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Linatex is the name acknowledged around the world as the foremost authority in the use of rubber for abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance. With a history dating back to the first processing of commercial rubber in the 1920's, the Linatex group has an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience in this field. The group's international operation is centred on the supply and use of Linatex rubber, a premium quality natural rubber, possessing unique characteristics of strength, resilience, and abrasion resistance. In addition, the Linatex group has engineered a complimentary range of products and services. These include process equipment and material handling products designed to maximise the benefits of Linatex rubber in meeting our customer needs. Technical interchange between members of the Linatex network give every Linatex user the opportunity of buying a product that has been designed, tested and proven in world markets. Today, Linatex group of companies provide a growing range of industries with cost effective performance solutions. The products illustrated in this catalogue represent part of the comprehensive hose range manufactured by Linatex worldwide. Our sales engineers are available to provide solutions to your specific requirements.

Hose End Types

Beaded (Swivel or Rotating Flange) End

These ends are designed as an alternative to fixed flanged ends due to the ability to rotate the backing flange. Beaded end hose has the advantage of ease of alignment of the bolt holes and the ability to rotate the hose to evenly distribute wear, without removing the flanges from the adjoining pipe. An angle iron hoop is built into the end of the hose to form the beaded end.

Inbuilt Standard or Inbuilt Expanded Coupling

These type of couplings are built into the hose during manufacture. Inbuilt Standard Couplings are a high performance assembly with excellent reliability in dynamic applications.They are used mainly in oil and non abrasive mining and chemical applications. Expanded Couplings are a fully rubberised inbuilt expanded coupling that are available in beaded or flanged configuration, Expanded Couplings are mainly used in dredging and high performance / pressure slurry applications. The rubberised end has the advantage in highly abrasive applications. The Inbuilt Coupling tail piece is adaptable to various fittings, including victaulic, rotating, fixed flanges and propriety couplings.

Flanged Ends

These ends are recommended for hoses that have low working pressures and subject to low stresses during application. The rubber and fabric reinforcement of the hose body is extended to form a full face flange.This rubber and fabric flange is backed by a full circle

or split ring metal backing plate.

Hose End Types

Muff Coupling

An externally fitted two piece coupling designed for the mining industry. Refer to page 14 for full details of the muff coupling range of fittings and hose available.

Plain End

This type of hose end is the most common. It is the end usually supplied with stock hoses.The hose is simply cut to length, with no special treatment or finish to the cut end.The cross section of the hose is exposed, including wire if used in the reinforcing.

Cuffed End

This type of hose end has the wire reinforcing stopped at a predetermined distance from the end of the hose to allow easier clamping of fittings.The length of the cuff is normally the same as the inside bore diameter unless otherwise specified.

Raised Cuff End

As with the cuffed end hose the raised cuff end has the wire reinforcing stopped and has a belled end to give a full bore unrestricted flow when combined with internal fittings.The inside diameter and the length of the raised cuff should be specified at the time of order.

Swaged End

This is a permanent premium method of attachment. Internal swaging is used in all industry types where a full flow, high pressure fitting is required. Special features can be customised for protecting the hose and fining junction.

Inbuilt Nipple

An Inbuilt Nipple is where a steel end is built into the hose along with rubber and reinforcement during the hose manufacturing process to provide full integration with the hose body. The nipple can be supplied with screwed thread for attachment of fittings, or can be shouldered or grooved to suit various clamp systems.


Diamond Muff couplings

Full Flow External Fitting

Gasket Diamond Muff Coupling 0801 Muff Coupling Hose

Flange Bolts

Diamond Muff Couplings

Linatex Diamond D801 Muff Couplings save you both time and money. Designed for use in the mining, construction and quarrying industries, Linatex Diamond D801 Muff Couplings eliminate the need for made-to-measure rubber hose that can take weeks to deliver, as both Linatex Diamond D801 Muff Couplings and Hose are readily available from stock. Linatex Diamond D801 Muff Couplings are manufactured from high grade cast aluminium alloy which offers the user both light weight and excellent corrosion resistance. Cast Iron couplings are also stocked with other materials of construction available as needed. Table 'D' flange drilling is supplied as standard however other drill patterns can be accommodated at short notice. The pressure rating of the fitting and hose is standardised to the pressures listed on page 14 irrespective of the flange drilling requested. Linatex Diamond D801 Muff Couplings are manufactured in standard sizes to suit 75mm to 300mm inside diameter hose with other sizes being available on special request. All Linatex Diamond D801 Muff Couplings have a rated working pressure which is the same as Linatex D801 Hose. This ensures Total' compatibility when the two products are used together. Linatex Diamond D801 Muff Couplings are specifically designed to give exceptional grip on the hose, without damaging the cover, and the couplings are reusable.



Attaching the couplings to Linatex Diamond D801 Hose is an easy process that can be carried out on site. First ensure the hose ends are cut 'square', then place the couplings over the hose so that the hose protrudes past the flange face by 2 - 4mm. Bolt the couplings together using the bolts supplied, leaving a gap of approximately 2 - 4mm between the two halves.


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