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Version 4.0

Software Outline

WellCAD is a PC-based well data presentation system that provides comprehensive graphic editing mechanisms and data analysis tools for various types of borehole information. Even if WellCAD stands for exceptional flexibility and ease of use for data loading, editing and display, highest quality composite well data presentations can be created. Its user-friendly interface and standard Windows menu system offer a short learning curve for new users.

1) System Features

a) The software is constructed of a number of modules, which can be combined to meet specific user requirements. Six key packages can be offered: Image- and structure processing ("Image Module"), Full Waveform Sonic (FWS) processing ("FWS Module"), Deviation data display ("Deviation Module"), Multiwell Log Correlation ("Multiwell Module"), ODBC ­ database connector ("ODBC Module"). CoreCAD / Wellsite Geology ("CoreCAD Module") NEW in 4.0! b) Supported platforms: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP and Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME. c) Standard Windows menu system with main menu (across the top), shortcut toolbar (icons) for commonly used functions and flying menus for many other functions accessible through right mouse click. d) Multiple document interfaces allow multiple well views to be open on the WellCAD desktop at the same time. (Fig. 1) e) Printout to any device supporting Windows printer driver (single page or continuous logs). f) Extensive use of multiple selection along with "drag and drop", "copy and paste".

g) Numerical data (as imported) is stored with the graphical presentation, and allows access to data at all time. h) OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) compatibility allows sharing of information among OLE enabled applications (e.g. data exchange WellCAD EXCEL).

2) Data Import

a) Import of ASCII, CSV and TXT files. b) "Copy and Paste" data between documents or directly from/to EXCEL. c) Log ASCII Standard (*.LAS) files ­ version 1.2 or 2.0. (Fig. 2) d) LIS, DLIS, TIFF encapsulated LIS. (DLIS enabled with "LIS

Oct 2004 Module" only)


WellCAD Software Outline

e) ALTLogger (*.rd) files. f) Variety of contractor formatted files (Reeves, Raax BIPS, Century, Sondex, Robertson Geologging, CoLog, Mount Sopris).

g) Bitmap files (*.bmp, *.tif) (e.g. core scans, digitized core description). h) CoreCAD (*.PCD) digital core description software for Pocket PC (by ALT). ("CoreCAD Module"


i) j)

SEG (*.SG2, *.SGY). Loading of data from any ODBC compatible database. ("ODBC Module" required)

k) Interactive data input or via OLE automation (see "User Programming" below).

l) m)

Engineering data (such as plug, sidewall core information, etc.) NEW in 4.0! Mala borehole radar data (*.rd3). NEW in 4.0!

3) Data Presentation

a) Two different document views: draft and print layout (WYSIWYG). (Fig. 3) b) A user-designed header and trailer can be displayed and printed with each borehole document. NEW in 4.0! c) The desktop presentation of data is updated after each processing step applied to the data. d) Dynamic link between header lithology (tadpole) legend and lithology (structure) logs used. e) Easy to use tools to generate expressive log/track titles (including grouping of logs/tracks). f) Depth columns allow "one click" change of depth units (meter feet) and customization of depth scale, increment, major/minor grid frequency and many more. Even date/time axis can be handled.

g) Handling and display of data recorded in different depth systems (e.g. core depth ­ logger depth). h) WellCAD offers 24 different log types (data container) ­ each with individual presentation styles - that can be displayed and combined in user defined track and grid configuration. Curves: set grid lines, high and low scales, logarithmic display, line color and style, ... . Array Data (2D) (e.g. FWS or Acoustic Scanner data): user defined color palettes, set low and high scale, grids, ... User designed graphical patterns: Lithology, Sedimentary structure, qualifier symbols, fossils etc ... . Multiple depth tracks (possibility to toggle display reference e.g. TVD MD) or date/time tracks. Bitmap pictures (e.g. core scans, optical televiewer images). Engineering symbols (borehole layout, casing, cementation etc.). Structure picking and statistic: Tad poles, Polar projection, Rose diagram. 3D virtual cylinder (e.g. high resolution caliper data). Text, Count rates, OLE container and many more. Stratigraphy Data (e.g. Litho or Chrono Stratigraphy Columns) NEW in 4.0! i) The numerical data of each log can be displayed and edited in a separate tabular (spread sheet) view.

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline


Multiple display and configuration styles for vertical and horizontal grid lines.

k) Annotations: lines, arrows, text boxes, call outs, bitmaps floating on top of the document organized in selectable layers. l) Engineering data symbols like Plugs, DSTs, RFTs, Sidewall Cores, Oil & Gas Shows, Casing Shoes/Liner, Production Liner, Conventional Cores, Drill Bit Info, Mud info, Date Marker) NEW in 4.0!

m) Cross-Plot view. n) Special views related to add-on modules (e.g. Virtual Reality Borehole or Multi Well cross section). o) Presentation formats and parameter information can be stored in layout templates and can be reloaded for other wells. New generation of Document Templates store in addition to layout all calculated curves, special shading options and annotation layer settings. NEW in 4.0!

