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Diagnostic Strips


(box of 100 or 300)

Fluorescein Solutions


(5 mL bottle with dropper)

Bio Glo is a fluorescein ophthalmic strip for evaluating contact lens fittings, corneal and conjunctival problems and applanation tonometry.

BioGlo 100 - Item # 9001 BioGlo 300 - Item # 9002

Combination Fluorescein disclosing agent and Benoxinate as an anesthetic, useful in foreign body removal and applanation tonometry.

Item # 2001


(5 mL bottle with dropper)

Combination Fluorescein disclosing agent and Proparacaine as an anesthetic, useful in foreign body removal and applanation tonometry. Lissamine Green

(box of 100) Item # 2101

Lissamine Green ophthalmic test strips for evaluating corneal and conjunctival problems. Unlike Rose Bengal, it is sting free.

Item # 9003


(6 mL bottle with dropper)


(box of 100)

Rose Bengal ophthalmic strip for evaluating corneal and conjunctival problems.

Item # 9004

Large molecule Fluorescein in combination with Benoxinate as an anesthetic. Can be used in foreign body removal, applanation tonometry, rigid or soft contact lens fittings, evaluation of corneal and conjuctival problems. Item # 2201


(box of 50)

Large molecule flourescein ophthalmic strip for evaluating soft contact lens fittings, difficult to see scribe marks on soft toric lenses, and corneal problems. Safe to use with soft contact lenses.

Item # 9005


(box of 100)

Schirmer type tear test strip for measuring and recording tear volume.

Item # 9006

Injectable Fluorescein (10% 5 mL and 25% 2 mL) Injectable Fluorescein and Fluorescein Sodium in light and dark formulations used as an injected disclosing agent during Fluorescein Angiography.

Dark 10% - Item # 8001 Dark 25% - Item # 8002 Lite 10% - Item # 8003 Lite 25% - Item # 8004

Pharmaceutical / Surgical / Specialty / OTC

Goniovisc (Hypromellose)

(2% or 2.5% in 15 mL)

HPMC solution used as a fluid bridge between the cornea and an examination contact lens in a procedure called gonioscopy which looks at the anterior chamber angle of the eye.

Item # 7004


(12 X 0.7 mL dropperettes or 15 mL)

Topical anesthetic used for corneal procedures requiring anesthesia. Dropperettes are double sterile wrapped and ready for surgery.

0.7 mL - Item #7 011 15 mL - Item # 7012


(5% 5 mL)

Long lasting cycloplegic eyedrop that dilates the pupil and paralyzes accommodation.

Item # 7005

Eye Wash

(2 oz & 4 oz)

Irrigating solution for topical rinsing of the eye.

2 oz - Item # 7001 4 oz - Item # 7002

Balanced Salt Solution

500 mL, 250 mL & 18 mL


(2.5% in 5 mL and 15 mL also 10% 5 mL)

Ophthalmic irrigation solution with a connector for cannula attachment. Great for refractive or cataract procedures. All products are terminally steam sterilized with no EtO residuals and is latex free.

500 mL/glass - Item # 6001 500 mL/plastic - Item # 6101 250 mL/plastic - Item # 6201 18 mL - Item # 6301

Eyedrop for the dilation of the pupil.

2.5% 5 mL - Item # 7006 2.5% 15 mL - Item # 7007 10% 5 mL - Item # 7008

Sodium Chloride

(In 15 mL solution or 3.5 gm ointment)

Hypertonic Sodium Chloride solution or ointment used in the treatment of Corneal Edema by dehydrating the cornea that is swollen with water.

Solution - Item # 7009 Ointment - Item # 7010

To order call 001-909-476-8394 or fax 001-909-948-2193

HUB Pharmaceuticals Order/Policy Information

Ordering: Phone: Fax: E-Mail: 001 909-476-8394 001 909-948-2193 [email protected] [email protected] Mailing Address: HUB Pharmaceuticals, LLC 9339 Charles Smith Avenue, Bldg. 150 Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 USA

Shipping Information: ·All Product shipped F.O.B. Point of Origin. ·Freight charges, customs, duties, taxes, responsibility of consignee. ·Routing, shipping instructions, carrier arrangements responsibility of consignee. ·Compliance with all applicable International, individual Nation laws are the sole responsibility of purchaser. HUB Pharmaceuticals assumes no liability for purchases or user compliance with local laws. Returned Goods Policy: ·All sales final; product purchased not eligible for return. ·HUB Pharmaceuticals reserves the right and complete discretion to issue/not issue credit to any customer. Pricing: ·Pricing per International published price list. Contact Sales Department for price and contract information. ·Prices subject to change without prior notice.



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