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Turnaround Planning Management & Execution

An Early Start...

You can count on us to perform pre-project planning. This is often the most overlooked step in project execution but it can be the ultimate budget buster. Our pre-work planning and pre-work engineering services help eliminate costly surprises.


Jerry Strickland and Alvin Wilson form a unionized mechanical contracting company called WilsonStrickland, Inc. and perform their first FCC Revamp at the Texas City Refinery now owned by Valero. A major part of WilsonStrickland's work is in the repair and fabrication of pressure vessels and tanks. Jim Robinson forms Altair Construction, a non-union contracting company. Altair Construction performs simultaneous FCC projects (a Revamp at Navajo and a Maintenance Turnaround at Charter Oil). WilsonStrickland performs first Coker Turnaround at Amoco Texas City. Alvin Wilson retires from WilsonStrickland. Jim Robinson, Mike Walton, and Jerry Strickland form AltairStrickland, a nonunion mechanical contracting company. AltairStrickland starts relationship with Dow Chemical as a preferred provider of tower internal services. AltairStrickland provides value-added engineering and pre-planning services for customers. AltairStrickland completes first Ammonia Convertor revamp at Enid, Oklahoma. AltairStrickland employees participate in annual blood drives and other community activities. Jim Robinson, President of AltairStrickland, creates JETTS a time tracking and cost reporting system specific to turnarounds. We add turnaround management services to our engineering and pre-work planning services. While working on a project in New Mexico, an AltairStrickland employee designs a circular logo for the company. The logo depicts two towers and a crane lifting the cap of an FCCU with an adaptation of an ancient symbol for the sun and moon. Our safety record is significantly below the national average. AltairStrickland repairs spheroid at Phibro Houston. AltairStrickland introduces its All Stars newsletter providing information to employees and customers. AltairStrickland begins building to-scale models to solve potential field problems...saving customers time and money. We introduce our poster-size calendar to help customers plan upcoming projects. Our All Stars newsletter is renamed the Turnaround Times. AltairStrickland places major emphasis on updating technology, creating detailed employee databases and in-field networks for better information sharing. We receive twelve safety awards including the 1998 Houston Business Roundtable Safety Excellence Award. We begin using professional speakers to kick-off turnarounds emphasizing the importance of attitude, teamwork and safety. AltairStrickland purchases a fabrication shop in Vidor, Texas and names it ASI Piping. We form a premium field piping services company headquartered in Livingston, LA. AltairStrickland receives patent for system of structured packing installations for process columns. AltairStrickland begins installing the life-saving Delta Valve for coker units. We develop our own Turnaround-Specific Craft Testing Program to test job/quality/safety skills level of craftsmen. AltairStrickland joins two more industry associations, the Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT) and the Louisians Chemical Industry Alliance (LCIA). AltairStrickland celebrates 30 years of FCC and Coker revamps.

The Advantage of Using a Specialist

Because we stick to our core business--turnarounds, revamps, upgrades, repairs and emergency services--we are constantly honing our craft. We are specialists, not generalists. We have experienced any number of "surprises" while working in the field and have addressed them with on-the-spot innovations.

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Using Experience to Set Realistic and Achievable Goals...

AltairStrickland was begun in 1976 (then called Wilson-Strickland). From the very start we responded to bid packages with estimates based on prior experience, not wishful thinking. Even then we knew that low cost should not trump safety or quality. Thanks to that successful business model, we remain financially stable and are now a proven innovative leader. As an added bonus, this no-nonsense reputation helps us attract and retain some of the best crafts and trades people in the industry.

Keeping Safety Foremost

Our most valuable resource is our people. Assuring their safety in the field is paramount. Cheating on safety is a deadly business. We combine our safety policies and procedures with the best available safety professionals. These safety professionals bring with them the proper training and the "air of authority" that is necessary in the field. Our craftspeople are regularly trained in the latest safety techniques and are furnished with the latest safety gear. We also work with our customers to keep safety in the forefront of everyone's mind on every project.

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A Quality Record

Our Project Managers and Supervisors know that working safely and being on-time and on-budget are just part of the job. They know that the quality of workmanship and the quality of managing and supervising has to be top notch too. This is communicated in all we do for you. Our strict in-house quality procedures help assure that all applicable codes and customer quality requirements are met. We go further than most in the industry to further assure quality and safety.

Some of the Services we provide include:

· FCCU and Coker Turnarounds and Revamps · Alky Turnarounds and Revamps · Emergency Repairs · Ammonia Plant Shutdowns and Revamps · Power Plant Outages · Pulp & Paper Mill Shutdowns · Tower Retrays and Specialty Packing Services · Specialty Welding Services · ASME Code Welding · Heater and Boiler Repair · Pipe and Vessel Fabrication · NOx and SOx System Installation · Constructability Reviews · Project Planning, Cost Control and Management





PHONE: 281-478-6200 DIRECT: 281-817-2137

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