4) Editing

a) Interactive depth shift of selected logs. b) Interactive splice and merge of selected logs. c) Interactive depth matcher (e.g. stretching or squeezing depth sections due to shifts caused by a mismatch between e.g. drillers and loggers depth.). (Fig. 4) d) Data re-sampling and vertical filter option (e.g. average, median, weighted average). e) Interactive data input using various log type dependent tools (drawing curve, inserting lithology beds, placing symbols, fitting sinus curve, editing spread sheet). (Fig. 5) f) Document Templates (start working with a pre-arranged document or apply to an existing document to get a new layout within seconds). NEW in 4.0!

5) Computations

a) Mathpack ­ Curve calculator (Fig. 6) Supports all standard mathematical operations. Logical operations IF, AND and OR. Storage and recall of user defined formulas. Calculated curves are dynamically linked to their source logs. Default library of Log Analysis Functions provided. b) Calculation of borehole azimuth and tilt channels from magnetometer and inclinometer/accelerometer data. c) Process to calculate TVD, Easting and Northing (closure angle, closure distance, DLS) channels from borehole azimuth and tilt. d) Process to calculate borehole and annular volume. e) Blocking Curves (provides interval average, std. deviation, min and max of curve data). NEW in 4.0!

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline

6) Image and Structure Processing (Add-On: "Image Module")

a) Basic Log Functions: 3 different despiking filter. Bad trace interpolation. Image normalization (static, 1d dynamic, 2d dynamic). Calculation of statistic: Max, Min, Mean and Average. b) Acoustic caliper processing: (Fig. 7) Estimation of borehole fluid velocity. Caliper calculation from acoustical scanner traveltime data. Metal loss calculation. Casing thickness computation. c) Bitmap Log brightness and contrast. d) Independent orientation/rotation capabilities (e.g. core scans, acoustic scanner data): To north or high side from magnetometer and inclinometer/accelerometer output. Rotation using user defined input (e.g. mag. north to true north correction). e) Corrections of apparent to true dip and strike (and reverse). f) Structural Dip Removal process. NEW in 4.0!

g) Structure Interval Statistic (get count rates of structure type, dip or azimuth for given depth intervals (e.g. Fracture density per Lithology) ). NEW in 4.0! h) Caliper dependent dip angle recalculation. i) j) Metal loss calculation from multi arm caliper measurements. Structure logs: (Fig. 8) Interactive fitting of sinus curves recording azimuth and dip values. Data display as sinus, tadpole or stick plot. User definable category symbols organized in libraries.

k) Structure analyses: Polar projection display (poles and/or great circles) on Wulff or Schmidt net (upper and lower hemisphere). Azimuth statistic displayed in rose diagram. Displayed data linked to depth interval and selection of category type of structure log. l) 3D cylinder display (two components e.g. caliper and amplitude color) with option to rotate the cylinder interactively.

m) Virtual borehole view: Cylinder in 3D space can interactively be scrolled in depth and freely rotated. Radius values of cylinder can interactively be measured. Reference pipes can be superimposed (e.g. internal and external of casing). Display can be linked to data channels showing e.g. statistics for each depth & cross section. n) 2D Cross section display (interval or point depth) with possibility to enable reference circle display. o) Option for successive import of core images. p) Static and Dynamic Image Normalization. NEW in 4.0!

Oct 2004 4

WellCAD Software Outline

7) Full Waveform Sonic Processing (Add-on: "FWS Module")

a) Filter: Moving and weighted average. Frequency domain: low/high cut, low/high pass.

b) Interpolation of bad traces. c) Automated first wave arrival picking algorithms. d) Stand off correction. e) Cement bond quality evaluation algorithms: (Fig. 9) E1 based method. Standard gate method (fixed and floating gate). f) Calculation of rock mechanical parameters.

g) Velocity analysis allowing detection and interactive picking of P-, S- and tube wave arrival times. h) Reflected tube wave analysis (indication of fractures).

8) Deviation Data Display (Add-On: "Deviation Module") (Fig. 10)

a) Multiple well paths can be displayed in various diagrams based on Northing, Easting and TVD channels (see "Computations"): Top view (Bulls Eye) with variable grid and scale configurations. Projection view: Data projected onto a vertical plane (user definable azimuth) displayed vs. TVD. Drift view: Closure distance displayed vs. MD. 3D Cube: Three dimensional data display for Northing and Easting coordinates. 3D Cylinder: Three dimensional well path display enhanced for closure angle and closure distance reading. b) Various display option for each well path (style, color, depth marker etc.) c) Each view is displayed in true scale (3D views are orthographic to maintain true scale). d) Fit to screen or fit to page options. e) A user designed header section can be displayed on top of each view. f) All views can be printed or exported as bitmap or meta file.

