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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc./Georgia District Association * Volume 2 * Issue 11/12 * January/February 10

The District Director Speaks

My Brothers, since our last issue in December we have seen destruction of massive proportion in the country of Haiti. The General President has issued a call for donations and I am asking all chapters to think as our "Jewels" would and do what you can for the downtrodden. Food, clothing and water can make the difference between life and death. When we think of those in need, we fulfill our mission and walk lock step with our "Jewels". Make a difference and support the recovery efforts in Haiti. We have just completed another successful Georgia District Conference, my heartfelt thanks to our Director of Conventions Keith Harris, Chief of Staff Marco Pitts, the finance team Financial Secretary Andre Prospere and Treasurer Don Webster, host chapters Alpha Chi Lambda and Eta Alpha, convention officers and committee chairmen for their hard work and dedication in ensuring the success of the 54th Georgia District Conference. I congratulate all of our award winners who will be representing us at the Southern Region Convention in Jackson, Mississippi and am looking forward to seeing each of you representing Alpha South at the 104th Convention and being named National Award winners. During the State of the District speech, I spoke on the theme are you "Stuck on Stupid" in regards to illegal Intake activities, such as pre and post HAZING activities, allowing inactive members of the 3 T club (tags, tattoos, tee shirts ) to participate in college chapter activities and holding Brothers and Chapters responsible and accountable for their actions, including the use of State of Georgia laws to prosecute violators. It has been stated over and over again, nothing you do will determine if someone will be made right or remain active, in fact many of those who perpetuate this myth are inactive themselves. I took an oath to protect Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., so let it be known, I am your best friend when you are on the side of right, I am Alpha's best friend when you are on the side of wrong. Effective immediately, any chapter and any Brother seen, pictured or who knowingly allow Brothers who are inactive, not matriculating at your college, suspended or expelled, participate in Alpha activities, will face the same disciplinary actions as those who are suspended or expelled. Many problems occur when Brothers do not understand that graduation means just that, or those suspended or expelled are embraced by Brothers in good standing. Ignorance is no longer a defense, if you do not know who they are, ask, stop allowing renegades to tear down Alpha Phi Alpha. As the Regional VP Brother Crumel stated in his State of the Region address, if chapter leaders cannot man up to tell inactive members to bud out, they should resign and the chapter elect leaders who will protect the chapter and not the outsiders intend on destroying our good name. To place all of this into perspective, would you like your legacy to reflect that your chapter lost its charter during your time in school.

Inside This Issue

Page 1 The District Director Speaks Page 2 District Convention Highlights Page 3 State of the District Excerpts Page 4 District News and Notes Page 5 The General President's pen Words from the Asst. D. D. Golf Tournaments Page 6 Events and Activities

MISSION STATEMENT - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for All Chapter Directories should have been updated and all Corporate, Region and District fees paid, our communities. chapters not in compliance by 15 February 2010 will be placed on Social probation and all Alpha related activities suspended until the fees have been paid. Chapter Presidents it is your responsibility to ensure VISION STATEMENT - The objectives of this Fraternity shall this happens. be: To stimulate the ambition of Chapter Delegate's to the 79th Southern Region Convention are required to be in attendance at the its members; To prepare them Opening session on Friday, 5 March 2010 at 9:00 a.m. for the greatest usefulness in the Chapter Presidents or Recording Secretaries should provide copies of the Alpha Legacy to those Brothers causes of humanity, freedom, who do not have email accounts and distribute the Alpha Legacy at chapter meetings. and dignity of the individual; to encourage the highest and I congratulate Brothers throughout the District for their dedication and commitment to promoting noblest form of manhood; and brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy to our communities. To aid down-trodden humanity in Fraternally, its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual Brother Ronald M. Natson, Sr. status.

The Georgia District: Academic Excellence, Leadership and Service for the 21st Century. The Great Ship of Alpha made its way up the Savannah River, hosted by the Alpha Chi Lambda and Eta Alpha Chapter's after sailing the mighty Chattahoochee River picking up Brothers in North Georgia, Atlanta, Lagrange and Columbus, the Flint River picking up Brothers in Albany and Southwest Georgia, the waterways of the Ocmulgee River picking up Brothers in Macon and middle Georgia, floating down the Withlacoochee River picking up Brothers in Valdosta and South Georgia and cruising up the mouth of the Savannah River allowing the Brothers in Savannah and East Georgia to get on board.


