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A publication of the Shimer college advancement Office

Spring 2008

Dear Alums and Friends, Only last year Shimer College made its bold move to Chicago; this year we have begun to realize our full potential as a citizen of Chicago. Shimer is growing towards a clear vision: Building a stable financial future for the long run, engaging in joint ventures with the Chicago Public Schools, IIT and other Chicago institutions, and thriving as a fiercely independent institution with a rare and valuable contribution to American education. These accomplishments were executed by a staff, faculty, and board of trustees committed to the spirit of Shimer, and made possible by the generous stewardship, activism, and outreach of alums and friends. Shimer is stronger than it has been in forty years, and from that strength we will attract a new President committed to the flourishing of Shimer as the Great Books College of Chicago.


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In October 2007, we initiated the Shimer Renaissance Project, a two-and-a-half year business plan designed to strengthen revenue generators and stabilize finances for the long run. I am pleased to report that of the $3.1 million goal, more than $1,055,000 has already been raised. Renaissance contributors include the prestigious Mellon Foundation and the Kemper Foundation. As I write, we project 60 new students for Fall 2008, which will bring our student body from 67 to 105. Next year's recruitment materials invite prospective students to participate in a new articulation agreement with Chicago-Kent College of Law, a joint program enabling Shimer students to complete a Shimer B.A. and a J.D. in six years. I look forward to hearing more of your stories at the upcoming Shimer reunion on June 13-15, and I am pleased to announce that Dr. Shirley Conibear, M.D. (Shimer '68) will give the keynote speech. Shirley has been opening doors so that we can move our innovative and successful graduate teacher education program home to Chicago. An alum whose life has been transformed by Shimer, Shirley will tell you first-hand about the excitement being generated by Shimer's move to Chicago. I am convinced that the vision for Shimer in Chicago is clear and compelling. However, it is achievable only if those who truly love it become its strongest supporters and advocates. Since arriving at Shimer in early September, I have come to appreciate first-hand what my friends at Shimer College had told me so often -- that Shimer's curriculum and conversational method, so clearly focused on the students as the responsible parties in their own educations -- is truly unique among colleges and universities.

Ron Champagne

President Shimer College

from the

Advancement Office:

by John Meech

As I write, our plans for the 2008 Shimer Reunion at our new home in Chicago are in full swing. On June 13-15, alums across more than 60 years of Shimer history and three campuses will gather in classrooms with a book, on the lawn with a photo album, or in the bowling alley with a lemonade (right). What will be remarkable about these gatherings is that the alums from 1948 will join effortlessly with our brand new 2008 graduates, all sharing the same mind-opening experience, a Shimer education. Your generous support over the years has built that community. Come celebrate what you've accomplished! From its inception the Campaign for Shimer in Chicago has received an impressive $3,334,000 towards its goal of five million dollars. The tremendous outpouring of support from our alums and friends is letting Shimer thrive as The Great Books College of Chicago. The center pages of this issue of the Symposium are dedicated to Shimer's contributors from the start of the Campaign. Thank you! This year saw the inauguration of the Shimer Renaissance Project, a business plan that will insure that your generous gifts work toward the long-run stability of Shimer College through improvements in the offices of Enrollment and Institutional Advancement. The Renaissance Project has allowed us to restructure the Advancement Office in such a way as to give renewed energy where it has been sorely needed, namely, in alumni relations. I'm pleased, therefore, to introduce our new Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Aaron Garland. Aaron's first three tasks are the planning of the alumni reunion, supporting a strengthened alumni association by building an active alumni council, and creating an on-line and print alumni directory. We know we have your enthusiastic support for Aaron's efforts in this area, and we have focused Aaron's position in a way that will channel that enthusiasm into great events for the alums and solid support for the College. We continue to seek new donors among the alums for the Every Donor Counts Challenge, a $75,000 challenge from members of the Board of Trustees to significantly raise the percentage of alumni giving. Please use the enclosed envelope to make your donation at any level to count towards this challenge. I look forward to seeing many of you in June at the reunion. If you can't come, please drop us a note to include in the alumni news section of the next Symposium. Or drop by when you're in the city and say hello; if you have time, call and make an appointment to sit in on a class. Remind yourself that the same remarkable experience is still going on here. Your generous support is passing that gift forward. Thank you!

