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Operational Run Times

Sump Pump Operational Run Times

eather Conditions Light Seepage Light Rain Moderate Rain Heavy Rain Water Main Break Water Main Break Duty Cycle 3.30% 3.90% 7.70% 10.00% 19.00% 100% Duty Cycle Description 20 seconds pumping 9.5 Minutes rest 18 seconds pumping 7.3 Minutes rest 17 seconds pumping 3.4 Minutes rest 17 seconds pumping 2.3 Minutes rest 16 seconds pumping 1.1 Minutes rest Continuous Operation 1/4 HP Pump 112 hrs 85 hrs 42 hrs 28 hrs 14.5 hrs 2.45 hrs Operational Run Time (hrs) by pump output (hp) 1/3 HP Pump 1/2 HP Pump 84 hrs 56 hrs 64 hrs 42.5 hrs 31.5 hrs 21 hrs 10.5 hrs 1.8 hrs 21 hrs 14 hrs 7 hrs 1.3 hrs

**Note: Run-time examples disclosed on this page are to be used as a guideline only and may not reflect the runtimes you will experience. Actual run times are dependent upon conditions specific to your electrical appliance, such as wattage draw, temperature conditions, etc.. Actual run-times experienced when operating your electrical appliance may increase or decrease depending on the requirements of your appliance. Run-time examples shown on this page are conservative examples drawn from real time testing in our labs and tend to be more conservative than what you may experience...***

Other Operational Runtimes

Additional Application Runtimes Office Applications Laptop Inkjet Printer Cell Phone Wireless Modem/Router Table Lamp Desktop Computer 20" LCD Monitor Emergency Power Applications Cordless Phone Clock Radio 13" CRT TV 20" LCD TV Home Backup Applications 18 cu. ft. fridge 8.8 cu. ft. freezer Home alarm system Watts1 25 8 5 6 40 67 52 Watts 5 8 50 75 Watts1 120 80 5


How Long Will it Provide Power? Runtime Hours2 77 h 231 h 315 h 280 h 48 h 26 h 33 h Runtime 315 h 231 h 35 h 21 h Runtime2 15 h 21 h 90 h



Runtime Hours2

Laptop, inkjet printer, modem/ router and cordless phone Desktop Computer, 20" LCD Monitor, Inkjet Printer, modem/ router, cordless phone Cordless phone, 20" TV, radio and table lamp

Up to 42 h

Up to 14 h

Up to 14 h

Average power consumption as measured on loads tested under regular operating conditions. Rated Power may differ from average power consumption.


Runtime as measured on tested loads.

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*Specifications subject to change without

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