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New Technology Products 5090 Richmond Ave. Suite 747 Houston, TX 77056 713-935-9292

Welcome on behalf of New Technology Products, Our materials will truly make a fine addition to your welding/brazing materials as they are not only as strong or stronger than welding but they can perform when welding fails, like repairing or fabricating thin alloys, oil impregnated cast aluminum or repair threads or ears on any housing. The majority of our customers repair auto and truck parts however you will see we have customers that repair airplane parts like Boeing, NASA, Northrop, Lockheed, most branches of US Military and many other areas like manufacturing, hotels, schools, warehouses and even your everyday Joe looking to repair a ladder or even repair a blower. The industry is wide since our two materials HTS-2000 for non-ferrous alloys and our HTS-528 for ferrous alloys cover all metals for repair of fabrication. These two products are quickly becoming known as the long needed breakthrough for repairs that were difficult or impossible until now. Our HTS-2000 is the leader in aluminum repair. Far more repair shops, dealerships and maintenance department's use and trust our materials more than any other metal repair product. Our customers have found, that by being able to quickly and easily repair parts made from aluminum, costly downtime is reduced and their profits increase. Three years ago, our material sold at $99.95 a pound, with most orders having a 5-pound minimum purchase. At this price, we picked up thousands of customers. As a distributor you may set your own pricing and we will support you every step of the way. HTS-2000 and HTS-528 are available exclusively through New Technology Products. We are now looking for a few distributors to help us market this revolutionary product. Our research has shown that there are still millions of potential customers in just the U.S. alone. And the potential for worldwide marketing is virtually limitless. Many companies are federally regulated and must make all purchases through a supplier other than the manufacturer. We have an immediate need for distributors and master distributors in through which these companies may order HTS-2000 and HTS-528. A distributorship under New Technology Products requires no investment other than the initial ( ) purchase of a minimum of 100lbs of HTS-2000. Total price of initial purchase is $30.00 per pound plus shipping which includes 100 pounds of rod and everything below to become a distributor. ( ) Or $22.00 per pound if you start with 1500 pounds as a master distributor. New Technology Products will supply distributors & master distributors with the following:

*All avenues of marketing are open subject to the approval of NTP *Complete product information, sales training material provided *Information for packaging, promotion, videos, brushes and instructions are included *50lb minimum on reorders at $22.00 per pound or $1100.00 per 50lbs + Shipping * Master distributors will get more leeway to market a whole country and sign up other distributors in smaller areas where there are no distributors. If interested in distributorship fill out the information on this page and fax it to 713-626-2922 or scan and e-mail to [email protected] Mail the hard copy to the address at the top of this letter. Any questions e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at: 713-935-9292. Full information: Name: ______________________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________________________ E-mail address:_______________________________________________ Website: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Approval of new distributor Acceptance of new distributor: New Technology Products officer__________________________________


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