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Shimer College


Farewell, Old Friend: Remembering Diane Nedved

Diane Nedved, a 1954 alumna of Shimer College and a member of the Shimer Board of Trustees for the past several years, passed away on Tuesday, February 26. Her death is a great loss to the Shimer community. Diane was an unflagging booster of the College, one who backed up her enthusiasm with extraordinary financial generosity. She also gave a lot of time and effort to her work on the Board, serving on many Board committees and helping out in numerous other ways. Upon hearing of Diane's death, former Shimer President Bill Rice sent a eulogy in which he wrote, "The qualities of fanaticism and loyalty, generously mixed with the rigor, intimacy, and range of a Shimer education, make for exceptional human beings, and Diane was a brilliantly minted example. She would often say: `Shimer saved my life.' In the early 1950s, she was a colossally bored, intellectually voracious, verging on out-of-control early teenager whose mother had no idea what to do with her and was deeply, deeply worried. Then her mother learned about the Early Entrant Program at Shimer. When Diane told this story to young people, it was interesting to watch them bonding with her with their eyes. One was moved almost to tears, as Diane occasionally was." Almost any Shimerian, young or old, who met Diane can relate to those comments. Diane, who lived near Pittsburgh, was an active 71 years of age at the time of her death. She was a lawyer ( John Marshall Law School, Class of 1957) and a certified public accountant. She served with distinction on many non-profit boards, but Shimer was closest to her heart. Those of us who knew her will miss her very, very much.

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Symposium is a publication of the Shimer College Advancement Office, John Meech, Director of Advancement, 312.235.3540, [email protected]

There Were


I first heard about Shimer on WFMT's Midnight Special ­ "Graduate in four years coming every third weekend." I looked at the catalogue in the library, and found that Nat Sci 1 used many of the books I was familiar with and wanted to use to teach Chemistry. Teaching here has been all the fun I was looking for in teaching ­ interesting students and colleagues who would challenge and stretch one in strange and interesting ways. The College has grown ­ Shimer hired me and then got accredited (Hume would have fun with cause and effect here) ­ the Waukegan Campus expanded ­ the curriculum got richer and deeper ­ and now we are here at IIT. I am glad to have been part of our growth and development. I started teaching 50 years ago, as an instructor at MIT, where I had just graduated with a degree in Science Teaching. I think it is fitting that I end my teaching career here, at IIT, a technical institute, having begun my career 50 years ago at MIT, another technical institute. Anyway, by the time I had added up all the time I did teach, and all the time I was not teaching - Air Force, graduate school, and carpentry, I have taught a total of 32 years, and half of those years have been at Shimer! I feel honored to have spent so much of my career with you all.

David Lukens is now teaching IS2, The Nature and Creation of Mathematics, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Jesse Kraai attains

chess pinnacle

In the world of chess, the premier title is that of International Grandmaster. It's a sobriquet reserved for

There were Giants at Shimer

By David Lukens, Professor Emeritus

when I joined the Faculty, and as I retire, the giants are still here ­ Eileen Buchanan, Don Moon, David Shiner, and Barb Stone. Others have joined them, teachers with imagination, energy and wisdom. Shimer remains in good hands. It is sad to say goodbye to all my friends here. I have learned so much about life and about teaching and about myself that I cannot begin to list the benefits of having been a teacher at Shimer. If I have become a good teacher it is in large part due to the support, friendship, challenge, and correction readily available here. I remember well David Shiner sending me a note in the middle of an NS3 class ­ "Trust the class" ­ and I think I have gradually come to deeply realize what that means and how to do it. I remember, in some discussion, getting ready to ask the appropriate question, when a student asked the exact same question, confirming me in my trust of the class.

the best players in the world, the absolute cream of the chess crop. That title was achieved by Jesse Kraai ('94) last year, making him the first U.S.born chess player to achieve that exalted status in more than ten years. That achievement earned him the cover story in the July 2007 issue of Chess Life, the magazine that serves as the bible of American tournament chess players.

Before coming to Shimer, Jesse won the prestigious and highly competitive Denker Tournament of High School Champions in 1989 and 1990. While at Shimer, Jesse directed the chess club. He also captained the team of Shimerians that won their section of the 1991 Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship in David vs. Goliath fashion, winning his final game to seal an amazing victory against major university opposition. After graduating from Shimer, Jesse journeyed to Germany and subsequently earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Heidelberg. He taught at St. John's College in his native Santa Fe for two years before becoming a fulltime chess professional. Nowadays he is in great demand as a chess player and coach. He participates in tournaments around the world and coaches scholastic chess teams in New Mexico.

