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Technical Specifications

RF Power RF Handpieces Output Frequency Electrical up to 300 W (±5%) UniPolar, UniLarge, BiPolar 40.68 MHz (±2Khz) 100­120 VAC, 5 A, 50/60 Hz 208­240 VAC, 2.5 A, 50 Hz 110 lbs. (50 kg) 21" x 17" x 38" (54 x 44 x 97 cm)

Weight Dimensions (WxDxH)

About Alma Lasers

Alma Lasers, Ltd. is a global developer, manufacturer and provider of laser, light-based and radiofrequency devices for aesthetic and medical applications. Since 1980, the founders of Alma Lasers have been at the forefront of innovative multi-technology / multi-application systems designed to meet the unique needs of today's practitioners. Alma's mission is to provide modular, cost-effective and high-performance systems that enable practitioners to confidently offer safe, effective and profitable aesthetic treatments to their patients.

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Who hasn't heard a patient wish for a more youthful appearance--without diet, exercise or surgery? Now you can grant this wish, with the Accent ®XL, a unique multiapplication, Radio Frequency (RF) based platform for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids that is virtually painless.

How the AccentXL works Tighten and contour skin with heat

AccentXL tightens skin and contours the body through a special dual-layer thermotherapy process. Only the AccentXL system from Alma Lasers combines two radio frequency modes into a single device. Each proprietary mode--BiPolar and UniPolar--is delivered by a discrete handpiece to deliver therapeutic heat at different tissue depths within the body. The Accent works by gradually heating the dermal and subdermal tissue to tighten and re-contour both superficially and volumetrically.


Treats all ages and skin types

AccentXL works on all parts of the body, regardless of a patient's age or skin type. And unlike other RF systems, the AccentXL provides effective treatment for wrinkles and rhytids with significantly less discomfort, a minimal risk of side effects and no downtime or expensive disposables. Plus, the technology is always upgradeable when new research innovations emerge.


Collagen fibers contract and multiply, which firms and improves laxity. Connective tissue contracts to improve the skin's contour, texture and architecture. Circulation improves and retained fluids drain from subcutaneous adipose tissue to reduce edema, erythema and overall volume.



Faster results with new larger handpiece

IN-MotionTM Technology Removes Pain

IN-Motion Technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results. Why? It provides a gradual thermal rise to the target therapeutic temperature, without the risk of injury and with much less pain for the patient.

The new UniLarge handpiece now delivers twice the surface area, with twice the available energy. This means that treatments can be performed up to 30 percent faster--patients see results sooner and you improve your bottom line.


A closer look: collagen reorganization Before

Photos courtesy: Yaron Assaf, MD

The BiPolar handpiece creates local, superficial dermal heating on delicate areas, such as the face. The exclusive UniPolar and UniLarge handpieces provides deep dermal and subdermal heating of larger areas.



Need Before Ultrasound Image

Pre-Treatment: Ultrasound image of

patient's abdomen prior to treatment with AccentXL. Notice that the connective tissue is sparse, spread apart and not well organized.


Photos courtesy: Ilan Karavani, MD UniPolar Handpiece Treats more deeply UniLarge Handpiece Treats more quickly BiPolar Handpiece Treats more superficially


Post-Treatment: 15 days post

A virtually pain free procedure

AccentXL rejuvenates the skin's firmness and texture with an exclusive IN-MotionTM technique that ensures a fast, safe and virtually pain free procedure for patients. IN-Motion gradually heats the layers of skin--so it's very comfortable.

Need After Ultrasound Image

treatment (5 weeks, 2x/wk). The thickness of the patient's superficial fat has decreased 33 percent and there is a clear demarcation from the deep fat. Connective tissue has become uniform, linear and horizontally oriented, with an increase in collagen fibers.



Photos courtesy: Ramon H. Rosado, MD

Effective results, effective ROI


The AccentXL has shown to be highly effective and financially rewarding for physicians and medical spa professionals--whether you're new to aesthetics or have been practicing for years. AccentXL is simple to learn and operate. It requires no local or topical anesthesia, and there are no expensive disposables, grids or return electrodes necessary. You see a faster return on your investment and accelerate your profitability potential.

" As a non-invasive treatment, Accent XL is the most effective technology on the market right now."

Steven Bloch, MD Board Certified in Plastic Surgery Former Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery, University of Wisconsin Body by Bloch, Highland Park, IL


> 25% Growth

in skin rejuvenation procedures.

Patient marketing materials

Low Operating Costs

Alma Lasers has even developed exclusive explanatory patient materials to help you market the treatment and successfully build your aesthetic practice.

High Demand

83% of all cosmetic procedures are non-invasive.

More than 100,000 AccentXL-treated patients, around the world

Fast Treatments

accelerate profitability.

Benefits of the AccentXL

For patients Virtually pain free Non-invasive, non-ablative No anesthesia Noticeable results on all skin types and on patients of nearly any age Can be used on any part of the body where skin laxity is a concern No downtime procedure with minimal risk of side effects Tighter, re-contoured skin through the treatment of wrinkles and rhytids For physicians Easy to operate No expensive disposables, grids or return electrodes Upgradeable High patient and clinical staff satisfaction Delivers consistent results regardless of climate or season Treats cosmetically unacceptable laxity due to age, solar elastosis or post surgical trauma, such as liposuction


Source: Millennium Research Group, 2006

AccentXL named the Most Promising New Aesthetic Technology in the 2006 Laser & Light Technology Choice AwardsTM.


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