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"How-To" swap a GV650 belt drive to chain drive.

This is really very simple as far as modifications go. The first step is to unbolt the front pully cover of the GV650, then remove the belt gaurds and loosen the rear axel. Once the rear wheel is removed from the bike, the belt can be removed and the front pulley on the engine can be removed. The next step is to install a front sprocket where the front pully was. Direct bolt-on replacements are available. Either the Hyosung or UM sportbike front sprockets will fit, or a Suzuki SV650 front sprocket is also a direct swap out. The Suzuki offers a choice of front sprockets (14 tooth - 16 tooth) for your particular gearing requirements. I chose the stock 15 tooth just for versatility. The rear rim is even easier to adapt. Again - you just need the right parts. We found a Hyosung GT650 rear rim on ebay for $79. It had the sprocket and hub and rim and tire, although all we needed was the rear sprocket and hub. Simply use a rubber mallet and tap the sprocket hub from the inside of the rim. This hub is held in place with small rubber spacers which hold the hub to the rim. There were no bolts to remove or reinstall. A similar technique is used to remove the pulley hub on the GV650 rear rim. After that, just place the rubber spacers in the correct places on the rim and tap the sprocket hub onto the GV650 rear rim. You're ready to reinstall the wheel next. I chose a 525 chain and cut it to the length I needed. Using a masterlink setup, I had no idea what length chain would be needed, so I started with a 100 link chain and just cut off links to make the right length. Installed the chain on the front sprocket, rear hub, bolted it all together and tightened down the rear axle again. Then just bolted the front pulley cover back in place. Using this process, I have been able to install GV650 rims on a GT650 (going from 160 rear wheel to a 180), use an ATV rear axle setup to trike a GV650, and install GV250 rims on a GV650 for a taller narrower wheel for a chopper project bike. As far as wheel swaps go, this was the easiest one to do so far! by: Amish Crack Dealer


gv650 chain drive.indd

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gv650 chain drive.indd