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Alpha Middle East Fze

· Dealers for Fabrication, Welding & Cutting Equipments and consumables. · A well diversified trading house serving a vast array of industries like Power Generation, Water Management, OffDesalination, Oil & Gas, Off-Shore Equipment manufacturers, Process Equipment Manufacturers, EPC Contractors, Steel Fabricators etc.

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Alpha Middle East FZE is one of the leading companies trading & serving a vast array of Industries like Power Generation, Water Management, Desalination, Oil & Gas, Off-Shore Equipment manufacturers, Process Equipment Manufacturers, EPC Contractors, Steel Fabricators etc While Alpha Middle East FZE is involved with general trading in Middle East, its specialisation is the import and export of Equipments and solutions related to Material Handling, Cranes, Welding, Fabrication, PWHT, Overlay/ Cladding etc. Alpha Middle East is justifiably proud to be associated with some of the worlds leading manufacturers of these products. AME provides its customers with outstanding service and products required with solutions-based service. AME is committed to service. We have experienced & reliable staff to help our customers select the most appropriate grades of consumables & alloys for their applications. AME offer Quality products, on-time deliveries and competitive pricing which is recognized by all our valued customers. AME has played an essential part in supplying Welding, Cutting, Fabrication products & materials to the Middle East customers for over a decade.

Our Mission

Mission We will utilize the technical expertise built up through years of experience as a General Trading Company dealing in Fabrication, Welding, Lifting, Safety products and technology, bringing new value to our industrial customers through optimized product management. Management We will select, coordinate, procure, and supply optimal systems and products to meet the needs of our customers. Vision As a General Trading Company dealing in Fabrication, Welding, Lifting, Safety products and technology, we aim to create new industrial value.

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FACCIN Srl has been the undisputed world leader for years in designing, manufacturing and selling plate bending rolls, section bending rolls, dishing and flanging lines for large dome ends.

Plate Rolls: Three Rolls Initial Pinch Two Rolls ­ Urethane Three Rolls Double Pinch Four Rolls Double Pinch Three Rolls Variable Geometry

Torresin Titanio srl is a stockist and service center of semifinished mill products of the following materials: Titanium, Nickel alloys, Duplex, Superduplex, 904L, 254 SMO , supersteels. Austenitic and super-austenitic stainless steels

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Hydraulic gantries have become standard equipment in the lifting business today because of their cost effectiveness and project versatility. J&R Engineering LIFT-N-LOCK® Hydraulic BOOM Gantries, with their increased height capabiliLIFTties and ultimate safety features, require considerably less of an investment than mobile or overhead cranes, and can perform many of the same tasks. Gantries can also work in confined spaces or low overhead areas while remaining mobile and easily transportable. J & R LIFT-NLIFT® Hydraulic LOCK BOOM Gantries are available with lifting capacities from 75 US ton (68.1t) to 1,800 US ton (1634t) with four lift housings and lift heights from 18 ft. (5.48m) to 100 ft. (39.48m).

In the following areas, Arcoplate has no equal: · · · · · · Alloy hardness. Matrix toughness. Surface smoothness. Light weight for greater wear. Minute controlled cross checks. Carbide density and homogeneity.

Arcoplate wear plates are widely accepted in the mining and mineral processing industry where they have demonstrated time and again their ability to outlast the competition by a considerable margin. This, of course, means less shut downs to change out liners and thus greatly increases productivity and allows production programs to be met with ease

Cost Effective and Technically Superior The unique method of manufacture by Alloy Steel International results in a product that has many technical advantages and is surprisingly priced in the same range as its competition. When the extra life of Acroplate is taken into account the price of the product becomes greatly reduced. In many installations the competitor's product has to be changed three, four or more times to match the volume of Arcoplate regarding an equivalent thickness wear plate.

