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We supply after market parts and rebuild components for these and other makes and models of compressors and compressor components: Dresser-Rand Ariel Superior Mehrer Mycom Gardner Denver Ajax Clark Gemini Knox Western Compair C.P. E.I. Worthington Hurricane Atlas Copco Joy Cooper Bessemer Grimmer Schmidt Corkin De Laval Hoerbiger Texcentric Cook Manley

*Use of OEM name is provided for reference only and is not intended to imply or suggest that CPI and AWC parts are supplied to or by the OEM, nor indeed is this the case. The above names are property of their respective owners.

Compressor Products International Allwest Compressor Products ULC

Medicine Hat 1954-10th Avenue NW Medicine Hat, Alberta T1C 1T5 Phone: 403.529.5111 Fax: 403.527.4469

Lac La Biche Old Mission Road Lac La Biche, Alberta T0A 2C0 Phone: 780.623.2991 Fax: 780.623.2069

Lubrication Systems Packing and Wiper Cases Crosshead Rebuilding Rings and Riders Variable Volume Pockets Pistons and Rod Assemblies Valves and Valve Components

Compressor Products International Allwest Compressor Products ULC Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Industry leader in Western Canada in reconditioning and manufacturing of reciprocating compressor components including pistons, rods, packing and wiper cases, clearance pockets and cylinders. Allwest Compressor Products ULC is industry recognized for its knowledge and experience in the field of compressor valve failure analysis and we use this compiled information to re-tailor and/or manufacture customer valves and valve components to meet their specific needs. We also provide field service for designing, installing, troubleshooting and servicing lubrication systems. Other services include internal cylinder spraying, pump rebuilding, T.D.I. and I.R. starters, plungers, stuffing boxes and fluid ends. We take pride in the talented people who have been recruited to ensure our customers receive superior service and quality products. Our speed and quality of service is unsurpassed.

North America CPI Headquarters - Stafford, Texas CPI USA - Conroe, Texas - Southwest CPI USA - Baton Rouge, Louisiana CPI USA - Rancho Domin, California CPI USA - Golden, Colorado - HAR CPI USA - Tullytown, Pennsylvania CPI Canda - Brantford, Ontario CPI Canda - Calgary, Alberta CPI Canda - Medicine Hat, Alberta - Allwest CPI Canda - Lac La Biche, Alberta - Allwest CPI Canda - Edmonton, Alberta - Texflo CPI Canda - Grande Prairie, Alberta - Texflo

CPI is responsive to the ever changing needs of an industry that is focused on compressor availability and their optimum performance and profitability. With such depth and diversity CPI is at the forefront of not only the manufacture and supply of critical components for compressors but also at the leading edge of materials technology, and supports operators with professional and technically sound guidance, and also in providing proven problem solving solutions for operators. With CPI's strategic global network of manufacturing and distribution of quality, precision engineered components and support services, operators can be reassured that the compressor components from CPI will deliver efficient, reliable, performance that they can depend on. CPI's corporate headquarters and main North American manufacturing facility is based in the USA at Stafford, Texas. With headquarters for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific based in the UK at Hungerford. Manufacturing facilites and service centers are located globally in North and South America, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and China. Together with highly experienced technical engineers and representatives in major locations worldwide, available to all our customers 24/7...when it matters, where it matters.


South America CPI Brazil - Campinas Europe CPI Headquarters - Hungerford, UK Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific CPI France - Bavay Maubeuge Martigue CPI Germany - Gros Gerau CPI Netherlands - Heenvliet CPI Russia - Moscow Middle East CPI Dubai Africa CPI France Asia Pacific CPI China - Beijing Shanghi CPI Australia - Brisbane Perth CPI have also dedicated technical engineers located worldwide, able to respond to customers 24/7. More detailed information regarding contacts can be accessed via our website at:

Natural Gas and Oil Gathering Chemical Processing Coil Tubing


Packing Rings Packing and Wiper Cases Piston Rings Pistons and Piston Rods Compressor Valve Assemblies and Components Coil Tubing Truck Parts Clearance Pockets (Variable Volume Pockets) Lubrication Parts


Product Reconditioning Cylinder Spraying and Re-lining Compressor Rod Coating and Grinding Lubrication Sales and Service


Engineering Services:

Medicine Hat, Alberta Service center and manufacturing facility Lac La Biche, Alberta Service center

Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) Compressor Valve Analysis Compressor Performance Analysis Designing and Drafting to API 618 Designing and Manufacturing to Code ASME B31.3 (process piping code)

Engineering and Technical

Connecting Rods We inspect and recondition engine and compressor connecting rods using CNC technology we can hold high tolerances, making your parts match their original specifications. Internal Spray Technology We recondition compressor cylinder bores with internal spraying technology. Cylinders can be coated with many different types of coatings. Rely on us to make your cylinder like new again, saving you time and money.

We go way beyond just supplying components to customers. Our worldwide engineering team has the experience and the latest technology to help your compression equipment perform better and last longer.

Thread Rolling We are now offering thread rolling If your component needs to comply with engineering thread specifications we can meet those requirements we have thread rolling capacity up to 3.5 inch diameter.

Compressor Cylinder Rebuilding Cylinders are relined with either slip liners or interference fit liners. All cylinders are hot tanked and visually inspected for cracks or damage to the valve pocket seating areas. If necessary, dye penetration inspection will also be done. When possible all damage is repaired. Hydro testing and recertification will be done upon request.

