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ben zsona son of a bitch


Magneev Great! NOTE A very positive interjection


Eize melekh! you're great! (literaly means -


sheretz mekori notef mugla an original creep

what a king!) NOTE often used in irony, but

also when over-prasing someon.

with infect wound

sh-tok(masc. phrase), shit-kah (fem. phrase)


hantarish lakerda the most favorite reudor

shut up NOTE The masculine phrase is one

syllable, the feminine is 2 syllables with the emphasis on the second syllable.

menashes curse

hulio , tobleron , eduardo , haargaz the names

of reudor menashes


tembel stupid morron Tizdayen/tizdayeni Go fuck yourself NOTE Tizdayen to a guy/tizdayeni to a gal T'kharev betak Drop dead NOTE Yemenite slang. Literally "May your house be destroyed. Tsafdina (noun, female) A teacher NOTE Originates from a host-show, starring a male dressed as the cliche female teacher.


Inahl Rabak Ars Ya Choosharmuta Go to Hell

With your Fucking Father


Jiffa (masc. noun) garbage, filth NOTE Everything that is a little bit dirty is reffered to as "Jiffa".


Khappes mi ye'na'a'ne'a ot'kha! literaly means


Ya Ben Sharmuta Son of a Hore Ya khatikhat khara You piece of shit! NOTE Said in anger or when talking about the dumb fucker whose your boyfriend Ya Man Maniak You Fucking Meniack !

- go search who will jiggle (rock) you! NOTE

When you want to tell someone off, or just take them off your back... Koos pussy NOTE also used in phrase "Koos ummek", your mother's pussy. From Arabic


La'a'za'zel, aani gommer! (phrase) Damn it,


Zayin Dick, cock NOTE Common slang word for penis

I'm ejaculating (coming)

Lekh teda Go fuck yourself


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