9) MultiWell Log correlation (Add-On: "MultiWell") (Fig. 11)

a) Well manager allows positioning of multiple wells (x,y and elevation coordinates) in a field (map can be loaded as background). b) The section mode allows the user to define multiple independent profiles (cross sections).

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline

c) Each section can be displayed as: Orthographic View, which shows the well data in the section plane. Projection View, which takes well deviation data into account when projecting each data point into the section plane. d) Zones can be picked interactively using different line styles (i.e. unconformity). e) Volumes can be defined and filled using user defined lithology patterns (LithCAD) or solid colors.


The user has access to the single well document and the numerical data stored in it at any time. Re-processed data is updated in the MultiWell section in real time.

10) ODBC Connector (Add-On: "ODBC Module")

The ODBC Connector Module enables WellCAD to load or save data from/to a database. WellCAD includes its own SQL interpreter and provides various SQL commands which allow communication with any ODBC compatible database connected. The user can compile SQL commands in scripts to create, load, save and modify record sets. (Extended functionality in WellCAD 4.0 !)

11) CoreCAD

(Add-On: "CoreCAD Module") NEW

in 4.0!

The CoreCAD module offers all the tools necessary to perform a digital core description inside WelLCAD. A special workspace has been designed in close cooperation with leading core description specialists. Sophisticated interactive tools, workflow templates.

(Fig. 12)

12) Wellsite Geo (Add-On: "CoreCAD Module") NEW in 4.0!

The Wellsite Geology module supports the display and management of engineering symbols and data such as pressure tests, drill stem tests, sidewall cores, production liner, plug positions, etc.

(Fig. 13)

13) Data Export

a) ASCII , CSV or TXT files. b) "Copy and Paste" selected data between WellCAD documents or directly to EXCEL. c) "Copy and Paste" graphical output. d) Log ASCII Standard (*.LAS) files ­ version 2.0. e) LIS. ("LIS Module" required) f) Bitmap file (*.BMP) or Enhanced Meta file (*.EMF).

g) SEG (*.SG2, *.SGY). h) Upload of data to ODBC compatible database ("ODBC Module" required).

14) User Programming / Batch Processing

WellCAD supports OLE Automation, which allows the user to generate his own interpretation or processing modules. Using Visual Basic or Visual Basic Script the user gains access to pre-build WellCAD objects (like InsertNewLog, GetData, InsertLithologyBed and LoadLayout) and can combine them with his own algorithmic code.

Oct 2004 6

WellCAD Software Outline

15) Miscellaneous

a) HeadCAD ­ interactive tool to design a document header (Header & Trailer). NEW in 4.0! (A header and trailer section displayed in WellCAD can be composed of different elements designed in HeadCAD.) b) LithCAD ­ interactive tool to design and organize graphical patterns (e.g. lithology). c) ToadCAD ­ tool to design and organize tadpole symbols. d) Annotation Tool ­ insert floating annotations like text boxes, bitmaps, callouts or arrows.

Contact ALT ­ Advanced Logic Technology Bâtiment A, route de Niederpallen L-8506 Redange-sur-Attert Grand-Duché de Luxembourg T : (352) 23 649 289 F : (352) 23 649364 mailto:[email protected]

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline

Fig.1 ­ WellCAD Workspace: Standard Windows menu system, multiple document interface.

Fig.2 ­ LAS File Import: One example of easy but guided data import.

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline

Fig.3 ­ WellCAD Document: Core description, core scans, acoustic scanner data, wireline logs.

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline

Fig.4 ­ Depth Matching: E.g. Core depth - Logger depth.

Fig.5 ­ Interactive Data Input: E.g. Lithology Log.

Oct 2004 10

WellCAD Software Outline

Fig.6 ­ Math Pack: Formula Parser.

Fig.7 ­ Image Module: E.g. acoustic caliper processing in cased hole inspection.

Oct 2004 11

WellCAD Software Outline

Fig.8 ­ Image Module: E.g. Structure processing from FMI data set.

Fig.9 ­ FWS Module: E.g. Cement bond quality evaluation.

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline

Fig.10 ­ Deviation Module: Various well path displays (3D, Bulls Eye, Projection or Drift).

Fig.11 ­ MultiWell Module: Well correlation and stratigraphy picking.

Oct 2004


WellCAD Software Outline

Fig.12 ­ Detailed CoreCAD workspace (left) and std. Borehole document overview in WellCAD (right)..

Fig.13 ­ Wellsite Geology: Engineering Data Symbols

Oct 2004



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