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Can we help increase oil recovery in the Middle East?

Yes, while reducing greenhouse emissions.

Nejib Zaafrani: Chairman and Managing Director, Shell Abu Dhabi

The world is facing two critical challenges: the sustainability of traditional fossil fuel production and the environmental ef fect of CO 2 `greenhouse gas' emissions. Nejib Zaafrani and his colleagues are focusing on turning these challenges into opportunities, thanks to Shell capabilities, technologies and partnerships, all enabled by a strategic vision and a novel solution. By capturing CO 2 from industrial sources, compressing it and then `injecting' it into the oil fields, Enhanced Oil Recover y ( EOR) ensures that the potential additional oil recover y in the Middle East will be the equivalent to several years of current global oil demand. To find out more about Nejib and Shell's CO 2 vision, visit


3452 (297x210) The Week DB

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3452 (297x210) The Week DB