All hail, Jesse Kraai, on a fine achievement. Those who follow chess look forward to hearing about his triumphs for a long time to come.

for two full and two half tuition renewable scholarships over a February weekend. Preceding the competition, which is designed to mirror the Shimer experience, students were asked to read an essay by Montaigne (this year it was On the Art of Conversation). On the morning of the competition, they were given a question on which to write for 90 minutes. In the afternoon, faculty joined eight to ten prospective Shimer students around an octagonal table to discuss the reading, the essay question, and the morning's writing. The full-tuition scholarships, based on both essay responses and discussion performance, were awarded to Joe Bradshaw from Rochester, NY and Marielle Heidebrink from Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. The half-tuition scholarship winners were Jill Leslie of Chicago, IL and Erik Boneff of Royal Oak, MI. Cheryl Park, Assistant Director of Admission has joined our staff, which also includes Cassie Sherman, Assistant Director. Cheryl attended UC Berkeley, earning a BA in Film Studies. She then migrated east to Chicago where she earned an MA in Film at the Art Institute of Chicago. Back in the Bay Area she worked as the Director of Admission at the Intercultural Institute of California, which offered a Masters in Korean Studies as well as Continuing Education and language classes in English and Korean. Because of her ties to the West coast, Cheryl will spend some time there attending college fairs, visiting high schools, and holding special events that will introduce Shimer to students, parents, and guidance counselors. In addition, Cheryl will have a major role in recruiting for our Weekend Program. We have very good reason to hope for a sizable increase in new students in Fall '08. At this writing, we have 141 applicants, 55 of whom have already been admitted to Shimer. Those impressive numbers speak for themselves, but our work is far from over. Between now and May 1st the entire Shimer community will join together to reach out to our admitted students to encourage them to join us in the fall. In Enrollment Management terms, the activities that are designed to do this are called "yield" events. Phone calls will be made by faculty and students, and alumni can help by inviting a student and his or her parents to meet for lunch or a cup of coffee to talk about the Shimer experience. We would like you to have a chance to meet and influence a member of the Shimer class of 2012. Please call or email me if you can help. Elaine Vincent, Director of Admission 312-235-3504 or [email protected]

Admission Office:

from the

We have just held our second annual Michel De Montaigne Scholars Competition, in which students from 20 states competed


Alumni News

Andrea Berry ('06) was recently appointed Development Director at the Lycée Français de Chicago, where her days now are a French language immersion experience: "My first day," she reports "I went to use the copy machine and found that even it is in French!" We're all very grateful for the time, creativity, and hard work Andrea put into to Shimer, and that her internship and work here prepared her to make such a valuable contribution to the Lycée Français. Merci beaucoup et bonne chance! Diane Gutenkauf ('80) was elected 1st Ward Alderman in Elmhurst, IL last April. We wish her well in her public service efforts. Anja Helmecke ('97), a novice in the Carmelite Order in France, will profess her solemn vows in a public ceremony on May 10. Anja has been preparing for this occasion for many years and wants "to share it with my old classmates and `long lost' friends...Shimer continues to have a big place in my heart and in my prayers." Art Hilgart ('53), since retiring from corporate life, has been producing Broadway Revisited, a weekly hour heard nationally on NPR stations, and teaching film and musical theater history in the Honors College of Western Michigan University, where he has been made a Fellow. Bruce Kennett ('72), now living in

Vermont, tells us that in 2007, one of his book designs was given the Leab Award by the American Library Association. Bruce says, "it seems a fairly obscure award in my opinion, compared to people being associated with films, socially-important research projects in Central America, etc. ­ but as a book designer I feel it is my Shimer education that prepared me so well to handle almost any book project that comes across my desk, so perhaps that may still count for something." they are learning in their courses to help solve problems in their environment."


Joan Addison '50 Sarah Armstrong '81 Amy Breitweiser '34 Jenaro Caparros '60 Helen E. Carter '30 Joseph R. Doyle '59 William R. Eissler '68 Paul E. Erickson Frances Fay '38 Joanne Fox '47 Diane Nedved '54 Elizabeth Nibbio-Melfi '80 Carl W. Ross '58 Dorothy Dasch Powers (Friend of the College) Fr. Lawrence Reese (Former Faculty Member)


Trish (Wren) Potrzebowski

('67) lives in central Pennsylvania and works as Director, Bureau of Health, Statistics and Research at the PA Department of Health. She and her husband are enjoying their empty nest: both of their children graduated from Oberlin College and are now working in Albuquerque (daughter) and D.C. (son).

Richard "Rico" Reed ('63) is in

year 26 of his second marriage and has two daughters, one who graduated from the University of Washington, and another who is a senior there. He and his wife, Terri, also have a "rebel drop-out son (wonder where he got that?)." Richard is reforesting the 600 feet of river shore that runs through their property and volunteering for Sierra Club as chair of their Group's political committee. In '05 he initiated and lobbied through the State Legislature a bill to remove phosphate from dishwasher machine detergent (a first in the nation!).