54th Georgia District Conference

he 54th District Conference under the Leadership of District Director Ronald Natson and Assistant District Director Deonte Simmons, convened under the theme;


ules and Credential report - total attendance 344, 68 members of the leadership team, 78 alumni and 46 college chapter delegates, 135 non delegates and 35 badge only.

he following chapters are prohibited from participating in any Step Show until January 2011, this includes Homecoming on your campus; Delta Eta - Savannah State University, Xi Tau - Georgia Southern University

Award Winners

College Brother of Year - Justin Harlow - Mu Alpha, Emory Univ. Scholastic Achievement - Jacob Tzegaegbe - Nu Mu, Georgia Tech Leadership Award - Darius Thomas - Tau Epsilon, Clayton State Alumni Brother of Year - Kenneth Walker, Nu Mu Lambda -Decatur College Chapter of Year - Alpha Phi, ClarkAtlanta University Alumni Chapter of Year - Rho Pi Lambda, Douglasville Charles H. Wesley Award College Chapter - Mu Alpha, Emory University Alumni Chapter - Nu Mu Lambda, Decatur Charles W. Green Award Charles Marshall - Pi Gamma Lambda, Ft. McPherson A. M. Witherspoon Leadership Thomas Walters - Pi Gamma Lambda, Ft. McPherson Scholars Bowl - Alpha Rho - Morehouse Oratorical Contest - William Lawrence , Morehouse College Step Show - Alpha Phi - ClarkAtlanta University Spirit of Brotherhood Award - Alpha Rho, Morehouse Best Project ­ Alumni - Eta Iota Lambda, Athens Best Project ­ College - Delta Delta, Albany State University Best Display ­ Alumni - Pi Gamma Lambda, Ft. McPherson Best Display ­ College - Zeta Mu - Georgia State University Miss Black & Gold 2010 - De"Jonique N. Garrison, Alpha Phi 1st Runner-Up - Sarah Elizabeth Rattan, Mu Alpha 2nd Runner-Up - Somayah Murphy, Delta Eta 3rd Runner - Up - Natalie Lewis, Delta Delta 4th Runner - Up - Andre Josey, Tau Chi Physical Fitness - Kristen Johnson, Zeta Pi Spirit Award - Somaya Murphy, Delta Eta People's Choice - Krystal Allen, Tau Epsilon Academic Achievement - De'Jonique Garrison, Alpha Phi Miss Congeniality - Moliehi Mokoroane, Nu Mu Most Photogenic - Lynsey Mitchell, Alpha Rho Community Service - Sarah Rattan, Emory University Denise Smith Award - Kailyn Stovall-Crichlow, Mu Gamma Talent Award - De'Jonique Garrison, Alpha Phi Evening Gown - Somayah Murphy, Delta Eta Interview - Sarah Rattan, Mu Alpha

uring the conference we elected a new Assistant District Director, Brother Errio M. Boyd of the Alpha Phi chapter and honored our Past State and District Directors during our first Annual Fraternal Luncheon, were we listened to a motivating and inspiring message from our 33rd General President Brother Herman "Skip" Mason, Jr., Brother Mason remarked that our 104th Anniversary and 90th General Convention would discuss changes and proposals for Membership Intake and the repeated incidents of hazing were ruining our brand as we prepare to dedicate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial. He also stated that the convention would be a no frills, bare bones event. The General President wants He sums it this way, he would like to see "Brothers to end the hazing and other disrupted behavior that is tearing down our organization and destroying our brand. " rother Justin Harlow, Assistant Southern Region Vice President, reminded college Brothers of their responsibility in regards to safeguarding the fraternity, and that instances of hazing must stop. The Southern Region Vice President Brother James Crumel during the State of the Region address spoke about the upcoming Region Convention, illegal intake activities and the Alpha image. During his remarks he stated that no longer will chapters be just suspended, the corporate office will remove charters, regardless of how low the chapter key number is. Once the charter is removed, once or if the chapter is re-chartered, it will be given another key number, wiping out the history of the chapter being replaced. We witnessed 7 great orations during the 2010 Belford Vance Lawson Oratorical Contest on the topic Losing the Common battling Delta Delta of Albany State for Scholars Bowl supremacy.



