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What if your agents could focus more on selling rather than booking?

accelerate your business

What if your agents could, at any level of expertise, work more efficiently?

increase your productivity

What if your agents could provide higher quality and a more personalised service?

increase your customer loyalty

Welcome to Amadeus Vista!

The browser-based point-of-sale tool that empowers travel professionals through its ability to switch instantaneously between graphical and cryptic modes!


Increasing productivity has never been easier with Amadeus Vista. User-friendly tools mean your agents can do more with a graphical interface that uses dropdown menus and click buttons.

Accelerate your business

Vista offers a unique interface to all travel products, such as cruise, ferry, hotel and even insurance providers...a great opportunity for you to grow revenues. In addition, Vista allows you to capitalise in increasing your agency's profits with seamless workflow during the booking process and with specific add-ons targeted for your business, like quality check Passenger Name Record.

Increase your efficiency

Amadeus Vista is all about simplicity. Complicated

bookings, such as those for hotels and car rental, prove to be much easier in the graphical mode while simple air bookings are best in cryptic. Either way, Vista is cutting down booking time and improving agency productivity. Whatever your agents' skills, they can switch easily between graphical and expert modes. Vista is easy to use... Your agents find answers in just seconds. Vista is easy to learn... Your agents master Vista in just two days. As soon as your agents are up and running on Vista, they can quickly benefit from an unrivalled set of productivity tools and sell more with confidence.

Increase your customer loyalty

Vista makes it simple to build deeper relationships with your customers. Use the profiles data information to build customer preferences and policies into every sale. With Amadeus Travel Choice, a powerful policies and preferences processing tool, it is easy for your agents to anticipate your customers' travel needs, and offer personalised travel options that match. With Vista's unique point-andclick interface, manual entries are reduced and errors are eliminated: increase your service quality and have a satisfied customer.

"As a travel management company, one of our key roles is to increase efficiencies and set targets to achieve levels of productivity that result in cost savings for the corporations. It is a very competitive world out there and like all organisations, we are constantly re-engineering processes and technology to offer the most cost effective travel management solutions to our clients. Vista's ability to switch instantaneously between graphical and cryptic modes should cut down on booking time and improve agency productivity. This is one of the reasons why we are currently evaluating the use of Amadeus Vista for several of our markets." Bill Brindle Business Technology Director · Business Travel International (BTI)

October 2003

Contact your Amadeus Sales Representative to show you how Amadeus Vista generates business benefits that go straight to your bottom line.


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