Michael Lipsey ('63) remains an active observer

of intellectual, religious and popular culture, and has recently published I Thought So--A Book of Epigrams (Lost Coast Press, 2008).

Sammie Moshenberg ('72) was named one of the year's "21 Leaders for the 21st Century" by Women's eNews. As a leading member of the National Council of Jewish Women, Sammie plays an active role as an advocate of progressive social change and women's rights. Ann (Walbridge) Palmer ('62) teaches developmental English at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. She's also assistant coordinator of the service-learning program there. "We are encouraging students to serve in the community and to apply what

Deborah Sperberg ('59), now a volunteer naturalist with the Anza Borrego Desert Natural History Association, recently published her third book of poems, after we say yes (Casarohne Press, 2007). Her first book, poems for you and me, 1976, written after her daughter died at birth, is a book of mourning poems. Deborah's second, I say yes, 1987, was written during her courtship with her husband, John Strong. I say yes is a book of love poems. This third book, after we say yes, is about the challenges of getting older, about love, loss, and making relationships work. The proceeds from the first 500 books sold will be donated to the "New Library for Borrego" campaign. Michael Weinman ('98) and his partner, Irit Dekel, are

expecting a son at the end of November. His book, Pleasure in Aristotle's Ethics, is just out from Continuum Books. He is currently enjoying his second year of work as a Tutor at St. John's College in Annapolis, MD.

Our move to the IIT campus has opened yet another door for Shimer students.Chicago-Kent College of Law and Shimer College have teamed up to offer our students a program in which they will receive a B.A. from Shimer and a J.D. from Chicago-Kent in 6 years, rather than the 7 years it would usually take to complete both degrees. Students in the joint B.A./J.D. Program may accelerate their studies by substituting their first-year law school courses for the final 30 credits of electives which are permitted as part of the Shimer B.A. program. The B.A. degree will be awarded by Shimer upon completion of the first year of law school credit hours, provided the student has fulfilled all of the other degree requirements for the B.A. degree, including all required comprehensive examinations and a Senior Thesis. Applicants must submit a Shimer application as well as a supplemental joint B.A./J.D. Program application. Students with the desire and appropriate academic record may apply to both schools while seniors in high school, while present Shimer students have the option of applying to Chicago-Kent in their junior year. New recruitment materials have been developed and over 1,000 high school seniors who have indicated an interest in pre-law have been invited to consider this opportunity. In addition, plans are in the works for a recruitment event hosted jointly by the two schools.This is the kind of news that we would encourage Symposium readers to share with everyone they know.


Campaign for Shimer in Chicago

[May 2006 through February 2008]

The Campaign for Shimer in Chicago is now in its second year. We have received record numbers of first-time gifts, and generous increases in gifts from existing donors. This campaign update honors all of the alums, parents, friends, corporations and foundations that have contributed to the campaign between May 2006 and February 2008. Thank you all for your gifts of money, time, and energy, as well as your commitment to Shimer's mission, education for active citizenship in the world.

$1,500,000+ $5,000-9,999

The Carroll Foundation Shirley A. Conibear $250,000-499,999 Alan and Gail Dowty Dr. James K. Billman Barbara Doyle In memory of her husband Patrick J. Parker Joseph R. Doyle Aequus Institute Christopher H. English F.A.W. Shimer Estate $100,000-249,999 Seth Grosshandler Anonymous McKesson Foundation Roy D. Landstrom Christopher B. Nelson Diane and Kimball Nedved Jack D. Reed William James Suitts $50,000-99,999 Phyllis A. Westberg George Ball Facilities Fund Jack and Zina Lazareck Kenneth G. Freund Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Irving and Eleanor Rempell Scholarship Fund $30,000-49,999 Eleanor Rempell Edith Barschi Peter Temes Sarah L. Brown Roger E. Burke $2,500-4,999 Strachan Donnelley Accenture Foundation, Inc. Geoffrey Goldsmith Anonymous `79 David W. Juday Patricia G. Bullard Mary Lou Kennedy Robert M. Cordova Sid Port Dick Family Foundation Shimer Foundation Susan Eissler In memory of William Robert Eissler $25,000-29,999 Philip Farina Marshall Field V D. Grant Gilbert Robert and Nannerl Keohane Ralph A. Hanson Library Fund Sally Lee Higman Deborah Sperberg and Joyce M. James John Strong Jerome S. Kalur Young Kim $20,000-24,999 Dan J. Marcum Michael P. Berry Richard J. Matthews The Davee Foundation Mineral Acquisition Partners At the direction of Craig and Linda Grannon Richard and Elizabeth Peter and Alice Hanig Miranti In honor of Eileen and David In Honor of Don Moon Buchanan Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Daniel L. Shiner Philip Pappas Neal E. Solomon Edgar and Henrietta Pigg Sydney R. Rose $10,000-19,999 In memory of Andy Armstrong, John Hirschfinely, and Robert E. Keohane Barrie Cowan U.S. Bancorp Bradley and Corliss Englert Faculty Fund Michael L. Keiser Benjamin and Joyce Walter A. Laiblin Gorman The Walbridge Siblings: Edward, Charles II, Ruth, Library Fund Michaela Johnson and Ann In memory of Richard Johnson In honor of Charles Thornton Walbridge and Emma Walbridge Lynda M. Weinstein