Touch: The Impact of the Internet on the Socialization of Contemporary American Society and Alpha Rho of Morehouse


Excerpts from the State of the District

ow that this great ship known as the Georgia District has reached open waters, the anchors must be dropped, the sails rolled up, and the engines turned off. It is time for me, loosen the tie and roll up my sleeves. For some of you in this room, the next few minutes may be brutal and a little uncomfortable. As Della Reese told Quick in the movie Harlem Nights, "Now I gotta cut you". Unlike Quick who learned his lesson, far too many of us are still "Stuck on Stupid".


We have brothers in this fraternity who are bent on destroying everything we stand for, erasing our legacy and tearing down our good name. We all know who they are. They are the brothers who are not present in this assembly or even bothered to attend this convention. They have limited knowledge about our heritage, because after they were initiated, their history books have collected dust. They are the ones who feel that membership gives them the privilege to "define" Alpha and that their twisted way is the right way. They do not abide by the same traditions, constitution and by-laws as everyone else. Their first priority is not the business of Alpha, but the business of self. They are the Brothers who believe that membership in Alpha gives them the right to act on behalf of the entire organization. We all know them and many of us embrace them every day, even though we know they are up to no good. The dangerous part of their action is that they want to advise our college brothers on how to conduct membership intake. They are the ones who call you a paper Alpha and they are the ones who say that the wood is good. If these ignorant Brothers knew their history, they would know that for the first 30 years of this fraternity there was no pledging. Yet Alpha Phi Alpha still produced great men and leaders for our communities. Our ignorant Brothers have no idea what makes a good Alpha, because they are less than a good Alpha themselves.

ome of these Brothers who claim to know how to make a good Alpha will tell you they are still members of a college chapter even though they graduated 10 years earlier. They have more Alpha paraphernalia than Brothers who have always been financial. They perpetuate the myth that there is a difference between being called paper and wood. They are, like some in this room, "Stuck on Stupid". Brothers, let's be clear. You cannot beat Alpha into anyone. There is no such thing as making a brother right. And, there is no such thing as a paper brother. Once a Brother is initiated into Alpha, he has all the rights and privileges thereof. There are only two categories of membership in Alpha, College and Alumni, not Paper and Wood. Every Brother initiated into Alpha after 1995, whether or not they participated in an underground process or not, are part of the Intake process and no amount of wood can change that.

intake process will not be suspended but will be de-chartered. We will no longer allow chapters to remain active if its members cannot follow the constitution, by-laws and standing orders of this fraternity. We will also provide information to the colleges

Alpha must be in your heart. It is what you do after your initiation that determines if you are a good Alpha man. Such as paying your financial obligations, participating in chapter activities, and being involved in fraternal events. Be warned Brothers. From this point forward, any chapter that violates the

and universities which may result in you being expelled from school. As General President Harry E. Johnson use to say, if you don't know, you better ask somebody and I can show you better than I can tell you.

Scholarship and excellence are basic ingredients for an outstanding fraternal experience. We go to college to get an education. Fraternal life is secondary. When we reverse these two, the trouble starts. Undergraduate Brothers must understand that getting an Education is the reason for attending college. You are being a good Alpha man when you're on the Brothers, who are you listening to? Why would you let an Deans' list and honor rolls. A good Alpha means being the outsider come into the house of Alpha and tell you how to Student Government leaders, the yearbook and newspaper conduct membership intake? Yes, I called them outsiders. If editors, leading the pack by dressing like a leader. Always look Brothers are not active and financial, they may be Alphas but like an Alpha man, and not thugs, with your hat turned sideways, they are also outsiders. I don't care if the outsider is your rag on your head, looking like a fool with your pants on the father, brother, cousin, or your momma's best friend. Do not let ground. an outsider tell you how to run the house of Alpha. Would you let a strangers come into your dorm room, apartment or your house and tell you how to run your business? NO. Then why would you listen to an outsider when it comes to running the business of Alpha and membership intake. Brothers you should follow the example set by the Jewels. They did not listen to CC Poindexter when he told them that AfricanAmericans were not ready for a fraternity. If the Jewels were like some of you and listened to an outsider, we would not be here today as Alpha men.

