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Another important advantage of having information in files is that these files can be sent through email to the service engineers that know the processes of the plant very well so that they can help to solve possible problems remotely. (,,Remote Maintenance") Files are managed through a graphical user interface that permits a selection of channels of the signals quickly with just a double click or the famous drag and drop function. ibaAnalyzer allows to assign several signals to separate or to one common scale depending of the analysis required. With ibaAnalyzer you may zoom in a chart until you can appreciate each sampling point with the maximum resolution of 1 ms in the case of ibaPDA or 40 µs in case of vibration analysis applications (ibaScope). When a lot of signals are visualized it is possible to make a color auto-assign for a better understanding of the graphs. It is very common to analyze analog signals compared to a sequence of digital signals to discover easily the problems of the process being analyzed, with ibaAnalyzer you can combine both types of signals. Furthermore, ibaAnalyzer offers a variety of mathematical and logic functions that may be used for advanced operations such as integrals, derivatives, trigonometric functions, frequency filters, Fourier transforms, and much more. For example, if a velocity signal of a machine is available, it is possible to apply its derivative to know the acceleration. In case of analyzing electrical lines mathematical formulas may be applied to obtain the RMS values of the signals or to evaluate distortion factors. The data is acquired and stored on a time basis. But with the help of ibaAnalyzer the data may be displayed on a length basis too, what gives evidence of product quality. One of the most sophisticated functions within the ibaAnalyzer is the graphical filter design box. Following a 100% graphical input the filter design box allows the design of a variety of filters like low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop filters. Butterworth, Tchebycheff, Elliptic and other filter approximation characteristics are supported. The filters may be tested online with real signals or with an integrated signal generator. Once designed the filter can be stored for the later use in the analysis process. Filter parameters can also be exported to configure ibaLogic filter function blocks. With ibaAnalyzer it is possible to make a Fourier analysis (FFT) of a signal with just a click to obtain the graph of the FFT that allows one to have an spectrum of the fundamental frequencies of the corresponding signal. Sometimes it is useful to draw two signals, one with respect to the other through an X/Y diagram which is really easy to make just with a click.

Description ibaAnalyzer is one of the most powerful tools created by iba. Once that data has been stored through any of our online systems such as ibaPDA, ibaQDR, ibaScope or ibaLogic the data-files (*.dat) can be analyzed online and offline using ibaAnalyzer. It is very common that an acquisition server such as ibaPDA is connected to a local network, which provides access to the data for multiple users interested in further analysis. Such files are found available via a network access. It is possible to analyze the files at the moment they have been stored giving the opportunity to have the latest information of the process available. It is also possible to configure ibaPDA in a way that it automatically starts an ibaAnalyzer analysis process of the last file stored. ibaAnalyzer is Free of Charge when used with a licensed online software package of iba, although is has been one of the most budget-consuming developments at iba. However, the concept has been succesful because it is usually linked to a purchase of a license of our online data acquisition tools, such as ibaPDA, ibaScope etc. The software for analysis which is required at many workplaces is free. Hence, ibaAnalyzer may be copied an installed as many times as needed so that all engineers and qualified personnel can analyze data files for mechanical, electrical or technological characteristics. Typically maintenance, automation and process engineers will be interested in these files. Moreover it is possible to send a data file together with ibaAnalyzer to a customer or a business partner. The use of ibaPDA and ibaAnalyzer will make you stop using old chart recorders, eliminating paper costs, empty paperrolls and ink cartridges or besmeared and crumpled printouts with all the difficulties and limitiations of that kind of analysis.

Statistical functions such as maximums, minimums, averages and standard deviations are available with just a click and can be calculated rapidly for any part of the data file by adjusting the markers shown on the screen. The labelling of the X-axis can be done with real time (absolute) or relative time values referring to the beginning of the acquisition of the file. In general, ibaAnalyzer reads only the datafiles generated by ibaPDA, ibaQDR, ibaLogic and ibaScope for free. But iba also provides licenses to read datafile formats of other providers in the market. In this case the ibaAnalyzer is NOT free of charge. The product ibaAnalyzer-DB provides a function to extract measured data into, resp. retrieve data from a database. Database types such as MS SQL-Server, MS ACCESS, ORACLE and other ODBC-compatible databases are supported. This optional package is not free of charge. Moreover, ibaAnalyzer-DB also supports the fully automatic export and generation of new *.dat-files or ASCII-data in order to integrate the basic data into a quality control system. The compression and resampling of the data may be fully automated. Nevertheless, with the standard version of ibaAnalyzer data may be manually exported to an ASCII format, separated by tabs, for further use in spreadsheets or other office applications. The extraction to a standard database through ODBC is also possible with ibaAnalyzer. New display types such as 3D-false-color plots and 3Dwire-frame plots were added. Now profiles, e.g. of temperatures and flatness, may be analyzed easily. A powerful report generator allows to create customized analysis reports by means of a strong designer tool. The results of an analysis can be presented as a high-quality print or as a file of an usual documentation format (pdf, jpg etc.) With ibaAnalyzer analysis reports may be printed rapidly, with supplementary information and labelling entered manually in the graphs. Also, it is possible to use the OLE technology to copy the chart display to any Windows program, such as Microsoft Word and make a more professional report.

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Furthermore, automatic presentations may be generated, showing a specific analysis of a group of different files on one file after the other (slide show).

Requirements: An online-data acquisition system provided by iba An IBM-compatible PC with Pentium II 200 MHz or better Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (XP: IE 6) Access to datafiles (*.dat) which had been stored by the ibaPDA, ibaQDR, ibaLogic or ibaScope systems. Main advantages: Freeware (with the purchase of an "online" system) Graphic user interface, easy-to-use NEW Online analysis of data files beeing written NEW Powerful report generator for customized reports as print or file OLE technology integration Powerful mathematical formulas and expressions Viewer modes Y/T, X/Y, FFT,Y/Longitude 3D-color & 3Dwire frame Mathematically generated "virtual signals" Digital Filter Design Box Data export to an ASCII format Data export to databases using ODBC (MS SQL, ACCESS, ORACLE...) Automatic presentations of file groups (slide show) Creation of analysis to apply them to multiple files Signal combination on equal or different scales Allows to visualize analog and digital signals at the same time. X-Y Zoom by steps Autoscale

MS Windows, MS ACCESS und MS SQL are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. ORACLE is a registered.

Article ibaAnalyzer (Free of Charge when used with a licensed online software package of iba) ibaAnalyzer-DB-Bundle ibaAnalyzer-DB-Extractor ibaAnalyzer-Analysis ibaAnalyzer-E-Dat ibaAnalyzer-DB-Analysis Multiuser ibaAnalyzer-DAT-Extractor iba Asia

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