Eric and Mary Ann Allison Carla Arnell Emiko E. C. Banfield Racheal Borgman Leila Botts In honor of Alan Botts Robert A. Brown Carol S. Bruch George M. Burditt Alicia L. Byrd Theodore J. Century Ruth and Ronald Champagne Marc C. Chandler Louise B. Christianson Alan and Carol Copeland Robert Falk In memory of Hannes Hagspiel and Dr. John Hirshfield Winifred and Al Farbman Joni L. Garcia Jay S. Goldenberg Kay Grace In honor of Don Moon and Ed Noonan Craig and Linda Grannon Catherine Guzolek Arthur and Carolyn Hilgart Richard Hoffman In honor of Marc Hoffman Kim Holmes Robert Horan Alan J. Iliff Michael K. Isono Michael D. Jones David Koukal and Sharon Vlahovich Louis F. Linden Microsoft Corp. Carol J. Overby Hedy E. Pajonk Alice and Gordon Patterson In honor of Stuart Keith Patterson and Mark Patterson Nicholas J. Pippenger M. Louise Ripley In honor of Kathryn Jane Ripley and Wangeci Warui Patricia A. Samuel Daniel J. Sandin Peter W. Schroth Harry Shiner In memory of Netiya Shiner David shiner and Nancy Wallace Sydney and Christina Spiesel Stet & Query Limited Partnership Rebecca A. Sundin Paul Taxey Katherine M. Todd Eileen Trost In memory of Edith "Pinky" Marble Fairchild Kathleen Van Paasschen Paul A. Werner Charles A. Werner Steven L. Zolno Faculty Fund Bruce E. Colvin In honor of Shimer faculty and staff Charles Pak


General Scholarship Fund Martin L. MacIntyre Library Fund Robert and Judith Duncan In memory of Dorothy M. Petty E. Catherine Knuth In memory of Larry Mason Alan Washburn In honor of class of 1956 Barry B. Adler Robin G. Ashton Ann B. Bausman Alan Botts Community Foundation for SE Michigan Andrew M. Ditton George W. Downs G. Scott Ellsworth Carol S. Feen Beverly R. Feiges Harold Eugene Frye Anne-Marie Hill Daniel E. Huntwork Joy Ibsen Idaho Power Company J. Robert and Christine Israel In honor of Frank Pooler David M. James Albert S. Kirsch Richard and Ann Klemm Thomas W. Kolls Jeffrey and Lisa Laske Barbara Marshall Kenneth L. Molinelli David and Karen Ress In memory of Dr. Leon Stutzman Deborah S. Roberts David N. Rockwell Ellen R. Rosenthal In memory of Harry Lawrence Golding Loren and Marna Shapiro James G. Swanson Peter Veerhusen Tucker L. Viemeister William L. Woods Maria D. Woods Craig and Judith Wylie Faculty Fund Jean-Margaret Merrell-Beech General Scholarship Fund Philip and Ruth Bain E. Philip Dahlberg In Honor of the Class of 1956 National Recoveries, Inc Patricia and Ambrose Potrzebowski John Ringgold Betsey S. Whitman Library Fund Concettina Maria D'Aversa Betty J. McKeever Motorola Foundation