Reminder to all chapters;

Intake for the Spring semester has been placed on hold, chapters should not schedule any awareness seminars without the consent of the Area Director who will have my personal consent in regards to the seminar. A press release will be issued to inform colleges and universities of our Intake Moratorium and next steps in the process. Any violation of this order will and I repeat will result in a recommendation to have the chapter charter immediately suspended with a recommendation for de-chartering.

ongratulations to Brother Marcus Stallworth (Delta Eta, Savannah State University) for placing second in the men's 60m hurdle with a time of 8.31, while competing in the 2010 ******* Dick Taylor Carolina Classic and the members of Delta Eta who Please include the Alpha Phi Alpha Mission Statement on your were honored by the Tara Nursing Home for their community official documentation and websites. service endeavors during the month of January. ******* Chapter Presidents please notify the Chief of Staff Brother Pitts, he 3rd Annual Alpha Day at the Capitol will take place on 18 or District Chaplain Brother Rev. Benjamin Lett, in regards to February 2010. Registration and the first session will begin the Omega Chapter certificate presented to the Family of our at 8:00 am in the Empire Room on the 20th floor of the deceased Brother. ******* James M. "Sloppy" Floyd Veterans Memorial Building, during which Area Directors are the Chief Executive Officers of their area and time a continental breakfast and legislative briefing will take place. speak directly for the District Director, provide them with the After the first session, Brothers will journey to the Capitol for talks requested information and attend the meetings they call. It is with legislators and pictures in the gallery, House and Senate they who must sign off on your social events, step show floor, before returning to the Empire Room for the luncheon participation and awareness seminars. Failure to follow their featuring Brother Congressman David Scott at 12 noon. Alumni mandates are in violation of Georgia District policy. chapters paid for 2 delegates and college chapters paid for 1 ******* delegate when they paid their District fees and are expected to be FBI Partnership, the FBI is hiring Brothers to fill positions in attendance along with other members of the chapter. The across the country, the FBI pays for advance degrees, has a registration fee for the event is $35.00 and can be paid online or loan repayment program, and offers great career advancement onsite. Brother Willie Green, the committee chair is looking to see opportunities. Brothers can apply or find out additional at least 125 Brothers in attendance to support our Brothers in information at or the General Assembly, Rep Lynmore James D -135, Rep Melvin ******* Brothers cutoff Alpha shirts, sagging pants, hoods on your Everson R -106, Rep Darryl Jordan D - 77 and Rep Mickey head inside a building, doo rags, or Alpha hats turned Stevens D -161 and to listen to Brother Congressman Scott. backward are not image traits of an Alpha Man. Protect our Brothers please schedule your day off now to be in attendance, image and our brand, how can you expect to attract the best the day will end no later than 2:30 pm. and the brightest if you look just like every other male on he Georgia District Education Foundation held its annual campus, please protect our image, look, walk, and talk like an Board of Directors meeting on 30 January 2010, with the Alpha Man should. Line jackets, shirts, sweaters, etc should be following directors present, Joseph Patterson, Chairman, free of words such as "bloody" or "fly", additional colors, Ronald Natson, Bennie Hand, Don Webster and Ellis Albright. It especially the color red and pictures of Apes or Monkeys, which was agreed that chapters within the District can utilize the are not symbols associated with the Membership Intake foundation to channel donations if it does not have a certified Process, and just like the N - word, sends the wrong message 501C(3) letter. Please contact the chairman at to the public. We are Alpha Men, not Apes. Also, the Alpha [email protected] for additional information. Sweetheart song, not Fraternity Hymn should be the song he 24th Annual Step for Sickle Cell sponsored by the Mu utilized when honoring your queen and her court Alpha chapter at Emory University will take place on 27 ******* View the names of members of the Georgia District that have February 2010, 7:06 pm at the Woodruff Physical Education been suspended, awaiting expulsion from the fraternity and the Center on the Emory campus. Tickets are $10.00 in advance and possibility of arrest and civil action for violating the Standing $15.00 at the door. Orders, the hazing policy of the Board of Regents and the laws he Brothers of Beta Phi Lambda in the City of Savannah is of the State of Georgia at requesting your assistance and donations in regards to their Suspended_Expelled_Brothers_January_2010.pdf. Alpha Bears program and their annual trip to Washington, ******* View sessions of the 89th General Convention at http:// DC, 27 - 30 May 2010. Brother Elijah West is the chapter The Alpha South website at http:// President, Brother Billy Smith is Alpha Bear advisor. Contact and the Alpha Shop to purchase the Brother Tyrone Price at [email protected] if you would like to make a tax deductible donation. Centennial Convention Commemorative DVD for $29.95. hapters are in violation of the Constitution and By - laws of Alpha Phi Alpha if they have not updated their chapter directory in AlphaNet or paid their required fees.


