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May 2010


Signed by


Present: (Chairman),Burgess, Noye, P Councillors Davies P B MrsS Winter MrsM Davies and ln Attendance: (Clerk), Michelle Cheatle District Councillor Cussen 2 members the public T and of


Electionof Chairman

be Chairman the Council.Proposed CllrP Burgess It was proposed CllrPhilipDavies elected that of by and by all seconded Cllr Mrs M Davies, in favour

14t28 10t29

Chairman sign Declaration Acceptance Office to of of Electionof Vice Chairman

Formsduly completed

It was proposed CllrMrs M Davies elected that be Vice-Chairman theCouncil.Proposed CllrB Noyeand of by seconded CllrMr P Davies, in favour by all


Apologiesfor absence

County District Councillor Boyce Bob and The Chairman informed meeting Cllrlan Drinkwater resigned the that has fromthe council.A voteof thanks was proposed CllrP Burgess seconded CllrB Noye, in favour theClerk by and by all and asked writea letter Mr to to gratitude histimeandeffort. Drinkwater expressing council's the for $131 Minutes of Meetings Theminutes the Parish meeting 28th of Council held April2010, having beenpreviously circulated wereagreed. Proposed CllrB Noyeand seconded CllrMrs M Davies, in favour. The Chairman by by all signedthemas a true record 14132 Declaration of Interests P CllrsMrsM Davies, Davies P Burgess and declared personal interest planning in a application HOUSE/MAL/10/00330


Confirmation of Roles and CllrP Davies

Cllr Mrs M Davies


Roles and Responsibilities Chairman Vice Ghairman AVN & Press Reportinq Health Planninq Finance Hiohwavs

CllrP Burqess / CllrMrsM Davies CllrMrsS Winter CllrMrsM Davies CllrMrsS Winter /

Cllr P Davies Cllr P Burqess

WebMaster DHGPC Representative


CllrP Davies CllrMrsM Davies/ B Nove Cllr CllrP Davies/ P Burqess Cllr CllrP Davies/ B Nove Cllr

Cllr Mrs M Davies/ Cllr B Nove

Recreation Ground Representative

Emeroencv Plannino/Liaison

EALCReoresentative EssexForumRepresenatative

CllrMrsM Davies CllrMrsS Winter /

Cllr P Davies

Proposed byCllr B Noye and seconded by Cllr Mrs S Winter, all in favour

May 2010 10134


Public Forumwith respectto items on the Agenda

Signed $ O,

10/35 TransportReport Thefilming theprogramme the31x, reported a previous for on as at meeting started. has 10/36 DistrictCouncillors Report

District T Cussen Cllr willchase MDCPlanning Department regarding outstanding enforcements issues clarified and with regards the reported the situation to monies offered PCTtowards newhospital MDC,whichwas a loan to the by thatwas nevertakenup. 10137 Clerks Report Clerkreminded Cllrsto review theirDeclaration Interests. of CllrsP Davies MrsM Davies and confirmed attendance Flythe FlagArmed at Forces DayMonday 21stJune- other councillors wishing attend to willcontact P Davies. Cllr It wasagreed thatthe Julymeeting datewouldbe altered 4'nAugust to andthe meeting scheduled 25tn for August cancelled. Andrew McDonald representing windfarmdevelopers Southminster be attending 4th the at will the Augustmeeting LCLCmeeting Juneat 3 Rivers 9th 10.00 13.00.Numbers to needed lunch for It was agreed holdan extraordinary to meeting discuss planning to the received weekon Thursday applications this 1Oth Juneat 9.30am the Pavilion, at Recreation Ground.


Decisionregardingpossibality establishing No GoldCallingZone of of

A briefing reporthad beenpreviously distributed Cllrs. Aftersomediscussion wasdecided an article to it would that be posted the AVNasking residents in if wereinterested establishing Protection in for a Zone. Clerkto draftarticle CllrP Burgess.


Discussionand responseregardingCommission RuralCommunities for questionnaire mobilephonecoverage on Discussionregardinghow the ParishCouncilwill managetheir responseto the AlthorneCommunityTogetherParishPlanresults

phonenetworks It was agreed that mostmobile wereof an acceptable standard thevillage in


Afterlengthy discussion was proposed the Parish it that Council wouldconsider theirresponse anyactions to directly concerning Parish the Council an ExtraOrdinary at Meeting it wouldnotfollowup on anyactions and arising by fromthe Parish Planthatwerenot related the Parish to Council.Proposed CllrP Davies seconded Cllr by and Mrs S Winter,4 in favaur, 1 against 10141 1A141.01 Finance payments to approve cheques payment the for To advise members thefollowing of automated and andsigning: MrsM Cheatle Clerk wages 26thMay to Chq101810 t443.70 12th& 26thApril cutting 326.65 MDlandscapesgrass Chq101811 Aid 96.49 MrsM Chatle First KitandInk Chq101812 BT phone DD 168.55 / TBA NIC(44pEmployee52pEmployer) t 0.96 allin favour Proposed CllrB Noyeand seconded CllrP Davies, by by on wasdistributed email- therewassomediscussion formatof spreadsheet by Finance Report of and lt wasagreed approve signtheendof yearaccounts to agreeandsignthe Statement to and by Assurance by sectionof the AnnualReturn. Proposed CllrP Daviesand seconded CllrB Noye, all in favour

1A141.O2 10141.03

14142 Health Report NHSHealth CareCentre.Therewas some Information leaflets be available regarding NorthChelmsford will will details provision outof hourscarefromthe samelocation. MrsM Davies provide Cllr regarding the of discussion therewas Pharmacy. the NHSMid EssexBoardMeeting At of the newextended opening hoursof the Blackwater in and cleanliness the increase with including improved the discussion regarding problems the hospitaltrust the waiting lists.