Performance Curves Before you start up check to ensure that your compression equipment meets your operating conditions. We will calculate rod loads, discharge temperature, production rates, etc.

Dynamic Valve Analysis Program When designing new valves we are able to study the predicted performance of these valves under known operating conditions and derive suction and discharge valve motion, PV diagram, pressure drops, power loss, anticipated gas velocities, valve disc opening velocity, volumetric efficiency and piston loadings, to give optimum design solution.

Coil Tubing Truck Parts We have the capability to supply a variety of coil tubing truck parts. Our manufacturing center has the latest CNC technology, manual machining equipment and a CMM inspection station. We can supply products to your specifications or ask our engineering team for help if you are having trouble. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) FEA consists of a computer model of a material or design that is stressed and analyzed for specific results. It is used in new product design, and existing product refinement. Our Engineering Team will be able to verify that a proposed design will be able to perform to our customer specifications prior to manufacturing. If a product fails in service, FEA can be used to help determine design modifications to better meet the conditions.

Cylinders and Pistons

Chain Rollers

Arch Rollers

Tubing Connectors, Nozzles and Fittings Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) In the manufacturing industry today, the requirement to dimensionally validate product is more than just a quality control requirement, it is a prerequisite to doing business with our customers. Our Coordinate Measuring Machine ensures that products meet or exceed our customer expectations.

Blow Out Protectors

Counter Wheels



Piston Rings and Rider Bands PTFE, PEEK, Thermo Plastic, Bronze, Micarta and Cast Iron piston rings are available in a variety of styles up to 36-1/2" diameter. Rider Bands are manufactured solid or split and can be supplied in PTFE, PEEK, Micarta and Bronze.

Packing and Wiper Cases Engineered after-market packing and wiper cases are made in both Ductile Iron and Steel. We supply in both lubricated and liquid cooled. Stainless steel cases can also be supplied.

Crosshead Reconditioning Crossheads are inspected for distortion, cracks and damaged threads. The shoes are resprayed with babbit and machined to the correct specs. The pin bores are inspected and resized back to the original standard. We inspect connecting rods and replace bushings.

Lubrication Parts Supplier of Trabon, Lincoln and Dropsa lubrication parts. Lube boxes and pump parts.

Rod Packing and Wipers We carry a large inventory of packing and wipers in different styles and materials ranging from 1-1/8" to 2-1/2" rod size. Larger sizes up to 5" on request.

Compressor Piston Rods Piston rods are manufactured from certified 4140 HTSR steel. Specialty materials can be supplied to meet specific conditions. Hard surface coatings can be applied to the rod if requested by the customer. Rolled threads will be supplied upon request.

Piston Rod Reconditioning Rods can be resurfaced with a number of different coatings using several different spraying methods. Wear resistant and friction reducing metallic wear bands can also be applied to pistons at our facility. Steel inserting and re-anodizing of pistons is another service we provide. AWC will M.P.I. rods prior to spraying upon request. Valves, Packing/Wiper Cases Reconditioning and Testing Valves and packing/wiper cases are systematically and carefully reconditioned in our shop. We guarantee equal or superior performance and service life to that of a new valve in similar operating conditions.

Field Service Designing of lubrications systems, installation, troubleshooting and servicing of all compressor lube systems. Pickup and delivery.

Compressor Valve Components Precise and rapid manufacturing of Thermoplastic, PEEK, Mid Range (also known as MT) is done in our CNC Department for same day delivery. High Flo and Pyramid style plates are also available. Steel valve, dampner and spring plates are in stock. We also carry a large inventory of valve springs and buttons.

Compressor Pistons We excel in piston manufacturing. Our engineered pistons are made from certified 6061-T6 extruded aluminum bar stock. We also make pistons from Ductile Iron (65-45-12). By applying finite element analysis (FEA) we can ensure maximum fatigue strength in critical areas when designing and manufacturing pistons. Variable Volume Pockets Engineered after-market variable volume pockets are made in our shop. Improved design features are incorporated in these V/V pockets to give longer and more trouble free service.

Boss BlueBox Control System With our statistical monitoring system, various criteria can be set to shut down compressors experiencing excessive vibration. One controller can monitor multiple divider blocks and vibration sensors simultaneously.

Gaskets and O-Rings We have a large inventory of O-rings for valve covers, packing and wiper cases. Gaskets for valve seats and valve covers can be supplied in aluminum, iron, copper, steel or jacketed type.

Plungers, Stuffing Boxes and Fluid Ends Hard surfacing of plungers. Rebuilding and inserting stainless steel and bronze stuffing boxes. Remachining and inserting fluid ends. Rebuilding of pump crossheads.

Valve Covers, Chairs, Studs and Entry Sleeves Valve covers are made from ASTM-A36 steel or ductile iron. Valve chairs are made from 1018 steel. Cylinder and valve studs are made from 4140 HTSR steel. Entry sleeves are made from steel or plastic.

Compressor Valve Manufacturing Engineered after-market valves are manufactured in our modern CNC Department with excellent results in the most severe conditions. Re-engineered valves can be supplied to meet specific customer requirements. Valve cages and covers are also made at customer's request.

Compressor Cylinder Liners Grey iron and Ductile Iron liners are designed and manufactured to precise fits for all cylinders that are capable of having liners installed. Sprayed cylinder bores will be furnished upon customer's request.



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