Georgia District News & Notes




I cannot believe that four out of five Alphas shed the Alpha spirit when they put away their diplomas. Jewel Henry Arthur Callis,44th Fraternal Address, Philadelphia, 1958


rothers are asked to donate to the Alpha Haiti look forward to seeing each of your competing for national Relief fund The Alpha relief fund will go directly to awards in Phoenix in July. brothers' families. Brothers in the medical profession can contact Brother Dr. Michael A. Smith, would be remiss if I did not mention the dissatisfaction with a chairman of the Special Committee on Health and couple of chapters in regards to the treatment of their chapter Wellness at [email protected] or contact Brother Rob queens. The young ladies are representing the members of the Stokes at [email protected] to volunteer for a week chapter and it is imperative that when she competes she has the to assist in recovery efforts.


y beloved College Brothers, I greet you in moratorium on Membership Intake the spirit of our beloved Seven Jewels and has been issued in light of recent pray your holidays were joyous and your return Hazing incidents. Brothers are asked to school fruitful. We have just completed to submit their ideas related to the Membership Intake Process via email to another District Conference and I pause to [email protected], the only sanctioned and congratulate our Assistant District Director secured repository for proposals which will Elect Brother Errio M. Boyd who will be sworn in at the Southern be included in the deliberations of the region Convention in Jackson, MS. My congratulations to the Membership Intake Task Force, slanted for discussions winners of the District award competitions and best wishes to the during the upcoming Regional Conventions. Brothers, chapters and our Queen who will compete in Jackson, I

From the pen of the 33rd General President


College Brother affairs with Brother Deonte J. Simmons


egister now for the 104th Anniversary and 90 General Convention featuring the Summit on the African-American Male, which will take place during the period 21 - 25 July 2010 in Phoenix. Information and registration for the convention can be found at Please note that an installment plan is available for the payment of fees. It will be during this convention that changes to the Membership Intake Process will be discussed.


undying support of the chapter. In the future if you do not plan to fully support your chapter queen during the District conference, then you should not have a pageant during the year, your obligation is to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc and the Georgia District, not to other events that may be taking place or you may wish to participate in. I congratulate and thank each chapter who fully supported their chapter queen during the District conference and I employ you to keep up the good work.

he Summer/Fall 2009 edition of The Sphinx ® can be downloaded at Resources/ImageFile/Image/Sphinx_Fall_2009.pdf, this is the first initially electronic edition.



onstruction has begun on the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nation Memorial, with the dedication set for the Fall of 2011.

lease visit the following links to view the Jewels gallery, listen to my Founders Day address to the Brotherhood and announcements. http://, apa1906/ and apa1906NETwork#p/u/4/EM9MHPgjMeU

inally, I again remind you that illegal hazing will soon doom us if we are not careful. The General President, the Regional Vice President and the District Director all have zero tolerance policies in regards to hazing, it is not about you, it is not about how you feel about the Intake process, it is about Alpha, its Legacy and its future. If you would like to improve the process, voice your concerns during the Regional Convention in Jackson and the during the 90th General Convention in Phoenix. If you are not present, your voice will not be heard and your opinion will not count.


need all College Brothers to check your pass card to ensure it did not expire on 31 December 2009. If expired, you must pay your grand tax to be financially active for the fraternal year 2010.