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The range of products, which is united in the brand name T-put solves welding problems of the As one of the leading manufacturer for noncorrosive and highfollowing applications and mate- temperature welding consumables, T-PUT offers a broad range of products for all applications and materials. Due to the outstanding rials properties the welding consumables are preferably used in the following industries: Automotive Industry; Chemical Plant Engineering; Liq· Unalloyed and low-alloyed uid gas Tanks & transport; Boiler Plant Industry; Offshore Construcsteels · High-temperature steels tions ; Pipelines; Shipbuilding Industry. · Pipelines For these high demanding applications the approved quality of our · Stainless steels, heat resisconsumables is essential for a long lifetime and an efficient manutant steels facturing process. In cooperation with our customers, experienced · High-temperature resistant welding engineers work out an appropriate technical solution at steels optimal costs The Brand Soudokay stands for overlaying applications. As a market leader in the research, development and production of agglomerated fluxes for electroslag and submerged arc strip cladding of various alloys (un ­ and low alloyed, stainless steel, Nickel alloys and co-alloys). Soudokay has the largest range of RECORD fluxes and SOUDOTAPE strips for strip cladding of components used in numerous industries In order to offer our customers the best technical ­ economical advantages of our strip cladding consumables, Soudokay has designed special adapted cladding nozzles for different applications. The nozzles are optimised in a way to give the best performance and life time, each of them adapted to the special needs requested when overlaying components (vessels, tubes, ...). Long experience and continuous development of products and production methods have led to Avesta Welding establishing itself as a worldleading manufacturer of welding consumables for stainless steel.

For the welding of standard and special grades of stainless steel, Avesta Welding manufactures a wide range of covered electrodes, flux cored wires and solid wires. The two production units are located in Avesta, Sweden, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Stainless Steel Electrodes for SMAW Stainless Steel Electrodes for FCAW Bare Stainless Steel Rods and Wires for GTAW and GMAW Covered Stainless Steel Rods for GTAW Ni Base alloy Electrodes for FCAW Taseto pioneers new development in special welding materials and related chemical products, continuing the stance of Takata Sentei Toryo Co., Ltd., which was Japan's first commercial enterprise to research and manufacture welding consumables. Taseto has always given the customer's viewpoint special consideration. Dealing with hi-tech welding consumables for special steels such as stainless steels, high Ni alloys, etc

Nickel alloys are often used in severe service conditions where extreme heat, corrosion, abrasion, high pressures and combinations of these conditions are present. Techalloy produces many grades of nickel, nickel alloy and copper/nickel coated electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding. Techalloy brand coated electrodes are sold under the trade name Tech-Rod. The flux coating contains various minerals and alloy Techpowders to impart specific welding characteristics and deposit chemistries. Most Nickel base electrodes are produced to the requirements of AWS A5.11.

Nickel Base Electrodes Nickel Base Solid Wire Stainless Steel Electrodes Stainless Steel Solid Wire Low Alloy Wire

Petrochemical Industry Stainless steels and nickel alloys play an important role in providing corrosion resistant materials in the oil and gas industry. Due to a wide variety of maintenance and repair needs, many times with short notice, you need a company with a broad product line, available inventory, close to your location. A variety of springs, fasteners and sand filtration screens are used as components in and around oil field production. Techalloy has long since been a participant in the manufacture of specialty and exotics wire grades to meet the highly demanding requirements including harsh petrochemical environments, heat resistance, strength retention and reliability.

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EWS GmbH is the right contact when it is about design and development as well as production of welding torches and accessories. In cooperation with our partners, including CK Worldwide, CM Industries and Jackson Safety, we offer you a complete and wide product range around the topic of welding technology

AME's long association with various Industries, is also a source for all types of Welding Procedures, Welders' Qualifications, Welding Alloys, Ceramic Backing Strips Welding and Fabrication EquipmentsStrips, Rotators, Positioners, Columns & Booms and CNC Oxy-Fuel + Plasma Cutting Machines and their Supports.

Our Concept (1) We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility by maintaining social fairness in our dealings and actively endeavoring to meet the demands of society, including the demand for environmental protection. (2) We will contribute to society and the development of industry by supplying the most suitable products to our customers. (3) We will repay the trust of customers and manufacturers by obtaining products with the latest technology and working to open up new markets, while constantly assessing global market trends.

"Firms need to ensure that their ability to provide effective customer service keeps pace with their growth. If you're marketing your firm to new customers, you better be able to provide them service when they do business with you." Arthur Levitt



P.O. Box: 49427 Hamariyah Free Zone Sharjah United Arab Emirates Phone: + 971 6 5261265 Fax: + 971 6 5261282 E-mail: [email protected] Website:


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