Donors Continued

$250-499 Harriet B. Arnold, Gaye G. Benson, Ione Breyer, Owen Brugh, Phillip B. Burdick, Margaret A. Busch, Curtis A. Conard, Michael J. Cwik, Shaun S. Devlin, John W. Empfield, Charles Feldstein, Jonathan Goldman, John L. Graham, Diane C. Gutenkauf, IBM Corporation, Conway G. Ivy, Barbara Jensen, Dennis G. Kroeker (In honor of Douglas D. Kroeker), Linnea R. Levy, Donovan K. Leyden, Donna Mack, Karen A. Martin, Colleen L. McCarroll, McCormick Tribune Foundation, Deborah McCoy, William E. McKenzie, Donald A. Overton, Stuart Patterson, Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation, Frank Pooler, William Craig Rice (In honor of Frank Aydelotte Rice), Carl E. Rodd (In memory of Ted Rodd), Glenn P. Schwartz, Jayne B. Sherman, Christine Smith (In memory of Florence Welty Smith), Susan L. Speroff, Noah C. Tesch, DJ Turner, Elaine M. Vincent, Peter J. Weygandt, Warner White. Don P Moon Scholarship Fund Margaret J. Armstrong. Facilities Fund Barton G. Fleming, Mary Francis (In honor of Hiro Sakiyama and Masato Ishibashi). Faculty Fund Kirstin Anderson Draba (In honor of Roman A. Draba), Kenneth G. Martens. General Scholarship Fund Jolanta and Sarunas Peckus, Mary Lois Williams. Library Fund Janet DeWilde, David B. Shapiro (In honor of Rita Atkins), Geoffrey G. Tomb, Wendall W. Wilson. Teaching Fellows Program Jim and Julie Donovan. $100-249 ADC Telecommunications, Melanie Allen, Eric and Mary Ann Allison, Christopher Barreras, Margaret Beard Hatfield, Robert R. Bennett, Alice M. Bernstein, James E. Berry, Gary and Linda Blume, Abbey M. Botkin, Judith S. Briden, Mary Buckley, Kathleen D. Chappell, Christina Collins, Virginia M. Collins, Peter and Jacqueline Cooley, Wesley Creswick, Bruce and Elizabeth Cushna, Sara Daines, William A. Delaney, Marjorie Dickson, Mary S. Dohnalek, Ralph W. Dolan, Janice Domonik, Edward D. Eastham, Richard and Barbara Elam, Elliot Faulkner, Albert Fernandez, Philip R. Fine, Juanita Flagler, William Fonielle, Dan B. Franks, Martha A. Garber, Thomas A. Gaudette Jr., H. B. Fuller Foundation, Chia W. Hamilton, Heidi Hanson, Judith S. Hata, Steve Heller, Leonardo Herzenberg, Neil M. Heyen, Walter Hipple, Sandra E. Hockenbury (In Memory of Beth Stallard), Sharon K. Hoffman, Kazuhiro Horie, Marc B. Horin, Maria Howard (In memory of Stephen Paul Chase and Karen A. Chase), Lori and James Hughes, Margery Hunter, James and Patience Huntwork, Bonnie R. Huset, John S. Jacobson, H. Richard Jewell, Peter N. Kamberos, Edward O. Keele, Susan I. Kirschner-Robinson, Claire A. Kohrman (In Memory of Beverly Shimman), Joseph Kozlowski, Joan and Dan Kunitz, Heather J. Lakemacher, Eric Levy, Daniel and Barbara Lipstein, Robert and Barbara Long, Baruch G. Lowenberg, John W. MacDevitt, Frank W. Malinowski, Mary F. Mattran, John S. McAleer, W. Joseph McNally, Florence L. Meech, James W. Montgomery, Sys T. Morch, Harriet Morgan, Gareth G. Morris, Victoria Muehleisen, Charles G. Murphy, Francine Netter Roberson, Eric Nicholson, Nancy J. Nickel, Lawrence and Leslie Osterberg, Tanya Pashkuleva, Paul B. Peloquin, Ann Perbohner, Robert C. Powell, Quest Diagnostics, William G. Ratner, Jennifer Read, Nancy and Bernett Reinke, Susie C. Richter, Kathryn Jane Ripley, Alan and Andrea Robbins, Wynona Rosenberger, Ron I. Rothbart, Dick and Sandy Sakurai, Arnold and Martha Jean Schecter, Jerold A. Scott, John L. Shaw, Mark P. Sheldon, Eileen Shelton, Susan and Patrick Shields, Rachel Shiner, Marijane and Dana Smith, Jay C. Somers, Karen M. Sorensen, George and Carolyn Soule, Frederick M. Spear, Laurie Spiegel, Paul Stein, Susan M. Steiner, Duward P. Straub, Shelley Sutherland, Takeda Matching Gifts, Joan R. Taylor, Janet R. Terner, Meredith Tesch, Avinere and Janet Toigo, JoBerta and Jack Underwood, Craig Unrath, Elizabeth L. Wagner, Nancy Wallace (In memory of Betty Eisman), David A. Wayne, Gregg J. Wright, Christopher and Jennifer Wu, Steven and Sally Yancey (In memory of Stephen and Karen Chase), Jerome Yanoff (In memory of Elinor Miller), James W. Yeazel II, Steven and Janet Zitnick, Gail D. Zona. Facilities Fund Philip Bentley, Carole and Ronald Dorris, Marcia and William Nelson. Faculty Fund Paul K. Huntwork (In Honor of Albert Fernandez), Leonard Shane. General Scholarship Fund Barbara Aubin (In memory of Edith Bell), Marvin R. Goldstein, David Z. Kohn, Jim Lazar, Jacqueline K. Mundkowsky, Jo Ann Noble, Theodore L. Odendahl (In honor of Jere Miller Murphy, Sr.), Patricia Rand, William and Josephine Schreiber, Karen J. Sumney, Alan and Carole Weinman. Irving and Eleanor Rempell Scholarship Fund Grace Rempell. Library Fund Marvin Bram (In Memory of Frank O'Laughlin), Elaine Carlson, George D. Glenn, Steven L. Llanso (In honor of Sandi Llanso Schmidt), Marjorie Percy, James P. Wolfe.

