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ALMA AGUILAR was born in Madrid in Jan. 1976 into a family of the arts. Her father is a jazz musician and her mother, a painter and poet. At an early age, Alma had profound artistic interests. She spent the majority of her childhood with her grandmother, who was a dressmaker; and thus, Alma's first contact with the world of dressmaking. A world which fascinated her. After combining her academic studies with drawing, she began to study design, illustration and pattern designing at the Industrial Design College, Madrid. March 1995: Alma won the Madrid "Alternative Design Competition I" and in June, second prize at the "Prado Gallery" competition for young European designers. For two years, she worked as a freelance illustration designer as well as pattern designer thus developing all her facets. May 1998: at age 23, Alma Aguilar creates her own company, and in Sept. from her small workshop in Madrid, her first Prêt-à-Porter 1999 Spring-Summer Collection is born. April 17, 1999: Alma Aguilar opens her shop with a showroom and workshop in Callejón de Jorge Juan in Madrid. In Nov., she inaugurates her wedding gown Atelier. 2000: the actress Salma Hayek dresses in an Alma Aguilar design for the Oscar presentations in Los Angeles. September 2001: now 25 years old, and with her 7th collection, Alma participates in her first Cibeles Fashion Show in Madrid (Madrid Fashion Week). She is the youngest designer. March 2003: Alma is selected for the Global Plan for Spanish Design in collaboration with ICEX in order to promote Spanish Design in London. In October, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce selected Alma as their Spanish Fashion Design image for international promotion along with the fact that the State Association for Design Development & Innovation (DDI) and the Minister of Science & Technology collaborated to choose one of her pieces for the "Behind the Mirror, Spanish Fashion" exposition. This took place in the Reina Sofia Art Museum in Madrid, and was shown in the main capitals around the world. May 2003: Alma´s daughter, Allegra, is born. This has an important impact on her life and business as Allegra will become the name of her second line (low cost concept) and will eventually be the future creation of Mini Alma Aguilar for children. February 2004: Alma is accepted by the international firm, IMG, to participate in the New York Fashion Week; and in September she joins the Association of Spanish Fashion Designers (ACME). She is the youngest of 30 prestigious Spanish designers and honour members with Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Loewe, Olivier Strelli, and the Balenciaga Foundation.


September 2005: Alma presents "Meeting with Alma Aguilar" in the Dress Museum, Madrid. Gives a retrospective of her professional career dramatizing the creative process of this designer. At this time, Alma is involved in various commercial projects and Brand promotions such as the creation of an organic olive oil with her name, a designer tshirt promoting the brand "Madrid"; and for Barbie's 40th anniversary, she created an Alma design; she attended the "12 Dresses for Tokio"; Spanish Design in Japan, at the Cervantes Institute which later relocated to Peking. Some of her more imaginative pieces can be found at the Dress Museum & Ethnological Artistic Heritage's national collection, Madrid. Alma presented one of her creations at the Spanish Institute in New York in October. 2007. There was support from Spanish and international organizations as well as important media coverage, and the press fashion specialist of the stature of Anna Wintour. 2007: Alma creates her first complements line with a "couture" handbag called LIKE. Each bag is made to fit and has a limited edition number. Taschen Editorial has selected Alma Aguilar as one of the best 50 international designers for the book "Young Fashion Designers", and Harper Collins Book. 2008: With the support of ICEX and PROMOMADRID, a marketing plan is developed for entering the United States. 2008 Jun: EXPO MMODA MadridFashionNewyork, in the "Spanish Mile in Soho", in the Trump Soho de Nueva York, in the exclusive space Trump Soho Hotel Condominium NY. During this year, Alma will give classes in "Creative Design and Identity" at Madrid Polytechnic University as well as teaches summer courses which are part of her professional policy in able to make improvements the field of Spanish fashion formation. During Alma Aguilar's 10 yr. career, she has presented 23 collections mostly at the Madrid Fashion Week, Barcelona, and Moscow. This, along with career consistency and her own identity, he exquisite and demanding work and recognized quality, places Alma Alguilar as one of the influential Spanish designers with more possibilities for growth and business development. June 2009: The company changed location and moved to a new 350 square metre space in which Alma presents her bridal collections, haute couture, Alma Aguilar and Allegra by Alma Aguilar.


COLLECTIONS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) Sept. 1998 (Spring-Summer 1999) Hotel Sanvy, Madrid Feb. 1999 (Fall-Winter 1999-2000) Alma Aguilar Showroom, Madrid Oct. 1999 (Spring-Summer 2000) Alma Aguilar Showroom, Madrid Feb. 2000 (Fall-Winter 2000-01) Alma Aguilar Showroom, Madrid Oct. 2000 (Spring-Summer 2001) Alma Aguilar Showroom, Madrid Feb. 2001 (Fall-Winter 2001-02) Alma Aguilar Showroom, Madrid Sept. 2001 (Spring-Summer 2002) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Feb. 2002 (Fall-Winter 2002-03) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Sept. 2002 (Spring-Summer 2003) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Feb. 2003 (Fall-Winter 2003-04) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Sept. 2003 (Spring-Summer 2004) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Feb. 2004 (Fall-Winter 2004-05) Gaudi-Barcelona Fashion Week, Milan, Madrid Showrooms Oct. 2004 (Spring-Summer 2005) Saldañas Palace, Madrid; New York, Milan, Madrid Showrooms Feb. 2005 (Fall-Winter 2005-06) Russian Fashion Week, Moscow; Madrid, New York, Paris Showrooms Sept. 2005 (Spring-Summer 2006) Madrid, New York, Paris Showrooms Feb. 2006 (Fall-Winter 2006-07) Madrid, New York, Paris Showrooms Sept. 2006 (Spring-Summer 2007) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Feb. 2007 (Fall-Winter 2007-08) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Sept. 2007 (Spring-Summer 2008) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Feb. 2008 (Fall-Winter 2008-09) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Sept 2008 (Spring-Summer 09) Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Week Feb. 2009 (Fall-Winter 2009-10) Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Sept 2008 (Spring-Summer 09) Cibeles Madrid Fashion week

Contact: ALMA AGUILAR, Villanueva, 13. 28001 MADRID (SPAIN); Telf: +34 91 577 66 98 Emails: [email protected] // press: [email protected] Móvil: +34 618 154 165 [email protected] Movil: +34 617321799



ALMA AGUILAR was born in Madrid in Jan

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ALMA AGUILAR was born in Madrid in Jan