May 2010 10143 10/43.01

10143.A2 10/43.03



N= Planning Applications advised Maldon by District Gouncil WeekEnding May2010 7'n HOUSE/MAU1 0/00330 Theerection rearextension. of Construction a newroofand porch of to of extension the front,andthe construction a newdriveway crossover. and Havengore, Burnham Road, Althorne Decisions advised Maldon by District Council None madeby Althorne Responses Parish Council HOUSilMAUl0/00267 Creation in/out vehicle of access, Longwood, Summerhill, Althorne grounds object thisapplication thefollowing to Althorne Parish Council on . Therewill be an additional access ontoa busymainroad . lt couldset a precedent create demand otherdriveways dropkerbsto the for with and a detriment thevillage of of rearextension, incorporating flat HOUSE/MAUI0/00214 existing roof - Erection a two storey Fambridge extension, Merrilies, Road, Althorne Parish support application. Althorne Council this HOUSE/MAU10/00303 - Addition chimney, florrplanof of alteration windows, to doorsand ground Planning FU 1A821, Application UMAL/O9 Lonach, Chestnut Drive, Althorne Althorne Parish support application. this Council FUUMAUI0/40275 Extend timelimitfor implementation: storey two extension flank to (ruuunuozloozaa), Burnham Althorne 2 Limes Cottages, Road, Althorne Parish Council support application. this LDEiMAU10l0A279 Development existing for residential by people use not - Claimfor Lawful Flat connected main house, AboveGarage, to Stitches Farm,Lower Chase, Althorne Althorne Parish haveno evidence regarding application. Council this FUUMAU|0/00292 Variation conditions - increase retail of 2 floorarea,3 - allowsaleof the 4 Mr alcohol, - permit D Hullto operate shop,5 - alterhoursof operation Mon- Sun7am the to (inc) Spmand7am- 9pmfrom10 December 24 December of FUUMAU09/00166 to Wrekin FarmShop, Burnham Road, Althorne Althorne Parish Council support application. this Applications requiring response fromAlthorne Parish Council HOUSE/MAUI0/00330 - Theerection rearextension. of Construction a newroofand porch of extension the front,andthe construction a newdriveway crossover. to of and Havengore, Burnham Road, Althorne It wasagreed makethefollowing to response: Althorne Parish Council object theaboveapplications thefollowing to for reasons: 1. There be an additional will access ontoa busymainroad 2. Thereis an oaktreesitedverynearthe crossover whichcouldbe damaged for Newtsin nearby 3. Thereis no evidence checks GreatCrested that dykehadbeencarried out Enforcement regarding Clerkto contact Officer additionalentrance madeat Buttons Farm. Hill District T Cussen notedthatMDChavereceived applications development the landto Cllr no for on therearof Highfield thathadbeenpreviously Rise raised.

signed by

10144 Highways and Paths The hedge thatwasobscuring SpeedIndicator the Device beencut. Thegateson Footpath are to be has 12 replaced the Project by Manager the Stokes of HallProject, Clerkto senda letterof thanks resolving issue for the regarding Kissing the Gates.Footpath on 6'nJuneat3.00pm leave walk to fromPavilion, P Burgess contact will Cllr landowner regarding footpath DairyFarm. at 10145 Reports from Meetings and Events aftended NHSBoard Meeting CllrsP Davies MrsM Davies and N A PS- Cllr PBurgess, 10146 10146.41 10146.02 10146.43 RecreationGround Wooden structures removed. Welding embankment completed, B Noyeto organise on slide Cllr painting slide. of Two residents haveapplied join the Recreation Advisory to Ground Committee, B Noyeto reCllr advertise committee willadvise meeting and of date. CllrM Davies advise to Clerkof contact replacement on YouthShelter. for tiles

10147 Neighbourhood Action Panels Distraction burglary beenhighlighted a concern the police, has as by thereare somecommunication issues withthe going NAPS andattendance. lssues forward be dogfouling speeding. will and

May 2010 Signed by 10148 Public Forumwith respectto mattersof mutual interests There some was regarding concern footballs being kicked trees members thefootball Clerk speak into by of club, to

to football club. An update regarding Affordable Housing given- the housing land was association contacting are owners. 1049 Any Other Business/lnformation Exchange in DHGPC meeting Juneat 7.30pm Asheldham Dengie. 16'n and l0/50 Date of next meeting and Glosure 23d June2010- itemsfor Agenda be notified Clerkby 14hJune2010 to to The Chairman closed meeting the wasclosed 10.1Opm at

Chairnnn AlthorneParbhCouncil of


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