Shimer Renaissance Project Project

The Shimer Renaissance Project is a two-and-a-half year project to raise $3.1 million supporting the long-term financial stability of the College by strengthening Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement at Shimer College. To date, the project has received gifts and pledges totaling over $1,055,000. The following individuals and foundations, whose gifts are already listed above in the Campaign for Shimer in Chicago, are Renaissance Project Donors.

Anonymous Edith Barschi Dr. James K. Billman David W. Juday James S. Kemper Foundation Roy D. Landstrom Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Chris Nelson Patrick J. Parker Aequus Institute

$5-99 E. Kim Adams (In honor of Carol J. Overby), Brooke R. Allison, Kevin and Sheila Anderson, Webster C. Ball, Lance R. Barnes, John C. Bassette, Tina R. Birnbaum, Jason Blaesing, Diane B. Bracken, Lisa Braucher, Norman V. Bruner, Marjorie R. Burrall, Hilary C. Bussell, Victoria A. Caplinger, Reuben Chapman (In honor of the Class of 1956), John and Lisa Cool, Jean Daskais, Kim and Vicki Davis, Sue and William De Roo, Margaret Dee, Basil J. Detineo, Verna Dickey James A. Ditsworth, Ann Dolinko, Gary E. Enloe, William J. Frazee, Margaret and Bob A. Freeman, Larry Freemon, Ruth Ann Frost, Rosalie Garber, Scott and Margaret Gibbs, Richard and Julie W. Gloede, David Glover, Goodsearch, Brian D. Gorman, Z. Joyce Gorman, Anthony R. Gronner, Bernard Gusfield, Robert and Linda Hall (In memory of Joseph R. Doyle), Phyllis H. Hansen, Tena Heeringa, Trudy and Jon Heller, Cheryl K. Hellner, Samuel J. Henderson, Janet and Mike Henthorn, Michael and Nancy Hobor, Joseph P. Hogan, Dudley M. Hollenbeck, Kristin L. Holm, James and Ellen Horan, Michael J. Houlihan, Anne Harvey Hoyt, Miriam Humble, Jerome W. Jarvis, Leif Jenkinson, Shelagh Johnston, Robert K. Juul, Terry Kammes, Bruce C. Kennett, Noah D. Kippley-Ogman, Bruce and Kathleen Kleeberger, June Kniss, Dean M. Koutavas, Ruth S. Kravitz, Xavier Landaverde, Janet and Rich Leonatti, Debra Levy, Erin Libby, Alice M. Long, Richard A. Luecke, Neil Maclay, Jan C. Maher, Marion Manetas, Marvin A. Marcus, Sara Ann Mattes, Ronald E. McElderry, Patrick and Lora McGuire, Linda Medlock (In memory of Joseph R. Doyle), Elizabeth Misunas, Kathleen C. Moore, Annice R. Moses, Sammie Moshenberg, Julia and Joseph Mossbridge, Margaret L. Nelson, Alice Neuschwanger, Nancy K. Noonan, Gretchen Oh, Kristen Olsen, Ann L. Palmer, Evelyn D. Parker, Linda S. Phipps, Thomas E. Poirot (In honor of Rita Atkins), Edward A. Quattrocchi, Alice B. Racher, Laurel Richardson, Louis Riley, Kenneth and Julia Rocke, John and Melanie Rodden, Tom and Carol Roller, Jean Rosheim, Denise N. Schreiber, Rebecca Schroer, Margie-Kay Sejbl, Suzanne E. Shelton, James Lee Sherman, Robert and Mary Sibley, Monica P. Simons, Sally Snyder, Jeff P. Sorenson, Kate R. Soule, Arianthe C. Stettner, Carole Stodder, April M. Stosur, Paul W. Styles, Rexford J. Styzens, Mary A. Taft, Bart M. Taub, Michael J. Teixeira, P. Jestin and LaVonne Trahan, John A. Tuthill, John L. Valentine, Sara Valerio, Jeffrey J. Wahlgren, Warren Walfish, Franklin and Darlene Weingarten, Michael D. Weinman, Edward and Victoria Welch, John P. Wendell, Richard Wernecke, Mitchell S. West, David W. Yancey. Faculty Fund Eileen Austin. General Scholarship Fund Sylvia Cooper, Marilyn H. Grayless, Leah Nathanson (In memory of George Kaplan and George Kramer), Richard and Terri Reed, Judith K. Rosacker, Delsa A. White, Sally Yancey. Irving and Eleanor Rempell Scholarship Fund Blossom Dorfman, Deborah L. Jacobs. Library Fund Kathryn French, Vicki S. Lopez. In-Kind Donations: Winifred and Al Farbman, Carol S. Haney, Daniel L. Shiner.