None scheduled at this time


Georgia District Appointments

The Administration of the 33rd General President Deputy Chief of Staff - Brother Keith Harris Senior Advisor - Brother Jim Wright Special Assistant to the Gen President - Brother Marques Wilkes Assistant Sgt of Arms - Brother Ellis Albright Awards & Achievement - Brother Dr. Clifton Johnson Constitution & Editor of the Sphinx® - Brother Rick Blaylock Belford V. Lawson Oratorical - Brother Gregory Bailey Black & Gold Pageant - Brother Andre Prospere Boy Scouts - Brother Verdree Lockhart Building Foundation - Brother Bob Jones National Commission on Racial Justice - Brother Derrick Pope Rev. Dr. M. L. King, Jr. Foundation - Brother Frank Russell Time and Place - Brother Maurice Jenkins The Office of the Southern Region Vice President Assistant Region Vice President - Brother Justin Harlow District Director - Brother Ronald Natson Assistant District Director - Brother Deonte Simmons Alpha University - Advisor Training - Brother Gary Oliver Alpha University - Protocol - Brother Dr. John Carter Awards & Achievement - Brother Dr. Clifton Johnson Chief Sgt of Arms - Brother Ellis Albright Convention Chaplain - Brother Rev. Calvin McFadden Grievance and Discipline - Brother James Campbell Membership, Standards & Extensions - Brother Ron Magnum Military Brothers National Rep. - Brother Col Ken Baskett MIS/Technology National Rep - Brother Sherman Lofton Organizational Effectiveness National Rep - Brother Hebrew Dixon Project Alpha - Brother Rev. Charles Marshall

Upcoming Activities and Events


18th ** 3rd Annual Alpha Day at the Capitol

MARCH 2010

4th - 7th ** 79th Southern Region Convention, Marriott Hotel, Jackson, Mississippi

MAY 2010

1st ** Spring Leadership & Education Seminar (tentative) Macon, Georgia

Happy Birthday and/or Happy Anniversary If you were Born, Initiated or Married in January or February Congratulations to the following chapters for having successful Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday observance events Delta Eta, Savannah State University 20th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Candlelight Vigil 14 January 2010


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Celebrating 104 years of Service, Leadership, Brotherhood and Advocacy

Rho Sigma Lambda, McDonough 2nd Annual Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Banquet Brother Derrick Bozeman, Speaker Saturday, 16 January 2010



Past Georgia District Directors Honored

Alpha Chi Lambda, Augusta 13th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Breakfast Rep Alisha Thomas - Morgan, Speaker Monday, 18 January 2010


t was a pleasure to honor each of the living past Georgia District Directors during the 1st Annual Fraternal Luncheon of the Georgia District featuring the 33rd General President Brother Herman `Skip" Mason, Jr. Honored for their commitment and dedication to the district and fraternity were; Senior (5th) District Director Robert "Bob" Willis, 6th District Director Chester A. Wheeler, III, 9th District Director Joseph E. Patterson and 10th District Director Ellis B. Albright, not present, but also honored, was our 7th District Director Dr. Jerry L. Hardee, 8th District Director Ronnie S. Jenkins and past Interim Director Sherman M. Lofton, Jr. Each during their administration added to the great legacy the Georgia District has enjoyed since 1956, and make up what we call our endless procession of leadership.

Gamma Sigma Lambda, Fort Valley 16th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon Rev. Brother Calvin McFadden, Speaker Monday, 18 January 2010


Delta Iota Lambda, Columbus 24th Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Breakfast 33rd General President Herman "Skip" Mason, Jr., Speaker Monday, 18 January 2010


Metro Atlanta Chapters Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Walk Monday, 18 January 2010


The Alpha Legacy - Jan - Feb 10

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