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Restaurant consultancy / Training Contract

The Employer: Key Contact Person: Last name: Address: Phone Number: E-mail: The Employee: Last name: Address: Number: E-mail: PANGLAO, BOHOL 502 55 28 [email protected] Mobile Number: 0927 443 1769 First Name: Fax Number: First Name:

The PARTIES agree as follows: DURATION OF CONTRACT This contract shall have duration of duties. days from the date the EMPLOYEE assumes his/her JOB DESCRIPTION Offer Restaurant service training to the following resort / restaurant _______________________ WORK SCHEDULE The training program offered is done in 4 days: 1st day: Visiting the facilities, meeting the managers and discussing the action plan (half day). 2nd day: Seminar conducted with the service staff (15 attendees max in order to be effective). If groups are larger additional days have to be added to the training session. 3rd day: Role playing with the same personnel as previous day (15 persons). If groups are larger additional days have to be added to the training session Follow up 2 weeks later (half day) WAGES The Employer agrees to pay ____________ php for the ________days. Meals provided by the hotel/resort/restaurant in their facilities and if necessary accommodation as well. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties state that they have read and accepted all the terms and conditions stipulated in the present contract. Signed at: The Employer Date and at: The Employee Date


Microsoft Word - Restaurant consultant contract.doc

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Microsoft Word - Restaurant consultant contract.doc