Haiti Literacy Project [Donors]

$10,000-24,999 Robert Mailer Anderson William and Helen Doyle Pond Foundation $2,500-9,999 Mark and Nancy Lindley $1,000-2,499 E. Wayne Abercrombie Kendra D. Little Microsoft Corp. June and Gordon Pickett Ray and Ellyn Stevenson A.D. Vorias Gerd and Baerbel Wiegand Alec and Dorothy Wisch $500-999 Mary W.L. Cowan Kenneth Middleton Lewis and Susan Werlin In memory of Walter H. Vartan, Brother Robert Smith, Roy Salzman and Fran Barnholtz; in honor of Ricky Shapiro, Bernadette and Eugene Francis, and Betty Jean Calloway and Paul Joseph Maher

$250-499 Arizona Bay, LLC Margo Turpening. $100-249 Paul and Sam Baertsch Gary and Mary Becker Louis Costanzo Gary & Bernice Fallick Alex Fleig Phyllis Freed Irving Gareleck Dorothea Glass Amy Goeke In memory of Ellen May Goeke Morton and Gwen Kotler Nicholas Maistrellis Richard and Mary Ellen O'Hara William and Barbara Paterson JB Perriens John and Helen Sebold Jay and Ellen Sklar Elliott Zuckerman $25-99 Vincent and Helen Campo Lene and Einar Graff William and Barbara Harkaway Robert & Reisha Kennison Edward Mazer Louise Y. Postman Anne Roth Myron and Ellen Samuel Schering-Plough Foundation Richard and Carolyn Shohet Robert and Emily Tibbetts

Thank You.

We are most grateful for your generous gifts. If we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled any names, please advise us so that we may correct our records.


Yes, the

Reunion 2008

Rain washes off the film of winter and lets us see clearly forward to summer. Spring is a time of birth and rejuvenation, but in summer we travel to childhood homes and visit with family and friends. We remember and celebrate the past in summer.

rain is falling now, and rain signals change.

by Nick Schmitt ('08)

This summer we invite you to the Shimer College Reunion, the first in our new home at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, on June 13-15. The weekend will include unstructured social time to gather with friends along with several pre-planned activities. On Saturday, enjoy morning and afternoon classes led by present and former Shimer faculty, including, for example, Don Moon on Einstein's Special Theory, Barbara Stone on Kafka's Metamorphosis, and Ann Dolinko on Feminism, Foucault and Freedom. Saturday evening features a sit-down dinner with keynote speaker Dr. Shirley Conibear ('68), an evening coffeehouse with folksinger Rebecca Armstrong, and a dance, bowling, and billiards social in the adjoining private rooms. On Friday, join us for social time, tours of the campus, a buffet dinner, and optional outings to an Architecture boat cruise and Second City, Chicago's world-class comedy improv venue. On Sunday, we'll have a champagne brunch and optional faculty-led outings to the Chicago Art Institute or a Chicago White Sox game. Your children, the next generation of Shimerians, are also invited to experience Shimer in Chicago. In tandem with many of the activities on Saturday, we will host age-appropriate programming for Young Shimerians. On Saturday evening we'll provide a child-friendly dinner with fun activities, or for the same youth ticket price, older children may attend the adult dinner. Come reminiscence with friends, see where the college is now, and help guide us into the future. Create new memories of Shimer at its new home in Chicago. Visit the Shimer Alumni Reunion website at for detailed schedule and registration information.


The Great Books College of Chicago

3424 S. STATE ST. CHICAGO, IL 60616 PHONE: 800.998.9705 | FAX: 312.235.3502


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