparing Christianity with chicken pox. In order to be inoculated against chicken pox, he said, we go to the doctor deliberately to get a small dose of the disease, which prevents us from becoming fully infected. He asked us to question whether we were coming to church in order to get just enough Christianity that we could be acceptable in our world, or in order to be completely transformed. He suggested that we should allow ourselves to be completely suffused with God's love, and be willing to shake off the Episcopalian aversion to evangelism. He encouraged each of us to find that which resonates with our most deeply held convictions, and to live accordingly, even when we know that such a life may be inconvenient or troublesome. He proposed that perhaps God came down and chose to live completely as one of us, without the knowledge of his own divinity. He talked about Jesus associating with the Syrophoenician woman, (a foreigner, a Gentile, and a woman), and having his ears opened for the first time to the knowledge that the love of God is all-inclusive, being open even to foreigners, Gentiles and women. Before the consecration, Bishop Gene invited "all" to Communion, going beyond All Saints' usual welcome to all persons baptized in any Christian tradition. Later at coffee hour he questioned whether communion is a mark of belonging, or a way of being exposed to God's love, that could enlarge the circle of God's love to include all. If we are serious about adopting Bishop Gene's new diocesan slogan, "Infinite respect for one another... radical hospitality for the world", should we as a parish consider widening our already open invitation to the Eucharist still further? What do you think? Bill White September 2006

Revelations, 2006

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Littleton, NH

Page 7 October, 2006

Mark, Chapter 9, Word Search

f o r b i d q s e b i r c s w r t i r i p s e a m p e t e r


afraid amazed argue beloved child childhood cloud contempt cup dead death deliver destroy discuss Elijah evil faithless forbid Galilee garments glisten greatest James John Kingdom Lord matter millstone Moses mountain multitude peace Peter power receive restore scribes sea see silent snow Son spirit taste transfigured unquenchable

e w r a m u l t i

t u d e v s r

t t r a c c r l n g s o e i t f s s n e l s r e v i

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a n i a s s c a m f m e i c e m d h t t d f a a n n r l e a a g o o r o j i e t o c a r d z r n o j o t h g p s o g g m e e l b a h c n e u q n u d o d a s r l d g z y o r t s e d u t e e s l b e l o v e d a g o e s w n i a t n u o m d t n l s o o o h a j i l e p o h i

c t m p w c f g l i s t e n k

Copyright 2002 by Christian Ministry Resources, PO Box 2301, Matthews, NC 28106, 800-222-1840, www.chu Only churches or organizations with a current active subscription to Church Secretary Today are authorized to c

Request for Nominations

The Nominating Committee will be convening in the week of November 6, 2006 to consider and make nominations to be presented for election at the Annual Parish Meeting, in late January, 2007. This year we need to elect a Senior Warden and at least two vestry members. All persons nominated must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and communicants in good standing, meaning the person must attend church regularly, and be faithful in working, praying and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God. If you wish to suggest a name for consideration by the committee for any of these positions, or to nominate yourself, please note it on this sheet and return it to the parish office, noting "Nominating Committee" no later than November 5, 2006. If you wish, please indicate on the back of this sheet why you feel the person(s) you have nominated would be well suited to serve in the position indicated, and don`t forget, you may nominate yourself. Thank you for your participation! Nominating Committee: Judy Phillips, Paul Higginson, Dick Phillips, Donna Cruikshank

All Saints' Church 2007 Annual Parish Meeting Nomination Consideration Form Senior Warden (3 years, to 2010)_________________________________________ Vestry Member (3 years, to 2010)_________________________________________ Vestry Member (3 years, to 2010)_________________________________________


The current vestry and delegation are listed on the back of your monthly newsletter, Revelations.

Please return this form to the parish office, 35 School St., Littleton, NH 03561 or place it in the offering plate on Sunday.

2006 All Saints' Holiday Fair CHRISTMAS WREATHS FOR SALE

A fresh double-sided balsam wreath, decorated with a trim of cones and your choice of bow color. Size: 12" frame.................................................................Price: $17.00 Ribbon colors: Red, Burgundy or Williamsburg Blue All ribbons are waterproof velveteen. Early orders guarantee your choice of color, but orders will also be accepted the day of the fair, November 4, on the basis of availability. The wreaths will be available for pick-up at the All Saints' Church entrance on School Street, on Saturday, November 18th from 10:00 a.m. to noon. If you have any questions, please call Anne-Marie Nichols at 444-2257. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(cut here) Please reserve ________ decorated wreaths for me. Color of bows: Circle your choice(s) Red Burgundy Williamsburg Blue

Name: ___________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Telephone Number: _______________________________________ Please enclose your check for $17.00 per wreath. Make checks payable to: All Saint's Church (memo: wreaths) Mail to: Anne-Marie Nichols 63 East Street Littleton, NH 03561


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